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This may be odd to ask but? How do you know if you are depressed/have depression? I didn't think I was but I started reading about symptoms and I related to quite a few of them and depression runs in my family. I just don't want to talk to anyone irl right now in case I'm just blowing it out of proportion. Love your blog, btw!

  • if you find yourself in “bad moods”/”funks” that significantly hindering your life and truly out of your control and are persistent (everyone has bad days/off moments. it has to be long term and significant enough that it’s a problem).
  • difficulty getting out of bed, sleeping more than necessary/usual
  • or difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, insomnia
  • significant weight loss without trying to lose weight
  • significant weight gain
  • feeling “foggy” or constantly exhausted for no reason
  • feeling bland or bored most of the time
  • feeling slowed down, slower motor skills/reaction time, feeling like your thoughts are moving too slowly, feeling like you can’t focus
  • or racing thoughts, going so fast you can’t keep track of them, more easily distracted
  • loss of interest in things you used to really care about
  • difficulty maintaining basic hygiene like showering or brushing your teeth/hair
  • suicidal thoughts
  • spending most of your time feeling like the world is just too much or too loud and it would be easier if you didn’t exist
  • difficulty connecting with loved ones, feeling like they’re lying to you when they say they care
  • high irritability and/or persistent feelings of restlessness, grumpiness, frustration
  • feeling excessively fragile or vulnerable, taking things personally, believing only negative things about yourself, low self-esteem
  • neglecting responsibilities because you don’t have the energy to attend to them and/or you can’t bring yourself to care enough to attend to them
  • excessive feelings or guilt or self-blame for things that are out of your control, feeling like everything is your fault and you can’t do anything right

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Could you make a post of your favourite vmin moments

you mean a gifset? i can do that later … but it’s kinda hard because almost everything has been giffed before and narrowing it down to 8 gifs is hELLA difficult, please give me some time… so for now my vmin + v app set and HQ content + LQ video set are basically some my fave moments! (bless the v app tbh)

and under the cut is just why i love them.. since I got a different anon asking for this before lmfao

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