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nevaeh conversion

@leahlillith – nevaeh conversion [hair conversion & retexture]

here’s another hair! i think i did somewhat better with this one, though it is doesn’t fit perfectly with hats. anyway, enjoy! next up will be some cas poses for toddlers, because i need them bad.

– 50 swatches –

for my tou, go here

– custom thumbnail [standalone]

– adult hair mesh not included [you can find it here] you need it to see my conversion –

through here for all my s4 downloads

tag me if you use!


thanks to all cc creators! @eirflower @kalewa @pixelheaux-ccfinds

––– links not working? try right-clicking and opening in a new tab!

~ and have fun ~

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some before and afters

  • pimples and vampire skin details now show thru (thank u @pyxiidis​!!)
  • no one has complained about this but after much deliberation…. the weird faded lips are gone….. all lipsticks should actually look good now
  • natural aging details now show thru very subtly instead of not at all (what are wrinkles lmao) i didn’t want to compromise the opaque coverage too much bc i think that’s what u guys like about it?? might consider doing a separate package file with even lower opacities if y’all want it
  • can be used with the forehead wrinkles and mouth crease now
  • i feel like the freckles are even less noticeable now but i’ve included freckle free swatches anyway
  • added an option with no nose mask

will update with a download link later if nobody has any objections or suggestions! i need to make a better thumbnail and then it’ll be ready

City Living - Portable Floor Mural

I always loved the style of the sims 3 street art kit. You could make murals and put them pretty much anywhere. That’s why I made this mod. With this mod, your sim can buy a floor mural, and put them in their inventory. They can take them anywhere and paint where ever they want. 

One of my sims Avery has just bought a mural. (I had to turn on MOO because their apartment was so cramped.) Since there is not much room in her apartment, she decides to paint outside.

She then goes downstairs, finds a perfect place to paint, and places the mural in the world.

Avery decides that she need help, so she invites her sister and some of her friends to come by and help her paint the mural.

After finishing up, Avery thinks the mural would look better beside the basketball court. So she puts it back in her inventory and places it in her chosen location.

Download (SimFileShare)

Download (Google)  

(Requires City Living)

I am working on portable wall murals, too. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to work out all of the glitches yet. I’ll post a download link here when I’m finished working on it.  :)

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sorry if this has been asked before but i remember you saying the galra may try to use shiro's arm to brainwashing and i just wandered if that thing with sendak couldn't count as proof since anything else afected the galra crystal was technology but this were voices inside shiro's head. i mean, i'm crossing my fingers for it not to happen 'cuz PAIN but yeah, i'm worried and i'd love to hear your thoughts

Shiro’s scenes in Crystal Venom are the most unnerving because you’re not really sure how much of it is the castleship and how much is in Shiro’s head. Sendak was equipped to a machine meant to sift through his memories though, and we see an actual physical change occur. Shiro obviously suffers from PTSD and is prone to panic attacks, and that’s understandable. That’s normal after everything he’s been through. But while paranoia isn’t something to be taken lightly or be ashamed of, I think there’s a bit more going on here. 

Yes, Shiro’s the only one hearing Sendak’s voice. But I think that’s entirely due to the fact that, like how everything else in the castle is linked to a galra corrupted crystal, Shiro is also part galra tech.I’d say that makes his arm compatible with the pod now. You’ll also notice when Shiro hits Sendak’s pod, it sends out this little ripple of energy–then Sendak’s memories “wake up” right after. 

So I actually think it was Shiro who activated the machine. The Altean tech, now under galra control, just syncs up to the nearest galra tech for storing memory–Shiro’s arm. Which is why Shiro is able to communicate telepathically with Sendak. 

Again, we have to remember that they were trying to look through Sendak’s memories. You know who else has tech that can control and alter memories? Yeah, the galra–in fact, we know for a fact Shiro’s arm is equipped with all the tech needed to access memories. According to Hunk, that’s a “molecular storage unit” and a way to access the brain–both of which Shiro’s arm has.

So yeah, I think it’s very possible Shiro’s arm could be used for mind control. Or at the least downloading other’s memories to try and manipulate him. 


Gift 14 & 19 Edited By Milla

So, as promised, there is! I edited what needed to be repaired and did what was missing and this is the result. I think I need not go into much deta as it is well explained in the photos. Any questions just ask.

>> I made a counter for the cooktop and is included in the download.

>> Some objects I edited mapping and mesh to get better in the game … So it is necessary to re-download. Just substitute in your folder ‘Downloads’ and install again. Sorry for the inconvenience!.. But believe it !, you will further appreciate these versions! ;)

>> I edited the transparency of Canopy because he was strange in the game. I’m still learning the part of transparencies in TS3 … So I’m sorry for having to edit the mesh.

D o w n l o a d gift 14 + Add-ons at sfs

D o w n l o a d gift 19 + Add-ons at sfs

D o w n l o a d canopy fixed at sfs

P.S.:I know I have messages to answer and I apologize for not having done so yet … As soon as I have the time I will make with the greatest affection! I love you all and have a beautiful day! ♥

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what Korean textbooks did you use prior to taking TOPIK? I just completed the Integrated Korean Beginning series but am not sure how far it'll get me in TOPIK.


Here is a post where I talk about the books used before I took the TOPIK test. But, I should reiterate that I supplemented this knowledge with online web-series like Quick Korean, I watched quite a lot of Korean TV shows, I web-surfed in Korean and I lived in Korea for 7 months. 

On the other hand, I didn’t properly prepare for the TOPIK test and barely touched a textbooks in the two months leading up. So, (maybe) if I had prepared better I could have gotten level 4. 

Anyway, back to your question. Have you finished both Beginning 1 & 2? If so, then I think you have a really solid base to work off of. I think if you;

  • Look up the grammar needed for level 1 & double-check your understanding of all of it. 
  • Find a memorise course or quizlet set that has level 1 vocab and make sure you really know it. 
  • Download past exams; get a feel for the test and your weak areas. 

Then you should have a good shot at getting level 1. If you really want to be sure of passing level 1, I would recommend watching the Quick Korean series level 1 as its meant to roughly follow level 1 of the TOPIK test. 


5k in 41 minutes done! And it was great! Seriously, looking back at my last run and how frustrated I was, this couldn’t have been more different. I think I really need to let go of my obsession with my pace - today, I just told myself to keep running and not look at it, and though it felt very slow at times, I hardly needed to walk, and the overall pace is actually better than other times where I was pushing myself a lot and walking a lot as a consequence.

No Zombies, Run! today because the app refused to download the next episode :(. I should download some in advance (I keep forgetting ^^’) …


Simlish Band Shirts - Redone

I was going through my old downloads and decided to redo these shirts to make them more maxis-matchy(imo) and look a liiiittle better(because they were like one of my first sims 4 creations O:) and also added three more designs for a total of 7 ^^ (yes I know David Bowie isn’t a band but I couldn’t resist including him and tbh i think it’s my fav) Anyways, enough rambling, onto the download :D These are base game compatible :) **If you had downloaded the old ones you need to delete them before installing this version!**

Download: Simfileshare

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Hi I know you probably won't answer this, but I was just wondering how you make your gameplay so fun and entertaining, I feel like whenever I play I find all I do it maintain my sims needs and can never actually do anything fun. I guess I'm asking for some tips on how to make your gameplay more fun and progressive

hi I hope you’re still around bc this has been sitting in my inbox for a while but I’ll prove you wrong and answer this heheh

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I have reached an epiphany.

DC comics is pissing me off with how they treat Damian, because I feel like he’s being fucked over right now.

Now, I’m new to comics, but I’ve been a Batman fan since I was a kid. I grew up on DC cartoons and Tim Burton Batman movies. Those are what influenced my impression of who Batman and Robin have always been. And from watching Batman The Animated Series as a kid, to watching Young Justice as a college student, I have always been under the impression that Batman and Robin are ALWAYS working together.

So I grow up, right? And I realize that comics are still a thing and that I have a tablet I can use to read them.

I start small. I find about Kamala Khan and that there was going to be a female Thor, so I start with them. I eventually discover the Injustice comics, so I throw that in. Whenever I feel I have the money, I buy an issue of each. Problem was, this tablet was kinda shitty and downloading things was a pain, and sometimes the download failed. I got impatient and lazy, and stopped reading for a while because doing anything on that tablet was a pain in my ass.

Fast forward to last Christmas. I get a new tablet, and decide to try comics again. Download Comixology, and I dive right in. This new tablet works better…

…and things quickly spiral out of control. What I call my “Completionist Complex” kicks in. And I don’t remember exactly how, but I end up with 41 different active series that I’m currently following, dropping around $45 a week to keep up with them.

I think it was Gotham Academy’s fault. I found Gotham Academy, and that spun out to me needing to try to follow the New 52 Batman comics. Which spun into things like Justice League and each member’s solo series and the solo series for the Batfam, and you get the idea.

So of course, at once point, Son of Batman was one of those series I was buying. And I don’t remember where I ran across it, maybe a Tumblr post, but I ran across the fact that Damian dies. And I go “WTF?!” because I thought the only one who died was Jason, so of course I go back into the that whole story arc and to how Bruce resurrects him and I try to find whatever I can about Damian Wayne. I’m still missing pieces. I couldn’t track everything down and have no clue where to look to find his first introduction.

But this kid quickly grew on me. I’ve read and seen so much on Tumblr, and I love reading any comic that involves him. I’ve learned he’s a little shit, but he’s my little shit and I love him.

And yet I am constantly disappointed.

Because the one thing I find lacking in everything I’ve read is Batman and Robin working together. That concept of the dynamic duo that I grew up with in cartoons and movies just…doesn’t seem to be there?

And reading the above panels in the latest Teen Titans broke my heart. And it left me wondering why the hell the Batman & Robin team just doesn’t seem to exist with Damian. He seems to be getting plenty of attention with the Son of Batman series and now the new Teen Titans and there’s Super-Sons coming up and the last couple issues of Superman where he met Jon were GREAT.

And when I read those panels, it kind of hit me that every series seems to be giving Damian some love…except, ironically, Batman and Detective Comics.

I mean, Batman is ABOUT BRUCE. How is it so hard to acknowledge the fact that Bruce Wayne has a son in Bruce Wayne’s own series? Why is it that Damian only seems to exist in the Batman comics when there is some event going on where the entire Batfamily is together?


And then we have Bruce putting together a team in Detective Comics, which I love. …But somehow I’m supposed to believe his own son didn’t make the cut?

Do people just forget that Damian Wayne exists until it’s convenient for them to acknowledge him?

What the hell is going on here?

Are the days of Batman & Robin together just over? Was that reserved specially for Dick, Jason, and Tim? But no, Bruce can’t work with his own son? That’s too hard to write in?

Trinity has Bruce talking about raising his son like any normal dad does? And they’re going out buying Christmas trees together in Superman?

And yet Batman and Detective Comics can’t throw the kid a damn bone?

Like.. come on, DC. Get your shit together. Is Bruce an affectionate father who goes Christmas tree hunting with his son? Or is he too busy being Batman for that?

Make up your mind. You can’t have it both ways.

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Hi! I'm just wondering if the type of laptop or tablet matter when it comes to computing. I really want a MacBook, but I don't know if it is better for me to get something else

Hi! ✨ ✨ ✨ 

Well, type of laptop or tablet doesn’t matter as much as the OS (operation system) when it comes to coding/modifying anything. If you want to have ANY freedom in what you’re doing on your computer and want to code I recommend installing a Linux system, like Ubuntu (you can download it from their page for free). To be honest, I don’t think you’ll do much on a tablet, so a laptop would be better here. 

If you’re on a look for a new laptop then definitely get a Mac if you can afford it. Mac has its own OS - macOS. This one is as good (if not better) as the Linux ones, but you’ll need a bit to get used to it as it’s quite different. 

It’s recommended for programmers not to use Microsoft OS or any of their applications. To be honest, I think it’s a historical (and money) issue. Apparently, there was a fight between the creator of Microsoft and the creators of the Linux system which was obviously about money. The Linux creators wanted everything in the OS to be free and build based on users’ exchange of information so that everyone could contribute to the system and that way it could develop faster, better and for free. The creator of Microsoft wanted to put a price on the system, the applications, and everything really and made it so that the code of that couldn’t be easily modified. As you can notice - the Ubuntu system is free and for Windows, you have to pay. 

So yeah, macOS and Linux OS will give you more freedom. Of course, you can do the same things on Windows but it will be a pain in the ass most of the time. 

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I’m the nonny who asked about the tattoos, would you do a picture tutorial on how to create the tattoos using gimp(Without nvidia plugins)? Would mean a lot I’ve been dying to create tattoos for my simmies. Thank you and have a nice day/night x3

Sims 4 GIMP tattoo tutorial!

Of course!! I had a hard time finding it out by myself, but i saw a lot of tutorials and tried a lot of different things!! I can show you how i do it, which isn’t perfect, but it’s ok ( i think at least ) ^-^

I’m gonna link the pics so the post isn’t that long ( sry if this is annoying i just like it better that way ) sry for many of the things being in danish and not english, i can’t change that :(

1. First of all, you need to download a few things:

  • you can find GIMP here!
  • a dds plugin for GIMP ( so you can transport the tattoo into s4s ) find it here ( there is a tutorial in the file, which tells you were to put the file )
  • sims4studio / s4s which you can find here! you have to create an account on the site to download the file, it’s totally safe and quick to do ;)
  • a map of the sims template, so you can see where your tattoo will be placed, find it here!

2. Find a tattoo you like, i use pinterest to find tattoos, there are tons of different ones on there! 

  • Keep in mind this tutorial works best with line work tattoos ( example ) 
  • But if you find something like this ( example ) or this ( example ) it can work too, it just doesn’t show up as well as the line work ones!

3. Install GIMP, s4s, and put the dds file into the plug-ins folder ( pic )

4. Open s4s and choose “cas - create cas standalone” ( pic )

5. Choose any base game tattoo you like and click next ( pic ), which tattoo you pick will determine where the tattoo will be found in game!

6. Then this will come up ( pic ), this is where your sims 4 package will be saved, you can put it where ever you like!

7. Export the current .dds file ( pic ) and open in GIMP!

8. Then import the “female template” pic into the file and remember to place the template under the dds file, so you can see the tattoo! ( pic )

9. Now open up your tattoo into another file in GIMP, and start playing around with the contrast and lightness/darkness of the pic! 

  • Since i’m working with this tattoo stencil ( pic ) it’s quite easy to make it into a sims tattoo, but if you’re working with a tattoo that has darker backgrounds or anything else i would play with the different settings under “colors”, like curves, contrast and levels until the background is as light as possible, without the tattoo being ligther than black ( idk if this makes sence ) ( example )

10. Now add an aplha layer to you pic: 

  • “layer>transparency>add-alpha-channel” ( pic ) 
  • Now you have to remove the whites from the pic “layer>transparency>color-to-alpha” ( pic ) 
  • Then choose white, now the white background should be removed! ( pic )

11. Now copy your tattoo “ctrl+c” ( or if on mac “command+c” ), and paste it into the first file we made in GIMP, the .dds one with the female template! And make your pasted tattoo into a new layer! ( pic )

12. Scale and move your image to your liking, but remember when using the “scale” tool to click on the chains, so they are pieced together, or else you’ll make the tattoo slimmer!! ( pic )

13. When you’re happy with the placement of your tattoo: 

  • Delete the “female template” layer
  • Rightclick on the .dds layer 
  • Make a new layer from it ( pic ) 
  • ( Make sure that you ARE on the .dds layer or else the size of the pic will mess up and your tattoo will nok work!! )
  • Then merge the tattoo layer down into the new layer we just created and then delete the .dds layer! ( pic )

14. We’re now done creating the tattoo, click on the “file>export-as” and a window will pop up! ( pic )

  • You can name the tattoo whatever you like, but if you wan’t to make more swathes it’s easier to give them numbers! 
  • If you wish to make more swatches you can go through the former steps with a brand new tattoo, or just move the one you already made, and save it as another .dds file!
  • It should already say “.dds” up in the file name, if it doesn’t you can just click the “choose file” option in the bottom, and choose the .dds file!

15. When clicking export another little window will pop up, it’s very important that you click “BC3 / DXT5″ under compression and check on the “generate mipmaps” or else the tattoo will not work in s4s! ( pic )

16. Go back into s4s ( sims 4 studio ), and press import and choose the .dds file you just made! ( pic )

  • Then if you done everything correct your tattoo will pop up on the sim! 
  • It can be hard to figure out where precisely your tattoo will end up, so play around in GIMP, move the tattoo around ( before you come to step 13. ), and find the spot that fits perfectly!

17. You can go to the categories pannel and play around with the settings to match your liking! And now you’re done! Press “save” and it will save your packages where you put it under step 6., this is where i rename the file and i put into the game or i put it up for download!

Hope you guys liked this tutorial, please send me a message if you have trouble following my tutorial or there’s something you don’t understand! ^-^

  • scene: me, realizing all the shit i have to do
  • me: ok, time to make a list
  • *downloads countless apps to see which one makes a better list*
  • *makes the same list in multiple apps to see which one feels better*
  • *makes tasks and subtasks of subtasks of subtasks*
  • *while making list, thinks up more things that need to be done*
  • me: wow I literally do not know where to start. i am too drained to do anything. i am unable of doing any of these things
  • me: hm i wonder why

diaxxtm  asked:

Thank you so much, for you answer, but I got another question. Didn't bighir post something new about the level up thing, where I need to have at least 4 albums and a few downloaded titel songs on genie? 😭😭

That’s the second part to level up to become army 2. After you get to level 1 you can try for level 2 the perks are a better chance of bts commenting to you and I think you have to be level 2 for music shows. And yes off the top of my head requirements include having written to bts at least 4 times while following the rules, owning 4 different albums not just different versions, and also proving you’ve bought 4 title songs from music a music site that you can prove you were the purchaser. Just focus on one thing at a time lol I know it seems like a lot but bighit is doing it for BTSs safety


I FINALLY did it! ^0^ Howl’s Moving Castle lot download

I hope it’s easily recognizable for folks; my 9 year old bratmonster took about 5 minutes before she said this SORT OF looked like Howl’s castle; I should have clobbered her.

If you’ve never seen Howl’s Moving Castle, I feel very sorry for you, friend. Around halfway through the movie it veered away from the book, but I still loved it.

On another note, this lot uses a LOT of Store CC, including the Old Mill PC. The Water Wheel was a bit of a downer – I think I need better graphics, because the water droplets looked like white spots on my screen; not high def at all. I thought it was going to make creaking wooden noises like water wheels do. And omg, is it just me, or can kids NOT use the Tea Set? O_O *grrrrrr~!* >_< The Canning Station confused me; how do you make scones? I managed to make lemon marmalade though; yay. :P

Can anyone help me pick out a tablet please?!

My mom asked what I wanted for my birthday so I told her I wanted a drawing tablet (like the Cintiq where you draw in the screen) and I’ve been looking around for a while now and I think I wanna get a Microsoft surface pro.

There’s a ten inch one for like 350$ ish and it’s portable which is what I needed and wanted. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with them? Can you download photoshop or said or anything on them?

If you don’t know, could you please reblog this for me? ヽ(;▽;)ノ it would mean heaps! My birthdays September 9th so the sooner I can find out the better.

Thank you! 💖


daenystormborn requested : rose tyler + vibrant colors

I never get on here anymore. I try to remember to, even downloaded the app to my phone, but it’s just one of those things. Trying to get better about it, but we’ll see. It’s definitely going to be more of a venting blog type thing now than what it was before, though.

Speaking of venting… Yesterday Mikey told me that he needed some “kid free time”. He messed up his ankle a few weeks ago and has been off work for almost a week, and I think being in the house is driving him crazy. At the same time, Gabby has been with my mom the whole time and Hayden was gone for a few days, too. He also has done barely anything around the house, and I’ve literally been working seven days a week. I was annoyed, to say the least.

I took the baby with us to Girl Scouts, though, and I let him stay home by himself. I told him that in return he has to set the pool up today and keep the girls outside for awhile so that I can actually get some sleep. I’ve been fucking exhausted. I just want to knit and watch TV, but I’m at the point where I’d sit here and fall asleep if I tried.

This is my only “kid free” time, though. These few minutes after work while everyone is still asleep.No matter how tired I am, I savor this little bit of time because it’s the only reason I haven’t completely lost my mind.