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BTS’ Reaction to You Saying Weird Stuff After Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

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Namjoon: is the type who’s probably going to take whatever words that come outta your mouth WAY too seriously. Like, it could be the weirdest, most out of this world nonsense and Namjoon’d try to actually understand what you’re talking about and what point you’re supposedly trying to make.

Suga: honestly won’t pay much mind to the things you were saying. He’d know full well that whatever pops outta your mouth is just the aftermath of the crap they pumped you with to make the pulling of wisdom teeth bearable, so he’d just roll with it all, though on the inside he may be thinking something along the lines of ‘What the hell is this girl talking about?’

Jin: would be prepared for these kinds of shenanigans the moment he heard you had to get your wisdom teeth removed, so he wouldn’t be surprised by any of the odd things that come out of your mouth. Like Yoongi, he’d sorta just go along with, but he may acknowledge it a little more than Yoongi, continuing with your conversations for your sake. “Oh, really? I had no idea you had such an extensive knowledge on…what was it? Giraffes?”

J-Hope: would have thought he’d be prepared for the effects of the pain killers n’ such that you had been given, but will quickly be proven wrong when you start blurting out all of his secrets in front of the rest of his members. Like, you’d probably start revealing the things that were totally meant to be kept between the two of you, and he’d be stuck trying to convince them that it was ALL the pain killers talking and he had no idea what you were on about. “E-Ehh?! Where’d you come up with that one, Y/N? Ahhh, I think they may have given you too many pain killers, they’re making you crazy!”

Jimin: I can see Jimin trying his damnedest to keep a straight face when you began seriously talking about the existence of life on other planets. Like, you’d be ready to fight the next person that argued with you about the subject, because you were THAT into it, and Jimin’d just be holding in his laughter. Not because he thought it was totally ridiculous, but purely because of how passionate you had become about a subject that hadn’t particularly bothered you before.

Taehyung: would probably pull out his phone and take countless photos of you doing silly things and videos of you saying the weirdest stuff he’s ever heard come outta your mouth, all while giggling his head off ‘cause you’d seriously just be the cutest thing ever. However, Tae’s intentions would not be sinister in the slightest, because he’d be taking them merely for his own amusement. If, God forbid, he was having a bad day in the future, or he happened tobe seriously missing you, he’d whip out those photos/videos and they’d instantly cheer this little cutie-pie up!

Jungkook: Like Tae, Jungkook’s first and foremost thoughts are going to go straight to his phone. Unlike Tae, however, Jungkook’s probably going to be a little shit about it, hitting that record button with a sneaky grin, fully knowing that you’re likely to regret your actions before too long when he needed a little extra firepower while bribing you in the future, like to make him dinner or something. “I hope you’ll forgive me, Y/N, but this material is just too good to pass up.”

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In honor of Daughter Smith’s teaser trailer being dropped Monday, I figured I’d share some love with the co-star whose been by my side. 

From the halls and vase theater stages of Julliard, to my first big break, and now in my first starring role in a big movie. You’ve had a front-row seat to it all, Ev. Every new chapter I start, you’re somehow always there. And I’m not sure what that means exactly but I think it’s happened too many times now to be just a coincidence. Whatever the case, we got to take this journey together and these last couple months filming with you have definitely been something for the books. So here’s to our last couple weeks together until press starts in spring. May our career’s blow up and last as long as our predecessors Angie and Brad. 

Credit for this throw back photo goes to @phoebefairmont.



My name is Tobias Nicolai, I’m a freelance photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark

My work evolves mainly around portrait and documentary photography. I really wont say much about my photographies, and just let them speak for themselves. By now, I think I’ve finally found what I want to spend my life doing, taking photos, whatever the cost may be.

For many years I have been shooting with 35mm Minolta cameras from the 70’s. Recently upgraded to a full frame DSLR, because developing more than 15 rolls of film per week, got too expensive in the long run, especially for a student. 

This specific photo is of my good friend Sofie, who lost all of her hair due to alopecia. I really think this is one of my best photos to this date. Partly because of the extremely beautiful motive, but also because it showcases what I want to do with photography – relentlessly go the extra mile, to get close and to be right by the edge.

Take a look around, I hope you like what you see. 


I also have en iPhone blog, shot on an iPhone5 and edited in Afterlight:


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