i think i need a cold shower now

~When you Get Turned on Easily~

Jin: He would side eye you at dinner, and pout before leaning in your ear. “Babe, I think we need to take a cold shower later? But first Daddy will take care of you.”

Yoongi: “Babe, it’s because you are dating me! Right?”

Hoseok: He’d so use this as an advantage. “Hey, Jagi! Look at this,” he tease, pretending to strip. 

Namjoon: “Well don’t you feel lucky to have me now?” he chuckles because he is like 24/7 horny.

JImin: “Oh, Jagi, again?” he’d smirk, biting his lip.

Taehyung: Blinking and confused, he’d look up and ask, “all I did was bend over!”

Jungkook:I thought only guys were horny all the time?


Screens from ‘Restoration’ (1995, Miramax Films).

The story takes place in England during the 1660s. Downey looked so fucking hot in this film that I pretty much just sat here and drooled the whole time it was playing. The story was good too, lol. Parts of it were very touching. The second half of the film covered the Great Plague of London during the mid 1660s and the Great Fire of London that happened directly thereafter.