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the third wheel

request: Please could you write a piece where Harry and y/n’s best guy friend keep hanging out and she’s feeling left out so they do something sweet for her

questions, comments, concerns


I knew they’d get along, knew it from the moment I met Harry. They had a similar sense of humor and loved teasing me and would die for the same pair of Gucci boots. What I didn’t expect was for my boyfriend to hijack my best friend and vice versa.
“So, tomorrow, me, you, our favorite Thai place and scoping out that new gallery a few blocks over. You in?” Aidan hesitated and I knew before he even said it. “Are you joking?” I groaned.
“I promised him I’d go with him to decide what to wear to SNL.”
I laughed, “Swear to God, he’s cheating on me with you.”
“Oh come on, you know he’s not my type he’s not pretentious enough.”
I laughed but once it died down I said, “I just miss you… Miss you both, really.”
“Babe, you live with him.”
“Yeah and lately if he’s not working he’s with you.”
“Oh come on, that’s not true.”
I pulled out my metro card and swiped myself in, running through the open doors on the subway before they closed, “Yes it is! I can’t even remember the last time I had a real conversation with either of you.”
He was quiet for a moment, “We’ll hang out this weekend, I promise.” I was rolling my eyes on the other line and I think he knew because he added, “I love you.”

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Prank wars?

A/N: sooooooooo i was bored watching the twins’ videos and i decided hey why not make an imagine based off of the video where Grayson ties Ethan up in a tree and scared him with a clown mask and i kinda wanna turn this into something like different prank imagines in one category idk you’ll understand as i go on. so enjoy @stydiascreams

warning: light cursing

Originally posted by dolanslife

You were facetiming Grayson while he was in New Jersey since you were still in LA for school and he was telling you how he was pranked by Ethan and wanted to get him back but he didn’t know what to do. “Come on babe, you’re great at pranking help me out a bit.” You sighed softly flipping a page in your textbook “Gray you know I’d love to but I’m studying and I just can’t get this chapter to stick in my brain, can you wait like 15 minutes?” You stuck your bottom lip out giving him the puppy dog eyes which caused him to smile and nod “Yes I can wait baby.” You smiled wide and thanked him. You went back to studying you stuck your tongue out concentrating on the page you’re reading he chuckled and looked at you “You’re adorable babe.” You smiled and closed your textbook. “I’m all yours baby” He smiled and looked back at you “Help me prank Ethan” He whined you giggled thinking a bit “Is he still afraid of clowns?” Gray nodded and looked around for Ethan “Yes, why?” You smirked and looked up “Uh Gray I gotta go, can I talk to you later?” He raised an eyebrow and nodded “Um sure, I love you babe.” You stood up putting on your jacket “Yeah love you too baby.” You hung up as you walked out of your room. “That was weird.” Grayson mumbled to himself “What was weird?” He looked up watching Ethan grab a water “Y/N, she rushed off the phone and before that she looked up like someone was there. E, is she cheating on me?“ Ethan’s head snapped in his direction “Y/N? Are we talking about the same person, bro she would never do that. One time she got upset when you didn’t text her back when you went and got the mail.” Grayson ran his hand through his hair. “You’re right bro, she wouldn’t do that. When’s cam coming?” Ethan thought for a second “Uh tomorrow I think”Grayson picked up his phone dialing Cameron’s number “Maybe I can get Cam to go check on Y/N or call her to see where she is.” Grayson put the phone to his ear waiting on her to answer. You and Cameron decided to get lunch before your flight when all of a sudden Grayson’s name pops up on her phone she looks up at me “Should I answer it?” You nodded and sat back “But don’t tell him you’re with me, or that I’m coming with you because I want to surprise him.” She nodded and answered her phone putting it on speaker “Whats up bro?” She beamed you heard him sigh he really sounded stressed maybe you should’ve eased into leaving earlier instead of rushing. “Cam, can you go check on Y/N she left in kind of a hurry and I think someone was with her.” Cameron looked and nodded “Yeah i’ll go check on her now and call you back when I get there.” You bit the inside of your cheek packing up your food Cameron hung up the phone packing up her food as well “Well, time to go back to your apartment for a few minutes to make sure you’re okay then to Jersey we go” You stood up getting back in her car buckling up. “I don’t even know how he’s going to react, hopefully he’ll be excited” You smiled watching Cameron drive finally the two of you reached your apartment “You go inside and I’ll facetime Gray as I knock on the door just say something that makes sense. I don’t know.” She knocked on the door calling Grayson you waited until you heard her say hello. You smiled and answered the door “Hey Cam whats up?” She tried her best not to smile “Gray wanted me to check on you, he said you left in a hurry.” You nodded and held up food “My food was here and the guy was impatient I would’ve taken my phone with me but my phone was dying. Maybe I should call Gray and explain” You pulled your phone out of your pocket “I’m on the phone with him right now.” She turned the phone around showing your smiling boyfriend “Why didn’t you tell me, it’s food babe.” You shrugged checked the time on your phone. “I have to go, I have some studying to do and a essay due in the morning. I’ll text you later Gray.” The two of your said your goodbyes, Cameron hung up the phone and looked at you “Lets go get on that flight.” You smiled and picked up your bag locking the door behind you.

-Time skip-

The plane ride felt so long you decided to turn your phone off for the flight when you finally turned it back on you had almost 20 texts from Grayson, 9 missed calls even some texts from Ethan I texted Ethan back telling him everything hoping that Gray wasn’t near or had his phone in any way “Alright, I’m gonna record it you’re going to knock on our door Ethan is gonna make sure Gray answers the door you’re just gonna come up with some random question and yeah. basically just wing it.” You nodded and knocked on the door taking a deep breath as Grayson opened the door you looked down the street then back at him “Hi, I’m looking for my boyfriend have you seen him?” He smiled wide pulling you into a hug “Every time I look in the mirror.” He kissed your cheek looking at you “You couldn’t tell me you were coming?” You shook your head “That would ruin the surprise, don’t you think?” He shrugged and pulled back from you “Wait so who was really there when we you rushed off the phone?” You looked back at him and pointed behind you “Cam. We’ve been planning this since you left she wouldn’t take no for an answer and the last no i gave her she showed me she already bought the ticket and it was nonrefundable so I really didn’t want her money to go to waste so I’m here.” He picked up yours and Cameron’s bags walking inside “But don’t you have an essay due tomorrow morning?” You sighed and turned to the side showing him your backpack “I do, which is why I brought my books unfortunately.” He hugged you once more “I’m so glad you’re here, now you can help me prank Ethan” You smirked and showed him a little bit of the clown mask. He smiled and took your bag to his room “Lets get ready.” As Grayson was setting everything up you distracted Ethan by taking him to go get pizza with Cameron. “Y/N thank god you’re here, Gray would not stop talking about you. Why didn’t Gray come again?” You smiled and ate another bite of your pizza “I made him do my homework.” He chuckled and checked the time “Oh Gray texted, we gotta take some pics for channel art you guys ready to head back?” You all nodded and walked back to the car driving back you turned on the radio and started jamming. You pulled up putting the car in park Ethan got out the car you and Cameron stayed in the car talking about how its going to happen. 20 minutes go by and you and Cameron finally got out the car walking in the house Grayson is walking around the kitchen talking to the camera “Oh Cam, Y/N come here.” The two of you walked over to him standing beside him “These two lovely ladies helped with the prank so thank you guys, lets go prank Ethan.” He went out back outside taking some “pictures” with Ethan when suddenly Ethan was scooped up in the net screaming and asking whats going on. “Well bro, you’re sleeping out here.” Gray said as he swung Ethan a bit. “I’m gonna chew through this before I sleep out here.” Grayson looked at Ethan and smirked at the camera “And I’m gonna go eat some pizza.” He smirked walking away. He got in the car and drove around by the woods he hopped out running through to the other side where Ethan was. “Hello camera Grayson set you up here.” He looked around and noticed Grayson creeping up to him “What is that” He started jumping around in the net “Grayson? Grayson! I’m gonna punch you in the face!” he kept screaming and jumping around. He calmed down a bit when Grayson started backing away but Grayson came running up cutting the top of the net letting Ethan fall He ran but stopped when he heard Grayson laughing. Ethan ran back tackling Grayson into the tree Ethan kneeled beside Grayson panting “I knew that was Grayson, but if it wasn’t Grayson I had to be ready for anything.” You walked back inside with Cameron as the boys did their outro you sat on the counter talking to Cameron “So do you think you and Gray will ever you know get married?” You giggled and nodded “Of course, every girl dreams of marrying their soulmate.” You smiled looking at Grayson as he walked over to you wrapping his arms around your waist “And he’s my soulmate.” 


anonymous asked:

Hey! I love your writing! Are you ever going to continue the football AU thing? I loved it!!

Here it is!  Took a while, but this chapter is longer than the first, so hopefully that makes up for the wait <3

Eric bit his lip nervously, turning his phone over and over in his hand.  He looked down at the message he had typed out again.

Hey is it weird if i ask your opinion on my prom outfit?  It felt weird but he thought that could just be him.  After all, he and Philip had agreed to stay friends after Philip went away to college and they broke up.  They had even talked somewhat frequently over the semester, but about innocent things.  School, their old friends in town, what the weather out in California was like.  Neither of them had brought up moving on, but if they were actually going to be friends long term, it was going to have to happen eventually.  Eric hit Send.  It only took a couple minutes before the bubbles that indicated Philip typing showed up, followed shortly by a reply.

Eh, maybe a little but whatev.  I’m cool with it.

Thanks :)

Eric smoothed the front of the suit jacket one more time and took a deep breath before letting himself smile and snapping a picture in the dressing room mirror.  He attached it to a new message and said: Be brutal, if I wanted compliments I’d ask mama.  The next reply came after a few moments of consideration.

Tbh, that suit makes me want to take your virginity all over again.  Do the world a favor and get it.  Eric felt a pang of longing, remembering when he and Philip had gone to get their tuxes for Philip’s senior prom the year before and they’d ended up making out in the dressing room.  He still laughed though, imagining the exaggerated leer Philip would’ve given him if he was there.

Alright, I’m convinced.  You’re the best! :-*

Give Mama a hug for me! Xoxoxo

Will do! <3

Eric put his phone down on top of the pile of his clothes and stepped out from behind the curtain.  When Mama saw him, she pressed a hand to her chest.

“Oh Dicky, you look so handsome!”  He smiled and told her,

“Definitely this one.”

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Prompt Request!

Yoi-yoi-senpai was so cute, liking all my prompts, so I decided to do a request based on their requested pic!

Here I go! She asked for Angst, Fluff, kissing, and anything else I wanted! :D yay!!!~


After successfully taking down a runaway eggbot, Amy and Sonic return to the city, waiting for Tails, before Sonic gets word that Tails won’t be able to take Amy home.

Excited, she starts to plan a few dating ideas, which Sonic wishes to shy away from…

Sonic rolls his eyes as he covers the communicator which shows the map of the city, as Amy exaggerates her hands in one direction, spreading them wide, before rushing to his other side and listing several different things to do in that particular direction.

“Tails..” Sonic peeks down at the communicator, seeing his face.

Tails looks slightly apologetic, swishing his tails behind him. “Sorry, Sonic. I’ve got a lot of research going on here.” He explained, and looked back up to Sonic, “But it might be good for you two to hang out again. I mean, it has been while since you two really interacted and all.”

“Right?” Amy turned around, her eyes shining in Sonic’s face as he leaned away, a bit skittish.

“Heh, take it easy on him, Amy. And take care!” Tails waved off and signed off, leaving Sonic hopelessly stuck with taking Amy around.

She giggled, tilting her head and then rushing off ahead of him.

He sighed, dropping his arms down.

“Where should we go explore first? Ohh~ Maybe there? Or there? How about there~?” She looked to the side, up to the sun, and then all around, super excited to spend the rest of the day with Sonic.

“C-calm down, Amy…” Sonic bent his eyebrows back, speaking kindly to her. “I think it may be best to just-”

“Ohh! You’re right!” Amy swung around and spread her arms as if engulfing the whole city. “We’ll see it all!”

He dropped his head, seeing as she wasn’t even listening to him.

He shook his head up and shrugged, “Whatever you say, Amy.”

And just like that, the date began.

They did a whole number of things, though Sonic looked bored in every photograph, he lazily tagged along and Amy didn’t even notice, happy to just spend time with him.

Finally, Amy agreed that the stroll down the city’s lighted square and circled, outdoor performance center would be the last place they stayed.

Holding tightly to his arm, she saw him eyeing some street performers and bands, and watched them intently as they walked by.

“…Hmm?” She smiled, cutely. “Want to go dance with them?”

He looked down at her, shocked she had spotted his interest in the merry band.

“Heh, maybe to challenge that break dancer.” he smirked, teasing as he got excited about getting to go.

“Hehe, sure! Knock’em dead.” Amy let his arm go, and he nodded to her, before racing off as a crowd formed and watched him do a dance-battle to the music on the cardboard they laid out for the event.

Amy watched happily, before looking up and seeing a human couple move closer to each other as they watched, and then look to one another, and kiss.

Her smile slightly faded, but it was still present. She was happy for them, anyway.

She looked away and down, before up to see the band’s drummer was playing and getting snuggled by what she supposed was his girlfriend too.

She was actually amazed, hanging her jaw out and leaning forward, seeing that the drummer could still play while his girl hugged him from behind.

She then started noticing that where ever her eyes darted too, more and more couples were around, and each doing something incredible adorable.

For some reason, she felt self-conscious, and rubbed her arm a bit.

When Sonic came back, he waved to the crowd, and offered Amy his arm again.

“Woah! Talk about getting a crowd riled up. They really are something though. Those performers.” Sonic didn’t notice for a second her demeanor, before he turned back and notice she hadn’t taken his arm.

He slowly lowered it, to get a better look at her face. “Amy? What’s wrong? Uhh..” he suddenly had a small bit of worry trace his face, “You didn’t think I’d forget all about you while dancing out there, did ya?”

“…N-no. It’s fine. I’m sorry about that. Hm-hmm! You did great out there, Sonic! Just like I knew you would.” She shook herself out of it, smiling up to him, but Sonic could immediately tell she was hiding something, blinking his eyes in slight suspicion of her new mood change before she took his arm and they continued.

He wasn’t going to force her to say anything though, and just put an arm up behind his head and looked at all the lights on the trees.

“….” Amy kept her head down, still seeming melancholy.

Sonic simply waited. He knew that if it was pressing on her this much, then she’d spill eventually.


Her comes the pour.

“Hmm?” He turned to look at her, genuinely hoping she’d talk about what was troubling her. Although, he made sure not to show it.

“What’s up, Amy?”

“….Have you noticed… all the couples around here?”

Sonic blinked, looking down at her face as if questioning there even were couples around here, and bent down to make sure she was telling the truth before glancing around.

He suddenly became aware of all the couples sitting down and laughing or smiling to one another, and blinked innocently at how many they’re were.

“Oh yeah. I hadn’t noticed. There sure are a lot of them, huh?”

“….Sonic.” Amy stopped her walking.

He fidgeted and regained himself to a halt as well, looking to her as if not sure what was going to happen next. Amy could be… unpredictable, sometimes.

Her eyes were covered in the shadows of the night, but the lights helped him see a little more of her, as he tried to position himself to where the light was.


“…You’re a man aren’t you?”


“I’m not suppose to pull all the moves here, Sonic.” She lifted her head up, revealing her eyes to be closed and her cheek puffed up, upset by his slow responses.

“M-moves..?” Sonic bent a little more, truly uncertain now of what was happening.

“Of course, Moves!” Amy leaned forward to him, hands on her hips, looking frustrated now. “As the man, you’re suppose to be trying to seduce me! Hmph.” she swung her head away, disappointed as Sonic’s eyes widened.

“W-what do you mean…”

“Oh, come off it, Sonic! I want you to kiss me!” Amy folded her arms, bending her head down. Her ear twitched a second as Sonic started to speak…

“W-well, I don’t know Amy… that’s kinda asking a tall order of me…” Sonic scratched behind his head, also lowering his own to avoid eye contact with her, as she continually got more and more upset.

“Ugh!” she stomped her foot down. “What’s so hard about it!? All you have to do is-! Grr… nevermind!” she turned around, facing her back to him. “Forget it, forget I said anything.”

Her shoulders suddenly gave and she slumped down a moment. “…Even if it was just a tease… I would have been okay with just a little kiss… one on the cheek even?”

Suddenly, a voice sprung out from the stone leveled seats that worked as bleachers to the side. “Kiss her, Sonic!”

Sonic sprung his head up, looking around.

The crowd had followed them!

People had stopped to listen in on the lover’s dispute, as skaters and lovers, passerbys, and all sorts of people started cheering and encouraging the action.

In embarrassment, both Amy and Sonic tensed up, deepening their teeth-revealing frowns and nervously looking around at all the people.

“Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!”

“N-n-now-now-now! Let’s not get carried away.” Amy sweat dropped, waving her hands at the crowd and trying to smile. “O-our love lives are not for public display!”

Sonic couldn’t even say anything back, just withdrawing away from the chanting, before looking down, thinking about it for a second.

Amy looked to see how embarrassed Sonic was, and felt horribly guilty.

She felt her heart crack a moment before rushing out, spreading her arms out in front of the crowd to protect Sonic. “That’s enough!”

The crowd quieted down, surprised by her sudden shout.

“Can’t you see he’s not gonna give in to that?” She looked truly loving towards the crowd, “He’s not that kind of guy. I may encourage it from him, but I would NEVER force him.”

The crowd looked to one another, feeling bad about their playful pressuring.


Amy blinked her eyes, losing her focus on the crowd before she was turned around.

The crowd, it looked like a kiss.

“Yay!!” they all cheered, and laughed. Clapping and celebrating for them, giving them congratulations before dispersing.


Sonic’s hand had been placed over Amy’s mouth, though the force of the pull and pressure on it the same as if it was a kiss.

Amy’s eyes widened and her pupils shrunk and grew.

When he pulled her away, he rubbed his glove to his cheek, looking away from her.

“They weren’t going to be satisfied if I didn’t.” He explained, then looked down. “Gotta give the people what they came for… in an entertainment place like this.”

Amy was frozen in her own mind, trying to process what had just happened, before realizing he had faked the kiss to get the crowd to leave and feel content instead of guilty.

Her eyes shook, as she held back some tears.

She closed her gaping mouth.

“It’s fine.”

He looked back to her, his glove still up, hiding whatever lay behind it on his muzzle…


“No, really, I understand completely!” She faked a smile, and nodded. “You were right! You’ve always been a fast thinker, Sonic! I didn’t even think of their feelings!” she was right about that, she had only thought about Sonic and how he may have been feeling…

“…Amy.” his expression changed, from worry at hurting her to now anger at her lying.

“R-really. You played that well. W-well, I guess you should be taking me home now so-” she turned, not daring to cry in front of Sonic and make him feel worst for what he did.

His hand shot out, “Amy!”

Pulling her back, he suddenly sped off down the circled outdoor center and burst through to the woods, somewhere completely isolated, as he missed seeing a tree root and they started tumbling down the forsaken path.

“Offph!” Amy landed pretty hard, before looking up and blushing. “W-wh… what are you..?”

Sonic slowly got up, but his eyes showed a powerful conviction, and it shut her up right then and there.

“I may not be very smart about how I show my feelings, Amy.” he spoke clear and concisely, and her eyes widened at what he was revealing.

“But that doesn’t mean.. I don’t care.” He narrowed his own, showing how much he really meant that.

“S…Sonic…” her eyes shook in sparkles in the moonlight, though they were away from the lights, a little still lingered in the darkness of the forest.

“…” he started to lower his head down to hers.

“Oph!” she let out a quick withdrawal of air before shutting her eyes close, and trembling slightly before-

-DI-DILL-DI-DI-DI-DILL! “Sonic? Come in, Sonic! Change of plans. My research got finished way before I thought it was! haha! I’m on my way to pick Amy up now!”

Sonic groaned a moment, getting up and letting Amy get some air.

He reached for his communicator, “..Right. I’ll give you our location-”

Amy sprang up, clicking the communicator with her finger, “Actually.” she tried to impersonate his voice, and when he was about to counter that action, she shoved her other hand up and over his muzzle, making him squirm in shock.

“Ehem.” she deepened her voice again, trying to mimic him again. “I’ll be taking Amy home. Over.”

“O-over? B-but I thought you said the journey would take too long for-?”

“I-I’ve changed my mind.” She glanced at Sonic’s face, who glared down at her.

“A-are you sure? This would mean you’d have to take breaks and rest with Amy right next to you…”

Amy’s eyes widened, as Sonic struggled to regain power over this situation, flailing around, trying to get Amy’s hand off his mouth, before shoving her down and back to where he was over her again.

“Sonic!? What’s happening? I hear leaves rustling!”

“We’re fine-!” Sonic’s free hand was now trying to silence her own mouth, but she kept turning her head away from it, straining. “Anyway, bye!”


Amy hung up and then gripped the communicator, playing tug-a-war a moment before flinging it out of Sonic’s hands, having it land a good whiles away, out of eye-sight.

Sonic blinked his eyes before glaring down back at her.

She cutely scrunched up her body, pulling her legs up from under him. “Heheh… opps?”


(that was kinda precious xD hope you enjoyed!)


The bridge - Dean x Reader

Request:  An imagine where a witch throw the reader by a bridge? Dean catches her in time, and they are hanging off the edge? The witch starts pushing Dean and he has to decide to let the reader fall and save himself or fall with her and dying? Angst please!! 

A/N: This one was a request for an imagine, but it became a little longer than planned, and there might be a part 2 in the future, so I turned it into a one-shot for the moment. The gifs and the pics used don’t belong to me, I found them with google images. English isn’t my native language, so apologies in advance for any mistakes.  @kbrand0 @mrswhozeewhatsis @dashing-through-the-nope @getyourrocksalt

Warnings: angst, angst, angst, and more angst.

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[multimedia message received]

aka that gta verse freewood sexting fic for ryanthepowerbottomguy, suiteheartsin, and thebeatneverleaves (and others who were excited about it)
on ao3

rating: rockin’ out with their cocks out, etc etc

‘What would you do?’

That makes Ryan frown, brow furrowed. ‘What would I do?’ he sends.

‘If you were here,’ comes the reply, immediate, and he sighs, because they’re not doing this, are they? Sexting? Really?

‘Sleep, he responds, a flat shut down. He gets the appeal of phone sex, maybe, because that’s vocal, that can be hot, but words on a screen? Where’s the fun in that? Plus, it’s late, and he’s tired, and he’s just— No. Not indulging Gavin in B-grade erotica roleplay.

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anonymous asked:

sugardaddy aus?

a million roses (bathed in rock n’ roll)

au. harry sings in smoky dive bars; louis misses his flight home. they go to coney island in the morning.

spoiled brat

“Lets go to Paris daddy.” Harry chuckled at his baby’s request, but his eyes remained on his newsprint, not even looking at him.

“Can’t love, business this week.” Louis sulked. “Dick.” And Harry was definitely looking at him now.

let’s be alone together, we can stay young forever

“I’m sure they were all pathetic old men with failing marriages, am I wrong? So, I did you a favor, really,” Harry says, giving him a shit eating grin. Louis can’t argue with that, but would never admit that to Harry. He scans over him and sees the gold band on his left ring finger.

“Married, huh? Maybe you aren’t much better than my other clients,” Louis sneers.

“Well, I’ve got to at least be better looking then them, with a bigger dick, I’m sure. Now, you’re pretty when you don’t talk, so let’s get those clothes off of you and put you to work, hmm?”


Harry Styles is a millionaire in the 50’s who owns hotels in Europe. Louis is a prostitute and they accidentally fall in love.

one for the money (two for the show)

Louis never considers himself to be a person that needs taking care of, until he meets Harry, that is. He’s willing to give up every part of himself, lay himself out-bare and vulnerable-for him; he doesn’t fully understand what he’s getting himself into; a love that is as hot as it is cold.

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The Perks of Having a Gal Pal (2/?)

Beca is a famous musician/producer (really, we all knew it was going to happen), and Chloe’s America’s sweetheart as the host of a reality dance show. After four years at Barden denying that they were hopelessly in love, Beca’s having a hard time accepting the media’s refusal to acknowledge their relationship.

The driver pulled away from the Taco Bell take-out window, and Beca reached into the paper bag as her phone lit up with texts.

“You couldn’t have been a little less crude, Becs?” Chloe finally said between bites of their fourth meal. Her phone was lighting up too; the Bellas all seemed to have something to say about Beca’s little confession. “Like, you didn’t think your undying love for me was maybe better press material?”

Beca rolled her eyes, picking up a piece of lettuce that had fallen on the seat cushions and eating it. “Chlo, that wouldn’t have worked. I mean, I’m not even sure the whole sex comment worked, to be honest. By tomorrow the headlines will read: ‘Mitchell Dishes on Her Fav Sleepover Games with Buddy Beale’. We honestly have nothing to worry about.”

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We'll be alright (Harry)

This is based on request we got earlier by anon. Anon didn’t say who’s gonna be in the story so Ana chose Harry. Hope you enjoy - Yovana xx


It was just perfect Sunday night. I was waiting on Harry to come to my house for our traditional movie night. You see Harry and I met in the park when we were kids and we are joined by hip since then. Our mom’s became best friends and we saw each other every day. Then he became part of One Direction, he’s constantly on the road. But every time he’s in London (since I recently moved here for university) we still try to have movie night on Sundays like we used to back in the days.

I got everything set up. Our favorite candy, popcorn, movies. I was starting at TV blankly, waiting for him. I haven’t seen him for about a year. But watching the shows and pictures that fans put online. Talking to him on daily basis made me missing him even more. I sort of have feelings for him ever since we kissed one drunken night back when we were 16 at some celebration. And honestly I think maybe I have a chance. After all, best relationships start with great friendships.

Finally I felt my phone vibrating in pocket of my pijama shorts and it’s from Harry.

“Babe sorry I’m late! Can’t wait to see you! Hope you got the popcorn ready x”
Oh thank you God!
In matter of 3 minutes I heard someone opening the door.
It was Harry with huuuuuge bucket of flowers in his hands.
“Maybe you could help me with these?” he said struggling with flowers
I rushed to him reaching out to take the flowers and put them on the living room glass table.
After I put them down, I turned around just to see this young tall gentleman with more tattoos and longer hair than it used to be since last time I saw him. He had charming huge wonderful smile on his face. We just looked at each other for what seems to be just a few seconds and then we both went for tight long hug.
We were silent. Still in shock we see each other in a long time.
“I missed you soooo much (Y/N) ” he said kissing my cheek, pulling away from the hug and rubbing my arms with his big hands .
” I missed you too Harry, thanks for the flowers. Even one flower would be more than enough” I laughed but dieing inside from happiness.
He jumped on the couch sliding of his boots and laid down.
“Oh you know? I need to make it up to you since I got here late. ” he smiled at me and I can feeling my blood boiling.
” Ok Mr. Popstar. Since you got keys of my apartment and act like this is your home. Boots in the shoe closet and move your stinky legs of my couch so I can sit down”
“All right, mother. ” he said with fake offended tone standing up and quickly went back to living room after he put his boots in their place .

“ So what’s new? How’s tour? How’s everything? I’ll pretand like we don’t talk about it every day” I laughed but that’s true. We talk all the free time we can both can.
“It’s good most of the time but I’m extremely tired. How about you? Uni? Love life? Any boy I need to investigate? “
” Uni is great. Just waiting for the results of the last exam. And there’s one guy but I’m not telling you anything ‘cause you’re getting over protective of me too much” That’s also true, but that guy is actually him.
“Is that so? Any chance with him? ” he said smiling wiggling his eyebrows.
“We’ll see. How about you?”

“Actually there is. That’s what I want to talk about with you.”
I smiled so big, and my heart couldn’t beat faster. I was just hoping he’ll say my name and I can finally have a chance to kiss those pink perfect lips and be happy with him. But then he dropped the bomb.
“I’m seeing this girl for some time. We went on couple dates.Her name is (H/G/N). She’s so nice. And I want to sort of ask her to be my girlfriend like officially you know? And I want you to meet now that all three of us are in London”
I felt like someone stabbed me with the knife. I couldn’t even stand seeing him with someone else. I always had mini heart attack when I hear a rumor, but this is like killing shot streight into the guts.
“Oh is that so? ” I said with obvious hurtful uncomfortable laugh.
” Oh (Y/N)! ” he pulled me on his lap giving me a hug ” Just because I’m going to be in relationship, you’re still sharing my No1 spot with Gemma and mom. “
Yeah, go Harold. Dig the hole of the friend zone even deeper.
” Yeah I know that. So when are you seeing her? ”
” For about an hour. ” he gave apologizing smile.
” Oh ok, we still have an hour. ” I looked at him hopefully.
” You don’t wanna come with us? You can invite that ‘friend’ of yours so I can meet him too.” he looked streight into my eyes looking for answer.
“Noup. I’m gonna stay here. I’m not in the socializing mood today.” I told him while putting the disk in DVD player.

We barely even watched a movie. I was over thinking about how to tell him my feelings before he goes out with her, he was texting. Right when I was about to speak up he stood from his spot and I stood up as well.
“You gotta go right?”
“Yeah, guess so. She waits for me in front of her house to pick her up” he said hugging me.
“I’ll call you later” he smiled at me,kissed me on the cheek and rushed out to pick up his girl.

Weeks passed. No calls what so ever. Even if he called I’ wouldn’t care because of how empty and crushed I felt.
Everywhere I could see pics of them hugging and kissing. Being “new hottest couple”.
I didn’t want to call him. I haven’t even texted him. Nothing. I just closed myself in my house.
Then after weeks he finally called me. I instantly decline his call. I’d broke down just to get hear his voice.
It was raining outside. And pathetically enough that only reminds me of me and Harry sitting by the window laughing at his (not so) funny jokes drinking tea.

Then I heard door slammed.
I jumped up and ran to the hall to see Harry dripping wet.
” WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH YOU? I WAS SHIT SCARED BECAUSE YOU WEREN’T ANSWERING THE PHONE? ARE YOU CRAZY? ” this was his first time yelling at me and I was shaken and scared by his voice.
“Sorry for yelling at you. But still are you crazy? Why? What’s the matter?” he said his green eyes soften a little bit but still had slight dash of anger.
“You really know why? I love you Harold. That’s the matter. When I was about to tell you that you told me you got someone else. And right before you left I was about to tell you but it was too late. You forgot about me, weeks passed since last time you called. Now finally Mr. Popstar remembered that he got dumb ass friend here and he might hang out with her because skinny model girlfriend is in New York. Forget about it Harry. You know what? I think you should just-“
He put his arms around my waist, harshly pulling me close to him and cutting me off in mid-sentence with deep passionate kiss. I tried to get out of his grip, but he hold me to tight and deepen the kiss even more.
We broke our kiss to catch some breath.
“Harry what’s -“
“Shhh. It’s over now. We’ll be all right. Forget everything. ” he smiled at me and kissed me again.