i think i need an intervention too

Bruce: *walks into Batcave and sees Jason with a guitar* 

Jason: Hey B I wrote you a song! *sings to the tune of Piano Man by Billy Joel*

It’s 12 o'clock in Gotham City 
The Joker is busy killing everyone
There’s an old man sitting next to me
Makin’ love to his Catwoman cuz he’s nasty 

He says, “Son, you gotta stop shooting bad guys”
And I’m like “Bruce, don’t tell me what to do”
Cuz I died and he cried but I came back and stuff
When I wore green Robin panties

(Batkids join in)
La la la, di da da
La la, di da da da dum

Sing us a song, you’re the Batman
Beat up some thugs tonight
Cuz you’re boring and brooding and it’s getting annoying
And you’re the one and only Dark Knight

Now Roy from the Outlaws is my BFF
I hang out with him and Kori
And he’s quick with a joke or to shoot an arrow in your foot
And together we like pissing off Batman
He says, “Jaybird you’re the most awesome guy ever”
As we kicked an alien’s ass
And I’m like “I know I’m the coolest
“Learned it all from the All Caste”

Oh, la la la, di da da
La la, di da da da dum

Now Dick was Batman while you were dead
He never had time for Barbara cuz he sucks at relationships
And Tim’s dead inside cuz everyone he likes died
And he probably hasn’t slept in five years

Oh Damian is a murderous freaking demon spawn
Who is probably gonna kill someone the second he’s left alone 
Also Steph keeps stealing all the food from my fridge
But I don’t mind cuz I stole it from the manor anyway

Sing us a song you’re the Batman
You have a cool British butler 
Also you don’t know when to stop adopting orphans
And you probably need an intervention by now

By the way Cass stole my jacket yesterday
And you didn’t even care when I told you
So I went to all of your Rogues and gave them your number
So suck it old man, you totally deserved it  
And you’ve had seven sidekicks so far
And at least six of them have died at some point
Now I’m starting to think maybe that’s a bad sign
But oh well it’s too late to deal with that now 

Oh, la la la, di da da
La la, di da da da dum

Sing us a song you’re the Batman
And you’ve got a pet cow for some reason even though I’ve asked you several times for a dog and you kept telling me we couldn’t have animals in the Batcave but I guess that’s just a big fat lie so fuck you Bruce  
Well we’re all in the mood for some crimefighting
And by the way you’re really old 

Jason: *guitar solo and ends song* What’d ya think old man? 

Bruce: … 

Bruce: *tired sigh* Where is the sweet embrace of death when you need it 

Simsrena: the day Serena watched Bernie swimming....

In case you don’t remember, something happened between our lovely ladies which caused Serena to walk around like someone took all the wine away and Bernie to cry. Bernie, crying! It just doesn’t seem right to have the two words in the same sentence. 

In light of all that, last weekend I gave Bernie a bit of TLC… now that’s got my mind working… move it along, Rex!! Bernie agreed to join a group of people from work at a party in a nightclub and figured, yeah, some alcohol, a bit of dancing, a dip in the pool…. wait… skinny dipping is an option?! Bernie… swimming naked?!?! 

But wait, I thought to myself, this was supposed to be about Bernie. You’re supposed to be making Bernie feel happy! Get your shit together Rex and focus instead of feeding whatever little fantasy is going on in your mind - yeah I can see what you’re imaging and it’s not cool! 

Hang on, I said to that little voice in my head, swimming naked feels pretty good and Bernie deserves to feel good doesn’t she? Wouldn’t that make her happy? And that’s the whole point of this isn’t it?

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Oh you devil you!

So anyway, here we are, swimming naked in a pool on a roof top when…

Shit, fuck, bollocks! It’s only Serena Bloody Campbell! 

Now, I know, you might be thinking, isn’t this a good thing? And in any other circumstance it would be great to find out they were part of the same group but recently whenever Bernie has been stood in front of Serena she just starts crying and then they argue. So you see, I actually would have preferred them to not see each other for a little while. I mean, just while they get over whatever happened….

Oh ok. Never mind. 

Right. Well, ok then. Apparently we’re forgetting whatever happened…

I think erm… I just… I’ll just…

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Sorry… there was a moment there where I forgot all time and space. Who am I? What was I doing? 

Oh yeah. Simsrena! 

Anyway, after Bernie and Serena snogged the lives out of each other Bernie jumped back into the pool and I have to admit, I did invite Serena to join me…. I mean join Bernie! Oh shut up, all of you!

Can we please just take a moment to appreciate the close up of Serena watching Bernie swimming naked. Oh I know and you’re welcome!

You’re also very welcome for what’s coming up now….

Oh yeah. Bernie and Serena, skinny dipping in the pool. THIS IS THE SHIT I PLAY THE SIMS FOR!!!! I think I’m far too worked up over this. I mean, it happened over a week ago and I’m still not over it!! Look at how sweet they were after they got out and dried off! 

I might be too invested in this. Am I too invested? Maybe someone needs to stage an intervention? Can someone organise this please? Can someone please send help?

I’ll be over here, sitting on my sofa playing Simsrena in my pjs and thinking about the possibilities for the next Simsrena update… SEND HELP!


Apart from my slight unravelling and mental breakdown Simsrena seem perfectly fine. They both had very unproductive days at work the next day because all they wanted to do was this….

And yeah I was happy to watch them do it…

Actually, I’ve changed my mind. Forget the help. Forget the intervention. Fuck it all. I am pure Berena/Simsrena trash. And I am happy to bow before thee!

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  • [The Balkans talking about organizing an intervention for Serbia.]
  • Herzegovina: So how do we go about doing this? Do we ambush him and then just sort of, like, berate him into becoming the guy we wanna be around?
  • Romania: No, no, no, you certainly don't berate him. He needs to know you're coming from a place of love and concern.
  • Bulgaira: Mh, mh, too soft. I think we should come at him with an iron fist and crush him into submission.
  • Croatia: Right, right. And when taking that approach, you might wanna be armed at this intervention.
  • Herzegovina: Mhm.
  • Romania: Why would I need to be armed?
  • Croatia: Well, Serbia's usually carrying, like, a little gun around with him, and he doesn't really hesitate to use it.
  • Bulgaria: And you know what? Have the gun out and ready to rock.
  • Croatia: Yeah, we'll all have guns!
  • Herzegovina: It's just safer.
  • Croatia: You know what, if we maybe ambush Serbia with a net, or some kind of rope device, the gun will maybe drop out of his waist belt.
  • Romania: ...
Things that I have been told/said rp sentence ask meme
  • "There is like literally no way back for me, it's already too late."
  • "Did you just growl?"
  • "If I'm going down, you're coming down with me."
  • "How much you wanna bet this is because what happened the other day?"
  • "Who called it? I did."
  • "Can't a person read in peace?"
  • "When I find a movie I like, I will gladly watch it over and over again as much as possible."
  • "Don't be alarmed if I all of a sudden just fall asleep, cause I'm tired."
  • "I will gladly fight you."
  • "I'm too tired for this crap, so can we not?"
  • "I'm going to keep score of how many times you say that."
  • "I'm so close to punching someone in the face."
  • "Listen, I am someone that has a lot of anger pent up inside me so don't get on my bad side."
  • "Oh yeah I'm fine, dead inside and currently screaming internally, while sobbing uncontrollably but still fine. Perfectly fine."
  • "And they say I'm the crazy one."
  • "I was nodded off so much I think I blanked out."
  • "I'm someone who will flirt with bad pickup lines but if I'm flirted back with, I immediately get ready to run,cause that usually doesn't happen."
  • "I'm not used to having someone flirt back with me so if I fall over, just assume I'm dead."
  • "You can never have too many books."
  • "You have an addiction and I swear we might need an intervention."
  • "I feel like I was just thrown out a 73 story building then beat up by a bunch of body builders."
  • "What do you expect from me? I'm barely even able to expect much from myself."
  • "I pace when I think so please let me pace."

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Okay so I've been meaning to ask you a request for so long but I was too shy, and you don't have to answer it if you don't wanna. BUt, how would he boys react if MC died during childbirth??????????? And how would their relationship be toward their kid as single parents????????

I’m already sad so get ready for this to be just as sad, if not more. I didn’t do Jaehee’s because truthfully I haven’t actually done her route, I’ve just read it and I don’t know if I could make a good feel for her on something so heavy.


  • He would be so cold towards his child (I wrote a mini series on his son here) and it would be heartbreaking to watch. The house would be dead quiet even if both of them were home.
  • The coldness wasn’t intentional but he couldn’t stand looking at MC’s features ingrained with his own in a person, and he’d even kind of try to avoid it if he could, although that’s not realistically possible.
  • The interactions with his son would be so curt and to the point, Jumin would only make eye contact if it was about something important.
  • In matters of as a toddler and baby, Jumin of course would do what he’d have to and there wouldn’t be a single complaint from him. He’d probably feel disconnected from his own son.
  • Jumin is pretty rational, and he wouldn’t blame his son for killing MC at all, but it would just be difficult. Somewhat synonymous to lunch with his father, uncomfortable but necessary.
  • As Jumin had some time though I think MC would really start to resonate with him once the hurt begins to subside, Jumin would probably open up to his son during a visit to MC’s grave or even spontaneously. 
  • He would be reminded that MC would want him to try and open up and he would try, for his son. The reason he’d been so avoidant of his own son would be because he can’t quite place how he feels about it all besides a strong and vague hurting, and that results in him not knowing how to treat his own son. He’d be really scared of confronting his feelings alone.


  • Zen is really good at putting up a strong front. He’s resilient and that’s shown even when Jaehee notes Zen had changed the least after Rika’s death… and with MC, he tries to carry on the same way too.
  • He’d be such a supportive dad like u don’t even k n o w, his parents were never there for him so he knows he can’t make the same mistakes as his parents.
  • Always encourages his kid to try new things and avoids talking about MC like the plague; the child shouldn’t have to suffer through it more by talking about it.
  • Zen is a really good actor so he’s amazing at putting up fronts in front of his kid, but when he’s alone he’s pretty sad… and he’s definitely not the same as before. He suppresses all of his feelings and throws it into his acting for roles.
  • Everyone calls him brave for barely even changing after MC’s death, to the public eye you couldn’t tell the difference
  • There would be so much effort to try and compensate for the lack of a mother their child would have, he’d be pretty hover-y in regards to parenting and always wants to make sure his kid is always safe
  • Reallly jealous of his friends that are married with kids. Deep down in a selfish way he does miss mc a lot and seeing any mom or wife always gives him a bit of jealousy and sadness.


  • Oh god he would break. He could hardly handle Rika’s death, how could he handle MC’s?
  • A part of him would say he has to stay strong for their child, but he can’t just shut his feelings off and ignore it.
  • MC’s death would consume Yoosung whole. There is no question about it; they’re everywhere he goes and they haunt him it’s a before and after of this person that is supposed to be here and isn’t
  • He’d be agonized by so much pain asking so many questions he’ll never get the answer to and he can’t stop thinking about it, there’s so much pain for him and it changes him so drastically that there isn’t anything quite the same.
  • I don’t think he’d be too active in his child’s life, I think he’d do what was necessary but he’d lose a lot of his passion, especially in his work as a vet. MC was the reason he graduated the fastest and at the top of his class, he needs people he loves to motivate him to be at his best… and we all know what he looks like when he’s lost the person he loves.
  • The RFA would definitely have to step in to help out somehow, there’d definitely be an intervention for Yoosung considering that I doubt he’d be doing anywhere near okay even years after MC’s death.
  • With that being said, his relationship with his kid would be so distant it’s as if they were just living together. Yoosung would be too consumed in whatever vice that takes him first to really try and have a relationship with his child, he can barely look them in the eye half the time.
  • Especially when they have the eyes of their mother.


  • Of course good things would never stay with him. Why did he ever think they could?
  • While raising the little one Saeyoung would resent them in a way, mostly because he was angry at himself for thinking anything good could ever come and stay with him. He was stupid to believe he could ever afford to be happy, and even though the death was out of his hands, he still feels guilty for it. If he hadn’t let them in and hadn’t stopped pushing them away this could have never happened; they could have been a living mother and wife to someone else better for them.
  • For the first few years Saeyoung wouldn’t be very good at taking care of a baby, but he’d constantly check on them and try to do what was needed. He hardly would sleep at all for the first few years, and probably has nearly passed out a couple of times.
  • This doesn’t take away from his fathering capabilities, after his grief he would cling to the little family he had of Saeran and his child. He’d be very good at joking around and being an entertaining figure for his own kid, but he’d get very cold very quickly at the mention of MC
  • Saeyoung would be so fucking good at putting up a mask for his kid, as far as their kid is concerned he’s the coolest and funniest dad ever but when it came to anybody else he would just sulk, he’s so good it rivals Zen
  • He’d act like everything was okay in the group chats and the RFA wouldn’t have a clue, but he’d never show up for meetings and nobody has probably seen him in months besides his own kid
  • He would never ever trust anyone again or try to let anyone in, he feels awful about how he stupidly believed he could have a normal life like everyone else and now his child no longer has a mom and he no longer has a wife.

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I think ive been watching too much jacksepticeye. Coz ive been at work I mute my phone and i clicked on a video on the bus (still muted) and I legit heard the whipcrack and his intro before I was confused at the no sound after that.

Looks like you need an intervention, my friend

This boils down what’s shocking, hideous, tragic, obscene in the huge new Post story with Mr. Pierce’s inimitable acridity: “The most fundamental act of citizenship is the right to cast an informed vote. The idea that the Obama administration withheld the fact that the Russians were ratfcking the election in order to help elect a vulgar talking yam is a terrible condemnation of the whole No Drama Obama philosophy. Would Donald Trump have raised hell if the White House released what it knew? Of course, he would have. But, as it was, the American people went to vote with only about half of the information they needed to assess his candidacy.” I’ve been saying that since November; I’m glad that it’s being said more ferociously. Between foreign intervention and massive voter disenfranchisement (something you’d think the Democratic Party and Democratic president would’ve made more of a fuss about too), Trump is president because we did not have a free and fair election.

“So…you’re my uncle?” You asked looking at the massive Norse god sitting on your couch. 

“I brought some snacks, I didn’t know what you’d like so I brought a little of everything.” Your mom said placing a platter of food on the table between the two of you. 

“Thank you this looks delicious.” Thor said before your mother left the room. 

“So why are you here and not my dad? Was he too busy planning another invasion of my planet?” You asked him. 

“Loki is no longer with us.”

“I thought you guys were gods. Last I checked gods don’t die.” You told him.

“We may have longer lifespans but even we can die.” Thor informed you. 

You took a shaky breath. “Well then, I guess that’s all that needs to be said on that subject. I think it’s time for you to go.” You said firmly. 

“If you’re ever in any danger or need any sort of assistance–”

“I can handle myself, thanks for the offer.” You said. “Now I do believe you’ve overstayed your welcome.” You added curtly before getting up and leaving the god alone in your living room. 

“Honey, don’t you think you’re being a bit too harsh?” Your mother asked as she entered your room. 

“Doesn’t matter, Loki’s long gone and I’m not in the mood to let my guilt-ridden uncle play step-dad. We’ve gone this long without any godly intervention and we still managed to survive, trust me we’ll survive without the mighty thor in our lives.” You said. 


“I’m sorry but I’ve made up my mind and I’m not changing it anytime soon.” You told her before going back to doing what you’d been doing before. 

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I think that I may need an intervention of some kind— someone needs to come and take my tablet away from me because I found the Fruit Ninja App and now I can’t put it down. It’s a very addictive game— does anyone know if they have it for the Wii too?

May 25, 2017

Today, I finally got the chance to talk to my boss. It was enlightening to say the least, and at the end of the day, I’m still torn if I’ll continue to be selfish and take a break, or if I’ll give this career another shot. She says I was really fit for the job and that I was one of the most talented writers that she’s ever worked with. She says she wanted to give me more time to reflect on my choices as she feels that this was just the meds (and the rest of my situation) talking.

I don’t know. I’m really torn and I feel like I need an intervention.

I’m just way too exhausted to think about everything. Ayoko na.

[Mark] Dr Tuan (Chapter Three)

Part 1   2

As I sleep peacefully, I feel my head dip down, and it wakes me up. As I stirr, I realize Mark isn’t in the bed anymore. I see he’s putting his shoes on. “Where are you going?” My voice is barely audible. Mark kisses my cheek. “I have to go back home, I’m working today. I’ll be there in an hour.” He says. “What time is it?” I mumble, closing my eyes. “Six in the morning.” I hear him reply, then I feel his lips on mine, and he kisses me.

The nurse opens the curtains and lets the light invade my hospital room. The light is dazzling, and I squint my eyes. The door opens and Mark appears in the doorway. "Hello.“ I can’t refrain the smile that creeps on my face. I’m glad to see him. “Hello.” He smiles back to me, closing the door behind him. “How do you feel?” He asks, walking towards my bed. I glance around, and tell him to come closer with my index, n he gives me his ear. 

“I’d like to take a private moment, if you know what mean.” I hide my mouth with my hand, but I guess it’s not enough. “You have a catheter.” My nurses says to me, and I can’t tell she’s doing her best not to laugh. A what? My mouth hangs open, but no sounds come out. What do I do? I look at Mark, my eyes pleading desperately. He snorts. 

“You stayed unconscious for a brief moment, and they put you a catheter. I guess they forgot to take it out when you woke up. Don’t worry, Maria, I’ll take her.” He says to the nurse, and she precesses taking my catheter out of me. “I can walk.” I scowl at him, and he narrows his eyes at me. “Do you two know each other that much?” The black woman asks. “We could say that.” Mark shrugs. “I’ll be back in 5 minutes.” Maria replies before walking out. “Slept well?” Mark asks me once the woman is gone.  

“Like a baby.” I reply. “How do you feel?” He asks. “Full.” He understands I’m speaking of my bladder, and he smiles. Then he takes me into his arms and picks me up. “Well, miss, I’m afraid you’ve lost too much weigh.” He says, carrying me to the bathroom. “When you heal me, I promise I’ll eat.” I reply as we enter the toilets. “If you want me to heal you, you’ll have to eat.” He says dropping me on the toilets. “Out.” I mumble. 

He gives me a wicked smile, but obliges. “I’m leaving the door open.” He says before disappearing behind the doorway. “What?” He doesn’t reply. “Mark!” I call out, and he peeks. “I don’t want you hear me.” He grins, and hides again. I roll my eyes. There is only one way he can’t here me.

“Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala!!!!!” I sing as I let go. Oh, sweet, sweet deliverance. “I heard you.” Mark says once I’m done.

 "Fuck you.“ I flush the toilets, am Mark comes back in, and carries me back to my bed. "You have to pass exams again.” He says. “Again?” I whine. “I don’t know why it keeps getting wrong, maybe it’s the equipment.” He shrugs. “What did my results say?” I ask. “It’s nothing, just a mistake.” He tries to brush it off. “Two times, the same mistake?” I arch my brow. “Maybe it’s the equipment.” He shrugs again. 

“Or, maybe they are the good results.” I retort. “No.” He shakes his head. “I won’t pass other tests, I’m too tired. Tell me what’s wrong with me.” I plead, and he sighs, leaning against the nightstand beside my bed. “Mark, you could get yourself in trouble, I know how expensive an MRI is for an hospital.” His face hardens a little bit, and he clenches his jaw. “Is it something serious?” I ask quietly. “Y/N, please.” He whines, and I feel like I’m annoying him. “Tell me, please.” He sits on the edge of my bed, turning himself away from me. He keeps silent for a moment, a long moment, but I know he’s going to talk. “You…” He trails off, his voice leaving him halfway through his sentence.

“have a cancer.” I close my eyes in pain, his words feel like a punch in the stomach. I start to repeat a mantra in my head: I’m going to die, I’m going to die. “A brain tumor.” Mark precises. The room goes silent. I don’t know what to say. I’m going to die, I’m going to die. “It’s a really rare cancer. And we don’t really know how to heal it.” He says. I’m going to die. Why me? Why? “We can try a brain surgery, or chemotherapy, sometimes it works.” Mark says, and I can her his throat getting tighter.

“30 percent.” I hear sniffle. “And you, do you think I’ll survive?” I ask quietly. “It’s not something we can calculate.” He replies. I have 3 chances out of ten to survive. At this point it’s not luck I need, but an holy intervention. “What do you advise me to do?” I ask. “I can operate on you.” He says. The idea doesn’t seem too good to me.

“Are you sure?”

“Actually, I want to be the one operating on you.” He sniffles again. “I know if it fails you’ll never forgive yourself, it’s better to let someone else do it.” I murmur. “No. I want to do it.” He says, and it’s a heartfelt plea. “It could ruin your life. I don’t want that. I told you, I don’t want to hurt you.” I reply, and he sniffles again. He doesn’t say anything, and I don’t dare break the silence. “Why are you so cool about it?” He eventually asks me.

“I don’t know.”

My words set a heavy silence in the room, that Mark is the first one to break. “I’m going to ask someone else to do it, he’s extremely skilled, he’s one of the bests.” He says. “Okay.” I reply.

“Why aren’t you looking at me?” I ask quietly. Mark doesn’t reply to me at first, all I can hear is a loud silence that tells long about what is going on. “I can’t.” He breathes. I grab his hand on the edge of my bed and squeeze it. “I don’t want to see you suffering,” He whispers. “knowing that I can do nothing about it.” He says. “But, Mark, I need you.” I whisper, and he immediately turns around. His face is painted with tears, and his eyes shiny and watery, and I know my words have rung a bell. “I know.” He whispers, leaning towards me. “I’m sorry, I’m here.” He connects our foreheads and closes his eyes. “I’m here.” He repeats, and for some reason I don’t cry, an I don’t dare give myself up to my inner pain.

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"What a fool you are, I’m a god! How can you kill a god? What a grand and intoxicating innocence. How could you be so naïve? There is no escape. No recall or intervention can work in this place. Come, lay down your weapons, it is not too late for my mercy."

you think you can fight the egg overlord???

Guilt and Happiness

Request: Could you write something where the reader sam & castiel want a puppy but dean doesnt so they all sit him down and guilt him into it. I love your writing btw:)

“Dean, Y/N and I need to talk to you.” Cas spoke softly, gesturing to the sofa. Dean looked up from his laptop and smiled curiously.

“What is this, an intervention?” Dean chuckled.

“Yes, we think you watch too much porn, we’re worrying about your health.” you joked sitting on the sofa and turning to face a still sitting Dean.

“I’ll never stop watching porn, you can’t make me.” Dean joked back, finally standing when he saw the un-amused look on Castiel’s angel face, not like he ever had another look on his face. “Fine, what is this really about?” Dean asked walking over to the sofa and sitting next to you.

“We would like to purchase a dog.” Cas spoke in a monotone voice. Dean looked at Cas, then at you, then back at Cas.

“No.” he said after a moment of shared silence.

“Come on Dean, imagine an adorable little puppy greeting you after a long hunt.” you begged, leaning closer to him and bouncing up and down on the sofa.

“No, no dog, they’re messy.” Dean spoke looking at you dead in the eyes.

“Cas and I will take care of it. Come on, please?” you asked again.

“I promise I will pick up all the mess.” Cas spoke again. Dean sat in silence for several moments, pondering what to say, finally coming to a decision when he saw your puppy dog eyes looking at him.

“Fine.” he spoke quickly. You quickly gave him a kiss on the cheek and stood up, grabbing Castiels hand and dragging him to the door. “Where are you going?” Dean asked, watching you leave.

“Getting the dog out of the car.” you smiled.

Flush of Fate - Chapter 1

Ship: Nalu

Story Type: Multi chapter, humour (I hope)

Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Levy McGarden, Erza Scarlett

Summary: Have you ever been stuck in a room with someone you hate? Try being stuck in a bathroom with that person…while the party of the year is happening downstairs.

| Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | Epilogue |

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ive been wondering a few things about animal parades plot for quite a long time, how did the bells get broken? what exactly spell did the witch princess try? can gill see the sprites? (there are hints that he might be able to) and do the bells need to be rung every so the island can flourish? where did luna and anissa exactly go when they left the island? is the show sprite rangers based off past events?

Ooooh all good questions!! I haven’t thought about a lot of them before, but I’ve pondered a bit and I think…

  • The bells got lost/broken through human intervention and meddling. A big theme of Animal Parade (and HM in general, typically) is humanity regaining closeness to nature and the physical, natural world, and that we’ve gotten too far away. I imagine that basically, the bells became less important, less acknowledged – the red bell was taken down from its stand and became a knocked-about bit of metal, the yellow bell got stuck in the sand, and no one went to the other bells anymore. Basically, the humans of the island weren’t paying attention anymore, and the sprites got lost and forgot what they were supposed to do. Which is why the farmer’s job is to help the sprites remember they have a job, a necessary job, to do!
  • The witch tried a spell of reanimation, of coming back to life – you know, as if they were frozen for months and then just come back to life and hop around like nothing happened
  • I have this headcanon that when Gill’s mother died, he spent a lot of time running around the island alone, and he found the bells and even saw the sprites – he talked to them and played with them, and basically treated them as imaginary friends, except they were real! but no one else could see them… Was he making them up? And as he got older he stopped going to see them, started thinking of them as imaginary friends he’d turned to as a mourning child. And a part of him still wonders, a part of him isn’t sure, but he wouldn’t tell anyone else for fear of being wrong or mocked or thought of as still just a sad little kid.
  • The bells are powered more by sentiment than time, if that makes sense? I think it’s about closeness to nature – the further we get, the bigger a reminder we need.
  • I think the people who left the island were mainly doing self-improvement things. Luna going to business school (just picture her, bright pink hair and frilly dress in a class of kids in srs business clothes, arguing with the professor over economics, I love), Anissa doing greenhouse and soil research, etc, etc. Self-improvement and learning
  • I have a headcanon that the Sprite Rangers is based on stories Gill used to write as a kid. Hamilton assumed they were about his imaginary friends, and while he probably was confused about him and Gill being the bad guys, he just stored them away with the other childhood memorabilia. But then he decided to dust them off one day and put together a little show based off them (with Gill’s hesitant permission, of course) for the Castanet Island programming, and it ended up taking off!
Addiction // The Pack

Description: She has an addiction to a certain kind of drug (cocaine) and the pack basically gives her an intervention once Derek smells the drug on her.

If you DONT know what cocaine is, it’s like a white powder {I forgot to spell that for a sec, oops} that you snort into your nose if you spread it on your gums. Something like that anyways.

If you don’t feel comfortable with cursing words or drug mentions then don’t read this. It won’t be anything too graphic cuz I’ve never done or seen cocaine before so I searched some pics and saw how it was.



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Severus Snape: An Explanation (Not An Excuse)

It always pisses me off when people capitalise on how Snape was in love with Lily, and how that is what Harry was referring to when he called him brave (really, what are you smoking, can i have some?) because you could read Snape as asexual and aromantic and still have the same storyline.

Stop it with the friendzone jokes, because this is really not what was going on at all. He didn’t feel entitled to her, not romantically at least. She never rejected him in that way, but as a friend.

I actually think Snape didn’t get obsessed with Lily until after her death, and that he only became obsessed because he was directly responsible for it.

First of all, let’s start with Snape’s primal motivations:

FEAR. Fear is what moves young Snape, at all times. He was abused at home by his muggle father, and his mother failed to protect him. Then he went to Hogwarts, where, I am sure, he expected to be safe, but he was bullied there, an abuse that started before he even set a foot on the castle. I’m guessing this left him feeling as if he would never find a safe place in the world, anywhere, ever.

Luckily, I can’t talk about parental abuse, but I can tell you that when you’re bullied you get scared. Scared for life. It leaves you terrified of groups, afraid you’ll be attacked at any point. Which means you look for protection, and you would make a pact with the devil in order to obtain it. 

What kind of child devises a weapon (in his case, a spell) that will leave you bloody and dying? A child who’s terrified.

Here’s the thing you learn when you’re bullied: if you become scarier than your abusers, they stop.

This is my headcanon, ok, but I really believe that Snape would have learned all that he could in the restricted section, foraying into the dark arts out of curiosity (he was a precocious student after all) and out of a desire to look for the best way to protect himself. Then he would have gotten himself a tower somewhere secluded and experimented with potions, making amazing discoveries that would have forwarded the knowledge of the wizarding world. He would have become an eccentric loner who came up with great ideas every now and then, respected in the community even if he was considered weird. Lily would have brought him cupcakes to his mancave every now and then, trying to give him a little human interaction.

All of this, of course, if Voldemort hadn’t been on the rise.

You’re 15 years old. Your life at home is a nightmare. Your life at school is worse. You know if you become scary enough, maybe you’ll stop feeling so scared yourself. And what’s scarier than a Death Eater?

Of course, this is not something Lily could ever hope to understand. To Lily the world wasn’t a scary place, it was full of joy and opportunities. I’m not saying she should have understood. I’m saying she didn’t have the tools for it. She had no way of stopping what her friend was becoming (and it wasn’t her responsability, either). I think she was right in telling Snape to go fuck himself, and perfectly healthy of her. 

I think it was understandable, yet not excusable, when Snape lashed out at her, too. He was in the middle of being humiliated, and he probably thought he should be able to defend himself; her intervention only made him feel more humiliated. This is one of your greatests fears when you’re bullied: more humiliation. Snape was stressed (it was exams week), angry, feeling painful humiliation, and the last thing he needed is to be seen as weak. I don’t think he actually had any hatred towards muggleborns, but in order to fit in with his new band of friends, he probably had had to pretend he did, and that’s why the word itself was on the tip of his tongue. Long story short I think it was a normal reaction on his behalf, but in no way excusable towards his friend.

Snape liked Lily because she gave him kindness when literally nobody else had. He didn’t have a support group in his Slytherin classmates, they were allies, not friends. But kindness cannot protect you. Light cannot protect you. Being strong can. Surrounding yourself with terrifying people who are on your side can. This is what you learn when you’re a child and you have no one.

I used to think (bc I was an idiot) that if Lily would have dated Snape he would never had gone dark side. But 1) this was really not her responsability and 2) Snape’s decision was so much bigger than Lily.

If Snape had loved Lily enough, he wouldn’t have joined the Death Eaters, regardless of how she had reacted to him asking her out (which never happened. Again, Lily never romantically rejected Snape). But fear is stronger than love. Snape couldn’t have chosen Lily any more than she would have chosen him. She was not more important than feeling protected. We all know Lily was fantastic, but her kindness wasn’t enough to fight an entire life of abuse. She was a person, not much-needed therapy. I guess Snape felt bitter that she couldn’t be good enough (even though she couldn’t possibly be) and that’s also why he lashed out, maybe.

This is all about teenagers making poor choices. They were all so young.

So often the discourse around these characters is centered on how James and the Marauders were so young. “They were just kids, they didn’t know any better.” As someone who has been bullied (by kids who were younger than them, as an even younger child) this feels like a kick in the groin, by the way. This is what pisses me off the most, actually. People saying “What happened to Snape wasn’t that bad.” Because always, ALWAYS, the voices of bullied people are silenced when there’s talk of Severus Snape. Our pain is ALWAYS invalidated. No one ever considers that we might identify ourselves with him because of that, it’s always centered of how “he reacted badly when he was rejected by a girl”, when in reality Snape joining the Death Eaters wasn’t related to that at all. Not to mention: GOD FORBID we hate James Potter. Even if he represents everything our abusers were.

Here’s the question that remains: If the Marauders hadn’t bullied Snape, would he have become a Death Eater? Well, we’ll never know. But my money is on “no”. He may have overcome his father’s abuse if he had found a safe space at Hogwarts, but he didn’t.

When you’re bullied, you’re desperate. DESPERATE. To make it stop, to feel safe, to not be humiliated and hurt anymore. It gets to a point in which you would do anything. I remember learning about school shootings in the USA when I was in my teens and thinking “If I had had a gun available when I was ten, I would have brought it to school. I would have shot my bullies.” But I didn’t have a gun. Or a wand. Or a group of people who acted like a cult trying to brainwash me. Also, remember that post about how Slytherins felt like pariahs in Hogwarts and that might have pushed them towards the Death Eaters? I think this also played a part.

I honestly believe Snape chose to become a Death Eater because he didn’t see any other choice, not because he wanted to hurt people, or even hated muggles (even if he didn’t like them much, because, again, abusive muggle father). The only path he could follow was the one that would make him feel safe. That’s what Voldemort offered him. Joining him was a reaction to an all-encompassing fear of being attacked.

As a Death Eater, aurors would have attacked him, yes, but they would have attacked him for a reason. When you’re often given violence when you’ve done nothing to deserve it, sometimes you try doing something bad so that, if you’re going to be punished, at least you’re punished for something that you did, and not merely for existing. “Now people hate me, but because I’ve given them a reason, not because I’m inherently hateable.” I don’t know if this makes sense.

Only when Lily (the only person who had showed him kindness in his life) was directly threatened did he take a look at his life and his choices, and discovered something that terrified him more than humiliation: Lily’s death. Not being afraid was always Snape’s goal, that’s why he changed sides so easily; he fought for the side that will make him be less afraid.

Then Lily died, and it was horrible. For once, Snape had tried to do the right thing to protect what mattered to him, and it had been all for naught. This was such a delicate moment… for Dumbledore, who had been counting on a spy in the innermost circle of the Dark Lord. Since the “keep Lily alive” carrot had been snatched away, it was time to fetch the stick.

This is where Snape’s motivation changed. It was no longer fear, but guilt.

Guilt, though, is such a toxic emotion. Fear wakes you up; guilt beats you down. Guilt is what made Snape a bad person. 

This is when Snape got obsessed with Lily, not before. He clung to Lily when they were teenagers because she was the only bright thing in his life apart from magic, but he didn’t become truly obsessed with her until she was dead. And maybe he would have got over her eventually if he didn’t have Dumbledore breathing down his neck. “After all this time?” THAT WAS SUCH BULLSHIT I am so sure that Dumbledore ensured that he didn’t forget her after all this time, because Lily and her death were the only weapons he had to control Snape.

Still, I have no more pity for him at his point. When he was a teenager? Sure. He was a kid. He made terrible choices that had terrible consequences, but he made them because he didn’t see a way out, and didn’t have the tools to deal with this in any other way. As an adult, though? I think he had more than enough time to get over himself and become a decent person, even with Dumbledore’s constant manipulation.

Adult Snape is an asshole. A terrible person. Adult Snape has 0 redeeming qualities. I mean, was he incredibly brave? Yeah, I mean, he spied on Voldemort, objectively that takes balls of steel. But bravery doesn’t make you a good person, in my opinion. He was terrible to his students, and goddammit, he of all people should have understood what being abuse does to teenage brains. I think he was doing the right thing out of habit and out of guilt, and what worth does that have? Not much. And I’m not saying that what he did as a child is excusable, but I’m worried about how people treat those who have gone through trauma and reacted in ‘bad’ ways instead of being a beacon of nobility like Harry freaking Potter.

What I’m saying is… There’s a lot to criticise about Snape’s character. Like, a fuckload. But I see a lot of it around the fact that he felt friendzoned by Lily (which didn’t happen) or that he behaved like those boys who continue to harass a girl until she says yes (which is what JAMES did, but that’s a conversation for another day), and a lot of invalidation towards victims of bullying and people who identify with certain parts of him.

Just??? The next time you talk about Severus Snape take these things into consideration. Not for him, because fuck him, he’s fictional, but for the people who consider him important for any reason.

Clean eating and physical activity

fyfitandstrong submitted:

There are a few progress pics of me floating around but I thought I’d make a complete visual guide of my body chafes, lol. 

I’m 164cm ( a tall 5’4’, I think?) and in june 2013 I weighed 74kg (163lbs), went through an year of ups and downs where I wasn’t too dedicated to change so I consider my real starting weight 73kg (161lbs) on the 1st of September. The rest is history! :) 

On the bottom 3 pictures I’m around 62kg (134lbs) which makes me 11kg (25lbs lighter).  I still want to lose a few more pounds but there is no longer an immediate need of intervention for the sake of my health and that’s big enough! 

How? Simple. Clean eating, calorie deficit on a daily basis and physical activity that evolves as your body gets stronger.  I hope to achieve greater heights this year and hopefully inspire and motivate someone along the way! Yay!

 —- SUBMIT your own Before and After weight-loss photos HERE.

I’m sorry that sugarcoating was never really my thing,
I can only paint pretty pictures of
how when driving in my parents’ cars,
I always hoped something would slam into us
and kill me alone;
or I could wipe the makeup off from under my eyes
and show you
where all those sleepless nights are going

But I don’t think you want me to scream at you
how heartbreaking it is
to hear your mother tell you that
she doesn’t think you’re trying to get better at all,
to see in her eyes that she doesn’t believe you
when you try to convince her how impossible it is
to do some things,
like sleep with light around you,
or stay in the same room when someone’s chewing
too loudly,
when she says that you’re not making an active effort
to get out of the house,
but won’t notice
the active effort that is
the extra hours you spend working out,
the guilt over everything, the anxiety, and
the pain.
I don’t think you want me to wail
how frustrating it is
to try and try and try and keep trying
and consistently fail
at fixing the broken parts of yourself
that you didn’t break

And when the going gets rough,
and my limbs are dangling from my body,
I will still offer my good hand,
check on your happiness, and offer whatever
goddamn solace I can

Then on some of those same nights,
I will smash myself apart,
crack open a few mirrors and jump into the glass shards,
immerse myself in the misery that threatens to
destroy everything with meaning I have ever grown to love.
The lights will flicker and I will
howl to heaven to please just shut it off.
I will carve my consciousness into the
wall and make my bedroom look like a ward for
the sick,
and in that consciousness will probably be things like
jumping off of a bridge or
the quadratic formula, x equals this,
because killing myself seems nice,
but I have to finish my math homework first

Those same nights,
I will dream about all the people I wish I could love,
the people I wish understood me enough to let me love them
I will forget those dreams as a peace offering from my
It will get even with me though,
because it’ll take two hours to fall asleep,
and my brain will keep on cranking and racing in my dreams;
however, I will still wake up at five o’clock to look nice
for school and make sure I eat breakfast,
so that my metabolism is running and I can
check off physical health
on my list,
even though I will probably feel guilty for
downing too much food, more than I deserve

So please don’t ever tell me
that I am not trying my hardest,
that I am not shaking a clenched fist at
the monster inside of me,
because I am pounding it with rage,
and all you see is
my own fist in my ribcage
and think that that’s
a cry for attention.
Don’t think I want attention,
I don’t want your attention,
and I don’t think I need your intervention,
I keep my mouth shut unless I’m
asking how you are.
And when you ask me back,
I am going to lie to preserve your peace of mind,
because I know every time you won’t
realize that “I’m fine” really means “I’m losing my mind,”
So I shut off that hope,
but I hope that you know
that amid the breakdowns and suicide notes,
I stayed here so I could make sure that no one I care for
would ever be alone.