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“How dare you think that the Hero may at one point have compassion for the villain!”
… are you sure you like Star Wars or did you forget about the-

“How dare you want redemption for the main Villian after everything he has done!”
…. I mean, are you REALLY sure you like Star Wars because it seems like you forgo-

“How dare you think the Hero might forgive and want better for someone even though they have hurt them or people they loved!”
Okay, now I’m thinking you just hate Star Wars. 

Now I’m pretty sure you just… haven’t seen Star Wars. 


wednesday 22.2, semester six, week six

It’s only 3pm, but I consider my work for today done – I’m on break anyways. I’ve organised my next week on both my blackboard/weekly planner and my journal (actually noticing I’ve done quite some work already, even though I didn’t think I did). I checked my literature notes on Woolf, adding missing information (names, places, etc… that my prof briefly mentioned but might add in an incoming test. I know how he works now.) and prepared for the next seminar (sadly working on two characters’ deaths (and my fav?? I was so disappointed in myself for getting attached to a secondary character and having him dying… again)). Next today? Reading. Mostly reading, and taking the train to the countryside. I’ll probably finish Adam Silvera’s History is all you left me, although I tried to read it slowly enough for it to last (not happening), and start Six of Crows’ sequel (I’ve had it on my Kindle since Christmas and simply forgot about it because of exams and starting the semester.)


Jayme Rupp (by @neopixiesims)

Twenty-five year old Jayme Rupp has recently moved to San Myshuno and works from home as a fashion blogger. “I think too many people settle,” she remarks. “They’ll take a little bit of success and that’s enough for them. Well, it’s not for me. I’ve always had my eyes set on the bigger prize.”

“Some people use words like ‘ruthless’ or ‘heartless’; but I really just think that I’m a woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t let obstacles get in her way. I usually get what I want one way or another.”

Jayme acknowledges she hasn’t always managed to get what she wants though. “I may have had a bit of a rivalry with my one-time best friend when we were in high school.”

“I’m older and wiser now though. I think I might have done things differently, knowing what I know now.”

“When I win, I’m going to use the prize money to forge my own empire in the beauty product market. There is no competition in this Big Brother game. I’m going to win it. The others? They’ll never see me coming. 

I have come to realize that I am like an old 20-dollar bill—crumpled, torn, dirty, abused, and scarred. But I am still a 20-dollar bill. I am worth something. Even though I may not look like much and even though I have been battered and used, I am still worth the full 20 dollars.
—  “You Are My Hands” -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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I am completing yr 11-12 now at age 21 because I flipped out on the first try. I'm now medicated, older, and doing the course in a non-classroom method. My partner is supporting me through this, and he thinks that me getting through it will be like fighting my own biggest fear/obstacle to independence. I'm kind of scared employers won't see it as me having done the same work as everyone else, even though I will still sit exams.

im sure employers will recognise your effort!! if anything, it might be beneficial to show that in spite of the troubles you went through, you went back to school and worked hard to get your qualifications. imo that demonstrates real determination + ambition, which im sure any employer would want in a potential employee ✨

anon honesty hour ✨  send me a message!

YYH Secret Santa for sinbald

This is so late… SO late… like, this was supposed to be for christmas and it’s been over a month late OTL

anyway, I had a variety of different prompts to choose from and picked “Yusuke being cool” (jk, smoking isn’t cool kids. Say no to drugs)

Thanks for being so patient and I hope this was worth the wait <3

DR3 NG codes - analysis

Now that episode Mirai 12 has been aired, we know all the NG codes / forbidden actions, as well as the identity of the mastermind and their (complex) motives. I’ve done some thinking over the codes, and even though during the series they looked all over the place, now I’m rather convinced that they were carefully chosen for each participant. So, I’d like to make a short analysis on every code, especially on how bad they are for the player and what might have been the masterminds motive for choosing them. I’ll be happy to hear any other opinions, of course!

Spoilers inside, obviously

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What do you think of people who have ACOTAR/ACOMAF/TOG-related tattoos? Would you get any? Do you like booktattoos or do you think its a bit weird to have them?

I have 5 tattoos in total, and only one of which is related to any fandom I was a part of (not ACOTAR related though). I think it’s totally dependent on the person. It’s easy to regret tattoos - I regret two of mine. But that’s just my personality too. A lot of people get tattoos and NEVER regret them even if they fall away from the original intent behind them. I think that’s a question to ask one’s self and take more than a few days to think/meditate/pray/whatever floats your boat on it. I’m personally done with tattoos but if I weren’t, I might get something ACOMAF related just because of how it’s affected me though. Now I’m curious what I would choose if I were in fact interested…. hmmm… stay tuned, friend.

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Ellen, how do you keep yourself relaxed when you're physically ill at the most inopportune moments (i.e. a ton of looming essay deadlines)? Have you experienced this before? I know the best thing I can do is to sleep it off so I recover faster but it's proving difficult with so much on my mind. Thanks sooo much in advance :)

Yes - a bit currently, I think! I’m taking some new medication which was making me feel really awful for a bit, but I think my body’s getting used to it, so I feel a lot better now. That said, I was acutely conscious of having two essays due at the end of term, and yet struggling to get any work done because I felt so stressed and awful. 

It can be really tough not letting the stress of not being at your (physical or mental) best get to you, particularly when taking time off can feel as though it might be counter-intuitive. But I think a lot more piece of mind comes from accepting your limits - that I can only get so much work done today, and that that might be less work than usual. The more you reconcile yourself to this, the less guilty you will feel - and that’s halfway to feeling better already, I think. You can’t help being ill, so no point making yourself feel worse about it.

Sleeping is important, and can be really helpful: particularly if, like me, you find it difficult to work in the evenings, but easier to work in the mornings. I’d rather go to bed early and then get up early, which helps me get a lot more done! Eating healthily can also really help: I’ve found that my mood improves drastically when I’ve eaten something nice and filling - which means no skipping breakfast, and eating regularly. (That said, anyone that knows me in real life knows that this isn’t really an issue for me!)

Having good support networks in place is also helpful: just letting people know that you are feeling ill and struggling can really make a difference. I’ve let my housemates know that I’ve found adjusting to my medication hard (and that seeing me cry over my toast in the morning is not a big deal - just a side effect discussed on the leaftlet!) and they’ve all been supportive about it. Someone even gave me a box full of sweets and nice-smelling shower things to see me til my deadlines - how lovely is that? Just having someone to check in with, and ask how your day was, can make such a big difference. (Trying to be that person for someone else if you can is also great!) 

Working in comfortable environments can really help: reading in a blanket on a chair (not on a bed - I will always fall asleep!) with something warm can be a lot easier than trekking to the library only to feel cold and miserable. It’s a good idea to have the odd home day, even when you’re feeling at your best - it’s what I’m doing today! I’m replying to emails and doing all my grad student admin - submitting titles for essays, and working out what I need to read over the next few days. Planning achievable amounts of work also makes me feel so much better - you can get some stuff done, and that’s okay!  

If it’s the kind of illness that will pass, then bear in mind that it will - and quicker if you look after yourself. And for those of you struggling with longer term issues - you can only do what you can, and your health will always be more important than your grades. 

Good luck anon.  

Any questions, as always - send ‘em my way. Much love x 

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… maybe it’s a contractual thing? Maybe they renegotiated? Though I do not think they hate each other, or T hates him (didn’t we get a picture of Austin and JK?), K’s obviously done with him, that association is probably killing her inside as much as it’s killing us. Kaylor looked very happy in those few months and now it’s all so quiet… There’s something going on behind the scenes, they're planning something... or at least I hope so. Let Kaylor rise! (2)

2/2 ☝

I agree, though I think it might be optimistic to say the girls are planning anything. Right now I get the feeling they’re waiting for the chips to fall. There doesn’t seem to be much forward momentum in any direction at present. Both girls are could go forward or back from this point.

If I had to guess, I’d say Taylor’s team are having second thoughts about a glass closet, which may be leading Karlie’s team to encourage a renewal of her contract with Josh. I would hope they realize the Kushner connection does nothing positive for Karlie’s brand, but honestly, who knows? They’ve let it drag on too long already, so I don’t have much confidence.

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I know you like Keaton from fe but have you ever seen Kaden from the same series? Cause I think you might like him

Haha yeah he’s been suggested to me…… quite a few times now. But no sadly at the moment he doesn’t tickle my fancy. Might I suggest you approach @cocodile about him though? I know they’ve done a couple great pics of him and totally adore him, so maybe you can gush about Kaden with them!

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look i tried to run apple ii roms in MESS using retroarch and it wont work are you who i complain to what do i do with all these roms

I would just use MAMEUI for all that sort of stuff. The MAME/MESS software lists implementation always felt like too much work with not enough payoff, especially once you throw RetroArch on top of all that.

Though I guess I see the appeal for people playing on TVs who just want to run one thing and be done with it.

Actually, now that I think about it, I might use AppleWin for that stuff. I seem to remember it being cleaner than MAME’s Apple II support.

blue night radio ♡ 160419

jonghyun: most of the decisions that we make in our lives are all done on our own. so, even though you’re having a difficult time, i think worrying and having such experience will become a big asset and be a great help (to you) later on (in life). i know it might be difficult and lonely right now, but someday, you’ll look back and think that (what you went through) was a good experience. (source: thatcoolcatmeow)

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Lol, yes I've gotten to the point where I will watch Poldark solely for Aidan cuz the fandom just pisses me off and I honestly think it would be better for Aidan if the show stops at 3 series. Then he'll be free to do new exciting stuff even though he's enjoyed the challenge of Ross I think he needs to do something more modern now so I'm kinda hoping it doesn't get renewed but I feel like it might anyway but I reckon that the 4th would be the end anyway there's no way to do the time jump easily

Hi! And Amen to all that. I would love him to do a dark comedy or a feel-good show or movie, something different to what he’s done before. Look Away does sound quite near the mark (there’s not much info about it but the synopsis says it’s a comedy), so it’s very frustrating (and typical) that’s it’s practically residing in limbo right now. Even hearing him do theatre again would be great. He deserves better, and so do all the other actors.

I’m so done with Ross. He wound me up enough in series 1, but compared to 2 he was practically heaven sent. Nearly everything about Poldark gets on my wick now and leaves a horrible taste, and the fandom - be it on here or fb - just exasperates the situation. I will be so happy when it finishes (hoping it’s 3, but yeah I can imagine them forcing it to 4 and stopping there for the reasons you said). We need rid of it now.

so voting for the Brits “British Artist Video” re-opens in 4 days and this might sound bad but please don’t vote for One Direction

hear me out

I love them so much but they haven’t done anything together for over a year. I get it, you think they deserve it and they need to know that we still love them and what not, but they already know that. The fandom has dedicated so much of their time to show these boys that we’re here for them and that we think the world of them. 

If it were Niall’s song or Louis’ I’d say go for it, vote your little heart out.

Right now though, it’s not their time to win. Right now it’s the time for an artist that is currently working their ass off for their music, regardless of how long they’ve been in the music industry.

Vote for someone like Little Mix, these girls have been working their asses of for 5 years and still don’t get the recognition they deserve. Hell, you don’t like them and you don’t want to vote for them? Then don’t. Vote for someone that you know has worked for their music this year.

Vote for Zara Larsson, Little Mix, Adele, James Arthur…even Zayn if you prefer but give someone else the chance. 


I got tagged by @matsutalia for a 2016 selfie thing literally 5+ weeks ago is it even legal to do this this late?

this whole time I didn’t have access to a computer or tablet so yeah. pretty sure there’s no point by now but I’ve been wanting to do this. might not keep it though.

if this is still a thing in the slightest I tag @king-keyori @tribalgarnet @your-jellyfish-senpai @generalsongcolor as well as pretty much anyone who hasn’t done this yet and wants to! my brain is a little too jumbled to think of everyone right now ;_;

How Old is Death?

It seems that the Shinigami stop aging after they are reborn and not just physically. Ronald still acts like a young guy. He’s responsible enough to get his work done, but afterwards he’s ready to have some fun. As I considered this, I decided to construct a list about how old all the Shinigami might be physically and mentally even though most have been around for a much longer time. This is pure headcanon, guesswork, and opinion. I’m not claiming any of this to be fact. I encourage everyone to add their own opinions as well. For now, the list is arranged from what I think to be the youngest to oldest. All ages are an approximate guess.

Sascha: 16 years old.

It’s not real shock that I might consider Sascha the youngest. Just look at that cute little face and large, round eyes. I’m guessing 16 because the similarities between Sascha’s face and features and Finny’s appearance.

Ronald: 18 years old.

Like I said in the opening paragraph, Ronald can be responsible, but he still likes to have fun. He enjoys parties and flirting. He’s also still young enough to tease others about age.

Othello: 21 years old.

Othello doesn’t look all that old, and his love for licorice might show he’s young at heart. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had been a science prodigy when he was younger and similar to Sieglinde.

Alan: 21 years old.

He was still a young guy who should have had a lot of years ahead of him. Although responsible with a strong sense of self, he could be naive.

Grell: 25 years old.

Midway through her twenties, Grell is a little more sensitive about age. She’s still young, but feels more ‘adult’ than some of the others, despite being more impulsive than most.

Rudgar: 28 years old.

Not much to go on. He just looks to be a bit older and seems similar to William.

William: 28 years old.

William’s a few years older than Grell and probably the most mature of any of he Shinigami. He’s old enough to have seen a few things, although he’d actually like to be seen as older rather than younger.

Undertaker: 30 years old.

He has a slightly more mature face, and I think he was older than the other Shinigami even before working for so many years.

Eric: 33 years old.

He’s more worn than most of the others and doesn’t like to put up with any nonsense. He still has a temper and can be impulsive, but he has a few more years under his belt.

That’s just my guess for all the reapers. All input and opinions are welcome and appreciated.