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Setting Sun - Chapter 17 Excerpt

I’ve had a ridiculously shitty week and I can’t stop feeling sad and worn down today. I’ve gotten basically nothing done, work-wise, that I really really needed to do this week, and I feel awful about it. Little tiny things have gone wrong all day, I haven’t exercised since Monday, and overall this is the closest I’ve been to depression in a good while, though it’s mostly due to bad sleep and some health issues that I know will clear up.

I’m not done this chapter yet. I’m close, but the delay in my schoolwork means I have to put it before fanfic, and I know y’all understand that. But I want to share a fluffy scene with you anyway because I like it and I think you’ll like it and I want to make people happy. If you like it, please let me know. <3

Victor holds out his hand to Yuuri, and in the low light from the lamps he looks like something ethereal. “Yuuri Katsuki, may I have this dance?”
Yuuri looks down at Victor’s fingers, downs the rest of his wine, and bursts out laughing. Victor pouts.
“Okay, or not.”
“I’m s-sorry,” Yuuri giggles, wiping at one eye. “It’s just…I used to fantasize about you saying literally those exact words to me when I was thirteen.” In an instant he realizes what he’s said, and covers his mouth with both hands, feeling his face get hot.
Now Victor cracks up. “That’s…fucking adorable, honestly.”
“It’s creepy,” Yuuri mumbles from behind his hands.
Victor kneels on one knee (on one fucking knee) in front of the couch, and gently lifts Yuuri’s hands from his mouth. “It’s adorable,” he says again, more firmly this time. “Now would you dance with me already?”
Yuuri lets himself feel mortified for another twelve seconds before he nods, and it all melts away at the sight of Victor’s delighted face. He stands.
“Excellent. Be right back.” He crosses the room and picks out a vinyl record from the shelf, carrying it to the turntable that sits beneath the TV. Yuuri watches Victor go through the delicate motions—placing the record on the platter, running a wide brush across the vinyl to clean it of dust, placing the needle just so—and his heart does so many flips and flops that it could probably medal in Olympic diving. Finally Victor stands and crosses back to pull Yuuri to his feet, and the song begins with an incredibly familiar guitar line—
Yuuri furrows his brow. “…Is this Kishi Bashi?”
Victor doesn’t answer; he just smiles, so brilliantly he could outshine the sun, and begins to dance—nothing complicated, just rocking from foot to foot, one hand curved just beneath Yuuri’s  shoulder blade, and the other holding Yuuri’s left hand.
“You are the answer to my question / you are my accomplice in a crime / you are my wing woman and did I mention / we were together in another life? / In that dreaming, you probably were my wife…”
Yuuri nearly melts into a puddle. Victor has a Kishi Bashi album on vinyl. That means—
“Yes, in case you’re wondering,” Victor cuts in, as if reading Yuuri’s mind. “I’ve known about Kishi Bashi since before the Cup of China.”
If the heat in his cheeks is any indication Yuuri’s face might burst into flames at any moment. “…Oh. I…”
“I knew I wanted to kiss you at the Sochi banquet,” Victor grins, leaning in to let his lips graze Yuuri’s cheek. “Getting a Kishi Bashi lyric from you in China made me realize that as soon as I did, I’d never be able to stop.”
Yuuri has no earthly idea how to respond to that, so instead he rests his head against Victor’s shoulder and mumble-sings along with the chorus: “Hotaru Hotaru / Futari no yume wo mireru hotaru no… / Hotaru Hotaru / Tsuneru to yume ga / Sameru hotaruyoru…”
“I’ve actually been meaning to ask you,” comes Victor’s voice, breath tickling his ear. “What does that mean?”
Yuuri smiles, lifting his head to meet Victor’s gaze.
“Firefly, firefly, two dreams we saw of fireflies; with a pinch, we’ll be awoken, from the night of fireflies,” he recites. “Fireflies, are, um, supposed to be the souls of soldiers who have died in war, in Japanese mythology. Which is great inspiration for my free skate, I suppose.”
Victor’s face falls just a little bit for a fraction of a second, or maybe it’s just a trick of the light. “Oh. I—”
“—they’realsoametaphorforpassionatelove,” Yuuri yelps, and if there is a god Victor will not have heard him properly—
Victor dips Yuuri like a ballroom dancer and kisses him. There is no god, and Yuuri’s kind of okay with that.
Alright, he’s more than okay with that.
“You are the answer to my question / you are my accomplice in a crime / you are my wing woman and did I mention / we were together in another life?“
Yuuri closes his eyes, letting the lights shine softly pink through his eyelids. The wine has relaxed him, spreading sleepy tendrils from his heart out through his limbs; Victor’s arms around him feel so natural that it’s insane to realize they haven’t done this every single day for years.

Witchcraft in the Media: Hail, the Lion King!

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Disney classics are no strangers to us. In fact, those of us who were born in the late ‘80′s and early ‘90′s practically grew up on Disney’s golden age and are bearing witness to a bit of a Disney renaissance. Throughout each Disney film, magic has a tendency to play a prominent role in some way: either it is meant to assist the main character, or it is meant to hinder. Later on, the role of magic became a little more fuzzy - the curse cast on the Prince in Beauty and the Beast, for instance, was meant to assist the Prince but was perceived otherwise.

But one Disney classic stands out in my mind as being fairly devoid of any kind of cinematic curses or spells: The Lion King. This 1994 film is magical in and of itself, to be sure. There is hardly a ‘90′s child out there who hasn’t cried over the death of Mufasa or sung along with Timon and Pumbaa during “Hakuna Matata.” The animation and the music are exceptional, and while many cite the story’s many parallels with Hamlet as being part of why the story endures almost two decades later, I tend to think that it goes a bit deeper than that.

First, a brief overview for those who haven’t seen the film for some reason. The Lion King follows the story of Simba, a young lion cub, and his coming of age and journey to discover his role as king. Though naive in his youth, he is forced to flee his kingdom after his power-hungry uncle, Scar, framed him for murdering his father. Convinced that he is responsible for his father’s death and afraid to return, he stays hidden in an oasis paradise while Scar’s tyranny reigns supreme over the kingdom. Simba is discovered by Nala, his childhood friend who had run from home in search of help, who tries to convince him to return home. Faced with a choice between returning home and staying put, he begins to question who he is and where he belongs. With a little help from Rafiki - a baboon shaman - he comes to terms with his past and returns home to dethrone his uncle and become the proper king.

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Aside from giant lion heads in the sky during a moment of revelation, the movie tends to lack a supernatural component, which separates it a bit from quite a few other Disney movies. But we need look no further than the opening scene to see that the film is laden with magic and pagan symbolism.

Before I go any further, I am not approaching this from the standpoint of African religious beliefs. I am no expert regarding that subject, and will not pretend to be. Instead, these are observations made from the point of view of a witch who was watching for moments where spirituality was prominent. So keep that in mind as we head forward.

I’m going to focus on that first scene to start, but these themes can be found throughout The Lion King. This opening scene, backed by a version of Elton John’s “Circle of Life,” shows the animals of Africa gathering to see their newborn prince for the first time. When they’ve gathered, Rafiki arrives and presents Simba to the kingdom in a ritual reminiscent of a blessing or baptism before the scene concludes.

I mentioned earlier that Rafiki was a shaman. there is a reason as to why I refer to him as this instead of as a “witch doctor” as I’ve seen him referred to in other analyses. To begin, let’s consider the music playing.

A core, running theme in many pagan religions and forming the groundwork for most shamanic practices is that life and nature does not run in a linear fashion. Instead, the belief is that every “beginning” is an end, and every “end” is a beginning. Everything is cyclical, and this is often seen where reincarnation is a huge part of a belief. What binds many of these religions and beliefs together is that all must be treated with love and respect.

When the animals are gathered, we see Rafiki walking among the crowd toward Pride Rock, and this is a key moment to consider. As he passes, the crowd parts to let him through, and bows as he walks by. Shamans in shamanic practice are treated with great respect, often honored and followed more closely than a chief or king. This is because the shaman is the mouthpiece of spirituality.

A shaman was believed to be able to cross into the spirit realm - often through dreams or vision quests - and back, bringing ancient knowledge and wisdom with them for the betterment of society. They were historians and healers, capable of working magic and acts of prophecy. In addition, they were the religious leaders of society, guiding the younger generations in matters of the heart and spirit.

The fact that Rafiki is treated with such deference is an indicator that he is a figure of authority, and the warm greeting between him and Mufasa shows that in addition to being friends, they are on equal footing.

After seeing baby Simba, he smiles and shakes a rattle of gourds over the cub. Growing up, I’d often thought that he was gently playing with Simba as a parent or close relative might with a newborn. But as I got older and deeper into my spirituality, I began to find that that explanation didn’t sit right. Eventually, I realized what purpose the rattle has.

Like bells in modern witchcraft, rattles are instruments used for more than just music. They held a ritual purpose as cleansing tools, as well. And frequently seen in many cultures, percussion instruments are used for anything ranging from communication (both between living parties and the spirit world) to cleansing to even summoning or invoking a spell. Rafiki shaking his rattle over Simba was not simply an act of affection. It was the start of the ritual - a cleansing act before the blessing.

Breaking open a fruit (possibly a gourd or melon), Rafiki then anoints Simba’s head with some of the juices. This is the blessing act, which in other cultures may be done with oil. Food is a source of life, but fruit is also cool and refreshing in hot climes. In addition to this, the juice is a source of water. Nearly every culture has some sort of respect shown toward water due to its life-giving properties (i.e. baptism in Christianity, ritual washing of feet in several other cultures, blessing of water in all cultures). Anointing Simba’s head with water is a wonderful way of both blessing the child as well as encouraging a connection with the elements.

This is further reinforced by the scattering of dust over the juices (accompanied by an adorable sneeze). Like water, nearly every belief system acknowledges to a certain extent that we come from the earth. By blessing Simba with both earth and water, Rafiki is connecting the cub with the two most respected elements in nature religion (arguably… some would say that air is just as respected, or fire respected out of fear…).

Simba is then presented to the animals of the kingdom, raised up and graced by sunlight. The animals make quite a bit of noise before bowing, and like the rattle, I had at one point thought that they did so simply out of excitement. But with further reflection, I do think there may have been an additional reason. In some cultures, producing a lot of loud noise is said to drive away negative energy and evil spirits. This can be done during rites and holidays, but also as a way of protecting a newborn. It’s possible that this could be part of Simba’s blessing - a communal act of protection.

So within that first scene, we have a huge amount of pagan symbolism, and a strong acknowledgement of shamanic belief. But these themes don’t stop there.

Later on in the film, Mufasa pulls Simba aside to discuss the young cub’s duty to the kingdom when he comes of age. He points out the stars and explains to Simba that each star is the light of an ancestor, watching and guiding the living so as to protect the kingdom, even after they have passed away.

Ancestor worship is part and parcel to many shamanic and pagan paths, and honoring one’s ancestors is a theme found in nearly every culture in some form or another - consider Samhain in Celtic belief, Dia de los Muertos in Mexican Catholicism, and mummification in various cultures. In shamanism, the shaman is sometimes seen as the mouthpiece of the ancestors, communicating their wisdom with the living. In addition, respecting and honoring ancestors helps us see and learn more about ourselves.

This very same aspect of ancestor worship is brought up again midway through the film (during a moment of stargazing between Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa) and then closer to the climax when Rafiki reminds Simba that Mufasa lives on through Simba’s legacy. 

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Easily the most magical moment in the film is Simba’s discussion with Mufasa - a moment of revelation in which the young Prince is tasked with remembering his place in the Circle of Life. But this same magical moment further emphasizes the role ancestors play in some beliefs.

In Conclusion…

While music and the Shakespearean inspirations behind The Lion King may play a part in what makes this movie so relatable, I do feel that it goes much deeper. To some extent, we all have some part of our pagan origins still living on in our lives today. Whether this is in our culture or religion, it chimes in with our more primal selves.

So with this movie, Disney didn’t have to choose an arcane villain or cast any kind of spell on the main character in order to communicate with us. All the movie needed to do was identify with the magic that we have in our lives already, turning it into a timeless classic.

Blessed Be! )O(

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Do you think River will be back in season 10? Why put all the references to her, get all people's hopes up then it coming to nothing?

I certainly hope so.  

If nothing else I hope we at LEAST get her in the Christmas special.  There’s certainly many hints present indicating that we haven’t seen the last of River.  I know The Moff has said:

 “"Well, yes, that does seem like the end to me. Except, of course, it isn’t, and can’t be. There’s always the chance that River will show up again, at some other point in her timeline, with a stolen camel, seven more husbands, and a nuclear submarine.“Big Finish isn’t done with her, I believe, and any reason to get Alex Kingston back in action is a good one.“But for me, I think, I’m done. Back when I thought I might be leaving at the end of 2015, I specifically planned the Darillium scene as my goodbye – bringing everything full circle, to the moment (in Forest of the Dead) just before I took over.”


However, I still think there is at least one final scene left for River.

Obviously, the River reference have been coming thick and fast this season ( which I’m loving by the way ) 

25 May 2017 - Alex Kingston was at the RHS Flower show in the UK 
26 May 2017 - Filming for the 2017 Christmas special possibly started around this time from the information given to us at the DWE 


Regarding the current story line - If I were River, and a copy of my Husband had been created I may be… nope, no maybe about it.  I definitely would download a copy for myself. Then if the original got corrupted, or went and got himself killed, I could just restore the backup. 

I’m encoraged by the fact that in ‘The Time Travelers Wife’ even after Henry’s death, Claire still sees him. 

I’m open to the idea that a copy of the Doctor is still the Doctor. In the same way that a copy of River is still River.

It’s possible that this line has more than one meaning.  "The last time I saw you - the real you, the future you, I mean…  Did she meet the digital him before she went to the Library and that was almost a spoiler?

I also think that it would be terribly tragic and sort of wonderful - because I love to see my OTP suffer - if the Twelth Doctor fed some of his regeneration energy into the CAL system so River could escape.  River is downloaded and has to deal with the death of her husband and the new 13th Doctor. She died for him many times now her impossible idiot of a husband is returning the favour because he can’t stand to be in a universe without her.

There are so many ways we could get River back. However, if we don’t at least we will still have Big Finish, the acknowledgement of how important River was to him and that he loved her. That’s not bad going for an OTP on this show.

My money is on the Christmas Special at the moment but then again, anything is possible. It is Doctor Who.  

The Girl

COUPLE : thomas sangster x reader

Thomas sangster and reader where she is a fan and pretends like he has an audition in an old warehouse but then she ties him up and gives him a handjob and he was going to call the police before realizing it’s the best handjob he ever had in his life. They MAKE an agreement that he won’t call the police if she will do that for him every day and promise to take care of his sexual needs (very detailed smut)

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Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 142 Review

Ishida was a mad man for the past couple of chapters to pull off so many heartaches to his fan base. It is hard to determine the result until it’s all over. Hinami was the victim of life or death and no one wants to see her in this position. Amazingly, she was absolutely fantastic. This intense chapter is marvelous.

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Hi there, so i just had a thought about something during the end scene of Star wars the force awakens during the fight scene in the snow and decided to share it with you, my thought was, what if Kylo threw Rey into the tree to knock her out on purpose because he didn't want to fight her. and then once he was done fighting Finn and getting the light saber i just keep imagining what he might have done with her. If any one wrote a fic about this that would be amazing!

Hello Dear Anon xx Thank you for sharing this with me :D xx

I actually think he really would have taken her with him. I really do. Check this post out. In it the OP points out that it looks like that was Kylo’s intentions, after having dealt with Finn he seems to be trying to get to Rey. xx

Now the reason I think this is the case is because of this:

Kylo had several reasons for wanting to take Rey with him.

  • He had orders from Supreme Leader Snoke to bring the girl to him.
  • She still had the map inside her head.

I also strongly feel that Kylo had his own motives for wanting her.

  • He wanted an apprentice. ‘You need a teacher. I can show you the way of The Force.’ If he was genuine about his offer, which I think he was, then that means he was willing to invest time, resources and energy on her. I’m new to Star Wars, truthfully. However, from what I’ve seen of darksiders they all seem quite interested in acquiring the perfect apprentice, to pass on their knowledge and keep the dark side going. After all, as they say the best way to learn is to teach.  
  • There’s also the Snoke’s famous accusation of Kylo in the novelisation, ‘you have compassion for her.‘  Kylo feels something for Rey. Compassion. Fascination. Wonder. Perhaps the fleeting flickers of something deeper?
  • Possible force bond! 'Don’t be afraid, I feel it too.’  In the script there’s also the line that describes an energy passing between them. THEY’RE BOTH SUPRISED: they react to a feeling that passes between them -AN ENERGY THEY RECONGNIZE IN EACH OTHER.

Now it’s been a while since I watched TFA and my memories not quite so great, but in regards to throwing Rey against the tree.

Kylo doing this makes a lot of sense and I’ve seen some really good metas written up about it. It got her out the way, quick and efficiently. Kylo knows she’s dangerous, very capable, strong and is force sensitive. She’s a pretty high threat.

He on the other hand is severely injured. He's going through emotional turmoil after having killed his father, something that was suppose to have ended his pain and yet now he feels that it hasn’t helped him at all, if anything it’s made him weaker. He’s already disappointed Snoke and has that hanging over his head as well as any punishments he’ll receive for failure.

However… despite all disadvantage rather than just knocking Finn out like he did with Rey, he engages in a fight with him. Surely it would have been easier just to knock him out like he did Rey? Finn’s still a threat, he was a trained stormtrooper and has proved very capable and resourceful. Yet Kylo still chose to fight him. His fight with Finn seemed personal. His passionate 'traitor’ yell a very clear indication too that. He wanted to fight Finn. Again there is some fascinating metas out there that go into detail about this. xx

Rey on the other hand…. Kylo ended up fighting Rey out of necessity.

If he had managed to defeat Finn and acquiring his lightsaber I do think he would have went straight for Rey. What he would have done with her we can only speculate.

  • Snoke or Kylo could have again tried to retrieve the map from her mind so they could try and get to Luke before The Resistance did.
  • Kylo may have genuinely wanted an apprentice.
  • The First Order/Snoke/Kylo may have decided to try and persuade Rey to join them. As a powerful Force User she’s pretty valuable. She could be sway to their cause.

Now, as for the fanfiction, well there’s already one that I know of :3 xx It starts off before the fight scene but when it does get to that scene Kylo is able to defeat Rey annnnd that’s all I’m telling you as I don’t want to spoil it. It’s a beautifully written fanfic, very detailed and just wonderful. xx

Slow Burn

By: DeathRace6000 


He did not dare to admit aloud that he found her beautiful; that he wished their paths may have crossed in a different manner; that he hoped she might say the same of him if she were ever to see his face. (Kylo Ren x Rey)

Rated: T

Link: (X)

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Do you think Alex's Flashback was more recent than we think because he looks the same as he does now. I also think he's so awkward around her now because of what may have happened between them.

After going back and rereading that scene I think that whole flasback sequence is interspersed with many incidents throughout her life; starting from when she’s qutie young and ending with very recently, when she’s already staying with Worick and Nicolas.

And I think this is done to show Alex’s garbled state of mind, and also to confuse the readers as to when a lot of this might have taken place.

So I think the scene where Nicolas saves her could be close to just before Barry’s death, to sometime in the last 3-4 years. It’s hard to say. But I no longer think it’s when she was still at home with her family, or when she was just starting out with Barry.

Here’s the sequence in full so everyone can see in detail and also so I can explain everything more easily.

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Reasons and hints on Even as main!

I have already discussed once before the reasons to why I think that Even as a character would be a great main character for season 4. Something I haven’t done though is to list the actual reasons to why he may be the main for season 4 but I thought I should do that now.

I just have to start of by saying that when people started to speculate about who would be the the next main character I said Even as a way of wishful thinking. Although the longer time that has gone the more realistic the thought of him being the main became because we are finding more and more clues and hints that point at him being the main. For example:

  • In the last scene of season three before Isak says his famous “At livet er.. nå” they film and focus on Even and it looks like Even is looking into the camera (something that Eskild who is the only other person in the shot don’t, the opposite he is almost trying to avoid it). This have been an ongoing theme throughout the other seasons that they end with them showing the next main character. I talk more about this here.

  • Another thing that has been a theme in the other seasons is that towards the end of the season the next main character starts to get their own storyline other than the one that they have with the current main character. In season 1 we see William and Noora starting to get interested in one another (even though they won’t really admit it) and we see the two of them starting to flirt which gives us a hint on what season 2 was going to be about. In season 2 we see Noora and Eva as they start to speculate around Isak’s sexuality and that he and P-Chris might have something going on and also who the mysterious person living in the basement was and that was giving us a hint on who Isak is and what his season would be about. The exact same thing has happened here in season 3, up to episode 8 Even was seen as this mysterious and perfect character but after we got to know about his mental illness he really has started to grow into his own person rather than how he is seen from Isak’s perspective and we have started to see how it is living with a mental illness and I’m positive that this is a way of giving us a hint on the theme of next season as well as it’s protagonist.

  • To make a connection to the previous point the person who will be the next main character has always been almost taking over the last episode in the ongoing season. Like in season 1 were they as I said started to focus a lot on Noorhelms romance and they almost filmed Noora more than Eva at times in the final episode. In season 2 it was the whole thing about “is Isak gay is he not?” but that has gone on for a while but when the whole thing with who was living in the basement started to blow up they talked more and more about Isak (although it wasn’t confirmed that it was him until the end). In season 3 Even has as mentioned become his own person more and is the topic of many clips. In fact he is either in or mention in every single clip in the last two episodes and the topic of almost all the text messages. It feels like they are trying to get us used to seeing Even more and I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

  • We can’t go without the thing that is the theme throughout the whole show which is the name of the name SKAM or translated shame. All the plot lines has something to do with being ashamed over something and for the character to overcome that. In season 1 it was Eva being ashamed of what she did to Ingrid and are therefore really insecure because she doesn’t feel like she deserves anything. In season 2 we have Noora who is ashamed of who she is falling in love with. She didn’t want to fall in love with William because he had been a drittsekk to a great friend of hers but she somehow managed to fall for this guy that she didn’t want to fall for. In season 3 the shame is more obvious than in the other seasons and it’s that Isak is really ashamed of his sexuality because he has grown up to think that it’s something wrong with being gay and because of this has a lot of internalised homophobia. Now it has been very clear that Even is ashamed of being bipolar, he always try to distance himself from people because he doesn’t want to end up hurting them or them hurting him by thinking that he is weird because of his illness. Mental illness is of course nothing to be ashamed of and that’s why that is a good plot line for the fourth season so we can set things straight once and for all.

  • As I also has mentioned in other posts is that there are too many loose treads when it comes to Even’s character and it’s so many things that they have started to touch on ever so slightly and then just left it there without an explanation for it which is something so unlike SKAM. In fact I know that they don’t put things in without a reason so there has to be answers to come about those questions that are still lingering around his character. Of course some of the things can be plot holes because that happens to even the greatest show (which SKAM is) but not that many. I’m pretty sure that it isn’t a coincidence that we have gotten those loose treads.

  • Another short little thing I thought I could add as well is the fact that he is the only character that we know for sure will be in the season since the actor himself has confirmed it and that he wants us to watch. I’m seeing what you are doing Henrik!

So those are just a few reasons to why it’s very much likely that Even is the next main character, please remember that these are simply just my thoughts and opinions you don’t have to agree completely.

Also is there something I have missed? Feel free to tell me and I will add that in!


You probably noticed that the above pictures all have something in common: the color yellow. Sulfur might be the first thing that springs to your mind when you think of Supernatural and yellow (I think they were even filming on location at a sulfur factory for an episode later this season), and it’s certainly not the first time we’ve seen yellow used to denote sulfur in the show, so when I saw it pop up in this scene, it naturally piqued my curiosity.

What I found while paying attention to the setting of this particular scene is that the color yellow was always either framed behind Crowley or Dean. No surprise with Crowley, but it begs the question as to why it holds particular significance with Dean.

It was hinted at DCcon (I think?) that the Mark of Cain may come into play again later in the season, and that Dean is only going to get “worse,” although what exactly that means is yet to be revealed. It’s worth noting that the last time that we saw the color yellow used significantly in the show was before Dean succumbed to the Mark of Cain and became a demon.

Since they’ve already done the whole demon!Dean thing, my personal thought is that the yellow isn’t foreshadowing another struggle with the Mark of Cain (or at least I don’t think that will be the main issue). Rather, I think it may have something to do with what Dean actually hinted at during the scene in the above photoset: finding a new vessel for Lucifer.

Knowing that Dean sees Lucifer as the only way to defeat Amara (and also because he wants to save Cas), I think it’s quite possible that Lucifer will make Dean his new home before the end of this season. Lucifer was the original bearer of the Mark, after all.

(And honestly? I think it’d be really fucking cool to see Jensen’s take on Lucifer.)

I just hit 5000 followers, and I want to thank you all so much! This is totally unbelievable!

I started this blog just over a year ago and I never expected so many people to want to follow it. You all really are the best <3

So in celebration, since I don’t have the money for a proper giveaway, I wanted to do a gifset giveaway.


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  • All 3 winners get the same thing.

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This is what i interpreted from the episode… just my jumbled thoughts…

1.Berlin fell in love, had a daughter, got captured, pissed off the wrong ppl, and tried to send his daughter into hiding…

2.Except the pissed off people began sending him pieces of a girl (supposedly his daughter) to him in jail… which sent him into a rage.

3.Berlin subsequently broke free from the prison and is seeking revenge…

4.Red only told Lizzie that a man (unnamed) showed up at Sam’s door asking him a huge favor, to take care of young child for him… (And we know that Red knew Sam back then…)  Red NEVER stated that the man who dropped her off with Sam was her father, right?

5.Lizzie states that the only memory she has of her REAL father was when he rescued her from the fire… butttt… that’s not exactly a lot of memories to have… it’s ONE to be exact.  She doesn’t even say that she remembers his FACE.  If THAT was the case, she’d call bullshit on Red and tell him straight up that HE (RED) was he father.  But she didn’t, BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T REMEMBER THE FIRE THAT WELL, LET ALONE HER SUPPOSED FATHER’S/RESCUER’S FACE!!! So it’s NEVER truly stated that her father is Red… TPTB are AGAIN just trying to leave it open/mysterious…

6.Berlin has the pocket watch with a photo of the girl in it… pretty sure that’sBerlin’s daughter, NOT Red’s.

7.Red stole the photo from the Stewmaker of the same girl… proving that Berlin is looking for his daughter and/or to keep Berlin from finding it… or to help Red figure out the puzzle that is Berlin… I don’t know here.  But pretty sure now that that girl in the photo is NOT Red’s daughter.  (Red told Pratt he doesn’t know what happened to his daughter/never found a body… just blood).  Maybe Red and Berlin BOTH had girls roughly the same age…?

So my take from it all is that Berlin pissed off some ppl (probably the US military) during the Cold War (end of which was the late 1980’s… when Red would have still been in the Navy/NSA military liason).  

I believe Red was part of the mission to make Berlin believe his daughter was killed (they could have sent ANY DEAD GIRL’S BODY PARTS TO HIM) and instead then turned around and kidnapped that girl to keep her safe… maybe putting her somewhere.

Except something went horribly wrong, and Red had to go into the house/place where Lizzie was being kept hidden and rescue her from that fire (how he got the burns all over his body) and he subsequently brought her to Sam to keep her truly safe.

So in ending, I believe Lizzie is Berlin’s daughter, Red was part of a black ops mission to go after Berlin, shit somehow hit the proverbial fan, Red had to/felt the need to rescue Lizzie again from whatever happened to cause the fire and gave her to Sam.

Lizzie tried again to imply/ask Red if he was her father by stating something along the lines of her father “being on the FBI’s most wanted list…” in the car scene tonight, but Red didn’t take the bait and give any true answers to her. [He already told her that he wasn’t her father (Anslo 1.10) and that he’s “NEVER LIED TO HER…”]  

Instead, I think Red allowed Lizzie to keep herself in denial that Red may still be her father in order to keep her from digging any further into the real identity of her father (aka, possibly Berlin).  If Lizzie allows herself to believe Red is her father, she’ll stop looking for answers for right now… which will keep her safe… which is ultimately what Red wants.  (It also keeps Daddygaters around, which TPTB seem hellbent on keeping happy)… and it still adds drama and mystery, so it’s win

 win for them.

Just b/c Red has the scars from saving Lizzie from the fire DOESN’T MEAN HE’S HER DAD… it just means he rescued her… until we know more, NO SHIP HAS BEEN SUNK!!!  If anything, it makes my ship sail even harder, that Red sacrificed so much for her, and STILL has to keep her in the dark about the past.

Like Red said, the story of Lizzie’s past and her father is very complicated (Wujing) so Red simply being her dad is wayyy too simple and easy.  

And one last thing… if Red rescued his OWN daughter (Lizzie, if you’re a Daddygater) from a burning house, then reality must be different in NBC Blacklist land, b/c we saw Red BLOW HIS HOUSE UP where he raised his family… so if a man (Red) can save his supposed daughter (Lizzie) from theirburning house, and then 25+ years later go back to that SAME perfectly maintained structurally sound house and blow it up after it supposedly burned in a fire years earlier… well that’s one for the books


Also, just because Red told her “Your father died in that fire,” doesn’t mean he was speaking metaphorically/was talking about him… he may have thought her real father truly HAD died in that fire… it’s TPTB’s way of mind fucking with us and leaving it AGAIN ambiguous…

End of rant, Lizzie is Berlin’s daughter, ppl took Berlin’s daughter, and at some point Red then stepped in to rescue her from a fire before handing her off to Sam.  And then apparently Berlin or someone got revenge on Red by going after HIS family…

Just my two cents.  Also, had to add an amazing catch from latergatorspader which also adds evidence that Red isn’t her father…


Tom may save my sanity…

So, just thinking out loud here. Tom told Liz her dad was still alive (whether that’s true or not is yet to be seen), BUT that tells us that Tom knows who her REAL dad was/is. Now think back to the Tom/Liz scene in 119…he was wondering what Red’s obsession was with Liz, to the point of making spiteful comments. He KNOWS Red isn’t her real father or I truly think he would have revealed that to her.

Done.  My head hurts…


Thanks for the submit eaglechica19! I need to watch the episode again before I type up my thoughts. I would like to say that I still do not believe Red to be Liz’s biological father. The ambiguity is confusing to the general audience but he hard-core fans see the hints. There’s something there that I’m having trouble piecing together and I need more time.

Already talked about it, but I’ll make it into a separate post:

Many people are complaining that the YoI kiss shouldn’t have won over Kayo’s first home-cooked meal for most heartwarming scene, but I feel like the kiss scene is a lot more powerful than some people think. We’re very used to being queerbaited in anime, and I’m certain that many people didn’t expect YoI to actually confirm Victor and Yuuri’s romantic relationship through that kiss despite all the chemistry between them, especially considering the anime isn’t even labelled as shounen-ai or BL. I think particularly for many queer fans, seeing actual representation done in a positive and healthy way was very important to them.

Plus the emotional build-up leading to the kiss scene was very fulfilling. Yuuri’s growing anxiety, his fight with Victor right before his FS, the monologue he has during his free skate, surprising Victor with a quad flip… all of it just accumulated to an incredibly satisfying conclusion with the kiss.

I’m not saying that Kayo having her first homecooked meal wasn’t an incredibly heartwarming scene, but I feel like many people tend to overlook how important the kiss scene may have been beyond its context in the anime. You need to consider how other people, who have gone through different life experiences and have different values, felt when they watched that scene rather than immediately dismissing the votes as a result of ‘fangirling.’

I vote “No” to “Phracking” in S3- E4

I have been following all of this wonderful discussion on Tumblr all day and decided to do a separate posting if any other “nay sayers” would like to pipe in.  

After watching this episode, I am firmly in the camp of thinking that there is not anything going on…. yet.  Clearly there is a lot of caring, interest, and for the first time-a touch here and there from Jack.  I really looked hard at each scene when they were together, but neither my husband or I saw any signs that there is a clandestine relationship going on behind the scenes.  To me, the neck scene was all due to the fact that she had been injured, and there was a red spot.  Jack finally had an excuse to touch her, seductively has she has to him so many times before.  He had the same opportunity with the pin.  Phryne was as delighted as we all were.  (I do think that a kiss may have occurred after the neck scene if Dot hadn’t entered the room).

I will agree with all of you that Jack was clearly familiar, and this was unusual .  A touch here and there when he hasn’t done that before.   I think that the final “proposal scene” with Concetta has certainly increased his confidence, resorted his priorities, and made him bolder.  I also think that it is definitely a matter of time.  He is now working very hard to draw Phryne in…  His physical attraction to her is getting harder to avoid.  I think that a fire was lit in him from Concetta’s kiss.  He now realizes how much he misses a physical relationship with someone that he cares about. He is now entered the Jack Robinson seduction phase with Phryne, to borrow an idea from the fantastic fan fic- YACI.

While I think that the idea of a mystery is great, and if the writers are pulling one over on us it would be terribly creative, I do believe that in the end we are going to be rewarded and see the kiss (and whatever more) scene happen.  I firmly believe that it will be soon, and it will be wonderful.  Perhaps you can say that this is all wishful thinking, but my practical brain is agreeing with the romantic side of me this time.  I really hope that i am right.