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nevaeh conversion

@leahlillith – nevaeh conversion [hair conversion & retexture]

here’s another hair! i think i did somewhat better with this one, though it is doesn’t fit perfectly with hats. anyway, enjoy! next up will be some cas poses for toddlers, because i need them bad.

– 50 swatches –

for my tou, go here

– custom thumbnail [standalone]

– adult hair mesh not included [you can find it here] you need it to see my conversion –

through here for all my s4 downloads

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thanks to all cc creators! @eirflower @kalewa @pixelheaux-ccfinds

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City Living - Portable Floor Mural

I always loved the style of the sims 3 street art kit. You could make murals and put them pretty much anywhere. That’s why I made this mod. With this mod, your sim can buy a floor mural, and put them in their inventory. They can take them anywhere and paint where ever they want. 

One of my sims Avery has just bought a mural. (I had to turn on MOO because their apartment was so cramped.) Since there is not much room in her apartment, she decides to paint outside.

She then goes downstairs, finds a perfect place to paint, and places the mural in the world.

Avery decides that she need help, so she invites her sister and some of her friends to come by and help her paint the mural.

After finishing up, Avery thinks the mural would look better beside the basketball court. So she puts it back in her inventory and places it in her chosen location.

Download Here!  (Requires City Living)

I am working on portable wall murals, too. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to work out all of the glitches yet. I’ll post a download link here when I’m finished working on it.  :)

Two more Leeleesims hairs :) Pull it back Pony and Half & Half one Bun hairs, recolored in WildlyMiniatureSandwich’s naturals and unnaturals. Added as additional swatches. Separate files for naturals and unnaturals. 



@leeleesims1 for the hairs, @wildlyminiaturesandwich for the colors


Gift 14 & 19 Edited By Milla

So, as promised, there is! I edited what needed to be repaired and did what was missing and this is the result. I think I need not go into much deta as it is well explained in the photos. Any questions just ask.

>> I made a counter for the cooktop and is included in the download.

>> Some objects I edited mapping and mesh to get better in the game … So it is necessary to re-download. Just substitute in your folder ‘Downloads’ and install again. Sorry for the inconvenience!.. But believe it !, you will further appreciate these versions! ;)

>> I edited the transparency of Canopy because he was strange in the game. I’m still learning the part of transparencies in TS3 … So I’m sorry for having to edit the mesh.

D o w n l o a d gift 14 + Add-ons at sfs

D o w n l o a d gift 19 + Add-ons at sfs

D o w n l o a d canopy fixed at sfs

P.S.:I know I have messages to answer and I apologize for not having done so yet … As soon as I have the time I will make with the greatest affection! I love you all and have a beautiful day! ♥

Simlish Band Shirts - Redone

I was going through my old downloads and decided to redo these shirts to make them more maxis-matchy(imo) and look a liiiittle better(because they were like one of my first sims 4 creations O:) and also added three more designs for a total of 7 ^^ (yes I know David Bowie isn’t a band but I couldn’t resist including him and tbh i think it’s my fav) Anyways, enough rambling, onto the download :D These are base game compatible :) **If you had downloaded the old ones you need to delete them before installing this version!**

Download: Simfileshare


I have reached an epiphany.

DC comics is pissing me off with how they treat Damian, because I feel like he’s being fucked over right now.

Now, I’m new to comics, but I’ve been a Batman fan since I was a kid. I grew up on DC cartoons and Tim Burton Batman movies. Those are what influenced my impression of who Batman and Robin have always been. And from watching Batman The Animated Series as a kid, to watching Young Justice as a college student, I have always been under the impression that Batman and Robin are ALWAYS working together.

So I grow up, right? And I realize that comics are still a thing and that I have a tablet I can use to read them.

I start small. I find about Kamala Khan and that there was going to be a female Thor, so I start with them. I eventually discover the Injustice comics, so I throw that in. Whenever I feel I have the money, I buy an issue of each. Problem was, this tablet was kinda shitty and downloading things was a pain, and sometimes the download failed. I got impatient and lazy, and stopped reading for a while because doing anything on that tablet was a pain in my ass.

Fast forward to last Christmas. I get a new tablet, and decide to try comics again. Download Comixology, and I dive right in. This new tablet works better…

…and things quickly spiral out of control. What I call my “Completionist Complex” kicks in. And I don’t remember exactly how, but I end up with 41 different active series that I’m currently following, dropping around $45 a week to keep up with them.

I think it was Gotham Academy’s fault. I found Gotham Academy, and that spun out to me needing to try to follow the New 52 Batman comics. Which spun into things like Justice League and each member’s solo series and the solo series for the Batfam, and you get the idea.

So of course, at once point, Son of Batman was one of those series I was buying. And I don’t remember where I ran across it, maybe a Tumblr post, but I ran across the fact that Damian dies. And I go “WTF?!” because I thought the only one who died was Jason, so of course I go back into the that whole story arc and to how Bruce resurrects him and I try to find whatever I can about Damian Wayne. I’m still missing pieces. I couldn’t track everything down and have no clue where to look to find his first introduction.

But this kid quickly grew on me. I’ve read and seen so much on Tumblr, and I love reading any comic that involves him. I’ve learned he’s a little shit, but he’s my little shit and I love him.

And yet I am constantly disappointed.

Because the one thing I find lacking in everything I’ve read is Batman and Robin working together. That concept of the dynamic duo that I grew up with in cartoons and movies just…doesn’t seem to be there?

And reading the above panels in the latest Teen Titans broke my heart. And it left me wondering why the hell the Batman & Robin team just doesn’t seem to exist with Damian. He seems to be getting plenty of attention with the Son of Batman series and now the new Teen Titans and there’s Super-Sons coming up and the last couple issues of Superman where he met Jon were GREAT.

And when I read those panels, it kind of hit me that every series seems to be giving Damian some love…except, ironically, Batman and Detective Comics.

I mean, Batman is ABOUT BRUCE. How is it so hard to acknowledge the fact that Bruce Wayne has a son in Bruce Wayne’s own series? Why is it that Damian only seems to exist in the Batman comics when there is some event going on where the entire Batfamily is together?


And then we have Bruce putting together a team in Detective Comics, which I love. …But somehow I’m supposed to believe his own son didn’t make the cut?

Do people just forget that Damian Wayne exists until it’s convenient for them to acknowledge him?

What the hell is going on here?

Are the days of Batman & Robin together just over? Was that reserved specially for Dick, Jason, and Tim? But no, Bruce can’t work with his own son? That’s too hard to write in?

Trinity has Bruce talking about raising his son like any normal dad does? And they’re going out buying Christmas trees together in Superman?

And yet Batman and Detective Comics can’t throw the kid a damn bone?

Like.. come on, DC. Get your shit together. Is Bruce an affectionate father who goes Christmas tree hunting with his son? Or is he too busy being Batman for that?

Make up your mind. You can’t have it both ways.

  • scene: me, realizing all the shit i have to do
  • me: ok, time to make a list
  • *downloads countless apps to see which one makes a better list*
  • *makes the same list in multiple apps to see which one feels better*
  • *makes tasks and subtasks of subtasks of subtasks*
  • *while making list, thinks up more things that need to be done*
  • me: wow I literally do not know where to start. i am too drained to do anything. i am unable of doing any of these things
  • me: hm i wonder why

Scandal – Street Punk

The street punk and Oi! scene is thriving in the UK at the moment and there has already been some outstanding releases in the first four months of the year. London street punks Scandal have added to this with the release of their new E.P ‘Street Punk’, which is available as a download from the usual outlets.

The five track E.P gets going with just over 2 minutes of ferocious punk that is ‘Trouble’ and I’m instantly in love with this band. Things only get better with the next song ‘Bad Reputation’ which reminds me a bit of NOFX (not a bad thing in my opinion) and has some great bass and drum fills halfway through. After the first two songs I’m thinking that it couldn’t get any better, how wrong I was as next is ‘Need to Learn’ a melodic yet still powerful track that almost knocks me for six. The brilliant ‘Working in the UK’ is next before the final track ‘It’s Just Punk Rock’, a great anthem to this subculture and music we all love and cherish.

After listening to this several times now it just gets better after each listen. Any labels out there should snap this band up because on this form I’m sure they are destined for great things.

blasterbine  asked:

[drunk text] Omf g you need to get over here now I think I’m dyin

[sms: baembi.] ❝ what the fuck is happening? ❞
[sms: baembi.] ❝ hello???? ❞
[sms: baembi.] ❝ ???? ❞
[sms: baembi.] ❝ fuck you. you’re giving me a heart attack ❞
[sms: baembi.] ❝ you know I don’t have a car! ❞
[sms: baembi.] ❝ fuck you, i’m downloading uber ❞
[sms: baembi.] ❝ why the fuck does it cost 30 dollars to get to your house ❞
[sms: baembi.] ❝ you better hope you’re dead by the time i get there or else you owe me money ❞
[sms: baembi.] ❝ if you passed out from drinking ❞
[sms: baembi.] ❝ i’m going to set your house on fire with you in it ❞

Random Art Q&A Compilation

NOTE // I will be adding a tag to all of my questions from now on but for the time being here’s a compilation of some Q&A’s from the past year.

Q: I know that I need to study anatomy but I don’t know how What do I draw? Where to start? I brought an anatomy book but it didn’t help much.

A: I suggest drawing the pictures in the book. Most books don’t do anything but teach technique it’s up to you to do the legwork (drawing). The only thing that can make you better is drawing. That’s why I think art school can be a bit silly, everything depends on you basically studying and replicating everything you see. You can draw and get better, no need to spend money. If you want to read a book that’ll help read Andrew Loomis books. They are free online as downloads. Aside from that I suggest going on Pinterest and drawing different poses and drawing some forms that are just the skeleton and muscles. It’s good to learn what’s underneath and how muscles overlap. Impress your friends with your sick muscle knowledge! It just takes time and lots of practice but that’s how I did it. It’s hard at first but if you look at art as more of therapy and love the process then it won’t be as frustrating. 

Q: Do you ever deal with warped paper? I sketch and then watercolor over it all the time, but my paper ALWAYS crinkles. Of course I’m using my cheap paper from the craft store and I don’t mind so much because they’re only sketches, but still. Do you have any tips for solving this problem?
A: Taping it down to a drafting table or a board helps to keep the paper from warping. I use drafting tape from the art store. Before using it check to make sure it won’t rip the paper. Also you can pre-stretch it but it’s more complicated. You can also buy a watercolour “block” ethic is like a block of pre-cut paper that has glue all around the edges like the glue that holds paper into some sketchbooks. The glue is on every edge though and there’ll be one small section that isn’t covered. You paint on the top paper and when you are done you take an x-acto knife and slip it in the section without the glue and cut the paper away from the block. It works pretty well also.

Q: I was wondering where you get your inspiration for surrealism.. i love drawing but i feel like i can’t step away from realism or drawing the same person/pose over and over… any tips?
A: I’m not sure how to explain this one, it’s a very organic process that can come about from me combining things that I like, or it can come about by me wanting to get an idea across or it can just be a fully developed idea from the start. I would start by taking two things and combining them? Or altering something in a way that is appealing to you?Also it’s totally fine to stick to realism. Realism is just as amazing!

Q: Hey Audra,how long does it usually take you to finish a sketchbook? I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I finish my sketchbooks too slow. It usually takes me about 8-9 months to finish one,and I’ve been told it should only take a month?
A: I think it depends on the person. Not everyone has the time to work in their sketchbook. Personally it takes me about a year to fill one. It’s probably not very good but I also draw an average of one finished piece per 2 days or so.I think it’s best to sketch as often as possible but it’s just not sustainable for everyone to fill a sketchbook per month. Idk I think two per year is great. One per year is amazing for ME but o can see how it might not be enough to some people. It also probably depends on how quickly you’d like to develop.

Q: Which sketchbook are you currently using? (asked in Summer 2015)
A: My smaller sketchbook is my local art store’s house brand. I suggest checking out your local art store and looking for one similar. My larger sketchbook is from Michael’s and is the brand “Artist’s Loft”. It’s pretty cheap and the paper is super basic but they both work for me. They aren’t good with Copics or markers but watercolours are okay on them (it’ll still wrinkle the paper though). I talk a bit about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9VvrOp6I7g

Q: Hi I was wondering what sketchbook you would recommend for doing watercolors?
A: I have yet to find a good one, I just use the bare minimum with my sketchbooks because it’s not like I’m trying to sell them. I suggest going to the art store and checking out what options they have. Because even if I like a specific type of paper doesn’t mean that you will like it too. We all prefer different textures. The one I have right now was just my art store’s house brand of sketchbooks and those have always worked fine for me, I don’t mind bleed through in sketchbooks because I will tape other art over top if need be. I suggest just going to the shop and looking around for one you like. Sorry I’m not much help in that area.  (’-’*)

Q: After seeing your video about the horse tattoo I wanted to know what do you consider art stealing? If someone was using similar coloring techniques or pallettes/shading etc for eg? Or is it more based on linework and style. 
A: I think it depends on how many things are similar. We all are inspired by other peoples work at times but I think you need to change it up a lot before claiming it as your own. I saw a lot of similarities in the face, ears, hair, etc.. If they do a “study” of your work and credit you, that’s one thing. I’m not sure, to me personally I get really excited when I come up with a new unique idea or way of doing something, it’s hard to do these days with so many artists out there that when someone else replicates the same thing you do it is a little bit saddening. I wonder sometimes if I should not post certain things because I am scared they will be taken. But it is a very difficult topic I think among artists and we all have our boundaries with it. I have had many people copy my art and post it again as theirs and that to me is the WORST. I have copied artist’s work I like but as a STUDY, I keep it in my sketchbook and even label the bottom with the original artists name in case anyone ever does see. I do feel flattered when people are inspired by my work but there’s a difference between being “inspired” and borderline idea stealing. That’s my personal take, not sure I answered that right.

Q: How did you get yourself and your work out their/ known. I am currently studying art but I’m worried I wont be able to get my work recognized.
A: Just start posting your work all the time. Post your best stuff, good quality photos of it on Tumblr and Instagram. Try not to post too much of your personal stuff, just focus on your art stuff and be sure to tag it. Draw people that you’d like to draw that maybe have more followers than you, they might share it and generate some new viewers for you. If you are humble and put your work out there slowly people will come around. n_n

Q: Do you ever draw guys?
A: On occasion. I enjoy drawing girls most of the time just because it’s what I used to. But I will be drawing plenty of guys here soon as practice for my comic. As for my personal work I prefer drawing girls just like Bob Ross preferred drawing landscapes. I drew a guy in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLfpCfGP-H4

Q: What is the paper you use to do your copic marker stuff on? I don’t know if I missed it if you mentioned in your videos, but I can’t seem to find good paper in my local stores.
A: I tend to use just Bristol or the Canson Illustrator Paper.

Q: Do you do all drawings own your own or do you inspired from someone else and how did you begin to this?
A: I have my own ideas and some others are inspired by different shows, movies, books or artists. It comes from everywhere. I suppose if you wanted to get really technical you could say that everything an artist creates is inspired by something. Thank you so much for following my art and being such an awesome fan! It’s still really weird for me to wrap my head around the fact I could actually “have” a fan let alone a great many fans. *confusion*

Q: Hi! So I love your artwork and really want to pursue art as a career, however, my parents won’t let me take art classes, i draw and paint a lot on my own but it’s hard for me to learn new things. I’m starting to get really discouraged about going to college for art, what would you suggest I do?
A: I personally wouldn’t waste the money on school unless you are wanting to be something like an animator, 3d character design, etc.. If I were you, I’d get a job and in my off time I would draw as much as possible and then promote it on Instagram and tumblr. How good you are at drawing depends on you, not school. It is luckily one of the many things that you can get good at without sinking tens of thousands of dollars into. If you work while drawing you are making money at the same time instead of losing it to a company that most likely over charges and puts you in debt for many years.I’ve never gone to school for art, I did go for graphic design and it was a horrible decision and unlike most people I am paying for it not my parents. Unless it is a trade where you DEFINITELY need schooling I think it is overpriced and pointless in an age where you can learn so much on your own from all the resources we have.
Some of my opinions on school: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YS7XVS8R14M

Q: I was wondering if you would be bothered if I used some of your art pieces to help me learn to draw faces and bodies?
A: Yes! Please do, just be sure that if you post it up anywhere to give my work credit as always with any artist. <3  

Q: Hi so I know you use a Pentel Brush pen, and I was wondering, how often do you have to refill yours? Because I had to refill mine after like 2 weeks and I was surprised at how quick it ran out. I just wondered if that was normal or not :)
A: It’s normal and it really sucks. < _<
I haven’t tried this yet but you could try getting a watercolour brush that has the same texture and buy some Dr. Ph Martin’s - India Ink (I know it’s the best). I think there are some pretty all natural brushes you can buy from Japan but I know they are pricey and hard to get. This is something I’ll be looking into more because I go through 2 in a day at times and the plastic waste makes me angry at best. I’ll be posting if I find a good brush.

Q: I was wondering how you came up with your ideas. I’m an artist too but I have a hard time coming up with really good ideas like yours.
A: Hmm… I’m not too sure to be honest. In this day and age I think many ideas are recycled. I used to draw what I purely felt at the time (in jr. high and high school), it was gruesome. But now I think my ideas are inspired by all the things I love and the artists I follow. I try to only follow people who’s work is beyond mine so that my eyes are always absorbing the best and I think that soaks in.
So I guess basically my ideas come from my feelings, culture, the artists I admire, the photos I see, the places I go…so I guess everything. Haha! That’s so hard to explain.
If I were you I’d start a Pinterest board and a Tumblr account to post things that inspire you. Anything from a face to a place or even a picture of food. Then when you wanting to draw you have a library to go through and you can combine things you like too.

Q: Would you be offended if someone got a tattoo of your work without asking? Would you want credit? I’ve always wondered about this with artists…
A: I think every artist is different in this respect. I think you should ALWAYS credit, especially if you post it on social media. But the way my boyfriend puts it is that you can’t take a photo of the Eiffel tower and expect to pay the architect for taking the photo. It’s a weird way of putting it. I used to post photos of my drawings of tattoos that I designed for my OWN skin and people started taking them. It sucked because I designed it uniquely for me and it took a long time. So I don’t post those anymore, I only post things I don’t mind people getting tattooed. That’s my opinion on it.

Q: I know lots of artist don’t give much tips(well the ppl I run into) but what pens do you use? I’ve only stuck with this Japanese brand I find at my local craft store.
A: Currently I pretty much just use the Pentel brush pens, Copic Multiliner pens and sometimes sakura pens. You will probably have to go to an art store instead of a craft store to find the better ones. Usually craft stores just have a small section of pens.

Q: Hey Jenna! I know you might get this a lot but I’m in my last year of high school and I’m really into comic/graphic novels and illustration but I have no clue how to work things on a computer, and theres a graphic design and illustration course at uni that I’m sort of looking into to learn that stuff but, as you know, it’s not cheap. In your opinion, would you suggest just watching tutorials/reading or applying to uni?
A: I started out wanting to do the same thing and for comics/graphic novels there is a TONNE of awesome resources on YouTube for free to learn. I suggest, if you haven’t already, buy Manga Studio (might be called Clip Studio or something now), a wacom tablet (go with their cheapest one to start it’s still amazing), and have a decent computer and just learn from YouTube it’s very easy that’s how I learnt!
If you want to draw on paper but colour on the computer you may need a scanner and be sure to sketch in blue/red lines and ink in black when you scan. Don’t worry it doesn’t take long to learn on your own. This way at least you’d be spending only a couple hundred dollars as opposed to endless thousands ESPECIALLY FOR UNI!!! Comic techniques are so easy to learn that it would be a huge waste in money in my opinion. MOAR opinions on school:

Q: For you larger watercolor paintings what paper do you use? I’m having a hard time finding paper that can handle a lot of water.
A: Right now I am using either Canson XL watercolour paper or Strathmore bristol paper. Usually watercolour paper will wrinkle anyway. Just look up techniques to keep them from wrinkling as much. I know you can buy papers that are attached at every edge and you cut them apart once you are finished so that th paper doesn’t wrinkle. You could possibly do something similar if you have paper clamps and just use them all around the edges.

Q: In your opinion, what is the best place online to sell artwork (ie,Etsy,storeenvy, etc) for someone just breaking into the art world?
A: For a beginner I’d suggest RedBubble and Etsy. If you don’t have a fan base yet Etsy and RebBubble have people that are already looking through the site that could stumble on your work. I haven’t tried storeenvy but I have tried BigCartel and I love it!I used Etsy for a long time and I found it to be quite pricey. It was, at the time worth it to have people see my art though. RedBubble is an amazing company but eventually you’ll want to make more money from your art than a small percentage of the sales.If you can get a following started though I’d suggest the other two because they are easier, look better and cost less.

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Can you plsss translait what they were writting at the begining thank you

Phun: Hi (*Sticker)

Noh: What’s that?!

Phun: You also got a sticker (*Noh sticker)

Noh: >__<

Phun: I spent a lot of time making these, so we can use them when we missed each other. Don’t forget to download them (*Blowing kisses sticker)

Noh: You are full of nonsenses. I better go shower now

Phun: Need any help?

Noh: Wanna shower together?

Phun: O__O!!! I’ll drive over right now

Noh: You’re too much! __“

Phun: You’re quiet…

Noh: Just finished showering

Phun: Have you had breakfast?

Noh: We are running late and you’re still thinking of breakfast? 


Noh: What are u staring at? I’ll fricking punch you in the face *smirk

Phun: Let’s go to class



I FINALLY did it! ^0^ Howl’s Moving Castle lot download

I hope it’s easily recognizable for folks; my 9 year old bratmonster took about 5 minutes before she said this SORT OF looked like Howl’s castle; I should have clobbered her.

If you’ve never seen Howl’s Moving Castle, I feel very sorry for you, friend. Around halfway through the movie it veered away from the book, but I still loved it.

On another note, this lot uses a LOT of Store CC, including the Old Mill PC. The Water Wheel was a bit of a downer – I think I need better graphics, because the water droplets looked like white spots on my screen; not high def at all. I thought it was going to make creaking wooden noises like water wheels do. And omg, is it just me, or can kids NOT use the Tea Set? O_O *grrrrrr~!* >_< The Canning Station confused me; how do you make scones? I managed to make lemon marmalade though; yay. :P

Double pleasure yesterday! The new chapter of the manga came out and, I also discovered a new software named Clip Studio Paint. First of all, Metal Bat is totally rad! Secondly, the chapter was too short and I need to wait a lot for the next one … :’D But it’s ok, ‘cause the anime starts in tomorrow. Thirdly, I love this new software, I’m over the moon, I downloaded it from pixiv. Alright, I do need some practice ‘cause right now I only started to get to know it better, but right now I enjoy it and the result of it is this drawing. It’s nothing more than a quick sketch, I only learned to use the tools and filters, etc. … :’D

Anyway, I’m sick, I’m sitting in the cold flat watching the empty wall thinking that there should be some kind of a picture on it. I shall come up with something and draw with the new software. Until then, I study some anatomy and drink some hot tea while daydreaming. :’D


daenystormborn requested : rose tyler + vibrant colors

The Would You Rather Thumbnail

@therealjacksepticeye, apparently simply uploading the photo on tumblr and posting it automatically resizes it down from 1920x1080 to 1280x720. So instead, I put it on google drive here: link

I like triple-checked to make sure that the file, when downloaded, is still 1920x1080, and it is. I signed out of google to make sure that it wasn’t only working because I was on my account, and it still works fine. So hopefully this works for you (fingers crossed). I couldn’t think of a better method to do this, sorry.

If there are any other thumbnails you need, I will gladly help :)

Let’s just nip this in the bud.

August 16th, 2015: I have come to learn that Anorie identifies as genderqueer. Per their Tumblr and their Twitter, they prefer the pronouns she/her if they like someone (or if they have “no problem” with someone), and they/them if they don’t like someone (or have a problem with someone). 

They have been using this distinction, which they first made publicly on Twitter on August 9th, 2015 (screenshot / screenshot), knowing full well that I was not aware of their Twitter presence, to label me transphobic and accuse me of purposefully misgendering them. 

On August 16th, Anorie used the prefix Mx in their first harassing Facebook message to my business page. I had not known at the time that this prefix denotes a genderqueer identity. Considering Anorie themself, Anorie’s (assuming?) boyfriend, and pretty much everyone else I’d seen reference Anorie on the web had used feminine pronouns (and Anorie specifically referenced being a woman), it hadn’t even occurred to me at the time that “Mx” was a prefix that had to do with trans* and genderqueer identities. Well, now I know. I should note that this is the sum total of the interaction Anorie and I have had regarding their gender identity, as they blocked me from viewing their public Twitter account right after the interaction (and I blocked them as well), and I have been regularly blocking those that they sent to harass me, for obvious reasons. 

They are also accusing me of “outing” them somehow, even though they made their pronoun preference known on their public Twitter a full week before they resumed their harassment of me, and specifically called me out for misgendering them. That’s… not how time works. Here is a screenshot of Anorie themselves saying on August 16th that they “came out almost a week ago on [their] own accord”: Screenshot. Therefore, I did not out them in any way on the 16th by switching to gender neutral pronouns in response to their assertion that I was misgendering them by using feminine ones.

Overall, my best guess is that they have a faulty understanding of what is public and what is private– ie, all screenshots documenting the timeline and their harassment of me were taken of public social media interactions (or, in some cases, at a time when said social media was public), but they continue to erroneously assert I have posted screenshots of their “private” social media.

Anorie has been behaving appallingly, but in good faith, I’m going to fix my mistakes and apologize for unintentionally misgendering them in my initial post, and in some of my tweets about this situation.

I will be using only they/them, going forward.

I will also only be using “Anorie”, and will continue blank out any name that may be their legal name. For the time being, I am even blanking out any other screennames associated with Anorie, to prevent others from engaging them directly over this matter.

In any case, I am editing this post for clarity and correct pronouns.


Anorie is continuing to be really, really mad that we had a disagreement about a fictional elf nearly two years ago. To the point where they have tried to cause problems with my real life job. This is wholly unacceptable.

The scene: December 9th, 2013. Earlier in the day, I had posted about why I thought it was a good thing that Tauriel would be in the Hobbit films

Later, Anorie, a user I was not following, and who was not following me (to my knowledge) sent me several messages through the Tumblr ask system expressing strong dislike of Tauriel based on several speculative things (as the movie in which she first appeared had not yet been released). Some of it was pretty baiting– they insinuated that I, a perfect stranger who had never interacted with them before, would call them a misogynist. It was all in a pretty condescending tone. 

I gave back as good as I got re: snark, and mostly it boiled down to, “the movie isn’t even out yet. How about we see the movie before deciding she’s only in the movie to find a boyfriend.” Here’s that whole back-and-forth. It ended when I was basically like, “uh, cool. Well, I have a pizza in the oven, and that’s more important to me than arguing with you.” I deleted their asks, posted to twitter how hilarious it was that someone was this upset about fictional elves, and ate my pizza.

Anorie continued to post bait-y, nasty crap.

Exhibit A: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sihaya09/20004960804/in/dateposted-public/

Exhibit B: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sihaya09/20439503028/in/dateposted-public/

Not content to just let it die, Anorie purposefully sought out my other social media to continue what I can only imagine to them was a Big Deal Argument. They Tumblr messaged me again to rage at me for referencing our spat on twitter. Here’s a screencap of that interaction, complete with some pretty hilariously over the top rage on their part.

(Also hilarious? Anorie trying to call me out for “Middle Eastern Appropriation” because my handle is Sihaya. “Sihaya” is from Dune, a novel by Frank Herbert. He created it for his novel. It did not exist, to my knowledge, before his novel, and is not an actual Arabic name. What’s doubly hilarious is that this person, whose screenname is FREAKING ELVEN, is accusing anyone of using a screenname from a sci fi novel to “sound exotic.”)

Now, I can’t find my exact tweets from Dec 9th, 2013, because Twitter Advanced Search won’t let me go back nearly two years. To the best of my recollection, I basically obliquely posted about the hilarity of the situation. I don’t think I used any names, but if I had, the only name I would have used is “Anorie,” since “Anorie” is the only name I knew this total stranger by. I did not use their name, screenname or otherwise. 

If someone out there knows twitter better than I do and can pull up tweets from that far back, please let me know how, and I will add them.

ETA: thanks to Tumblr user Take-Liberties (thank you again!), I downloaded my Twitter archives. Here’s what I tweeted related to the exchange:

1. “Truefacts: nothing makes me think you’re a misogynist faster than the phrase ‘and before you go and accuse me of being a misogynist…’”

2. ”Like, it doesn’t say good things about you if you just EXPECT me to think you’re one based on your own words. Eek.”

3. “Folks on Tumblr need to take more naps. Forreals.”

I’m super mean, you guys.

Anyway, years pass. I have more or less forgotten about the tiff, because who lets a tumblr spat over a fictional elf fester? 

Well, Anorie, that’s who.

I do a lot of wholesale for a specific magazine. Whenever said magazine posts my work to their facebook page, I check the threads to answer customer questions about materials, size, etc.

It surprised me when I came across this:


It reads: “Sihaya is actually a really problematic person, please don’t support her. She’s nasty and slanderous on various websites.”

I replied something to the effect of, “do you have me confused with someone else?”

I then screenshotted it, sent it to the FB page manager, and it was unceremoniously deleted. Anorie was also banned from posting on that page again.

Then I looked again, and the Legolas icon set off a lightbulb in my brain. I googled the name of the person who had left the comment. It led me right to Anorie’s blog, and a secondary blog where they have their full name on display and mention being Anorie, at length.

‘OMG,’ I thought. ‘That person is still SUPER MAD about Tauriel.’

Like. How does one stay THAT MAD about a one-time back-and-forth about a FICTIONAL ELF? HOW?

And what self-respecting adult would be so mad over a fandom disagreement that they would try to hurt someone’s real life job? 

Anorie, that’s who.

I posted to my personal fb about the situation, never once using the person’s real name (or what I assume to be their real name). And I went to bed. Because fandom drama is silly and not worth losing sleep over. 

So, imagine my extreme facepalm when I woke up to find that Anorie was STILL trying to get my attention, this time via my business fb page. Here’s the screenshot of that: 


It reads as follows: 

Anorie: My comment was removed from the picture, but rest assured I did not "confuse” you with anyone. Unless there happens to be another Christina Allen Page running another Sihaya Designs, then you are the correct person. I know because you have slandered me personally on at least two social media websites. You’re still on my Twitter block list. Refrain from further use of my first name as if you and I are besties. It’s Mx. [redacted last name] to you. 

Me: I have not used your personal name anywhere, because I would consider that doxxing. I have never referred to you on any of my social media as [first name redacted], although it was SUPER easy to figure out who you are by simply googling the name you used to make the comment, which led me back to two of your blogs, one of which I was previously familiar with. 

Anyhow– we had a disagreement about a fictional elf nearly two years ago. I made two tweets about how this level of vitriol over a FICTIONAL ELF is ridiculous. It remains, to this day, ridiculous. It is also not slander. 

I have made screenshots of all of our interactions, minus some harassing Tumblr PMs that I deleted in Dec ‘13, because who would have thought that someone would be so upset over the discussion of a fictional elf that they would try to harm my real life job? Apparently, I misjudged you. 

So, to be clear: you will be blocked from Sihaya Designs. You are already blocked from the business page where you tried to create drama. Now that I have screenshotted all relevant posts from your blog where we interacted or you made reference to me, you are blocked there as well. I don’t have the faintest idea what your twitter handle is, but if you’ve already blocked me, then it makes no difference. 

Do not contact me again. We had one hilariously sad disagreement about a fictional elf nearly two years ago. Find a better use of your time. Let it go.



Now, looking back on it, I did use this person’s first name once. When I responded on the magazine page with, “Hi [name]! Do you think you have me confused with someone else?” Which was before I had my lightbulb moment and connected their Legolas icon with someone I’d had a one-time spat with over a a fictional elf, almost two years ago. The comment (and my reply) was deleted from the magazine page before I even put two and two together. I have never, and will never, use this person’s name in conjunction with their screenname, and will block out or redact first and last names in our correspondence.

Annnnnyway. I blocked Anorie on tumblr, from my personal fb page, and from the Sihaya Designs business page. I am posting this here as public record that I have asked this person to stop contacting me. Any further contact will be considered harassment, and be treated as such.

To sum up: Imagine a world where people can disagree about fandom and not try to hurt that person’s real life job. That world is called 'adulthood.’  Strive for adulthood.

Now, let’s get back to talking about stuff we like.

UPDATE: As of 2:15pm on Sunday, August 16th, 2015, Anorie is still harassing me. Not sure HOW, as they are blocked, which is why they show up as “Facebook User,” but they are still contacting me against my clear wishes. Here are screencaps:

Screencap 1 / Screencap 2 / Screencap 3

In it, Anorie admits that they reported me to Facebook for “stalking” them under both my personal and work account. Because I google searched the name they made their Facebook comment/messages under. That’s not how that works. An internet search for publicly-posted information is not stalking under any stretch of the law. Also, that’s not what slander means either, but. I don’t exactly think we’re dealing with someone here who is particularly interested in what words actually mean.

First, I’m going to figure out why they aren’t blocked, despite as showing up as blocked on my end.

Then I’m going to contact Facebook and figure out WTF is going on. I’m not particularly worried that they’ll take any action against me because, well, Anorie continues to sound like a toddler in need of a nap.

But seriously, this is not the behavior of a grown up.

UPDATE 2:33pm: Since they had never “liked” my business page, I had to go through and report them through the messages link, which gave me the opportunity to ban them from messaging me either on my business page, as well as my personal page, where they are also blocked. This /should/ prohibit them from contacting me in any way on Facebook.

UPDATE: …and their cavalry has arrived in the form of friends and/or sockpuppets on twitter.

UPDATE: 3:36 pm: Tumblr user Anorie is now using Twitter to ask her followers to report my business web page for abuse.


UPDATE:  Anorie is now attempting to spin this as me doxxing them and being transphobic somehow?


To sum up: I have only ever used the name Anorie with this poster in posts documenting their behavior.

The “stalking” they refer to is me googling the name they contacted me with on Facebook and realizing that this is the same person who harassed me on Dec 9th, 2013.

The screenshots came from Anorie’s twitter while the posts were still public. I figured out who they were on twitter because some of their supporters were @’ing me and Anorie in the same tweet, which meant I was getting notifications. 

I have zero understanding of what they mean by “publicly outing them.” I have been using gender neutral pronouns here. I had previously been using “she,” and Anorie has not told me that this is incorrect or clarified their pronouns. Regardless, I will be using “they/them” on all platforms from here on out. If I have misgendered Anorie at any point, I sincerely apologize– it was done out of ignorance and not malice. (And if someone updates me on what the correct pronouns are, I will of course use them going forward.)

I explicitly said on facebook & twitter that no one should contact Anorie on my behalf, but feel free to flag inappropriate/abusive content if they see it.

…all the screenshots are here. One of us has proof.

UPDATE:  Okay, so! Thing I learned: Mx is a genderqueer prefix in the UK. I will go back and correct my initial post. (I can’t edit the reblogged portions of new posts.) I thought I had used all “they/them” initially, but I slipped up on some. So I’m going to fix that.

Going forward, I will be using all they/them.

UPDATE: Since my last update, Anorie has created a duplicate Facebook account to harass me and the magazine I work for. Anorie and another user on Twitter have continued to call me transphobic and threatened to call the police on me. All of this is screenshotted and documented.This is now a matter for my legal counsel.

I’m going radio silent while we work on a way to stem Anorie’s harassment issues. I will still be documenting, just not posting it publicly.

If you see something Anorie is saying about me that should be documented, please contact me, as I’d like it for my ever-growing file. If you have your own story where Anorie has harassed you, please contact me, because my lawyer has told me that those things are relevant to my case.

To reiterate: do not contact Anorie on any social media platform regarding this matter. I do not condone or endorse such action. This is a matter for the lawyers at this point.

To those of you who have hit up my inbox with words of encouragement and commiseration, thank you! This is a stressful time, but this too shall pass, and I’m confident that those on the side of right will win the day.