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for you final [m]

Pairing: Jin x reader x Taehyung

Genre: badboy!Taehyung

Word Count: 5,723

Warnings: mentions of alcohol and drinking

A/N: I have been really sentimental today and have also been lying through my teeth about when I would upload this. Thank you all for being on this journey with me. I may or may not have sobbed while writing this. And I may or may not be willing to write an epilogue. Thank you for the past 7 months of support you’ve shown this series. I hope the ending doesn’t disappoint.

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“I can’t believe you’re actually here!” Momo almost screeches as you step out of the front seat of Mina’s car.

“Thank god,” you retort as you smooth your hands over your irritated stomach, “I don’t think anyone’s driving has ever made that car sick before.”

“Hey!” Mina protests as she pulls your bags out of the backseat, “I got us here over an hour earlier than the GPS predicted.”

Momo snorts as you shoot a glance at your speed demon best friend, “I think I have some ginger tea somewhere in my apartment. We can make you some to settle your stomach.”

“You don’t. The only thing you have in this apartment is potato chips and pig’s feet,” Sana teases as she joins all of you on the driveway of Momo’s complex.

“I’ve missed you,” you admit as you wrap your arms around your two best friends, “Please don’t leave me alone with her for that long.”

“I heard that,” Mina hisses as the car door beeps as it locks.

Sana doesn’t let go of your shoulders as all four of you proceed into Momo’s apartment, “It seems like we have a lot to catch up, but do you want to shower first? You smell.”

You sniff you armpits, “I do not!”

“That’s because you can’t smell yourself,” she gently pats your back as she barely shows your around the apartment before she is shoving you into the bathroom and turning on the shower, “We can go to dinner once you’re ready.”

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Big Weekend || Dan Howell

A/N: this imagine was requested by @let-it-go-and-live-again! I really like the idea. yeeah body positivity!! btw I added an about me page to my bio in case you want to check it out!

Word Count: 1.6K

POV: Reader


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The sky was cloudy but the air wasn’t too cold. Thousands of people were just hoping that it wouldn’t start raining. I was one of them. I stood there and hoped while my body was made of 60% pure adrenaline by now.

“I can’t wait for them to start!” I had to yell because the crowd of talking people was just so loud.

I smiled at Dan whole heartedly. The huge grin on my face was so big that my cheeks hurt.

“You are cute when you are that excited.” Dan laughed and took my hand in his.

His dimples were showing and just the sight of him made me feel like my heart was going to burst. Although Dan and Phil had stopped doing their radio shows they were still asked to do some interviews at Radio 1’s Big Weekend, an annual music festival.

Dan surprised me by inviting me to come with him. I obviously had to say yes, especially since my favourite band was performing. They were going to enter the stage soon and thousands of excited fans including me and Dan were impatiently waiting for them.

Although Dan was allowed to watch from back stage we decided to mix into the crowd because there was so much audience participation during the band’s concerts.

For a second the crowd grew all silent, then the first fans started screaming. Welcomed by loud cheers and squeals my favourite band ran onto stage. They immediately started with their first song. The air was filled with bursting energy and excitement. I hadn’t felt so alive in a long time.

I started singing my heart out to the songs I had listened to a million times before, but they sounded and felt so different live. When the whole crowd started chanting the chorus of my all time favourite song I jumped up and down, not being able to stop myself from moving and dancing.

“You are damn beautiful, Y/N!” I heard Dan shout into my ear.

I only now realized that he was watching me the whole time and blushed a little bit.

As one of the band’s slow songs sounded from the speakers Dan wrapped his arms around me from behind and we swayed to the music. His broad chest was pressed against my back and he rested his chin on top of my head, kissing my hair now and then.

After the ballade ended I got on my tip toes again in order to be able to watch my favourite band member’s every move.

“Do you know how lucky you are, Dan?” I asked him laughing, pointing out the height difference between us.

Dan was by far one of the tallest people in the crowd and I looked tiny next to him.

“You could sit on my shoulders.” Dan suggested with a wink.

“Dan, everyone behind us would hate us.” I laughed but had to admit that I kinda liked the idea.

“Enter the world of us giants. Just one song.” He pleaded with puppy dog eyes.

I had to admit it sounded tempting. Very tempting actually.

“Okay, but if people start shouting at us it’s all your fault!” I gave in and Dan didn’t really have much convincing to do.

He bent down so I could sit on his shoulders. After I had gotten on top of him I was able to overlook the whole crowd. His head was in between my thighs and I couldn’t stop myself from running my fingers through his soft chocolate brown hair. I crossed my legs behind Dan’s back and he held my thighs for extra stabilization.

Dan and I were enjoying ourselves and I was so happy to have an amazing boyfriend like him.

Just as the song ended and Dan was about to set me down, we were stopped by the band’s drummer and my favourite member.

“Listen everybody! Do you see this pretty girl who got on top of somebody’s shoulders? I want you all to do the same!” he shouted into his microphone and pointed right at me. The crowd started cheering and moving around.

Everybody who was here with somebody followed his instructions. I, on the other hand, had an immensely hard time processing the fact that my favourite band member had just called me pretty!

The heat rushed to my face and my hands started shaking. I felt like my 16-year-old fangirling self again.  

“O my god he called me pretty!” I squealed once my feet touched the ground again.

“Because you are!” Dan said with twinkling eyes and made me smile even wider.

I pecked his lips quickly before I faced the stage again. Just as my eyes landed on the drummer again he took off his shirt, revealing his toned chest and perfectly defined abs. The whole female part of the crowd completely lost it. Never before had I heard such high-pitched screams.

A few teenage girls actually looked like they were about to faint. I had to stare at him in awe. I squealed along while he smashed his drums, sweat dripping down his forehead.  

“Damn I forgot how hot he is.” I breathed in disbelief and was too busy to notice the look on Dan’s face as those words left my mouth.

I was still jumping up and down like a bouncy ball after the concert had ended. Dan was guiding me backstage with him because I was too busy talking about the concert to concentrate on where I was going.  

“I can’t believe that just happened. Best concert ever!” I babbled ecstatically.

“Mhm” Dan mumbled quietly and I was again too excited to notice his resentment.

Back in the hotel we were staying in for the weekend I had calmed down a bit again. After changing out of my sweaty shirt and drinking what seemed like 4 bottles of water I was back to normal.

Since Dan and I were extremely exhausted we decided to go straight to bed. It was only Saturday so we still had the whole of Sunday ahead of us. When I was done with brushing my teeth and exited the bathroom I noticed that Dan was in bed already. I got under his duvet as well and was immediately greeted by his comforting body warmth.

I snuggled up next to him and rested my head on his chest.

“Thank you for taking me with you. I really enjoyed today.” I whispered softly and pecked his pink lips.

With a grin, I decided to deepen the kiss and quickly straddled my surprised boyfriend.

“I thought you said you were tired.” Dan asked raising a brow, teasingly.

“I am never too tired for this.” I breathed seductively.

As soon as those words had come over my lips Dan immediately flipped us over so he was on top. I ran my hands up and down his chest, taking his t-shirt off soon after. He connected our lips again, we didn’t start out slow, it was heated since minute one. The tiredness from before was gone as Dan moved his hips against mine. I couldn’t hold in a silent moan.

“Am I hurting you?” Dan asked suddenly sounding insecure.

I broke the kiss to look at him in confusion. Did he misinterpret my moan?

“Why would you be hurting me? We haven’t even.. you know.“ I asked him confused, looking up at him.

“I thought I crushed you under my weight..” Dan’s words were barely a whisper. He swallowed hard as has face turned the colour of a tomato.

My eyes widened in shock and disbelief.

“Daaann-“ I trailed, waiting for him to tell me he was joking, but he didn’t.

“What are you talking about, Dan?” I wanted to know, scared of his answer.

He got off me and let himself fall down on the bed next to me. I lifted myself up on my elbow to be able to look into his dark brown eyes.

“I- I’m just really heavy. I don’t wanna hurt you.” He explained and I could tell that he was uncomfortable.

“You are way over 6 feet, Dan. How are you supposed to not be heavy?” I argued.

“Yeah sure.” He mumbled unmotivated. My face fell, finally getting what he was implying.

“That’s not what you meant, right?” I breathed totally aghast.

“No.” He whispered and slowly shook his head.

“Why do you suddenly feel like that? You are so beautiful, baby.” I gently traced his biceps, taking in his beauty.

He seemed to quietly ponder for a while before he decided to voice his thoughts.

“I just, I don’t have abs or a toned chest and I’m not that fit and-“ he made himself stop in the middle of his sentence.

He grew all silent. His words brought tears to my eyes. Why didn’t he see how perfect he was?

“You are not saying this because I called that stupid drummer hot today, right?” I tried, but the look on his face at the mention of what I had said earlier totally gave him away.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think it would make you feel that way. Listen I don’t care if he is hot or not. He will never be you and I love every tiny bit of your body and your soul.” I whispered softly, meaning every word I said.  

I cupped Dan’s face with my hands and deeply looked into his eyes. “You are perfect the way you are and I love you more than anything.” I slowly said so he could take in every single word.

Dan blushed and I noticed that a small smile had found its way back onto his face.

“It’s not just about having a fit body, you know that. Now c’mon let me show you how beautiful you are.” I breathed and started leaving kisses all over his chest and neck, straddling him again.

The Temptation of Voices

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A/N: Bucky Voices Soulmate au

Part 1

Part 2

You were so nervous for this coffee date. It was a date. Though it pained you to admit it, through all of the apprehension, you were kind of looking forward to it. The voice that had scared you for years with it’s comfort and reassuring words was waiting just a few hundred feet in front of you.

The fact was you were curious. Meeting him had been terrifying but a great relief at the same time because you’d been dreading it for years. Part of you had expected a giant piano to fall out of the sky and crush him the moment he said hi but funnily enough that didn’t happen. Now that you’d actually had chance to think about it he was probably the best soulmate you could hope for because, although he was reputed to be in constant danger, he was also probably the most dangerous individual you’d ever know. You’d read up on him and he was a fighter down to the bones. Not much was known about the last seventy years but he’d been in the howling commandos and his best friend was famous for punching hitler.

You were torn between the good and the bad and the only thing keeping you moving forward was the fact that you’d told him you’d come.

Stopping outside the looming revolving doors, you took a deep breath and walked in. James was stood a few feet to the left of the doors leaning casually against the wall and holding two drinks. “I got you coffee.” He smiled pushing off and sauntering towards you.

“Coffee before coffee, how gracious.” You tentatively smiled, tilting your head back as he got closer. Wow, he was really tall. James grinned amused and almost relaxed as he caught your thought. His eyes then darted behind you and you saw the amusement fade. You turned to look but all you saw were people going about the business in the huge lobby. You turned back to see him glaring at the distance so you slipped into his thoughts and almost choked on your drink. You downed at as quickly as you could while you processed what you’d just seen.

Captain America was sat at a Starbucks with sunglasses and baseball cap on, somehow managing to make reading a newspaper suspicious. On the same table there was a woman with bright red hair and a man whose shirt looked like its sleeves had been torn off staring resolutely away from you. You caught James’s thought of those fuckers before you were back in your own head, dumping his and your empty cups in the trash and grabbing his hand. You practically frog marched him out of the doors in the hurry to ask him what was going on.

“They’re my teammates and to say they defend the world they’re pretty fucking gossipy.” He emphasized the last bit, glaring into a security camera on the corner of the building. Not even a second later his phone beeped and he glanced at it and scowled. He then picked up a rock, turned back towards the camera and threw it so hard the the device scrunched backwards a good few inches into the brick. It now resembled a mashed potato in a pothole. You just looked at him incredulously. Was that meant to be a faux casual show of strength or did he just genuinely damage property when he received unsavory messages?

“Only when I’m being watched and mocked on a date with a pretty dame.” He flirted kissing the back of your hand. You hadn’t even noticed he was still holding it. You blushed then cringed in slight horror. Since when were you the type to blush at such a cheesy action? To your surprise you weren’t embarrassed by him, just your own reaction. Where had all of your previous confidence gone? “The same place mine probably went the first time I laid eyes on you.” His smooth reply to your errant seemed to bring it right back.

“You know it’s kinda rude to reply to my inner monologue.” He threw his head back and laughed. Holy shit, even his throat was hot, how in the fuck was that a thing. His thumb affectionately rubbed the back of your hand as if in responce.

“You know my friend Bruce says soulmates exist in a state of shared consciousness so your inner monologue is technically mine too.” He waggled his eyebrows and you snorted.

“Are you implying I’m not capable of independent thought James?” He swallowed thickly, gaze turning heated. You caught his thought of I love it when she says my name like that and found yourself thrown completely off-kilter, tripping over your own feet and watching the curb come up to meet you. Just as you closed your eyes in preparation for impact, an arm wrapped solidly around your waist and swung you up. You opened your eyes cautiously in disorientation only to find a pair of familiar baby blues staring at you. You were leaned back with one foot in the air, the only thing keeping you from hitting the ground was his arm.

“You know I usually take a dame dancing before I dip her.” He didn’t move; just watched you as if in challenge.

“I usually get through a first date before I let a guy put his arm around my waist, so I guess we’re both going against the norm.” You reached a hand up to touch his face and he brought you back to your feet. You cupped his face with one hand and he leaned in, but just before your lips brushed you grabbed his hand and spun around pulling him along behind you. He didn’t quite stumble but you found yourself hyper aware of his irregular breathing.

You tried to ease the tension commenting flippantly “You never really told me where you were taking me. There are thousands of coffee shops in New York.”

“Yeah…It’s uh…just over here.” He moved in front of you and you let him pull you along, thankful that he’d left the moment and your reaction alone.

You were so distracted by your own thoughts that you crashed into him when you stopped. His lips quirked as he looked down at you then he motioned to the building in front of him. You turned to look at it and immediately lost it. First it was just uncontrollable giggle but it soon progressed when you saw him looking slightly affronted. Then you laughed so hard you had tears running down your face and were choking on your breaths. When you finally got yourself under control you looked up at him again, his expression had changed to neutral but you could fee his confusion but vague amusement at your reaction. “What’s so funny doll?” You just grinned at him, truly at ease for the first time since you’d met him. Fate was definitely fucking with you and at this point you were just fine with that.

“I own this place.” He gaped at you then looked between you and your shop.

“You’re joking.” He looked oddly delighted. Makes sense I that was drawn to it.

“You’ve never even been here before.” You stated plainly.He raised a brow at you. Now who’s listening to internal monologues?

“I come here every Sunday lunch with Steve.” He said Steve’s name fondly belying his affection for the other man.

Of course he would come on the only day you took off. He’d been so close this whole time. You really were destined to meet him. Looks like it was only a matter of time anyway. “Still want a coffee? I can get us the owner’s discount.” You teased with a shake of your head and a grin.

He nodded and let you lead him inside to your favorite little booth in the corner. You sat him down then stood back doing your best impression of the flirty waitress. “Hello sir, what can I do for you today?” He leaned his head in his hand and smiled crookedly.

“Whatever you think I’ll like doll.” I’m sure no matter what you give me it’ll taste great, just knowing you crafted it will give me a rush. To your chagrin you blushed again.

You turned in an effort to hide it and virtually ran to the counter throwing a careless “Of course sir” over your shoulder. You went straight for your employee Liz, who you knew worked the Sunday lunch rush. “Hey Liz, you see that guy in the back over there.” You started pointing vaguely over your shoulder. “Well apparently he’s a regular and I forgot to ask his order. You wouldn’t happen to remember it would you?” She glanced up then gasped and giggled.

“Oh my God! It’s Lush Locks!” She squealed grabbing your shoulders as she jumped in excitement. She dragged you behind the snack stand then stood at stared at him from behind a carrot cake.

You furrowed your brow and took a slight step back “What?”

“Oh wow, I forgot. You’ve never even seen him.” She was aghast at the very thought. “That man and his friend” she abruptly tilted her head in thought “or lover, come here every Sunday and order the same two drinks using a different name every time. We don’t know what to call them so we made up our own names: Lush Locks and Jaw Line. Everyone flirts with them but they never flirt back. Jenny’s convinced they’re together but I swear on my life I’ve seen Jaw Line check me out. They’re so hot, like some of the girls even unbutton their blouses and roll up their skirts before waiting on their table.” She paused again then cleared her throat as she realized she was talking to her boss. “But I would never do that because that would be extremely unprofessional.” She tried to smile demurely but as soon as her gaze strayed back to James a dreamy look overcame her. At least it was good to know you hadn’t turn into a bumbling idiot because you’d met your soulmate. No it was just because he was insanely hot.

You tried to refocus yourself instead of checking out his thighs with Liz. Damn they were some good thighs, especially in those oh so tight jeans. Your mouth watered slightly and you shook yourself out of it. It suddenly hit you how much your mind had changed since you met him. You shouldn’t been flirting with him. You should be telling him why he couldn’t be with you but you just couldn’t bring yourself to stop this. You’d only known him a day yet you felt like you were already tied to him.

Oh no, you promised yourself you’d never do this, you swore. You started to panic and set off towards your office. You didn’t want anyone to see you fall apart. As soon as you were inside you slammed the door and slid down to the floor behind your desk. You were already falling for him. It was impossible and ridiculous but somehow true. You’d barely known him twenty-four hours but you felt like you’d known him your entire life. In a way you had. He’d always been a presence in the back of your mind, not always speaking but always there. You’d never been alone and you hadn’t even realized it. It was too late.

Suddenly the door banged opened and James was somehow in front of you. He brushed the hair out of your face and cupped your cheek with a gentleness you didn’t think possible for someone who seemed so immense. “Calm down doll, it’s all gonna be okay.” You tried but you just couldn’t control your erratic breathing, it was happening again. He bit his lip as he looked you over. You could feel the concern and sorrow shifting through him. In a split second decision you jumped into his arms and to your utter relief he caught you. I’ll always catch you doll.

He sat down and placed you in his lap wrapping his arms around you from behind. Breathe with me. He pressed you against him tightly so you could feel every rise and fall of his chest and you followed it with your own. Within minutes you had calmed and let yourself lean into him.

“Are you gonna tell me what that was about Y/N?” He whispered into your ear. His arms crossed your chest banding you to him, his fingers massaging your sides with calculated ease.

“Did you not hear?” You asked in a low voice, turning to rest your head on his shoulder.

“No. I only felt a rush of panic and terror, but I have a feeling it’s connected to your freak out last night.” He didn’t look at you but his arms tightened further and he moved to rest his chin on your head.

You shut your eyes and wound your arms into his. He curled his legs into yours and kissed your forehead. You’d never felt as safe in your life. You began to tell him your story. Of your mother and father and the fear that instilled in you from an early age. Of your best friend’s loss that only fueled that fear, and the constant dread you felt before meeting him that had morphed into an awful feeling of panic whenever you thought too much about him. He listened in still silence for what must have been hours. After you’d finally told him everything you felt simultaneously drained and relieved.

You felt his mind and knew you weren’t the only one with things to get off your chest. “For almost seventy years I was alone. I never noticed because I was constantly around people but it was just me. Everyone had someone else’s thoughts running through their heads at all times for better or worse but I was the odd one out. Everyone just assumed my soulmate had died before I was born but I could never accept that. I always held out a hope, well at least until I was captured.” You turned sharply trying to catch his eye but he looked away. “I’ll tell you that story another time doll. The point is at my darkest time you appeared. At first you were just a tiny bubble of wonder and fun but every time I came back you were slightly different, slightly older. You were the one constant that always brought me back to myself, which I needed.” His voice cracked on the words. “I really needed that, doll.In fact I think I fell in love with you the first time you told me to fuck off. You felt so much and it bled into me. You never knew it but you were everything I needed.”

By the time he finished his smile looked a bit watery and you choked up. Tears started to slip down your face and you buried your face in his chest. He whispered sweet nothings into your head and you replied with everything you liked about him, that drew him to you. It was soon dark and you were drowsy. Neither of you had moved in hours and you had started to fall asleep against his chest. You’d known him for years. You trusted him implicitly. Vaguely you heard him make a phone call then you were in his arms and moving. You thought you heard him speak to Liz but you weren’t really paying attention. Soon you were in a car and he was talking in a low voice to another man.

You faded in and out of consciousness for a while after but you distinctly remember being laid gently down on a bed. The warmth of the arms that had carried you tried to move away  but you couldn’t accept that. You grabbed an cool weird feeling hand and pulled it towards you. The warmth laid beside you and you cuddled up, content at least for the night.

Part 4


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Mother’s Day (Tony Stark x reader)

It was easily the favorite part of your day; waking up each morning and reaching out to feel the warmth of Tony next to you, waiting for him to wake with you and pull you in closer so that you could spend your last few moments of peacefulness together before the hectic day could begin.  Some mornings he would wake first, not allowing you the same gentle awakening that you would; his strong arms would wrap around your waist almost desperately, pulling you in so tightly against him that you would open your eyes at the sensation of your breath being squeezed from your lungs.  These were the mornings when a nightmare would be his welcome into the day, happening the most often after a particularly terrible mission or if he had come to bed too late in his exhaustion.  But thankfully, more often than not, his first moments of daylight were gentle ones, and the two of you would take the time to just be.  Any given day could absorb him in the lab, or Steve would have planned a particularly evil workout session for you, or the worst times being when a mission was called.  The two of you agreed to never leave without a proper goodbye, because there was never a guarantee to return home, so when you rolled over this morning to find nothing more than cold sheets against your hand, you panicked in your half-awakened state.

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Draco Malfoy had perfected the art of going unnoticed. And he hated it.
But it was unfortunately a necessary evil that would hopefully be short lived. He supposed he couldn’t blame the other students for the hostility, but he hadn’t had a choice in whether or not he returned for his 8th year. After all that had happened, he would have chosen to never see any of these people again.

He sunk down in his chair, mostly concealed by the pile of books next to him. His grades were near perfect, since he didn’t do much else with his time these days. Sighing he put away his completed transfiguration essay and buried himself in his potions textbook. He nearly fell off of his chair when someone sat down quietly next to him, close enough that their elbows touched.
He purposefully chose the table in the furthest corner of the library to go unnoticed, unbothered. Bracing himself, he peeked at the person sitting next to him and couldn’t stop his mouth from falling open. Harry Potter was sitting right next to him, focusing on his potions textbook with a look of intense concentration Draco had never seen on him before. And, surprisingly, there was a pink tinge on his cheeks that was the only reason Draco was able to relax even slightly. He didn’t seem to have malicious intent. After watching him for a few minutes, during which Potter swallowed many times, Draco decided to not do anything. Hopefully Potter would make the reason for his presence known.
Draco turned back to his textbook, and promptly forgot Potter was there at all.

He jumped an hour later when Potter stood up and collected his things. He quickly refocused his attention back on his textbook. He didn’t watch Potter leave.

He was significantly less surprised when, a few days later, Potter dropped next to him in the library again. After moving his books over to make room for Potters things, they continued to work in silence and ignore each other. Although, it was difficult for Draco to ignore it when Potters hand brushed his arm after turning a page. But he tried valiantly.
This became a mostly unremarkable routine that Draco definitely didn’t look forward to.

When Draco was sitting by the lake reading a book on a Sunday afternoon and Potter plopped down next to Draco, he was quite surprised again. He looked up, and for the first time since Potter began working next to Draco in the library, they made eye contact. Potters green eyes shone with reflected sunlight and Draco didn’t know what to say. He tilted his head in question.
Potter smiled sheepishly, dropping his eyes briefly. “I saw you out the window. It’s a nice day to be out.”
Unable to suppress it, Draco laughed. “Yeah, it is.” Potter seemed taken aback by Draco’s response, but his grin indicated he was pleased. He pulled his knees up to his chest and rested his chin on them, staring out over the lake. Draco returned to his book.
“Draco.” Potter said quietly sometime later.
Draco blinked his way out of his book and faced Potter. He saw the sun had started to set and noticed for the first time a chill in the air.
And then he realized that Potter had called him Draco, probably for the first time ever. He felt strange. But not in a bad way. He saw Harry’s eyes widen when he saw Draco was looking at him. A blush crept over his cheeks and his sheepish smile made a reappearance. “Sorry. I meant to try that out in my head.”
And so Draco found himself blushing. He cleared his throat before replying, “That’s okay.” He paused, appreciating the weight of the moment. “Harry.”
Harry’s grin transformed into something alive. Lowering his eyes, Draco closed his book, crossed his legs and turned to face Harry.
“Why are you spending time with me?” He asked bluntly.
Harry’s blush deepened. “I don’t know how to say this without offending you.”
Draco scowled. “Now I’m offended that you think I’m so easily offended. So you might as well just tell me.” A laugh slipped out of Harry’s mouth and he quickly clamped a hand over his mouth, eyes wide again.
Draco smirked and Harry let out a relieved sigh.
“Well,” Harry began, picking at pieces of grass. “I noticed that you were trying really hard to blend in with your surroundings, but I didn’t like the way you were trying to make yourself smaller. It didn’t seem right.” Draco couldn’t say anything. He didn’t know what to think. He watched as the blush spread to Harry’s neck. “You always used to seem a bit larger than life, so I guess I just wanted to make sure you were doing okay.”
After an endless silence, Harry sighed before bracing himself and meeting Draco’s eyes. The trepidation fell away quickly though, but Draco wasn’t sure what replaced it.
He looked away quickly, knowing his own eyes were too full of emotions that he didn’t want to share. When he had himself back under control he looked back at Harry.
“Thank you.” He cleared his throat. The small quirk of Harry’s lips encouraged him. “I’m fine though. I just want to get through this year as quickly and painlessly as possible.” He paused, he looked across the lake and added softly. “I didn’t even want to come back.”
They were both silent for a long time. Draco felt a soft touch to the back of his hand when Harry whispered, “I’m glad you did.”

It became normal for everyone to see Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy together. Whether they were sitting quietly in the library working or strolling around the grounds in animated conversation, no one looked twice anymore.
Draco noticed that Harry always moved his chair right next to Draco’s, so that sometimes they were pressed up against each other. On occasion Harry would join him on the couch in the common room and lean on Draco, resting his head on Draco’s shoulder.
In the months since they had become friends, Draco had stopped trying to hide. It was anyway impossible to do when Harry Potter was almost always with him.

Draco was even getting used to the attention Harry gave him. The small smiles, the chocolates he would slide over to Draco’s side of the table in the library without making eye contact. He looked forward to sitting by the fire at night, now that it was getting cold, sitting side by side and talking for hours.

He was so used to Harry being by his side that, when Harry didn’t show up at the library at all on a Sunday, he began to panic. It was mid afternoon and he should have seen Harry ages ago. Unable to concentrate, he gave up and went to the 8th years common room. Harry wasn’t there. But Weasley was, sitting on a couch with Granger. They had had a few friendly conversations but Draco still wasn’t completely comfortable with them. But he was worried.
“Hi, have you two seen Harry?” He asked them quietly. Granger smiled at him and Weasley gave a nod in greeting.
“He’s had a rough few nights.” Weasley told him. “Bad nightmares. I suspect he might be catching up on some sleep.”
Draco frowned. He had no idea that Harry was suffering from bad nightmares. He’d seemed a bit tired lately but Draco had thought it was due to the upcoming exams. He thanked Weasley quickly and hurried upstairs to check Harry’s room. The single bed in the room was empty. Feeling more and more guilty for not noticing anything was wrong, Draco slumped against the door frame. Harry had turned Draco’s year into something that didn’t have to be endured, but enjoyed.
He ran without knowing where he was going to resume his search for Harry.

The sun was setting by the time he found him. Harry was sitting on the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest, and it was the last place Draco had thought to look. Draco’s stomach dropped in relief at the sight of him. He was sitting with his back against an enormous tree trunk, head tilted back and eyes closed. Draco allowed himself a few moments to study his profile. Then he dropped next to Harry. As close to him as he possibly could be without actually sitting on top of him.
Harry yelped in surprise, jerking upright. Draco took the opportunity to slip his arms around Harry and rested his forehead against Harry’s temple. Harry’s breath caught, and Draco realized it was always Harry that initiated touch. He tensed, suddenly unsure. He was floored by his relief when Harry let out a shaky exhale and brought his arms up to clutch at Draco’s arm, leaning his weight against Draco.
They sat like that for a long time. And Draco enjoyed every second.

Once the sun had set completely and the chill had set in, Harry finally moved. He rubbed Draco’s arm then leaned back. After clumsily getting to his feet he extended a hand to help Draco up. He tried to let go after but Draco intertwined their fingers. Harry looked down at their hands then up at Draco with bright eyes.
“How did you know I needed you?” He asked as he brushed his thumb over the back of Draco’s hand.
Draco took a step forward and pressed his lips firmly against Harry’s.
“You saw me even when I didn’t want to be seen.” He kissed Harry again, loving how right it felt. “You’re stuck with me now.” Harry’s lips quirked up before Draco kissed him again. “If I can’t see you, I’m going to come looking.” He curled his other hand around Harry’s neck.
Harry’s smile was blinding before Draco kissed it right off.

It’s Quiet Uptown [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Request: None, this is part of my queue list for filler fics.

Summary: You are Lin’s wife and you’ve been expecting a baby. You’re Pippa’s understudy and you discover that you had a miscarriage. This takes place while you’re performing as Eliza.

A/N: I wanted to write some ‘angst’ because I need to brush up on my CrushingSoulsTM skills. As usual, feedback, requests, and questions are open! Thank you, love!

Disclaimer: Personally, I had never experience miscarriage and I do not intend of offending anyone i’m very sorry if I do offend you. Just know that I’m here for you

Warning: Angst & mentions of miscarriage

Word Count: 1,170


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Fake Girlfriend || Dan Howell

A/N: I’m sorry I wrote this while being extremely tired. I wanted to finish this for you so bad tho. I hope it’s not too bad.

There will be a second part!

Word Count: 1.5k

POV: Dan

Masterlist // PART 1 // PART 2 // PART 3 // PART 4 // PART 5

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It was the arrogance in his voice and the pretentious look on his face that made me say it. The simple sentence just slipped out of my mouth. Before I could even think about it, it was already too late.

I regretted driving back home from London just to attend another family gathering. Had I known he was there I wouldn’t have come in the first place. I don’t remember every liking my cousin Harry. Since we were little he tried to be better than me at everything. The whole family seemed to love him. He was great at charming people with this charisma and fake kindness. My grandma was the only one who saw trough his façade. He had wrapped all of my uncles and aunts around his finger, but I was granny’s favourite grandchild and she let me know by always getting me extra presents for Christmas. I don’t know how many times I have heard my parents say “Daniel, have you heard that Harry is doing great on the rugby team?” or “Why can’t you be more like him?”. A million times, probably. So, when he asked me if I was bringing a date to my auntie’s wedding next week I just couldn’t say no.

“Yes. I’ll bring my girlfriend.” I answered instead.

I saw surprised faces all around the table we were sitting at. Luckily my parents weren’t listening. They were the only ones that knew that I actually didn’t have a girlfriend.

Harry seemed taken aback. He raised his eyebrows and tried to look interested, but his whole expression seemed weirdly stiff. A month ago he broke up with his now ex girlfriend and I could tell that it was hard for him to comprehend that I had a girlfriend while he didn’t.

Am I a bad person for enjoying his blank astonishment? It felt like an achievement. It was like I was finally the one who won a medal at the local marathon while he had to watch.  I was so overwhelmed by the feeling of superiority that I nearly forgot that I in fact didn’t have a girlfriend.

“I can’t wait to see her. She must be lovely.” My grandma said full of excitement.

“Oh, she is very lovely.” I confirmed with a smile.

That smile faded as soon as I realized that ‘she’ didn’t even exist. I was as single as ever. No girls, no dates, nothing. My aunt’s wedding was the following Sunday, so I had exactly one week to fall in love with a girl and make it seem like we hadn’t just met. Easy challenge, right?

Nope. On Monday I found myself lying in bed, staring at the ceiling. I had given up on finding a date already. I would have to tolerate my cousin’s satisfied grin when he sees me show up on my own. I couldn’t bear the thought and quickly got up.

“I don’t know what to do.” I whined in despair, as I entered the lounge and found Phil sitting in front of the TV. I was hoping that my friend could help me out.

Phil knew exactly what I was referring to because I had been stressing about it since I came home from my family meeting.  

“Why don’t you ask Y/N?” he calmly suggested, turning off the TV.

“To be my girlfriend?!” I exclaimed with wide eyes. I couldn’t believe my ears. Was he serious?! Y/N was Phil’s childhood friend. The minute he introduced us we started hating each other. None of us really knew why, it was like a general law of nature and nobody questioned it. Phil had always tried to make us get along. He invited her over all the time so we could get to know each other, but we always ended up fighting about something useless. I’d always say mean things about her and Phil never forgot to scold me for it. I was obviously more than surprised when I heard his suggestion.

“More like fake girlfriend.” Phil explained and the whole thing started to make more sense.

“What if she says no?” I asked Phil, dialling her number. I was desperate enough to actually approve of his idea. I never thought I would say this but Y/N was my only hope at the moment. As I waited for her to answer her phone I felt my heartbeat speed up. Why was I getting nervous? I tried to swallow the lump in my throat but my mouth was so dry that there was barely any spit left.  

“Hello? Who’s this?” I heard a girly voice say on the other side of the line. I had never called her before. She didn’t even have my number saved. Ouch.

“This is Dan. I know this may sound weird, but I really need your help.”

I fixed my shirt in the mirror and couldn’t stop asking myself why Y/N agreed to do this. Maybe Phil somehow convinced her. The doorbell rang, signalizing that she had arrived, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“I’ll go get it.” Phil shouted as I grabbed my suitcase. Unfortunately, we had to stay in Berkshire for the whole weekend. Today was Friday and the wedding was on Sunday. It was a kind of tradition to stay over and I had to be there to help set up everything. Which meant that Y/N had to spent the entire weekend with me and my family, pretending to be my girlfriend while we actually hated each other. What had I gotten us into? That’s exactly why one should never lie.

I closed the door to my room behind me as I mentally prepared myself for what was about to come, I had to spend all of this time with Y/N. She was talking to Phil next to our front door. I only now realized that we hadn’t seen each other in quite some time. My cheeks somehow started to get hot when I took a quick glimpse at her. She was carrying a medium sized suitcase as well and looked like she was ready to go.

“You ready.” I said bluntly, my voice came out sounding much ruder than I wanted it to.  

I could tell that Y/N tried hard not to roll her eyes as a reasonable reaction to my harshness.

‘You really hit it off. What a great start, Dan.’ I told myself, praying that this weekend would be over soon.

We said our goodbyes to Phil before we headed outside to my car.

“You can give me your bag. I’ll put it in the trunk for you.” I told Y/N, who sceptically eyed me.

“Why are you suddenly being decent, Howell?” she asked with a smirk. I just shrugged my shoulders and took her bag.

We drove the first ten minutes in complete silence. I couldn’t help but glance at her now and then.

‘Has she always been that attractive?’ I heard my inner voice ask, the thought surprising even myself. I scolded myself for thinking that and I repeated ‘I hate her’ a few times in my head. I was glad when Y/N finally decided to break the silence since it distracted me from my ‘forbidden’ thoughts.

“Shouldn’t we plan out our story in case somebody asks us about.. well us?” she laughed. The situation was simply absurd.

“So where did we meet?”

At the end of the car ride we had invented the perfect couple, we had created our perfect story for this weekend.

“Okay once again. We met on the bus as we were both on our way home from work. The bus driver nearly crashed into a car and had to slam on the breaks. I dared to fall over but you managed to catch me right in time. Then you asked ‘Are you already falling for me?’ and I laughed although it was the lamest joke ever.” Y/N concluded, trying to remember every detail of our newly invented love story.

“I wouldn’t make a lame pun like that!” I protested, still driving.

“Oh, yes you would, Howell.” Y/N said laughing, but I could tell that she was totally serious.

My aunt owned a huge mansion out of town. That’s where we were going to stay and it was also the location for the wedding celebration. It was pitch black when the car came to a halt in front of the huge building. I got both of our bags before I rang the bell.

“Daniel! It’s so nice to see you!” my aunt exclaimed, hugging me. I greeted her back warmly as her eyes met Y/N.

“I assume this is your girlfriend then?” she asked curiously.

I nodded, awkwardly wrapping my arm around Y/N’s waist. Only now the realisation hit me like a truck that a story about how we met wasn’t enough to be a couple. We also had to act like one.

“My name is Y/N. It’s nice to meet you.” I heard her say. Her voice sounded like it was miles away because my thoughts were spinning. We had to act like we were in love all weekend. People who are in love do things, that people who hate each other would never do..  

Her Instinct/Imagine Jared Leto is Your Best Friend’s Dad - Chapter 11

Chapter 11 - Homecoming

This chapter was inspired by the song Side to Side by Ariana Grande. Feel free to listen as you read!

Sleep was useless. I was completely restless with thoughts of Mr. Leto crowding my mind: his smoldering eyes as he fumed at me, his crafty hands as they slid across my hips, and his breath against my face….ugh, I couldn’t seem to stop! I just wanted his hands on me, to feel his touch. I missed his kiss against my lips, my neck, my body. I craved him; no, I needed him.

I tossed and turned in the bed, ending in a twisted position on my back. It pained me that this torture was all my fault, too. I stared at the ceiling of my room, blackened by the blanket of darkness. I tried not to make too much noise to wake Allegra up. I could barely maker her outline in the nighttime. She seemed to be sleeping who was peacefully on the air mattress across from me.

I pressed my eyes shut, trying to force sleep to overcome me. Soon, my thoughts drifted to him wishing he was here, just 2 blocks down on Mayfield Street. I drifted into a dreamlike fantasy of sneaking out and going to see him. He’d open the door, no words between us, just impassioned silence. He’d pull me close to him, his scent hypnotizing me as he quickly leads me to his room with our clothes in their respective locations on his bedroom floor. He’d sit me on his lap as he hands roamed my body. His kisses transition form warm to gentle, then rough as he slowly makes his way down my body.

“Kerri..” he’d whisper in my ear. “Kerri….” Over and over…as we let our emotions solely control our actions…

“Kerri!” Allegra whispered urgently, shaking my shoulder.

Even in my fantasies Allegra always manages to get in the way. Can I at least get a break in my own mind?

“Kerri, are you okay? You’re sweating!” she touched my forehead.

“What?” I asked half sleep in disbelief. I try to pull the damp clothes away from my body. Well, the sweat explains a lot considering my dreamful fantasy, but this is bad.

“You think it’s a fever?” She asked worriedly.

“No way!” I yelled. My defense sounding a little too strong. “I just had a…nightmare, that’s all.” I replied softly.

“Let me get you some water and you can tell me all about your nightmare when I get back,” she said as she ran out the room to the kitchen.

Just when I thought this night couldn’t get any worse. Now I have to make up some ridiculous nightmare with whatever little focus I had left. Oh yeah, and at 2:00am. Here goes nothing…

Allegra walked back home to meet her dad when he returned home. Apparently he had an immediate meeting once he returned home. Too bad for me. I desperately wanted to see him.


On Sunday, my mom, brother and I were in Home Depot searching for this ridiculously hard to find floodlight. We were completely lost or at least that’s what my mom didn’t want to admit.

“Mr. Leto!” Nico squealed as he ran over to him.

It was like the heavens heard my cry. This was just what I wanted.

He ran toward Nico wearing black jeans and a button-downed black top. He left the top three buttons opened, revealing his sweetly trimmed chest. He was smoking.

I dropped my jaw as I took him in. How can a man look this sexy shopping in Home Depot?

He greeted all of us as he walked Nico back to us. He glanced at me and kept his focus on my mom and tried to further button his t-shirt as he greeted her. 

There was no point, his chest was forever imprinted in my mind for other reasons.

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There was a warmth in my stomach as soon as I woke.
My body was still pressed against his, my leg still over his hip, his hands still held on my back so I couldn’t distance from him even if I’d wanted to, which of course I didn’t.
I couldn’t remember the last time I’d slept like that with someone, in fact, I was almost sure I’d never slept like that with anyone. None of my ex boyfriends had ever held me that way before, no one had ever pulled me that close and kept me there, like they needed that contact, like they needed me. It was nice, really. It was nice to feel that close with someone.

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You’re Different

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Request from Anon : Hi I was wondering if you could write something about a Metamorphi magi! reader x Newt? They meet for the first time at Tina’s and Queenie’s apartment and the reader finds Newt attractive and her hair changes red (its normally brown) and Newt wonders what the color means. 

Word Count : 2413

“It was like everyone and their mother forgot to renew their wand permits!” You collapsed on the Goldstein’s couch, completely exhausted from the day. You were so happy that it was finally the weekend and you could relax tomorrow. You brought your hands up to your face to examine all the tiny paper cuts that littered your skin. 

“Aren’t you being a little dramatic, Y/N?” Tina laughed while fixing three cups of hot chocolate in the kitchen. 

“Me? Dramatic?” You gasped, throwing a hand over your chest mockingly. “Tina, I am shocked that you would say such a thing to me. I’m-” 

“One of a kind, some would even say unique.”Queenie finished your sentence. Word for word as if it she’s heard it thousands of times before as she walked into the room and took a seat next to you. “More importantly, Y/N, what are you doing on Sunday?” 

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The Intern--Chapter 4

Here is the next chapter. We get a little more background information of life in Kansas. I’m excited for where this series is going. I hope you guys enjoy it too. Let me know what y’all think! Thank you so much for reading my work! And let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters.

Chapter 1 2 3

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The next couple weeks after the flowers incident, things began to run smoothly. You got along with everyone in the office and were fitting in well. Your professors had been right when they told you Barba was ruthless. But you preferred it that way. Once he got started on something, he was passionate about fighting through to the end. Not many people showed that kind of passion anymore so it was refreshing. Especially since you felt just as passionate.

The other plus about seeing Barba so invested in the cases was that you also became invested. So all of the initial bumbling school girl crush feelings had died down. You still went on your occasional rambling sessions, but Barba seemed genuinely interested when you did. He was very easy to talk to but sometimes you got a little off topic because of that.

“I feel like you have story about everything.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Barba. If I’m talking too much just tell me to hush up. Sometimes I forget. My mama always told me it was just because I liked to hear the sound of my own voice. But that’s just not true. I ju—I’m doing it again.” You laughed at yourself.

“No it’s alright Y/N. I meant that in a good way. People that are from here don’t share more than they are asked. They say as little as possible. It’s refreshing to actually be around people who enjoy having a conversation.”

“That’s me. Some of the stories I could tell about back home. Oh goodness. The people from around here would never believe them.” Your phone buzzed and you looked down to see your mom calling. “Speaking of back home, this is my mama now.”

“Go ahead and take it. I think we’re done for the night anyway. I’ll just pack my things and then wait for you so we can take a cab back to the apartments.”

“Thanks.” You turned and answered the FaceTime. “Hi mama!”

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Old Times’ Sake || Conor Maynard

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summary: where conor questions the choices he made in his past

word count: 1.3k+

A/N: i’m thinking of doing a part two for this, let me know if you guys would be up for it x


Back home in Brighton, Conor found himself feeling just as he had the last time he saw her years ago.  The last day he truly lived in this house, when she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.  Even after all this time, she was more than a masterpiece to him. But she wasn’t his anymore.

It was a casual encounter, but just as unsuspecting as ever. He wasn’t sure where she ended up in the world before then, or what kinds of things she enjoyed now. But when he finally saw her again, she was standing at the corner of the street, the one where they often crossed paths, or used as a meeting spot to walk around town on sunny afternoons. She was standing beside a man he had never seen, but it all made sense as he pressed his lips to her forehead.

Had she been alone, maybe he would have called out for her, maybe even apologized for leaving everything the way he did. The time did her well, her smile was brighter than it had been when they were younger. But her laugh sounded the same. He missed that sound, and how her presence was once his muse.

She caught a glimpse of Conor just as he was about to turn around and forget he had seen her, just as he on that day when he changed everything. What good would it be to dig up the past?

When she yelled his name in the distance, he braced himself for the worst. She must still be angry, even after all this time. She has every right to be, he thought. But her tone was warm, and her body language wasn’t malicious as she left the man and dashed over to Conor.

“You’re home,” she beamed, “you look good.” When she leaned in for a hug, Conor’s body was stiff. How was she not completely belligerent? But he pulled her close, anyway.

She still wore the same perfume. The mix of rose water and sage was so nostalgic that he almost forgot to let her go. It was almost as if they’d never grown apart.  In that moment, they were seventeen again.

“It’s so nice to see you,” he whispered, as they pulled apart.

“You too,” she smiled shyly.  “But I can’t leave Mike waiting, I’ve got to go, I just wanted to say hi.”

“Oh, Mike, right, yeah.”

When she ran her hand through her hair, an old habit she did when she was nervous, that’s when he saw it. And his heart sank.  She was getting married to him.  

She gave him a sympathetic smile, maybe she was thinking what he was too.  They always thought they would end up getting married to each other, but now, it would never be their reality.  He had no right to be hurt by it, because he was the one who walked away in the first place.

She was almost back to her fiancé when Conor got the feeling that he couldn’t make the same mistake twice.

“Y/N!” He called, “do you think we could go for a walk tomorrow, for old times’ sake?”

And for whatever reason, she accepted, though Mike looked less than impressed. They were set to meet at their former spot the next day.

And there he was, in the same room he grew up in, thinking the same things he thought before he packed up his life and left his hometown behind. Even after all the time that had passed, she still had a hold on him that he couldn’t explain.


It wasn’t awkward. Nothing seemed forced.  Everything was effortless.

They walked down the pebble ridden beach, watching the tide kiss the shore again and again. It was almost as if he never left, as if it was another Sunday afternoon when they were kids, without an absolute care in the world, when all they needed was each other.  

She was a primary school teacher, something Conor remembered she always wanted to be, even when people told her she could become something much better. She was back home trying to work out wedding details with her parents.

“Everything’s just been a bit crazy since I said yes.  Everybody expects us to be married in the next year, but I’m not sure I want to just yet.  Like, when I said yes, I meant sometime in the future.  I didn’t think it was all going to happen this fast,” she confessed.  She was scared, forever was a long time.  A piece of her heart still belonged to Conor, no matter how many times she tried to convince herself otherwise.

Conor tried his best to console her, and tell her that everything would end up working out in the end.  She had always been a lot smarter than he was, he had full faith in her and her decisions.  If she was happy, so was he, or so he told himself. It would sting for a while, but he knew he had to be supportive.  He didn’t have any right to be anything different.

The air became more tense when she brought up the one thing Conor was trying his best to avoid: how he broke her heart.

“I still think about that day a lot,” she began, “the way you just left me on that street.  For a while all I did was cry, because it was all so confusing.  I mean, the week before that you told me you loved me, even though I knew you did for years.  And then you just left.”  She wasn’t angry, but more so confused, Conor could tell it still seemed like a fresh wound.

He stay silent, reflecting on his past choices.  There were no excuses.

“Mike said I shouldn’t come,” she started, “he’s just very protective of me when it comes to you.  Every time you’re on the radio he switches it off before I can even blink.  I guess he thinks any bit of you will send me into a fit of tears.”

“That’s understandable, I mean, after everything.  Which I never got to say I’m sorry for, but I am, I mean, I am sorry for it all.  I shouldn’t have gone about it the way I did. It’s just like, like nothing I say is what I mean. My head and my mouth can’t cooperate.  I don’t think I could really put into words how sorry I am.”

She thanked him, and insisted that it was in the past, but Conor still had an overwhelming feeling of guilt, no matter what he did or said.  What bothered him the most was the feeling that if he had just believed in their love enough back then, it would be their wedding she was planning instead.

“I shouldn’t have left.  I shouldn’t have told you I loved you and left home the next week.  I just had so much happening for me, it seemed like the right thing to do.  I didn’t think I would have been able to give you the time and effort you deserved. And completely cutting you off?  I don’t know what I was thinking.  I guess it was just my way of trying to move on from it all.”

“You don’t have to keep apologizing, it’s alright, we were just kids,” she said, comforting him as she stroked his arm.  “You know, sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if you gave me this ring and not Mike.  They always say your first love never really leaves you. I’d like to have you in my life again, if you’d like to be in it, I mean.”

“I don’t know if I could do that,” Conor said, avoiding the water that was inching closer to his feet.

“How come?”

“Because, like you said, your first love never really leaves you,” he breathed.

Our Brooklyn Promenades (Part 13)

Summary: Time to meet the parents. They’re cringeworthy. Yay. Fun stuff. 

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 3400

Warnings: 18+ stuff. Be warned. 

A/N: Can you tell? I’ve had way too much wine to drink tonight. My summary was that good. I’ve got nothing else to add… that is relevant. How am I even creating this post right now?! Beyond me. Read Part 12 or check out the Masterlist for more.

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Chapter 13: New Rochelle

Convincing Steve to meet [Y/N]’s parents had been a bigger challenge than she had first anticipated. He repeated that he wasn’t good at the whole-dating-thing, and certainly not at the parents thing. He had never met Peggy’s parents, and he had avoided Sharon’s, but he was not about to get away with that behavior with [Y/N]. She insisted he’d join her the following weekend.  Her parents were eager to meet the man she had been talking about for almost seven months now. When he said he already had plans, she became a bit annoyed and he saw a new side of her. A side he was more than willing to appease, so he canceled his plans

“You know, I’ve never been to New Rochelle… or any other place in upstate New York.” Steve said as he removed the keys from his motorcycle.

[Y/N] put her hair back in place after removing the helmet, “No? How come?”

“I wasn’t exactly rich when I was still growing up, and traveling cost a lot of money. The most I saw of New York City was Brooklyn. Sometimes I crossed the bridge into Manhattan, but Manhattan was really different in my day.”

“In your day.” She elongated the word.

“Yes, alright. Today is still my day.” He ruffled up her hair teasingly, and she pushed his arm away, but he pulled her into a kiss quickly.

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Sunday 9th July, 2017.

This was a really fun show! The audience seemed to be full of first timers who had no idea about the plot. I love when that happens. I get what the cast say now when they talk about the energy inside the theatre. I never realised how much of an impact the audience has on my enjoyment of the show too? Well, to some extent anyway. I always enjoy the show of course :p But a responsive audience really adds to it. Although saying that, the cast are so good sometimes I honestly forget there are other people in the room…

But anyway, on with the recap!

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My plan was to answer the next prompt on my list tonight, but I ended up having a busier day than I’d planned for - so in exchange, here’s an extra long fic I wrote quite some time ago. Enjoy!

*Set in a non-SHIELD AU



It was late, and Jemma knew she should’ve left the lab ages ago, that right now she should be at the party Daisy was throwing that she’d made Jemma double and triple swear that she’d attend. But, then she’d realized just how close she was to a breakthrough, and well, everything else just kind of…faded away.

But, then, she was startled out of the fog that tended to take over her while working by the shrill sound of her phone in the otherwise still and silent lab. Surprised, she fumbled for it, nearly dropping it twice before she could lift her goggles to see the name on the screen. Fitz. Of course.

She indulged in a little eyeroll as she peeled off one glove to answer the phone. Fitz was her best friend in the world and had been since they were sixteen, but he was horrendous when it came to any of their other friends half the time, not quite sure how to connect with people who didn’t speak science. Likely, he was just calling to nag her into getting the hell to Daisy’s party already so he didn’t have to socialize on his own.

Really, she’d thought he was getting better about this; she’d even assumed it was gone for good when he’d started hanging out with the guys on his own.

“Fitz? I’m almost done, I promise,” she answered immediately, a sigh following her words as she looked longingly at her microscope.

Much to her confusion, she didn’t hear Fitz’s whiny response, and instead heard muffled laughter. Frowning, she pulled the phone away to peer at it, but yes, that was Fitz’s name on the screen.

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Always my savior // Part 3

PAIRINGS: Theo Raeken x Reader



A/N: I’m so so sorry for making you wait ♥ This part is a bit longer and I hope you like it. Please let me know if you want part 4 and what you think about it :) Enjoy 

Part 1 // Part 2 

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It’s been a week since the attack and today was the day of my discharge. As soon as I opened the door to exit the room, somebody’s hands wrapped around me immediately. If it wasn’t the wall, I could have fallen on the floor.

“Wow, Lydia calm down.”, I laughed, “I don’t want to stay in this hospital for another week.”

She smiled but didn’t release from the hug. Of course I hugged her back and the other members of the pack – Kira, Scott, Stiles, Liam, Malia but no Theo. To be honest that made me sad. All the days I stayed in the hospital my friends except him had been coming and introducing me to the supernatural world. I became aware of what had attacked me, well not at all but we knew it was a Chimera, a monstrous hybrid creature created by some Dread Doctors but the purpose wasn’t known. Dropping the bomb with that ‘date’ and not coming to at least see me, I started thinking that it was all a joke…  

“Earth to (Y/N)!”, Stiles managed to brought me back.

“What ? Did you say anything?”, but instead of answering he just shook his head smiling. Putting and arm on my shoulders he led me out of the building with the others following us.

“Stiles is so happy he is not the only human in the pack anymore.”, Scott said as he appeared next to me.

“I’m part of the pack ?”

“We just have to find you a specific weapon and you’ll be part of our suicide squad.”

“You and your sarcasm, Stiles.”, I laughed. “But only for the protocol I want to be Harley Quinn”

“Woah, wait a second you dork. I’m the one with the baseball bat and if you try to steal it from me I will punch you with it repeatedly.”, Stiles warned me waving his finger in front of my face as someone from mean girls. I knew he was joking but the way he was acting made me laugh from the bottom of my heart.

“Okie dokie. You don’t have to be bitchy with me.”, I tried to act hurt but the smile on my face never disappeared.

When we exited the hospital I saw my mum waiting for me in the car on the parking lot. I said goodbye to my ‘squad’ and got in the car.

“How is my sweetheart feeling?”, mummy asked.

“Great, although the wounds aren’t completely healed.”

“I-I’m so sorry something like this happened to you. I-I…”, I saw the tears in her eyes. We’d talked about this but she still felt that it was her fault. That if the day I got in the hospital, she hadn’t been so far away from town due to her job, this wouldn’t have happened.

“Mum, please don’t blame yourself for this. It was me who forgot the notebooks in school. You always say that I’m capable of losing my head somewhere, too.” She smiled slightly “Don’t be upset, mum. Please!”, she nodded and kissed my forehead.

We drove home safely while listening to music. It was Sunday which meant I had to do my homework, so the first thing after I got home and had dinner with mum was that. Hopefully, Kira had given me her notes.

I tried to focus on my homework but I just couldn’t. Theo was the only thing in my mind for the whole week. They way he had saved me, his arms around me and his famed smirk. The thought of him made a smile to form on my face. Something was happening with me, something I wasn’t sure I wanted, although Stiles had warned me about that guy. He didn’t trust him but how could I ? He saved my life! But the way he said he wanted a date and after that hadn’t shown to even check on me made me think he did it only for fun, to see how stupid I would react…

The clock on my wall was showing it was midnight so I decided to go to bed. I laid on bed but the thoughts weren’t leaving my mind.

“Don’t think about it. It is all a joke. Don’t fall for him! Don’t you dare fall for him”, murmuring the words I soon fell asleep.

The sudden sound of the alarm clock made me groan in frustration. I stopped the alarm got out of my bed and went to the bathroom. When I freshened myself I stood in front of my wardrobe trying to make the most difficult decision – what to wear.

After half an hour I was in red jeans, white shirt and my leather jacket. I still had some trouble in putting the jacket without any pain but somehow I managed to do it. Before taking my bag, phone and keys somebody’s car beeped. Through the window I saw it was Lydia’s so I hurried downstairs where I saw mum. After I said goodbye to my mum I stormed out of the house.

“What are you doing here?”, I asked my friend as I sat on the passenger seat.

“We talked with your mother. She wanted to drive you to school but we promised her that we will do it instead of her.”

“So you’re going to drive me to school every day?”

“We just want to keep you safe.”, she placed her hand on mine showing me how much she cared.

“I still don’t understand why you are so protective over me. I see why Kira is but not you. We weren’t that close before.”

“Yes, but we are now. To be honest we were distant due to the fact we didn’t want to involve you in this supernatural thing.”

Without realizing we were in front of school. Getting of the car I took my stuff and we went straight to the gates. When entering, my heart skipped a beat. My legs were slowly walking but my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I saw a locker with a recess. I closed my eyes but that was a bad decision. Pictures from the pernicious night appeared. Thanks to Lydia’s voice I ‘came back’ on Earth. She gave me a sympathetic look. I smiled back and she did the same. I inhaled and exhaled deeply and continued walking until I reached my destination. While collecting the things I need Stiles showed from somewhere.

“Oh, that’s where you’ve been.”

“Hello to you too Stiles.”, I gave him a smile which soon faded.

“Have you studied for the math test?”, Stiles asked

“What ?! A test ? Why didn’t I know about it ? Oh my gosh…”, I started panicking which caused the boy to laugh at me.

“I’m just kidding, kiddo.”, he put a hand on my shoulders.

“You idiot.”, I hit him with a book. “How you dare ?”, we both smiled and said goodbye to Lydia.

We entered the classroom and I was giggling at Stiles’s jokes. That boy could make me laugh even when I’m in a bad mood. There were only two free seats. The one was near the window and the other…Oh, shit.

My heart skipped a beat again.

There was my savior, sitting behind the free seat. When he looked up and saw me, he smiled and waved at me. My pulse speeded up and my cheeks became pink. I bit my lip and smiled back at him. With the first step I made in order to reach the seat before Theo, Stiles pushed me slightly and sat on it. I looked at him, then at Theo’s murderous face, then back at Stiles who was smiling ear to ear. I gave him a dead glare and sat near the window, far away from the boys.

And it was like that the whole day. Every time I saw Theo and tried to approach him I was dragged back by my sarcastic friend. I knew Stiles didn’t trust him but trying to keep me away from him was stupid. But the fact that Liam had believed Stiles and was helping him with his plan was driving me crazy. I gave a try to some plans, like exiting the classroom as fast as I can when it finished, being late for the classes but as soon as I left a room a ‘guardian’ appeared next to me. I was telling them that I just wanted to thank him but still they didn’t left me alone.

It was the last class. The lesson was boring and nobody paid attention. I was tired of creating plans which would be ruined later so I was drawing something in my notebook. I looked up to see if the teacher had written something on board but instead of that I saw Theo standing near the door. I looked around but I was the only one seeing him – Malia was trying to understand all the stuff the teacher was saying and Stiles was almost asleep. I looked back at Theo. He smirked and went somewhere.

“Excuse me, May I go to the toilet?”, I asked politely.

“What for ?”

‘To open the Chamber of secrets’, I thought.

“Um…”, I couldn’t think of a non-sarcastic answer to this question.


I smirked and got out of the room with a fast pacing. I surveyed the hall and soon my eyes locked on Theo’s body. He was leaning against his locker. With every step I took I got more and more nervous.

“Hello, sweetheart.”, oh god that voice. Blushing I turned away trying to hide it but that only caused Theo to grin.

“Why did you call me here ?”

“Maybe because I wanted to talk to you.”, he answered simply.

“If you wanted to, you would have done it at least a week ago!”, I snapped with anger. “Everybody checked on me except you! But maybe you didn’t care about me. And…” I was interrupted. Theo spun me so now my back was pressed against the locker and his body inches away from mine.

“Don’t say such things, baby-doll.”, he whispered not breaking an eye contact with me. “I tried to come and visit you but your friend Stiles was doing anything to stop me.”

“That son of a…”, Theo placed his finger on my lips showing the sign to shut up.

“Language, sweetheart.”, my cheeks turned red but I couldn’t look away. “But now we have little time to talk.”

“We’re you serious about…um, that date?”

“Deadly serious.”, the bell rang. My friends were soon going to come and Theo knew that so he leaned in making the space between us disappear and whispered “Friday night at eight. Put something nice.”, his words sent shivers down my spine. He smirked at me and he mingled with the crowd.

“You were talking with him, weren’t you ?”, angry Stiles said.

“Don’t sneak like that, Stiles!”, I turned to face him. What a surprise – Liam was there too.

“I will if you promise me to stay away from him.”, he warned me.

“Hear me, you donuts! I’m having a date with him and if you two try to ruin it, I promise you’ll end up in a coffin six feet under the ground. ”, I said coldly. “Goodbye, guys.”, I smiled wildly and got out of the school.

I had no idea how I would wait till Friday.

Part 4 

Make You Miss Me

Word Count: 3089

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Language, Torture, General SPN type stuff, slight canon divergence

A/N: Written for @iwantthedean ‘s 2k follower song challenge. My song was “Make You Miss Me” by Sam Hunt. It’s kinda very loosely…not based on the song at all lol I don’t know what happened but this is where it went. 

“I’m going to fucking kill you, Sam.” You spat after he shoved the syringe in your neck. You struggled against the chains and the ropes that bound you to the chair inside the devil’s trap. “When I get out of here…and I will…I’m going to rip the meat off your bones piece by piece.”

“You don’t mean that.” Sam chuckled. “That’s not the Y/N I know.”

“The Y/N you know is gone.” You growled and flashed your black eyes. “And she’s not comin’ back.” The Y/N he knew was Dean’s girlfriend for the last few years. The Y/N he knew was his best friend. He never knew the real you.  The demon you tried so hard to suppress.

“Not even for Dean?”

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Dean Winchester One Shot

Prompt: If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass.”

A/N: Sorry, it’s not my greatest work. 

You never asked to be friends with Dean Winchester – in fact, you were more or less forced to be friends with him after he saved your life from a nest of vampires… and he had to break the news to you that every scary monster you convinced yourself as a child wasn’t real was actually real.

You could still recall sitting in his 1967 chevy impala after he saved you from the vampires, both of you covered in dirt and blood as you began to fire supernatural creature names at him. Dean was rather patient with you – patience not being a trait that he usually had – but it had a lot to do with the fact that he thought it was kind of cute how you deal with your shock.

“Werewolves?” you had begun with, trying start with the obvious.

Dean nodded, his hands tightly gripping the steering wheel as he tried to figure out where he was going, “real.”




“Don’t even get me started on those little bastards,” judging by his tone of voice, you could tell that they weren’t the type of faeries you read about in fables.

“The… loch ness monster?”

Dean glanced at you, “our hunting doesn’t exactly extend out as far as Ireland.”

You knew that by his use of ‘our’ that he meant him and his brother Sam who was back at the motel they were staying at.

After that day, coming together because of your weird experience, you and Dean couldn’t help but come close friends. He didn’t mind answering your text messages at 2am when you thought of another monster and you didn’t mind sitting with him and Sam in the bunker scanning through pages and pages of the Men of Letters books, trying to figure something new out.

“Always appreciate a third pair of eyes,” Sam would always say to you with a small smile.

Although, what you didn’t get involved in were the actual hunts. You weren’t really seeking the adrenaline rush of getting the pants scared off you while you were in a life or death situation with a bunch of supernatural creatures. For some reason, that just didn’t appeal to you.

However, when you heard about a very supernatural case that was going on in your town that no one was attending to, you had to get involved. Not because you wanted to, but because Sam was still bedridden after his and Dean’s last hunt and Dean needed someone else to help him.

“It’ll be fine, (Y/N). You just keep holding those things,” he assured you once again as you stayed as close as you could to him, gripping on tightly to whatever was in the bag he supplied to you.

“If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass,” you muttered back, jumping at the sound of the house creaking.

Dean shrugged, “you were the one who wanted to take this case. We could’ve left it.”

You honestly just couldn’t believe how calm he was.

“Like you would’ve left it after I told you about it.”

Dean didn’t have a counter argument for that.

Before either of you could say another thing, you felt a sharp pain in the back of your head and just before the world around you went to black, you heard Dean yell your name.

Both Dean and Sam told you their experiences of what death was like, which made you wonder how they managed to die so many times, but this also didn’t feel like you were dead. You felt really awake, actually. You wondered a few times if you were awake but time seemed to be jumping and you kept appearing in new areas in the bunker.

The first area you woke up in was Dean’s bedroom. You’d been in there about twice but now, you were curled up in his blankets and you felt a small amount of weight on you. You completely forgot about the hunt you were just on and instead, you were thinking about what you wanted for breakfast. The weight you felt on you moved and you were being pulled closer into someone’s chest.

“Dean,” you said without meaning to, letting out a small laugh that you didn’t mean to do either.

“It’s Sunday. Go back to sleep,” Dean murmured into your hair. Maybe this was real? You could smell him and you could feel him – maybe everything else had been a dream.

“I don’t wanna go back to sleep.” You attempted to slide out of his arms but he just pulled you back to his chest, his eyes shut but a smile on his face.

“Oh, did you have another idea?” he said cheekily, pressing a kiss to your neck.

When you went to turn in his arms to face him, you were no longer there but instead, you were standing in the kitchen of the bunker, wearing one of Dean’s shirts and pyjama bottoms. You looked down and you were apparently making bacon and eggs – you decided not to question it.

“(Y/N)?” you looked up and Sam was suddenly beside you, looking down at you with narrowed eyebrows, “you just seemed to space out on me.”

“Yeah, sorry – uh, what were you saying?”

Sam leaned against the counter top, crossing his arms to his chest. It was hard to take him seriously when he was in his pyjamas.

“I think you and Dean should move out of the bunker – I mean, you’re planning on getting married and you’ll probably have kids soon so… wouldn’t it be nice to have your own little place?” Sam then looked to you for a reply but you were now busy looking at your left hand where a rather pleasant diamond ring was resting on your ring finger.

“Er – sure…” you began but when you looked up, the scene changed again.

This went on for several more times and you were in the midst of sitting with your feet up on Dean’s lap when you heard someone yelling your name.

“Are you calling my name?” you asked Dean who was focused on the TV.

“Yeah, you better wake up and talk to me,” he said, not peeling his eyes away from the new episode of Game of Thrones.

You stared at him in utter confusion but soon the scene began to change and now, you were looking up at Dean who was standing over you. This time though, it felt real – you were in a motel room, your neck was sore and you could feel the scratchy sheets beneath you.

Dean, the real Dean, had a relieved expression. Blood was trickling down a cut on his face but he seemed unaware of it, letting out a sigh.

“Must’ve been pretty good dreams – took me nearly over an hour to get you to wake up,” he said to you, sitting on the single bed across from you. You tried to find the right words to say but you honestly couldn’t look him in the eye after what you’d just been seeing.

“So, what did they make you see?”

“What were ‘they’?” you mumbled, sitting up and rubbing your neck. You smelled terrible and your clothes were tattered and covered in dirt and blood – it reminded you of the first time you and Dean ever met. It wasn’t very romantic.

“Just sent Sam a description of whatever it was. Pretty sure it was one of those soul sucking things – it makes you see whatever you want most while it sucks away your soul. Kinda nice for a monster,” Dean then reached for a beer can that was on the bedside table and you wondered if he had any spares for you.

“That’s what it did…” you said quietly, “I didn’t… I didn’t know that I wanted that…”

He laughed kind of shallowly, “that’s what I thought when it tried to take me over. That’s how I knew it wasn’t real.”

Dean signalled for you to stay down on the bed as he went over to the mini fridge, digging around for a minute until he pulled out another beer for you. When he turned around, he stared at you for a moment in an intrigued manner before coming over to you and placing the beer beside you.

“I think you would look good in one of my shirts,” he mused, reaching into his pocket to take out his phone which was lit up with a text message, “ah, Sam thinks he knows what it is. You alright?”

You shook your head, “it’s nothing… I just think – I just think we saw the same things.”

Dean smiled slightly as he began to ring his brother.

“Sounds promising then.”