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Under appreciated Sangwoo theory

Sangwoo might be a gardener in his spare time. Or at least, he use to practice it. 

In chapter one we’re shown his tool box, the first removable section having an assortment of florist materials in the compartments. From what I can tell he has stem cutters, floral tape, stem tape, and maybe corsage pins. I can’t quite make out what’s in the back sections but from the yellow color, I think it’s safe to say it may be floral materials. 

This kit includes similar items! However it excludes an important tool, the stem cutters. His are yellow, which means that they’re Oasis brand, aka one of the top brands in the florist community. 

In chapter four we’re shown a briefing of his pantry. 

In the top shelves, he has what looks like floral foam and what could possibly be plant feed or pesticides. 

The hue even seems to match the Oasis brand of floral foam (seeing has how many brands differ in color), though that could be a bit of a stretch. 

Just a bit of icing on the cake, but in many images Koogi has given to us of Sangwoo (our newest one being the teenage Sangwoo), there are depictions of flowers. 

This could also be something he use to do with his mom, seeing as how all of the plants in his home are dead - and he still holds onto a lot of things from his childhood, so why not this?

I could of course be wrong, but seeing as how a lot of the arrows point to this, let’s cross our fingers to see some more insight on this in season two!! 

people who bring out the best in you // people who bring out the worst in you

aries: cancer & virgo
taurus: libra & leo
gemini: virgo & capricorn
cancer: capricorn & sagittarius
leo: gemini & cancer
virgo: sagittarius & taurus
libra: scorpio & pisces
scorpio: aquarius & pisces
sagittarius: aries & aquarius
capricorn: taurus & aries
aquarius: gemini & scorpio
pisces: leo & libra


aries: sagittarius & libra
taurus: scorpio & sagittarius
gemini: aquarius & pisces
cancer: libra & taurus
leo: aries & virgo
virgo: cancer & aquarius
libra: capricorn & leo
scorpio: aries & gemini
sagittarius: taurus & pisces
capricorn: gemini & scorpio
aquarius: leo & cancer
pisces: virgo & capricorn


I don’t care what’s in your hair,
I just wanna know what’s on your mind,
I used to say, “I wanna die before I’m old,”
But because of you I might think twice.

chacaltaya  asked:

Hi, I saw one of your recent reblogs you tagged a post of a (black) person in a golden mask as #art #fashion #monsters, I'll be honest, I don't know exactly what you picture when you think of a monster but I think it'd be good to let you know that you can challenge the idea that dark = scary, evil and white = angelic, pure. I understand you might have done the association subconsciously and I have also been following you for a while to know you try to be as respectful of everyone in your blog...

The photo is of a woman in a terrifying eyeless mask that looks like something from another dimension. I use “monsters” as a general tag to collect things that inspire surreal, otherworldly uneasiness so that I can easily find inspiration for my own art and writing. If you were to look at my “monsters” tag, you would see consistent examples of runway fashion, sculptures, a circle of fire, lots of white peoples in similar masks, and artistic depictions of angels, among more traditionally fearsome creatures. The woman in the gold mask was added to this tag on account of the intentionally unsettling and eldritch piece of art she wore, not because of her skin tone.

Previously, I would have used the tag “weird angels” but was told that this was insensitive to Jewish interpretations of angels, so I retired that tag.

I’m generally going to refrain from reblogging photos of humans in the future. I only reblog pictures of people that fit a certain surreal aesthetic, but the potential for misunderstandings and unintentional offense is too great, and choosing to only reblog photos featuring white people feels very low and cheap.

anonymous asked:

do you think marco actively identifies as a girl at this point, or do you think she's still closeted even to herself?

I think she’s still closeted to herself but honestly?

One of the big things revealed in this episode is that Princess Marco wasn’t just a distant memory but something they’ve been keeping up with behind the audience’s back throughout this entire past season.

So with that in mind, I think she might be more confident in their gender than originally thought, and that, much like the Princess Marco merchandise, it’s something the show’s been hiding from us.

anonymous asked:

do you think isak was too shy to kiss even with his mouth opened/using tongue in the beginning? or was he scared of messing it up or something because he didn't have much experience at all?

aaah, i think there might’ve been a bit of shyness/nervousness at first, especially during their first kiss in the pool because “oh wow, i’ve been thinking of this boy for the past four weeks and he’s made my heart race so many times and he was always on my mind and two weeks ago i learned he had a girlfriend and i thought i’d never get to have this with him and last week he almost kissed me but that didn’t happen and i haven’t been able to stop thinking about him leaning in, so close, and honestly if you told me a month ago that i’d be in a stranger’s pool with the boy (b o y) i like, his lips on mine, hands on my face, i wouldn’t have believed you. but holy shit this is happening, and i need to blink just a couple of times maybe and snap back to reality and realize that this is truly happening to me. i’m a little amazed, a little overwhelmed, he’s taking my breath away” 

so yeah, that’s part of the reason why he isn’t necessarily kissing even with an open mouth and he’s not using his tongue. but there’s also the fact that so far kissing has been mostly a…mechanical? process for isak? he knows how to kiss with an open mouth and with tongue, we saw him kiss girls that way (c.f. his kiss with sara in the first episode of s2) but that’s because when he kissed them, it was all steps and no spontaneity. he didn’t kiss them because he wanted to, but he’d try to convince himself that he did. he’d open his mouth and use his tongue because he was telling himself to, because he felt like he needed to perform, needed to believe that he was good at this, and he needed the girls he was with and the people who might be watching them to believe that he was good at this. it was like a choreographed performance, meant to look a certain way, trying to convince himself and others

but that’s not what kissing is supposed to be. kissing isn’t supposed to look a certain way. kissing is supposed to be a way to physically connect with someone you wish, desire to connect with, a way to express that desire, affection, a way to be close to someone, a way to feel them and to let them feel you. and those feelings should dictate the way you kiss. and although isak is familiar with the literal act of kissing, he’s never kissed anyone that way. so it’s new, it’s foreign, and so there’s so much isak has to discover, to learn, but also so much he has to unlearn. and he does, progressively, each time he kisses even 

anonymous asked:

I wanted to ask for your opinion about that interview, but never mind, and preach. You're always on point, Sian. I honestly haven't read the whole interview yet (I'm on my phone and I can only use apps), so I trusted those who were complaining about it. So it was Ross who implied there was sexual tension between them, right? What did Andrew answer exactly? And what did he say about Michonne at the end of the article? Sorry for this mess of a question, but I wanted to be sure before getting mad:D


I honestly think someone might be trolling us now, for bringing it to us like this. If you read the article, it’s pretty clear what AL is saying. There’s no need to get mad at him. He was answering the question as it pertained to working with PM (censored names to avoid fandom fuckery):

DR: What was it like working with Pollyanna Mc!ntosh, who plays their leader, Jad!s?

AL: I don’t know how it plays on screen, but I instantly loved what she brought to the show. And there was a combative but also kind of a sexual, flirtatious, strange, weird dynamic that happened quite instantaneously [NB he did not say between them]. And Jad!s was so odd and strange, and I think Rick is kind of amused by them, but also inspired. Because she’s so strong and because she is so clear in what she is doing, and the way she is delivering the message is so impressive and so concrete, you kind of go along with it and go, “All right, you talk in a very strange way. No idea why. But this can work.” As soon as she said “Up-Up-Up” I thought, there’s the T-shirt right there: Up-Up-Up. It’s so weird, and yet she [as in PM] really, really landed it.

DR: It’s interesting how you say it’s kind of like a flirtation between the two because you feel that a bit in the big negotiation scene between Rick and Jadis at the end there, where they’re still feeling each other out, right down to the left-handed handshake because Rick’s hand is all bloody.

AL:Yeah, because I’m bleeding to death! [Laughs.] There’s a kind of lightness, and we spoke about it. [Showrunner Scott M. Gimple] gave me a heads up. He said, “I want this back half to explore this freedom and this humor that comes with this liberated guy. And there’s a sense of discovery and lightness.” He said to think about it like Indiana Jones and try to push into that area, which I took and ran with. And this episode is definitely feeling out that area. And it’s really good fun, especially after such a battering first half, to move into an area that’s still in the world but a different suburb than we’ve been before.

You’ll notice that AL is talking about PM and what she brings to the character and show in the first answer. In the second, he’s talking about Rick and his new-found freedom. He says nothing about sexual tension between the two characters. I think it’s quite clear here.

Here’s the last bit of his answer to a non-Richonne question:

But anyway, to be continued. All I will say is that the episode coming up that I’m not involved in I think is a beautifully written episode. But a little bit of fun and hijinks still to come with Rick and Michonne.

He didn’t have to bring up Richonne, but he did, like always.

There’s nothing to be worried about. AL speaks quite honestly about his cast-mates performances. I think PM did bring a sexual, flirtatious dynamic to the scene. I agree with Andy on that. He did not say that he was playing Rick in any way reciprocating that dynamic.

My other response is here.


Octopus, Prohibition, Brown suggested by @copperbadge

So- uh, a lot of you are vibing the 20′s/Prohibition era so going to play around with a few of those….

Little did you know I was actually drawing humans. *dramatic music*. I don’t really draw humans enough so decided coming at them in an interesting way might be useful. Here’s the bouncer, with his eight legged beard. I think he’s the owner’s brother and insists on keeping an eye on his little sis.

[rose pink and gold] • 19/02/17

A flatlay of some cool stationery from the same brand (kikki.k) that all seem to fit together in terms of colour. These are all from either the pause collection or the thrive collection, which I think complement each other. I definitely don’t study like this, the stationery looks really pretty though and I might use these notebooks for study notes.

anonymous asked:

is there a name for a fashion thats in between fairy kei and decora? because i really like fairy kei but would prefer to use a mix of pastels and "brighter" pastels but not to the level of decora, so it looks a lil less bland :o

Not to sound rude but I think you might be looking at the wrong coords if you’re seeing bland ones! I’ve noticed recently a lot of people are losing the fairy feeling and creating less layered coords, so perhaps look towards older coords for reference? Either way, brighter pastels are often used so go for it! 

Here are some new and old coords for inspiration~

image source: Twitter

Image source: Milklim @ Twitter

image source: @tokyo-fashion

anonymous asked:

Plz tell me more abt ur dennis gender headcanons

hell yes… i will….. 

so some of these (a lot of them) were developed with @angrydennisreynolds and so i can’t take full credit but yea :) so, imo dennis is somewhere along the lines of genderfluid/bigender (not that those are the same thing but like i can’t decide which, if either, he might actually use).

i think dee is trans, and started her transition pretty young: socially transitioning early, going on blockers, and then starting estrogen sometime in high school, ffs coming after she was 18. frank and barbara weren’t thrilled but at the same time dee was very persuasive and it’s not like they didn’t have the money for the medical parts of the process. 

so by the time dee’s 20 or so she’s like, pretty happy with herself and her body. yea she has Huge Other Issues, but on the dysphoria front that’s practically nonexistent and socially… well she really only hangs out with dennis mac and charlie, but they don’t misgender her (and imo i don’t think that mac and charlie know she’s trans, nor would they know about any of dennis’ gender issues). 

ok so i’m getting to dennis, this was relevant i promise ;)

basically our headcanons go that dennis was pretty unaware of being trans until after he and dee became adults and he realized that like, dee looks so good and she’s like way happier and he’s getting these weird feelings of jealousy towards her that he never had before (probably because he was always the favorite child when they were living with their parents so he didn’t feel he had any reason to be jealous of dee). 

he also probs, being the artíste that he is, spent a lot of time drawing his “girl side” before he connected the dots that he might be trans, and then a lot more time drawing himself afterwards now that he knew what he was doing. 

as for in-canon stuff that might work with these headcanons, i’m traveling into some prickly territory because canon is super transmisogynstic and so there may  be some cruddy elements to this but i’ll try to steer us out of the woods so t’ speak. 

aluminum monster ep reads to us very much like Dysphoric Dennis Ep with his search to find the perfect model to show off the clothes he designed and projecting his own insecurities/dysphoria onto the models. not that i think he’d be out to his dad, but in the paddy’s next top billboard model contest ep whenever frank says “ok, you take the girls, i’ll take dennis and the dudes,” we’re like alright dennis confirmed for not a dude!

i headcanon dennis’ gender (and identity in general *insert ven diagram with one circle labeled “identity” and one circle labeled “gender”, the gender circle is smaller and completely inside the “identity” circle) as being pretty constructed both ways. his personality, and his gender is based on characters like martin riggs, maybe just because he was brought up around those characters, maybe because he has a weak sense of identity, but i think unlike dee, who immediately knew who she was and has a strong sense of identity, dennis’ is weak and he needs to hang it on things to make sense out of it. this is true of lots of people, cis and trans, but he def has some characters/celebrities that he looks up to in terms of how they present their gender. probs some genderfuck role models too (all his “80s glam rock femme shit”). 

i can’t imagine dennis being super out about it, maybe ever, but it’s possible he’s told dee in a moment of weakness, and i’d love to see a cute fic where he comes out to mac. heck, maybe mac could be trans in the fic too. under trans twins, i could see transmasc mac next most easily out of the main group. 

this is all complicated by the fact that dennis has had some unfortunate coding that falls both into biphobic and transphobic territory as the ~evil bisexual hedonist~ and allusions to silence of the lambs as well as other gross tropes, but hopefully we can kinda steer around that stuff in this here post and just think about dennis without the veneer of the straight cis white dudes writing him (yes sunny does have writers who aren’t all of those things but you know im talkin mostly about rcg). 

Stay strong!

With all of the stuff happening in the community lately, I thought I’d put together a (hopefully) helpful little list of things to remember to help us get through this situation!

1) Take a break from the internet if you’re feeling overwhelmed or upset, especially if someone is attacking you personally! It’s a good idea to address an attack after you’ve had some time to think about it, that way you’re not acting off of pure emotion alone.

2) Take care of yourself! Things might be especially stressful right now, so make sure you’re hydrating! Maybe take some snack breaks as well, or have a quick nap!

3) Try not to respond to attackers with insults, it only feeds into the drama they’re trying to spread! Instead, ignore their rude comments or (like I said) take some time to think before replying.

4) Spread positivity! Fight back against negativity by saying good, positive things about the community! For example, I really admire Mark and Jack for stepping up and making statements on the recent happenings, even though they knew they would be bombarded with hate.

5) Try to remember that just because your opinions or views differ from someone else’s, it doesn’t automatically make their beliefs “wrong” or invalid. That’s the beauty of opinions–they’re neither right nor wrong! Sometimes it’s hard not to take offense when someone has views that differ drastically from yours, but a conscience effort still makes a difference!

Anything else I’m missing? Let’s add some more things! Stay positive everyone!

@markiplier @therealjacksepticeye Love you guys, stay strong!

Love is in the Air for Singles

By Sky Stoneseat

Ahh, its that time of year when the love sick wander about the cities holding hands and riding boats. They gaze at each other with googly eyes and vendors make a killing off small trinkets and flowers. When the cost of chocolate in heart shaped boxes is a hundred times more expensive, and for some of us we just want to throw up at all the mushy love on the streets. That’s right my dear readers, I want to talk about this holiday from the point of view of someone who can’t stand it.

I realize that for many this is not a popular school of thought but I can assure you there are a great deal more of us who feel this way then you might think. Now before you go expecting me to tell you how to sink those boats filled with lovers…( and let’s face it who hasn’t thought about tipping a few of them over) I am going to offer you a few practical suggestions for making it trough this time of year.

Just stay inside.

Now I realize that not all of us can do this. I have been lucky enough to be able to work from home or on my travels. This time of year I tend to stay inside! I don’t even open the blinds if I can help it. If you are able to or can find someone ward your door. This will keep out any and all singing telegrams. I like to use one that will cover unwanted guests with some sort of goo.

Buy yourself something

Alright maybe you don’t want to stay in or you would like something to do while you cloister yourself up. Treat your self! All that money you save on not having a sweet heart? Spend it on you! Might I suggest a good book, not a romance but a big thick history? Or I like to get the largest bottle of cheap whisky I can find before I ward up my door.

Know that there is cheep chocolates after this is all over.

What folks don’t tend to realize is that after all of this is over the vendors have tons of left over chocolate in heart shaped boxes. I call this holiday “Chocolate is in my stomach” week. If you’re anything like me you not only like a deal but you can pretend that you are eating the heart of that guy who cut you and your mount off and then flipped you one. Yes, I saw you on the road to Duskwood….

Pull out your pet

You have a familiar? An Imp you can summon? Maybe you have a pet of some sort? Get them in the room with you. Spend some time hanging out with something that for whatever reason has to be in a room with you. Just be warned fellow summoners no matter how lonely you feel do not summon a Succubus. They show up, say they want to “Look at the fireplace and chill”, but just don’t. It always ends in tears and fel corruption.

So there you have it folks some ideas to get you through the holiday. If all else should fail well you can always see about a second bottle of whiskey.


just-a-random-noragami-lover  asked:

Hi, this had been bothering me for a while and I'd like to hear from you. We know that Hiyori and Yato love each other, right? How are they gonna be together when everything settles. Yato is basically immortal while Hiyori is gonna gets old and ... you know. I feel like Achidatoka might kill Hiyori in the end but still let her keep her memory somehow. What do you think about this?

Most people do share the idea that they love each other, yes. I’m not a huge shipper myself, but I have taken note of the classic, romantic inflections Adachitoka has used in interaction between Hiyori and Yato throughout the series.

The most common occurrence that had Yatori fans in a frenzy was the classic umbrella promise. And if you don’t know, here’s a little fun fact of trivia for you! Taken from the taiken.co website, this is an excerpt from one of their many articles:

“If two people share an umbrella, it is called the “Ai-Ai gasa”. ‘Ai’ means ‘love’ and ‘gasa’ is the variation of the word ‘Kasa’ in Japanese with the meaning ‘Umbrella’. And literally “Ai-Ai gasa” means “Love-Love umbrella”. The Japanese youngsters use the symbol of an umbrella with the name of the boy and girl on its both sides as a symbol of love. It’s similar to the heart symbol representing love. Two people, especially a man and a woman, sharing an umbrella in rain is considered as a symbol of romance in Japan.

But remember: even though they are fond of each other, it’s still too early to call it love. The romance genre is there, yes. But Noragami is a Shonen series, meaning that there won’t be too much of a focus on the romantic aspects even towards the end of the series. If anything, it will be referenced and nothing more. The connection is there, but I can’t say for sure whether Adachitoka plans for them to be together as an endgame. Yato clearly wants her to make her own life, and Hiyori–while she has expressed clear fondness and even love for Yato–doesn’t seem to desire a life with him in that way.

But their fates are definitely connected. Yato’s specialty is handling bonds, though, so it isn’t clear if it’s expressly intended to be romantic or not. Hiyori is Yato’s precious worshiper, and because he’s only known basic human relationships, (I kind of touched on this in my last response; Yato’s knowledge of relationships are very basic, and his comprehension of them are not 100% accurate. Even having said he wants to marry her, it boils down to him wanting to be with her. And that is in the most simplest, selfish form. He likes her company and wants to spend as much time with her as possible.) he projects that desire in a very human-like way. But Yato isn’t human, and pining for a relationship with one would only end in pain for both parties.

I don’t really think Adachitoka will kill Hiyori, though. It has been implied that they’ll face a lot of trouble within their relationship because of Kofuku, but these two have stuck through a lot of strife so far already. I will accept Yatori as an end game, but I am also leaving open to the possibility of another type of relationship shared between them, as well.

This is just my personal input, though. Take it as you will! I tend not to focus on the romance too much within Noragami; I like to view it in technicality, so my opinion can be taken with a grain of salt.

anonymous asked:

I loving all the PDA going on from Rick and Michonne, but I wonder if it might be a hindrance to them showing off their love in front of strangers. I don't trust the junkyard/garbage people, they are just creepy, do you think they might try to use Rick and Michonne relationship against each other?

Hmm, good question. First off, let me just say that i’m loving all of the richonne PDA too ;) but no, I don’t think that Rick and Michonne being in a relationship would matter much to the junkyard group. At least not right now. They are really sketchy and they’re out for themselves, so I definitely wouldn’t count on them being loyal to team family, but I personally don’t see a reason why Rick and Michonne displaying their love for each other would matter much to this group…unless they had something to gain from divulging that information. And who would want to know this information exactly? Who has a weird obsession with Rick and is intent on breaking him down and is no stranger to using those he loves most to do it? Negan, of course. 

So yeah, I’m not worried but…I’m worried. Only a little though…I don’t want to get anyone riled up! lol


We definitely had a tornado last night. The area near the Quarry got hit, but judging by the damage in the pictures it was a pretty weak one. EF1 at best. I hope the rest of y'all Texans are safe and sound!

I have… so much to catch up on. The power outage gave me a chance to clean up my tablet’s downloads folder and organize all my school files, at least. I think I also might have a conference call tonight? Gotta check the syllabus… or the email my advisor sent days ago.

Lots of housekeeping things to take care of here, too. I need to update my Miraculous Fics Master Post and go through and edit the current nineteen chapters of Lucky Us. I’ve already got up to eight of them done.

And the portfolio, yeah. Should probably spend some time in the library for that one.

Anyway, y'all know we’re in Haitus Mode so I’ll see you on the other side. :D

somethingwildalwaysgrows  asked:

First of all, I fucking love the fucking shit out of you. Second of all, your good morning posts give me life, or at the very least, give my mamm nips and vagernia life. Thirdly, what is your ideal grilled cheese? Also, PLEASE feel better.

I so appreciate the love you sent. It’s been a weird few days. There’s been this weight of a death I can’t reconcile, coupled with feeling physically ill. I thought food poisoning, but maybe it’s my ulcer at it again; both are likely. Mentally and emotionally and physically drained in a way that has created a dark anger in me, moving upward into action.

In truth, we are only what we are to ourselves and those whose lives we touch with dirty, well-worn hands. I’m not stating anything revelatory here, because we all know that life is short and we might consider telling our loved ones how much they mean to us more often. But also, I think we need to be open to listening to this love from others. I’m the best at deflection and distraction, and I get uncomfortable with people expressing how they feel about me because, among other reasons I discuss at length with my therapist, I don’t feel good enough to hold those sentiments. But that’s the thing, you know? It’s about the other person being able to say they were sorry, or that they love you, or that you made their life better or different. We have to hold people’s love in the same way we want them to hold ours, because if we blink out we leave them holding the WHAT IF bag, and it’s heavy and full of snakes.

For grilled cheese, I’m old school. I like riffs on the standard at times, but mostly I make them as simple as possible. I use Udi’s GF bread, a generous spread of butter with some S&P, and Horizon organic cheese slices. I get the pan medium hot, spray some olive oil down. Slow cook until the cheese is melted and the bread is toasted.

(If anyone wants to make me incredibly happy today, please post your favorite grilled cheese recipes. I’ll send digital hugs in return.)

anonymous asked:

You know what I'd love? If in one of the last episodes of the season (at which point something really dramatic is happening and they all have to fear for their lives again) Dean just looks at cas and, seemingly out of context, says: "right back atcha" that would honestly be enough

ACK. Well, yeah… that might be enough, if there was some sort of reference for the audience to understand what the heck he was talking about, you know?

There’d have to be some sort of conversation that reminded us all of Cas’s speech in 12.12, or else it’s sort of meaningless. Context is important.

If they’re getting ready to charge into battle, any number of things might be going on. Those situations are usually fraught with tension, the characters scrambling to prepare themselves and get into position. Without any sort of context, it could literally be referring back to anything.

But yeah, if there was some callback to that scene, then a tense and harried (accompanied by soulful staring and/or complete dissolution of the personal space between them), and possibly choking and halting (or breathy and terrified) “right back atcha,” followed by surprised acknowledgement by Cas, and/or the heartwrenching utterance of a pained sounding Dean, then yeah… that could do it for me.. 

Still might be better accompanied by some sort of “we might die here so just in case” sloppy, rushed kiss before the dash off to their doom.

S13 can be about them uncomfortably dealing with the fact that they both survived and now what the hell are they supposed to do about this? >.>


im going to translate this for y'all because hes gross and i hate him. im gonna curse the shit out of him.

i am sorry for this negative post, but this guy had me paranoid for half a year. and still has, if im alone. 

“have we ended all communication between us, or can we sweep it under the rug? ”

“so everytime i do something i am not sure isnt retarded, i try to find some sort of excuse/ explantion for it, this is no exception: i didnt sleep last night. ”

“that also means that when im stupid/smart enough to text you now, i’ll spill a lot of shit i normally would keep to myself, which i might later regret. i think i know what im saying, but when i wake tommorow i will probably see trash.”

“i am a bit (more than im willing to admit” sad. and i have a stupid feeling ive done this before (what’s the definition of insanity..)  but what i did back on sunday the 4th, have seemingly have the one consequense i was unwilling to accept, that i had though impossible.

“i thought there were 2 possible outcomes.

2. friendzoned”

“so yeah, (im just going to assume you’ll read this) i was sitting thinking it over (again, as i’ve done far too many times) and i dont know where the fuck we went wrong”

“so as the webcreep i am, i started off by checking if you had made any skype updates, which you had, so by that my best deduction would be, that you are in love with…is the first letter in his name k? (no offense by any means , just bad with names).. a dude with red hair who cooked…some kind of meat.. some time ago”

“that would also explain why it is hard to keep in contact with someone who made a love confession to you. (that would be me), but it would be really nice if you told me that, yes i do know how to shut up+i would get an explanation (10 points to hufflepuff)”

“after that i checked your facebook , and that explained nothing”

“*link to a facebook post she made some time ago*”

“this could be a "fuck you” or just something you saw you thought was ‘deep n’ stuff’. wither way, this is a great example, in my opinion"

“my point is: this means a lot to me”

“oh "heidi…you can find a lot of loyal boyfriends who would do anything for you…its called yandere dudes XD” <—and thats just sad. “

^none of use know wtf he is referring to here, which makes it creepier

"god dammit i just got my hopes up.”

facebook texts

*5th of october 2015*

“i never intended to hurt her, but she carries a lot of bad memories, so i dont know if i can convince her”

^the creep trying to sound poetic or something

*14th of april 2016*


“sorry was not meant for you”

^trying to play it off as if he sent it to the wrong person….several months after

*16th of september*

“so, is all communication between us gone for good?”

it is okay to reblog this, bc this is like…fucking creepy