i think i may have offend some people

Things I’d like to fix about the things above and clear up:
I made this post quite a while ago and was shocked with the overwhelming amount of notes. My blog is small and nothing really special so it was kind of weird to see the number of notes. I’d like to clear some things up since then:

1. I saw that some people were calling me out for being a koreaboo. That’s fine that’s your own opinion and I won’t bother arguing with it but it was not my intention. I am an American and as much as I appreciate the Korean culture I have no intention of changing my lifestyle to fit it.

2. I saw a few comments as to how there are bigger things going on in this world than kpop and that I should stay away from negativity surrounding kpop…and at first I was mad because this is a kpop blog and I was posting about the issues that I saw within the kpop Fandom and wanted to state my opinions but then I saw the point in some ways being that there are other things going on in the world that I could draw attention to so that’s my bad.

3. Another thing that I’d like to fix is the comment about how people shouldn’t assume that they are gay…because I can see where people may think that I meant being assumed as gay is a bad thing. I should have worded it differently such as: don’t assume their sexuality or something along those lines so that I apologize for.

I understand that this post was long but I wanted to I guess add more or put in some of my thoughts that may have changed since then. I hope no one got offended or thought that I was just a “whiny koreaboo” that was not my intentions. Keep in mind that this is a kpop blog so I was only posting about the content which was on my blog. I’m sure there is more things that I can elaborate on but for now my mind is drawing a blank.

Thanks for reading if you did!

Rant time soz

Okay I’m going to get hate for this I know but I have to say this. People are really taking this “chav” thing wayyy too seriously. I’m British and Ill be honest literally everyone uses the word chav, it isn’t portrayed as such a bad thing here, it’s more of a joke and people don’t take it literally. It just annoys me when people hate on louis for using common british sayings that he’s probably been saying his whole life and complain and see him as this horrible person because they looked up the “definition” when here people don’t even care.

Of course some people may be offended and they’re allowed to be!!! That’s okay!! But it’s kinda frustrating when people who have no idea of british culture and sayings just look up a definition and assume he was trying to be rude and imply things he wasn’t. I just wanted to let you all know that here in England it’s really really common and I’m certain louis didn’t even think about it when he posted it, he didn’t mean it in a bad way. I hope the press and media don’t take it the wrong way either :/ Also I’m not having a go at anyone personally! I’ve just seen a few posts and thought I’d say something :)

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I can't believe I ever followed you. Congrats you made it into the circle of the big bullies. I really thought you were better than that. Disappointment is an understatement.

A parting bit of advice. Buy a dictionary and actually look up what the word bullying means. Me expressing my opinion on my blog is not bullying. Pointing out that someone is wrong is not bullying. Not having the same opinion as someone else and stating that is not bullying. I am sick and tired of the way some people are behaving. I have seen people basically say that if you don’t agree with them you are no better than a trump supporter. I have seen people say if you don’t agree with them it’s because you are up Jeff’s ass (because obviously that’s the only two options, right?). I have seen people turn there dislike of Harry’s promo (which I have not been 100% thrilled with) into outright character assassination. People have cried “bullying” just because someone dared disagree with them. There are people who have straight up turned into the very thing they railed against. I can’t believe people have actually reached the level of thinking they love Louis more then Harry and they know what is best for them and their relationship. This isn’t some sick self insert fic. And I swear to god if I see one more person scream about not shutting down discourse and spewing their contempt for Harry while answering pretty much the same anon 30 times but then have the nerve to act offended and all high and mighty when others dare express their opinions I may actually pull my hair out. If those are the people you want to follow fine. Bye. Don’t let the door knob hit you where the good lord split you.

Hm I was wondering to add yet another reblog to the original post, but nah, this is actually a really different topic. It kind of touches the canon vs. fanon “problem” but specifically from a Wincest point of view because there are just some things that I don’t understand there – which, I hope, I don’t come off as rude and am able to make myself clear. I just don’t have that much exposure to Wincest, or Wincest shippers, so I’ve never had the chance to engage in that way.

There is an argument that I often read – they are mostly alluding to Wincest, but also to Destiel (honestly these is kind of the only argument that cross my dash because I’m very Destiel focused, they’ll usually always be interlaced with Destiel somehow except for the occasional subtitles for the Wincest impaired which are admittedly very funny). These arguments are usually that “Wincest shippers know that their ship is fanon and Dean is straight”. To me, this was always a bit strange, which may result from the fact that I think that canon vs. fanon oftentimes is an extremely limiting perspective.

Because when I ship Destiel, and I assume it’s the same with Wincest, it’s because I see a potential there. Romantic attraction, lingering looks, snarky remarks, maybe even sexual tension. All this I see in canon by which I mean here the actual show. I don’t ship Destiel because of fanart but because of scenes in the show.

So this is something I take from canon and – then what? Make it fanon? I’m always very surprised by this argument. Because when I see something in canon, even if it’s just in the subtext, I’m going to assume that for me, it is canon. I couldn’t ship Destiel and say that Dean is straight because I see Dean as attracted to Cas so this means he can’t be straight. Even if it isn’t stated in canon, I’m still extracting stuff from canon to support my theory.

I can acknowledge that they haven’t *stated* his bisexuality outright but still, my view with this show will always be fueled by my thought that Dean is bisexual. And considering the fact that many Wincest shipper take scenes from the actual show and spin it in wincest-y ways this means that they kind of do it to I guess? I’m not sure?

So my basic question is: where do you say the difference between canon and fanon lies for you, because I’ve seen Destiel and Wincest shipper kind of doing the same things: taking stuff from canon and interpreting it the way they (want to) see it. Where’s the explicit acknowledgment that this is/isn’t canon? Where does the insistence that Dean is straight come from, I mean, why does it matter what Dean is canonically and what is this “canon” for you?

If you engage with the show under the assumption that every interaction between Dean and Sam can be spinned romantically where do you actually acknowledge canon? (this question sounds ruder than I intended!! I’m sorry) Why is it so important that people acknowledge that Dean is straight in canon? Is it the fact that some people want to talk about Dean’s bisexuality with the actors, show runners etc. that you find ill-mannered? Or other problems with that?

Because for me, I have kind of a love-hate-relationship with canon. In the end, “canon” for me is entirely a “fuck it, who cares” because I want to have fun with a show and if I want to have fun with a show by bending it’s canon, then who cares? It’s supposed to be my happiness and for me, canon is whatever I have in mind when engaging with the show. If I want to watch the show under the assumption that after Season 3 everything that has happened was actually Dean’s punishment in hell, then heck, that’s canon enough for me. Some people never actually engage with TPTB and have no idea about behind the scenes stuff and intentions for the show so they never take that into question and they still have their “canon” - it’s just such a… vague term that I always wonder what’s it accomplishing to insist that Dean is straight in canon?

If I shipped Wincest I would probably say too that it will never be shown on the show (same as with Destiel where I say that I’m not sure they will ever explicitly go there) but for me, it would still be canon, you know? And therefore, Dean would be also very much not-straight. 

Sorry if any of this was rude, if I worded some stuff unfortunately, tell me and I may or may not correct it. Also, I’m rudely tagging @chiisana-sukima here because I think that they maybe have something to say about this and know other people who are more wincest-y than my dash / my followers are. :D 

• imagine being. . || grant's model girlfriend

nonnie requested: Can you do a headcanon for being a model and being grants gf

A/N: I sure can try nonnie even though most of my knowledge of modeling is from America’s Next Top Model. I watch it sometimes with my friend Sammie when I go hang out with him, so I apologize if anything is inaccurate per say. Warning of the word ‘slut’ in this but it’s nothing big. And as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

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                                          » Grant Gustin/Model! Reader «

• you were a small time model at first who tried out on America’s Next Top Model ( couldn’t resist – sorry ) which got you some popularity and some recognition

• grant having a crush on you before you two actually got together and being kind of flustered when gets asked about it

             ↪ “Okay, I admit I thought Y/N was really pretty before I actually met her and yeah. Good thing she thought I was cute too or else it probably would’ve been awkward.”

• him probably being your biggest fan, well he can’t beat your mom or dad though so second biggest fan(?)

             ↪ “Well that seems fair, I guess Y/N.” “Sorry babe, family comes first.”

• being loved but also hated from hardcore fans of grant who try to slut shame you when you model with some guys

• grant offending you though and expressing how hurt it makes him feel that some people can’t be supportive of you

• surprising him on set in vancouver when you have time off from modeling from time to time

• loving some of your unique features such as if you have tattoos, freckles, dimples, or whatever you may have

            ↪ “I think they are beautiful just like you Y/N.”

• your instagram having many pictures of you and grant together + some flash cast members as well

• being a good role model like grant ( he’s one of my role models besides chris colfer and others tbh ) is to many people in the world

• attending events with him and participating in interviews

          ↪  “So Y/N, what is Grant like as a boyfriend?” “Oh he’s just a big laidback kind of dork who plays on his PSP.”





I hope y'all don't mind, but I'm going to go on a rant about Andi Mack

And specifically, the purest perfect bean, Cyrus Goodman. Now, I know you’re probably thinking, “how could he possibly be an even more amazing character?” well I’m gonna fucking tell you. Now don’t laugh.
It’s because he’s Jewish.
Now, I know, you’re probably like “Yeah, we know, that’s why we tag stuff about him ‘my gay Jewish son,’ is his Judaism really important?
Oh it McFucking is.
For one, they have a Jewish character in general. Now, it’s not like this is the first time they’ve had a Jewish character, but the first time a Jewish character (or Judaism in general) wasn’t just used for a cheap joke and a laugh or as an example of "diversity” on the show. He’s Jewish for no reason than, honestly, “just because.” They had no real reason to make him Jewish, he just was (and I’d also like to point out that neither “Cyrus” nor “Goodman” are stereotypical or common Jewish names). And he wasn’t overly Jewish, like bringing up Jewish related stuff in every other scene, even though he’d be reaching bar mitzvah age really soon (I remember when preparing for my bat mitzvah it contained half of my thoughts and words) and his religion isn’t used as a joke. Trust me, Disney does this.
They will say things like “Mazel Tov” at stupid and inappropriate times, and if they mention Jewish holidays, they’d only casually mention Hanukah once in a Christmas special or something. I bet any non-Jewish person working at Disney couldn’t name one holiday other than Hanukah, and if they could, name one thing about the holiday they know. (and there are so many: Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Shabbat, Tu b'shvat, Purim, Passover, just to name some of the most popular ones)
And it’s not just Disney. I remember prevalently from an episode of Henry Danger or Nickelodeon that Piper’s neighbor was offended that Piper didn’t know her name, even stating “I invited you to my bat mitzvah!” and Piper tried to flatter her by saying “Your Hebrew was spot on!” (Like she’d even know anyway) and when her neighbor left, Piper went back to being nasty and said “Your Hebrew was lame! Shabbat Sha-lame!”
Can you imagine how annoyed and offended I was? Some of you, even you fellow Jews may not find that offense, but I’m very prideful in my religion, and it annoyed the fuck out of me.
I understand that Jews aren’t the majority, but the way that Disney of all people treats them in representation is almost Anti-Semitism. Again, some of you may think that sounds drastic, but I think it’s true.
So, anyways, I’m very happy that they have a normal kid on their show that just so happens to be Jewish.
Oh, and the fact that he’s gay is awesome too. Name at least three gay Jews represented in tv shows?
So, thank you Andi Mack, for the gift that is Cyrus Goodman, my gay jewish son.

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sorry but i don't really get that whole trans argument.. i totally agree with robbie (i am trans myself) some people now may get offended by reading this but- see it that way: trans is BASICALLY really a mental illness because you have this body and your mind doesn't like the idea of that. to CURE that illness, you get medication (T, ..). but if you're happy with ur body, you don't need to be "cured"?? why trans?? why live as a completely different gender, just because you can but u don't need?

ehhhhhhh I kno what ur tryna say but I think a better way of putting it is that being trans CAUSES mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, eds, ocd, etc.. symptoms of which include dysphoria. Getting hormone treatment/surgery helps cure those illnesses for many trans ppl. Being trans isnt a mental illness in itself

5 Seconds Of Summer Exposed, NO, REALLY. SERIOUSLY.

I like how there’s people out there trying to expose 5 Seconds of Summer saying that they’re racists for saying stupid shit or doing stupid shit and also sexist for some song lyrics they wrote when they were much younger, yet I don’t see anyone making a master-post on a band like blink-182 who live off of offending people. I should know since I’m a huge fan of theirs. I can admit that some of their (blink-182) songs are immature and even sexist, but no one seems to mind because they’re not in the height of their career. They were popular back in late 90′s and early ‘00′s…

Somehow our generation can not overlook 5sos’s lyric, “I’m stuck in the friend-zone again…” and some other lyrical content, and equate it to sexism. But can overlook a blink lyric that states, “I need a girl that I can train.”

I love both bands, but honestly, our generations new found fetish in joining the band-wagon and pointing out every little flaw/thing someone does in the public eye is becoming so exhausting. Aren’t you guys tired of being extremists?

Let’s not point out one band/artist that probably has done something wrong in there past or present because they’re not popular enough to be hated on. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

5 Seconds of Summer is getting hate without any actual reasons just because they’re a very popular band right now. Some even hate them because they’re associated with 1D. Or because they simply don’t like their music and they think they’re pretty little boys who have no business in the rock/pop/punk genre. Those are all petty reasons but everyone has a right to their own opinion.

I am not saying everyone needs to love 5sos, but labeling them racists or sexist or calling them out for appropriating culture are accusations that are all ludicrous to me and it sounds like you guys are just looking for any excuse to justify your hatred towards them… but again, that’s just my opinion.

So the boys had a Mexican themed party… yeah, well I’m Mexican and I did not find it offensive or think for a second that they were appropriating my culture. BUT I CAN ONLY SPEAK FOR MYSELF. Some people like to think that one person can speak for every single person of that race/gender/identity. That is incorrect. They may have dressed in “funny costumes” that are stereotypical to the Mexican culture but they were just costumes. If that’s what was offensive about it then be mad at the manufacture, they were the one’s who created them and the boys were ignorant enough to believe it was okay to wear them. They weren’t trying to offend anyone, they weren’t trying to be malicious, they were simply having a Mexican themed party trying to have fun. And if the Mariachi Band was what offended you, and I am speaking to my fellow Mexican people only, I’m sure the band was not held against their will and I’m positive the band enjoyed playing for the boys, because that’s what they do for a living.   

So the boys wore traditional Japanese attire, well this has been explained already, but I’m happy to explain it again. The attire was given to them by the local people of Japan. I’m sure if the boys had decided NOT to wear the clothes, people would most definitely find a problem with that too and in our generations fashion to label everyone/thing racists nowadays, they would say, “the boys from 5sos are rude and hate Japaneses people because they refused to wear the clothes, so they’re racists…and blah, blah, blah”… Damn if you do, & damn if you don’t.

So Calum has a tribe tattoo that some people think is appropriating culture and racists and sexist, and homophobic, and blah, blah, blah. Well you get what I mean. On a serious note, you guys don’t know if somewhere down his family line he may have some native blood or whatever, I don’t know and you don’t know. So let’s move on.

So in conclusion, 5 Seconds Of Summer are not racists (in my opinion) they are not appropriating culture (in my opinion, plus they’re Aussies, they have a diff. culture from ours too) and they are not sexist (in my opinion)…

And I know there will be people reading this and think, “this girl is a hypocrite” simply because I can “defend” (not really, just acknowledging my truth) the boys, but shits on Hey Violet.”

Well no, not really. IGNORANCE does not match up to the word BULLY, in my book. A bully is someone who is fully aware of their malicious behavior while the ignorant fool is the opposite of that. They are unaware they are being stupid. So sit on that before any of you guys try to send me an anonymous message saying, I’m a “bitch” or just a “jealous fan-girl” or a “hypocrite.” ‘Cus I’ll most likely direct you to this post.

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hey. so i'm aware this may come across as weird but i think i'm not a slytherin. everyone says i'm too kind and nice and slytherins are generally not. i think about what other ppl think about me SO much. i am self conscious and have low self esteem as a result. i'm not ambitious- lazy, in fact. i'm not smart or am cunning. can't speak to people let alone speak honestly and be mean towards them. i know this might offend some slytherins and i'm sorry for it but these are some common traits.. (1/2)

“(2/2) i did a test with the exact same pottermore questions and was put into slytherin but it showed percentage and i missed hufflepuff buy 2%. did it multiple time alternating my choices and sometime hufflepuff was more than slytherin-but too close. is it possible that i am maybe both? slytherpuff is that and option? am i being too caught up with the stereotypes? could you help, maybe?

 (3/2) sorry this is too long. i was going through headcannons and i am not one of them. i don’t wear pearl earrings or sliver rings. i hate coffee. don’t go out. don’t get tipsy. i’m not sarcastic. i never ever said anything like ‘i love you but i love myself more’ i’m insecure about myself and i’m just a disgrace to the slytherin house.. “

First of all, You are not a disgrace to Slytherin. Don’t you dare assume that. 

Now, of course you can be a Slytherpuff. Slytherpuffs are the ones who keep the Slytherins sane, and stop them from doing stupid things on a whim. Slytherpuffs are the ones who acknowledge their insecurities but try to get over them, rather than supressing them like Slytherin or wallowing in them like Hufflepuff. Think of Neville. He spend the majority of his time at hogwarts thinking he belonged in hufflepuff, because he didn’t adhere to the Gryffindor stereotype of loud-mouthed, abrasive, extroverted heroes. I think you are indeed being caught up in stereotypes, which can happen of course, but are not true. One of my friends is Slytherin through and through, and is the kindest person you will meet, has social anxiety and is extremely lazy, traits not often immediately associated to Slytherin. Furthermore, a fear of failure is a large part of Slytherin, a house full of people who have grown up with tremendous amounts of pressure placed on them.

Finally, don’t take my headcanons too seriously. I am on the very extreme end of Slytherin, which of course not everyone will relate too. If you want to find something relatable, look for ‘Slytherpuff headcanons”, but again, don’t use them as the defining factor. I believe that you are indeed at least part Slytherin, and I am honoured to have you in my house.

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The problem I have with people attacking Jeff is that he was telling off the people for calling him a nazi, racist, etc. I also don't believe that b/c you support a police officer, that it means you don't also support the black lives matter movement.

I agree with you anonymous, but apparently if you don’t believe all police officers are the devil, people will attack you for that. I think it’s ignorant to say that because someone supports good police officers, that they are racist, etc. I know extremists will disagree with me on that one, but it’s true. There are definitely bad police officers in the world, but there are good ones too and that’s pretty much all Jeff was saying. People are way too sensitive and take people’s words way out of context. Yes, he wrote an emotionally fueled message that may have offended some, which is totally acceptable for those people to be upset, but I do think they took his message and blew it way out of proportion. Black lives matter, he even said that. He even apologized, but it’s not good enough. People will pull apart everything you say on the internet if they pick you out to be the bad guy, even if you aren’t. Even his wife posted a very heart filled message and people are pulling that apart too saying how condescending she is which is just bull to me.

The sad thing is that they are going after someone who really isn’t the villain in all of this. Instead of going after the real problem, they are attacking someone who apologized. I sincerely think people are over reacting, but the internet is good like that. I can tell you the block button has become my favorite button lately because I can’t stand extremists on either end of the spectrum. People are just jumping on the bandwagon and not really thinking about the situation all together, they are just attacking because everyone else is and that’s tacky to me. 

It just proves that no matter how many times you apologize, it’s just never good enough. You are totally allowed to be upset by what he said, but I don’t think you should be acting like he is the devil, evil, racist or telling him that him/his wife should die. That’s just ridiculous and too much/extreme. 

In response to the current hate towards Lana Parrilla

I usually don’t make serious posts like this but I felt like I had to make this.

@ all haters- please read this before you continue to poison everyone’s feeds with annoying bs. I don’t care what you say, Lana does not deserve this crap. Here are some reasons as to why:

1. Lana was giving her opinion in terms of her character and how her character felt about Hook. She never said that she personally hated CS or Hook (though that doesn’t seem to be the main issue I’m seeing, I just wanted to make this clear) EDIT: (I have now seen a lot more of this, it’s only that at that point in time I hadn’t seen much of this from Twitter, where I got a lot of my info)
2. She did not kill SQ so shut up. She said that Hook makes Emma happy, she did not say that she had anything against SQ (in fact she’s shown a lot of support for it in the past) or even mention the SQ romantic relationship so your point is invalid (I’m also seeing people hating on SQers and can I just say- if you’re one of the few shitty SQers then you should shut up too, but if you’re not, if you’re not problematic or horrible then the majority of the fandom like you and respect you, it’s just the arseholes who spread so much hate towards you and your ship)
3. Lana said that stuff bc her “fans” were being downright RUDE. They asked her a question, she answered and she had people shouting in the crowd at her?? That’s not okay- she was asked a question, respect her answer or if you feel the desperate need to scream then please wait until they’ve finished speaking??
4. I love the show very much but can I just say it’s FICTIONAL FGS!! STOP hating on people because of what they think- this goes for whether it’s someone posting about a ship you don’t ship or whether it’s an actor who’s character you don’t like- I don’t give a crap, if you do this then STOP. It’s a shitty thing to do so please stop spreading hate.
5. Basically, to summarise, if you hate on people because they have different opinions on a TV show to you then please do everyone a favour and shut the hell up bc we don’t want to have to listen to you or your bullshit.

EDIT: I think some people may have been offended by this post and I just want to say that I’m really sorry if you have (I think it’s some SQers (though there may be others too) who feel like I only focussed on them when it was other people too, and I can see now that from their point of view it does look like I might be attacking SQers) I wasn’t trying to focus on them, in fact the section on SQ and how it isn’t dead was made because I saw lots of tweets from other ships (I think mainly CS from what I remember but there may have been others) saying how with saying what she did, Lana had killed SQ and the people who tweeted that seemed pretty happy about that, so I thought I would address that by saying that SQ wasn’t dead and to shut up if it anyone was saying that, though now I can see how this could be seen as me being angry at SQ, which is far from true. I also didn’t mean to imply that only SQers hated Hook, and though I never said it in the text (or even mentioned Hook and SQ in the same section) I apologise again that you felt offended and I hope that you now know that I would never intentionally target a ship or make anyone feel bad, especially ships/ people who don’t deserve it. There was also a question as to why this was in the SQ tag, and I just wanted to reassure you all that I did put this in other ships tags as, again, I would never intentionally single out just one ship/ group of shippers (though I have removed it from all ship’s hashtags as I didn’t want this to happen again) . I also want to make it clear that when I mentioned the “shitty SQers”, I believed at the time that that was an important mention as I was saying for no hate towards any SQers so I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t then excusing any hate Lana did get from (what I’ve come to see, very few) SQers and did not want to make any of you feel like this was trying to pick on the SQ shippers specifically, but if this has offended you I’m sorry. I’m so sorry that any of you were offended by my post and I honestly did not mean this to come across as attacking SQ (or any other ship), I was simply saying that if you were hating on Lana then to stop, but I do understand how this could be interpreted differently than I originally thought it would be interpreted as and how it could have offended people so for that I am extremely sorry

OK. I know it’s quite messy, but these are the basic things that may come to mind when people hear ‘Asperger’s Syndrome’. I’m not saying the characteristics mentioned don’t exist in people with Asperger’s, but like every other disorder people tend to generalise what 'you’re really like’ based on stereotypes. I really want to give people a better understanding.

-What is Asperger’s?

A developmental disorder that you are born with though it isn’t that noticeable until you are roughly 3-5 years old. IT IS NOT A MENTAL ILLNESS OR A LEARNING DISABILITY.

(Note: It can be accompanied with minor learning difficulties and you can have a mental illness as well as having Asperger’s.)

People who have it often struggle to socialise with others finding it difficult to form relationships and communicate like neurotypicals (people not on the autistic spectrum/or considered to be 'normal’).

-'Asperger’s isn’t real!’

Uh, excuse you.

It is very real for people struggling to communicate with others socially while learning to express themselves appropriately. People with it can struggle every. single. day.

No, I’m not suggesting you pity us. Please don’t, it will make us feel like little children you feel the need to comfort and that can come across as really patronising and condescending. Just remember people cope differently, people suffer differently. It can be extremely frustrating for you if you often struggle to make genuine friends, understand others and maintain a 'mask’ to help you blend in with your peers. The last thing anyone needs is some ignorant bastard claiming that you blame your difficulties on a 'made up’ disorder.

I was actually surprised to see people claiming this disorder was fictional on a few other sites. Although this isn’t particularly common I feel it’s important I mention it and stress that it’s not true.

-Not everyone with Asperger’s/high functioning Autism is a 'Genius’ or has spectacular talent. COUGHCOUGHSHELDONCOOPER

Not every person with Asperger’s is gob-smackingly good with numbers or equations. Not every person with the disorder has a photographic or powerful memory. While generally considered intelligent, many of us have normal IQ’s (Lower IQ’s are less common).

Many with Asperger’s make an excessive commitment to their hobbies/interests, to the extent they can accumulate skill and/or encyclopaedic knowledge in the subject (THIS HOBBY/INTEREST CAN BE LITERALLY ANYTHING). However, it should also be noted these interests may take over their lives.

-The emotionless, self centered and stubborn machine who hates people

People with the disorder who appear like this usually don’t intend to come across this way. Most who I’ve met with AS are quite friendly and polite (or at least try to be); they can simply be misinterpreted by their actions. I’d like you to think of this analogy my mother once mentioned;

Having AS is like sitting alone in a restaurant in a foreign country that has a very different culture to yours. 

You don’t speak the language, you’re not in your comfort zone and you don’t know what actions/manners are expected of you. So you could potentially (and very easily) offend someone.

As I mentioned before people with Asperger’s cope in different ways which is why I wrote 'emotional/too emotional’ on the chart. Some may burst into tears in a pressured situation while others just might just stop responding altogether while keeping a collected mask (though they can feel really stressed on the inside).

People with AS can also be viewed as stubborn. For example most struggle with change because it makes them really uncomfortable. It’s not us hating your way of doing things; we may not understand or feel comfortable with your method. This could also be the reason why some of us have strong beliefs and opinions that are very hard to change.


Yes, people with AS generally are naive and gullible but to different extents. Once in friendships it’s not uncommon for someone with AS to be very loyal and trust their friends a little too much. Even a stranger who shows an act of kindness can quickly earn a little if not all of their trust. It’s possibly their way of being thankful for your friendship/kindness and showing you can depend on them to some extent. Others may just want to be viewed as being a nice person that’s more likeable. Unfortunately people like this can be exploited with little effort showing them to be gullible and naive.

We may have difficulty understanding your sarcasm or joke at first because of your tone of voice and how you look when you say it. Tones of voice and facial expressions can easily be misread by someone with Asperger’s causing them to take a joking remark seriously and/or become upset by it. On the other hand people with AS can gradually develop methods to read people better in these situations.

To clarify, yes, I do have Asperger’s. Very few people I actually know follow this account so I feel comfortable enough to post this. I obviously do not speak for everyone for the disorder, this is only how I interpret things so far.

This is all I’ll do for now, but I felt like I should say something. Thank you if you read this; it means so much to me and I’ll feel even better if you took something from it. 

anonymous asked:

some of my mutuals are reblogging a lot of ant1 sh*t and on one hand i want to unfollow them because im not about that negativity and cynism in my life, but on the other hand we've been mutuals for years and we're friends so idk what to do... any advice? :/

Ugh, that sucks, anon. If it were the other way around - you were an anti and they were shippers - I would say ‘just unfollow them’ because I wouldn’t worry about negative repercussions.  But anti-shipping communities are built around spreading negative opinions, so I’m a bit concerned for you.

If you’re not scared of them, I’d say you should reach out and see if you can have a private conversation about the stuff they’re reblogging. People who aren’t antis will sometimes reblog anti content because if they’re not familiar with The Discourse ™, antis sometimes sound really reasonable.  ‘I hate pedophilia!’ an anti says, and shippers groan: what ship has been redefined as pedophilia today? but people who don’t know anything about go ‘hey! I also hate pedophilia!’ and reblog it without knowing the context. You’d know better than me, but they may just be caught up in that.  Talking to them will give you a better feel for what they’re thinking and it may help.

If you have a relationship that’s comfortable enough and you don’t want to get into particulars, just telling your mutuals who reblog this stuff that you need a negativity-free space and therefore please don’t be offended if I mute/unfollow you for a bit, I still think you’re great, I just need some space, do it. Most decent people will understand. (Socially anxious people may have trouble, though. you’d have to determine for yourself the best wording to use.)

If you are scared of them attacking you for not sharing their anti-friendly opinions, you have a few other options:

  • if you still like their other content, try using a blacklist program to hide anti-friendly posts on your dash.
  • if you are worried about them coming after you for unfollowing them, or just want to wait this out without seeing any of their content, try using xkit or something similar with a ‘mute’ function, hiding their posts from your dash without them noticing.
  • if you aren’t worried about them coming after you for unfollowing them and want to just wave goodbye, softblock them. now you’ve unfollowed each other and unless their follow list is very small, it might be hard for them to figure out who disappeared anyway.
    • if you do this and someone does come after you, you can always blame tumblr. tumblr is terrible at this shit.

Unless your mutuals are getting really deep in the anti culture cult, they’re probably not going to be bothered by you not enjoying anti-friendly posts especially because you have a prior relationship. On an individual basis most antis are just like everyone else - they want a dash that’s free of things they don’t like or that upset them and are really passionate about their fandom. Antis just try to create that ‘safe space’ by controlling the output of others, while the rest of us try to limit what we take in. It’s really that simple at the most basic level.

Best of luck to you, anon.

Hey. I kept seeing lots of SK/TCB posts. And I know people are upset that I’m not a fan. I just want to be clear. As I really don’t want to ruin this for anyone. My perception of the situation is my opinion. I’m not a fan based on observation. Trust me when I say. This is one of the things I wish to be wrong about the most. I’d hate for my perception to be a reality.

But please do not let what I think interfere with your views and opinions. Please enjoy TCB. If you are so inclined-donate. It does have a great cast. Just because I’m not excited doesn’t mean the majority should feel the same. Enjoy. Please.

Sorry. To some this may seem out of the blue. But it’s been bothering as I get the feeling people are annoyed with me and I never meant for my post about it to target or offend anyone.

And honestly. This week was hellish enough without adding one more thing.

Now to get Finny in his carrier for his veterinarian appointment. It’s shots time!

Gemini and Sagittarius seem to be known as the comedians of the zodiac, but I wonder if that has anything to do with that they seem to be universally rather funny, rather than have such a specific sense of humour. They seem to find that sparkle in many different forms of comedy, and can transform themselves in that mutable way depending on their company. They also seem to seek that light sense of heart in their encounters with others. Whereas for example, the Earth signs have a more dry and sarcastic humour, a little more scathing perhaps which some may find odd or off-putting, or maybe they don’t even know that it is humour at all (this happens to me sometimes and I worry that people get offended and think I was being serious.) I’ve noticed Leo seem to have a very physical form of humour too, rather theatrical and larger than life, where someone standing there and reading lines doesn’t seem to cut it.

Anyway, just some thoughts.

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What is your opinion on ableism? It seems the only argument coming from the anti-ableism community is that it offends people, surely people don't have the right not to be offended? xx

you seem to have a misunderstanding of what ableism is. it’s not just refraining from using words like “retarded” as insults because it’ll offend someone or something - it’s much more than that. i would suggest you do more research on it to gain a better understanding.

also, while i would agree that people don’t have the right not to be offended, consider that you’re thinking about it in the wrong way. perhaps it’s being treated offensively that people object to. i.e., while it may not be objectionable to do something that some people might find offensive, it may be objectionable to treat people in an offensive manner. it’s like the difference between a conservative person being offended by seeing two gay people holding hands in public and a man catcalling a woman as she walks by.

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Do you have headcanons for unconventional Alphas or Omegas? Alphas that are shorter, thinner or have softer features, and omegas that are taller, bulkier and have square jaws?


(also I’m sorry this is late aaa)

-it’s really tough for “unconventional” alphas and omegas, especially alphas. they’re even more expected to look a certain way than omegas.

-people might not even believe they’re alphas, thinking they’re betas, which (being that alphas often like to flaunt that they’re an alpha) might offend them.

-with the omegas, its really tough for them too, they’re expected to be soft and squishy and feminine. I suppose I’m an unconventional omega? I have an athletic/slim body type whereas omegas are typically more squishy and pudgy (in a cute way ofc,) anyway, back to the task a hand.

-some omegas try to pass for beta, so this may be a blessing, but to those that are proud of being a omega, it’d really suck, because nobody believes it.

-some even resort to plastic surgery to look more like their actual dynamic. alphas work out like crazy, omegas try to gain weight.

-theres lots of pressure to look like your dynamic, especially for alphas.

-there’s a body acceptance movement in that world too, but instead of it being about mostly girls and their weight, its about being able to accept that you don’t really look like your dynamic and its okay.

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I think you may have mistook the Korean scene a bit. The people there are not family, but general old people. Most of the really old people(particularly women) in Korea tend to keep their hair like that. Being Korean, I was kinda impressed because that aspect is something not many foreign people are aware of and I never expected to be presented. But seeing that some people were offended, I may think more about this....

I would’ve thought that the fact that they’re not even related kiiinda makes it worse? Kinda perpetuating the whole ‘they all look the same’ stereotype. But I’m not Korean so it’s not my place to say, that’s just what I would assume. Their intention probably was to just be a nod to the common hairstyle in that case, but I can definitely see how it came across in a different way

Why my Comic was Cissexist

I also had some asks that were along the lines of “You shouldn’t have changed your art because someone got offended. It’s your art and your vision!” 

My response: thank you for being concerned of my artistic direction and the purity of it. But the fancomic was dedicated to Steven Universe, a show including nonbinary and genderless characters. When I think about it, dedicating a comic that excludes nonbinary people is a dishonor to this great show. Though the cissexism may be subtle, cissexism in general is subtle but that doesn’t make it any less problematic. Thank you for the concerns and I hope you understand! 

Note: I AM NOT AN EXPERT IN THESE MATTERS. I have done this post because people have asked me why my comic was cissexist, what is cissexism and why it’s a problem, and so forth. I have done my best, but if anyone out there see something wrong in my explanation please inform me!  I am doing my best to learn and improve everyday. 

samwinchesterlester  asked:

I'm looking to start a Skyrim tumblr, any suggestions on where to start, what to post, etc? It'd really help :)

I can see that change over…not too big a leap, eh?

Seriously, I am not qualified to give advice about tumblr, this is the only one I’ve ever made and I just did it on a lark. I kept seeing things as I played that cracked me up and wanted to share with somebody. None of my rl friends are gamers, (shocker…not that many girl gamers locally) so decided to show strangers. Plus it keeps the game fresh for me, because I have ulterior motive. If you just want to know my personal rules about how I run my own, I’ve got a couple, but I break them for fun occasionally. 

1. Try and blog/reblog shit that is either original, hasn’t made the rounds in a while, or is brand spanking new. When I look at skyrim on tumblr  I sort by new not most popular.
2. Play the game. Tons. And try out new mods. I’ve got 3165 hours of gameplay. This game didn’t stay fresh without mods.
3. Don’t sweat the haters. They will come and you must decide to ignore or confront them. I like a little initial confrontation, then blocking their asses.They act like I have some obligation not to offend them, and I don’t. I can say whatever the fuck I want. It’s called free speech. The fact is I do this for fun.  I post things I find funny. Sometimes other people find them funny, sometimes they don’t. But arguing with people isn’t something I particularly enjoy…so I don’t. 
4. I don’t worry about a schedule. If I’m free that day I may post a TON of stuff. If I’m busy I don’t bother… or worry about it…or even think about it. 
5. Credit where credit is due. Tumblr eats their own image captions for some reason, so I just stick captions on the images now. MS paint is my friend for quick captions.
6. I use tags for my personal use to flip through my own shit in addition to helping people find my stuff. 

I think my best advice for any type of tumblr is to have fun and enjoy it. If it stresses you - don’t bother. and when you stop having fun with it, delete it.
I have no idea if this is the kind of reply you wanted, but…lol….I had fun writing it, and isn’t that what counts?