i think i might do one of these for each memeber

Bts reaction to you fangirling over their baby photos:

Request: Can you perhaps do a scenario where you find their baby pictures and you’re just fangirling over how cute and adorable they are please? I would be so happy if you do this and I’m nervous because this is my first ask ever 😅 I’d like to thank you in advance! I’m also a fan of your work! 💕

Al N: wow I’m so honored that I’m your first, there is no need to be nervous ;)  I hope it lives up to your expectations.


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Joins you in your silly session as he is the most confident memeber in himself. I can see him going like wow! look at how beautiful I was!


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Shy baby as he watches from a distance, a gummy smile itching on his face involuntarily while you go through old pictures and gasp at his cuteness. He won’t get involved but damn watching you was so fun.


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The one to actually squeal along you and start rummaging through the old photos, if you didn’t know better, you would think he was a a proud dad showing his baby pics.

Rap Monster:

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Shy af Namjoon might as well snatch the papers from your hands only to give it back seconds later after earning a very displeased growl from you. Probably the only one who will feel really awkward and hesitant. Although when he saw only cute and happy responses he felt a lot easier.


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Watching you getting all cute and squishy was the best part for him. Sure he complained a few times that he is a man and not a cute baby bun but at some point he stopped paying attention to the pictures and just started shamelessly taking your beautiful reactions in and trying not to kiss all over your face.

V/ Taehyung:

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Who are we kidding he probably found them and showed you himself because he has so much pride in his baby self. Tae will explain each pic like this was taken by my Grandma, that one at the subway, It was my birthday in this pic. A lot of cuddling and cute names really.


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It’s as if we didn’t see it coming. Shy shy shy and he won’t hide it. His face will turn red, he will ask you multiple times to drop it but Jungkook’s curiosity will eventually get the best of him and he will painfully sit down next to you and remember the old days.

Best Friend’s Brother

Request: Yes
Warnings: None
Pairing: Derek x Reader
Word Count: 1735

I woke up to not hearing the familar heart beat in the room. Instead, it was silent, making me turn to scan the place. As my eyes wandered over to her bed, it revealed that she was gone, blanket throw around along with other various things, now on the floor.

I sighed as I got up, maybe she just heard something right? Maybe she didn’t go back to her home town to find her brother. She’d never lied to you before…except maybe…that one time, or the other time, and that one other-

You found a letter on top of her pillow and as soon as you read it, you knew what had happened. She had left, although she said she’d be back soon. That’s all you could hope for now.

~3 months later~

I sighed, all of the things we’d need are in the truck, packed and now here in Beacon Hills were my dumb best friend is. She had said she’d be back home by now, but it’s been three months. I’ve been worried for some time now, and I wondered what had happened. She could be dead for all I know, which, I hope isn’t the case.

I drove into town, seeing the police station go by to my left and then the highschool that she talked about so much, how her brother used to go there and all. What was his name? Derek? I couldn’t remember.

We could she be?

I made my way into the parking lot, turning off the car and starting to carry bags into the complex. All the way up to the top, and then I turn to the… the right, that’s right.As I came to my door I see a man with dark hair come out from his. He was pretty tall and I caught myself looking at him to long. So did he.

He slowed for just a moment, looking at me as well.

“Derek, come on!” I heard a person say behind him.

Derek? Hale?

I didn’t have the chance to ask because a curly haired blonde boy pushed him out. They were gone before I could blink an eye.


I was out and about in town when all of a sudden I caught a familiar smell.Cora. But why would she be near an abandant bank? I looked up at the sign,Beacon Hills First National Bank.Such a weird place for her to go. Like, it looks like it hasn’t been open in years. And yet,her scent is still here. I peer inside, seeing nothing but a few dusty desks and a vault in the back. It’s faint, but I can almost make out a few pulses.

I turn to find a blind man with a dark haired girl at his side. She growls under her breath but the man puts his hand out, stopping her. I look at him as he seems to look back at me.

“And who might you be?” He asked, tipping his glasses. His eyes were a bright red. An Alpha. I take a small step back knowing he could kill me right here and now.

“Please don’t be afraid my dear,” He chuckled lightly, “I just asked your name.”

“Y/N.” I stutter.

“Only that? No last name?” he questions tilting his head to the side and putting his glasses back on. His eyes stop glowing. “Are you the next Madonna or Beyonce?”

“No,” I force a laugh, smiling fearfully at the girl by his side who has been glaring at me this whole time. “Y/L/N, Y/N Y/L/N.” I clarify starting to the side to get away.

“Well Y/N.” He states, leaning in close to me, “I suggest you go home.” And with that he continues on into the bank, pushing the doors open. I feel foolish, Why didn’t I try the doors?


It was almost 11'o'clock, and I still couldn’t shake the eery feeling of the man I met earlier today. It was like I should know him, something about him. It was on the very tip of my toungue, infuriating.

I stand on top of the building, looking around to see if anyone was here. Of course there wasn’t, but I stated to second guess myself when I heard a man’s voice talking, seemingly to another. I duck as they come closer, not knowing if they’re on my side.

“I can do it Scott, just trust me on this.” The man says opening the air conditioning unit and sliding his feet in.

“I know, I know, It’s just…” This Scott said, looking around. I crouched down more, trying to hide myself as his gaze passed over me. “Something doesn’t feel right.’”

It falls quiet for a moment and I wonder if they’ve gone in, but I still here their pulses. A Handy vampire trick. I stay quiet and stop breathing. When I think it’s safe I poke my head out but instead of the same scenary as before I find to eyes staring at me.

I gasp, pushing myself back a little to hard and falling over. I crawl backwards, away from the too  men as they follow me. My eyes soon focus on them and I realize it’s my neighbor, Derek and the other must be Scott.

Derek must recognize me to because he stops in his place. Scott looks over at him and then back to me.

“Who are you?” Scott asks, but it sounds more demanding.

“None of your-”

“My neighbor? What are you doing here- Never mind Scott, we have to do this now.” Derek says, turning back towards the now open metal box leading into the bank.

I watch as they both climb in and slide down the space before I hear a bang. I go towards the opening, looking down and seeing nothign but dust floating up.

I growl under my breath and then hop down into the shute.


“What were you doing there in the first place!” Cora yelled at me across the room. We were in Derek’s apartment, Although he’s currently unconcious on his couch.

“I was worried about you! You said you’d be back soon, Cora!” I shouted back, leaning on a nearby table. “It had been 3 months,” I mummbled, “What was I supposed to do?”

She sighed as she too started to lean on the chair next to her, “Not get bit, that’s what.” She stated. She laid in her chair for a while as I stumbled around the apartment looking for medical supplies. I was bewildered to not even find bandiaids.

“He’ll be fine, right?” She asked, coming up behind me as I put a cold cloth on Derek’s head.

“Yea, he should be, but he might have a hard time remembering what happened for a while.” I say, looking at the cuts on his arm and wishing I could find at least some neosporin.

I decided to go to my apartment to grab my own supplies. As soon as I walked into mine I felt my whole self sink. It became unignorable how tired I was. It was almost 5 in the morning and usually by this time, I’d be laying in bed at least. Instead, I see long hours ahead.

I walked into my aparmtent trying to find the marked boxes that had a messy scribbled of letters that could be disyphered as Bathroom. It took awhile to find them and I found myself remembering what had just happened.

All the stories Cora and I had heard were true. A new Hale, Derek, had started a new pack. It was powerful, even though all memebers beside himself were teenagers. All inexpericened and yet they stick together and fight as a team to save each other. They were close together and that was a special thing.

It was that very thing that had saved your life tonight. You had found yourself under Boyd He was in his full wolf form and he wasn’t happy that you had pushed his pray, a young junior high girl, out of the way. He could sense what you were, and he knew what he was going to do. You barely had time to think as he sunk his teeth into your shoulder.

You screamed in pain as you felt that he was gone, a gust of wind in his place temporarily. You couldn’t remember what happened after that, only writhing in pain on the floor as you heard people fighting around you. Soon you heard a thump next to you and when you turned your head, you found Cora, slowly changing back to her normal form.

You finally found the bandaids and ointment in a different random box, one without a label, and got up to go back to Derek’s apartment.

As you opened the door you found that a deafening alarm was blarring and as you went across the room to turn it off you were pinned to a column next to it. As you focused on the person in front of you they reached over to turn the alarm off. As they took their attnetion off of you, though, you took their advantage and kicked them away.

They easily forgot about the alarm and turned their focus back to me. They threw a few punches before I realized it was Derek. Instead of trying to disarm him I went to trying to just make him stop.

Before I knew it we were both on the floor, me ontop of Derek, pinning him to the floor so he couldn’t punch me anymore.

“What the hell are you two doing?” Cora asked, irrated. She stomped over to the alarm box thingy and turned it off and then came over to us.

“You know her?” Derek asked, recovering from being pushed on the ground. He dusted himself off and then faced me, looking me up and down, clearly judging.

“She’s my friend, Derek.” She scwolded as she took the things that I had dropped on the floor and came over to my side. She pushed my shirt off my shoulder and put some black stuff on. It burnt like a bitch but I could feel my fever that has been building leavev.

“Why don’t you tell your friend to not break into my home, then.” Derek complained, rubbing his arm and coming over to us.

“I’ll get right on that.” She sassed as she put a bandage on my shoulder and then glaring over at her brother.

“Good luck living next to him.” She whispered to me, helping me up and out of the apartment.

“Where are you going now!” Derek questioned us as when we were right next to the door.

“Next door, dumby.” Cora replied, “She’s your neighbor.”

.:Yoonkook theory:.


Yoonkook is always the hardest for me to talk about, because I’ve been riding that previously tiny ship since things really picked up in the Boy in Luv era & they’re close to my heart. 

However since iBighit is in the darkest parts of my soul, apparently they’ve found the need to make them cannon. &a crushingly sad one at that.

So in honor of the fresh MV teaser that might or might not run parallel with my Sugakookie theory - let’s break down what I’ve been been brewing since the beginning.

When the I NEED U MV came out none of us could’ve really prepared for the firestorm that was to come. 

We got a normal version that was slightly disjointed, but still stunningly done, with a hint of a deeper tragedy.

Then the +19 came out & shit hit the fan.

My theory starts there.

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Resume of episode 15!

A/N: Since some people requested me, I´m going to do now a resume of episode 15! Hope it´s not to boring ^^”

The episode starts with our cute lazy cat that always appears to tell us important stuff before starting playing the new episode. In this case he tell us in the next replays we can choose who was the boy that kissed us before so that we can have the other´s illustrations and dialogues.

After that the episode begings with this:

This is the end of episode 14 and we know that someone was attacked.

It´s when we finish talking with the other members of Eel that we notice Karenn being escorted by two men that didn´t look in a good humor.

Worried, Gardienne goes in search of Karenn and when we find her, we see her crying:


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nctpinkb  asked:

Seventeen reaction to you confess your love for them on TV pls ^-^~


So many member, but I made it! Might make them by sub units later on.


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“Ahh she/he really did that, she really likes me.”

He’d be in a daze after hearing you confess. It’s all he can think about through out the day, the younger memebers would tease him a bit, but it would all go out through the other ear because he’s too busy thinking about both of your futures together.


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“Mhmm yeah she/he does.”

He’d be pretty cocky, but on the inside he’s a mess. He’d be telling the members about how he always knew and so, but honestly didn’t think you’d ever like him.


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*gets shy and just turns into fluff* “Ahh she/he really likes me.”

Pure mush! He’d be so happy hearing your confession and couldn’t wait for the next time the both of you would meet.


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*kinda blushy but also smirks* “She/he wants me!”

He’d be smug about it, like why wouldn’t you like him. But. truly he’s a blushing mess knowing that you feel the same way.


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“I wanna hug her/him and kiss them.”

After hearing you talk about him on tv and basically just confessing your feelings. All he’d want to do after that would be to just be close to you.


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*doesn’t believe you at first but the other members convince and well…* “AT LAST THE DAY HAS COME!”

He’d think you were joking at first, but once the members tell him you are telling the truth and how you truly you feel. Once convinced he’d be ecstatic and want to call you as soon as possible. 


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“S/he’s talking about me right?” “What other Woozi is there?” 

Also one to be in disbelief, but it’s as clear as day that you are talking about him. He’d put still put two and two together that it is him who you’re talking about, but still won’t believe you.


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*In shock at first, but then hugs the nearest member*

He’d be frozen like a statue at first, but as soon as it sets in that you’re talking about him and that you like him. He’d scream with joy and hugs the member nearest to him, both of them would jump around talking about how you like him as well.


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“They just couldn’t resist” *turns into mush soon afterwards*

Another one to also be cocky, but on the inside is just pure mush. He’d joke around about how irresistible he is that even you couldn’t resist, but be the most precious bean ever!

The 8:

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*blushing mess*

He’d get so shy and think about how he’d confess to you the next time you both see each other.


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This boy. Would be so dramatic, letting out them tears. After your confession he’s already planning both of your guys’ wedding and names for your future children.


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*smiley child*

Another mush! From the start of your interview he’d be happy just seeing you on screen, but you confessing to him, would send him over the moon. Leaving the biggest smile ever on his face.


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*blushes but in his mind he’s just like* “YESSSSS!”

He’d be a gleeful little bean. He might just smile on the outside but on the inside he’d be screaming and giggling like a school girl.

Being Baekhyun’s sister

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  • Okay so like I had this thought in my head of what it would be like being related to Bakehyun so bam here we are-
  • I mean I needed to make this bc who the fuck wouldn’t want to be related to this happy sunshine
  • I might make a “Being Baekhyun’s brother” version after this one-
  • Alright so let’s go!
  • Being Baekhyun’s sister would make lots of people to expect you to be just like this beagle; loud, excited, energtic etc. but boy are people wrong.
  • you’re a shy, silent, antisocial introvert which really makes people go “are you sure you’re related to him??” bc people are stupid and don’t realize personalities have nothing to do with being related to someone
  • Because of your introverted and shy personality Baekhyun views you as very precious and that he must protect you! I mean he’s your brother so he’s going to protect you anyways but still-
  • He may protect you but he will straight tease the hell out of you or annoy you or get sassy with you
  • He’s the only one allowed to treat you like that though if anyone else tries to he’ll hurt them
  • You also live with him bc your college is like right down the road for his house (s h u s h lets just pretend he has his own house that’s close to the exo dorm okay?? okay) 
  • Living with him is kind of hell but it’s like a fun hell…maybe it’s mostly fun for him though
  • He pulls so many pranks on you but it’s almost always with the help of the beagle line
  • Like on time you had just gotten out of the shower and you were drying off and getting dress and then you were going to dry your hair until you caught a glimpse of something in the bathroom mirror that made you do a double take. That little sunshine fucker had put red dye in your shampoo…not just any type of red though but the red that Chanyeol had his hair dyed to
  • The scream you let out was so terrifying that it almost made Baekhyun and his friends piss his pants
  • ooohhh yeah i forgot to mention he decided to pull this park while almost all of Exo was over…well anywho he did so…
  • “BYUN FUCKING BAEKHYUN!” was literally the scariest thing that any of them had heard-
  • You came marching down the stairs in just your sports bra and sweat pants and lets not forget that new “amazing” red hair, pissed to the high heavens. Like you were so mad that you hadn’t notice the other members yet bc your focus was just on your big brother
  • He looked away from the tv and at you with the biggest shit eating grin you had ever seen. “Oh hey sis, love what you done with your hair” Insert him laughing along with Chanyeol whom he had gotten the hair dye from here
  • By this time you had noticed the other boys whom were all sitting spread out in the living room, staring at you with wide eyes….well besides Sehun because Suho had clamped one of his hands over the maknae’s eyes
  • “Oh my god..I’m so…holy shit…I’m sorry” was all you could stutter out before stumbling over yourself and then running back upstairs
  • Once you were dressed “properly” you were letcured by Suho for like fifteen minutes about using bad words
  • It took about four to five months for all that hair dye to fade away and you tried to stay mad at him the whole time but it’s hard to stay mad at that lil sunshine
  • Baekhyun is a good brother besides the pranking and being a little too over protective….okay maybe way too over protective 

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  • You were going on this date once with a guy from your school, he was on the dance team of the school, he was in the fencing club, (I’m making some weird ass clubs and shit up here guys bc idfk anything about college)  he was very smart, and funny, and kind and he had a nice group of friends 
  • Well Baekhyun hadn’t said anything the whole day when you were getting ready for the date, he was acting pretty normal as he hung out with Chanyeol and Jongdae in the living until he heard the knock on the door.
  • Baekhyun hopped up off the couch and walked over to front door and opened it only to be greeted by the sight of this incredibly good looking guy,,.. the guy had his hair dyed blonde, he was tall and skinny but like muscular as well and he had the jawline of a g r e e k g o d.
  •  He was dressed in all black too, a black button up blazer with black slacks and black dress shoes. 
  • The boy, dubbed as Jackson, smiled at Baekhyun and gave a small lil bow of his head. “You must be Baekhyun, (Y/n) has told me a bit about you”
  • The shorter but older male just kind of blinked at him, he could feel the fuckboy vibes radiating off of him even though Jackson looked like a nice guy that anyone would want to bring home to their mom but Baekhyun saw right through him and there was no way that this lil beagle was going to let his little sister go on a date with him (Jackson is’t like that at all irl I’m just making stuff up for this scenario thingy)
  • “So you’re the one who’s taking my sister on a date?” “Yeah…”
  • Baekhyun stepped forward and grabbed him by his blazer, a serious and deadly expression on his face
  • “Yah! what the hell are you doing man!” Baekhyun glared at him, making him shut up real quick
  • “If you so much as even look at my sister the wrong way or make her feel uncomfortable I’ll cut your dick off and then I’ll staple dead birds to your car or better yet I’ll make a deal with Satan (Kyungsoo) and ask him if he’ll kill you, I mean I’ve done it before” insert Jackson’s eyes widening as he takes a step back before running to his car and driving off here
  • Baekhyun went back in and sat back down beside Jongdae and Chanyeol who were just kind of giving him glances bc they have no idea what happened but oh,,,well 
  • Beagle line stayed up all night with you that as you cried and eat ice cream bc Jackson stood you up
  • Baekhyun might not want you to date anyone but…there is this one person he thinks you would go well with-

Originally posted by baekhyunsama

  • He lowkey wants you to date Chanyeol bc he sees the way you two get all close and whisper to each other, he sees it when Chanyeol lets you wear his hoody when you’re cold
  • He ships the hell out of it but really the reason why you’re always close to Chanyeol and whispering to him is bc you’re asking him for advice on how to ask out Suho bc like that Eomma acting leader has stolen your heart 
  • Chanyeol did give you advice and you ended up going on quite a few dates with Suho 
  • which led to Baekhyun being confused bc you were coming home later than usual and you were always giggling and smiling down at your phone and when he would you why you were late to come home or why you were smiling down at your phone you would just say “Oh I was studying at the library “ and “Just talking to my friend Rocky!”
  • Baekhyun was suspicious but he knew better than to pry bc last time he did that you threw a shoe at his face
  • After a while he got use to your weird behavior and decided not to ask anymore and just let you do you
  • Well one day Baekhyun had to stay late at the studio and you and Suho decided it would be a nice idea to hang out at the house before he came home..,, oh man you guys were wrong
  • Baekhyun came home about thirty minutes earlier than he thought he would and he thought he would surprise you by bringing home some of your favorite take out food
  • He didn’t think anything about it when he saw Suho’s car parked in the drive way, he was just like “Oh hey, maybe hyung came by to pick up something he left here or to hang out with me and (Y/n)”
  • He went inside holding a bag of take out in his hand and shrugged off his jacket, he thought it was weird that you and Suho weren’t in the living room to hang out but he guessed maybe Suho was in your room helping you study or something….well he wasn’t wrong about you two being in your room
  • He heard White Chicks aka your favorite movie playing so he didn’t think anything about knocking on the door bc he thought you two were watching a movie so he just walked into the room-T
  • o say he was shocked by what he saw was an understatement, he had been expecting to walk into your room and see you two just sitting on your bed and watched the movie but no…. shirtless you were pinned under his equally shirtless leader as you two made out
  • as soon as Baekhyun saw you two the bag of take out food hit the floor as he let out a shrill shriek causing you two to jump away from each other or well you stopped making out and Suho hid you behind his back because he was worried about your indecency
  •  It was awkward the rest of the night bc Baekhyun kept looking between you and Suho and would say shit like “Him??” “Really??” “Why not Chanyeol??”
  • Suho would just glare at him when Baekhyunwould say stuff like that but you would always beat Suho to saying anything.“I don’t like mister dumbo ears like you do!” insert Suho trying not to laugh while Baekhyun dramatically gasps before he yells at you about how he doesn’t like Chanyeol
  • Baekhyun approves of the relationship though bc honestly he wouldn’t want you to date anyone else plus he sees how happy you two make each other and he loves it-
  • lowkey planning your wedding already
  • lowkey likes taking pics of you two when he’s third wheeling and posts them on twitter with captions like “Ew, they’re so in love” or “It’s like I’m invisible to these love birds” 
  • He spoils you though, he always makes sure that there’s packs/boxes/idk what to call it of your favorite snacks in the kitchen
  • He always buys you cute plushies from all the places that they perform at so your bed is like filled with plushies and he always likes to make jokes whenever Suho comes over to see you..,, he’ll say shit like “Keep it pg in there, it might scar the lil plushes if you don’t”
  • You know all like the jackets from each era/come back that the memebers have/get?? well guess who has all of Baekhyun’s, yep you they’re all in your closet and you wear them a lot when he’s on tour bc you miss him
  • He’ll Skype you or facetime you when he’s on tour or when you’re facetiming or skyping with Suho he almost always makes sure he pops up into the room so he can be in on the call just to annoy the two of you
  • lowkey could see this small precious bean wanting to get sibling tattoos, but like really small tattoos like lil infinity signs (so cliche) or maybe or maybe each other’s initials 
  • you two did get the initial tattoos bc you both really liked the idea, he got his on his right wrist and you got yours on your left wrist and honestly it’s so cute
  • He loves you to pieces even though he does have weird ways of showing it
  • Honestly he would be one of the best big brothers ever!

(I hope you guys like this and I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes that were probably made)

Faeformers Au:  The Courts

I’ve gotten a bunch of requests asking about where certain characters fall in the faeformers au, so I decided to make a list.  Many thanks to my bro, @fugoh for telling me about the different faerie courts.  

Seelie Court:  Usually benevolent, these faeformers are the most likely to interact with humans, often out of personal curiosity or a sense of mischief.  They adhere to the laws of the fae (for the most part) so they are relatively trustworthy, and are far more sociable with one another than their Unseelie cousins.  Seelie faeformers can also be extremely helpful to those they deem worthy, or that have placated them with offerings.  They may even choose to guard a particular human or household or impart some sort of wisdom or gift to them.  The Seelie Court is comprised of both the Summer and Spring Courts.

Summer Court:  Vivacious, playful, mischievous, and extremely curious, these faeformers have a habit of meddling in the lives of mortals, for better or worse.  They are exceptionally fond of parties, and tend to throw one every night of the week during the summer months.  However these parties are often extremely dangerous for passing mortals, as they are likely to become trapped in the fae world forever if they’re not careful.  The Summer Court is split between its two rulers, Optimus and Elita.  At one point, the two of them ruled happily together as a couple, but over the years their different approaches to fae politics eventually created a rift between them.  Seelie of the Summer Court are either loyal to Optimus or Elita and tend not to interact with members of the other side for the most part, until one of their many feasts, that is.

  • Rulers: Optimus and Elita
  • Rodimus
  • Thunderclash
  • Bumblebee
  • Arcee
  • Bulkhead
  • Ratchet
  • Cliffjumper
  • Brainstorm
  • Pipes
  • Swerve
  • Fort Max
  • Rewind
  • Riptide
  • Trailcutter
  • Ironhide
  • Bluestreak
  • Windblade
  • Chromia

Spring Court:  Quiet, creative, individualistic, and peaceful, these faeformers are more aloof than their Summer Court counterparts and tend to mostly keep to themselves, unless they are sought out by humans.  They are considered to be master craftsmen and musicians, often preforming for the other courts during dances or plying their trade among other faeformers.  If a human wanted to learn from these creatures, and had followed all the required steps, one of the Spring Court would gladly teach them their craft.  They tend to favor human poets, storytellers and musicians, often luring one into their realm to entertain them for an evening, after which the human would be showered with gifts and sent safely on their way.  The Spring Court is ruled by the wise and benevolent Ultra Magnus.  He’s said to be extremely observant of the faerie rules and can come across as a bit stern, but he has the soul of a true artist and is known for his gracious hospitality towards his human guests. 

  • Ruler: Ultra Magnus
  • Drift
  • Skids
  • Nautica
  • Velocity 
  • Tailgate
  • Chromedome
  • First Aid
  • Ambulon
  • Whirl
  • Rung
  • Mirage
  • Soundwave
  • Jazz
  • Thundercracker 
  • Moonracer 
  • Firestar
  • Lug
  • Anode
  • Ten

Unseelie Court:  These are the creatures of legend that mothers use to scare children into obedience.  They are cold, cunning, malevolent, and not at all fond of humans wandering into their realm.  They don’t hold themselves to the laws as tightly as the seelie do, and are much more likely to manipulate the truth and deceive people.  They are said to have very powerful magic and are willing to preform deeds that the Seelie Court shy away from.  If you get it in your head to bargain with them for whatever reason, don’t.  Whatever it is you think you want or need, it is not worth the risk.  These faeformers will play you like a Fossegrim’s violin and will take far more from you than you’d ever be willing to give.  Not all of them are outright hostile however as some merely prefer to be left alone.  It may be possible for you to get out of a jam by outsmarting them, or amusing them in some way.  (They’re very fond of riddles.)  The Unseelie Court is comprised of the Winter and Autumn Courts.

Winter Court:  Solitary, severe, and unrelenting, these fae are the most dangerous of all the faeformer courts.  They consider humans to be little more than insects, and have no qualms about killing (or in some cases, devouring) any that dare step foot inside their territory.  They are untrusting, even of each other, often scheming behind one another’s back and forming alliances to claw their way up the social ladder.  Ruled by the equally feared and respected Lord Megatron, he is the sole reason the Winter Court has not torn each other apart yet.  Unsurprisingly, they are not fond of the Seelie, but tend to retain a respectful (or disdainful) distance (though some suspect this has more to do with their leader’s apparent fixation on the king of the Summer Court, Optimus.) 

  • Ruler: Megatron 
  • Dreadwing
  • Skyquake
  • Skywarp
  • Lugnut
  • Blitzwing
  • Airachnid 
  • Shockwave
  • Tyrest
  • Makeshift 
  • Star Saber 
  • The Vehicons

Autumn Court:  Proud, independent, clever, and inquisitive, these faeformers like their privacy and tend to avoid unnecessary confrontation.  While they’re not overly fond of humans or Seelie, they are not openly hostile towards them either.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t approach one without extreme caution however, as they can still be extremely dangerous.  They are said to be very wise and some have the ability to read the stars to predict the future.  (They might even divine yours for you for a price, though take care of how they chose to interpret it.)  They are however, exceptionally vain for the most part and can be won over somewhat with flattery, gifts, and offerings if you ever find yourself in a bind or simply need their advice.  They also love stories and songs, and have been known to stalk humans from a distance that they hear singing to themselves or sharing campfire tales.  The Autumn Court was at one point ruled by a fae called Metalhawk, but is now under the control of Starcream, a former Winter Court member who struck out on his own and killed Metalhawk to ascend the Autumn throne.  Despite his violent and unconventional start, Starscream for the most part keeps his realm safe and protected, particularity from the enraged Megatron.  

  • Ruler: Starscream (formerly Metalhawk) 
  • Knock Out
  • Breakdown
  • Steve
  • Cyclonus 
  • Perceptor
  • Getaway
  • Atomizer
  • Prowl
  • Pharma
  • Deathasaurus 
  • Krok
  • Crankcase
  • Spinster
  • Fulcrum
  • Misfire
  • Grimlock 

The Courtless:  These faeformers follow no ruler and prefer not to get involved in the petty squabbles of the courts.  The are the wildcards, the roguish outlaws, the bloodthirsty hunters, the charming drifters, and the savage beasts.  Often looked down upon by court adhering fae, the Courtless aren’t bond by the same laws as the others, meaning that they can be extremely dangerous under the right circumstances.  While there are more malevolent Courtless faeformers out there, many of them are fond of mortals, sometimes even going so far as to disguise themselves as humans to get a closer look.  It’s always best to carry some sort of protection on you when dealing with them however, no matter how friendly they may seem.

  • Rulers: None
  • Swindle 
  • Lockdown
  • Tarantulas 
  • Ravage
  • Blackarachnia
  • Overlord
  • Predaking
  • Waspinator 
  • The Necrobot
  • The Constructicons 

Shadow Court:  Very little is known about these creatures, though it’s said that even the Winter Court avoid them at all costs.  They are the stuff of legends, beings of nightmare and shadow, lurking on the edge of the fae realm but never fully a part of it.  The have no allegiance to anyone and obey no laws.  No human has ever met one of these beings face to face and lived to tell about it, though people who have gone into the woods late at night tell tales of a strange, haunting voice that seems to call out from the shadows, inviting them to stray off the path.

  • Ruler: Tarn
  • Tesarus
  • Helex
  • Kaon
  • Vos
  • The Pet
Takashi Shirogane a.k.a. Shiro the Hero

It’s a liveblog! I only finished season two, please no spoilers in the comments/reblogs!

The oldest Paladin, official sources state he’s Japanese. We have no information about his family, he doesn’t mention anyone waiting back on him on Earth, which could mean two things - either he doesn’t have any living family memebers or he thinks he’d have massive problems getting back to normal life, thus doesn’t mention that.

Before Kerberos mission Shiro was considered a prodigy pilot (talented enough to be chosen for the said mission,) a Garrison pride, on photos on TV you could see him with medals.
When in Galra captivity he had to fight in arena, he became a Champion and apparently was interesting enough for druids to operate on him, taking his hand away and giving him a handy fighting tool instead, and Haggar wanted to turn him into their ‘greatest weapon’.
And now he’s Black Paladin, a leader of the little group of Defenders of the Universe. All of that and he’s only 25 years old. Which means that pretty much all his life he spent in a spotlight, he was somebody.

He’s the head of Voltron, literally and figuratively, the one who’s decisive, a born leader whose men will follow without hesitation, and the one in control at all times. And that’s who he is. Well, that last part is not always truethough he wishes it was. But Lions did change more or less during last 10 000 years, and since their pilots are the reflection of their personalities, it fits that the current Black Paladin is traumatized person who doesn’t want to show his weaknesses to others.

Shiro’s not handling his issues well, choosing to ignore his PTSD and focusing on his need of control instead. He won’t talk about what’s bothering him, about monsters that haunt him. He doesn’t remember last year very well, but it takes a toll on him. Heck, the fact that he does not remember takes a toll on him. That’s why he was so hopeful when Ulaz finds them, he thought he could get some informations about it.
He’s afraid he’s not the person others think he is. He’s afraid he’s one of the monsters he fights. Should he be trusted? He fought for survival. He’s a broken man, he has PTSD, Black Lion threw him out in favor of Zarkon’s bond in “The Black Paladin”, only to let Keith in. And Keith must be a better candidate for leader than him, right?

It’s proven again and again that he’s better with a support from others, be it his teammates or Black Lion. When he’s left alone things tend to get pretty bad (Sendak - or whatever it was - tormenting him is one of the more memorable examples.) In this matter he’s similiar to Lance, except he recognized his problems a long time ago and won’t talk about them to anyone, while Lance only know started to think about his insecurities and will chat with somebody about them.

The irony here is that Shiro is, so to speak, a person who’s a team’s counselor, mostly for Keith and Pidge, though he is willing to discuss the matters with Hunk and catches on Lance’s desire to be called ‘sharpshooter’. Black Paladin is here to help you with your problems, sadly, it doesn’t involve his.

The only one person he sort of mention something to is Keith, who he knew before Kerberos mission. It’s not much, he barely expressed his desire to have his questions answered, but if there’s anyone he would open to it’s Red Paladin. The details of beginnning of their friendship might be unknown, but it’s obvious they are close to each other.
He also talks about him getting a leader position, which is… Not one of Keith’s favorite topics.

Despite his beliefs (or lack of beliefs in himself) Shiro tries to work the problems out, strengthening his bond with Black to keep Zarkon away, still living and fighting in spite of the atrocities that happened to him. He is determined to work things out, mostly for the sake of others. It’s also tied to his perfectionism and need to do what’s right.

He doesn’t fear death. It’s not that he wants to die, like many people in a fandom like to joke about. No, he is quite determined to survive, but if the cause would require him to give up his health or life (he did suffer from Sendak’s screaming at Pidge to not give herself away.)

Shiro likes to make a good first impression, always ready for anything (though I have a sad assumption that his readiness at the beginning of “Some Assembly Required” was tied with his problems with sleeping - which is common PTSD symptom,) but he’s not afraid to be harsh towards somebody he does not like (Ulaz and other Galras around him before Blade helped him escape, him snapping at Kolivan after listening to his opinion of Ulaz.)

He’s considered the best pilot in a team along with Keith, and a formidable fighter - he had to be to survive the arena - who uses environment to his advantage, and showing no obvious weakness in this matter. He’s also quite flexible. A great leader, trying to focus on matter at hand, though he had few hiccups - he is a human after all, mistakes are bound to be made. Quite charismatic, always knows what to say to get his team to fight.

He’s the one who’s most happy about becoming a Paladin,  excited by the prospect (“Defenders of the Universe, huh? That’s got a nice ring to it.”) By the time they’re getting ready to beat Zarkon he’s the only one who doesn’t join reminiscing, who doesn’t have any plans for the future. However great it is to finally defeat an evil overlord he doesn’t think there’s anything out there waiting for him.

Sometimes Shiro seems serious and uptight, not joining his team to laugh at some childish jokes. But it doesn’t mean he’s not able to relax, as his addition to ‘how laser gun sounds’ conversation showed us. Which is good to see, poor guy need to have a good laugh from time to time.

In a little twist and expectation turnaround the most masculine person has to be saved by others the most out of everyone. Which is also a sign of how much this guy suffers. Give him a break, writers! And no, making him disappear doesn’t count. Who knows where you sent him anyway?

His absence will clearly affect the team, especially Keith. On one hand it will be interesting to see how they’ll be acting and how their relationships will progress.
On the other I’ll await for his comeback, my favourite Black Paladin is part of the cast as anyone else in team and there is much of him to be explored.

Tl;dr: A military, tormented man ready to deal with anyone’s problems except his own. Quite talented in leadership and combat areas. Most importantly a good person despite bad experiences.

(more character analyses)

Coming Out | How to Handle The Reactions of Your Parents

For most parents, adjusting to a transgender child is like going through the stages of grief

This was the most important thing that my mum was ever told by our caseworkers at Tavistock and Portman; it helped her finally come to terms with it, and it was a huge eye-opener for me. Up until that stage, I had been selfish in my determination to start transitioning; I bombshelled my mum with the news on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, right before dinner. But I’d already been through the past two years trying to force my parents into acceptance as so many transgender and gender-variant people do. The bombshell just set things moving a little faster, It didn’t make anything easier.
I refused to be sympathetic to the fact that my mum had just discovered the child she raised as a girl was actually not a girl at all. 

There are seven stages of grief, and there are seven stages of parents reaching acceptance. Each stage is just as hard for the child as the parent and vise versa; so here is a guide of each stage made from a combination of primary and secondary experience- and the how to and how-not-to of handling each reaction.
And before I begin: everyone is different, and some people will work through these stages in a different order. You need to know how to recognise them and how to cope. 

Shock And Denial

A paralysis. A complete and utter shut-down. In this stage, your parent/carer/guardian- whoever it is you’re coming out to (I had this experience with my school Pastoral and Sensory Support worker)- just, sort of, closes up. It’s like their brain throws up a wall as it tries to perform acrobatics to wrap itself around this truly outrageous idea. My sarcasm is heavy here, but I usually like to say: “be sympathetic, however hard it is.”- after all, remember that your parents grew up in an entirely different generation, for the most part (some young parents may take it better, but things have changed so rapidly over the last twenty years). They come from a time when hanging out the washing on sunday was cause for neighbourhood scandal. I reckon in the light of this, you can grant a little leeway of patience. Frustrating though it may be, keep in mind that as memebers of a young, internet generation we have access to far more information than them. They only have wider media, which we all known can often be inaccurate.

Once they have begun to digest the information, however

Anger and Bargaining

will follow. I’ll adress the bargaining first, because this is usually the most trying. This isn’t bargaining like “I’ll take you to disneyworld if you stop being Trans”; it’s more like “Please let this be a phase, universe; give me my child back”. A sense of alienation can happen. This is what leads onto the anger, the huge rush of emotion after the initial shock. Often, the anger is internal; all you see on the surface is constant irritation and a short fuse when it comes to talking about transitioning.

Whatever you do, don’t fight fire with fire. It’s tempting to shout back, but that sometimes affirms the idea in some people’s heads that this whole “trans thing” is “teenage hormones” or some sort of existential crisis or a mental breakdown. Try and deal with it calmly; find YouTubers who explain things better, and more calmly, than you can; make sure you know the medical evidence as well as psychological and personal; deal with this logically.


This is a funny step, because sometimes it doesn’t happen, or it comes first. Usually though, it’s part of the anger if the anger is unresolved. Sometimes, this is where disownal happens- and that is never your fault. Some parents simply cannot accept it. Most do though.

Rejection can come in all sorts of ways. For me, it was a refusal to talk about it or understand. For an aqquaintance of mine, the parents were determined to find other reasons for gender dysphoria. Whatever you do, please, please DO NOT RECITE SCARE TACTICS. The worst thing you could tell a parent is “This percentage of trans youth commit suicide when not allowed to be themselves”; that’s like telling a parent who still loves you as their own that they’re accidentally torturing you to death. That just hurts your parent and makes them want to close up. But worse than that, is the snide “Well, this is what happened to this trans girl called Leelah…”- No shit, I’ve heard people use this. Don’t. That is just a violation of her memory; it’s low, spiteful, and achieves nothing. Just wait patiently, like you did through the shock stage, and handle it the same way you should handle the Anger.


comes next. This is the healthy part; the part where the air is cleared and your parents step back and go “Okay- this is what the situation is. Maybe we ought to deal with it”. Don’t push them; there is no rushing this bit.

The Upwards Turn/ Acceptance and Understanding

These two come bundled together usually. Your parents might start to ask questions here, and if those questions are awkwardly phrased or full of ignorant terminology now is the time to correct and inform. Cook a meal, take them out for coffee, dinner, whatever you’re able to do; just do something nice, and civil, and take a breather. Having conversation that has nothing to do with “LGBTQIA+” or “Pride” or “Transitioning” can work absolute wonders. Wait until you’re back on stable ground before starting to talk about future plans.

Hope and Future

I think this one speaks for itself. Here is where you broach the topics of transition, medical intervention, hormone therapy, binding, tucking, name changes and all the wonderful things that need to be done.

Two years ago, my parents would scream at me for talking about changing my name; my home-made binders would vanish all the time; the fights were bitter and exhausting. Now, we end up in fits of giggles on the train over the bendy wire in constructed penises. Time and patience can go a long way, when done right.

If You Marry Me...

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff


You couldn’t believe today was finally your wedding day. You’d been planning the ceremony for months. Gerard had said that since his first wedding had been so impromptu, backstage before a show, he wanted to do it right this time, with a church, and all his loved ones there.

Mikey was to be his best man. He’d been so good to you, when the media had accused you of “stealing” Gerard from Lindsay, even though Gerard had finalized his divorce long before you two had even started dating. Mikey could empathize a lot with your situation – it was the whole “family breakfast” thing all over again.  You were so relieved that Mikey had liked you when Gerard introduced you to him – and now he was going to be your brother-in-law!

You were relieved, as well, that Bandit had agreed to be your flower girl. You were terrified that she would see you as an “evil stepmother” forever. You knew you could never replace her mother. Linsday did, after all, still have shared custody of the little girl. But, the two of you had bonded, and the child seemed happy that you made her father happy.

Frank and Ray were going to be at the ceremony, too. Even though My Chemical Romance was over with, they were still Gerard’s friends, and wanted to be with him on his special day. You’d made sure no tabloid journalists would be there taking photos, but a lot of people from Reprise Records and Young Animal were also going to be at the wedding. Plus, of course, all your loved ones. Your old friend from school was one of your bridesmaids. She teased you that when you’d written Mrs. Gerard Way on your notebook back in the day, she didn’t think you’d actually earn the title.

But this was real. You were about to become Mrs. Way. You were so filled with happiness you thought you might explode. You clutched the bouquet in your hands and straightened your white dress.

“Ready to go?” your father smiled at you.

“I am,” you replied, taking him by the arm, and opened the door of the church. It was the same church in New Jersey where Gerard had buried Helena some years ago. Now, you were about to make much happier memories here.

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How to recognize and deal with a Destiheller in 3 easy steps.

When wandering through the wild world of Tumblr and especially if you step into the vast Supernatural fandom, is easy to spot the Destiel shippers, since their numbers are great and they move in packs. However, when approaching a Destiel shipper to decide if you want to be friends with them or not, you have to be very careful, for there is a more agressive species of this particular brand of shippers: the Destihelleres. *cue menacing music*

Now, you must be aware, most Destiel shippers are friendly and like a regular shipper, they only wish to enjoy their ship through fanart, fanfiction and meta-analysis. Some of them have given up on the canon show and some of them keep watching in the hopes that their ship may become canon some day. Whatever the case, if you approach them with kidness and respect, they will extend the same courtesy to you, even if you ship something different entirely.

The Destihellers, however… *more menacing music.*

Be not afraid, though, because through my experience and the experience of those around me who have dealt with them extensively, I have developed a foolproof method to detect and avoid Destihelleres. And as SPN has been confirmed for its thirteenth season (yes, this horse has been beaten into a fine powder) I thought it would be useful to share it. Let’s begin.

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jungkooksthighs  asked:


Hihi!!! Please do boyfriend jungkook too I loved the seokjin and Jimin one so much!!! <3

so ive gotten this requested twice and it took lonng bcuz svt and nct127 have been up my buTT but here we go

Originally posted by chimchams

Dating Jeongguk

  • well well well what have you gotten yourself into, dating a living meme
  • be prepared for a wild ride because jeongguk is a fluffy squishy adorable mess and wowowowowowow
  • he wouldn’t even be subtle with liking you
  • like if he thinks you’re attractive he’ll be trying to get you attention nonstop
  • that doesn’t mean he’ll straight up admit he likes you though
  • at first it’ll be a lot of really dumb stuff like you’ll be sitting there with everyone and he kinda just strolls in with like with a pineapple in hand even though this is library??
  • and he kinda smirks and winks all dramatically “Baby if you were a fruit you would be a fineapple”
  • and you kinda “What the actual f-”
  • and before you can like question what has happened jimin and taehyung have dragged him off to kindly remind him that is not the way to get someone to fall for you
  • and his fave gross pick up line would be “Do you like seafood? wanna a taste of these muscles?” and he flexes and this time seokjin is the one to drag him off because “i raised you better than this you brat”
  • but  then you like get him one on one and he is not a meme and he is not a clown and he is not joking around with you??
  • he’s really shy and embarrassed and you catch him staring at you every like two seconds but he’ll immediately turn the other direction and it’s actually really endearing??
  • like he’s “accidentally” brushing his hands over yours and he’s other little touches like” “oops sorry i touched your face there was a string there??”
  • he’s really shy when it’s actually the two of you but he still manages to flirt just not as obnoxiously like he kinda “you should wear that shirt more often, really makes your eyes shine more than usual” or “did you do something to your hair today? I really like it a lot! Not like I ever dislike your hair or anything I mean…”
  • which makes him blush and stammer again
  • he finally manages to ask you out with help from the other boys and like namjoon helps him pick an outfit and hoseok buys him some flowers to give to you and jin is giving him advice on what to say and jimin and tae have more pick up lines and yoongi has kissing advice (and jeongguk is like have you ever even kissed anyone before um??)
  • “now remember you brat, you don’t use tongue until like date seventeen.”
  • “yOoNgI-hYunG PLeASe”
  • and so you’re chilling there and he comes out of nowhere with the flowers and you can legit hear the other boys giggling and whispering from around the corner and you swear you see a camera too???
  • and you’re all red and embarrassed but not as badly as jeongguk and he kinda waves and shoves the flowers in your face like “willyoupleasecomeseethatnewsuperheromoviewithme”
  • and you’re “whoa slow down man it’s just me”
  • “will you please come to that new superhero movie with me cause you are beautiful and amazing and wonderful and funny and cute and i wanna date you really baDlY-”
  • and you can hear yoongi the other boys snickering from the back and you just roll your eyes then smile at poor baby kook who’s about to melt into a puddle
  • and you just kinda nod and take the flowers and he can’t really help it and he hugs you all tight and cuTE and he’s so musculAR and you can feel it through his shirt and???
  • and you smile all sweet and kiss his cheek and he dies right there and then boom dead
  • and he finally pulls away after like seventeen hours and he smiles that bunny smile “i’ll pick you up tonigHT”
  • and by pick you up he means jin is gonna be a mom and carpool his butt to your place
  • and when he gets there he’s wearing a cute super hero shirt and by cute I mean rude because it’s tight as hell on his muscles
  • and you have a huge butt purse and he’s “do you have a dog in there can I see it”
  • and you’re “????????? No it’s for snacks so we don’t pay, plz I’m broke”
  • and he takes your hand all nervously and leads you to the car and as soon as you sit down jin is all “alright kids, don’t do anything nasty in the movie theatre okay keep your hands to yourself jeongguk-”
  • and he’s !! so so so red and he’s stammering and explaining how he would never ever in a million years and jin glares at him then smiles at you and asks you how your day is going
  • in the movie jeongguk pulls the cheesy yawn and stretch and you’re like srsly?? but it’s actually really cute because you can tell he’s embarrassed and sheepish and you two are so wrapped up in each other you don’t notice yoongi and hoseok (who were sent by jin) throwing popcorn at you every time you two get a lil too close
  • dates with jeongguk would always be upbeat and fun like he’s a young kid, he doesn’t want to pull a grandpa card and go to dinner every night??
  • like one of your earlier dates would be an amusement park and after like eating cotton candy and funnel cakes and then riding the biggest roller coaster in the park he thinks he might die and he’s really dramatic “like if I die because of this I want to die with you as my girlfriend”
  • and so like you always go back to that park cause that’s where you two became official and it’s nice when you get scared and jeongguk hold your hand
  • and you do a lot of other fun stuff like that like going to carnivals with more rides and greasy foods
  • and he always wins you something like at the apartment y’all have like seventeen goldfish and a giant teddy bear and then some more plushies that hog up your bed and force jeongguk to stop winning you things cause he misses his snuggles
  • he would probably like group dates a lot too like if jimin and tae had girlfriends he would always want all of you to do something together??
  • whatever the boys do you get dragged along??
  • like they’re going to a water park  on their day off well guess who’s gonna be there, that’s right, you
  • and all the other boys dote on you because wow baby jeongguk has finally found love we thought this day would never come
  • they’re always embarrassing him in front of you, especially tae and jimin
  • “wow look I found this baby picture of jeongguk wasn’t he such a cutie??”
  • okay so now to the good parts
  • skinship is either hella intense or hella timid there isn’t an in between
  • he’s like ten so that means hormones af so some days he’s like wow wouldn’t it be fun if we,, i don’t know,, made out,,????
  • and others days he won’t even look at you because he’s a shy bun and he can’t deal with how cute you are and how you make his heart race
  • at first he’s more reserved but once you two are together are long enough he would be so liberal with affection? like while shy it wouldn’t be like one kiss it would be like hello yes i’m nervous but im gonna every square inch of your face
  • faves would be nose kisses and he likes getting nose kisses (his nose is so cute??) and obviously lip kisses???
  • rude af though like sometimes he’ll lean in all close for a hug and it’s cute but then he’ll move his head just a bit and kiss your neck and then pull away like nothing happened
  • probably also rude as in like hello you’re paying more attention to this movie than to me well i’m gonna nip your eaR
  • he’s just rude in general //jin shouldve raised him better smh//
  • in public he would probably have his hand around your waist more than hold hands because he’s big and tall and that makes him feel more powerful and manly and it shows other guys there’s no way they have a chance
  • i don’t see him getting jealous without reason? like if another guy talks to you it’s whatever, he understands, you’re gorgeous but as soon as someone hits on you??
  • probably need to hold him back from punching someone boy will use his muscles if he needs
  • but he would probably kiss you long and hard like even tho this is a public area (gets scolded by a few moms) just to show that yes you are very much taken
  • like imagine this
  • jeongguk has been at practice all day and it’s just you and the goldfish and your’e bored and lonely
  • and he texts you like hey babe i got carry out coming your way we can snuggle and watch a romantic movie
  • and you’re so !! bcuz this is the boy that forces you to watch iron man 25/8 along with cartoons and you’re so excited??
  • and he gets home and you eat your chow fun and lo mein and fried wontons and all that good stuff
  • and he tells you to go get some blankets from upstairs while he sets up the movie
  • you come back down and naruto is on the screen
  • not even ouran high school host club or something quality
  • it’s god forsaken naruto and you scream becauSE SASUKE AND NARUTO GLARING AT EACH OTHER IS NOT ROMANCE FOR THE LAST TIME
  • pet naMES
  • “babe, baby, baby girl, sugar, gumdrOP” honestly anything cute and poppy
  • he likes when you call him bunny tbh don’t tell the others that though shh
  • although he’s all about going out date nights in are like every single night
  • like guess who’s gonna be watching free again for the seventh hundredth millionth time
  • but then he gets upset with how you fawn over rin or something and he puts naruto back on
  • and you always play video games together like super smash brothers and you always end up losing because this boy has perfected his skill but then you pout and whine and he lets you win..
  • when the other boys are over he always puts the game on tag team mode you can make hoseok and yoongi taste defeat at your hands (but really so he can congratulate for winning the game with a big fat kiss)
  • throughout the day his favorite thing to do is take awful pictures of the other boys and then zoom in on their faces and send them to you
  • like “morning babe, doesn’t it look like namjoon just swallowed a bee or something??”
  • although he’s young he’s pretty good at reading the mood
  • like he can tell when you’re upset and his first initial response is always to fight whatever is upsetting you
  • but then he’ll pull you into his arms and let you cry into his chest and he’ll rub your back and sing until you either calm down or fall asleep
  • and if you’re really upset like in a funk he’ll buy you something
  • he’s not always about gifts you can buy like he would rather win you something or make you something so a lot of times he works with yoongi to write you a song or works with hoseok to choreograph a new dance just for you
  • this boy would try to get you to dance always btw
  • and one day he has the great idea to try and dance with you on his back and he just kinda falls and you fall over on top of him and you’re both laughing and smiling and he just leans up and kisses you and did i mention rude
  • boy would not be one for small talk at night
  • small baby just wants to sleep and usually he has an arm around your waist and his nose is buried in the crook of your shoulder and sometimes you wonder if he’s comfortable buT?
  • he wakes you up every morning with him shower singing to vixx and it’s really loud and off key and the neighbours have threatened to report you guys but oh whale
  • have fun dating a meme
  • but a loving meme who would treat you like the world and give you everything in it

anonymous asked:

can i get a scenario where Leo confesses to the one he likes? ovo

“Your lunch is here!” You yelled into Vixx’s practice studio, catching their attention as they worked hard on their dances. They all sighed in relief to have a chance to relax and breathe for a little while and you knew they must be starving. They took their time to catch their breath, Ravi and N falling to the floor on their backs in exhaustion.

“Annyeong ______.” Ken waved to you as you stood waiting for them at the door.

“Annyeong Ken oppa.” You smiled with a small wave. You grown sort of close to all of the memebers of Vixx in your time working for Jellyfish entertainment and felt comfortable around all of them to be casual. All but Leo, however. He was naturally quiet and mysterious but you always had a feeling when you were around him that he didn’t like you very much. Not knowing the reason you didn’t feel the need to ask and make things weird so you just ignored it.

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shinee world iv album interview

at the end of shinee world iv in seoul you said “i have used my life worth of luck when i became a part of shinee” do you really believe so?
minho: yes i mean it. i am able to stand on stage at a concert because i am in shinee. whenever i see the audience i think ‘am i allowed to receive such love?’ 'why do they cheer for us so much?’ i experience an overwhelmingly touched feeling. then i think 'if i wasn’t in shinee i wouldn’t have been able to experience and feel this kind of happiness.’ summarising it i am so happy that i am in shinee. i think i need to pay back the amount of happiness i receive and the audience receives. i wanted to tell the audience this.

isn’t it really touching when foreign fans sing along to korean lyrics?
minho: it’s interesting. i’m thankful. they’re foreign but they memorise the lyrics. when we say something on stage they focus really hard to catch what we’re saying. when i see that i think 'this is what feels to be touched.’ people who are far from the stage may not be able to see us, but i can feel their cheers and their effort to deliver their energy. things like that to us become a great strenght.

please say something to those that are waiting for shinee world v
shinee and shinee world are partners. they are a thankful existence who give shinee a lot of strenght. if fans weren’t here we wouldn’t have been able to perform and there would be no point releasing albums. shinee is here because shinee world is here. i want to promise that we will never dissapoint them.

it seems that shinee, particularly minho, has a huge sense of responsibility towards the fans.
minho: the high the anticipation, it is also more likely to be dissapointed. with the belief of “will absolutely not dissapoint you” so i will practice much harder. 

when you first heard about the plan for shinee world iv, what was your first thought?
minho: i looked forward to it, felt excited and my heart fluttered but i was also worried at the same time. we haave been preparing new stages every year so i get worried when i hear about concerts. it’s a worry about 'how can i make a better show’. so when we plan the cue sheets and prepare for the performance, memebers express their opinions a lot. everyone puts their effort to make a show with the highest degree of competition possible. there’s a part of me that wants to show something great but my biggest aim was not to dissapoint the audience for this concert.

what was the reason for choosing a sey performance for your solo during swc4?
about my solo performance there was a suggestions “how about trying a sexy performance for the stage climax during the 2nd half of the concert?” i said “then i will have to get ready to work out my body” for a period of about three months, i only ate chicken breast meat and vegetables. almost no salt. when it got too touch, i would eat meat occasionally. the amazing thing was it was very difficult for 2-3 days at the beginning, but after some time. i got used to it so i was able to continue doing it.

you do often hear words like “great body” right?
yes, i have heard about it. but it is also a burden for a guy to show/expose his body. i am especially very particular about exposing no matter where. but this is shinee’s concert, our fans gathered together to see shinee, i feel that if fans like it, it is still possible with such degree. i just wan to show a cool body shape. 

you have a great body shape why the taboo to show?
i can show it if fans like to see, but is it necessary for others to see, too? i am not an easy man, ok! haha

when you did that sexy performance, did you rip that black shirt every time?
it’s a trick. that black shirt is not with buttons, it’s velcro. you just tear and stick them back.
you must have had a hard time managing your diet. when was the hardest time?
minho: we tend to eat late night meals when we practice choreography overnight. i ate chicken breasts and salads too but i couldn’t eat together with shinee memebers in one table. they teased saying 'chicken breasts smell disgusting. go somehwere else to eat’ so i ate separetely in lonelliness watching members eating delicious food. i ate little by little after the seoul concert ended. shinee world iv tour was done to sparsely so it was too hard to maintain that diet. 

then once more? do you have intentions on doing a sexy performance once again?
minho: i reject. it was so hard. once is enough. if i’m told i have to do it again? i might die. haha

i think you faced lots of crisis that made you want to quit your diet. how did you overcome that difficulty?
minho: i did have many crises. i didn’t even drink any alcohol during the three months. not being able to drink alcohol was bearable but it was mentally strevous during stagnation. it was during when i thought if i exercise a little more my body would be better but not matter how hard i exercised my body remained the same. during that time, it became difficult to exercise harder. 

you performed in four cities, during which one did you feel your body was the most prettiest?
minho: the seoul concert. my body even looked a little gross during then. when we expose our skin in a performance we usually put on a makeup to emphasize the six pack or put on oil. i put some oil on during rehearsals but the six pack looked to deeply sunken in that. it was uncomfortable to look at them because they were overly emphasized. so i wiped off all the oil before going up on stage. i only put lotion on during overseas tours.

interview with staff

what was the most impressive scene during the concert this time?
during the performance, once minho off his top, shinee fans exploded with screams, seeing this scene.. i felt that the stage effect, the performance (or others) were not needed. 

shim jae won (director/choreographer)
from the director’s point of view, what kind of group is shinee?
a group with a very strong teamwork. they have a strong attachment to their team. they also care a lot about each other while having a strong teamwork. that care is not just kindness. they argue with each other. they fight when their opinions are in conflic. i like that side of shinee .they talk directly about each other’s mistakes. i think as friends who speant almost 10 years together, they picked a good mothod of communication. their friendship streghthens as they talk honestly to each other. so in other words, shinee are friends, not colleagues. no one leaves another member to be “do whatever you like. it’s your freedom.’ perhaps because of that, i think the balance of the five members are very great. whenever they have to make a decision, theesefriends think about shinee first than themselves. i highly respect that. their attitude on stage is different from other groups too. i can feel their heart that they sincerely want this stage and really it. looking at at these friends who work so hard, it yields feelings. so that’s why shinee is staff’s favorite artist group. it’s important to do good music as a singer but the attitude on stage is important too. if someone is an artist, i think they have to be responsible for the precious time of someone who’s watching that stage. 

as a person who knew shinee for over 10 years, please tell us shinee members’ strenghts.
jonghyun is a great vocalist. he’s not a singer who’s been madeup, he is proving his value as a true artist. i think that friend’s value was proved also through 'excuse me miss’ too. he himself feels a great pride in singing. one of the flaws of artists is that they tend to not listen to people around them, but jonghyun is different. jonghyun listens seriously to other people’s advices. i feel thankful i wonder how much further he will grow as an artist. there’s a lot of fun watching him grow.
onew looks fragile but he’s actually very strong inside. he has lots of tears and smiles too but he accomplishes things he decides to do no matter what. onew actually couldn’t dance very well. this friend was someone who never danced. but he practiced and practiced and eventually he adjusted to the balance within the team shinee. whether it be dance or singing. shinee is a very well balanced team. no one is incapable of doing something. onew proved his value on his own and achieved recognition. the process of his transformation was really proud.
key is the life of the party and a friend who creates the color of shinee. key puts on a lot of color sense to shinee. he is also very good at harmonizing the opinions within the team. and above all, he thinks a lot of shinee than anyone else. he continously thinks on the direction that shinee needs to pursue. he sends me a sudden text message 'hyun, how about this for our next concert?’ he’s a lovely guy. the values of singers are proved on concert stages and he’s a friend who always worries about that.
minho is a friend who always says 'hyung, it’s a GO no matter what!’ he’s a friend who says 'i will say go t/n: yes) to all the things you say so please bring something amazing to shinee.’ i’m actually embarrased to introduce myself as a director. i’m just a hyung and sunbae to shinee members. what i learned when i was young was 'don’t dissapoint trust.’ if someone trusts me unconditionally like minho, it yields feelings. i cannot not love him.
taemin is a friend who doesn’t know limits. most of the times when i give 100 (to do something) people usually just do 100. but taemin always asks questions. he asks questions like 'is there anything i could do better?’. 'hyung, what would be the best way to do in this performance?’ to gain advice. i once told taemin 'when you are doing something don’t anticipate on people’s reaction or results the task you must do from now on is prove what kind of identity you have’  because that’s what you call an artist. to become an artist who shines the brightest on stage you need to continously think over, try, research and study. i trust that all this strenous process will eventually make taemin into a great artist.

translation credit: @omggminho & @tWeeTy_jAc & @thatcoolcatmeow

nattie-chan HERE I GO

Okay, let’s talk about ShinKido a bit, shall we? 

This ship is so important to me and for so many others of my friends too— it’s kinda unpopular in the fandom BUT they got so many clear moments in the novel, manga, and even the anime! What am I trying to do here is to put some of their moments down there for you guys to at least consider this ship a thing ;u; 

Starting with the light novel, it contained plenty of fluffy moment for them— all written Jin himself (the creator). I will mention a few moment of them based on what my friend wrote here (spoilers warning below): 

  • Facing my straight-forward question, Kido still had the dazed look while listening, but after I finished saying, she gave a warm smile. 

    “…….. I should have told you earlier before this kid. sorry”

    Kido bent her body forward, and crossed her fingers of both her hands between her knees.

    “Eh, no. It’s okay. I just think that I’m concerned about it…”

    I suddenly blushed, and moved my sight.

He ‘suddenly blushed’ like wow—-

  • “O-oi where are you going!? Isn’t that kid sleeping right now!?”

    And after she heard me, Kido suddenly reacted, and sat back on the sofa again.

    Perhaps she was embarrassed because of her impetuous action, Kido blushed and lowered her sight.

    Such action compared with her serious talk made me had a mind passing by my head “Ahh, this person is a girl”, such words that I might be punched away like Kano if I say out those words.

Now she blushed—- okay wow how cute~~

  • “That ‘leader’ name, sounds like it’s pretty tiresome”

    As I said that, maybe I accidentally made her shy, Kido’s face became redder than before.

    “sh-SHUDDUP! Don’t keep saying me like that! I-I’m going to sleep! okay!?”

    After saying, Kido was clumsy back then, but this time she was so agitated that she stood up with a loud klunk! , and went towards her room.

The inner Tsun-Tsun strikes again—-

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