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wednesday 22.2, semester six, week six

It’s only 3pm, but I consider my work for today done – I’m on break anyways. I’ve organised my next week on both my blackboard/weekly planner and my journal (actually noticing I’ve done quite some work already, even though I didn’t think I did). I checked my literature notes on Woolf, adding missing information (names, places, etc… that my prof briefly mentioned but might add in an incoming test. I know how he works now.) and prepared for the next seminar (sadly working on two characters’ deaths (and my fav?? I was so disappointed in myself for getting attached to a secondary character and having him dying… again)). Next today? Reading. Mostly reading, and taking the train to the countryside. I’ll probably finish Adam Silvera’s History is all you left me, although I tried to read it slowly enough for it to last (not happening), and start Six of Crows’ sequel (I’ve had it on my Kindle since Christmas and simply forgot about it because of exams and starting the semester.)


Series: Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Words: 1,570

A/N: I have no excuse. I’m gay dragon trash and I didn’t write anything for any fandom for Valentine’s Day specifically this year, so I whipped this up this morning (in addition to another fic which I shall post later).

Blame my followers. They only encouraged me to write for these two gay idiots and their dragon daughter and now I’m hooked and will probably write more…



When Kobayashi had left the apartment that morning, she’d sent out a silent prayer to the universe itself that nothing too crazy would happen today.

She found herself making that wish just about every day now, but it wasn’t always granted, considering the company she was keeping back at home.

She merely went to work as usual and kept her fingers crossed. She hadn’t even remembered about Valentine’s Day until she’d gotten into the office and heard most of her male co-workers mumbling about how they still needed to buy last-minute gifts for their wives or girlfriends.

Oh, Kobayashi thinks briefly. I guess today is that holiday… I doubt Tohru knows about it. It might be best if it stays that way.

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Someone You Like

Originally posted by tompollander

A/N: I mentally sobbed while typing this, this is adorable and i probably should focus on my school work now whoops. Leave any requests in my messages or asks !

Prompt: based off the song “Someone You Like” by The Girl And The Dreamcatcher, with ramblings from Tom’s mind, then the reader’s mind, then ends with Tom’s again.

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: adorable, the fluffiest, you will probably cry at how cute this is

“I saw you with that ribbon in your hair
Think that I began to stare
Maybe I’ll love you for a while”

There she was. The girl I always see in the same coffee shop every day. With that adorable thin blue ribbon in her hair. Every time I come in and see her, I stare until she leaves. Sounds kinda creepy, but she’s beautiful. If it’s possible, I  feel like I’ve fallen in love. One-sided love at first sight.

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Someone on Reddit was asking about keyblades:

The way I always saw it…


The Kingdom Key and Kingdom Key D are two unique blades the way that the x-blade was. They aren’t a representation of one’s heart, but constants that need to exist. This is probably because the x-blade was shattered or something. When the worlds became a realm of darkness and a realm of light, the KK was the light’s half of the x-blade and the KKD was the darkness’s half. They probably weren’t made from the x-blade themselves, but came to exist because of the state of the universe, much the way the x-blade did.

Anyway, KK and KKD are special. They reside in their respective realms to protect it. They have their own “consciousness” as it is, where they can choose their wielders. In my head, I always thought that they wouldn’t choose a wielder unless their realm was in peril. So when all the worlds start vanishing in KH1, the KK is like “woah hey what? damnit I better find myself a wielder”. It found Riku - one of few already anointed with using a keyblade - and I was like “sure this kid seems legit”. Then Riku went all darkness and the key was like “damnit, and I came all the way out here”. But he sees Sora, who has the heart of a keyblade wielder (Ven) and is like “actually this kid might work instead”. Then in Hallow Bastion it sees Riku again and is like “you’re that kid!” and goes with him. Then KK is like “actually you’re a dick and I like the other kid more” and goes back to Sora. And that’s the story of the KK.

So then there’s the KKD, chillin’ in darkness like “yeah man lovin’ this darkness gonna stay here forever” and then a mouse comes and picks it up. And the KKD is like “well, I mean, it’s been a while since like. I’ve done anything. Might as well.” and sticks with Mickey. But if it ever wanted to leave it probably could. Though I think the KKD and KK are both in this for the same reason: they want balance. Neither wants to see Light or Darkness consume everything. That’s why KKD stays with Mickey.

So, now let’s delve into keyblades as a whole. They were said to be “forged in reverence of the x-blade”, which is sort of weird since the x-blade looks dumb as hell and the keyblades look pretty rad most of the time. Maybe it’s like how an artist sees someone’s work and thinks “ha, I could do that, but better”. Anyway. “Forged” here is a pretty loose term, since hearts forge keyblades, but also like… you could just forge them out of metal, right? For the sake of simplicity and in the continuity of the franchise, let’s just define “forged” as “created with one’s heart”. This materializes a keyblade for the use of its owner. BUT it seems like whenever the owner dies, the keyblade can continue to exist. Since you know. The graveyard. This basically defies everything I know about creating and destroying matter but whatever.

So anyway. Wielders make keyblades with strong hearts. Are they blessed or something? IMO, it seems sort of like “forging a keyblade” was pretty damn easy before the world fell apart (KHUX). Maybe this is like a defense mechanism? Kingdom Hearts is like “well shit, I see what you guys do when keyblades are dime a dozen - you start wars! So you know what. New universe, new rules. No keyblades for anybody. Except these two new ones, KKL and KKD. No more wars. Stop it.” To which the very few keyblade wielders who survived the sundering were like “right, but how about we make a ceremony that lets us pass on the keyblade powers to new people, since like, we totally learned our lesson and won’t start another war”. So then the Ceremony came to be (which is just touching a keyblade apparently?? I think here’s more to it, but I’ll get to that in a minute).

So here we are in the new universe and we’ve got a few keys. The x-blade is broke, but that doesn’t matter until it becomes an essential and awkwardly convenient plot point. The KK and KKD are newly born. And I guess No Name (Xehanort’s blade in BBS and Master of Masters’ blade in Back Cover) survived, because why not. And then there’s the Dandelions. And that’s it. All the other keyblades are inert, since their wielders are dead. So someone passes the power of the keyblades onto Eraqus, Xehanort, and Yen Sid. Hopefully this gets revealed in KH3 since we got that awesome chess scene with chubby baby Eraqus. Yen Sid trains Mickey, then retires. Xehanort trains Ven, then fucks up literally everything. Eraqus trains Terra and Aqua, then dies. So we’ve gone from three to four wielders in one generation, since Eraqus thinks he’s special. I don’t know what “retiring” means in terms of using a keyblade, but it’s pretty safe to assume Yen Sid isn’t going to do anything but talk for the whole franchise. Xehanort takes over Terra. So we’re sitting at four wielders and six keyblades (since Terra/Xehanort each have one, and Aqua has Eraqus’s).

This brings about a whole other argument. Though the wielders die (Eraqus & in theory, No Name) the keyblades retain their power. Which is sort of in conflict with the keyblade graveyard. I think this has a lot to do with intent. Eraqus had always intended his keyblade to be passed down to Aqua in case he fell. MoM had always intended No Name to move forward through time. Each served their master’s purpose even after the master’s demise, so… in a way, they still had the heart of their master. I think this also explains why Aqua can’t summon her own keyblade anymore after the end of BBS. Her intent for her keyblade was to watch over Terra. It’s still doing that, in the Chamber of Repose. Then again, maybe keyblades can’t be summoned into the Realm of Darkness if they preside in the Realm of Light? Who knows.

Keeping the theme of intent, I think it has a lot to do with the Keyblade Ceremony. In every instance of the ceremony, the master intends to give the power away (Terra to Riku, for instance). So I think there’s more to it than just “touching the blade”. The only circumstance that defies this rule is Aqua to Kairi, but Kairi is a Princess of Heart so she can do whatever the hell she wants. So by the end of BBS, we’re sitting at six (potential) keyblade wielders and eight keyblades. Cue KK and KKD, makes ten. Actually, if we want to get technical, Xehanort might have been able to summon his own keyblade before being given No Name. So maybe eleven? At this point, the original Kingdom Hearts must be pretty pissed off.

So then there’s Sora. Who never had his own keyblade. Which I think is pretty cool. KK is Sora’s bro after KH1, so he never really needs one. And he was never given the ceremony officially. Though it could be argued that by housing Ven’s heart, it gave Sora the ability to have his own keyblade, but just the same it could be argued that once Ven’s heart is gone Sora might not be able to hold a keyblade at all. (I doubt that’ll be the case, but it’s funny to think about.) What are we at? Seven wielders, ten (possibly 11) blades?

Sora goes all sleepy time, so Roxas steals his Kingdom Key. KK is probably like “this is Sora! Feels like Sora. Probably Sora. I wish I had a glowing blue eye so I could be sure, but hey, whatever”. Xion “copies” Roxas’s key, explaining the two KKs at the same time. This is probably Ven’s keyblade since she’s siphoning parts of Sora out of Roxas, and the KK appearance is an illusion created from copying Roxas.

Xion dies. Roxas gets her keyblade (which was Ven’s). Dual wielding ass kicking ensues. Then when Sora wakes up, he can dual wield because Roxas - who is a part of him - unlocked that power for him. I think this is a really cool plot point actually, because it means when Ven gets his heart back, Sora will need to learn to manifest a keyblade of his own (not the KK) in order to dual wield again!! :D I’m all about Sora learning how to forge his own keyblade.

Let’s see. Lea gets a keyblade from Yen Sid’s ceremony. Bringing our total wielder count to eight: Destiny trio, Wayfinder trio, Mickey, Lea. Eleven keyblades: listed above (including KK for Sora), KKD (which means Mickey can probably dual wield), Master Defender (hopefully dual wielding Aqua in the future?!), and No Name (Terranort can officially dual wield..?).

Then keychains. Don’t worry, I’m almost done. “Keychains” modify the appearance of an existing keyblade. I actually don’t think keychains are actual keychains in most cases. It’s just that certain memories and experiences can color your heart, changing the appearance of your keyblade. The exception to this could possibly be Oathkeeper, since Kairi actually gives Sora a charm. But I don’t think he clips that thing on the end of his keyblade - I think just the memories of her and stuff bring about the transformation. Or maybe they are real keychains, but they are made when the heart remembers those memories? Because honestly, obtaining actual magical keychains seems absurd to me. This really isn’t elaborated on in any way.

Importantly, however! there are no keychains on the keyblades in the Graveyard. So maybe keychains are tied to a wielder’s heart, and when the wielder dies, the keyblade can be left behind but not the keychain itself. Again, there are exceptions with Master Defender (Eraqus) and No Name, since there is still intent in these blades. It’s interesting to think about. Also the Keyblade of Heart (forged from the seven princesses) doesn’t have a keychain. Maybe because it has no wielder? It’s a combination of seven hearts, rather than one? I don’t know.

ANYWAY. This was a lot longer than I wanted it to be, but I think about keyblades a lot. If anyone has anything to add or correct me on, PLEASE tell me because I LOVE TALKING ABOUT THIS STUFF!!! :D

<3 KCM

I haven’t posted any of my art in a while, but here’s an old piece I did back in like, 2012 I think?  I was still signing with my deadname.  It was just a sketch on a piece of printer paper but I felt like I screwed up the hair so I decided to practice ink linework on it.  I’m also pretty sure that this was a character sketch for a trans woman pathfinder character I was going to play (but the game never materialized).  I even drew her with my tattoos (the tiny bit you can see on the shoulders).

Thinking about it now, most of the drawings I’ve done in the past few years have just been sketches that I tried to ink with various levels of success (usually very little tbqh), which is a real shame because I always really excelled in graphite and charcoal.  I think I stopped doing pencil drawings because I felt like it was a dead-end.  Nobody ever buys pencil drawings, and inks are still useful in comics.  I dunno though.  It might be time to revisit my roots.

How to Survive Exam Season

This one is dedicated to everybody who is stressed right now and to everybody who has to write exams at the moment (including myself).

Prompt: here
Genre: fluff
Word Count: 1678
Summary: Simon works as a teacher in a high school and has a crush on another one of the teachers, Baz. When Simon is in a desperate situation, Baz decides to help out.

Oh no. Fuck no. It’s the voice of Mister Sexy. (That’s not his name. Except he might possibly be the most handsome person I’ve ever seen.)

I turn around, slowly, because there’s the silly hope that he might not see me if I don’t make any sudden movements. He’s already seen me. Maybe he’s right when he says I’m stupid.

And there he stand in the corridor, looking absolutely perfect, which isn’t fair. Because right now I’m wearing the ugly yellow T-Shirt that’s a bit stained with paint and that I usually only wear to sleep. Also, I’m pretty sure there are cobwebs stuck in my hair. So basically I look like I have never heard of the existence of mirrors and he looks like the definition of stunning.

And that’s just great. Couldn’t have gone any better. Except now the urge to bang my head against the wall has increased by four hundred percent. (He would know. He’s a maths teacher – history, too, and politics, but I swear if you could choose more than three subjects, he’d be qualified to teach any subject in school. I’m not making that up, I saw in his qualifications that he can speak five different languages. I mean, it’s not like I’ve been stalking him. It’s just that I happened to stumble across them. Somehow. And I saw him play football with the sports teachers. He’s really good at it. I’m just searching for something he’s not perfect at. Not stalking him, Crowley.)

Anyhow, the reason why I want to bang my head against the wall.
“Why are you under the staircase?”
And why I’m under the staircase.

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I have been seeing a lot of theories about the meaning of “Who stole the candy from my tummy?” and most of them are in favor of the 2CT. But, I think we all forget one character that was linked to a candy. And it is Doll.

Remember this scene ?

A phantomhive candy is falling from Doll’s bag, and though I agree it has no link to a stomach, I’d always seen the candy falling as the end of the friendship and trust that Doll had for Ciel. Ciel stole everything from her and that’s why I think the message on the wall could be coming from her.
And now, you might be asking “alright but she is dead, how could have shre written it ?”. Well, remember who was also there at that time ?

Yes, Undertaker. And though, I’m still trying to figure it out why he would have done that, I think this theory is as likely as the 2CT.

Surprise (Ch. 1)

He turns to look at Ian for an answer. Ian nods reassuringly. “Okay,” he responds.

Summary: Kash makes a surprise visit to a Gallagher/ Ball/ Milkovich bonfire in an attempt to get Ian back. Mickey decides to put an end to it, letting everyone know who he truly is and his true feelings.

Word Count: 2863

The first day of summer obviously calls for a big Gallagher bonfire, doesn’t it? It’s a tradition to throw a party for any sort of special occasion.

Fiona and Jimmy make sure everyone is getting prepared. V and Kev come early to help get out the beer, sodas, and snacks for the night. Debbie texts her so called friends to make sure they’re coming. Carl calls Little Hank. Lip makes sure he has enough weed for the night, and then calls Mandy to come over with her brothers. Then, lastly, Ian texts Mickey to make sure Mandy told them they’re all invited.

Ian taps his foot rapidly as he waits for the Milkovich family to arrive–well Mickey, to be specific. He’s used to being with him around people, but not both of their families together. Will it be like their barely even friends or will they talk to each other and be friendly? Would it be suspicious if they talk to each other throughout the whole party? Probably, Ian thinks. Would it be suspicious if they don’t talk at all? Probably, Ian thinks again.

Lip sees his younger brother fidgeting and decides to approach him. “What’s got you all worked up?”

“Nothing,” Ian replies unconvincingly.

Lip rolls his eyes and hands his cigarette to him. “The secret boy toy, otherwise known as Mickey, do something wrong?”

“Dude!” Ian barks. He scans the area making sure no one could have heard what his older brother said. “Quiet the fuck down, he’d kill you if he heard that you knew about us.” He rubs his hands over his face. “But no, I don’t know how to act with him tonight.”

Lip laughs at Ian’s response because he knows that what he said is completely true. “Are you kidding? Act normal, like you two are friends.” Lip reassures his brother. “Want a beer?”


* * *

As Ian is handing his baby brother over to Jimmy, he feels two arms wrap tightly around his waist. “Hi, fake boyfriend,” Mandy jumps to his side and kisses his cheek.

“Hi, Mands. Where are you brothers?” He looks around the yard.

She laughs. “Well the assholes didn’t think Lip would have enough weed for everyone so they stopped to get some more.” Ian nodded. “Speaking of Lip, where is my real boyfriend?” Ian points her in the direction of his brother and watches her run off.

* * *

“Raggedy Ann!” Ian hears Mickey scream and suddenly all his worries were washed away.

He chuckles. “Raggedy Ann? That’s a new one,” he says and hands Mickey a beer.

Both boys look at Iggy, Mickey’s brother, who is staring at Ian looking dumbfounded. “Did you call him Raggedy Ann because he has red hair?”

“Yes, fucktard.” Ian laughs at the two Milkovich brothers.

“Well whatever I just wanted to make sure, asswipe,” Iggy protested and Mickey rolled his eyes. “Yo, Gallagher, pass me a beer.” Ian hands him a beer, and begins staring at Fiona.

“Are you serious, Ig?”


“You’re eye fucking my sister!”

“So?” Iggy smirks. “Think Fi would like a piece of Iggy Milkovich?”

Mickey pushes his brother away while Ian scoffs. “Go get her, tiger.” Iggy smirks and makes his way over to the eldest Gallagher sibling.

Mickey turns his body to face the redheaded boy with a grin. He eyes him meticulously from head to toe. Damn, Mickey thinks to himself, he scored gold with this one. Even though happy thoughts stem from Ian, bad ones do as well. He hates how attracted to him he is, and that he can never get his mind off of him. He knows what the consequences would be of taking his secret relationship public, so he holds it in, despite the secret ambition to show Ian off to the world which is something he’d never admit.

Ian notices the way Mickey is staring at him. “Don’t do this, Mick.” He bites his lip. “You’re the one who’s making me keep it a secret.”

“What am I doing?” He says in a captivating voice.

Ian shuts his eyes. “Making me wanna touch you and shit. I’d be happy even holding your hand, how faggy is that?” Red rushes to his cheeks, a bit embarrassed of his confession, and he puts his head down.

“Super faggy,” Mickey replies. “You’re going to have to prove you’re still in charge when we sneak off later,” he smirks and walks off.

“Motherfucker,” Ian tries to calm his heart rate.

Mickey laughs and turns back. “You’re under my skin, man. I like making you squirm the way you make me squirm,” he winks, gives him the middle finger, and turns back around to join around the fire.

* * *

There were few hours of seductive glances between Ian and Mickey, screaming matches between Lip and Mandy, the hard work of Iggy trying to get with Fiona, Carl lighting things on fire, Debbie acting like an adult hooker, and stupid joking and arguments between the other people there. Eventually everyone is completely stoned and wasted.

Mickey walks over to where Lip, Mandy, and Ian are standing. “Hey, asshole,” he turns to Lip. “Hey, bitch,” he turns to his sister. “Hey, Gallagher,” he turns to Ian. He’s so drunk he can barely even stand straight.

“Mickey!” Mandy squeals. “Why do you never call Ian anything offensive? You guys must be best friends.” She smiles, barely even realizing what’s going on around her.

Lip snorts. “The bestest of friends.” He gets an evil glare from Mickey and Ian, so he immediately hides his laugh.

Eventually Mickey’s brother, Colin and the Gallagher’s neighbor, Kev come join the mindless conversations they’re having. They’re smoking and drinking and laughing all night.

Out of nowhere, Jimmy yells. “Hey, Ian,” and points across the street. “Isn’t that your old boss from the Kash n Grab?” He goes stiff, and so does Mickey. Everyone looks across the street to see a dark man staring at the group.

“Kash! Get your ass over here!” Fiona yells like she knows the guy personally, which she does not.

Mickey darts his serious eyes over to Ian. He pulls the taller boy to the side. “What the fuck? You said he ran away with some other old towel headed queer!”

“He did,” Ian whispered. “Don’t try to kill him unless you need to, okay? I’ll deal with him later.”

“The fuck is he here for? How does he know where you live?” Mickey is extremely agitated at the sight of the man who shot him, sent him to juvie, and used to fuck around with Ian. The Ian thing is what pissed him off the most.

Ian scoffs. “Fuck should I know?”

“Deal with him before I do, Firecrotch. I’ll gladly shoot a bullet up his ass.”

“Give me a little bit, I’ll do it. Let me think for a second.” Ian paces back and forth. “I mean what the hell is he here for?”

Mickey shakes his head and tries to calm his anger by taking another swig of his beer. “If he pulls anything, I’m putting a stop to it.” Ian grins because he hears a high level of jealously in his secret boyfriends voice. “You hear me?”

“Yeah, Mick, I hear you.” He smirks. God, he wishes Mickey always acted so protective and jealous because it makes him ten times more attracted to the older boy.

They watch as the old boss joins in on the group of people. He first speaks to Fiona, Jimmy, Iggy, Jamie, and V. After talking to them for a little while, he goes to talk to Lip, Mandy, and Colin, making his way closer to Ian.

* * *

Kash is walking to Ian now. Mickey clenches his fist trying to hold back from attacking him, but he stays in his place with his sister, Carl, and Little Hank. He can’t help but to completely ignore the two younger boys attempts of flirting with his sister. Right now, he can only focus on Ian and Kash.

“Kash, what are you doing here?” Ian speaks cold. He makes sure he’s close enough so Mickey can hear what they are saying to each other, but he knows that is what the shorter boy is focused on right now, unlike anyone else. It’s not that he needs protection, Mickey just makes him feel safe, so he says close.

The older man smiles. “I missed you. I came to find you.”

Ian scoffs. “Moved on,” he barks. “Never really cared for ya that much.” He assumes the rudeness is a result from the intoxication.

“Ian, we were good together. Perfect, if I’m being honest.” Kash steps forward, Ian steps back. “Look, I know you’re mad that I left you–”

Ian chuckles and brings his cigarette to his mouth. “Got that wrong.”

“I’d be mad too. I came back for you, Ian. You know you will never find a guy to make you as happy as I did. No guy will make you feel as good and wanted as I did. No guy will love you like I did. I still love you. You and me, it was so easy to be togeth–” he gets interrupted by Mickey’s fist.

Everyone turns their attention to Ian, Mickey, and Kash now. “Oh shit,” Ian says under his breath. He barely had a chance to process the bullshit words that Kash was speaking, but Mickey clearly absorbed every word.

Once Kash is on the ground, Mickey grabs him by the collar. He’s fuming with anger and hatred. “Now you’re going to listen to me real fucking close, you creepy ass pedophile. Ian’s not yours, he never was. He’s mine. I’m his. I might piss him off to no end, but I also make him happier than anyone on the fucking planet. I make him feel better than you ever did,” he spits in the beaten up man’s face.

Ian cannot believe what he’s hearing come out of Mickey’s mouth, especially with everyone watching and listen. He feels a sense of pride though, knowing that Mickey gives a shit.

“Understand?” Kash nods. Everyone thinks he done speaking so they start whispering about what the fuck is going on. “But lastly,” everyone shuts up again.

Kash coughs and tries to wriggle from Mickey’s grip, so Mickey takes him by the neck and pins him into the group. “Lastly, I want to tell you that you never loved him. You know how I know? Love isn’t supposed to ‘come easy,’ asshole. It’s fucking hard, but it’s something you survive. It’s getting separated for months at a time, but still coming back like nothing ever happened. It’s years of listening to every word the other person is saying and never getting sick of it, even if you’re active like it. It’s getting caught by an evil, psychotic, and homophobic father, and getting the shit beat out of the two of you, but caring about the other person’s well-being more than your own. It’s fighting together, so let me tell you right now, it is not easy.” Ian jaw drops hearing Mickey speak. “But it’s fucking worth it. You aren’t in love with Ian Gallagher. I’m in love with Ian Gallagher. You get what I’m saying, towelhead?”

“Yes, yes, I-I understa-and.” Kash tries to breathe in Mickey’s tight grip around his neck.

Ian’s eyes are practically bulging out of his head. Did Mickey just say he loves him? In front of everyone? His heart is racing fast.

The Gallagher siblings are staring in confusion and surprise. Other than Lip, who is just shocked about how deep things ran between the two lovebirds. The Milkovich siblings and the Ball family don’t fully understand what just happened yet.

“You’re going to leave and never come back here, okay? Or I will blow your fucking brains out.” He releases Kash from under him and kicks him once before letting him run away.

Ignoring the other people staring at them, Mickey approaches Ian. He puts his hands around the back of redhead’s neck and pulls him down for a hard and passionate kiss. Once they separate, Mickey looks him in the eyes and puts their foreheads together. “Mine.”

Ian nods, his heart is still racing fast. Nothing is more attractive than a jealous Mickey Milkovich. “I love you too, ya know?” His grin widens.

“Yeah, I know, fucker.” Mickey laughs.

He turns to the crowd of shocked faces and chucks them all the finger. Feeling Ian so touch his back gives him all the confidence he needs to face the big group. “Well, my drunken confession of the night has been given away. Anyone got some stupid shit to say, come at me.” He gets ready to fight again and feels Ian prepare himself as well.

“We won’t tell dad,” Iggy steps forward.

Colin nods and steps up as well. “Only if you really love him though.”

Mickey nods. “I do.”

“Fucking unnatural,” Iggy jokes. “but you’re our brother. We got your back, man.” He gives Mickey a sideways grin.

“We got Ian’s back too,” Jamie adds, and Ian smiles as a response.

Mickey doesn’t understand why, but he’s too drained to even ask so he nods.

Suddenly, Mandy steps forward and punches Ian and Mickey hard in the arm. “This is who you’ve been fucking, Ian? You should’ve fucking told me!” Now he turns to her brother. “And you better know that when I say that if either of you hurt the other I will murder you.” The boys nod.

“You guys aren’t mad?” Ian says quizzically to the Milkovich’s.

They laugh. “We already knew you were gay, you wear it proudly. Mickey’s a fucking shock, but nah, man. Just make him happy okay?” Iggy says sincerely.

“You got it.” Ian plans on doing everything in his power to do that.

Fiona now steps forward. “So when did this start?”

Mickey puts his head down. “It’s been about three years.”

“Three years and no one knew!” V screams. Fiona and Jimmy’s mouths hang open in astonishment. Fi is actually a bit disappointed in herself for not realizing that her brother spent so much time with Mickey Milkovich.

Ian feels Mickey tense. He thinks the older boy must suddenly be realizing the severity of what he just did. He tightens his grip on the lower part of his boyfriend’s back, and Mickey eases into it as if he’s saying he won’t leave.

“Actually a few people knew. Um, well for example, the reason Kash shot Mickey was because he caught us, and Frank caught us once too.” His heart pounds knowing that so many people are hearing this. “And also, um, Terry caught us,” Ian’s voice cracks. Everyone seems to stiffen at the name of the Milkovich father.

Mickey turns to Ian quickly when he hears the voice crack and puts a hand on his cheek. “Hey, hey, we don’t got to talk about that. It’s over, we’re okay. I won’t let him get to us anymore.” He speaks softly.

“Might help me get over it if I talk about it. You know like therapy or some shit,” Ian forces a laugh. Mickey just nods and grabs Ian hand as preparation to hear the terrible story he onced lived. “We were, uhh, fucking when Terry walked in. He went batshit crazy. Started screamed and punching. I thought I was going to die, in all honesty. He pulled the gun out on me.” He pauses when he see Debbie and Fiona wince at his words. “Every time his focus would fall on me like that though, Mick got his attention and then I had to watch him beat on him, and then he pistol whipped him–it was fucking hard to see.” He pulls himself together. “Th-Then he called Svetlana to come and–to come an–”

Mickey notices Ian struggling so he takes it into his own hands. “To come and ‘fuck the faggot out of me,’ were his exact words.” He squeezed the redhead’s hand tightly.

“He made me watch as he forced rape on his son. It’s fucking twisted, man,” he chuckles dryly.

“Oh, guys, I’m so sorry.” Fiona says shakily.

Colin scoffs. “That son of a bitch.”

“Mick, you can’t come home. I’ll shoot him if I see him even glance at you. You can’t come home.” Iggy stares his brother in the eyes. Jamie mutters something in agreement.

Carl stands in front of his older sister and guardian. “Fi, let him stay here.” To Mickey’s surprise, everyone agrees with the young boy.

“They can take my bed, I’ll go back to sharing with Liam and Carl,” Lip adds. Then he looks to his girlfriend mouthing his apologies that they won’t have a room to themselves, but she shakes her head and hugs him as a thank you for trying to help her brother.

“Stay with us, Mickey,” Fiona says.

He looks around at everyone. He can’t believe people care. He doesn’t know what to do.

“Please, Mickey, don’t be so fucking stubborn for once and stay here for a while,” Mandy pleads. She wants her brother to be safe.

He turns to look at Ian for an answer. Ian nods reassuringly. “Okay,” he responds.

What You Need

Requested: hey!!! okay so I’m a senior rn and I’m super stressed w high school but also choosing a college and applying for scholarships and stuff so could you do one where y/n is in that situation and tries to bottle up all her stress and emotions but eventually breaks down in a panic and ShawN has to like calm her down & stuff? Thankkkkk you !



Between trying decide on which college you’ll attend in the fall, trying to keep up with your last year of high school, and being pressured to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life, to say you’re stressed would be an understatement. You’re beginning to feel like you really might be going crazy. There is just so much going on. Also, having a boyfriend who also happens to be a famous singer doesn’t seem to help lower your stress levels at all because you worry about him, and you want to make sure that you’re able to be there for him as well.

He’s been home for the past week on a little break from work, which he so deserves. It has been nice because you’ve finally gotten to spend some time with him, which helps you to feel better. But at the same time, he’s really stressed with his next world tour starting soon, and he’s been dealing with his own things. Because of this you want to be there for him, and you’re hesitant to share that you’re struggling a lot too, so you’ve been doing your best to hide it from him, but that has only taken more from you.  

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sonofkrabkrab  asked:

The only other thing I can think of right now is Bumbleby with Blake's family though I have seen it done before

Belladonna family headcanons with bumblebee

Sun totally gave Yang some advice before she met Blake’s parents. His advice wasn’t necessarily the best but the thought counts. 

Kali didn’t tell anyone but she already planned the whole wedding in her head. She didn’t really need to tell anyone though, her comment on how stunning Yang would look in a white dress kinda gave it away. 

Kali might be the worst bumblebee shipper the world has ever seen, but honestly it was the same when she still thought Blake and Sun could become a thing. It would totally be the same with every decent person Blake brings home. She just wants her little girl to be happy, with someone who truly loves and cherishes her, someone who treats her well. 

At first Ghira didn’t like Yang. He’s a bit overprotective and he doesn’t want anyone too close to his precious little girl. He’s too scared someone might break her heart. 

Tension was high when Blake introduced Yang to her family because of that. Half of the evening Ghira just sat there, arms crossed, and the looks he gave Yang would have scared the hell out of most people. Yang tried very hard to be nice and everything, Kali tried everything to make Yang feel welcome, and Blake  who had already spend days trying to convince her father to be nice to Yang gave him the angriest looks she could. 

Eventually Yang couldn’t stand it anymore and openly asked Ghira why he didn’t like her. He made a comment on how he doesn’t have to like every wild blonde Blake brings home, Blake almost screamed at him, but Yang just slammed her prosthetic on the table and told him she had lost an arm while protecting his daughter, she at least deserved a fair chance. Dead silence until Kali asked if anyone liked some dessert. From then on Yang had his respect. 

Ghira eventually started to really like Yang. That special smile only Yang can put on Blake’s face, small but full of true bliss, it’s his favourite thing to see. 

You can still see a dent where Yang slammed her metal fist on the table. She’s a bit proud of it. 

The Maze Runner: Newt - Drunken Confessions

Prompt: Newt confesses how he feels for you… but what happens when you notice things haven’t changed the next day?

Requested by: @nickey-mouse

You lie in your bed, blinking slowly as the sunlight wakes you and the warmth engulfs you. You smile, remembering the night that just happened, the imaginary music you danced to with the all the Gladers. The sparkling bonfire that glittered the night sky. The way Newt’s eyes clung to you as you danced.

And of course…

His drunken voice spilling over his lips claiming how he feels for you.

You sigh as you roll over, clutching to one of the pillows. It’s as if a dream came true, or something quite close to it. You don’t even know how it could have happened. Would it ever have happened if you didn’t encourage Newt to let loose and drink a little? Was it the alcohol that gave him courage to tell you or… maybe it was just drunken talk?

You sit up in your bed, the covers falling off the side of the bed, doubt overcomes you and suddenly you feel that maybe it might not have even been true after all.

“Y/N!” You hear your Keeper Clint call your name from below, his voice filling your room through the window.  “Get your shank butt down here, we’ve got Slicers to fix up!”

You tumble out of your bed, slipping a clean outfit on before sticking your head out of your window, “Already!?”

Clint laughs, “Unfortunately.”

You slide your feet into a pair of shoes and tie back your hair as you make your way out of the Homestead. You meet up with Jeff and Clint by the shack where your supplies for patching up the Gladers are kept and start on the group of guys, who are of course, Slicers.

“I swear I see you every day,” you mutter over at one kid who’s scarred hands only earn more scars. “Why’d they give you the Slicer job if you keep getting yourself injured?”

He blushes crazily, “It was that or being a Slopper, I practically begged them to give me the Slicer job.”

You raise an eyebrow, “Point taken.”

After a few more kids, you spot a blond head enter the building; a stream of blood covering his right arm. “Bloody garden tools, I tell ya’.”

You walk over to him, almost too shy to even touch him, and bring him over to the first-aid kit. You wash him arm with water and then wipe it down with anti-bacterial wipes so it doesn’t get infected, that’s the last thing anyone would want in this shuck place. “Garden tools attack you again?” Your voice is quiet, and you’re not sure how you’re supposed to act around him after last night. But he doesn’t seem to look or act any different to usual…

“Yep, as always.” He laughs, and notices your unusual quietness but doesn’t say anything. Thankfully.

“Maybe you just can’t handle those tools because you’re still a little drunk from last night?” You joke, a smile on your face.

He laughs, “Yeah, yeah, last night was killer.” And that’s it, that’s all he says. You start to wonder, maybe he’s just joking around with you. It’s such a Newt thing to do, he’s probably just messing with you or trying to get you to say something first.

“Yep.” You’re not going to play his little game, so you just go along with his pretending.

Soon, the bleeding stops completely and you manage to cover the wound. He smiles gratefully and thanks you before he goes back into the Glade; you only watch after him.

Later that night you find yourself thinking about Newt, about what he said over and over. The way he was so shy, and how his voice was very timid. But you can only go about pretending it never even happened for so long, so you find Newt hanging with Thomas and Minho by Gally’s wrestling ring. You want to just go and ask him about it but the other boys are around and you’re not sure if you want them to know or not.

“Ah look, it’s the gal who saved my life!” Newt exclaims, smiling gleefully.

You laugh at his joke, “Barely.”

“You finished working for the day?” Thomas asks, chewing on a leftover bun.

“Yeah, but I’ll be on emergency duty tonight so I have to sleep in the Med-jack building.”

“First night doing that?”

You shake your head, “Third actually, I tried to tell the boys that I could do it more often but… well, I guess they’re just used to the schedule they have.”

“Well they bloody should trust you more with it, no one could fix my bleedin’ arm the way you did, darlin’”, he gives you a wink and you find yourself blushing. He’s still playing this game of his?

A few seconds roll by after you don’t reply, because of your confusion with Newt and this immense sudden feeling of not knowing how to act around him anymore. But the silence is cracked as Minho speaks, “How flattering,” he says with a laugh, and you join in. But it’s awkward, and you find yourself wishing you hadn’t come over here.

“Y/N, can I talk to you a sec?” It’s Newt, and at first you wish it wasn’t him who said it. But you knew sooner or later it would come to this, and finally you feel a little excited. You want to talk about last night, and you’ve been super annoyed all day because it hadn’t happened yet.

You wander off with Newt, walking beside him as you find a quieter, empty place to chat. He stops abruptly, his back to you for a moment as if he’s thinking over things, which makes you nervous. What if he’s going to say that last night was a mistake? What if he’s going to tell you that he never meant what he said?

He pushed your hair out of your eyes, tucking them behind your ear. His slurred voice and happy smiley-face the most adorable thing you’ve seen. “There’s something I want to tell you…”

He turns to face you, “Y/N… You’ve been acting weird. Not completey weird… maybe not even weird, just different.”

“God, you’re beautiful, you know?” He smiles even wider, “I feel so much… I feel happy when you’re around me, Y/N. I love the kind of person you are. You make me feel better, you make me feel as though this place doesn’t even matter. I think I could fall in love with you if you let me.”

“And now I’m worried that I might have… done something to you. Last night? Did something happen? You’ve been quieter and… I don’t know, maybe I’m just overthinking it, but I do get this vibe as if something’s changed with you. And I can’t ignore it anymore.”

You take a step back, and a flash of fear crosses his eyes. You blink, unsure what to say at first. “You mean… You don’t… You don’t remember?”

His breath hitches in his throat, “Like I said, if I did anything to you, I am so, so sorry.”

You shake your head, “I… I was so happy when I woke up this morning. But you don’t even remember? You don’t remember what you said to me?”

Newt looks away as he tries to remember, but it only brings on more confusion. He doesn’t remember that he confessed his feelings for you, and its like a stab to the heart. “What did I say?”

You feel your face tighten as you try not to cry in fornt of him but it’s no use, you’ve never been one to keep your tears away. You cover your face out of shame and he comes closer to try and comfort you but you only walk further away.

“What did I say, Y/N?”

You drop your hands from your face, “I can’t believe you! I can’t believe you don’t remember!”

“I was drunk!”

“Then man up next time and tell me how you feel without being intoxicated you damn shank!” Your cheeks blush out of embarrassment and anger, and you wish you could have just forgotten what he said too.

His mouth falls open slightly, and it’s like all the oxygen around the both of you has been cut off. “I… I told you? I really told you?”

You swallow another batch of tears, “Yes you stupid shuck-face, you told me!”

You kiss his little nose, not wanting your first kiss to be a half drunken one, “I think I could fall in love with you too, Newt.

You tell him what he said, and you tell him what you said. But you’re angry; frustrated. The moment you both had last night was the most perfect moment ever, and now it’s been ruined because Newt was too drunk to remember and you had to angrily tell him about it after.

“Y/N, I am so sorry.” He walks closer to you, and you think about just shoving him away and going to bed or something, but something makes you reconsider. You feel his arms slide around you as he pulls you into a hug. You hug him back and find comfort within his touch.
“What I said was completely true, you know that? I know I was drunk, but what I said is exactly how I feel.”

You laugh into his chest, the urge to cry subsiding. “I’m glad.”

His hands slide to your face as he pulls you in for a gentle kiss; it’s everything you had imagined and more. “I know it would have been better if I told you when I was sober, and I’m so sorry I’m such a shank. I hope you can forgive me?”

You kiss him again, resting your arms around his neck, “Of course, I forgive you.”

Morgan Rielly - Hair Troubles

Originally posted by dallas41chicago88

Request: “  Do you think you can do a one with Alex galchenyuk or Morgan rielly where you have a daughter and like you are Latina and super dark curly thick hair and one day you wake up and he’s trying to do her hair and he’s having trouble with it and ends up trying to learn how to do it? “

I love this request so much oh my goodness. 

Warnings: None

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anonymous asked:

You said you liked muscles, right? I know you usually get asked with bellies, but do you have any buff muscle head canons? If you do, let's go with Rin from Free, Ben Tennyson, and the twins from Ouran. (If you feel like you can't give a LONG explanation, then can it be a short list of what you'd want to see?)

Okay I can give these a shot though this is really out my wheelhouse and I’m not 100% sure you’re wanting. This could take some different routes with some of them especially because of differences in their states (Rin already has noticeable but Ben and the Twins don’t as much).

Originally posted by starfish-mako

(As a weightlifter who at least TRIES to have good form unless there is a swimmers technique that I’m not aware of this is the single most frustrating and annoying gif in all of Free. He’s pumping his legs and is cheating to get more reps but no actual tension on the pull up so he’s not actually working toward failure. If he needed to go for more reps they have assistance bands for that to help him.)

(At least this one seems to be with better form. Admittedly we don’t see his legs, but he’s properly holding for a split second at the top of the contraction. If he holds it there it can help build strength and muscle size)

(but oh my look at the separation of the head of the bicep. Beautiful)

Okay I’m not 100% sure where to start out with a muscle canon on Rin since there’s a long history. I’m sure part of it has to do with his desire to be like his dad and Gou is a factor as well. It’s hard to say if his working out came first, if she was influenced by her dad, or if Gou’s muscle kink has helped to push Rin on his muscle. One way or another, Rin’s love of muscle and trying to push himself has long been ingrained in him. The one difference with Rin is because he’s a swimmer is while he can get bigger and stronger, he has to be proportioned a particular way. He may get slightly bigger but he’ll always stay proportioned right. 

While the gif may prove me wrong, I think that Rin would be a lot like Rei and want to make sure he’s doing things correctly and making sure he’s doing things with the proper form and with a focus on improving mobility. Especially once he knows and they try to fix Sousuke’s shoulder (which is a thing I understand well let me tell you that) they will both want to increase range of motion and reduce injury as well. He’s going to do it right and be smart about it

But I think Rin’s love of muscle would manifest early, probably at least in the end of junior high. He’d love seeing himself go faster, stronger, and seeing his muscles grow. I could see Gou helping (or forcing) Rin to measure his muscles to see if he’s gaining muscle and which things he need to work on. This also leads into why he’s more well proportioned. I think he’s more overall better shape when Makoto has a better back and according to @dumdumdrawstumtums​ a Hank Hill butt, but Rin is more well rounded. It is possible because he started to work out earlier than Sousuke and Makoto that Rin isn’t as tall as them (it can be possible that working out with too much weight too early can stunt growth which could explain me compared to others but I have never seen real studies on this, just older books I’ve read so could totally be a myth) but he’s going to have much higher flexibility (as evidenced by his tumblr rep as a stripper)

I do think that Rin likes to subtly show off his muscle by wearing tight clothes or revealing clothing. I also think with him liking muscle and probably always working towards putting on muscle and increasing strength as long as it doesn’t slow down his swimming since that’s his ultimate goal for now. I can definitely see Rin loving growing out of clothes when his arms are too tight for the sleeves or his shirt starts to ride up his back if he flexes too much or his chest when he moves makes his shirt bunch up or it starts to pinch around armpit. Once he loosens up I could see Rin putting on a display for Sousuke or Momo and Nitori (and they would all react differently if heaven forbid he actually tore a shirt). He might be convinced to flex in front of the team, and I halfway believe that they could teach the team more about anatomy by just having Rin pose in a swimsuit. 

I think that there is definitely a possibility in the future especially after he’s done with swimming that Rin could turn professional model and could be someone that will end up on magazine covers or even do like physique competitions. I also think as he got older, he might try to develop his upper body a bit more so he will have a much more defined V shape (though he’s definitely not bad now) Do I still think Rin is an eater? ABSOLUTELY. My favorite is he’s a hard gainer so is having to constantly eat. He may try the technique of intermittent fasting where he only eats within a certain window or even just one big meal, but I like to think that he’s the type that would love to both have a great eating capacity but have the great bod to match. 

One last thing though, is I think that if Rin knows you’re into him and muscle, he’s REALLY going to torture you and he’ll love it. He’d be the type that would throw an arm around Momo and make sure to subtly flex his bicep or squat so you see his butt or flex his back or SOMETHING to tease you about it. Even do something like flex his obliques or let his tank top strap fall off his shoulder to show off his shoulder or his pec or heck I even see him lifting up his shirt to flex his abs and even do the wave with them (I actually think he has a lot of muscle control there so he could even pretend to bloat out if he wanted or do the vacuum). He’s a doof that will exploit you if he knows your weakness is him. 

Now Ben Tennyson is another interesting one because we KNOW for a fact that he grows into this:

Though I personally really hope he reconsiders on that facial hair.

But at some point he really does start to workout. Again I like to think he’s hard gainer and has to eat a ton to be able to put on mass but that’s a different canon (that I’ve already written lol). For Ben, I think that that basically comes out of the decision that he needs to get stronger and he’s constantly fighting. So he would have a much more different kind of ton and strength because it would be fighting based muscles but I do think between high school and college that Ben would really start to hit the gym both with weights and probably like agility training. Mostly likely with Kevin (RIP attractive buff Kevin) being his trainer/spotter. I could see them both spending time at the gym together and Kevin really helping Ben to push his limits and watch his form so he would improve quickly.

I think that with that kind of training and his eating habits, that Ben would bulk up very quickly with beginner gains and probably keep it up the whole time. Also like Rin I think he’d be one that would LOVE to show off his muscle once he starts. First his leather jacket would start to get tight, then his tshirts and I think Ben would LOVE to have his sleeves rip or bulge out. I could see him being the type that would wear a tight V neck tshirt and then love to bounce his pecs if someone was interested. Or really if Ben was just being really bad at flirting. Same with raising his shirt to show his abs or just finding an excuse to take off his shirt. Once he gets big enough, he would just peel it off for no real reason other than “comfort” and freedom of movement.

Ben would be the type that would try to strike poses when he was trying to show off and may even do it during battle if he thought someone was looking. I also imagine that he’d love to go swimming a lot more and like relax from a battle in a sauna or jacuzzi. Rook would have a lot of mixed feelings about this because it was a gratuitous display but he’s also probably really like being able to watch himself.

Honestly as long as he kept his mobility up, I really do think that Ben would be more likely to to get into legit bodybuilding probably thanks to Kevin’s influence. Maybe not enough to do anything competitive but he’d really like to have the power trip and know he’s looking good. I also think he did it on the added idea that the stronger his human body is, the stronger that the rest of his forms are so it is actually better for him to bulk up. But then I also had the strange thought of Ben doing a swimsuit calendar for the entire galaxy that will sell like hotcakes.

Originally posted by nicorobin

The Hitachiin twins would be an interesting bunch. If muscle captured their attention long enough they could be really interesting. Only problem is I could see them being fickle. HOWEVER that could be applied to them doing different types of work outs or sports so they are always showing off on what they are doing. 

I have the feeling that if either Haruhi showed interest in muscle (which I have no problem with there) or a subset of the clientele had a muscle fetish, I think the pair would pounce on it. and by that I mean literally do it as part of the club. The twins would probably set up a gym in the corner of the club and workout for everyone, most likely shirtless just to show off to everyone. 

You know that the pair would tease everyone too by doing something like “Hikaru, don’t you think my bicep is bigger?” “No Kaoru, don’t think my tricep is better defined?” “Well my delts are bigger!” “Oh yeah? My calves are AMAZING!” “What do you think Haruhi?” “Yeah what do you think?” *poses in front of all the girls and Haruhi to try to get attention.* This doesn’t include when they start to come on to each other either

Originally posted by loveandjustice

Then they would always play the switching game so they would probably stay roughly the same size, though Haruhi would always be able to tell the difference and even point out some subtle muscle differences. I think once they got big enough it’s very likely that they would end up being a feature of the club and have some sort of muscle posing contest potentially only in colored posing trunks. 

They would definitely flirt more with their bodies and they would put flexing as part of their hosting time. I could see if they got strong enough that they would lift or bench press some of the girls or pull them up by lifting their arms. I also think they would give lots of piggy back rides and flatter the girls saying how they weren’t heavy at all but everyone would love it because they would get to touch their broad muscular backs. Generally I think they would have some fun showing off their strength and fitting into form fitting clothes. I don’t think they would get SUPER buff, again more fitness model size but everything would be tailored to fit them really well. So everything would show off their figure and be a general tease. They most likely are going to have to have the type of pants that have some sort of elastic in them so that they can sit without having to tear the seat of their pants.

I also think that they would end up taking votes on which muscle group they should work on that day when they worked out in front of everyone. I think they would love to tease Tamaki with their muscle and he probably end up getting a personal trainer of his own too. But even then, they would flex right in front of Tamaki. I could see them sitting really close to him (like they were that in that RottenHeart pic with their bellies) and let their big shoulders muscles just be right there. And then probably pec bounce right in front of him just to get him flustered. 

Actual thoughts I have while writing fanfics.

It’s been 5 chapters and they haven’t kissed yet and if I don’t do it soon then everyone is going to stop reading.

I’ve said this word so much that it doesn’t sound like a word anymore.

Why did I choose to make this a slow burn?

I’ve been writing for three hours and I’ve only done 400 words?!

This would be a perfect moment for smut but I’m gonna tease everyone and not give them what they want.

Thesaurus, my dear friend. What would I do without you?

I’m just gonna add something completely random and hopefully it will end up meaning something later. (I’ve done this so many times)

Okay, it’s been almost a month and I still can’t be bothered updating.

*Reading a comment saying what they think might happen and it being almost correct.*  WELL, Better change it up and do the complete opposite!

All these paragraphs are too frequent and it looks stupid even though it’s fine.

I wonder what *insert common readers name* is gonna say about this chapter?

What can I come up with to make my readers hate me today?

This sounds horrible as hell but I honestly don’t give a fuck right now cause it’s 4 in the morning…

I need a cliffhanger… Change the point of view and add a dramatic sentence.

God, *insert ship name* haven’t interacted with eachother since 3 chapters ago. Everyone is going to stop reading if I keep them apart any longer.

How many times do I have to change this “I love you” speech to make it sound different every time so it doesn’t sound the same as my other finished fics.

Ugh, when will this end?

Why am I making these two horny all the time? That seems quite far fetched..

I could make this conversation shorter but then I’d have less words and I want everyone to know I can write long chapters.

How do I write sounds? I can’t use BANG or Cazam! Sounds so lame.

This makes absolutely no sense but imma keep it anyway lol 

Why are people reading this again?

*Editing a chapter before publishing it. Also over a month later.* Mwah! Look at me go. I am so amazing that I deserve a treat for updating. *Goes and buys something that I’ll regret later.*

I could of avoided so much if I just changed one sentence.

Why is it harder to come up with a chapter name more then anything?

How do I spell *easiest word to exist* again?

I’m just gonna skip a few months so I can make the story seem longer but finish sooner lol

God, there is no smut yet and it’s halfway through/end of the story.. Better make them FINALLY do it even though it’s probably 20 or 30 chapters too late.

500,000 people better read this and leave me comments or I’m just gonna cry and eat my feelings lol

No one will notice if I “borrow” one line from a movie will they?

Everything’s Good (An Adlock x John Fanfiction)

(As prompted by the lovely @i-am-benedict-cumberbatched, with a quick nudge from @realestofgeek, here’s some adlock x john ft. lestrade for y’all. I honestly planned it out to be comedic, but knowing me, it has a hint of drama. Sneaking in a reference to one of my personal headcanons, and the Izzy x Shezza thing too. Hope you enjoy!)

In the very rare times, with urgency sending a wave of curiosity, Irene found herself on a train back to London as requested by Sherlock Holmes. It was in fact interesting, as he usually prefers to come over wherever she is, but now there was vagueness in his message. 

Baker Street. Tomorrow. It’s urgent. SH.

She stared out the window, wondering at the possibilities. Surely it isn’t really anything major, and of course, it can be because Sherlock is being a drama queen as usual, so she is clearly running out of explanations. 

But then besides looking forward to seeing dear Mr. Holmes again, she can’t help but feel excited to greet little Rosie Watson once more. 

More than half a year ago, she sneaked the detective a visit and found him playing with the toddler, smart and sharp eyes staring at her in wonder. She never really liked children but Rosie proved to be an exception. Her monthly visits somehow became an addiction, the most recent one just a few days shy from the present.

And somehow, as she pondered on her recent interactions with the child, something finally clicked as to why she’s being summoned. 

It was no surprise that she is greeted by none other than John Watson’s unreadable expression upon arrival. Sherlock was standing by the window, giving her a small nod as she entered. But before she could ask to confirm her assumption, the doctor spoke. 

“We need to talk.” John said solemnly. 

“I assumed so.” Irene replied, still remaining where she stood. 

“Not here. How about a cafe? Or a pub?” John asked, grabbing his coat from the chair. Not taking notice of the expression of protest crossing Sherlock’s face. 

“Quite early for a pub. Maybe a cafe. Just not the one downstairs.” Irene mused, turning towards the door. 

“Are you expecting me to stay?” Sherlock hissed, obviously annoyed at this passing understanding. 

“Yes, because you have to watch Rosie.” John said pointedly, shrugging at Irene’s amused expression. 

“Mrs. Hudson can watch Rosie.” Sherlock muttered, but still not moving from where he stood, glaring at Irene for siding with the doctor. 

“And you can help her. Lestrade will be joining us too, just so you know.” John’s voice had a hint of teasing in it, quite faint but obvious enough for Irene to notice. 

Sherlock’s eyebrows knit, “Lestrade? What –?”

But Irene already left him to his words, and so did John. 

The trip to the cafe was silent, no words passed between her and her companion. It was only when their orders were placed in front of them that he decided to speak. 

Where are you right now? SH.


“Seeing that you’re not surprised that I was the one who asked to call you, I assume you figured it out?” John said quietly. 

Irene nodded. “I meant no harm, Dr. Watson.”

“Just John… It’s not like we don’t know each other.” he replied. 

“So you’re comfortable calling me by just my name?” she quipped, taking a sip of her tea. 

John smiled a little. “I forgot how annoyingly clever you can be.”

“I thought you’re used to Sherlock.” she smiled back, to which John nodded in understanding. 

John, taking Lestrade and leaving me here is absurd. Where are you taking Irene? SH.


“Again, John, about the perfume, I meant no harm. It’s just that it seemed to comfort Rosie a lot.” Irene explained, sincerity in her voice. 

John pursed his lips, nodding. “Did Sherlock tell you? That Ma– Mary’s perfume was Claire De La Lune?” 

She shook her head. “She was wearing it when we met. I’m so sorry about her. Mary was such a delight.”

Oh, for God’s sake. I’ll be there in 10 minutes. SH.

Irene glanced at her phone and did not reply.

He stared at her, confused. “When did you meet Mary?” 

“A couple of days before your wedding. But best to let Sherlock explain.” she simply said, before taking another sip. “The point is, your daughter is still coping, just like you. She sleeps better in my arms than Sherlock’s when I put it on.”

John gave a soft sigh. “Now, the thing is, I wouldn’t have known it was you until Rosie mentioned ‘Izzy.’”

Irene laughed. “She’s quite fond of nicknames.Though if I must let you know, she’s the only one permitted to call me that.”

“Just quite perfect for Sherlock’s crack den name, too — Shezza.” John blurted with an exasperated grin. “But I — I think what I wanted to say is thank you. Rose seems very fond of you.  I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think you remind her a bit of Mary. The sense of danger an all that.”

She read the grief and sadness in John’s eyes, the familiarity similar to Sherlock’s whenever he holds Rosie, and Irene understood why he needed to talk to her personally. It must have come as quite a shock to smell the perfume of her late wife lingering in his daughter’s clothes, finding the peaceful look on her face that reminds him of his own agony. 

Reaching for his hand, Irene squeezed it firmly, still surprised that there came a day when John Watson and herself would have a heartfelt moment. He looked up at her, a small smile on his face, and she saw that he was trying his best not to cry in front of her. 

Pinching the bridge of his nose, John quirked his lips, trying to change his tone to curiosity.

“Speaking of you visiting my daughter, how long has this been going on? You and Sherlock… being domestic.” John asked with grin. 

“It’s not like that at all.” Irene clarified. 

“But… you and him… You know…” 

Irene raised her eyebrows. “What exactly do you want to know? ‘Cause I can tell you things we’ve done, though you might not approve.”

John’s eyebrows knit. “No! Not that. Just… what is going on? Are you… together? Do you… love him? Or this is still one of your games?”

She smiled. “Are you jealous?”

John rolled his eyes. “No, but seriously, I don’t think he can take anymore of your tricks. He’s… he’s in this too deep.”

“You think he… loves me?” Irene asked, her voice almost a whisper. 

“You know, for two smart people, both of you can be really thick. Now, he did mention saving you from the terrorist…thing. And even then, it didn’t occur to you?” John was incredulously amused at this point. 

“We just… don’t talk about it.” Irene admitted, shrugging. 

John sighed. “But you’re not playing him off? Not this time?” 

Irene shook her head. “It’s been years. It’s not like that anymore.”

“Now, I might not be on the same level as both of you, but clearly you care about him, he cares about you — just… just stop being overly complicated. No one’s asking you to settle down, have children, and have brunch at Harvester’s every weekend. Just a little confirmation would do. 

I mean, I never understood it before, no offence, but being with Mary and finding out her past — it’s just like what Sherlock said. I chose her. I’m addicted to that kind of life. And so is he. He chose you and it’s because you and him… It’s not something anyone can explain but I think both of you already know that well, it is what it is.

And, as long as this isn’t just you setting him up for something again, which I can see is not the case, then we’re good. Everything’s… good.” 

John was trying hard not to look at her after his long monologue, but she could tell that he meant every word. 

She was about to reply when someone, a silver fox with a nervous smile, approached them. 

“Hey John, erm… Is this… Is this… Hi, I’m Greg.” the DI extended his hand, obviously flustered. Irene took it, giving him a welcoming smile. 

“Irene Adler. Pleasure to meet you.” she greeted, fighting the urge to laugh at Lestrade’s not-to-subtle surprise. 

John eyed Lestrade, pursing his lips as his eyes darted back and forth to the inspector and The Woman. Irene sneaked a quick wink at him when Lestrade wasn’t looking, signalling that she was well aware of the effect she had on the detective inspector.

“Best if you take a seat, Greg.” John quipped, swiping his nose slightly to avoid snorting. 

Lestrade took the seat beside him, eyes never leaving Irene. “So, uh… I… uh… you’re Sherlock’s… lady friend?”

Irene leaned closer to the table towards Lestrade’s direction. “Yes, I am. And you must be his friend from Scotland Yard… Greg, is it?” 

She looked at John as if to confirm her musings, and the doctor rubbed the side of his forehead as if having a headache, a controlled grin across his lips. 

“Yes, I’m a detective… inspector. Detective inspector. I worked with Sherlock in a lot of cases.” Lestrade offered, letting go a nervous cough. 

Knitting her fingers together to prop her chin on, Irene raised her eyebrows to show interest. “I like detectives… and detective stories. Care to indulge me, detective inspector?” Her voice lingered on the last two words like a purr.

Lestrade was about to take a sharp breath before starting, but a shadow cast over them, and there was Sherlock Holmes towering over their small table. 

“I think tea time is over… Graeme.” he growled, eyes narrowing at all three of them. Irene’s lips curved to a smirk. 

Lestrade eyed him incredulously. “So we’re back at forgetting my name again, huh?” 

“We’re leaving. Rosie is calling for her father and the responsible thing to do is to go back and attend to her, right, John?” Sherlock announced dryly, still glaring at Lestrade. 

“Oh, if you only need John then maybe Greg and I can stay here for a while? Have a little chat?” Irene purred, a challenging look in her eyes. 

“I’m sure Gavin has somewhere else he needs to be.” Sherlock hissed, glaring at her.

“How long have you been there?” Irene asked. 

John left on a different cab with Lestrade, and ever since they left the cafe, Sherlock remained silent. Even with Irene’s question, his eyes were looking out the window, much like his usual thinking trance, but a strain was evident in his eyes, leading to the conclusion that he was ignoring her on purpose.

“It’s a simple question.” she muttered, rolling her eyes at his stubborness. 

She heard him sigh. “Long enough.”


“And what?” 

Sherlock finally turned to meet her eyes, his expression unreadable. “Nothing. I just didn’t expect you and John would finally get along. And also Lestrade. You seemed to get along really well. He can’t stop himself from gawking.”

Upon hearing the forced calmness in his voice, Irene laughed. “No need to be jealous, Sherlock.” 

The detective looked affronted. “Jealous? Why… why would I be jealous?”

“You don’t have to try so hard, dear.” Irene replied, turning the other window to hide her smile. “You heard John, no need to be overly complicated.”

“Pft. What does John know? He married an ex-assassin.” he murmured, also looking away from Irene, hiding the grin spreading across his face. 

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Hi! I've been secretly shipping Reylo since December 2015. I'm always on the tag and I love how creative the fandom is. The reason I'm not public about it is because I have problems on dealing with hate (I was diagnosed with depression when I was 12). I think that after TLJ I'm going to ship it for real, but I'm afriad shippers might reject me because of what I'm doing right now :( any advice? (Sorry for my bad English)

Hi, well done for being brave enough to get in touch! I’m sorry you have felt so nervous about engaging fully with Reylo fandom, though I totally understand your reasons (the anti hate can get very vicious, and unfortunately it is a fact of life that you just have to deal with as a Reylo shipper). 

If anyone judges you or makes you feel unwelcome for hiding your interest in Reylo prior to TLJ, that is their problem, not yours. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being more cautious and taking time to embrace a ship publicly, and you should be treated as just as much a part of the Reylo fandom as any other shipper. 

I hope that makes you feel better! You have nothing to feel bad for, and I have my fingers crossed that you’ll feel very welcome in the Reylo fandom when you decide you’re ready to fully embrace it. 

(P.S. Please don’t apologise for your English! It’s very good indeed!)

I Fought The Law (and the law won)

The Clash / Les Misérables 1972 fanvideo

I guess it’s obvious by now that I have no focus. So yeah, I made a music video. Instead of continuing any unfinished projects of which I have way too many.

This song played in my brother’s wedding (my little brother got married ;;;___;;; *still not over the shock*) and it stuck in my head until yesterday I was like “hey, this would make a good Les Mis music video”. And then I checked if anybody had made one already and yep! Watch that one too if you like the idea.

But well, I already kinda had my own idea and I thought I’d make one of the 1972 miniseries. (No surprises there.) Although I cheated a bit: there’s one kind of a jarring clip from the 1958 film. It would be better if it didn’t have a totally different aspect ratio but I didn’t know how to convert it.

I have to admit that music videos really aren’t something I’ve done a lot and especially not recently so… that might show. Sorry. I think I could still make this better but I’m kind of tired of editing. (Again, no focus.) I am still pretty happy with how it turned out, though? At least right now… of course after a month or so I might hate it.

Also warning: Lot’s of death scenes. ALL OF THE DEATH SCENES. (Well not quite all.) Because I’m kind of morbid sometimes. I like to emotionally torture myself.

Edit: I hope this works, it keeps showing to me as “processing”. :/

Seventeen: Reaction to You Having Depression (Woozi, Dino, Hoshi, Wonwoo)

WARNINGS: Depression, Self-Harm, Swearing

Just a reminder that mental disorders are extremely serious and concerning and not romantic by any means. I will be fulfilling this request because victims may feel placated by the thought of having someone by their side, and also because I’m sure that all the SVT boys would love and support you no matter what. Whatever you’re going through is valid, and it’s alright to feel sad and want support! If things are getting really bad, here’s a list of hotlines, as well as 100 reasons not to kill yourself.

And as a side note: hello, I’m the new regular member/editor B! I’ll be doing a lot of the editing for the blog, and will also be taking requests whenever they’re open! This is my first reaction, so I hope I was able to convey it all properly ^^  – Member B

Hoshi: Keeps you moving. Whenever you have an episode or get into one of your moods, he helps you through music and dance and whatever he can think of getting his hands on quickly enough. He’s so spontaneous you might just combust, but at the same time he makes it so utterly clear that he loves you with all of his heart, that you’ll still combust, but you’ll combust happily.

“Fuck,” your hands tremble as you knock your head back against the headstand of your bed hard, the loud noise resonating throughout the empty bedroom. Your shoulders shake as you hug your knees to your chest, burying your face into them. “fuck, Fuck, FUCK.” Your voice gets louder with each swear, and you knock your head back against the headboard each time. At one point you might’ve drawn blood, but you don’t slow yourself down to check.

It’s a coping mechanism. The hard thing about your depression is that it comes in waves, dropping on you suddenly and with the impact of a meteor. After your last episode, coming home from a particularly loaded afternoon lecture, you had to find some way to calm yourself down. Soonyoung wasn’t around, having notified you earlier that it would be a long day at the studio. You contemplate calling him but you don’t want him to see you like this, all torn down and vulnerable.

So of course, just because life likes to play against you, he ends up seeing you all torn down and vulnerable. 

“Y/N, I’m home early~ I see your shoes at the doorway~” Soonyoung’s in a cheery mood, entering the bedroom with a bounce in his step. The bounce immediately disappears and his expression hardens as he takes in your closed and crumpled form, utterly defeated. Though you can’t see his expression with your head buried into your knees, you can hear his sharp intake of breath. He says nothing else and you wonder if he’s left, lifting your head slightly only to find Soonyoung startlingly close, focus directed towards scrolling through his phone’s music library. When he plays the song, you recognize it as a calming favourite of yours. Soonyoung places his phone aside and reaches for your hand. He tugs it gently and you follow easily, melting into his arms. 

There you sway together to the gentle sound of the music, an awkward position by any means. However, you feel perfectly in place, calming down to the point of realizing your own exhaustion. He rocks you until he knows you’ve fallen asleep, and tucks you tightly in to bed. 

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Wonwoo: A calming presence. Whenever things in your life starts to go wayward, Wonwoo is always there to whisper reassuring compliments into your ear, or provide you with closeness and intimacy if you so desire. He’s your rock, your complete stability. 

“I’m really sorry about this sir, I just can’t come in to work today… Family emergency,” your voice is clipped as you speak through the phone, moments away from breaking down. Your hand clutches the back of your kitchen chair in an attempt to hold yourself up. You just know that you would collapse otherwise. As your boss bids you well, you’re quick to hang up your phone and place it down on the kitchen table, trying to take deep breaths to calm yourself down. And you had tried so freaking hard.

You had so far managed to get up, get yourself dressed, and even have your teeth brushed, although the uncooperative toothpaste tube had caused some frustration. You even had gotten so far as to pour yourself a bowl of cereal, but then you spilt the milk and it had gotten just absolutely fucking everywhere, and your clumsy actions weren’t enough to clean up the mess fast enough. You had thrown the bowl in frustration only for it to shatter, a particularly sharp piece cutting your hand. And now you were standing there, too scared to move, too strung up to function, and you weren’t coming in for work again. The whole time a thought pounded at the back of your head. Wonwoo, where is Wonwoo?

With shaky hands and an even shakier predisposition, your hands pick up your phone to shakily enter the memorized digits, a number you’ve called too many times before in similar situations.

He answers on the second ring.

“Y/N? What’s wrong, babe?” His voice is calm, even with the underlying urgency, and it soothes you. He’s always had that soothing effect, and it’s one of the things that’s kept you drawn to him. It’s more addicting than alcohol, yet he kept you healthy. “Are you having another attack?” Your sniffles seem to be more than enough of an answer. “I’m coming over, hold still. You’re at your apartment, right? Stay on the line with me, babe.” It’s not as if you’re up to moving, other hand still clutched tightly on the back of that chair. You breathe out your agreement and he murmurs pacifying words all the way to your apartment, right until you feel lanky arms embrace you, and the phone is replaced with his rhythmic breath and live whispers. “I’m here now, it’s all alright. It’ll be alright.” He holds you until your breathing matches his, until your hands unclench themselves and you allow your body to relax. 

“Now let’s get you cleaned up.”

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Woozi: You don’t tell him, he figures it out. Jihoon’s observational skills detect your hidden signs of depression almost immediately after the two of you start dating. He immediately tries to convince you to seek professional help, unconfident that he’ll be able to help you on his own. 

“Your leg’s jiggling again.”

Jihoon’s working diligently on his laptop, eyes trained on the composition program at hand. You wonder how he continues to notice your every move, but without fail he’ll point out your fidgeting before squeezing your leg lightly with his hand, effectively bringing it to a halt. He usually pulls back but this time his hand lingers, and he surprises you by looking up from his work to give you a concerned glance. “Are you that nervous?”

You try to look away but his eyes are piercing, and looking around at the rest of the waiting room only places you at a greater discomfort. You instead find yourself nodding evenly at him, trying to focus your eyes on a spot right above his eyes. “I’ve never been to a therapist before,” your voice comes out smaller and weaker than you intended, somewhat ashamed of your confession. Ashamed that it had taken you so long to take responsibility for your own health, and ashamed that you were in this situation in the first place. You know it’s not your fault… Really…. You hope it’s not your fault… yes, you’re…. Confident….

Jihoon picks up on your inner struggles as easily as he picks up on your jiggling leg. He closes his laptop, placing it aside and then shuffling closer to you. Before you know it he’s humming a song quietly in your ear, a volume low enough that you can no longer quite place the tune but you’re settled by the fact that it’s solely intended for you. “For your ears only,” he whispers, hand squeezing your leg once again. 

When the time of your appointment finally arrives, you’re sent off by your boyfriend with a tight smile and a kiss on the cheek. It’s at that moment you realize that he’s nervous too, and you walk into your appointment knowing that at the very least you’ll always have someone by your side. 

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Dino: Master of distraction and misdirection. When Chan finds out about your depression, he very easily learns to utilize his innocent charms to subtly distract you from your problems. 

“Up again?” Chan’s voice is tired on the other end of the line, and you immediately regret calling him so late in the night once again. You had done the same thing just two nights previously, and only now do you think of how insensitive it might be. Your depression has been getting the better of you lately though, and you needed some way to ground yourself. 

“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you up, you sound so tired. I just wanted someone to talk… Never mind, never mind,” you immediately go to hang up but Chan is quicker than you, brushing it aside easily.

“Hey, it’s alright. I’m still at practice actually, it’s been a long night, preparing for our comeback.” And now that he’s started, you know he won’t stop, recounting tales of an overzealous BooSeokSoon and the excitement they brought to the practice room for that day. You contentedly listen, happy just to hear his voice. His youth and excitement keeps your mind focused with purpose, and you start to forget the drowning feelings that had caused you to call in the first place. 

You fall asleep and Chan smiles into his phone. “Good night,” he whispers to the silent line, hanging up his phone and settling back into bed to return to sleep (hey, what’s a small white lie if it’s for your wellbeing? Anything for you.).

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