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Haha, I am literally in love with your art. Do you think you could do a human!Liam from flat dreams too? I saw your Nora, and she was sooo pretty <3 oh Gosh imagine like tiny kid bill crawling all over Liam and he's struggling to keep him in line, sighs. Hey, I really like your art.

this has been sitting in a folder on my desktop for a while now

idk if im entirely satisfied with design and may change it later but eh.. maybe maybe not?

also thank you!

Texting Accident

* Thayne Jasperson × Reader
* Modern rpf
* Random idea from @omicronarmagedon

A/N: so no one requested this but I saw this prompt a while back. It was just collecting dust in my files so. I did get the idea from a different blog. From @omicronarmagedon, credit to them. And Thayne is my favorite under appreciated cast member.

Word Count: 1,236


You were sitting in your couch reading a book. It was a rare day off Broadway so you decided to spend it at home in your pajamas all day. Suddenly your phone buzzed. You quirked an eyebrow as you read the message preview.

Group: Broadway Fam

It was a group text that you were added to. It seems like Thayne created one. Dear Lord, what was he up to now?

Thayne: Guys? I need some advice…

Now this made you pause. You and Thayne had been close since day one. He often come to you first with questions or concerns or just to chat. Why was he consulting the group? You were about to ask what his problem was but Anthony beat you to it.

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voltron friends, you say... give us your fave voltron pairing and headcanons: go

My undefeated fave voltron pairing is Klance!!! I love those dorks the way they just *clenches fist* have a bonding moment and *tears up* cradle each other in their arms….

  • I bet they have 2-versus-robot gladiator duels. They see which one has the better fighting skills and they try to take the gladiator down as FAST AS THEY CAN AND WHOEVER TAKES IT DOWN AND CAUSESE THE MOST DAMAGE WINS
    • After learning to NOT bicker every 5 seconds, they actually make a powerful duo
    • But, Keith wins like 99 percent of the time because he IS more agile, and Lance always trains harder after every fight just so he can win
    • Then eventually, Lance beat Keith! He was so happy about that (and got to rub it in Keith’s greasy mullet) and he may or may not have bragged about it for 2 weeks.
    • Then eventually Lance wins more and more in these fights, so eventually Keith starts training too because he isn’t going down without a fight
    • They become hecka skilled fighters, and work strategically to defeat the Gladiator as fast as they can!
    • And they lose track of who’s winning and they just start to have fun together during these fights. 
    • It becomes a bonding moment for them :)
  • Casual Hugs and Affection??? Because Lance LOVES to show how much he cares for people and Keith has never had much interaction with physical affection
    • It starts off with just a friendly arm around Keith’s shoulder after Team Voltron finally beat a difficult training exercise
    • And Keith, knowing very well when someone is hugging him or touching him etc. just goes like ‘what’
    • And Lance (the poor oblivious soul) is just like ‘???? what??????’ then he realises
    • And immediately steps away because THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO BE RIVALS
    • But Keith is just like ‘?????? it’s fine dude… just… uh …. give me a heads up next time…’ cause he STILL ISN’T SURE WHAT TO MAKE OF THIS
    • But eventually (after maybe like… 4 hours of mulling it over) he decides that hugs… hugs are maybe alright.
    • And Lance of course hugs him again after another difficult training exercise (it was a hard week for everyone, ok) and he just immeditely freezes up like ‘oh no is keith ok with this i’m being weird aren’t i we’re supposed to rivals not buddies shit fuck dammit’
    • but after a little hesitation Keith returns the hug with an awkward pat on the back and Lance is like ‘!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK HUG TIME!!!!!!! RIGHT!!!!!!!!’ and just immediately squeezes him because he isn’t being weird (maybe only a little weird)
    • eventually Keith gets a lot more comfortable with Lance hugging him and he becomes perfectly alright with resting his head on Lance’s shoulder and he’s alright with hugs
    • Lance holds Keith’s hands and holds it up to his chest when he gets excited and Keith thinks it’s the cutest thing in the whole world
    • Lance goes to Shiro for advice about Keith and Shiro swears to keep it a secret
    • Keith goes to Shiro for advice about Lance and Shiro swears to keep it a secret
    • Shiro is in the middle of all this, eating his popcorn, enjoying the movie and all this rom com stuff that’s about to unfold RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM