i think i mean it's pretty simple

my therapist asked me

Whats missing from your life?

I thought about this question for a long time after you asked me. And after days of racking my brain I still had not come up with an answer, that is until I was standing in line at Dunkin Donuts this morning waiting to order my coffee as I do nearly every morning. When there was an elderly couple in front of me, they were laughing with each other, and it made me smile. There I was being pessimistic because it was 7 in the morning and I was so overly tired and in a bad mood. But they were standing there as though there was no where in the world they would rather be. And I thought to myself I wonder what its been like, sharing a cup of coffee with the same person for that many years. And that’s when it dawned on me. I knew what was missing.
Seems like a pretty simple answer, huh? But I don’t necessarily mean love in the way youre probably thinking about it. I mean it in the simpliest of ways, in the “drive safely”, “text me when you make it home”, the “I hope youre doing okay”, or “have a good day”. I mean it in the sense of friendship, companionship, dependency, empathy, and affection. I mean love in every sense of the form. I mean It in the having someone to turn to on your darkets of days, or someone to share the brightest of ones with. I mean it in the singing in the passenger seat of your car kinda love, or the eat frozen yogurt and cry on your bad days.
But most importantly, the form of love I am missing, is self love. Many times I am so concerned with being there for others or trying to help everyone around me, bringing them up, that I forget about me too. i think that’s why i keep looking for people. because i’m looking for that love that’s missing from my life in someone else. and i keep being let down because no one is going to love me the way that i should love me. I wanna be so content within myself that I don’t look for these things in someone else anymore. I wanna sing in the car by myself, I wanna buy the elderly couples coffees and I wanna be okay knowing im going to drink mine by myself.

BTS Reaction to their s/o getting insulted on TV.

Request: Can you do a reaction to when they(bts) is mc with another idol and that idol insults their s/o on live tv?

A/N: So its here, i kept it simple and went straight to the insult. I know it’s savage and this attitude shouldn’t be allowed on tv and bla bla, but i think bts would do anything for the person they love so ENJOY IT


“So you’re dating the ugly y/n? You don’t deserve that”

“You’re damn right, no one deserves a queen like her. Truth be told, you don’t even deserve to pronunce her name”

“You should have gone for someone prettier, maybe an idol”
“Not all idols are pretty, i mean, look at you”


“You’re a dancer, a good one, have you ever thought about taking y/n to dance with you? Maybe her figure could improve”

“And you? Have you ever thought about joining me? Maybe you improve your dancing skills, even tho i don’t know if I can consider what you do dancing.”

“No offence, you can do whatever you want with your life but why y/n? Get yourself a skinny girl, you can do better”
“One, two, three-”
“What? Are you counting all the times she tried to diet and failed?”
“No, im counting how many seconds you have left before i punch you”


“Heard you got yourself a girlfriend, where did you find her? In the trash?”

“Just because you come from there doesn’t mean everyone else does”


“Heard you’re datting y/n, are you looking for something better? I mean you deserve better, her voice is so annoying and she’s ugly”

“Yeah I am looking for someone better”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah im looking for someone better to mc with because i don’t like sharing my air with shit, i didn’t even know shits could talk until you opened your mouth”


“How did you find a girl so big? Why do you even like her?”
“Aw man, don’t worry. Size s not that important. Don’t feel bad for being small, I’m sure some people find pleasure in that too” (ex. refering to his dick just in case)

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Why do you say that egoism "begs the question?" I saw that in your response to another anarchist and I'm wondering what exactly you mean by that.

It’s pretty simple: begging the question is when one of your argument’s premises is the same as its conclusion. It’s a valid argument in that the truth of the conclusion logically follows from the truth of the premise, but it’s far from a convincing argument because it’s based on circular reasoning.

Max Stirner, while a very skilled and incredibly charismatic writer (seriously, Stirner’s Critics alone earns him major chutzpah points), tends to do this a lot. The first example of this I can think of would be his voluntary egoist vs. involuntary egoist dichotomy.

According to Stirner, people are either voluntary egoists or involuntary egoists. An involuntary egoist is someone who acts in their own self-interest, but in some way deludes themselves into thinking that they’re actually serving something higher. In other words, an involuntary egoists’s actions are in their own self-interest, but they don’t know it because they’re willingly aligning their self-interest with an abstraction that restricts their freedom. Voluntary egoists, Stirner argues, reject these abstractions (or “spooks”) in favor of living for themselves free from these constraints.

This “involuntary vs. voluntary egoist” premise leads Stirner into his conclusion that all action is in some way egoistic. If you read his writings, you’ll notice that not only is the premise of such a dichotomy completely unfalsifiable (i.e. not reliably testable by empirical measures), but this premise is logically equivalent to the conclusion. To borrow egoists’ obnoxious tendency to compare literally everything they don’t like to Christianity, this would be like Stirner saying the Bible is true because the Bible is the word of God.

Max Stirner may be a great rhetorician, but honestly? His tendency to rely on circular reasoning like this means he’s a pretty shitty philosopher, and a shitty theorist to base one’s politics on.

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instead of focusing so much on animals don't you respect people who aren't vegan and are helping actual human beings? And before you say why not do both, I think what you don't understand is say you were for example a medical student and working night shifts and long hours in a row and all there is to eat is vending machine and cafe food with hardly any vegan options? You probably won't answer this cause makes you look bad

Do you think that Veganism is just about the animals? That it doesn’t help humans?

Hmm okay stick with me here…. there are a lot of things Veganism will fix, and a lot of things that it might not…like war and violence and rape and world hunger and over population and greed and and and the list goes on. I think about this daily and sometimes I just don’t know where to begin. How to really help it all. These are all things that seem HARD to fix and frustrating to think about.

But not eating animals… well thats pretty easy in the grand scheme of things. It’s doable, its simple… just stop eating them. It’s a direct action, as soon as you do it, you know you are having a positive effect on the world.

I don’t know exactly how to save the world and help everyone. But I know it does start from within and your actions. And I do know a lot of it has to do with diet.

Just because someone is a med student doesn’t always mean they will end up helping people. If you are a Med student because you want to save lives, and cure disease/health problems, yet you eat animal products which are directly linked to causing the worlds biggest killers….

Then I think you have missed something… ?

If anything you being vegan, and pushing for vegan options at that local cafe or packing your own lunch (even though it’s not convenient), IS helping save people. It’s creating a demand for healthy food, and helping to normalize it, to make it more accessible to those who really need it. You are trying to save others with medicine yet ignoring the true medicine, food and lifestyle choices. If you want help others your need to firstly help yourself and be an example.

You have made the mistake of thinking veganism is just for the animals. When it is sooo much more. Veganism is the first step in helping others, helping yourself, helping the planet and of course the animals. Just the first step, we have more work to do…

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I find it hilarious how people claim that sasusaku is forced and came out of nowhere with zero interactions. Yooo you guys probably need to go back and read the manga from the start. It'd be a lie to say that you don't even think ss is plausible (even if you don't ship it) when you see the moments they had in part 1. Like tbh I don't ship naruhina at all but I'd be an idiot to say that I didn't see it coming, it's a pretty simple manga to comprehend

Yup, people really should have seen it coming from a mile away. I mean, after the significance of the iconic scene during chapter 181 was reiterated again…

And again…

And again…

You’d think they’d eventually get the picture.

Not So Fuckboy*



Y/N rolled her eyes as soon they landed on the face of someone she had been avoiding, or trying to avoid, ever since the two had met. But, with the two of them being YouTubers with the same management, avoiding him was difficult. 

In Y/N’s head Joe Sugg was 1) annoying 2) was childish and wasn’t able to carry a serious conversation if his life depended on it and 3) he slept around, A LOT yet he always wonders why he doesn’t have a girlfriend. 

Everyone in and around Y/N’s life had told her that Joe was one of the sweetest people they know, including his sister Zoe, but Y/N never got to see that side of Joe. He was too busy taking the piss out of everything she had said to him. 

She had given up long ago on trying to make friends with the successful YouTuber so when she got a call asking if she wanted to join a few other YouTubers (i.e Joe Sugg) on a project a company had arranged, she denied quickly, only to call Dom back and accepting his offer hours later when she realized how great of an opportunity it was.

The rest of the team greeted her as she walked in the room, taking a seat at the table. She ignored the stare from Joe as she took her belongings out of her bag. 

“Fancy seeing you here” The teasing tone she knew all too well floated past her ear followed by a gentle hand on her shoulder. The voice took a seat next to her, tapping it’s fingers lightly on a table waiting for a response from her. 

“Could say the same for you, wouldn’t take you for the charity type” Y/N said looking over at Joe, studying the puzzled look on his face.

“What do you mean love? I love working from charities. I’m actually an ambassador for AgeUK.”

“Are you really?”

“Don’t sound too shocked love, I’m still just a normal person” Joe winked over at her before turning his attention towards Dom who had started the meeting. 

For the duration of the project, Y/N had learned a lot about Mr. Sugg, including, seeing the side of him that many of her friends had told her about. He really was sweet and funny and she realized, to an extent, the fuckboy persona was just that, a wall he built up for some reason that Y/N couldn’t figure out. She had also found out that he doesn’t sleep around that often, just as much as a single 25 year old would which she honestly couldn’t judge him for.

The two ended up going out on their own to work on their half of the project which usually meant ordering take out and half talking about the project, half talking absolute shit while laughing so hard tears streamed down their faces.

 It wasn’t until after the project had finished and the frequent meet ups continued that she realized she was falling for someone who a month ago she hated. She had a feeling Joe felt the same but she was pretty sure he never hated her. 

“Hey are you busy tonight?” Joe asked casually as he sat down next to Y/N on his couch.

“Just this,” She said gesturing to the laptop on her lap. “Why do you ask?”

“I wanna take you out.” Joe said simple. 

“Like on a date?”

“Yeah why not?”

“What do you mean ‘why not’?” Y/N said furrowing her eyebrows at him. 

“Well, um…” Joe was taken aback by her take on his words and now had to piece his words together carefully so she wouldn’t get the wrong idea. “I think its pretty clear that I like you, I have for a while actually, and I hope its safe to say that you no longer hate me…” His words hung in the air for a while as he studied her face. 

“Thats right.” She said simply so he could continue speaking. 

“We’ve had some good laughs together and in my head I thought ‘Hey this could work’ this thing we have between us.” He said gesturing between them. 

“Is there a thing though?” Y/N said tilting her head slightly, her eyes now focusing on his lips as he nervously ran his tongue along his bottom lip. 

“I’d like there to be” Joe’s eyes followed her perviously action, now watching the tiny smile form across her lips. 

“So you just thought ‘why not’?” She said leaning in a little closer. She now understood why Joe always teased her when they first met, watching the other person squirm was satisfying to say the least. 

Joe swallowed quickly as Y/N continued to close the gap between them, her lips brushing softly against Joe’s before pressing fully against them.

Joe’s hands moved their way up to Y/N cheeks as the cupped them, pulling her closer to him. She moved her laptop off of her lap before leaning into the kiss and pulling herself onto Joe.

The deepened kiss went on for a few seconds before Joe moved his hands down towards her waist, his thumb gently grazing over her exposed skin. Y/N pulled away from the kiss and quickly removed her top and tossing in the the floor. Her lips only reattached themselves to Joe’s after his shirt was also tossed to the floor. 

Joe moved Y/N to the couch as he moved over her, their lips still connected as he fiddled with the button on her jeans. Once the button was undone, he moved to tug the clothing off her legs, tossing them to the ground as well.

Joe’s lips found Y/N’s once again but they quickly diverted to her the soft skin of her jawbone and neck. Y/N let out a small moan as she moved her head to the side allowing more access for Joe. Joe held himself up with one hand while the other slowly made its way back down Y/N’s body stopping at the waistband of her underwear. 

Hooking a finger under it, Joe slowing ran his fingers up her wet slit before pushing it into her. 

Y/N let out a gasp followed by a low moan as Joe started moving his finger in and out of her before adding another. 

“Joe” Y/N breathed out before reattaching their lips. Her fingers toying roughly with hair at the nap of his neck, the locks she’d grown to love over the past few weeks.

Joe’s fingers continued to move quickly inside of her, the pressure building up before slipping away along with Joe’s fingers. 

Y/N let out a huff of disappointment while Joe chuckled slightly before kissing her cheek. 

“You didn’t answer my question love.” He said looking down at her from his position above her. 

“I don’t believe you ever asked me a question.” 

“Will you go on a date with me?” 

“Why not.” She said smiling up at him, “But not tonight, we haven’t finished.” 

“Love we haven’t even started” Joe said before pressing his lips to her once again. 

  • Rebecca: (phone peeping) And there goes another one. Our clients are dropping like flies. Please, Robert, I need you.
  • Robert: I don't know, me and Home Farm, it never ends well.
  • Vic: I thought you'd jump at the chance to play the big hero.
  • Robert: Have you forgotten that I basically lost Aaron because I was involved with you?
  • Vic: Well, you're not together any more so what's the problem?
  • Robert: I don't know, it's complicated.
  • Rebecca: Actually, it's pretty simple. Without you, Home Farm is gonna lose a fortune.
  • Robert: So why should I care? Okay, okay. What, what is it that you think I can do?
  • Rebecca: Try and get the clients back onboard before it's too late. I mean, I've tried calling them, obviously, but they don't trust me, they think I'll say anything to protect Dad.
  • Robert: Well, to be fair, you actually would.
  • Rebecca: Come on, it's what you do best, isn't it? Getting people to do exactly what you want. At least think about it. Anyway, I need to get back up there. I have to spend the night, make sure Tim doesn't burn the place to the ground.
  • Vic: No chance! You need to go back to ours and get some rest. Robert will look after Home Farm, won't you?
  • Robert: Keys, please. The business isn't gonna save itself.
  • Rebecca: (handing over the keys) Thank you.

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If you were planning on sorting him in a later post it's fine, but I'm really curious which house you think Netherlands would be put in

Netherlands- Slytherin- The reason I put Netherlands in Slytherin is pretty simple and upfront. It’s because he’s focused on one thing and that one thing is money. He doesn’t care if it means selling weapons to a warring nation as long as he can profit from it. He’s out for himself. He’s constantly looking for ways to earn money and to better himself. This is a Slytherin 110%. I’ve seen him placed in Hufflepuff which I don’t really understand that. He’s ambitious and put’s his wants and needs first and foremost. He’s Slytherin ya’ll

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Okay, bear with me, I have to contact a Harrison professional for this. If Harrison were to have an ultimate ability like in Overwatch (just Google it if you don't understand it's a a pretty simple concept), what would it be? I know that sounds crazy but it is seriously something I need a second opinion on.

I’m assuming you don’t mean an ACTUAL overwatch ult (if you did, Hanzo’s Dragonstrike seems fitting for him to me!) but I think if he did have an ultimate ability, it would be similar to the red lightning he did in Quest to Sleepy Peak Peak

just, you know, bigger, more dramatic, and more devastating. I’m also thinking his eyes would be glowing, too.  Maybe even floating a little (Granted, he did this in his imagination, but still ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Hope that answer was what you meant lmao

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Well Butters, I think it's important that you don't force anything, so how about you surprise Kenny with something nice instead? Like candy and a movie or something, it's innocent yet filled with possibilities <3

Butters: Well, ya see, Kenny is pretty simple anyway. I-I mean he always seems down for just a Netflix and Chill kinda day…why does everyone laugh when I say that?

Butters: But really, that’s the plan. Thanks a bunch, I’m sure Kenny’ll like that!

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I just dont get it soph. 🙁 i promise I'm not hating. I'm just confused. L is preaching this and that yet shes 'dating' ty. But lets be real here shes denied camren like its the plague. Yet refuses to say something when it comes to ty who is opposite of what shes preaching. But come on, think bout it for a sec if they're really together. Not because he makes u feel special when its just the 2 of u means he gives the same respect for other women. I just dont know what to think of it now. ☹️

Well it’s pretty simple really - Camren was real, Lauren did everything in her power to protect it, and to protect Camila. If her “relationship” with Ty is P.R, which I’m pretty sure it is, there’s no reason for her to protect anything and even less him - in my delulu mind Lauren’s last ig post was a subtle way of showing us that her being with Ty doesn’t make any sense, and we shouldn’t believe it, but that’s just my delulu-self at work 

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Often, I think Kaylor is real. But sometimes not. Because Taylor has dated TOO many boys. I mean: it's weird. I'm pretty sure that Karlie isn't bisexual but gay. And maybe Taylor is bisexual, not gay. I don't know. I'm confused. I've read her old songs about Joe, Taylor Lautner etc and I see a simple teenager who fall in love. Not a gay or bisexual girl

Ahh, I been there too a couple of times, I kinda understand why you feel confused but you’ve gotta realize that they aren’t gonna blatantly come out and talk about Kaylor being real, so we have to rely on practical deduction. Also, there are way too many pieces of evidence pointing towards Kaylor being real and you can’t just put all of that down as coincidence.

Taylor writing songs about those guys (speculation) has nothing to do with Kaylor, that was a really long time ago, man. (She even said once that she doesn’t need a relationship to write songs, I don’t have a link to it, but it’s somewhere on Tumblr).

She has def “dated” too many boys, but that isn’t hurting the Kaylor theory, is it? It’s helping us, because, for most parts, her “relationships” only lasted a few months and the guys she has dated either have gay rumors themselves, are relatively unknown to the GP, are too young for her, or too old for her, etc.

Look at how long some of her relationships were:

1. Harry Styles- 37 days

2. Joe Jonas- 16 months

3. Taylor Lautner- 3 months

4. John Mayer- 3 months

5. Conor Kennedy- 4 months

6. Calvin Harris- 15 months

7. Tom Hiddleston- 3 months

8. Jake Gyllenhaal- 3 months

With the exception of Joe J (who himself has had gay rumors) and Calvin H (the stunt buddy whose situation has been debunked through master posts), most of the “relationships” were three months long and highly publicized. 

Now tell me, why would a girl who’s supposedly dated a lot of guys say something like that? Unless she was closeted/ not straight/ in fake relationships.


Okay – after being tagged two weeks ago by @dont-offend-the-bees, I’m finally doing this meme! The rules, as far as I can see from her photoset, are as follows:

Describe yourself with ONLY pictures you have. You CANNOT search or download new pictures!”

Joke’s on you, meme – I’ve been collecting pictures online and elsewhere for aaaages! :p Here are the ones that I feel best sum up me:

  • My Van Dort family in Sims 4 – Valice and my fave video game series in one go!
  • A delicious meal my mom made one Sunday for watching football that I thought she presented very nicely – basically the sort of stuff I love to eat
  • A BTTF: The Ride promotional picture – that’s how I got into BTTF, one of my favorite fandoms. I don’t think I’ll ever forgive Universal for replacing it with Simpsons
  • Christopher Lloyd’s cast bio from the original BTTF DVDs – I had a crush on this man for the longest time. Still do, a bit <3
  • A picture of Alice from what I believe is the old storefront for Alice merchandise (at least, it’s labeled “Alice Store” in my pictures) – the Alice games as one of my other favorite video game series, natch
  • One of my earlier photo “mash-ups” of Victor and Alice – more Valice
  • A storyboard of Victor from the beginning of Corpse Bride – one of my favorite movies, and showcases my love of the CB storyboards
  • An old picture of me in a shirt Mom made for me, with a filmstrip of BTTF scenes (we got the pictures from the BTTF II trading cards, I’ve got TONS) – just, well, me and my love of Back To The Future
  • One of my old Halloween costumes, the Grim Reaper – my love of dressing up for Halloween! Also my mom’s talent at helping me dress up for Halloween – that skull face? That’s MAKEUP.
  • And one of the greatest moments of my life – meeting Christopher Lloyd, Bob Gale, Jeffery Weissman (George McFly in Parts II & III) and Claudia Wells (Jennifer Parker in Part I and The Game) at a screening of BTTF in Florida about – holy crud next year’s the 10th anniversary

So, uh, yeah! Me in pictures! There’s no set number of people to tag, so I’m just doing five: @nebbychan, @bookshelfpassageway, @callhermoonchild, @poesdaughter, @yarrayora (for those uncomfortable with selfies, there’s nothing saying you HAVE to use actual pictures of you – just pictures you currently have on your computer)

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What do you use to make your pictures? What's the process like?

I’ve two variants of my style: lineless and lineart. The process for each of them is similar but also different, if you get what I mean. They are pretty straightforward though - I use one brush most of the time (Kyle Webster’s Mr Natural Brush), and I place a lot of emphasis on the sketch stage so I don’t have to think so much in the following stages.



Yeah pretty straightforward: sketches, something to establish the silhouette, flats and colours. This goes for simple drawings like this to the complex ones, including comic pages.

“I will make you a promise. Every year, Tessa, on one day, I will meet you on that bridge. I will come from the Silent City and I will meet you, and we will be together, if only for an hour. But you must tell no one.”

An hour every year,” Tessa whispered. “It is not much.” She recollected herself then, and took a deep breath. “But you will live. You will live. That is what is important. I will not be visiting your grave.”

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tbh hagakure seems a bit too obvious to be the traitor?? like shes an invisible girl thats such a traitor looking situation but id be kinda even more disappointed in hori if it was her but also i dont want it to be anyone else

i mean sure, but bnha at its core is a series written for teenagers, not adults, so making a traitor more ‘obvious’ would be a little more likely, especially since i think the artist/writer has said before that he doesn’t want a lot of complex twists/mysteries in the series. hagakure being the traitor wouldn’t cause a lot of confusion and it’s a pretty simple solution and concept. readers could easily look back and go “oh, it makes sense now!” without too much thinking or deduction. 

guys guys guys guys guys guys guys

AU where only ghosts can see ghosts o:

Everything is the same, except only Danny and Vlad can see ghosts. Everyone thinks they’re nuts because of that(kind of like what happens in The Fenton Menace).

And since halfas are kind of humans too, people can see them in their ghost form. So Danny still tries to get rid of the mean ghosts, but no one can see them and he destroys parts of the city in his fights, so everyone thinks he is an evil ghost.

He tries to be a good guy, but no one can see that he wants to protect people so everyone hates him.


Autistic headcanons: Nepeta Leijon

Special interest(s): Hunting, Her Ships

Main stim(s): Stroking Pounce’s fur, Biting her hat, Hiding under her coat

Best Quotes: 

NEPETA: :33 < yes, she had these purrty wings and a splendid hood, i think she might have b33n cosplaying much like friska has b33n!

NEPETA: :33 < this all looks to be in order! *she said*
NEPETA: :33 < please follow me! :33
NEPETA: :33 < *she also said*
NEPETA: :33 < here you go! f33l fr33 to borrow it as long as you like
NEPETA: :33 < oh! also as tempting as it may s33m, please dont go to sl33p in that comfy pile of wands there!

AC: :33 < dont you know you cant ACTUALLY tell me what to do??
AC: :33 < its not like you even have any special mind pawers or telepurrthy or anything!

NEPETA: :33 < yes, i have tried to make friends with her, but so far she thinks i am just teasing her!!!!
NEPETA: :33 < its pretty furstrating. i will purrsevere though

AC: :33 < and he is so adorably grumpy all the time, it probably wouldnt go over well
AC: :33 < its hard to explain, maybe cats think diffurntly, but trolls tend to be pretty cautious about expressing their f33lings when it comes to the flushed quadrant

AC: :33 < *ac gathers up all the brick pieces and builds a cute little house and invites karkat inside*

AC: :33 < i eat them!
AC: :33 < i dont kill anything i dont eat, that would be mean

AC: :33 < i know, but its just not that simple. i could make someone else jealous i think, and what if he doesnt f33l the same way, and, urrgh, its so complickated
AC: :33 < maybe i just n33d to let go of the silly infatuation
AC: :33 < i think its never going to happen honestly

NEPETA: :33 < …
NEPETA: :33 < well ok, goodbye!
NEPETA: :33 < but you had better believe i will s33 you again soon, equius!

AC: :33 < i forgot i have to talk to someone else about this
AC: :33 < i have b33n purrcrastinating :((

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Hello dove! I'm so overwhelmed by all this witchy stuff! Do you think if I start out using runes that would be good? They look pretty good to start on, simple and rigid. Each rune means something and it's how they are, etc. Where is some good places to look for rune resources? I'm so new I have no idea!

Originally posted by in-penumbra

Hi Anon!  I think runes are an excellent starting place if you like symbols, old languages and something maybe a little more simple than Tarot for divination.  I originally began working with runes for many of the same reasons and they heavily influence my practice today.  I’m happy to give you some more information on runes, including a quick resource list at the bottom.  Good luck!

Runes are symbols with specific meaning.  They are typically a part of a now-obsolete alphabet, though there are rune sets that have no alphabetical meaning or that were created in modernity.  In fact, you can even create your own runes if you’d like!  The word rune itself comes from the Old Norse word rún meaning mystery or hidden (a reference to the legend of runes) and generally refers to runic alphabets that existed for Germanic languages - more letters than hieroglyphs but not quite the Latin alphabet we use today.

Here’s a list of various types of runes I compiled with a quick search.  There are many, many more. I’m personally partial to Elder Futhark runes as they’re the most commonly used runic alphabet in witchcraft but you’re welcome to choose the rune set that works best for you - or make up your own!

Historically, runes were mostly used for inscriptions, often inscribed on large rocks, buildings, gravestone markers, art and craft signatures and even messages akin to graffiti (source).  They were also used for personal letters and to conduct business.

Magically, runes were used for prayers, curses, formulas for charms and protections and more.  The Norse used runes much like we often use sigils.  In fact, you can even combine various runes in an aesthetic way to make it look like a single rune called a bind rune.  This bind rune could represent a specific purpose (ie bringing good luck to your home) or it could be your personal bind rune for your name.

For an example of how I used runes to create a protection chain for my house, click here.

There’s no significant evidence that runes were ever historically used for any type of oracle or divination.  Some claim a book called Germania, written by Tacitus in the 1st century, is proof of runes used as oracle (source).  However, that book was written before runes were in use.  Another source, the Ynglinga saga by the king of Södermanland, describes chips thrown that said he wouldn’t live long.  However, he was likely describing was blótspánn, or a sacrificial chip often marked with blood and not a rune (source).

But just because they weren’t used for divination back then doesn’t mean we can’t now.  The Norse religion and beliefs were open to anyone who was interested and openly spread.  Though this modification of the use of ancient runes comes from modernity, it makes it no less valid.

For an article about how I created my runes and how I read them, click here.

Here are a few other ways of reading runes.

Runelore by Edred Thorsson
Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic by Edred Thorsson
Runecaster’s Handbook by Edred Thorsson
The Book of Runes by Francis Melville
Runes by R.I. Page
Rudiments of Runelore by Stephen Pollington
The Rune Primer: A Down-to-Earth Guide to the Runes by Sweyn Plowright
Runes and Magic by Stephen Flowers

Northernway.org: Runes, Glyphs of Power & Spirit
Sunnyway.com: An Introduction to Runes
The Rune Site
Omniglot: Runic Alphabet
Norse Mythology.org: Runes