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dicta do you have any larry fic recs? nothing specific but just any fic that you loved a lot? thank you, your opinion on fics means a lot to me, and i feel like you'd probably know the really good ones!

Oh my gosh anon I love the wording of this ask so much. I’ve been meaning to make a larry rec list for going on a year but it just feels so official/overwhelming? But this, fic I loved a lot??? I can absolutely do that!!! and aaaaah there are SO MANY!!! I am not as organized about larry fic as drarry fic so this is, basically, like, a list of fics that stuck in my brain and/or heart and that are all so so good. SO GOOD! (and tbh there’s a whole other list of stuff that i’d rec but would want to reread before attempting commentary, and I have so many things marked for later and like….yeah….there’s a lot of good fic out there) And really, what better rec is there than “this is a fic that stuck in my brain and/or heart”?? Everyone should read them all!!

an act of faith against the night by @elianefics- M, 65k - It’s a clear path, drawing itself in Harry’s mind – where they began, how they ended up here. It’s not hard to convey all the events that led them to this very moment, with all of their twists and turns, not when Harry has been going through them again and again every night, albeit searching for something else.  “Did you know?” When Harry replies, it’s a question, not an answer. “Did you know, that it would end like this?” [Harry and Louis had never imagined that, when they would finally go back to New York, it would be as spies.] (part two of the landscapes of war series)

  • The war from ‘a prayer for which no words exist’ (recced below!) is over, or at least as over as war can be for the people who were there, which is to say….not all that over, just taking different shape. I have endless love for the way this fic treats that aftermath, the way it shows how deeply and irreversibly harry and Louis were shaped by being fighters, and it is a stunning mix of beautiful prose and important ethical questions. It also does some really fascinating meta work with Simon Cowell, the Azoffs, and the Cordens taking on central roles in the post-war nation-building project. It’s a lot for one fic to do, and this one manages it beautifully, and throws in some more beautiful NYC cityscapes, heartaching and conflicted nostalgia, and taut but unwavering H/L love, you know, just for good measure.

another hazy may by deLILAh - M, 41k - louis is a terrible poet and harry lives in the now and they have six weeks to fall in love but, really, it only takes six seconds. bookshop meets military meets summer romance au ft. marlboros, the backstreet boys, and underrated literary devices.

  • It’s been over a year since I’ve properly read this all the way and I can still see parts of it as vividly as if it had been last night. Harry’s hair, cigarette smoke curling upwards, hardwood floors, the rhythm of Harry’s feet as he runs to stay in shape for the job that will take him away from Louis, the feeling of seconds slipping away, and each of them more precious for being so few in number. This is one of those fics that made me nostalgic for somewhere I’d never been - except who hasn’t felt as though time was moving simultaneously quickly and too slowly, as though there is something precious that could fall apart at any second? And that’s one of many things this fic does beautifully: gives us the universality of their story, and reminding us of our own.

Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart by @conscious–ramblings - M, 19k - Louis and Harry had been childhood best friends, but had been separated by evacuation as the city they grew up in was destroyed around them. Now, twelve years later, they are both back in London, and through chance they meet again. In a time when you can’t admit to being gay, for fear of arrest, admitting to your best friend that you love them seems like an insurmountable obstacle.Featuring boxer Harry and mechanic Louis, much pining, and a lot of post war Britain

  • There’s often a moment in fic where they’re trying to figure out if the other one is gay and/or available, that’s full of a certain kind of tentative hope because there’s some kind of attraction there and what if, what if it was everything they think it might be? This fic takes that to 11 in the most meaningful way, because it’s the 40s, and being gay is a crime, and it’s not a question of whether they’re reading the right signals - neither of them can afford to send any - but of trying to accept that it could never, can never be. Set against absolutely simmering chemistry (the moment Louis first sees Harry in the ring is a thing I’m still not over) and wonderful research and settings (loved the feel of it, the way it all came to life, how present the remnants of the war were as they went about their lives) and fab secondary characters (Niall is a gem, and Liam is so how I think of him, and really everyone was just perfect) and this incredible click where you can feel the ease and understanding between them, feel the sense that they are destined and absolutely belong together…it takes that tension and longing, already at an 11, to a 12, and the ending is cathartic and beautiful and means so much more for knowing how rare and lucky and precious that moment is, and how much they’re willing to risk, and how it’s kinds of risk that are sometimes very specific to being queer in a moment when it’s illegal and how many of them are universal, and how incredible and enormous and moving a thing it is when both kinds of risk pay off.

Don’t Look Down by zarah5 - M, 92k - AU. In which Louis is a solicitor at one of London’s most prestigious law firms and Harry happens to apply for the position as his trainee. And everyone else is around, too.

  • Harry is unbelievably charming here, and it makes total sense that Louis falls for him, and as the story unfolds the clarity and meaningfulness of their connection gets more and more apparent even as Louis is fighting it tooth and nail. But it’s not miscommunication and it’s not self-loathing, it’s that Louis’ reasons are genuinely thoughtful and important (professional ethics!!!!!! With real implications!!!!) and that they’re genuinely in a difficult position and can’t be together without betraying things that mean a lot to both of them, which made me love this version of him even more and root for them that much harder. And I was already rooting for them pretty damn hard. They fit together beautifully from the first, understand each other on so many levels, are drawn together just magically…and then there are these beautiful moments (Venice omg) and heart-wrenching moments (after that dinner and that one morning and then that other one omg) and hold-your-breath moments (what is Louis gonna dooooo) and heart-pounding momebts, and I could not put it down.

Fake you’re full and feel tomorrow by theglitterbee - NC-17, 21k - Louis is a high class prostitute and the best at what he does. Harry is a hard to please 17 year old who wants to give himself completely to another man. [It contains prostitution, d/s, daddy kink, silly banter and two idiots in love.](The one with the text messages.)

  • listen this is gonna sound like a weird rec but bear with me. this fic was one of the first 1d fics I read, and on face is almost entirely made of things i don’t like, and yet, here it is. It did that alchemical thing where it just worked and it did all these things really well - like daddy kink was 100% squick for me before this and it’s still like 80% squick but this fic explained it in such a way that i got it and could understand it and see why it worked for them and what it meant for them and that psychology made it work (and made me get why it was hot? which is pretty massive for something in the squick category). and i was hesitant about their ages but it wound up being (i think not unrealistically) part of a fundamental kind of self-discovery that was part of why things between them felt so critical and important. and i was v skeptical about social media stuff in fic but this one did it so well that i got it and felt like it really enriched the story and showed a particular kind of progress and dynamic in their interactions that needed to be done that way (and wound up being really cool and impressive). and i was nervous about the potential for the dynamics to not work but they are both full people who needed each other in this very specific way and fit together beautifully and it did some of the best stuff kink fics do imo, where the kink reveals something about who they are and what they need and why they work and who they are individually and together, and so here we are, a fic with tags i wouldn’t usually touch, reccing away and considering a reread. this kind of rec can be kind of ~, i know, but the tl;dr is that this fic is so good it overcame every hesitation and left me totally engaged and impressed and invested.

Hold Me Closer by balanceds - NC-17, 36.5k - Louis Tomlinson is one of the most promising dancers of the English National Ballet, on track to become the youngest principal dancer in the company’s history. That is, until forces conspire to significantly complicate his life, including: a surprise ballet, an unfairly attractive guest choreographer, and being pushed into a rivalry with his best mate. Featuring lots of wine, dancing, pining, and a happy ending.

  • I was so surprised when I looked up the word count for this bc I would have sworn it was at least twice as longc there is so much story, and so much development, and so many moments that stick that. Watching Louis come to terms with who he was as a dancer and and person was this beautiful process that was so rewarding to read, and it was unusual and fresh in this way I really want to talk about but really don’t want to spoil. Along the way there is spectacular chemistry, zayn and Louis taking on gay swan lake, so much yearning and despair and happiness and reckoning and growth, an amazing and deeply satisfying Simon moment, and one of those h/l relationships where they make each other strong.

like a boomerang by @youwilll- M, 52k - AU in which Harry gets trapped in a lift, Louis gets stuck in a Wednesday, and it’s always February 2nd. Until it isn’t.

  • This fic is so so utterly charming in like nine different ways. Harry and Louis slot together so beautifully you can practically hear the click, and then they do it again and again and somehow every time feels fresh and important, and through it all the stakes get bigger as Louis contemplates the meaning of their repeated day and all of these deep questions sneak in, and a bit of a mystery, and a bunch of self-discovery, and a bunch of personal growth as Louis learns and thinks, really thinks, about what he needs to do, and realizes how willing he is to do it. It was so perfectly balanced between being gentle and exciting, between destiny and action, between grand gestures and quiet moments, and it settled like a warm blanket and I looked forward to every chapter so much.  And then, at the end…it was one of those stories that made me want to add and place to my travel list because the relevant moments are so well located and satisfying that you just want to be there, and it captured this particular instant - the way it wound sound and smell and how the air would feel and the electricity of it - so vividly. Lovely through and through.

Love Is A Human Right by @conscious–ramblings- M, 41k - The one where Louis has spent years getting over his ex, Harry Styles, and was almost successful. That is until Harry is elected as an MP, and Louis is given the task of getting him to support an Act of Parliament. Through tears and arguments and a heavy dose of LGBTQ+ politics, their lives finally line up. Will Louis be able to forgive? Will they still want the same thing? It’s difficult to let go of five years of hurt, but even more difficult to be close to the love of your life and let them walk away again.

  • This fic is basically everything I want in a fic, but together so amazingly well that I would never be able to put into a prompt because it’s the *how* that makes it so perfect. I mean, politics, check, LGBTQ politics, check, larry, check, vivid settings, check, emotional stakes, check, pining, check, everything, check. But the kicker is the beautiful complexity to all of it, that the story really truly understands the complexity of coming out and why people  do and why they don’t and what it mean and how it works and the ways it plays out in queer communities, and these gay leads aren’t incidentally gay, but engaged in identity and politics in a way that feels true and resonant, and that manages to both say really important things about queer communities and tell a beautiful love story about coming to terms with who you are and what you stand for and how love shapes (but doesn’t always determine, and I love that about this fic too) your priorities. Then add some simmering UST and simmering RST (hot damn i mean really) and viscerally, deliciously painful pining and hilarious side plots (SGIL!! Ziam!! Nick’s guessing games!!) and a background story that had my heart twisting for them from the first and settings that felt so real they were popping back into my head for weeks and just…superb. Superb.

a prayer for which no words exist by @elianefics - M, 65k - “Louis is a few seconds away from blowing up a rather important section of the New York subway when he sees Harry for the first time.” (part one of the landscapes of war series)

  • War!AU in NYC! Another one that I will admit fit my interests beautifully but it’s the execution that makes it work so beautifully. From the second they meet, there’s an urgency and fragility to Harry and Louis’ relationship that is a perfect fit for the politics and the newness of it all. At the same time, their connection is so certain and solid, and whether they’re waking up in the Brooklyn penthouse loft that I am still not over or getting ready to run into battle, their love casts everything else into relief and brings out some of he human consequences to why people fight and what they have to gain or lose, and shows what all they’re risking. Left me breathless in the best ways, and so glad to have gone on this journey.

Pull Me Under by zarah5 - NC-17, 140k - AU. As the first British footballer to come out at the prime of his career,  it helps that Louis Tomlinson is in a long-term, committed  relationship. Even if that relationship is fake. (Featuring Niall as Louis’ favourite teammate, Liam as Louis’ agent, and Zayn as Liam’s boyfriend, who just happens to be good friends with one Harry Styles.)

  • This was the fic that tipped me right over the precipice and properly into the fandom; how could I not rec it? Even if I wasn’t personally attached, how could I not rec it? It’s so bloody beautiful, watching Louis come to terms with the idea of being out, and to take steps towards it, and to see how his interactions with Harry change that and what develops between them. The pacing is amazing, the depiction of internalized homophobia is chest-tightening in the good illustrative moving way, the world is so immersive (like I went to get the link and 20 minutes later I was still reading and totally entranced), and their relationship 100% made my heart sing, in both the big triumphant moments and the little ones.

things have gotten closer to the sun by starseas - M, 49k - it’s strange, making the choice to face his past—it almost feels like he’s heading for the sun straight on, like he’s screaming come on and burn me, i deserve it.-when a solar flare is announced to end the world in twelve days, harry reunites with the people that he used to know better than the back of his own hand.

  • I’m not even entirely sure what to say about this fic that won’t give it away or send people running because here’s the thing: it is heartbreaking. It is worth it. It is sad, yes. It is also exhilarating and beautiful and about why love, platonic and romantic, makes the risks worthwhile, and how we know, viscerally know what is important to us. Real talk pt. 1: read it because I had terrible pms and really needed to cry. Real talk pt. 2: it worked, in that very particular way thar also made me sit and think about who and what is really important and had me sobbing in the best, most cathartic way. That lasting, deep way that’s making my chest a little tight just thinking about it, but that also means that I can smell the snow and feel the frost and see the brilliance of the sun and feel the boys’ love as - more - constant than the sun, and what the heck else could you ask for?

These Inconvenient Fireworks by mdasch and everydayslike - NC-17, 190k - Future AU in which nobody tries out for X Factor but the boys end up finding one other eventually anyway. Louis is a jaded bastard who owns a cat named Duchess and teaches drama to teenagers, Harry is an idealistic aspiring photographer/part-time footy coach, Zayn teaches English lit and wears leather jackets, Liam saves people from burning buildings, and Niall is Niall.

  • this is one of the top ten most affecting things i have ever read in my life. i don’t know how. i don’t know why. i do know that i couldn’t put it down for days and wound up finishing it in a blanket fort on a friend’s couch at 4am, literally doing that feet-kicking thing where you’re so full of feelings you can’t actually physically contain it but have to be quiet and still because the rest of the world is asleep during your emotional revelation. it restored my faith in love and hope. i am still not recovered from the thing on the soccer field at night before the train or the star tattoo or harry taking picture after picture or basically anything about it. clear your calendar if you have to but read this fic and then pls come talk to me about it because like i said i am deeply affected and possibly forever changed.

walk my days on a wire by sunshiner - M, 38.5k - Harry hums, staring at his hands in his lap, and Louis can still feel their smoothness, how solid they were in between his own. “Do you think it’s the same for us? Are we here only because of the likeliness of our jobs? Of our lives?”
“We’re here because we have inventive managers,” Louis says, giving Harry’s leg a little nudge with his knee, but all that’s going around in his head is, I think I’d be in the same spot in every possible universe.  or, when actor Louis Tomlinson used to daydream about dating Harry Styles, this is not what he had in mind.

  • There’s this one moment in Cannes when they kiss and I both really want to talk about it bc it is amazing and really would not dream of talking about bc you have to go read it yourself. So like the summary suggests, they’re in a fake relationship, and they know that that’s what it’s supposed to be, but of course - of course - there’s more to it than that. Like instantly more in this way that you can feel rolling off the screen, that is about sexual chemistry but also a certain kind of very precious fitting together. Watching them see themselves through each others eyes is beautiful, as is seeing how much it means to them to have someone else who understands the pressured of this rarefied, panopticonic world of celebrity, and who loves and validates the ott celeb performer and the human underneath the facade. It’s interesting to read in the context of this fandom, and entirely universal at the same time - who doesn’t want a partner who can love them at their most extreme and most mundane, most accomplished and most afraid, right in the middle of a stadium or right in the middle of taking up the whole damn bed?

whispering of fields half-sown by @elianefics- PG-13, 7k - “And how ironic is it that even now, at the end of all things, Louis’ mere presence makes Harry want to believe that anything is possible again. That the earth isn’t close to collapsing on itself, that the tomorrows are bright and shining and full of promises. Harry hates Louis for giving him something to look forward to when the sky only keeps getting darker. Harry loves Louis for it. ”[All of his boys come back to him in the end, but it’s Louis, Harry has been waiting for all this time.]

  • heartbreaking, lush, moving apocalypse!fic wherein it is absolutely the case that through fire and water and earthquakes and ice, there is one person Harry needs by his side. There’s Liam and Niall and Zayn, too, and what it would mean for all of them to say goodbye, really goodbye, who they all are and what those friendships mean. And Louis. Oh, Louis. My eyes got mysteriously damp in the really good way, and it made me want to sit down and write just to make words like this. The conversation at the end of this stayed with me like whoa, and my chest is getting a little tight thinking about it again. That may make some people want to X it off the list; think twice before you do. This is worth it.

Young & Beautiful by velvetoscar - M, 227.5k - Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn’t stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes.

  • absolutely beautiful. so vivid i dreamt about it and then went and got a whole bunch of flowers and spent a while wandering around in fancy clothes just because it felt as though i was already living in the story so why not? And how could you not want to be part of this world that is complex and nuanced and subtle and gorgeous (which is not a way i expected to feel about a fic about rich kids btw but this fic makes them so full and the story so engaging that it happened and not only a little). Dimensional characters, wonderful tension, simmering slow burn, complexity, believable and complex psychological motivations,  theme parties, a falcon named cleopatrick, long nights, loaded touches, meaningful subplots, love, resilience. The only possible complaint is it made me want a champagne fountain, and that is not any sort of complaint at all. (lmk if you have a champagne fountain though, it’s been a few weeks and i am really still about wanting to live inside this fic, and also champagne)
Voltron Season 4 Trailer Analysis

I’m sure some people have done this already but I wanted to offer my own take on the new trailer as well as what we know so far from all the information we know, and make some predictions. This isn’t a frame-by-frame, it’s more all the connections I’ve been able to make so far. It’s pretty long so I’ll put the rest under the cut.

//Rebel Planet

-So we start with the team, minus Keith, standing on the bridge and ‘Shiro’
says, “Alright paladins it’s time to gather the coalition.”

- This is the same place as this from the first trailer:

- Keith says to ‘Shiro’ “They could be linked to Lotor. He hasn’t been seen in months. This might be our chance to track him down.”

- Hunk and Pidge are also seen with Nyma and Rolo on the same planet. Both Nyma and Pidge look weary of Hunk and Rolo getting along.

- What’s interesting is that Keith is there in the second one but not the first photo.

- I think that the team gets word that there is a rebel base on this planet.
Hunk and Pidge then run into Rolo and Nyma there. Keith then says to 'Shiro’ that he thinks they could be linked to Lotor and that he wants to go after him. Then I think 'Shiro’ says that they need help to be able to defeat Lotor. Keith then storms out. Then we have the first scene of the trailer where 'Shiro’ is talking to the rest of the team about gathering the Coalition.

I think that’s it for things that take place on that planet.

//Rebel Ships

-In the first trailer, we see this guy shooting a gun in front of what looks like
Nyma and Rolo’s ship.

It could also just be another rebel ship as we see a lot of them in the first
and second trailers.

-This seems to be the same place as the place pidge is fighting these Galra drones.

-It also seems to be the same fight as this:

-Here’s another instance in the first trailer where we see rebel ships:

It looks like the lions red, yellow, and green are going up to them.
Perhaps Allura is doing something else or maybe she is still wary of the rebels
considering how they betrayed them in the past,
although I think it is more likely that she is just doing something else
at this time. Also missing from this is Keith.

The rebel ships are also very prevalent in the final battle which I will
touch on later in this post.

//Where’s Keith

Keith is missing from a lot of both trailers. And even when he’s there he is usually separated from the team. We know Keith does something that caused a 'rift’ between him and team Voltron. I think he goes to try to fight Lotor by himself or doesn’t want to form a coalition by doing shows.

//The Coalition

There are two Coalition shows we see. I believe this is the first one:

These screencaps are from both the first trailer and the most recent one. This show happens at the beginning of the season before the first scene of the latest trailer. I think this is because Coran says, “Oh does that mean more Voltron events” Which implies that they have already done at least one Voltron event.
Keith does not seem to be at this show. We only see the beginning of it so maybe he joins later but I think he doesn’t want to do it because it seems silly or
unnecessary or a waste of time.

And this is the second one:

They have now formed Voltron which means Keith joined them. I am unsure what will change Keith’s mind to do one of the shows. (Maybe it is Lance who changes Keith’s mind)

//The Team vs. Lotor

-In this shot we see all 5 pods from the lions going towards a Galra structure:

-I believe this is where Lotor and his Generals are in the first trailer:

//Final battle

-I think we see bits and pieces of the final battle of the season in the most recent
trailer. I think it is the final battle because it seems everyone is involved, and some pretty intense things seem to be happening.

-I believe this is the same ship that Lotor is shown in front of in the first trailer
(Image 9). I think this is the shot before the battle officially starts.
(Basically an establishing shot)

-Then the rebel ships come in fighting the Galra drones:

The next series of images are images that would all be part of this battle:

-This is lance piloting red dodging the Galra laser beams. It is also worth
mentioning this is after there is a shot of Keith saying “Go” This could be Keith telling lance to go do the next part of the plan.

-This might be Lotor’s ship getting attacked for the first time in the battle.
It does seem like a surprise attack so this could be the first strike in the battle. Alternatively, this could be after this:

-Then we see the castle ship being attacked:

The particle barrier is already partially gone. I assume only Coran is on the ship
. It is also possible that 'shiro’ is also still on the ship although
since he is barly seen in the trailer he could be anywhere during the final
fight including being with lotors team (because he is either brainwashed or a

This is all I think that has been shown of the final battle.


This image is of the one alien saying he wants to be part of the Coalition:

-If you look to the left of him you can see the same girl from Space mall in
Season 2. Also if you look behind him you can see escalators and in general
a mall backdrop. This definitely leads me to believe they go back to the space
mall to get people to join their coalition. (I also like to imagine they put
up posters or something simple like that) This could mean a return of any and
all the characters from that episode such as the unilu girl and Vrepit Sal. I
should also note that this could be a different space mall but that seems
unlikely since they have already been to one. Although I don’t know why they would go back to a mall they were chased out of. Especially since there were
many Galra there. (I like to think the mall went rogue and is a secret rebel
base or something)

And last but not least we have Lance:

-He appears to be pointing and blushing at someone. Behind Lance, all the paladins besides Keith are shown. (In the short clip we saw a month or two back we could also see Shiro) They all look concerned or weary. This could be because Keith is proposing something that they don’t agree with but Lance then slides into frame agreeing with Keith because as his right-hand man it makes sense that he would support his decision. So while the rift is being made with the rest of the team I think Lance will continue to stay on Keith’s side throughout the season.

Sorry it’s so long. It took me about four and a half hours to analyze and write
out all my ideas cohesively. I guess we all just have to wait until October 14th
to see if anything I said has any merit.

Have a good day y'all!

Why is Otayuri getting so much hate: a possible explanation

Don’t get fooled by my title, also reminder that explanation =/= justification.

I always try to analyze phenomena and their possible causes, that’s the scientist in me I guess. So I started thinking about ant///is and I was like: but why. I just said in a recent post that Otayuri is obviously not the first relationship portrayed in the history of anime with such a (small) age gap, and I found some posts that talk about how some age gaps in older (and even recent) anime are just outrageous (even when one of the parts is a minor), and yet those don’t seem to be getting any hate or discourse.

But why?

• The sheer number of fans.

The first probably obvious reason is that Yuri on Ice has a lot more fans than other similar fandoms, and it gained them within a very short time span. It’s getting more and more fans every day, so it’s a mathematical rule that in a huge fandom there will be all sorts of people (it’s like a huge sample group), and some of these are an///is. The bigger the fandom, the more the a///is. 

• The particular moment in history in which YOI came out.

It’s no secret that there’s discourse everywhere now, especially on certain types of social media. A lot of discourse is good discourse, but we also need to realize that not all discourse is good discourse. I think this discourse wave has played a huge role in the way an///is have suddenly decided to become active in hating on people over idiotic reasons. It’s like a marketing thing: they saw a discourse niche that was unoccupied and decided to take it over. Regardless of whether your discourse is right or wrong, writing about it is one easy way to increase your follower count, and who ain’t a slut for that

• The fact that many YOI fans aren’t used to anime and manga content.

This goes together with my next point, but I thought I’d still make it two separate ones. A lot of people who became hardcore YOI fans don’t usually watch anime or read manga (myself included). This without my next point wouldn’t give much info on its own, but keep this in mind because I really think that the majority of an///is fall under this (and the next) category of people.

• The fact that many YOI fans are from the US and aren’t used to content not made in the US.

Listen, I know I’m making a huge assumption here, but I think it’s one that is generally accepted within the fandom: most (if not all) an///is are from the US. It seems obvious to me because the US is one of the few places where (though not even in every state, I think) the age of consent is 18, and all their interactions with us non-an///is seem very US-centric, especially in the way they generally aren’t willing to acknowledge the fact that different countries have different laws and/or traditions and generally a different mindset. 

My goal is not to attack the US mentality here, but, again, I feel like what I’m saying is pretty much accepted even by many of my US friends. And what I’m describing is certainly what an///is act like, so I’m just going to keep explaining why I think this is the main issue (and why I think my assumption is generally right).

We’ve seen before how the US (generally speaking) are scared of importing recreational content from other countries and they’d much rather buy the rights to said foreign content and remake it with their own rules to make it more appealing to a US audience (sometimes even inexplicably and with ridiculous and disastrous results). Recent cases of this have been the US buying the rights to the Norwegian teen TV-show Skam and the popular anime Death Note getting remade into a Netflix movie. The US are screaming at the rest of the world: we only want the idea of your content, but we’d rather make it our own than show yours for what it is, never mind that your show reflects what your country is about and how your the customs of your country reflect on your personal (pop) culture. We don’t want your content EXACTLY because it reflects something that might differ from our views, and our viewers won’t like it. 

And I guess they never will if you actually don’t show them what the rest of the world looks like.

I went a little bit on a tangent there, but my point is: US audience isn’t used to consuming content that isn’t made in the US. I’m not even talking about language here: TV shows aren’t dubbed or subbed, the US literally remakes them and remakes the content to fit the US views and mentality.

That means that the average US citizen will very likely find anything that is untouched by americanization weird if not completely out of their moral values. Couple this fact with the previous one: many YOI fans aren’t used to any kind of content that isn’t perfected and polished specifically for their tastes. 

It’s amazing and it speaks for the quality of YOI that many of them could still get used to a different form of art (anime) and enjoy it and even become hardcore fans (and are now probably getting interested in other anime and manga etc), but out of these amazing people, a (thankfully smaller) group of them still couldn’t wrap their minds around the fact that fans from all over the world, with their own set of morals, ship something that in their minds is controversial (just because of a man-made law that not even every US state follows). They don’t care about what the law in Japan, Russia or Kazakhstan is and they’ve made this loud and clear. 

Bottom line: 

The key to this (like for many other issues) is just one:


There’s little we as a fandom can do in this case, especially we people not living in the US since we always seem to be dismissed. They send us anon hate and if we reply saying that Otayuri is legal in our own country we never hear back from them. There’s not much we can do if they aren’t willing to listen to us. 

But all I tried to do here is offer possible reasons why this phenomenon even exists, and maybe by reading this someone will have a brilliant idea on how to fix this. I don’t offer solutions, but understanding why and how something happens is always the key for the next step, whatever the next step might be. 

The Machinery of Evil: Angband

In comparison to the more ragtag, disorganized orc led armies of the later Ages, Angband is an impressively effective force that is strong enough to withstand centuries of near isolation and self-sufficiency under constant siege. This suggests to me an extremely organized and structured system acting as its backbone.

I don’t think there were the modern kind of taxes or wages because I doubt there was a free market economy that needed those things to drive it. Angband is essentially a state built to fuel an army and I doubt that dark lords care much about the desire of their minions for luxury goods. So I think the most likely system was a command economy, where central planning makes all the economic decisions about how to use and distribute resources. For example, your orc will never have to worry about the cost of his helmet, because the dark lords arrange the production and delivery of all his equipment in exchange for labor at mining, farming, soldiering etc. as a specialist. Higher ranking orcs or beings probably get a bigger share of the resources and better stuff as an incentive to move up the ranks as much a possible. So there’s still a definite status system and ‘wealthier’ orcs.

Of course this opens up a host of problems too. This system takes an incredible amount of knowledge and planning to carry out, and if you don’t get the right number of helmets or chickens you need, you may end up executing rioters or having poorly equipped soldiers who lose battles. Not to mention you have to police the system rigorously for graft, theft, cheating, corruption, misreporting surplus, plain incompetence etc. Having a command economy also requires the creation of an enormous entrenched bureaucracy to organize and implement decisions made at the top.

Naturally this means that no currency is necessary, eliminating the cost in wasted metals and labor. I think that they might have created a currency later on for the sole purpose of trade with the Evil Men of the East, but I find it equally likely that Angband adopted one of their Eastern allies’ currency as long as the standard was valuable metal weights. Their chief trade goods were probably knowledge and high quality processed goods rather than raw materials anyway. This eliminates the problem of inflation internally, but not of scarcity.

Now, if you’re an orc and want a bit more than your regular rations or a nice present for your mother’s birthday, you’re going to have to barter for it.  Your options for getting trade goods are limited. You can steal a little extra from what you produce as a farmer, smith, miner etc. but this might get your head chopped off. You can save some of your rations and trade that, but this can be dangerous if you don’t have enough left for yourself or trade away vital items like armor, underwear etc. You can trade services for goods like ‘I’ll sharpen your knives if you give me your shiny stone.’ But your best option for getting trade-able items is loot taken from enemies. Angband didn’t have taxes, but you probably had to tithe a portion of your plunder to the dark lords and possibly your commander. I’m thinking that a footsoldier got to keep one-tenth, a general one-third or some kind of system like that was in place but there was probably a lot of fighting over the best items between individual orcs too.

How do you keep a vast underground army supplied with food and materials? I think Angband’s production and food problems are solvable with a truly ridiculous amount of forethought and planning, pinpoint precise control of workers and a healthy amount of magic. The dark lords would need a huge amount of food, far more than could be gained through raiding; somehow crops had to be grown to feed armies, and animals had to be raised for meat and goods. Angband must have had enormous underground farms for surface plants created through the laborious process of building plant beds, bringing in soil, and creating light and air shafts. But they also might have cultivated fungi, mushrooms, moss, roots and other edible plants that naturally grow in or near caves. Pre-siege they might have had some small scale agriculture on mountain terraces and foothills and pastured sheep or goats on the side of mountains.

Post siege they had to rely on animals that could be raised underground. Orcs probably ate little meat. Those animals would have been far more valuable for the other products they could provide, like hides, fat, or horn. Eggs or milk would be more likely, depending on availability. Bats, bugs, worms, larva, spiders, proteus salamanders, and cave crabs are natural cave creatures that might be deliberately raised as food. Fish in underground lakes would yield the double benefit of food and vital water reservoirs. Their primary meat animal would probably be pigs because they eat anything and can be intensively farmed. Dogs are also scavengers so they might also be eaten for food or raised for fur. Chickens can be cage-raised in battery farms, and they also eat almost anything, so they seem likely. Sheep and goats come from wild mountain dwelling ancestors, and would have been valuable for wool and hair and milk, but I’m doubtful they could be fed enough from Angband’s resources to be worthwhile to keep. Cows are a definite no; they just are too big for underground living and not efficient enough to be regular food animals. Horses are valuable as riding animals and it is seems likely a small number were kept for commanders, messengers and scouts.

Outbreaks of disease and contamination have an easy answer: never ever ever keep all of your animals/crops/drinking water in one place/field/reservoir. If you loose one herd to disease you can isolate it and save the rest; the more separate herds you have the smaller the loss. Potential disease vectors, like corpses, have to be disposed of immediately. Genetic bottleneck is no problem if you carefully manage your herds; scientists estimate the entire population of founding taurine (non-humped) cattle was around eighty for example; low genetic variation does not necessarily mean low fitness. If stores dropped catastrophically low, trade with Evil Men or raiding could have filled the shortfall until production could be restored.

Waste management and containment would have been vital for the health of Angband’s occupants and the viability of its economy. Mines and farms are kept running though forced labor by prisoners; no one lives who does not work. Everything has to be recycled - food and metals especially. Even the corpses of prisoners and orcs are eaten. Water supplies may not have been easy to find and would have to be kept clean and uncontaminated by mineral leeching. They would have to find ways to get rid of toxic trash that couldn’t be recycled. Environmental contamination would have been a real problem, given the volcanic atmosphere and the amount of volatile metals around. Some types of environmental contamination could have been avoided through good, ruthlessly enforced waste containment measures as well.  Magic may also be a good option here.

Were Angband’s ore deposits rich enough to support centuries of war? I’m honestly a little fuzzy on the geologic requirements for the creation of metals, but I’m going to handwave this one. If Melkor can make entire mountain ranges, then I’m going to guess he can guarantee an ample supply of minerals and metals for Angband’s forges. (Plus volcanic soils are incredibly fertile which helps with the food problem. The Polynesian islands are capable of supporting agriculture only because of soils made of volcanic ash deposited by wind, fun fact.)

My general explanation for the ability of Melkor’s war machine to support itself actually relies on a bit of headcanon. Sauron managed to escape the ruin of Utumno because of an extensive underground tunnel system that existed underneath it. I like to think that this is something Melkor and Sauron continued and expanded in their next stronghold once they saw how useful it was. However tall the mountains towered above the plain, below them Angband lay many times greater and deeper. Perhaps not just the entire plain, but whole mountain ranges were honeycombed with tunnels that stretched their fingers all the way back to Utumno’s vaults.

They may be evil, but Melkor and Sauron must have been terrifyingly competent.

the OP world has has 6 moons, and one of those moons has its own moon

personally, i think all those moons are the reason why the Grand Line has such weird weather. the gravity, magnetic fields, etc of each moon is interfering with each others. our moon is very important to weather on our earth. it causes high and low tides and balances the earth, and if we were to lose the moon, the weather would go insane.

so it’s possible the OP world has the opposite problem–TOO MANY moons, all pushing and pulling the water at their own pace, trying to create their own weather patterns, causing the Grand Line’s strange, unpredictable weather, slowing down and speeding up evolution, and creating weird magnetic fields (probably why compasses don’t work there).

i also think that one of these satellites is constantly reflecting light on Enies Lobby, which is why it’s always sunny there. and i think  one of these moons is probably the reason why the Calm Belt has no wind.

Eneru is on one of these moons, and i think he’s on the very top middle one, because it’s the smoothest and the only one that makes sense. the others have weird textures which don’t match this moon at all (x-shaped things? spots? horizontal lines? not to mention the extra moon on one of them), and the one on the top left kinda matches, but looks too big to be the moon Eneru is on, and it has strange suction-cup like things that look too big to be craters.

we know that the moon Eneru landed on is where the Sky Island people originally came from, which explains Eneru’s strange obsession with the moon. We know these people lived on the moon, but had to leave because they ran out of resources, and they built robots using pretty advanced technology considering no one has been around for maybe 1000 years. (the ancient Shandorians had a Poneglyph which first appeared around 800-900 years ago, so it had to have been at least that long).

along the way, they all separated into different groups. the Bilkans (wide, downward facing wings) seemed to have founded their own Sky Island. That also happened to be the island Eneru first came from and then destroyed before the start of the series. the Shandorians came to the Blue Sea and founded a great city of gold, and they had SOMETHING to do with the Void Century. and the Skypeians created a Sky Island of their own.

oh, and Eneru now has an army of adorable robot warriors and he fought some space pirates. Aliens and space pirates are confirmed to exist in OP.

oh, and is it me, or does this thing that pulled Capone and his crew up, kinda look like this moon on Clover’s globe? the one with the suction cup things i mentioned earlier?

of course, Capone being sucked up into one of the moons is just a theory.

things we still don’t know: what those other moons might be, where those space pirates came from (maaaaybe from one of the other moons? we have confirmed life on one of them at least), why the moon people who became the Bilkans, Skypieans and Shandians split up, what connection the ancient Shandorians had with the Void Century and the Ancient Kingdom to faithfully protect a Poneglyph for 800 years, what all that technology on the moon is, and what Eneru is gonna do with his new found, adorable robot army

i love thinking about if shane had lived.

like. if rick had just ass-whooped him instead of killing him. knocked him out or w/e instead of straight up murder. i like to think that shane probably would have resented rick a lot for it, not just everything that lead up to it but for not killing him when he was going to kill rick bc it makes HIM look bad. rick tries to reconcile a few times but shane makes sure to keep a rift between them, maybe even straight up refuses to even interact with rick and co? just pretends like rick and lori and carl don’t even exist. theres very few ppl in the group he trusts or tells abt his feelings, bc he’s angry and resentful and all that, and also bc… well i mean obv reasons, the others kinda dont really want to have anything to do with him either

although he’s working on himself too, subconsciously molding himself after rick without meaning to

everything is generally similar through that and the prison w/a few changes allotting for shane not dying

when lori dies rick expects shane to withdraw even more, but bc of the separation lori might as well have been gone for shane for ages anyways. so instead of being hurt and distraught the way rick is he’s just kinda “meh” - grieving, sure, but he’d mostly done all that right after his failed murder attempt. it’s here he finally acknowledges rick in a positive way for the first time since the incident, albeit in an awkward, gruff sort of way, just kinda patting rick on the shoulder in what he kinda hopes is a comforting way and saying something along the lines of “sorry man”

rick’s. too surprised to do anything abt it and probably spends days/weeks processing this and then trying to decide how to appropriately respond. bc up until this point shane had been clear that their friendship was over and NOT to try to rekindle anything. eventually our not-yet-corrupted rick reaches out to talk and is.. kind of relieved when shane doesn’t push him away again?? and they sorta tentatively start building something again, over the course of the woodbury/governor fight and the introduction into alexandria. they both know that it’s never going to be like it was but they could at least build back to being friends. shane also is coerced into being a little more open about his moods, in order to figure out a way to properly manage them instead of lashing out when he’s upset

whether or not it goes into richonne or sharick is up for interpretation. maybe both if thats how ur feelin. personally i like for this to lead into sharick but much MUCH later, like after the whole timeskip thing. once they develop their relationship a little more and mature just as people

anyway i have a lot of feelings abt shane + how shitty he got treated when he couldve been so interesting

Nick and the Memory Den

What is Nick’s relationship to the Memory Den? This is something I’ve seen come up a few times and something I’ve thought about a lot myself because there is clearly something there. Irma and Amari both know Nick well. On its own, this is almost expected. Even before meeting the Sole Survivor, seems like Nick has a prior relationship with everyone in the Commonwealth from random raiders to mayors to Dogmeat. However, unlike some of those other acquaintances, there is an extra closeness with the proprietors of the Den. 

If you talk to Irma before going down to Amari, she says:

Whatever you and Nick are up to, I don’t need to know. Just don’t let the big, metal softy hurt himself, all right?

Not only is she obviously fond of him, but she’s protective of him. What I think is most important here is that she asks that you not let him hurt himself and not that you, random stranger, don’t do anything to hurt him. If you know Nick for long, it’s obvious he has a penchant for getting himself into trouble. Usually that’s because he’s running headlong into danger so that he can find and help missing people. What trouble might he have gotten himself into in the Memory Den?

Memory addiction is a sad thing and definitely a danger to consider. I don’t think that was the issue with Nick, though. His entire story arc is about trying to find himself and trying to find an identity apart from a long dead man. If he doesn’t want those memories in his head at all, I doubt he’d wallow in them. What I think happened is that he went to the Den in a desperate final attempt to free himself.

Sole Survivor: Is there any way we could separate you and Nick?

Nick Valentine: Don’t think I haven’t tried. Lost near a month of my life last time I mustered up the courage to let someone play brain surgeon on me.

We know Amari works extensively with the Railroad. Synths come to her to get memories that will help them survive in the Commonwealth and- more importantly in this case- to rid themselves of old memories. Nick also wants to purge the memories of an another life. Not because it was bad- Nick the human was a good man and he doesn’t need to forget a life of slavery and fear- but because he feels like he’ll never be a distinct individual as long as he has another life packed into his head.

Nick seems to have some familiarity with the Railroad so it’s not hard to imagine he’d have gone to them when he was looking for help. After all, not many people in the Commonwealth are going to be willing to help a synth, let alone have much know how about caring for them. They wouldn’t be able to do much on their own but they could have sent him along to Amari. Alternatively, Nick might have gone to the Memory Den on his own and Amari’s experience with him is what made her devoted enough to synths to risk herself working with the Railroad.

Whatever the case, I think Nick went to the Memory Den for that final month long attempt to free himself. Amari wouldn’t want to do anything rash, so she was probably meticulous while Nick came in day after day. During that time, both she and Irma would have gotten to know him well. I would guess they were the ones who eventually put a stop to it for Nick’s own good, thus why Irma would know full well how far Nick would push himself when chasing a goal.

Was there anything more than friendship? It’s hard to say. Nick can certainly be quite the flirt when he wants to be and Irma is a very warm person. Maybe that’s all there is to it, maybe there was more. The important thing is that these women saw Nick at his most vulnerable and they took care of him.

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why are there hardly any tribes (iirc) on the east coast compared to the west?

This question is probably more complicated than it looks.

The thing is, how do we define tribes and tribals? Most of us probably associate them with Zion, people like the Dead Horses and The Sorrows. Which isn’t exactly accurate, not in Fallout’s world.

When we look at this picture, what do we see? Raiders, or tribals?

My guess is that everyone’s first instinct was to say “raiders”. But in fact, these guys are the Vipers whom we meet in Fallout New Vegas. They look like the usual raider gang, yes. And yet, the Vipers see themselves as followers of an ancient religion that revolves solely around snakes. There is some seriously weird shit going on among their ranks, let me tell you; like creepy monthly ceremonies where they drink a mixture of alcohol and snake venom to enter a trance - and no, not everyone wakes. When they reach maturity they are given a certain mixture of viper venom and are sacrificed to the Children of the Great Snake if they die - which  means that they get thrown down a pit full of snakes. Their leader is called The Great Snakekeeper. In the first Fallout game they wore armor made of bones, not the trivial leather armor we see in the picture. Because of their dangerous experiments with viper venom they’ve developed an unnaturally good health.

So, nobody would deny that this is a description of a tribe, not a raider group but a literal and very real tribe. But by the time we meet them in Fallout New Vegas they’ve had a lot of time to change into the people pictured above (consequences of the Brotherhood almost completely wiping them out), and now, as stated by the game’s loading screen they are just a “(slightly) more organized Viper gang”.

It’s not like they haven’t been into slavery and robbery while they lived in California. So what makes the developers call them “gang” instead of “tribe” now?

The big question I ask in this post is: where is the line between tribes and raiders? Where does one stop and the other begin?

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My biggest critic of vlds2 is probably the superficial relationship created with ALL of the characters. (slight poilers) 

They were shown to be seen as a family and a group that’s been through a lot.

But it felt so empty to me? Like, sure they’ve been through a lot as in constant battles but I didn’t feel anything towards them as a group. I still feel like they work in separate dynamics: Keith-Shiro-(Pidge?) / Lance-Hunk-(Pidge ?) / Allura-Coran. I put Pidge in parenthesis because they’re kind of developed in both, which is what they all should be. 

As a group, no one really knows each other. Only Shiro knows about’s Keith’s past and it might not be all of it. Only Shiro knows about Pidge’s. Lance and Hunk have known each other for a long time, but the cast and even us don’t know the extent. Allura hasn’t really been shown confiding in any one except Coran, but she was developing with Shiro and Keith a little. Shiro hasn’t talked to anyone besides Keith about his past. 

But none of them know each other, none of them know each other’s past or quirks or personalities at all. Keith probably thinks of Lance ‘annoying, flirts a lot’ and Hunk as ‘food, good friend’. (I put good friend because they did get some development together.) They don’t trust each other. 

And the season also took out some emotional scenes for the group: reunion scene, telling the group Keith was Galra, etc. They showed us a few of them ‘bonding’ like maybe? the pool scene for Keith and Lance but ultimately it did nothing for their relationship. Or Pidge and Lance hanging out, I think was done better as they were actually enjoying each other’s time, but wasn’t in depth. 

Take ATLA, we all know that each characters got their own multiple episode solely focused on them. Like the Painted Lady was focused on Katara, but around other people and they experienced it with her. On The Beach, it really showed the broken friendship the fire kids had despite it being a ‘filler episode’. We need more of these kinds of episodes in VLD. I felt like it was all just plot, plot, plot. It all went super quick, no focus on them as a group emotionally, so I had no sympathy for them at all when they were about to battle Zarkon. 

Rewind back to when Allura said that they were like family to her. Where? Where do we see them in the kitchen, all having a good time. Where do we see, ever, Allura having an emotional talk with Hunk, Lance, Pidge. Keith still hasn’t interacted with people besides Shiro and Allura. For good relationships to be built, they are built on a foundation of trust. But we don’t see any emotional scenes of them trusting each other. 

“It’s a kids show!” So was ATLA but they managed to make scenes so emotionally empowering. 

Things I want in S3? I really do want Lance and Hunk development, but I want a team development. I want more dynamics being explored with each other and all together. I want to see the extent of Lance and Hunk’s friendship, Hunk and Pidge working together on tech, Keith and Lance pulling out stronger emotions then just constant rivalry, Lance and Pidge creating a strong connection with lost families.  Possibly Shiro confining in the group, etc. I’m really tired of the comic relief of Lance and Hunk, but also tired of how not serious the other are portrayed. This is life or death, but it feels like they’re walking around a park. 

I really feel like pacing is an issue, they said in an article they this season was supposed to explore their connection as a team, which I felt an extreme lack of. They were always focused on Keith and Shiro, but not the group. 

tl,dr: I just want a stronger team development, for the show to be more serious, take it’s characters serious, fix the pacing issues. 

(i’m not against voltron ! or shiro or keith !! i loved so many stuff in this season but this just rly bugged me rip and i hate discourse so this is jsut a meta ?? )

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amazing post thank you,this fandom is deseparating sometimes, i think is gonna happen happen in s5,but we are getting canon in the next two episodes of this season,because i'm afraid that they are gonna separate them for 5 years for that and because it is in the text they need canon kiss admission of feelings one of them or both.

i agree with you so much, anon! *_*

i honestly don’t know what has gotten into this fandom since the last episode, but browsing through the tag is an incredibly negative experience. everyone is writing pessimistic meta about how “the writers might have changed their mind and are going to keep bellarke platonic” just because their expectations weren’t met and niyla.rke had a scene. 

i’m sorry that i’m using this ask to break all of the bullshit down, but i feel like i have to. 

a) the niyla.rke scene was intimate, but i genuinely think that people are missing the bigger picture. as @bellamyblakesprotectionsquad2k17 has stated multiple times, the reason why clarke went to niylah is because the two people that she usually goes to for comfort (bellamy/abby) weren’t on her side at the moment. also, it’s canon that niylah isn’t looking for a relationship, and the writer miranda kwok has called the relationship “a friendship” twice already. clarke and niylah are friends with benefits. stop acting like wlw are romantically interested in every woman with whom they have had sex. 

b) it rubs me in the wrong way that people are taking bob’s words at a con so literally since bob is the only cast member that has never spoiled anything. he states his personal opinion, which doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with canon. people are constantly like: “bob said this so it can’t happen!!!!!” and honestly, that’s bullshit. actors have very minimal influence on what happens with their character… 

c) apparently editing scenes to make them less “romantic”. yes, they did this in season 1, but most likely because they wanted bellamy and clarke’s relationship to be a slow burn. grounds? they have kept developing the relationship in a way that frequently parallels canon romantic pairings on the show (finn/clarke, le.xa/clarke, kane/abby, murphy/emori, octavia/lincoln). 

now, people are saying (based on a pair of tweets, mind you) that they have done it again because “bob said so!!!”. we don’t know what the scene was like before it was apparently edited, and still people are acting like this is suddenly a testament to why the writers are keeping bellamy and clarke platonic. in my opinion, it’s ridiculous. 

d) has everyone forgotten that this season - even though it’s mostly focused on bellamy and clarke’s seperate character arcs - has repeatedly shown how much bellamy and clarke love each other? this season, it’s canon that they will not live without one another (”if i’m on that list, you’re on that list” - the list was destroyed shortly after that, so the only purpose of making it was to show the fact that bellamy and clarke ~the platonic couple™~ will not live without one another). it’s canon that clarke thinks bellamy is special, which is a word that has only been used on this show in a romantic context. this season, it’s canon that bellamy will never let anything happen to clarke. it’s canon that clarke would let her mother die to save the human race, but not bellamy. 

e) this ship has always been a slow burn. nothing has changed. they’re still developing the relationship, and y’all need to understand that it won’t make sense in canon unless bellamy and clarke are ready to love again. this is not new information, peeps. please chill tf out and stop spreading your pessimism all over the tag before you know everything. 

it’s really getting on my nerves.   

The Depiction of Dean Winchester’s Intelligence - Part 1

Part 2

Dean has often been called the brawn to Sam’s brains - even by himself. There is no doubt that he thinks he’s a stupid grunt.

However, he’s far more intelligent than he and those who choose to overlook the signs believe. Contrary to popular belief, I think his portrayal in earlier seasons does not make him look dumb next to Sam. His intelligence might not be the same as his brother’s - that is, he’s more practical and less of a bookworm - but Dean is far from the stupid macho man he’s seen as too often.

This list contains by no means every proof of Dean’s intelligence that has ever been shown in the series, but I still hope to point out a pattern.

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Before Cloud and Aerith’s iconic meeting at the abandoned Church, the SOLDIER actually meets the Flower Girl in passing after a mission with AVALANCHE very early in the game. This first meeting had a short interaction between the two where Cloud develops an initial attraction for Aerith which is narrated in Dismantled.

After successfully blowing up the first reactor, we decided to disperse and run away separately to avoid attention. The rendezvous is the station on 8th Street, last train for Midgar.
People were confused about the news of the terrorist attack, and the street was dim because of the unsteady supply of Mako energy. Here I met a flower girl. 
She’s a girl with impressive eyes. She’s around my age, or elder by one or two years. But the innocent radiance in her eyes simply makes her suddenly look younger.
Unexpectedly, I came to think of the color of my eyes. Bathed in Mako energy, they shine a pale light, and this is what labels me a SOLDIER. For me, it’s the mark of my enemy, Shinra, so I desperately want to erase it. 
“Excuse me, what happened?”
She asked me the question, and then I bought a flower from her, which is rare in Midgar. 
Maybe she’s pleased that the flower was sold, because the worried look on her face vanished. If this smile costs only one gil, then it’s a good purchase.
~ Cloud’s monologue; 8th Street ; Dismantled, pg. 138

Look how smitten he got from their first exchange! All kidding aside, seriously, look at it.

What struck Cloud first about Aerith was her eyes that held an innocent radiance, eyes that were so very different from his own. Aerith’s eyes were striking enough for Cloud to remind him how much he didn’t like his.

The contrast Cloud makes of his eyes, eyes that were the mark of his enemy, and the innocence held in Aerith’s is pretty romantic, in a sense. It’s one I often read romance novels make use of this narrative between the main couple, wherein the hero comments on how different something of his is from the heroine’s.

By the end of their exchange, it wasn’t just the eyes that had captured Cloud’s attention. Our spikey-haired blonde hero considered it a “good purchase” when he saw Aerith’s smile. And it wasn’t just because she smiled; it was because in buying a flower from Aerith, Cloud managed to wipe the look of worry from the flower girl’s face. For Cloud, being able to please Aerith enough to get her to smile was worth the 1 gil that he spent.

If that isn’t even remotely romantic enough, just how high of a standard do non-believers have?

Also… I’m not entirely sure, but since I have yet to come across proof against it, but Cloud makes observations like this only for Aerith. The only other time I can think of is when he described Aerith’s smile and laughter:

All the time Aerith used to smile, like a flower. But, Aerith won’t smile any more. I won’t be able to hear her innocent laugh again.
~Cloud’s monologue; Dismantled

I might be wrong, and if so, point me in the right direction and I’ll retract it. But as of yet, I have no proof of Cloud doing so for other people, not even for the other love interest.

Why that “thing” had to happen in Haikyuu’s ch 207

Manga spoilers up ahead! Read at your own risk!

Personal Emotional Growth

  • Hinata has to come to terms with this rivalry. In many ways, Hinata’s talent is still inferior to Kageyama’s–sure, this is a slap to the face, but it’s a driving force that will motivate the whole Karasuno, especially Hinata, Tsukki, Suga and Asahi, to become even better players. Hinata needs to learn how to use this rivalry to reach his fullest potential. Who knows? Maybe this will push Hinata to go to Oikawa when Kageyama’s away, since Oikawa is the master of “making talent bloom.”
  • Kageyama needs closure for his early middle school trauma. He will be plagued with thoughts of “leaving people behind” and that if he leaves, Karasuno will find a way to function without him. Kageyama has to be reassured that Karasuno will always be his team, no matter who he plays with and how high he can reach. This isn’t like Middle School, baby Tobio.
  • Kageyama is pretty humble, save for when it comes to Hinata. But I imagine entering a camp with all of Japan’s best players will do him some beating down. He’ll realize that he still has so much to learn from other people, and he’ll do just that–not for himself but for the victory of his “we.” Of Karasuno. 

Growth, in general

  • Hinata has been depending on Kageyama for so long. For his growth, for his sets, for his reach– that’s why Noya had that spiel about explaining why Hinata was able to reach that high in the measurements. So Hinata has to learn how to grow by himself. He has to learn how to depend on his own skill and other people’s as well. It’s time for him to get in with the synchronized spiking, to learn how to serve well as Suga and Yamaguchi, and even how to receive like Noya and Daichi. 
  • Kageyama has to grow, too. He is still leagues away from setting like Oikawa, and this camp will train him to do so. He will have to adapt on a whim and raise his social skills a bit. He will no longer be limited to having to imagine ten Hinatas to practice a set–he could still opt to do it of course, but now he’d be more versatile! Spikers in all shapes and forms will improve him and help him reach his full potential. ON A NATIONAL LEVEL, YASSS
  • Karasuno will have to adapt to Kageyama’s absence. Suga will grow. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that they’ll have to become better without him–I would put it something akin to parallel growth. The team thinks: “If Kageyama is growing, so must we!” They must learn how to function well without their star setter, and make him proud when he returns.

Some other points

  • Imagine if Oikawa was in the camp too! Or Ushijima! Bokuto! All those star players? AHHHHHH
  • ALSO THINK ABOUT KAGEHINA TEXTING! Absence makes the poor heart grow fonder :’)
  • WE GET ONE WHOLE ARC FOR KAGEYAMA TOBIO WHAT MORE CAN WE ASK FOR? (we might learn about his family life too OMG)

I wrote one whole separate post for the what ifs of ch 207 here!

When Jumping the Shark, Please Wear Sam!Goggles.

So…. I was watching a painful episode yesterday. 

Jump the Shark. 

And as I watched it, I got really upset because it comprised so many things that makes me mad about Supernatural and the fandom. 

Throughout the episode Sam (who has learned from his mistakes concerning keeping information about monsters from people who might one day be in danger) wants to teach “Adam" about hunting. Or he, at least, wants to give "Adam” the choice, at first. 

However, this is spun through Dean’s eyes as a Sammy/Parent-Dean scenario, almost. And at the same time, John-Sam vs. Mary-Dean, which is a very convenient exercise in black-and-white thinking! 

Though Sam calls Dean out, because he believes Dean wants to keep “Adam” in the dark for selfish reasons, Dean is supposedly the one who wants what’s best for little, baby “Adam.” They are John’s pet martyrs; they knew the true John/ John had no choice raising them. Dean chooses to lean on John’s understanding, not his own. If John didn’t want Adam to know about hunting, despite the danger of that, then that’s holy writ. (And it’s a parent-y thing to do, riiiiiiiight?)

People, keeping things from your kids while simultaneously putting them in danger is not a good parenting strategy. Please and thank you.

Though they spin it as a harshness in Sam, I see it as more of a practical way of dealing with their situation. And again, it’s about autonomy. He doesn’t think they have the right to withhold info from someone who just lost their mother and who might one day be in danger again. 

THIS IS WHERE SUPERNATURAL FAILS SAM. I don’t want to be in a club where you have to have Sam!Goggles on to be able to see his perspective!

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so i’m replaying uncharted 3: drake’s deception and something stood out to me: there’s no solid indication of why nate and elena are separated.

most of the fanfic/fanon i’ve read has attributed it to nate’s growing (or re-growing) obsession with sir francis’ trip and elena reaching her limit with his shenanigans, but when nate and sully first arrive in yemen for their ‘historical research,’ it’s only when elena notices nate’s ring that she connects the dots and says “this is about sir francis, isn’t it?” if they’d separated bc of his obsession, when sully called she probably would’ve asked if it had something to do with that. she might still have gotten them the journalist credentials, but her attitude would’ve been markedly different.

speaking of, look at their body language when they meet! there’s no gritted teeth, no forced smiles. both of them seem relaxed. nate didn’t want to call her (and in fact didn’t call her– he specifically tells sully to do it), but they’re perfectly civil, friendly even. nate points out that she’s still wearing her ring in an almost teasing manner. the tension really only starts when elena points out that sully is getting too old for this sh!t and nate, who is so deep in denial about this that he’s practically drowning, starts bristling.

to go back to when she’s first brought up, when sully says he knows someone they can call to get them into yemen with no hassles, nate’s response is a genuine “who?”, so obviously elena’s posting in yemen isn’t something he thinks about often, but he knew she was there bc sully just gives him a look and immediately he’s all “nononononooooo… ugh… fine.”

so my personal headcanon is simpler, quieter, and, in my opinion, sadder: i think they just drifted apart.

the first time they get together, it’s adrenaline and mutual attraction and oh-my-god-i’m-so-glad-we’re-both-alive. nate’s never been the type to stay anywhere for long, though, so he has no experience with it, and my guess is by the time he thought hey i wonder if we could make this work elena had gotten fed up with his nonsense and left. (“elena fisher. last year’s model.” “haha, that’s cute.”) (“she broke your heart.” “oh, please.” “::small gasp:: she did!”)

the second time they get together, it’s still adrenaline, still oh-my-god-i’m-so-glad-we’re-both-alive, but a little calmer, a little smoother. they know each other better. nate gets closer to being steady, elena’s a little more patient. somewhere in here, they get married. and then, somewhere between this game and the next, one or both of them got in their own way.

maybe elena got a job offer. maybe nate did. maybe they both did, so elena moved to one country and nate moved to another. (“it’ll be fine, we’ll call every day…”) except they’re both driven, independent people who throw themselves into their work, so it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if both of them just… stopped communicating. one or the other forgets to call, ignores a text for too long. a few days between conversations becomes a week, then a month, and suddenly they’re only updating each other every few months or when something really notable happens. (“well, hello!” “hey there… i was just calling to say– i got promoted!” “again? wow, congratulations!” “thanks! …” “…” “…so… what are you up to these days?”)

“you’re still wearing [your wedding ring],” nate says, sounding almost amused. she says that it helps in that part of the world, and for him not to flatter himself. that sounds almost like they got a divorce, but it’s not… idk, animated enough. it’s like they decided to be friends, not married anymore, and just… didn’t bother with the paperwork. which, i mean, if they were in different countries, i guess could make sense. like i said, they’re driven, independent people: they obviously don’t have time (or at least, don’t allot time) for most relationships.

the only thing sadder than them drifting apart is sully watching it happen. he knows where elena is without having to think about it. he has her number, calls her ‘sweetheart’ fondly, and goes for the hug until told male-female pda aren’t socially acceptable. he obviously loves and keeps up with both of them. it must’ve been hard to watch them drift apart.

Thegingerbatch wrote a great little meta about interpretation that got me thinking, but my thoughts wandered off her points so I thought I should post separately. “Your interpretation can be just as valid as mine,” she said, “as long as it is text-based.“ Yes. But there are two kinds of interpretation, analytic and creative. For instance, a literary critic’s interpretation of Hamlet is one thing, and an actor’s interpretation of Hamlet is another. There is meta, analysis of the source text, and fanfic, creative extrapolations, reinterpretations, and additions to the source text. Thing is, every interpretation is a retelling; analysis can be creative expression in its representation of the text, and fiction can depend on and do excellent analysis. The difference between a meta and a fic isn’t always that clear.

I think it might be helpful to realize that for better or worse, we seem to have developed a new genre, the fanfic-as-meta, where people create elaborate new stories and tie them to the source with textual clues. (LSiT’s “M-Theory” is a good example of this.) I’ve come to appreciate that there’s actually nothing inherently wrong with this. It’s another marvelously creative game we play with the text. The problem comes when we downplay the creative aspect and insist on the analytical, that is, when we insist that our retelling is a deciphering–when we start reading symbols as codes. A symbol is indeterminate, having many connotations that can be in play at any one time. That rose could be a symbol of love and/or nature and/or mortality and/or purity. Then again, that rose could be code for the House of York. In that case, all its many connotations are eclipsed by the one codified meaning.

That’s the thing about mysteries, the detective “puzzle-stories” that ask the reader to join the detective in solving the crime. These stories depend on things having one determinate meaning: that ash on the mantle is a clue that a smoker’s been there, not a symbol of mortality or destruction or a concentration camp. (Side note: Michael Chabon’s Holmes/Holocaust novella “The Final Solution” uses it as both.) This is where I think some readings, especially TJLC readings, go astray: they read symbols as codes, clues hidden by the writer as part of a single hidden message. The train tunnel, which could be a symbol of the unknown/danger/the subconscious/the history of London, becomes a code for anal sex, and one of the many tip-offs from the showrunners to the viewers that yes, this show will be explicitly gay at some point. But there’s the tricky cool thing: the train tunnel could carry all those meanings at once. If sending the two men into the tunnel implies something about their relationship, it could be that there’s an unconscious homoeroticism that’s unknown, dangerous, part of the hidden history of London. But to catch those connotations, and I do, doesn’t mean that the characters are or will be gay. Maybe. Hopefully. But not certainly, and for me to see the connotation and disbelieve the conspiracy doesn’t mean I’m deluded/blind/homophobic etc. Here’s the long and short of it: it’s sketchy as hell for me to insist that my reading precisely reflects the author’s intentions and says something conclusive about the real-world meaning and politics of our shared source text. And even sketchier to say that if you don’t agree with me, there’s something wrong with you.

Why Silent Hills is plural, what the Gap in the Door really means, and how we could be looking at a revolution

So, I just spent a sleepless night pouring over the wiki for Silent Hill, and any analysis I could find on P.T. (I don’t own a PS4, so the best I can do is watch tons of playthroughs), so forgive me if this doesn’t make sense.

I was reading an account of the Kojima’s talk at TGS , and something stuck out at me. Well, two somethings, the second one pertaining to what the plural title could really mean, and the first simultaneously explaining a mechanic of this, and raising dozens of new questions.

After talking about how scary the game is, Kojima mentions how the game allows players to quit. Now, I’m pretty sure exiting to the main menu is something that’s been in games roughly as long as the pause screen has existed, so there has to be more to this statement.

As a disclaimer, my theories here are based on the article I read. I haven’t seen a real log or video of what happened, so I’m gonna trust this blogger for now.

First, it seems this comment about quitting came around the same time as Kojima talking about how this game has a different definition of “beating” it (if any at all), suggesting to me that quitting the game mean finishing it. At any point you want. When you exit the game, it’s over. Think the “Do you really want to quit?” dialog from Max Payne games, where exiting the game is described as Max finally giving up. Just this isn’t a neat little meta menu screen, it’s what really happens. What I assume this means is the story isn’t set in stone. Even though there may be a set way in which the story tends to progress, decisions and chance can alter the experience, much like in P.T.

This then leads into the second thing he said that really caught my eye. Now, this may just be how the blogger chose to describe what Kojima said, but if the account is faithful, Silent Hills could be revolutionary. To quote from the blog post,

“…if somebody played the game for only 10 minutes and quit playing because it was too creepy and scary for her/him, then he would have achieved his purpose.”

Acheived. His. Purpose.

Normally, when we play a game, especially something single player like we can assume Silent Hills will be, we do it only for ourselves. There’s no greater power telling us that we need to play the game, no purpose assigned to us other than to do what we want. Now, you could take this statement as meaning the game has as much worth as you put into it, since, presumably, your purpose in playing the game is to get some enjoyment out if it, but this would be the most round about and obtuse way of saying something that shouldn’t even need to be stated in the first place.

The more logical answer is that the game gives a higher purpose to every single person who plays it, with each instance of the game somehow playing an role interconnected with all the other ones. This could explain the games obsession with there being more than one of you. Each game, each Silent Hill exists, somehow affecting the others (or maybe something greater than that, more on this in a bit), somehow interconnected.

Silent HillS.

This analysis also explains two things that have been nagging us since the first person woke up in that concrete room. Well, actually, before then. The game starts with text reading “Watch out. The gap in the door… Is a separate reality.” Within ten seconds of this, we are presented a door which opens to form something that one could easily call a gap, inviting each player into their own personal reality. This may seem like a slight stretch, but it’s one of the better explanations for a piece of text that is so important that it’s the first damn thing you see.

In addition, the text screen also reads “The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you?” This has become all but the tagline for P.T., with people arguing over whether it refers to multiple personality disorder, identity theft, a multiverse, or any number of things, all with a few bits of proof to back them up. However, look at it again, now with the idea that each player’s own experience constitutes one of the “Silent Hills,” and it suddenly makes total sense. There is only one world created by the dev team, one collection of environments, NPCs, and the likes. There is only one “me,” the game says, but there are numerous unique players, each acting alone in a shared world, all just another of the many “you"s. Each one as true as the next, if we’re to believe that someone who quits ten minutes in has served their purpose as much as someone who plays for hours on end.

Now, what does this all mean? Sure, you could chalk it up to players having to work together to figure out the puzzles of Silent Hills just like we did for P.T., sharing their unique experiences online, but this is hardly a feature worthy of the title of the game, if you can even call using an unaffiliated forum a feature at all. So, as there always seems to be with this game, there must be something more. However, at this point, it’s hard to make conjecture, given how little we know about the game itself. My best guess, again, comes from Kojima’s recent talk, where, in addition to all this juicy fodder for conjecture, he said the game might be released episodically. To understand what this could mean, look at recent episodic games like The Walking Dead. At the end of each episode, the player is treated to a nice little set of statistics telling you how many other people out there made the same decision. Of course, it wouldn’t be just like this, since, as with earlier, a nice little tally is hardly something to name your game after. Rather, this is just the tip.

Were the game to be released episodically, were the personal realities of each gamer to somehow culminate into something bigger, wouldn’t it make sense that, between episodes, all the things done in each game altered what would happen in the next episode? Episodic games are normally done that way because the developers can’t afford to shell out everything at once, but with a studio like this, that clearly isn’t the case. Thus, an episodic format would have to, in some way, effect the game itself, achieving something that a stand alone product couldn’t. Again, this seems like a stretch, or, at least a leap, but I can’t think of another reason who episodic release would even be considered. No one’s rushing to get the game out, or hurting for money, so there has to be a reason.

Clearly, there’s still a lot more to be figured out here, from how the instances would interact, to what exactly it really means to quit the game. What is for certain is that Kojima isn’t going to just give up the answers. When you make a teaser that hides the game it’s meant to announce beneath so many layers of puzzles and meta-content that it takes the whole internet weeks to figure out how you maybe beat the game, it’s a safe bet that any hints we get from here out will be just that; hints, and damn cryptic ones to boot.

Thanks for reading my long-ass post, I hope it makes any sense at all, because it’s made me horribly late for class, and really tired.

tl/dr: Kojima’s TGS talk about P.T. suggests that Silent Hills will feature an interconnected world that somehow reacts to everything a player does.

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Peter’s I find hard to pin down. I think it lies in: What does Peter need power for?

Maybe they straight up handed it to us. The part of the story told by Cora in “Visionary” probably isn’t a part that Peter would just hand out. Especially to Stiles. Who hates that guy.


In “Visionary”, the narrators may be unreliable, but the visuals seem to authentically represent the action that went down back when, and the first scene sets up Peter’s motives for what we witness the rest of the episode.

The prelude focuses on Derek’s fear of the hunters, and Peter’s fear for Derek.

I don’t think this is his only motive in the episode. He’s terminally incapable of actually talking about anybody but himself, and he makes his motives as he consciously or subconsciously understands them clear:

Cora: Ennis? Why would he choose him?
Peter: Why not? Ennis needed a new member for his pack. Paige was young and strong. Doing a favor for Derek meant Ennis would be in good with Talia. Back then, everybody wanted to be in good with her.

In pursuit of his goal, he learns something else: Derek’s kinda a giant, lil’ bit pig-headed derp. One that needs protection.

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anonymous asked:

OK you think rey is Han and Leias daughter but how does that add up? Can you elaborate on how you think this could work?

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anonymous asked:

Something bothered me in all the otherwise-awesome new Anders info we got tonight and as you always give such thoughtful and positive Anders meta, I was hoping you might have some insight: If Anders shared a deep love with Karl, why'd he give Hawke that line about no mage ever daring to fall in love? Now it seems really manipulative whereas it'd previously sounded like he was revealing a vulnerability. Like, he has to lie to Hawke even in their most intimate in-game moment? What's that about?

Hokay, so this is the ‘other anon’ I was referring to last night, and I was just too tired to respond with anything actually thoughtful then lmao, so that’s why this took so long.

But anyways, I don’t think it changes much at all, really. It’s still a matter of him revealing a vulnerability, because he’s not actually lying to Hawke. And I can’t even figure out how it could be considered manipulative, but that’s besides the point.

Alright, so as I said last night with the first anon, some of what I said there definitely tied in, so I’m just going to copy it here again.

And then it paints his attachment to Hawke, and a lot of his dialogue, in a new light. I think the reason he suggests he never let himself fall in love was because he didn’t want to believe he did. Even when Karl first left, Anders wanted to pretend he didn’t love him, that he didn’t care, that it didn’t matter, that it didn’t hurt so fucking much. It was some powerful denial, and I don’t think he ever got passed it simply because it worked very well as a survival technique.

I definitely do think Anders loved Karl (and I thought that long before this info came out too), but I don’t think he ever admitted it to him, or to himself. He knew the rule against falling in love, and he knew it would end badly. so he told himself it wasn’t love, that he never broke the rule. Even after Karl was gone, he couldn’t let himself believe he loved him, because he wanted to deny it hurt as much as it did, like I said above.

I think he might also be a bit ashamed to think he fell in love, to think he could be so vulnerable, to have let himself have something the Templars could destroy him with (and they arguably did just that). That’s why he lies to himself about it and refuses to acknowledge that he did love Karl; because it hurt too much and it only did because he wasn’t careful enough and broke the biggest rule of living in the Circle. He can’t admit to himself that he did. He knew better, and it shouldn’t have happened, in his mind.

I do think a little part of him does know he loved Karl, he just won’t acknowledge it, even to himself. Because he’s so forward with Hawke, so loving. That could be because he never had that chance with Karl. He never told him how he felt, and then he was taken away. Karl died without ever knowing how Anders really felt about him, because Anders can’t even admit to himself how he felt about him. And that little piece of him, even if it’s subconscious, never wants that to happen again. If he and Hawke are ever separated, there will be no fucking doubt in their mind how he felt about them. He’s damn well made sure of that, even if he can’t accept why he’s thinking that way.

And I do think he would realize the truth after being with Hawke for a while. Because while love is different with every person, you can still tell it’s love. And when he realizes he loves Hawke, and they get together and everything is great, he might think back to how he felt about Karl? I think that would be the moment he realized that he’d truly fallen for him. Not before. Not when Karl was first taken away, not when he died, not when he first started loving Hawke, but after he had a second case of a real, loving relationship in his life. That was probably a painful moment for him, one Hawke would’ve had to help him with.

So yeah, anyways. I think he was lying to himself, not Hawke, for all the reasons listed above. Feel free to message me again if you feel this is inadequate though ^^