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Do you think Dylan would be a moaner, loud, during sex or you think he'd be a quiet one??

I tend to think the first few times he would be a bit inhibited and silent and holding it back though extremely loud at his finish line climax. ;)    But with more practice and encouragement while with his girl, he could learn to let go and unleash his inner beast more regularly and become more vocal while giving and receiving pleasure.  I think it would be cathartic for him to allow himself more verbal expression sexually. It might be a bit of a warped comparison but I would liken it to Dylan giving in to his wild abandon in the midst of NBK here he was the one whooping it up, laughing loudly and saying whatever nasty comment came into his head and no longer censoring that  ‘unacceptable’, wild side of himself..  

Can we stop calling bad experiences abuse?

I see it all the time and I am just so … weary? Despite my 27 years, I feel like I need a grown up to explain it to me.

I know that I really should know better, but the line is seriously starting to blur for me and it seems like the line is different for everyone, so how do I tell what actual abuse is by now?
I always thought that abuse was something a bit more systematic (that might just be how I perceive it, though) or at least consistent, and when I see the word abuse, my mind usually drift to relationships between two people, because that is what I most often see referenced. 

I mean. I’ve seen the weirdest things on this site, and I’d like to think that my grasp on reality is so good that I’m not baited by random posts, and yet… 
One example is when I saw some anon write to a Supergirl blog, that they should stop posting stuff with Kara and Mon-El, because they didn’t want to give young girls the impression that abuse is okay… And my first thought was “Is this shit serious? What the hell did I miss?” 
Sure, the intentions sounds good, no doubt about that, but I feel like people (especially on this fucking site) just throw the word around needlessly, and … I feel like it really cheapens it a lot? I’m not sure if it’s just me, though.

And my second, and most prominent example, is why do people call Reylo (Kylo Ren/Rey, for the uninitiated) abusive? 
They “barely” interacted, if we’re being real with ourselves, and while Kylo Ren is a pretty bad guy, I wouldn’t say his actions and behaviour is abusive in the way that I feel like most people want them to be, i.e. the relationship-way.
I’ve seen people say that the whole ship is a trigger for them, which is a pretty serious thing and if that were me, I would blacklist that shit as quickly as possible and hope that people would tag their posts correctly. 

I feel like more people would scream about abuse if it was Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron people were shipping. But surprise, they’re not. 
I can only speak about that I see, of course, and I don’t want to put words into people’s mouths, but I feel like a lot of people say it’s abusive, simply because they don’t like it and that’s their way of justifying that. Again, I could be wrong, but that’s how I see it.

I feel like this post was a bit incoherent and not very … collected. I’m sorry for that, but hopefully some points got across. If not, my inbox is open!

Do you agree? Disagree? Either way, tell me about it and educate me, please!

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so vic..i don't know if you are able to help me but recently i was not accepted to a magnet program for high school which means im on the wait list. i know that i probably will have a spot in the high school but i usually don't think positive about myself. i always think negative and i just say that im not that intelligent to be accepted to a program. i literally have no faith in myself and i don't know what to do

When one door closes, others open. Have faith in yourself!!! Positivity will get you a long way in life, more so than skills, in most cases. When something that we really want does NOT happen, things feel like they’re collapsing, but down the line you might be thankful it happened. I know it’s difficult now, but you need to try and make the best of any situation you’re in. I believe that everything happens for a reason :) 

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what tattoos do u think the bridge crew would get/have? (if any)

i reaaaally love the idea of spock having secret tattoos in vulcan but i don’t know if that’s quite logical!  hmm, but we all know spock is a secret sentimentalist and doesn’t act in accordance with logic all the time… 

don’t you think jimbo would have something that he says was from a drunken night on the town with friends but was actually something really meaningful to him… 

and I feel like Uhura might have one that reminded her of some personal manifesto, like to stay strong or something along those lines but much more empowering and poetic… what do you think, anon?? :D 

thinking about it, this week’s episode did a lot to dispel any remaining fear i had about a power imbalance or ulterior motives in victor and yuuri’s relationship, and it’s basically because of one line.

because remember, we’ve only very recently started to hear victor’s internal dialogue, and it told us crucially here that this is exactly what victor was doing. not because of any malicious intent, sure; he was genuinely trying to help yuuri, and based on his own experiences, an extreme ultimatum like the one he presented to yuuri was the best that he could come up with. nonetheless, it was designed to manipulate yuuri in a way, to motivate him, to snap him out of his stress. 

and the thing is, even in a very well done story, that’s what we might reasonably have expected to happen: yuuri, filled with a new drive not to lose victor, someone he admires immensely, as his coach/friend/partner, delivers a stunning performance and all is resolved. that’s just how the trope seems to go.

instead, yuuri immediately sees through what victor was doing, recognizes it as out of character for victor’s coaching style and how he treats yuuri in general, and calls him the fuck out on it, because yeah, that’s unhealthy, it’s not okay, and yuuri knows it, knows that he’s in and deserves a relationship with mutual honesty and respect. 

regardless of his anxiety, his insecurities, this is not a relationship where yuuri is on thin ice, and it’s lovely to see.

Kisses with Pentagon

A/N: I got one request to do ‘first kiss with Pentagon’ and one about making out with them, so I just combined them – enjoy! 

You can find the maknae line here



Okay okay, so – I don’t think he’s an everyday kind of kisser. By this I mean that he will give you little pecks here and there – soft, short kisses when he leaves or you see each other again.

Making out though, he would be a bit different. I think he is a slow kisser, making you feel every part of the kiss. He might also have teasing tendencies, holding your face and smiling when you go in for more.


I think he’s a thief when it comes to kisses, you’ll sit on the couch and read a book or something, and he’ll come over to you and give you a long kiss just to leave the room again, leaving you confused and blushing.

Well, making out. He probably bites your lip slightly, he’s cheeky like that. He’s also slow but even more teasing than Jinho. Honestly I think he wants to wrap you around his little finger (spoiler: he always succeeds)


Hongseok will definitely kiss your cheeks, it will be the sweetest thing. Something like him standing and back hugging you, then deciding to lean forward and plant a soft kiss on your cheekbone, close to your eye.

I can see makeout sessions happen mostly as an act of foreplay, so there will be some faint moans or breaths and it will be incredibly hot. He’s going to want you to sit on his lap while he runs his fingers through your hair.



Faint, the kisses are faint. This might sound weird, but what I mean is that they’re really really gentle and caring. They’re a proper display of affection and care for you – he also looks at you as something very precious and wants to be careful with you always.

I mean except for when things get heated, then he forgets all that and just lets lose. It becomes heavily messy with hot breaths and kisses that are both lazily performed and intense at the same time.



If Shinwon could make out all the time, that’s what he would do, but the everyday kisses have to be tamed. His kisses are always long and lingering though and he takes his time with kissing you properly.

When he gets his way and is able to kiss you intensely, he’s going to run his hands all over your body and wanting to keep on for hours. There’s always some loving at the bottom of his actions though, as when he pulls away just to smile at you before going back in for another kiss.  


Yeo One

Soft soft soft soft. His kisses are so soft and sweet and he smiles into most of them. He always catches you off guard, making you smile or laugh before kissing you.

Since he is such a sweetheart, he wants to show a different side of himself while making out, and he sure does. Have you seen his smirks in the Gorilla performances? Because his kisses are the physical way to describe that smirk, it’s so teasing and the push and pull is insane. He knows exactly how to work your nerves and it’s wonderful.



Yanan’s kisses are also very lingering, I think he likes to hug you a lot and then kiss you whilst in the hug. It would feel very safe and very warm and loving. I also see him liking to kiss your nose.

I think he might have a different side when closed off only with you – I think he would be more comfortable with taking control with having heated kisses and hold you tight and give you all the attention.

12x11 Speculation

Okay first of all, I have no real clue if Cas is in this episode- but based on this promo, I think he may be? Or at least referred to by Dean-

My theory is that the video of that huge fight and Cas bleeding out has nothing to do with 12x11. Misha’s tweet suggests something really serious and we know Cas is in 12x12, so it can’t be 12x11.

Dean’s little speech though, looks like it might be from his memory loss episode.

12x11 might start off fun and cute, Dean regressing to a more impish, carefree state but slowly he starts slipping, losing integral parts of himself, however broken, however scarred.

“My name is Dean Winchester. Sam is my brother. Mary Winchester is my mom, and Cast - Cas, he is - my best friend.”

That line- it’s like he’s struggling to retain his sense of self, to remember the people he loves, the ones who ground him in reality. 

And that little hitch of breath before Cas’s name- it’s like he recalls his first encounter with Castiel, Angel of the Lord. Only, it’s Cas now- Cas, his best friend. Cas, one of the most important people in the world to him. Cas, one of the three people he cannot afford to forget. 

I’m dying for this episode, really. I just want this, to be honest. Even if Cas’s not in the episode, I want his presence felt and that line- if it is in 12x11, then it’s everything I’ve been wanting. Cas being an important presence on-screen and off. 


that “N.O” stands for both the word “no” and is the acronym for “No Offense.”

and the mv looks like its from some kind of dystopian world where anything and everything they do gets controlled like

Who is the one who made us into studying machines?
They classify us to either
Being number one or dropping out
They trap us in borders, the adults
There’s no choice but to consent
Even if we think simply,
It’s the survival of the fittest
Who do you think is the one who makes us step
On even our close friends to climb up? What?

suga’s lines make me think about south korea’s culture of educational masochism, and how its normal there for even young children to work from early morning until late at night, and often at weekends too, to get into the best university they can and eventually secure a well-paying job. the pressure is intense, and the routine relentless - for years on end. in seoul, legions of students who fail to get into top universities spend the entire year after high school attending hagwons, which are after-hours tutoring academies, to improve their scores on university admissions exams. and these hagwons are no joke, they can last until early mornings for students as early as elementary school kids :0

which brings me to my next point. i think its very clever that rapmon starts the song with 

A good house,
A good car,
Will these things bring happiness?
In Seoul
To the SKY,
Will parents really be happy?

ppl may not know while SKY can mean the sky up above us, its also said to be the acronym for the three most prestigious universities there– seoul university, korea university and yonsei university. they’re very hard to get admitted, and the competition is insane, just

and its no wonder why even with south korea being the world’s 12th largest economy at least according to forbes, a place where you can surf the internet on the underground, dance the night away in a salsa club, and buy a decent americano on your way to work. and yet, as i quote, “people here seem less happy than during the years of hardship after the korean war.” their high suicide rate seems to reflects this. 

and like how rapmon further laments, how can they?

The grown-ups confess
That we have it so easy
They say that we are happier than our portion
Then how do you explain my unhappiness?
There’s no conversation topics beside studying
Outside, there are so many kids like me,
Living the life of a puppet
Who will take responsibility?

cos thats how they’ve rolled for centuries..

which is why i applaud bangtan and its whole production for highlighting this issue and in a way letting ppl know of its atrocity, and that gives a lot of consolation for ppl like me, for students like us, and i like how their message isnt really about being rebellious and going against the authority, they’re not even questioning the importance of education, cos it is. 

just take the title for what it is, no offense– but

I can’t stop thinking about what must have happened in the fight between Hanzo and Genji. More specifically, I can’t stop thinking about how obscenely, totally one-sided it must have been.

Like, we know that Genji was at the brink of death afterwards and Hanzo walked away, but it’s more than that. 

Genji’s body was absolutely destroyed. His limbs are all prosthetic. His face is covered in scars. He mentions how he can no longer eat regular food in one of his voice lines. We only see his eyes when he removes his mask in the Dragons short, but even with the mask removed, there’s still metal visible on much of the lower half of his face, which might imply that he needed portions of his skull/jaw replaced as well. 

And then there’s Hanzo–who doesn’t have so much as a single visible scar. And if he does have scars, they’re certainly not anywhere on his body where you’d expect to see them if someone had tried to kill you, like his head, neck, and chest. I’m also working under the assumption that he doesn’t have prosthetic legs and just wears futuristic boots, based on the fact that his pants are tucked into them, they go over his knee but possess a normal, organic joint at the back, and his ‘ick’ reaction to finding out that so much of Genji’s body is now robotic. 

Like, Hanzo walked away from their fight completely unscathed, but Genji was mutilated. Mutilated, but not killed–which probably means Hanzo wasn’t just carrying it out like a normal assassination, quick and to the point. He was angry. It wasn’t enough just to kill himhe wanted to make Genji suffer for what (in Hanzo’s mind) he was making him do. He might have even deliberately made it so Genji’s death would be long and drawn out–something which ultimately allowed time to save him.

And Genji, in turn, barely fought back. In fact, he probably only made attempts to defend himself. The chipped sword is likely a direct result of that, since swords are not generally designed to block one another and are meant to simply cut through flesh. The aim is to kill your opponent fast, or at least hurt them enough to incapacitate them. As a trained assassin, Genji would have known that as well as anyone. But if you can’t (or won’t) do that, and you’re not fast enough to outright avoid a hit (Hanzo was a better swordsman, after all), then you block–and that’s what Genji did. He didn’t want to die–but more than that, he didn’t want to kill Hanzo. Didn’t want to hurt him at all. Was more content to let himself get chopped practically to pieces than to raise his sword against his brother.

That’s probably what motivated Hanzo’s guilt, as much as anything. If he’d given his brother an easy death–made it an honorable kill–he probably would have returned to his life as the heir feeling saddened but justified. But he fought Genji with the intent to crush him, to stomp him out like a cigarette butt, and Genji hardly did anything to stop it. He simply could not bring himself to fight back with everything he was capable of–not when he loved Hanzo so much. It’s no wonder Hanzo could barely live with himself afterwards. He had done such a monstrous, unforgivable thing to the only family he had left after the death of their father. And why? For what? 

So, realizing what the Shimada Clan was doing to him–what he would turn into if he stayed with them–he left. But, I’m sure he knows as well as any that that doesn’t quite erase what he did. Which may be part of why he reacts so angrily towards Genji when they reunite. 

Genji’s been alive all this time, and yet he never came for Hanzo. He could have settled the score, but instead he went after the Shimada clan itself, the ones who put him and his brother at odds to begin with, who made it so they had to fight. And there’s Hanzo, realizing all this and being so upset about it. Because after everything Hanzo has done to atone on his own, it’s Genji once again who forgives him. It’s Genji once again who loves him more–would probably have loved him just the same even if he hadn’t spent the last 10 years trying to make things right. And that must have been so frustrating for Hanzo to know that he’d abandoned everything, done so much to make things up to someone who never, ever even blamed him. All this time, he’s been carrying a burden which he inflicted upon himself. And once again, he has to ask himself, why? For what?

But by the end of Dragons, when he lays down his bow and returns to pray at the little shrine he’s made, he finally figures it out: for Genji.

Adam's Mistake

So… we know Adam has taken… well, technically, four forms. The original Adam who seemed to know Katerina, Mana, Neah, and the current Adam (which is still… technically Mana, but not quite?). But I personally believe there might be more to it than that.

And by that I mean there may have been multiple Adams throughout the millennia.

….bear with me on this, alright? It’s a little complicated for my uncaffeinated mind, but I think I can do this.

I don’t think the four…. of him are the only ones.

There may have been others in the past.

If I remember correctly, there are some lines somewhere in the manga where something was mentioned about the Noahs returning to Adam and being likened to sacrificial lambs.

Now, I’d never really thought much of it until just recently, on my… umpteenth reread of the manga. I got to chapter 219, where the past Adam… splits himself.

And the babies that result from that split are Mana and Neah… who eventually become Noahs, and one of them Adam (sort of).

…going on these two facts, I… think Adam has probably split himself multiple times, likely in order to create the other Noahs, whose memories are all… well, sensations. Things that can be experienced, like dreams, judgment, or desire.

Why did something go wrong this time?
Because, loves, I think he split himself one too many times. Think of Adam’s conscience like twine. You can cut twine, but as it gets older and as you mess with it more and more, it begins to fray and unravel.

When you try to cut fraying line, it becomes very difficult, almost impossible, to cut it evenly

But the Millennium Earl disappeared this time, and he’s never done it before.
Because nothing went wrong those past few times. Everything worked out fine, so he was probably able to jump right back into the game.

This time, something went very wrong. Because Adam split himself that final time, and it didn’t work.

Because of that, the current Adam is no longer the true Adam.

And the true Adam no longer exists.

Instead, he’s divided between two separate individuals, and they’re both a part of him.

Mana probably drew the short stick and wound up with the greater sum of Adam’s memories, but what memories he does have are just unstable enough that the current Adam is Not Quite Right.

I think he meant for Neah to be a separate, new Noah entirely (the Noah of Destruction) but past!Adam miscalculated and so Neah wound up with bits of Adam’s memories–the bits Mana!Adam needs to become himself again, hence the desire to devour Neah.

Why would he do that if he was going to make a mistake?
Because, if I’m right, he would’probably believe he could do it that final time without a mistake. He’s done it in the past without a problem, so why would something go wrong this time?

As Admin Riah puts it, past!Adam picked himself a great big bouquet of whoopsie daisies.

Something is kind of bugging me about how people keep using the “I think of you as a brother” line in voltron to “disprove” Sheith as a valid ship. I mean, sure, lines like that do kinda sound a little no homo-y but at the same time… I also totally understand why it might not be? Cause like, before I got with my first girlfriend, I didn’t know I was gay and I totally interpreted the closeness I felt for her as like some kind of ‘sisterly’ love. I’ve never had a sister (she didn’t either) and so I didn’t really know what that sort of sibling relationship would even be like. We even continued to describe our relationship like that even after we realized it was more. Then we dated for several years.

Now, I think that might just be one of those things that’s just different about gay relationships versus straight ones? Cause I mean if a girl says she thinks of a guy “like a brother” that is usually thought of as like less of an indication that she might love him romantically, but it’s sort of the opposite with gay people… at least in my own experience and based on how heteronormativity sort of obscures our feelings for each other in this way (especially when we are young, or falling in love for the first time). And even then… as I’ve seen other people point out, even Katara said that about Aang in The Last Airbender and they ended up falling in love and getting married so…

But anyway, I’m not saying this to pose an argument that this is what was on the writer’s minds when they developed that scene. Probably not. I’m just tired of seeing people use that as an argument for why it “proves” that Keith’s feelings for Shiro are “only” familial and nothing more. I mean… they aren’t literally brothers. And Keith doesn’t even know what having a real brother is like. Since this parallels a situation from my own life, that line was much deeper than that to me.

And romantic or not, that scene really does show that Keith cares about Shiro so much. Probably more than anyone else in his life.

So yeah. Just some personal thoughts/rambles. I don’t usually get into shipping discourse but… I just wanted to say that.



Some nice people have asked me about the commission the past few months.

I think it’s time for me to open a commission. So here is a simple one! 

Please read the description below first. :D

———-↓guidelines, rules and things you need to know↓———-

-fanart is okay. 

- send me what you want by tumblr message or email. (meammy84124@gmail.com)

- It’ll be great if you tell me more about your characters then I’ll do my best to catch their personality and draw it right! :D  Maybe give me a short lines that your charactesr might say or something.

- I don’t do nsfw drawings.

- the price above are all based price.  (but don’t worry I seldom raise the price. lol ) 

- I’ll appreciate your patience. (since it’s still school time I can only draw after school and weekends.)  

- you can’t request the modification of the artwork.

- I do commissions in order.

- I’ll give you an order number.

- I’ll upload the commission work on my tumblr and other websites.

- I’ll send you a high res work.

- you can print it out for personal-used. (please don’t use the artwork commercially.)

- I still own the copyright so it means that if I’m going to sell an artbook the commission works will be in it.

- We can have more discuss if you need a commercial-used artworks.

- payment through Paypal 

- I’ll start to do the work after I receive the payment. 

- Please let me know your paypal name. 

So…I guess that’s it! I might add more if I think of some important things I didn’t mention.

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Nota, I have enjoyed your blog for a long time and respect your opinion, especially as a multi-shipper and respecter of many other opinions. What do you think Sherlock might have texted to Irene? I loved all of TLD but that one line. Sherlock casually texting someone? I struggle to think of what we are to suppose he writes to her since she can't pick up milk for the flat or meet him to get missile plans. Was Moffat off the rails here or is my imagination limited?

This is a delightful question, thank you!

I’ve thought about this quite a bit since TLD aired, and I haven’t come to any conclusive headcanon.  I don’t think I want to!  I don’t want a definitive answer, because it’s more fun to play around with the possibilities. 

But let’s look at what we know.

Whatever it was, I think we can be certain it wasn’t “casual”. Irene Adler is not someone one texts casually.  Did Sherlock occasionally try to make it *look* casual?  Haha, maybe.  I can just about see him spending 20 minutes trying to compose the perfect “off the cuff” text to her, one that will betray nothing of his feelings, one carefully calibrated to convey the impression that he really couldn’t give a toss about her.  Isn’t that what everyone does?

Though maybe it’s hard to maintain an air of studied indifference once you’ve flown to Karachi to save someone’s life. ;)

Of course, maybe there’s nothing more to it than what we already know.  Sherlock says, “Even I text. Her, I mean, The Woman.” But we knew this:

It’s possible that’s all he meant! Literally one text, telling her Happy New Year five years ago. In which case, what did it mean?  Looked at one way, it’s about as impersonal as you can get.  Anyone on earth could reasonably text “Happy New Year” to anyone else and not mean anything in particular by it except “It’s January 1st

And yet…  The context is that she has sent him 57 texts that he has ignored, then convinced him she was dead.  And then showed up again, texting him “I’m not dead, let’s have dinner.”

How does he respond to that?  He could have been angry, or dismissive, or hurt, or impressed.  But what he says is, “Happy New Year.”  What’s that mean?  I imagine Irene tied herself in knots trying to figure it out.  My best guess is it means: “I’m glad you’re alive.  I’m not angry, but I don’t trust you, so I’m being extremely cautious and have no intention of revealing anything more of myself than I have to.  But consider this an invitation to continue texting me.”

Frankly I think Sherlock was probably thrilled that New Year’s gave him an excuse to text her without having to come up with anything personal to say.  Have you ever tried to text someone you’re sort of interested in but don’t know well?  It’s excruciating!  I’m sure many of us have defaulted to conventional scripts like “Happy New Year” that allow us to say “I’m thinking of you, and want you to be thinking of me,” but without actually *saying* any of that. 

So maybe that’s it.

But Sherlock does say in TLD, “you know, sometimes.” Plural.  So let’s assume there’s more than just that one text.  What might these texts say?

Given that Irene is texting him on his birthday, I kind of like the idea that they have kept up this awkward, excessively formal and impersonal mode of texting-only-on-holidays-and-special-occasions because they’re both too terrified to express any actual emotion without a buffer of plausible deniability.  I can imagine that at some point in the past five years, Sherlock texted Irene on her birthday, and she wondered how he knew (I mean, she’s probably changed identities three times, so it might not be an easy thing to uncover.).  Of course, he was showing off his detective skills, so she had to respond by meeting his challenge and figuring out when his birthday was.  Maybe that’s the game they’re playing?  That could be fun.

But to me, the most intriguing part of Sherlock’s admission is that he says, “Bad idea; try not to."  Why exactly is it a bad idea?  Why does he try not to? 

I’ve sent a few "bad idea” texts myself, over the years, so I think I can conjure up some possibilities. ;)

– maybe it encourages her to text him more often, which distracts him from his work.

– maybe they’re sexting, which is enjoyable at the time but always kind of embarrassing in the light of day (especially if Sherlock is really bad at it).  

– maybe he feeds her clues from cases and asks her opinion (since she likes detective stories).  Maybe she responds to these overtures in a more frankly sexual way than he is comfortable with, leading to blushing at crime scenes, etc.

– maybe texting her makes her expect more out of him than he’s prepared to give, and he then has to spend five months blowing her off so she doesn’t think they’re “dating” or anything so commonplace.

– maybe his texting back freaks her out because she doesn’t want anything more than a light flirtation, and he gets hurt when she backs off.  

– I can totally imagine Irene as the kind of person who doesn’t respond to a text for months and months, until the sender has gone from intrigued to annoyed to frantic to humiliated to despairing to blocking the number (just let her *try* to text me), then surreptitiously unblocking it (because that was juvenile, I’m bigger than that), to finally deciding she’s never going to text again and he doesn’t even care because it’s not like he liked her anyway.  And that’s the moment when she texts back and starts the whole cycle over again.  Talk about a power play!  I can imagine Sherlock would *really* hate that, but not be able to resist it either.

– maybe Sherlock asks about work and she describes what she’s doing to her clients and that’s both interesting and alarming.  And distracting.

– maybe he occasionally asks for advice on personal matters (like, how can I suggest to my friend and his wife that I’d be up for a threesome?), and she responds with what might be good advice, but he’ll never know because he never takes it.

– maybe no matter what he texts, she invariably responds that he’s been a bad boy and could use a good thrashing, and he’s…  not at all sure if he should take her up on that.  

– maybe they text each other the same kind of banal, idly flirtatious chatter that we saw John exchange with Eurus, and it all simply drives him mad with frustration.

– maybe they reminisce about Moriarty, and what he meant to them both, and that dredges up uncomfortable feelings he’d rather not examine too closely.

– maybe they exchange n00ds.

– maybe they discuss philosophy and literature but it always devolves into an argument over some minor theoretical point, and neither of them is precisely sure what the hell they’re fighting about but it gets vicious really quickly because they’re both hate backing down. (that one might be borrowed pretty directly from my life, oops.)

– maybe he sent her a dick pic and she rated it against all her clients and well if that wasn’t humiliating! He will definitely not try that again.

Hmmmm I think that’s all I’ve got. Anyone else got any ideas?  

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Do you think Rumple might have stayed good (or at least not gone as far as S4 Rumple) if Neal hadn't died?

That’s a really interesting question, ZombieNeal!Anon, which is a phrase that’s shorthand for “I’m really not sure.” I think the writers could still have had Rumple go dark in 4A solely based on him being caged by Zelena for a year– that truly stunk, and I can’t really blame the man for wanting the “cleave” himself from the dagger so no-one could control him like that again. (Trying to kill Emma and all the nuns to do it, though? Not so cool.)

The combined moral force of Belle AND Neal telling Rumple to stop messing about with magical haberdashery at the cost of his soul would probably have gotten through to Rumple at the moment of crisis, I think, even without Belle having the dagger. What’s more interesting to me is the story that Belle let drop at the town line that she had “suspected” things weren’t right “for a long time.” We could have SEEN that– it could have been Belle and Neal, Magical Detectives ™, arguing about what the hat really was for and why Rumple was sneaking out of the house at night and whether he was being shady again (Neal’s argument) or whether Rumple had truly changed and deserved the benefit of the doubt (Belle’s argument in 4A until the other shoe dropped). That would have been some good intra-family drama. Alas, we’ll never know. 

The real problem with Neal, I think, is the writers just didn’t know what to do with him, narratively speaking. What is Neal’s narrative function? That is, what UNIQUE role does Neal have in moving the plot? Neal is Henry’s father, sure, but Henry’s got loads of family protection and advice in Snowing, Emma, Regina, Rumple, potentially Hook, etc. When everyone went to “Save Henry” in Neverland it’s a good thing they took the Jolly Roger because boy, was that ship full! So if “parental figure” is taken, that leaves two other narrative options: romantic suitor for Emma, and moral check and balance on Rumple. But Emma wasn’t really picking up what Neal was putting down in S3 and repairing that burned bridge, while possible, would have taken a lot of screen time. As for Rumple, stopping him from murder is Belle’s main narrative function. So where does that leave Neal, especially since he’s not magical and only had weak ties to the other main characters except Hook?

Remember, Rumple’s narrative function is to be shady-on-demand when other villains throw in the towel– and for that to work, Belle has to be absent/sleeping/amnesiac, etc. If you add Neal back in the picture then Belle AND Neal would have to be team napping while Rumple snuck out to be shady once a season, which would strain both credibility and also the number of spare cots in the back room.

So while I’m sorry that Henry didn’t get more time with his dad (wasted opportunity!) and Rumple didn’t get more time to try and win Neal over … what else could the writers do given the incredibly large cast? Or, to put it another way– what do YOU think Neal’s narrative function could have been?

I want a TV show where everyone else is completely wrapped up in all their drama and everything to like, almost soap opera levels, and then there’s this one guy who’s just…hyper-self-aware. Like he actually knows he’s a TV character, and he just gets so exasperated with everything.

Big huge plot twist? “Oh come on! I saw that coming like two episodes ago!”

Even more drama than usual sometime around the month of May? “Uh, guys? I think this is our season finale. One of us might die.”

Cryptic lines of foreshadowing? “Aw hell, what is it now?”

“Why am I in this scene? I literally serve no purpose to this storyline.”

“Dammit, I’m just a plot device in this episode.”

“Okay, there is no reason I should have to be shirtless for this scene. What’s that even about?”

“Wow, that was a really out-of-character thing for me to do. Who’s writing this crap?”


Baron Corbin/OC. For Anon: Baron Corbin smut where he and the reader get into a fight over one of the superstars asking her out for a drink and she agrees to go. Baron finds out and thinks she’s going to cheat on him, so they end up basically having brutal sex where they’re both biting and leaving marks on each other and Baron won’t let her come, until he’s done with her. Then it’s like all fluffy at the end.

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Random Arrow thoughts

After thinking some more about possibilities of what Felicity going dark might be, I came to a conclusion that they are probably trying to channel Moira through Felicity. Making her into a Queen, unofficially (for now). Moira did VERY shady shit in S1, all in the name of her love for her family, out of fear, and to keep them safe. Could Felicity do the same to take down Prometheus because she sees how he’s destroying her “family” one by one?!  Felicity wore Moira’s ring in S4, Oliver said “she’s not Voldemort”, and in S5 there was this line “I’m the devil now?!” Could have all those seeds been planted for Felicity’s darker arc to sprout this season? Arrow has always played with metaphors and symbolism. I don’t want her to go as dark as Moira did, tbh. But at the same time, I am curious to see how far they are going to take Felicity. She’s always been the light in the show and for Oliver, I don’t want her to loose that side of her. This is my concern with this “dark arc”.

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So toffee and glossaryck know each other…the way they acted in that 50 second scene just tells me a lot. Glossaryck was not surprised to see toffee taking over ludos body. And he knew him jus by his voice.
So they’ve met before. At least once.
And toffee said he didn’t have a “side” it seems he doesn’t care who wins and who loses. I personally think it’s because of eclipsa.
He’s fond of her I believe. As he said to Moon she was the only one to leave him be and let him do things this way.
And eclipsa was in turn fond of monsters. Which maybe why he took her way of thinking that they weren’t evil.
So back to how toffee and eclipsa know each other. I think he might have been eclipsas son, but I’m more along the lines of she just knew him because she spent time with monsters and they became friends and glossaryk met him those times as well.
Toffee and eclipsa are connected. Why would her darker magic chapter specifically release toffee to take over ludo.
I think it says a lot but I’m not smart. I want to see everyone elses theories. I’m very very excited.


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Aroku Senna (センアアロク) (I spent way less time on this one)

Pumpkin Cream

Gekiyaku (ゲキヤク)