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@cheshirerabit said: Shit, your teacher Bakugou idea is something I never considered but now think would be really cool. Cuz he would not stop being a hero but he wouldn’t half-ass being a teacher so it would be like how All Might attempted to hero and teach but could actually work. Plus, I’m all for Bakugou’s role model switching with time to Aizawa. 10/10 idea.

Anon said: OMG Fran now i want to see Teacher or Older Bakugou or or Bakugou with Aizawa

Bless both of you for giving me a reason to talk about this cause honestly I love this idea way more than striktly necessary - this!!! is how I like to think it would go down:

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“I scraped my knee and now your fixing it up and I swear if you don’t stop running your hands over my leg I will kick you” + frankie!!!

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It’s almost hilarious how often he find himself having to patch up the tiny injuries you get, just from being clumsy. He thinks it’s payback considering how often you have stitched up his more serious and almost life threatening wounds, with you it’s more dramatic, less pressing, and you insist the world will end if he doesn’t kiss the small scrapes or cuts better.

You want to kick him. He’s giving you that amused look that you know will end up with him teasing you gently and leave you embarrassed and arms crossed, and you swear you won’t talk to him again- but your resolve on that is weak, all it takes for you to talk to him again is a soft kiss on the underside of you jaw and his large, calloused hands squeezing your smaller, more delicate hands.

“Ya really went down out there. Might even leave a scar.” He says, cleaning the dried up blood around the scrapes on your knee ever so softly. You still flinch at the contact of the mix of water and rubbing alcohol brushing over the sensitive and very torn up knee. “I think you love it when I take care of you like this.”

“It was an ice patch, I didn’t do this for your attention, Frank.” You sniff, rubbing your face with you hands as he laughs- it comes out more as a snort than anything- and he grips the back of your knee, fingers digging in oh so slightly into the skin there.

“But this is the third time you’ve slipped this week.”

You roll your eyes, watching him smooth the band aid over the cuts. There’s a moment where his fingers linger longer than is necessary, the calloused pads scraping over your knee gently and you can see that little smirk playing at his lips, the small wrinkle that forms on the bridge of his nose. You frown at that, not liking the fact that his hands are slowly making their way up your thighs. 

He’s supposed to be fixing you up not playing around and getting you wound up just to leave you hanging because you know damn well that he’ll make you wait until tonight to finish it.

He might as well have fun with it since he’s down here. 

It’s fun to watch you squirm as his lips brush against the inside of your left thigh while his hands travel up, leaving what feels like fucking scorch marks up across your thighs, fingers hooking into the waist band of your underwear. He’d made you strip out of your jeans for easier access to the cut and god dammit, you really hated him for this.

“Frank, don’t you fucking dare.” You manage to gasp out. His mouth is precariously close to the cotton of your panties and you are not going to let him win.

“What’s that, darlin’?”

“I will kick you, let me get my pants on, you ass.”

RWBY Vol. 4 Ch. 12

How many times is this show going to make me cry? Like, I’m not comfortable with this at all.

• It’s about to go down, guys.

• This Nuckelavee for real reminds me of that thing from CTCD and I just want it dead. Please. (“Return the slab”)

•Ren’s semblance is awesome.

•Qrow/Jaune wtf did that look even mean?

•Oh crap, their asses are getting handed to them on platinum platters.


•Stop screeching, man. It’s not that serious.

•Ren’s rage scares me. Like, honestly scares me. He, as I’ve noticed, gets a kind of one track mind when he’s angry and doesn’t think clearly so he starts getting a little reckless. And that’s so unlike him.


•My baby did that self sacrifice for her man ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

•Ren low key peeped and Nora low key liked it. Don’t lie. We all saw that smirk.

•That thing did not just throw her like a ragdoll

•Oh, shit. He’s losing it again. Don’t touch his girl or he goes nuts.

•Yeah, Ren. Chill. You’re getting more wounds than necessary.

•Ren, please take a moment to calm yourself and think rationally

•Damn, I felt that slap.

•I love Nora’s progression from when she was a child. She was so scared and dull. Now, she’s still scared, but she’s also so vibrant and more confident. Proof that things 100% can get better.

• On another note, I think Ren’s kind of finally seeing her as a young adult that doesn’t necessarily need saving. I think he still saw her as that scared, defenseless kid from years ago. Like, he needed to protect her. I think now he sees that she can protect him too if they work together. But I’m pretty sure he knew that the whole time. I don’t know. These thoughts are jumbled.

•Papa Ren’s knife ❤

•Her hand ❤

•Team RNJR strategy time!!!!!!!!!

•I love how teamwork skills have progressed through the series. Like, Jaune still needs help and Ren supported him because he knows his leader still has a long way to go.

•Nora, wtf?


•Ren’s getting serious. Back up guys. Give him some room

•Ren: Lol, did you think that pterodactyl screech would scare me?

•YES, REN. KILL THE BEAST. That inner monologue gave me a reason to be at peace

•Speaking of, I’m glad that Ren can set him mind at ease.

•Don’t ask why, but I thought Qrow disappeared because he would do some backwards shit like that.

•Where’d these airships come from?????? Who called you????? Who has service out here????

•Oh, makes sense.

•Baby Qrow is gonna live, guys

•Mistral really is beautiful (Lol, I don’t remember who posted it and I’m going to find out when I’m done here, but they’d said that if Ren, Nora, and Pyrrha stayed, and Jaune had been from Anima and stayed, they’d all be at Haven. So what made them all go to Beacon (how did Renora even get there?) Just something to think about. I promise to cite as soon as I’m done if I can find the post again 😅) Update: the user is Sunder-the-gold

•IT’S CANON. MY BABIES ARE CANON. They didn’t need a kiss to be canon and I just love that. Boop is playing. This is perfect. I hope Jaune starts teasing them in V5. I think this is good way to start making up for Pyrrha’s death. Key word: start. You’re not done until she’s back in the flesh.

•Oh… Rubes… she’s left already… babes, honey

•Weiss is finally getting out of here!!!!!!

•Baby Blake!!!! (F the new WF)

•Yang upgrade afffffffff

•Poor Tai. Both of his babies are gone again.

•Zwei is life.


•Jaune, baby it’s gonna be okay. I promise. (They’re playing Cold. I’m officially done.)

•Aw, it’s a little memorial now with Papa Ren’s knife.

•Team JNR cuddle and mourn time.

•(I’m pretty sure Nora and Ren share a bed, if I’m not mistaken…)


•Old WF for life!!!!! I love the look they share

•Is that Menagerie???? Sure looks like it kind of. SHE’S GOING FOR BLAKE

•I’m still confused about Oscar. I want to learn more

•Ilia, WF spies, fuck you

•Cinder, fuck you, too. (I still think we should her for human transmutation so we can bring back Pyrrha)

•Don’t say lost, Ruby. Please.

•Ruby is so strong. I love her to pieces ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

•Qrow’s dry humor is great

•Oh, shit. She’s going for Ruby and not Blake… great! (Lol, I think she’ll be the one to tease Renora instead ;3333)

•This letter drove me to tears

•Oh, hell no


Now, we have to wait for the soundtrack and V5 in Fall… I can’t wait that long. Please. Please no.

A-Z NSFW: Taemin

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A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)
Taemin is a whole lot softer than I think people give him credit for. He has his moments, but he’s a big teddy bear, let’s be real. Taemin’s kind of wild in bed, not so much that it’s kinky and painful, he’s just a speed demon ,so aftercare isn’t so much for pain, but more so for a ‘hey, i tied you up and fucked you in to next week, but i still love and respect you lots ok’ kind of thing. Aftercare with Taemin is relatively minimal, it’s not a huge process. Generally just a shower if necessary, and a check over to make sure you’re okay, before returning to the bed where soft Tae emerges again, and cuddles follow.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
Your lips are a pretty big kink of Taemin’s, if he’s being honest. He’s not the most gentle partner, but it’s insanely intimate. He’s big on kissing during sex, and your moans are the main turn on for him, so kissing your pretty lips and seeing you a groaning mess for him, then the same lovely lips wrapped around his cock, really fucks him up. His favorite is his eyes; mostly because of how you had told him how regardless of how in to it he gets, how fast and lost in your sex, his eyes always remain as loving and tender as can be. No matter what, he can’t mask the love in his eyes, and even though he can’t see it himself, he loves that he can still make you feel loved during some kinky ass sex no matter what. 

C = Cum 
The whole time during sex, Taemin is loud as hell and doesn’t hold back his moans, until he cums. He’s always tucked his face against your neck, and when he cums he kind of locks up. Mouth just hangs open and heavy pants as his face skews up as he cums. The only time he’s quite during sex, is when he cums, just because he’s so overwhelmed he literally can’t think to even make a sound.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs)
Okay my ass just wrote this whole thing on how Taemin is pretty damn dominant and now I’m going to just fuck that in the ass. Regardless on how he actually acts during sex, I really think he’s more submissive than people think? He’s not a full blown dominant guy, and maybe he’ll hide that he does like to switch because people think that? Idk, anyways. Not a huge, dramatic, secret. But Taemin’s a lil switch. 

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Don’t bite me, but I’m sure Taemin has fooled around, I don’t think he’s got to go all the way but he’s not inexperienced. At the very least, Taemin’s got a good grasp on things, plus his hips are just…a weapon already, all he needs is someone to put them to good use to.

F = Favorite Position
Putting aside how Taemin acts all together during sex, position wise, Taemin’s a pretty classic guy. Missionary and doggy and basic, and who doesn’t love handing the reigns over and letting you ride them? But a particular favorite is from behind, while you’re spooning. You’re completely in his hold, got that good ol’ full body contact, and you all but have to just lay there and accept all that Taemin will give you. 

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
It really depends on the day, Taemin’s more of a half/half kind of guy. One minute the room is so heavy with his serious look and the authority aura he brings, and the next minute he’s giggling because he can’t get your stupid pants off lmao. It just really depends. He flops on how he acts a lot, flip a coin and see what Taemin you get today.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
Taemin’s such a smooth guy, I love it. He’s got very little body hair in general, so by nature or his own hand, I don’t think he’s very wild down under either. If anything, I think he trims really well, he’s a very clean, well kept guy, so he definitely cleans up downstairs too. 

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…) 
Like I said, he’s not the most lovey dovey during the sex, but you can still easily read and feel his emotions that this isn’t just a fuck, that he does love you. His intimacy is felt, rather than shown in the moment, he’s not dressing up the room or anything, but the loving kisses and the look in his eyes, you can definitely feel his intentions. 

J = Jack Off (Masturbating)
Honestly I think Taemin jerks off a lot. Like all the damn time. But he’s super lazy with it? I feel like he’s never just jerking off real quick because he’s got an issue downstairs, he’s one that’s like ‘hey, i got half an hour till i got to be on stage? cool. i’ll be in te bathroom jerkin it, bye’. He’s a slow build, slow and lazy pumps, takes forever to finish kind of masturbater. 

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
See Taemin dresses well but then he wears some…weird shit. His nipples are always out. Taemin is an advocate for #freethenipple cuz the nip nops are out. I can so see him being in to dress up role playing. So much leather is in your future. He’s insanely in to marking, boy always got his head back and that pretty throat exposed…just begging for you to bite him wow. 

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
Remember when Key and Jonghyun visited Taemin and Naeun on WGM and where they left, they climbed back in the window and scared the shit out of TaEun? Yeah. I can’t imagine you guys being safe around the SHINee members. No where is safe. So places that Taemin is sure you aren’t going to be jump scared are very limited, basically you’re only options are the bedroom with a very secure lock, or the shower. Buuut the off chance you guys are absolutely alone and Taemin’s positive no one is coming back at all, he’s so in to fucking in the kitchen. I can imagine him being one of the guys that likes playing with ice.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Being a performer, I think Taemin really gets hyped so much from the adrenaline of performing, or dancing at all. Gets turned on by being hyped up basically, so I can imagine sex happens a lot right after he’s finished practice or wrapping up a concert. The excitement is still high, he’s so happy, and the first thing he does is come find his love, so boom. Dicks are out. 

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Legit pain kinks are no where near the bedroom with Taemin. A spank here, a tug of hair there, fine and dandy. No whips and chains are in the room, that’s for sure. Beyond that, he’s not one for titles. Although Taemin does like dressing up, role playing and such in the bedroom, sir, master, etc, aren’t something that really turns him on. He’s definitely not in to sharing, there’s no way Taemin will ever be down with adding another person in to the equation, it’s just you and him.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
I really think Taemin has a sinful tongue, you can quote me on that if you want idc. He’s really a lover in bed, eager as can be to please, so going down on you isn’t something he objects to. Being quite a tease, his tongue is one of his favorite tools to do so. 69 is more what he likes, please on both parts, and Taemin can feel you twitching above him, able to rock your hips against his face, all while moaning around his cock at the same time. Best of both worlds to him.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Literally a jackrabbit. If anyone can fuck you in to next week, Taemin is your guy. He really does alternate though, from slow and loving, to a blur of hips and hard thrusts. But the majority of the time, he’s fucking you hard and fast, his only goal is to bring you both to the height of pleasure, and he’s going to. 

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
Honestly, he kind of hates them. Taemin isn’t really a fast cummer, so quickies really don’t work on his end anyways. Quickies probably only happen if he’s trying to get you off quick, like you have to leave soon, and he just ends up jerking it after you cum. They don’t happen very often, extremely rare. 

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
Taemin’s down to experiment, if he’s positive he’s not going to get caught. Like yeah, fucking in a shared kitchen is thrilling, but he knows the members aren’t coming back for a while, so it’s fine. As for anything else, unless he has a completely firm stance on the idea, Taemin’s really down to try almost anything, at least once. 

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
After performing, Taemin does look pretty dead, and I imagine Taemin in bed has the same amount of energy exerted as his dances. So he’s really fucked out after one round, but thanks to being his level of a teaser, he’s able to draw it out longer. He doesn’t finish fast, he lasts anywhere from fifteen minutes and up if he’s played his cards right. 

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Ngl, half the things Taemin wears on stage could be classified as a sex toy. Moving on. Taemin’s not so much in to the big, like legit sex toys, and by that, when I think sex toy I immediately think dildo and that’s just not flying with Taemin. He leans more towards restricting things, like handcuffs and silk scarves, plus small vibrators and literally anything leather he can find in a shop. His only qualifications for if a toy is good is 1.) can he tie you up and 2.) can he tease you with it. 

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Taemin is definitely one of the members that teases the most. He’s the baby of the group, and honestly he’s besties with Kai, so that makes him a dorky little shit by default. So chalk it up to being young, or he’s a little shit, either way, Taemin shows no mercy in the bedroom. It’s going to take some pretty good begging to please Taemin’s teasing side enough for him to be merciful. You’re in for a wild ride lmao.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Taemin’s a bomb vocalist, There’s no way he is quiet in bed, that’s for sure. He let’s it all out, Taemin’s got a song of his own when he’s doing it. He’s a mess of moans and groans and heavy panting and he doesn’t try and restrict his volume at all. He will be heard, and everyone will know Taemin’s giving you the dick. There’s absolutely no hiding it. 

W = Wild Card (random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Listen guys, Taemin on stage…You know that little fucker is a jackrabbit in bed. No one told the boy otherwise, and he’s so used to using his hips like that, that by the end of the first time you slept together, there’s going to be some nice bruises on your thighs that he’ll definitely feel awful about. He’s a wild man. Beware.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Anyone else remember that one time Tae had morning wood. Cuz I do. Anyways Taemin annoys me a bit in this sense, since he’s one of those guys that really knows how to hide it….his crotch is completely flat. I like it. But it makes this part so much harder for me. Taemin’s a pretty small and more lean/slender guy, so I can’t see him packing some insane dong in those tight ass leather pants let’s be real now. He’s more along the lines of 5″, maybe a little smaller in length and like him, mini Tae is thinner too. 

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
Okay for real, I think Taemin is one of the most dirty minded idols, he just hides behind this fake ass, gentleman, innocent maknae bs. No man that pops a dick like he does is a good boy. Nope. Taemin’s a bad one, trust me. I swear if he’s got a boo, he’s on your ass 24/7. Like one of those little dogs, all they do is hump your shoe. That’s Taemin. Smh. 

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Taemin isn’t the harshest lover, but sex is very emotionally draining with him. He really opens up and let’s all his feelings out, and that takes a huge toll on him. So typically, Taemin’s ready for bed as soon as he’s finished, he’s more fucked out than you if we’re being honest. He crashes rather quick after he’s finished, a good ten minutes is all he can last before he’s out for the night. 

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#10 Senator Ren/General Hux? 😜

“Senator Ren,” Intwing Sluice said, relishing the single syllable of his enemy/lust object’s name, “do you truly deny the nature of your relationship with General Hux? Even after the graphic holovid of you engaging in vigorous sodomy was released to the public through eXXXoTube, making it the single most popular vid on the HoloNet that didn’t involve tentacles?” 

Ren cleared his throat. “A moment, please,” he said, and took a few sips of water. “I don’t think it’s necessary for me to address rumors when they can’t get more views than a Rathtar anally loving a Quarren sexpert.” 

“You are bound by the Republican Constitution to answer questions dealing with national security,” Intwing pressed. 

With a smile, Ren replied, “According to this unsubstantiated holovid, it was not my security being breached.” 

“So you admit that someone’s security was being breached, unprotected?” 

“If you’ll excuse me for a moment, I think I left my oven droid on.” Ren got to his feet, gathering up his long robes as he made an impeccably stately exit. He slumped over as he took the single stair, and looked back on the camera with his effulgent brown eyes seeming to mist over with tears. “I think I twisted my ankle… I can’t do any more interviews today.” 

Intwing crumpled up the flimsi he was holding and threw it at the floor. 


I just love that scene, in the moment when Stark saw that Natasha was exposed to the explosion (caused by Rogers and Scott) he run in her direction to be sure She was safe. He took her hand, lifted her, (and c'mon, you all see they keep holding hands more time than necessary), and we can see clearly he was really worried if she was hurt, or something. And also, Stark and Natasha was so close, I think this is very sweet.

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What was your favorite scene from 2x18?

I’m gonna cheat here because I’m actually going to pick a favorite scene from four separate storylines. I know I know cheaters never win but my blog my rules.

1st Scene: Maia Opens Up to Simon

Alisha Wainwright you beautiful soul you. I’ve known from the beginning she was going to make a great Maia and that moment solidified it. My heart physically hurt for her. All I wanted to do was put my arm around her and tell her it was going to be okay. I wanted her to know she wasn’t alone and that what happened to her wasn’t her fault. 

2nd Scene: Luke Takes Charge His Way

From the very beginning, Luke has been trying to balance his Shadowhunter side with his pack leader side and tonight it is finally starting to feel like he has fully accepted his responsibility as a pack leader. Except it also felt as though he’s learning to use his Shadowhunter side in a way that helps his pack, not hinder them. I can’t wait to see him continue to grow as a leader. I have a feeling he is going to be a very important player on both sides. 

3rd Scene: Jonathan Takes Out the Guards

Are you fucking kidding me, Will Tudor??? I am in love with that fight choreography so much I could watch it on a loop and by could I mean I did. Perhaps I should be embarrassed by the number of times I watched that scene but since I have no shame I’m not. I couldn’t stand the book’s version of Jonathan, but Will’s version has me dreading the day he’s no longer on the show. 

4th Scene: Magnus Comes To a Decision

Bet you thought I was going to pick one of the earlier scenes involving Magnus & Alec and while I loved them all something fierce it was this scene that brought how much they truly love each other home. Just as Alec had come to realize that he couldn’t keep work and Magnus separate Magnus was realizing that in order to be the leader his people need him to be he had to let go of the one person who he loved more than anything. I don’t believe for a second this is the end of Magnus & Alec but I do think it is an absolutely necessary step in their journey. The icing on the cake was watching Matthew & Harry’s ultimate love and dedication to telling the story of this couple shine brighter than ever before. They hit upon a new level and there’s no turning back now. 

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Can you please give your full, in-depth, detailed answer on the question, "Who do you believe Inuyasha loves more, Kikyo or Kagome?" I would love to hear your real opinion on this! I'm feeling SO conflicted and torn between the two :(

I just saw inukagkids ’s answer and just WOW ! I actually wrote pretty much the same thing but I was busy with school and homeworks so I’m only posting it now… I’ll try not to repeat what was already said! 

So you’re asking this question to the most intense inukag shipper here, so my answer is predictable: it’s Kagome.

As it was said before, there is a lot of things that are wrong about Kikyo and Inuyasha’s relationship… We don’t really know much about their past, true, but they still had spent enough time together to decide that they wanted to live the rest of their life together… 

So the thing that bugs me the most about Inuyasha’s feelings toward Kikyo is the fact that when Inuyasha was revived, he called Kikyo his enemy right away. Those 50 years were like a short instant for him, yet it seems like all his love for her just vanished at that point, and he hated her until he saw her again and learned that they were set up against each other. He had to be TOLD that it was all a big misunderstanding. But obviously, Inuyasha’s lack of trust is a lot due to his past…

Ever since his mother died, Inuyasha grew up not trusting anyone because obviously, no one has ever deserved his trust. He said a good number of times that all humans despised him and just wanted to get rid of him because he was an abomination. His “hate” for Kikyo when he wakes up from being sealed is perfectly understandable. She was the first human who offered him a place and she was the first person that he started to care for since his mother died, and then she betrays him. 

But the thing his, after living such an awful betrayal, you’d think it would be even harder for him to trust a human again? But no. Kagome comes into Inuyasha’s life and she changes everything. How long did it take before he started to warm up to her? Before he started to trust her? As soone as chapter 78, they are already friends, and Inuyasha is telling her that he loves her company (something he probably never told anyone before)

At that moment , I’m 100% sure Inuyasha would never assume that Kagome betrayed him if something like the Naraku incident happened. Then again, we don’t know how much time Inuyasha and Kikyo spent together before the whole Naraku incident happened, but I can’t believe that Inuyasha and Kikyo had spent less than a month together before they actually decided they were going to spend the rest of their lives together …

But why exactly did Inuyasha agreed to become a human to live with her if he didn’t really trust her? Well it was because she was the only person he had. And that’s pretty much it. What was their relationship based on exactly? They are both lonely, but do they really share anything else? To me, it kind of seems like Inuyasha’s love for Kikyo started has a simple crush. The only reason why their relationship looks so passionate and intense is because their story is tragic. And Inuyasha “love” for Kikyo after she was revived is basically just is guilt of being the one who survived, while Kikyo died because he didn’t trust her. He says it himself !

I could just stop right there. This wasn’t in the anime though, and maybe that’s why a lot of people are still confused. Inuyasha rarely talks about his feelings, especially his feelings for Kikyo when he’s with Kagome. So this is a VERY important moment !

But to be honest, I used to be conflicted too. Especially at episode 47 and 48 (chapter 170-176), when Inuyasha’s “chooses” Kikyo over Kagome. This moment breaks my heart every time because if you don’t remember what Inuyasha said before in chapter 78 (above) it’s easy to believe that Inuyasha wants to be with Kikyo instead of Kagome.

But it’s completely wrong… THIS is what Inuyasha thinks:

He never once says it’s because he LOVES her. Kikyo died because of him so obviously he’s going to care about how she’s doing now that she’s “alive” again! And it’s like that for every single time Inuyasha goes to see Kikyo. It’s always to make sure she’s ok, and to know about Naraku’s whereabouts. When she first got resurrected, he knew that it was best for Kagome to live and for Kikyo to stay dead, because that was Kikyo’s fate and they just weren’t meant to be. Never once he says after she was resurrected that he wants to try to be with her again, he only says he wants to go to hell with her because it’s the only way he will let go of his guilt.

It’s mostly people around him (Kaede, Kagome and even Shippo) who says that Inuyasha is still in love with Kikyo. This makes things confusing, because the story is mostly told form Kagome’s perspective, and most of her friends support her and agree with her all the time.

If you haven’t read the manga, I HIGHLY recommend you read it! I didn’t even liked the anime that much when I first watched it, and the main reason was because a lot of things about the development of Inukag’s relationship was messed up. 

In the anime, when Kagome sees Kikyo and Inuyasha kissing in episode 23, I couldn’t even understand why Kagome was jealous, because they omitted this wonderful little moment that was in chapter 72:

Since that moment wasn’t included in the anime, they couldn’t include this other moment, who is actually one of my favorite Inukag moment of the whole series:

Moments like this are why I love inukag so much. Their relationship is something else. Inuyasha and Kagome have the kind of relationship I would want in my life. Sure, they argue a lot.. But most of the time, it’s because of their jealousy or because they were worried about the other ! And honestly, their bickering just make me ship them even more, because it makes them real. Kagome doesn’t put up with Inuyasha’s shit (being rude, selfish, arrogant…) and I LOVE that. And Inuyasha is not afraid of telling Kagome what he thinks too.

They are even more than just two lovers. They are friends to begin with. Of course at first, Inuyasha obviously thought that Kagome was beautiful: he said Kikyo was cute, and then he keeps saying that Kagome is identical to Kikyo!

But it’s so much more than just that. He learns to know her, Kagome, who is literally the best match for him. She is caring, selfless, friendly, understanding, thoughtful and so much more … Inuyasha needed someone like that in his life. Kikyo though, is serious and cold … I personally think the fact that Kagome is the opposite of Kikyo is something that Inuyasha likes. He’s not afraid to be completely himself (a huge dork) with her because he knows Kagome likes him for who he his. Even with his flaws. Even if he’s part demon. Kagome never cared once about this. Heck, she even thought he was cute because of his dog features ! Kagome saw Inuyasha’s worst side, his demon side, but also his weak side, his human side. And she still loves him more and more despite all of that.

Kagome is SO important for Inuyasha in many ways, she can be there for him when he needs emotional support, but she’s also there in happy times, when he can just act dumb and silly and be actually happy. She’s there with him in his battles, because honestly Inuyasha never would have fell in love with a girl who isn’t brave and who doesn’t try everything she can, even when she knows she’s not the strongest one. 

Kagome gives a lot of love to Inuyasha, and Inuyasha gives her back the same amount. There is not one person who gives more in the relationship than the other. Even if Inuyasha and Kagome never officially kiss in the manga and Inuyasha and Kikyo do, always remember that Kikyo is older and she kissed him first. Kagome is still very young and awkward in love (she pushed him away TWICE when he tried to kiss her …remember?)

LOOK AT THIS! They DO have romantic moments ! But Inuyasha is still a shonen manga, and I think Rumiko didn’t want Inukag’s romance to be the main focus. And about Inukik’s last kiss, I think it was necessary because it was like a closure to their relationship. One last kiss to seal their whole story and to say goodbye forever. Inuyasha and Kagome are married now. They have PLENTY of time to get more intimate, they are going to spend everyday together for the rest of their lives! 

So in conclusion, Inuyasha loved Kikyo when she was alive, but now he’s with Kagome because he loves her too. And in the end, even Inuyasha knows himself that he belongs with Kagome more than with anyone else.

sea-and-thestars  asked:

Let's do this one: Nero and his grandparents.

Okay, I took the theme of Nero and his grandparents and ran with it… but it went a little long, so I’ll write another follow up scene to this. I hope you like it!


3 Months Ago

I want to meet my son. SH

He wants to meet you. We’ll come when it’s safe. IA

You know where to find me. SH


Sherlock sat quietly in his chair - his fingers steepled under his bottom lip, his eyes resting intently on the small form curled up on John’s chair in front of him.

“He’s beautiful, isn’t he?” Irene Adler had asked hours earlier.


Sherlock had used the word to describe few things in his life. The night sky. The Woman. His sister’s violin playing… It seemed that something could not be beautiful, in his opinion, unless it was unfathomably painful to behold as well - unless it made him feel outside himself, in a way… and humble. And human.

This little boy that now lay fast asleep on John’s chair met all the criteria.

The Woman leaned against the kitchen archway, her hair falling in soft curls around her shoulders, her arms crossed.

“Why are we here, Sherlock?” She asked finally, as he had been staring at his son silently for the better part of an hour now.

He looked to Irene with just his eyes for a moment, and then brought his arms down to the armrests of his chair, giving her his full attention.

“Why now?” She finished.

Sherlock took a deep breath.

“My parents are on their way here.”

Irene stood abruptly straight.

“Are you insane?” she asked, taking a step in to the room. “No one can know we’re here! You know that better than–”

“I want them to know my son.” He interrupted her calmly, enunciating the last consonant of the sentence a little longer than necessary. He ticked his head a bit to the left. “And I want my son to know them.”

Irene’s face hardened.

“After all these years, after hardly showing more than a passing interest, suddenly he’s ‘your son’? You think your parents have a right to him now?”

Sherlock clenched his eyes closed for a moment at the unverbalized accusation - that he’d never cared about the boy - and then leveled his gaze at Irene before standing and going to the window.

“I’ve loved him his whole life.” He said, reaching out and gently touching the violin to his left as he thought of the bits of music he’d written for him over the last few years. “But I’ve only recently been given the necessary context to understand just what exactly that means.”

He turned to face The Woman who looked, for her part, very surprised to have heard those words come from the man before her.

“Yes, Irene, as it turns out, all it took was being tortured by my long lost homicidal sister for a day to make me realize the importance of family.”

The Woman shook her head slowly.

“We can’t stay here, Sherlock.”

Sherlock closed the distance between the two of them suddenly. Taking Irene by the arm, he pulled her in to him and pressed his lips to hers - his free hand digging in to the hair at the base of her neck. Her arms were around him immediately, and she returned the kiss as though no time had passed between this moment and the last time she was in his arms. Sherlock’s chest burned and his body tingled, and he knew, he knewthat he couldn’t let her go again. No, not after everything.

This woman and this little boy… they were his family. And family stayed.

He pulled away from the kiss, resting his forehead on hers and his hand against her neck and cheek.

“They’re here.”

There was a knock on the door. Irene looked over to it as though startled, and then back at Sherlock as a slow smile spread across his face.

He took a step away from her, stood straight, and buttoned his jacket button.

“Sherlock…” came his mother’s voice from behind the green slab of wood.

“In to battle.” he said, then walked to the door.

Sherlock took a deep breath and without turning from the door, he held his hand out for Irene.

“Are you with me?” he asked.

“No,” she responded, but a moment later her hand was in his anyway. “You’re with us.

Sherlock smiled… and then he opened the door.

Logan Echolls

I’m going to come out and admit that I loved Logan in the movie, more than I even love Logan in the show.

I am the one LoVe shipper who prefers the romantic moments to the sassy ones, not because I don’t think sass is a necessary component to the Veronica-Logan relationship but because I love the moments when they get over themselves enough to properly let the other one in.

One of the burning issues present in the Veronica-Logan relationship, for me, is their tendency to be adversarial. It makes sense why they would be - their lives, until the point the show ended, set them up to have alternate coping mechanisms and opposite techniques for dealing with the people they’re closest to. Veronica digs and digs because information is what makes her feel comfortable, makes her feel in control - and Logan hides, because what information has done in the past is given someone a reason to hurt him. And at 19, that relationship makes sense to me, and I love it. But it’s not healthy and it’s not conducive to a long term relationship. 

But Grown Up Logan? He can still snark. He still has sass. He just has come to understand who he is and what he is better than he did when he was 19. He doesn’t need Veronica’s approval, and he doesn’t need Veronica. Not having her in his life isn’t ideal, but he can work without her. He can love without her. He can have a fulfilling life without her. So he doesn’t have to build walls to hide behind. He doesn’t have to twirl imaginary mustaches or create an environment for himself where he pushes her into high alert just to get a reaction.

And it’s partially because Grown Up Veronica is someone who can give Logan the faith and trust he craved so much at 17 and 18 and 19. She has grown up to be someone who will trust that when she asks him to describe what happened the night he went over Carrie’s, she’s getting the honest truth. She has turned into someone who is able to believe in other people without having to have information as insurance. She wouldn’t be returning to Neptune if she thought Logan killed Carrie. She makes sure he knows that, straight up.

And these changes, sometimes subtle and sometimes larger, are the kinds of changes Veronica and Logan both needed in order to become a cooperative unit, who can and will lean on one another and trust in one another in times that span beyond the big moments - in times that span beyond “I’m being set up to take the fall for murder” and “Someone tried to kill me/my dad”. Adversarial snarking is fun television, but the moments when characters can honestly say, “I love you and I believe in you and I trust you” are the moments where I personally live, as a fan.

And I live in those moments when it comes to Grown Up Logan because it does feel like he’s earned it. Even though I haven’t seen the preceding nine years, I have always felt like Logan’s main issues stemmed from the external, that if he ever got to get to a place in his life where things were calm, he would be more than happy to straighten up and fly right.

This has turned from less of a “grown up Logan hit every note I wanted for him” and more into “Grown Up Logan and Grown Up Veronica work well together”, so I’m going to switch back to just Logan here and say -

I saw the snark and I saw the sometimes stupid loyalty and chivalry and rage. I missed the grandiose gestures (like, jazz hands and the like), but I adore the replaced consciousness of motion. The way Logan has stopped hiding behind his homme fatale appeal, the way he no longer is the showboat because he doesn’t want to hide. He doesn’t need to hide. It was exactly what I was looking for - a Logan who felt comfortable enough in his own skin and in his own life to express himself sometimes earnestly and always with the admiration for this woman who flew across the country nine years after she told him he was out of her life forever.

The thing that Logan did in season 2? When he used his snark and his wit and his ability to hide the fact he gave a shit about anything having to do with Veronica Mars through large portions of the season when she was looking at him, only to show the full force of how much he still cared when she wasn’t? That made me ache for Logan, but it isn’t exactly something that leads to great times. It leads to the girl you’re in love with thinking you’re talking about someone else when you start going off about your broken heart. This Logan doesn’t hide the fact that he’s into Veronica, and this Veronica doesn’t hide the fact that she’s into him.

Because they’d calmed down and stopped some of their more destructive habits, they were able to become partners and allies in a way they hadn’t been able to throughout the course of the series. Because they managed to turn their relationship from a constant battle of the wits to one in which they were witty for the other’s pleasure, they seemed to be able to create in each other the safe and nurturing environment they each desired.

I saw visions of Grown Up Logan in the schmoopy Logan that appeared when he was happily in love with Veronica, as opposed to those times he was miserably in love with Veronica or desperate to hide the fact that he was still in love with Veronica. Schmoopy Logan was the guy who was soft spoken and earnest and loving and who was comfortable telling Veronica he would drive her home on the back streets, and who could also come out swinging. I love my sass with claws, but I’ve always loved it when the claws come out for one another as opposed to at one another. And throughout the entire movie, Logan and Veronica sassed and snarked at each other, but the claws only came out toward other people. And at 28, that’s what’s probably healthiest. It definitely made me indescribably proud of him.

(And I found him to be continually interesting, to boot.)

Formal Ball ~Dean Winchester Imagine~

Hello humans! This is for the person that requested the Dean Winchester imagine. I hope you like it! :)

*Not My Gif*

Dean and I sat down on the bed next to each other. Some pointless soap opera was on and Dean and I had our eyes glued to the tv.
The door opened as Sammy walked in with a bag full of groceries.
“Hey g-” He started to say but was cut off by our ‘shhhhhs’.
He looked at the tv, then back at us and rolled his eyes. He chuckled as he sat the bags down on the table. I watched as the
couple on the tv danced together in the rain. I mentally sighed. Why couldn’t that happen to me? Honestly, if that did happen to
me, i’d hope it would be with Dean. I always had a thing for him. Tall, handsome, smart, tough. He was perfect. I looked over at
Dean as he continued to watch tv. I smiled to myself. I looked over and saw that Sammy had caught me staring at him. I quickly
looked back at the tv as my cheeks turned bright red. The show went to a commercial and Dean sighed.
“Why do they always leave it on a cliffhanger?” He asked looking at me.
I laughed a bit.
“They’re douche bags, that’s why.” I replied.
He smiled as he stared at me.
“Did you find anything, Dean?” Sammy asked.
Dean broke his stare and looked over at Sammy.
“Yeah, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that. I think Y/N and I should take this one.” He said.
I looked at him, confused. We all always went together.
“How come?” Sammy questioned.
“Well it’s a couple of shapeshifters that are posing as a couple at a formal ball thing. I figured we could pretend to be a couple.
It’d be kind of suspicious with three people.” Dean said.
“Oh. Alright.” Sammy said as he put the groceries in the fridge.
Dean looked over at me and smiled. Later on that night, I got a shower and put on the only dress I owned. It was a long, black
formal dress. The top half and sleeves were lace while the bottom half was solid black. I did my hair and makeup, then put a
knife in the strap that was hidden under my dress. I opened the bathroom door. I walked out to see Dean wearing a tuxedo. When our eyes might, we stared at each other. He looked absolutely amazing.
“R-Ready..to uh..go?” He said tripping over his own words.
I smiled and nodded. We walked out to the impala and got in. We arrived about 15 minutes later. The place looked exactly like a
castle. I stared at it in awe. I snapped out of it and focused. We were here on a case, not to have fun. Dean grabbed my hand as
we walked in. The ceilings were high and almost everything was golden. I watched as couples danced along to the music. One couple
walked up to us with friendly smiles.
“Hello. I’m Jared and this is my wife Emma.” Jared said with a smile.
“I’m Dean and this is my girlfriend Y/N. It’s nice to meet you.” Dean said as he put his arm around my waist and pulled me close.
I felt butterflies in my stomach. I absolutely loved the cases in which I had to play his girlfriend.
“Say, you guys are a cute couple. How did you meet?” Emma asked.
Dean smiled widely.
“She was a waitress and my brother and I had stopped in from work. She waited our table and as soon as our eyes met, I thought she
was the most beautiful person I had ever met. I knew that I wanted to be with her and only her.” He said as he stared at me.
I looked at him in shock. That was how we actually met. Why didn’t he make up something like usual? And why didn’t he fake our names?
“Awww.” Jared and Emma said in unison.
A slow song came on and Jared and Emma excused themselves to dance.
“Wanna dance?” Dean asked me.
“Sure.” I replied with a smile.
We walked out to the dance floor slowly. Dean put his arms around my waist and I put mine behind his neck. We slowly swayed back
and forth.
“Were they shapeshifters?” I questioned.
“No.” He replied with a smile.
“Why didn’t you fake our names?” I questioned again.
He smiled more.
“I didn’t think it was necessary.” He answered.
I looked at him confused.
“Can I tell you something?” He said.
“Sure.” I said with a smile.
“We’re not really on a case.” He admitted.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Well, there is no shapeshifter. I kind of lied about it so I could take you out. They story I told Jared and Emma was true. It
was a little different than how I explained it, but it was still the same. I’ve been in love with you since the moment I laid eyes
on you.” He said.
I looked into his eyes and smiled widely.
“Dean..That is so sweet..I’ve been in love with you since then too.” I replied.
He leaned down, kissing me sweetly and I couldn’t help but fall more in love with him.

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Avengers preference: How You Meet Them

A/N: The other avengers are joining soon! hope y'all enjoy these :) xx

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Tony: he’d invited hundreds of people to his birthday party and you and your best friend had nothing else to do, so you decided to check out the party for yourselves. Not really knowing what to expect from a party hosted by a genius, billionaire, playboyand philanthropist you decided a simple black dress with matching heels would do just fine. The exact moment you walked in, Tony’s eyes were immediately drawn to you, checking you out from head to toe with a sly smirk on his face. You looked him straight in the eye before you turned around, flipped your hair over your shoulder and walked away. The little game you played excited him and he found your sass just amazing, the rest of the evening was filled with flirting and teasing from the both of you two.

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Steve: After working for six days straight, you decided a visit to your favorite pub down town was exactly what you needed at that moment. So there you were, sitting accros the bartender and having a discussion with him about why Trump would just straight up suck as a president. After an hour or two you decided it was enough for today and that you should really head off to bed, so you said goodbye to the bartender and turned around to walk towards the door. But you hadn’t noticed the blonde man who’d smoothly made his way to the place where you just sat. You walked straight into him and it was so unexpected that you completely lost your balance and fell to the floor. Two strong arms quickly lifted you up from your position on the ground and held you a little longer than necessary. With a red face, the blonde man sputtered “I uh- I think you just fell for me.”

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Bucky: working out was your idea of relaxing after a stressfull day at work, just training your body without having to think too much about the things that were going on right now. You especially loved jogging, but you already did that yesterday so now you were heading towards the weights to train your arm muscles a little bit more. The moment you lifted one of the weights from the ground, some random douche began to catcall you from where he was sitting. “You need a little help with that, sweetheart? If you don’t have place to sit, you can always place that pretty ass here.” You dropped your weights to the floor and turned around to look him dead in the eye. The dark haired man- you thought you heared his name was Bucks? - that sat next to him glared at him. “If you don’t shut the fuck up, I will-” But before Bucks -It also could have been Buggy- could finish his sentence, your fist collided with that jerks jaw and he tumbled over. Bucks stared amazed at you, before starting to grin like an idiot. “Woah, a girl with balls.”

Richonne PDA

I need more of it. That is all.


I mean /honestly/ though, I get that it’s the apocalypse and we don’t always have time for the cutesy little things in life anymore and that Michonne and Rick are on the same level and communicate the same way and don’t even need words or kisses or hugs to convey their love for each other - I mean, have you seen some of those overly long glances Rick has been giving Chonne consistently since since season four? Or the way his head literally pivots to follow her whenever she leaves a room? (Side note: God fucking bless Andrew Lincoln.)

But still, c’mon people, if it took THE ACTUAL ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE for you to find the love of your life, I think you’d learn to appreciate the little moments a hell of a lot more. I think you /would/ hold hands in an RV, or wrap your arms around each other and give each other little pecks on the cheek during a rare moment of free time no matter who’s there to see it, or whisper “I love you” into the other person’s ear just as a gentle reminder for them to be extra careful before going out on a run. 

I think that’s just being realistic at this point. I think that kind of confirmation is always nice, even if it’s not necessary. Just knowing that the other person is thinking about you all throughout their day, and smiling when something reminds them of you, and getting distracted during a moment of down time by how good it’s going to feel coming home to you at the end of the day. 

Because the little touches kill me even more than the big stuff. The silent reassurances, the short head nods, the moments they take to appreciate one another. Don’t get me wrong, I still haven’t stopped watching the make-out scene or the waking-up-in-bed-together scene and never ever will, (and I still really want a shower scene *ahem*) but it’s the hand holds that really get to me, each for different reasons. 

I mean, the RV one is obvious. It’s the fact that they’re putting it out there for the world to see, the fact that they can’t help but hold hands (I mean, did you /see/ Rick? He reached out like a mile across just to get his hand on Chonne’s knee and she made sure he kept it there), and the fact that they can’t help but touch each other now that they both know it’s what the other one wants, too. Now that they can. I mean, they might as well make up for some lost time.

And the /arcs/ of these characters. From Michonne telling Rick to never touch her again, to her being the one who initiates their relationship by the little flex of her fingers when they’re holding hands on the couch, letting him know how she feels. (Or that awkward moment when you almost give your future wife over to the Governor only for her to literally save your ass by shish kabobbing him a little while later.) Or when your own son has been shipping you two since your prison days and now needs confirmation that you’re going to treat her right before he tells you that “It’s cool.”

And yes, I am Richonne trash, and would love to see Rick tug on Michonne’s arm to catch her attention so that she turns back to look at him and it’s so obvious to /everyone/ what’s on Rick’s mind, but more importantly, who it’s directed towards. Rick, their leader, the guy who they’ve seen do the most insane shit is actually taking orders but only from his wife (I love whipped!Rick), being as she’s this big/strong/secure guy’s only soft spot, the one he’s always ready to listen to and agree with and see eye to eye on. The only one who can calm him down and keep him in his place. The only one you better not fucking touch or look at twice unless you want Rick Grimes on your heels (which you don’t.)  

Our guy needs to tone down that whole jealousy thing just a smidgen. It’s not even a matter of trust - they trust each other more than they trust anyone else in this world - it’s just old school jealousy. I mean, Michonne was there for all of that Jessie bullshit, but you don’t see her feeling insecure about any of it or getting suspicious about who Rick talks to. Just saying. And have you /seen/ Rick? Chonne’s definitely not the only one who finds him attractive … (That being said, if the situation ever called for it, I want a front row seat to Rick decking some guy on his wife’s behalf.)

Anyway, then I want them to give each other a nice big kiss (or ten) right out there in front of God and everyone, and I’d like to see Daryl smirk and turn away, and Carl break out into a big grin, and Glenn and Maggie look at each other because they know the feeling of loving someone like that and needing someone like that and worrying over someone like that AND JUST BECAUSE I REALLY WANT THE WHOLE WORLD TO KNOW THAT THEY’RE TOGETHER. FOREVER. THAT THERE IS LITERALLY NEVER GOING TO BE ANYONE ELSE FOR EITHER ONE OF THEM. THAT’S IT. THEY’RE DONE LOOKING. THEY KNOW WHO THEY WANT. THEY KNOW THEY’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO MOVE ON NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS NOW.


Maybe the only world in which they get to be together is a world that otherwise would not be worth living in.

definitely self-indulgent. written in half an hour. i apologise for nothing.

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Still / Alone: What B3thyl was supposed to be

So, a couple days ago, I received a message from a Nonny who asked me to do an analysis about “Still” and “Alone” and why those episodes don’t bother me, since  he was upset about all the drama that surrounds the fandom and needed some positivity. I’m gonna put the ask and what I think about those two episodes behind a read more, so anyone who doesn’t want to read about it can skip it. (I’m tagging Caryl, because if someone has the same thoughts like the Nonny, maybe you would like to read it hehe. And I’m not tagging the other ship because, well, I’m not gonna change my mind, neither they will, and the purpose of the post is give the Nonny positivity about our ship, so…).

Here it goes :)

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I get that y'all are all excited about some recent rulings that will extend marriage equality to eleven more states. The marriage equality movement is fun and it’s all about love and…I dunno…proving that you can live like straight people? I’m not really about it, though.

I recognize some important aspects about equal marriage rights. I’m not a total bummer. I think end of life rights that involve a partner are important. I think being able to share in certain work related benefits, like insurance, is a helpful thing. I think legal recognition of your relationship once kids are involved is necessary. But, all of this is wrapped up in some antiquated rules that make this shit feel necessary.

Here’s my killjoy moment:



What are you and your lovely new partner gonna do with all your tax breaks if neither of you have jobs? Ending discrimination at a federal level is so much more important than marriage as a singular movement. 

God help you if you are transgender in a state without nondiscrimination policies. Guess you gotta want to get married for anyone to give a fuck about you. 

Maybe all the young queers sleeping in the streets across the country can just marry each other and then…BAM…EQUALITY?

My greatest wish is that we can see an organized movement with all the passion, numbers, praise, and effort of the marriage movement that will devote itself to the passage of ENDA.

I’m no avid supporter of capitalism…but, as it stands now: I want rooves over the heads of my queer family. I want money in their pockets. I want medication in their cabinets. I want food on their tables. I want some goddamn stability for my family. And, as long as we are able to be actively discriminated against…at a federal level, no less…we have no real security.

But, have fun planning your wedding…

For me the scene with the ties was centered on Mellie inviting Fitz to re-join her in pretending. She is downright obsequious in the way she approaches him. She knows he is furious with her, but she has no interest in resolving what’s between them. Quite the opposite, she conveys the message that she will be good and step back into the dutiful wife role. That she will do her part to maintain the façade that has been crumbling. It starts with her concern about making sure the bed he slept in (apart from her in Jerry’s room) was made to be sure the maids don’t start gossiping. She even offers to make the bed for him. This doesn’t move him so she moves on to the ties and the care she has taken in choosing them for him. For me this is her peace offering. She is trying to recreate the illusion of spousal intimacy. The way she scoops the ties off the bed and presents them to him. I almost expected her to genuflect as she offered them to him. She is seeking his approval and forgiveness and making herself vulnerable to him. I think her attire was designed to emphasize that aspect of the scene. Her behavior is reminiscent of their conversation in the back of the limo on the way to Rev Drake’s funeral in 202. That conversation ends with Fitz kissing the side of her head and granting her forgiveness.

I saw many people hating on Fitz for how he responded to her in the tie scene, but my reaction was completely different. Mellie is trying to get back to pretending, but Fitz doesn’t have the stomach for it anymore. Remember just a few scenes back Olivia, the love of his life, has forced him to strip all pretense away with regard to their relationship. He will go on with the public façade because that’s necessary to win and everything has been sacrificed for that win. But at the moment he doesn’t have the stomach for any behind the scenes pretending.

But this is more (or maybe less) than you asked about. I think the Scandal wardrobe is always intentional and meaningful. In this scene I think it emphasized Mellie’s vulnerability and her readiness to live in the “pretending is what is real” world.



The best response ever and so on point and accurate by a bright woman and unfortunately I cannot find her name. This is flawless and beyond accurate. This is in reference to the Mellie in curlers scene and her need to pretend. She really is epically pathetic.

I'm heart-broken, Arrow has managed to find a way to take me out of my Olicity headspace and turn my attention to another fave: Moira Queen

I now know why Laurel Brown told me I would want to watch this episode. For many of us, yeah, we got a couple of Olicity scenes in there. While that is normally all I’ve been given to enjoy about the show, with the occasionally awesome John Diggle scenes, tonight my focus was on Moira.

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chitrarekha  asked:

I've noticed ur remarks on Scandal's recent episodes and really liked them. I have a question - what Fitz really meant by 'you want me to humiliate u..."? Did he mean that Liv will feel bad thinking that he still cares for Mellie that's why wants to stop Andrew? What do u think? & one more do u see any significance/symbolism of showing Mellie in bra talking with Fitz?

Wow, thank you.  You are the first person to actually solicit my take on the show.  I’m usually just butting in on discussions I find interesting.  I hope I don’t cave under the pressure.  Here goes…

I’d like to answer the first part of your question in 2 ways—What I think Fitz meant and what it meant to me as a viewer. 

I think that when Fitz says “You want me to humiliate you, to make it easier for you to walk away.  I’m not going to say it” he is acknowledging that the circumstances of their relationship have pushed Olivia to the edge and that he doesn’t want to lose her.  That he sees that the compromises she must make to tolerate the reality of the relationship are too much.  Essentially I think he’s saying “I know this could break us and I just can’t go there”.  I think he’s cognizant of the fact that Olivia could mis-interpret what he needs as him still wanting Mellie and that’s why he prefaces with what he doesn’t want (i.e. Mellie back or Mellie’s love).  But he understands that even though he’s not motivated by wanting Mellie, what he’s asking of Olivia is still too much.  And in the end I think he chooses to say it only because he understands that the only thing more humiliating for Olivia than having to hear the truth is having to be the one to voice the truth.

As a viewer, I take a lot from this scene.  1) Fitz sees Olivia.  He sees that she’s “not this person” (The Sally Hemmings-Thomas Jefferson conversation).  He has heard what she expressed in “We Don’t touch The First Ladies” (She can’t be his “public whore”, the burden of “the scarlet A"  on her chest, She can’t only care about him, she needs to take care of herself because plenty of people are trying to take care of him).  He sees her pain and doesn’t want to add to it. 2) He sees the predicament that loving him has put her in.  He understands how she has compromised herself to be by his side.  And is acutely aware of the pain it causes her and that it is killing her inside.  He sees that the light has gone out of her eyes.  We know this from their earlier conversation.   3) He feels her slipping away from him and understands that she is on the edge.  He is afraid that this is the thing that will push her over the edge and out of his reach.  That taking care of herself may mean walking away from him and he doesn’t want to provide the catalyst for that.  4) There is a part of him that wants to engage in pretending even though he knows they are beyond that.  Some would say Fitz is selfish for that, but in my opinion it’s a very human reaction.  It’s always hard to make a decision that will lead to losing something we want or need. 

And the other part of your question was “do u see any significance/symbolism of showing Mellie in bra talking with Fitz?” 

Let me preface my answer by saying that identifying literary symbolism has always been a weak point for me.  I love reading about it and can see it when it’s pointed out, but I’m not great at picking up on it.  I definitely focus more on the interpersonal dynamics and character motivation, so I’m going to have to put my answer in that context because I’m just more fluent in that language. 

For me the scene with the ties was centered on Mellie inviting Fitz to re-join her in pretending.  She is downright obsequious in the way she approaches him.  She knows he is furious with her, but she has no interest in resolving what’s between them.  Quite the opposite, she conveys the message that she will be good and step back into the dutiful wife role.  That she will do her part to maintain the façade that has been crumbling.  It starts with her concern about making sure the bed he slept in (apart from her in Jerry’s room) was made to be sure the maids don’t start gossiping.  She even offers to make the bed for him.  This doesn’t move him so she moves on to the ties and the care she has taken in choosing them for him.  For me this is her peace offering.  She is trying to recreate the illusion of spousal intimacy. The way she scoops the ties off the bed and presents them to him.  I almost expected her to genuflect as she offered them to him.  She is seeking his approval and forgiveness and making herself vulnerable to him.  I think her attire was designed to emphasize that aspect of the scene.  Her behavior is reminiscent of their conversation in the back of the limo on the way to Rev Drake’s funeral in 202. That conversation ends with Fitz kissing the side of her head and granting her forgiveness. 

I saw many people hating on Fitz for how he responded to her in the tie scene, but my reaction was completely different.  Mellie is trying to get back to pretending, but Fitz doesn’t have the stomach for it anymore.  Remember just a few scenes back Olivia, the love of his life, has forced him to strip all pretense away with regard to their relationship.  He will go on with the public façade because that’s necessary to win and everything has been sacrificed for that win.  But at the moment he doesn’t have the stomach for any behind the scenes pretending.

But this is more (or maybe less) than you asked about.  I think the Scandal wardrobe is always intentional and meaningful.  In this scene I think it emphasized Mellie’s vulnerability and her readiness to live in the “pretending is what is real” world.