i think i need one more shade of red though


Ever wonder what Alex’s apartment looks like?  No, I know no one did.

I’ve discovered, somewhat (b)elatedly, that the Superfly / Cycles render engine accepts almost direct node-for-node Blender shaders.  Sort of: you have to do the work of creating the nodes and connecting them correctly, but you can mostly-copy the efforts other people have shared.  Colour ramps prove… interesting.  (You can also rewatch a PBR tutorial by the Blender Guru on YouTube three times painstakingly copying his node setups to find they don’t actually play the way they should in Poser, but I did get a nice fridge and washer out of it.)

His kitchen-diner isn’t that big, that was a weird camera angle.  Also ignore the bar stools, they should be black but I knackered something up there.  …Please don’t look too closely at the stairs, I didn’t realise the angle showed so much of the ceiling…  Shhhh.

Still working on finding a decent leather shader for the sofa.  It’s currently sporting two separate ones; I can’t tell them apart but neither looks right.

I’ve since ballsed up the lamp shade trying for translucency, I’ll try to fix it later.

Be interesting to try Milos’s…