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We know Lance is super smart, but... Headcanon that sometimes in everyday situations (or what counts for everyday situations when you're fighting a space war) he just loses all common sense and says and does dumb things. It happens so much and it's so funny that the team starts calling these times Lance Moments. Even when someone else does a dumb thing, it is called having a Lance Moment.

dude sorry this was one of those asks i’ve been sitting on bc i just. love to think of not only lance moments. but a whole array of paladin moments.

  • lance moment: when you get too overconfident and embarrass yourself
    • origin: “wow that’s like 1000 plus 10″, and other greatest hits
    • example:
      shiro: hey guys be careful there’s a bunch of debris up ahead
      keith: whatever i can handle it [promptly crashes into space garbage]
  • keith moment: when you forget all social etiquette
    • origin: just when the other kids had finally acclimated him to Teenage Interactions, he tried to fistbump a diplomat and it was interpreted as an attack
    • example:
      alien host: and here is our most sacred animal
      pidge: eww
      lance: [slapping a hand over her mouth] what keith here meant to say was,
    • pidge almost has more keith moments than keith. but keith’s are always more disastrous so he holds the title.
  • pidge moment: when you completely forget that there’s something else you’re supposed to be doing
    • origin: pidge was supposed to be developing a virus or something so everyone left her alone but after a full day somebody checked on her and it turns out she got distracted and had actually been programming a game on her computer
    • example:
      coran: oh, hunk! did you finish recalibrating the teludav?
      hunk: [surrounded by books on taujeerian biology] did i what
      pidge: AHA!! IT WASN’T ME THIS TIME!!
  • hunk moment: when you get overemotional at inopportune times
    • origin: everyone pulled off an incredible maneuver in the middle of a battle and hunk started tearing up and talking about how much he loves everyone and “hunk, i love you too buddy, but maybe save this for later”
    • example:
      shiro: …and you’re such a smart and talented young lady and i’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished–
      pidge: ok ok i know hunk thank you but i really need to be hacking into this server right now
  • shiro moment: when you accidentally let something really morbid slip out
    • origin: after two sleepless nights, allura asked shiro if there was anything he needed and he replied in a monotone “the sweet embrace of death”
    • example:
      coran: it’s a fascinating creature honestly! once it has completed growing, it only has ten quintants before its body begins destroying itself.
      lance: goals
      keith: …are you ok? that was a very shiro thing to say.


  • allura moment: when you surprise everyone with a previously unknown kickass ability
    • origin: the shapeshifting thing, and probably many others
    • example:
      pidge: [grabs a stick and knocks a bomb far into the distance]
      lance: what the heck
      pidge: what? matt and i used to play baseball all the time, i’m pretty good at it
      lance: god you’re such an allura
  • coran moment: when you pull a paladin moment, but play it off flawlessly
    • origin: anything he ever says. he’s making up half the nonsense that comes out of his mouth. nobody notices or calls him out on it.
    • example: there are none. coran is the only being known to pull off a coran moment.

Dad!Tony putting a heater in his spider son’s suit is just aslfajakjdla

Like he seriously brainstormed every possible situation and put something in the spidey suit to counter it.

“Never know when we’ll have a mission in sub-zero temperatures, gotta make sure my son stays warm.”

“Never know when he might have the urge to jump off a plane (like a problematic super solider i know) better make sure he has a parachute.”

*Thinks up every single problematic thing that may occur* “Oop, gotta make sure he has a web for this, and a web for that, and a web that can do this, I’m pretty sure real webs don’t actually do this, but he might need it anyways…”

*Over 500 combinations later*

“Do you think that’s enough Fri? Actually don’t answer that, my spider-son can never have too much.”

2‌•29 °˖✧ Hᴀᴘᴘʏ Bɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ, ʙᴀʙʏ! ✧˖° 2‌•29

i love shiro so much, and i really hope he’s having a nice birthday,,.. floating around in the astral plane,.. :/ hm.   .. pls bring him home and give him bday smooches; ♥

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This is a Zen centered because I love him dearly... ahah. Anyway, can he and MC talk about his albinism and try to see if their kids (MC miiiight be pregnant already, oops) will inherit the trait as well, and how they'd react to their first child greeting them for the first time with fluffy white hair? Aaaaaa thank you so very much! I love domestic family HCs: too good, too pure. Love your blog!

  • When MC got pregnant, he was so excited
  • What would it be? Who would it look more like?
  • Y’know typical excited, prospective parent
  • But then he starts to think about his albinism - specifically how his parents reacted to him - and gets worried
  • What if people hate their baby because they’re albino like him?
  • What if their child is bullied?
  • Worst yet, what if their families hate their baby?
  • When he brings it up with MC, she’s surprised at his concerns
  • MC assures him that they’ll love the baby no matter what, she would love if the baby took after him and inherited Zen’s healing ability
  • After all, Zen’s so handome, why wouldn’t she?
  • She even says that, no matter what they do, their child will be beautiful
  • Because look at Zen
  • Man is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s
  • She knows for damn sure that if anyone discriminates against her baby (especially within the family), they’re never going anywhere near it
  • She does admit that, if the baby isn’t albino, she’s concerned that some of his fans might think she cheated on him, but she’s not too concerned
  • As the pregnancy progress, his concerns don’t really die down, but MC reassures him whenever he gets too worried
  • And sure, he worried about being a dad on top of everything else, but MC’s just as worried about being a mom
  • Sure enough, when they’re baby is born, he’s got tufts of white hair on his little head and red eyes like his daddy
  • Zen is so overjoyed to have their baby, he almost doesn’t even notice his coloring
  • Not until MC points it out and says, “I told you he’d be beautiful.”

some stuff about keith and lance both loving marina and the diamonds:

  • lance figures it out when he hears keith in the shower one morning singing teen idle beautifully 
    • he wants to join in but then he thinks it would probably be weird because keith is naked and also doesn’t know lance is looming outside the door listening to him sing
    • keith sings marina a lot in the shower and lance likes to listen 
    • its not creepy he promises 
  • lance tries to let keith know he also likes marina in really round about ways so he doesn’t have to admit he listens to him sing in the shower like a creep
    • he “casually” hums how to be a heartbreaker during a debriefing but allura just asks him to stop being distracting 
    • he tries singing primmadona in the shower loud enough for keith to hear but he just wakes up an already sleep deprived pidge
    • he tries referencing power & control but keith doesn’t even get references from things he likes and regularly sings in the shower 
    • eventually lance gives up and plans to tell him that he just heard him singing but gets so nervous and just blurts out “YOU HAVE A PRETTY VOICE AND A GOOD TASTE IN MUSIC” 
    • keith just kind of stares at him confused for a second before going “uhh… thank you?” and going back to whatever he was doing
  • lances is favorite songs are primmadona, oh no!, and how to be a heartbreaker 
  • keith says he can’t pick a favorite but the outsider and hollywood are the most fun to sing
  • after lance awkwardly yells at him about also liking marinas music keith awkwardly approaches him and tells him he had his ipod with him when they left earth and ask lance if he wants to listen to marina with him
  • thats how their unspoken ritual of laying on the observation deck floor and listening to marina and the diamonds as they stare up at the stars starts 
  • eventually they actually talk about the music and they have whispered nerdy music talks
  • they both wonder if marina has released a new album since they’ve been in space
  • they talk about other music too
    • lance learns that keith likes rap?
  • eventually they talk about other things that aren’t marina and start becoming honest to god friends
  • they’ll have competitive, duet, sing offs sometimes
  • they both agree that froot isn’t her best album but keith admits that he cries every time he hears solitaire 
    • lance says the first time he heard happy he burst out sobbing
  • they learn a lot about each other
  • lance will never say it but he knows the reason keith loves marinas music so much is because her songs are pretty much all about being impulsive and lonely and angry and having a broken childhood
  • and keith will never say it but he knows the reason lance loves marinas music so much is because a lot of the time the hurt in her songs is hidden by being dramatic and flashy but you can still hear the pain
  • lance tells keith one night, when they’re sitting under the stars and they haven’t talked at all yet, that whenever he hears I am not a robot it reminds him of keith. dumb hard to reach keith who lance knows is soft under his spiky exterior 
    • keith cries
  • in return, one night, while they lay facing each other, a little too close for just friends, keith tells lance that he thinks of lance whenever he hears immortal because that’s how he feels about him 
  • lance kisses him
Wet clothes

From: Smutandfluffohmy

Character Parings: Hermione Granger x Draco Malfoy

A/N: I love Dramione so much and this is the first I’ve ever written for them I’m so happy!!

Prompt request: ‘ A prompt for Dramione? ‘Fuck, Granger, stop playing coy. It’s fucking freezing.’ Thank you ‘

Warnings: Some swearing

It was one of Ron’s comments that upset Hermione that day. Ron had one of his ‘oops I didn’t think before I spoke’ moments, that have been happening due to all the new stress and lack of sleep added.

Hermione didn’t blame him because she too have been having those moments but it was just this comment that hurt her. It brought back memories of her first year, memories of Ron making fun of her an un aware that she heard him.Ron have been talking to Harry in the common room and as Hermione was walking up to them she heard the middle of their conversation.

“Hermione is getting on my nerves all she does is nag me about studying and how ‘Oh Ron you need to do this this and this what would people think’ and jesus mate she won’t even let me play quidditch without nagging to me about something.” Ron said as she stretched his feet out in front of him as closed his eyes. Hermione’s heart hurt, hurt that Ron would say such a thing when all she was trying to do is help him. Before Harry could say anything back to Ron she slipped away just wanting to get away, wanting to be alone.

Hermione stepped outside into the halls that were filled with people, keeping her head down she started walking outside.As she stepped to an isolated placed by a big tree, big enough to hide her from everyone else the only way someone could’ve found her is if they were actually looking for her.

Her shoes crunched under the snow that layered the ground everywhere, the bottom hem her her robe getting wet from the snow. The cold biting at her exposed skin and her fingers feeling the cold, however being so upset she kept walking rather to be cold than to face anyone right now.

Placing her back against the tree she slid down the tree to sit down on the cold floor, her skirt and socks getting wet and cold. Hugging her robes closer to her as tears rolled down her cheeks, her breathing becoming difficult from crying and how the cold seemed to choke her. She heard shoes crunching from the snow becoming louder, she hoped that they would stop or turn back but they just got closer and louder.

Hermione brought her knees up to her chin and trying to hide herself under her robes.The snow crunching stopped right in front of her, she didn’t know if she should just hide till they left or to look up. The snow crunched more but they didn’t walk away the person just sifted in their spot.

“Hiding from the Weasley’s? I can’t blame you I would too” Draco sneered as he laughed and his features returning hard as he waited for Hermione to spit back a remark at him. 

“Why don’t you shove off Malfoy” Hermione said as she looked up at Malfoy whose expression soften as he saw her tear stained cheeks and bloodshot eyes. 

“Granger are you okay?” Draco said as he stepped a bit closer to Hermione unsure if he even dared to step closer to her afraid that he may scare her.

“Why do you care Malfoy? Don’t you have someone else to harass today?” Hermione said as she placed her forehead on her knees looking down at her lap, debating if she should get up as her clothes was getting drenched.

“Even I need a day off from harassing”Draco said after a chuckled escaped his mouth as he tried being as inviting as he could possibly muster.

“Yeah okay whatever Malfoy just leave me alone will you” Hermione said not looking up to see if Draco changed his expression just shutting her eyes shut hoping he would leave her and her pitty alone. Without saying anything Draco walked away as the snow crunched under his shoes behind Hermione. She looked up and sniffled as tears continued to fall as she stared blankly ahead of her nothing but snow, snow covered trees, snow covered grass, everything was just covered in a feet of snow. 

As Hermione continued to stare out to particularly nothing remembering when her parents took her outside and helped her make a snowman, remembering as her parents always thought her dedication to school was endearing.

As her nose started running she wiped it away with her sleeve wondering if she should possibly walk back into her warm room under a heap of blankets but decided against it. The thought of seeing Harry or Ron made her prefer the cold and how it was freezing every inch of her body. Lost in her own thoughts she didn’t notice the boy standing up next to her.

“Granger” Draco said again snapping Hermione out of her tance and caused her to look away from the forest and up at him.

“What is it now Malfoy?Back to harass me?” Hermione said as she scoffed and looked up at Draco who had half his body hidden behind the tree.

“Not today Granger. Can I sit?” Draco said as he pointed to the spot of snow next to Hermione waiting for her response.

“Knock yourself out” Hermione said as she motioned for him to sit, confused as to why Draco would want to sit out in the cold wet snow with her. As Draco moved to sit down next to her he revealed at what he was carrying with him, two blankets and two mugs. Sitting down next to Hermione Draco’s face scrunched up as he felt the snow wetting his clothes.

“Here you must be freezing” Draco said as he handed Hermione over a heavy green blanket and a mug filled with hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, marshmallows and cinnamon shavings. He covered himself in a thinner black blanket that didn’t look as warm as the blanket she was under, he bought an identical mug up to his lips but he had chocolate shavings instead of cinnamon ones.

She drank the hot chocolate skeptical if she should even trust to drink something Draco made but she was so tired from the crying and the cold she didn’t care at that moment.

“What are you doing Malfoy?” Hermione said as she looked back to malfoy who was trying to lick of some of the whip cream that had gotten on his lips.

“Well with my life? I don’t know I’ll get back to you on that. At the moment? Freezing my ass off. What are you doing Granger?” Draco said with a grin as he looked at Hermione who looked even more confused at every word he spoke.

“No I mean why are you being nice to me” Hermione said as she lifted the cup to her mouth allowing the warm liquid to warm her body as she drank it.

“Oh right we aren’t exactly friends are we” Draco said as he shifted around pressing his back against the tree looking away from Hermione feeling too awkward to look around.

“No we aren’t Malfoy in fact you hate me” Hermione said as she moved to make Draco look at her to see what on earth he could be up to and why.

“No I don’t, well if I told you the truth you wouldn’t believe me. Cookie?” Draco said as he reached into his pocket to bring out a napkin filled with cookies that were broken up from being in his pocket.

“Tell me the truth” Hermione said as she ignored the cookies he held up to her, shifting her body to be facing Malfoy as she hugged  the blanket closer to herself. 

“I told you. You wouldn’t believe me. Do you want one?” Draco said as he put a piece of cookie into his own mouth as he held out the rest to Hermione.

“Enough with your damn cookies what are you up to Malfoy? Is this a distraction so that your little gang can do something to Harry and Ron?” Hermione said as her face got red and hot.Draco put the rest of the cookies into his pocket and sighed.

“I’ll tell you but you won’t believe it. Hell I didn’t even believe it at first” Draco said as he played with the mug in his hands looking down at the remainder of the hot chocolate. 

“What Malfoy just spill it out” Hermione said as frustration built up inside of her wondering what on earth Draco wouldn’t tell her.

“Just for the record I don’t hate you I really don’t. Most people would say that I have trouble expressing my emotions” Draco scoffed and smiled down at his cup still unable to look up at Hermione “In potions when we were making amortentia I smelt you”Draco said growing more uncomfortable as every word left his mouth.

“But you hate me” Hermione said baffled unable to say anything else. In every scenario she had thought up of her life ending up and who she may or may not marry never had she thought the one person that she had always hated herself for liking actually returning the feelings. Since her first year her guilt ate her up hating that she didn’t hate the Slytherin boy. Hating that he wasn’t sorted into Gryffindor or that she wasn’t sorted into Slytherin.

“I really don’t Hermione. I hated that I liked you and you didn’t like me. Even when I tried to be friends with you Potter and Weasley snapped at me. Not that I blame them I mean who wants to be friends with a disgusting Slytherin.” Draco laughed bitterly as he shook his head.

“I know you don’t like me hell I’m sure you can’t even stand me and I know you have a thing going up with your Weasley” Draco said hurt hanging to every word, his heart tightening and breaking.

“Ron? You think I have a thing going on with Ron?Even if I did you have your thing going on with Pansy Parkinson and you hate me so it’s frankly none of your business” Hermione blabbered on  as her she tried everything in her power not to give in, afraid that this was all a joke and she’d be humiliated.

“Fuck, Granger, stop playing coy. It’s fucking freezing.” Draco said in frustration as he leaned his head back on the tree and groaned in frustration. Feelings and expressing feelings was not something he did in fact he never had done so.

“I’m not playing anything. I know you hate me and I don’t know how you found out that I like you Draco but this is low and scummy even for you so i’m telling you now to stop it.” Hermione said as she placed the half full mug on the other side of a rosen root and grew angry.

“Wait you like me back?” Draco said completely ignoring everything else Hermione had said as he opened his eyes and looked at her in surprise.

“Wait you didn’t know?” Hermione said as she hugged the big blanket around her wanting it to swallow her up, Draco shook his head and shifted his body so he was facing her. “Then what are you trying to do” Hermione said more confused at his intentions.

“Damn it Granger” Draco said as he placed his hands on the side of her face and brought it closer to him placing a peck on her cheek waiting for her reaction.

“Shut it Malfoy” Hermione said as she brought her face closer to him their lips inches apart their hot breath the only indication to both of them that this was actually happening.

“Kiss me Hermione” Draco said unsure what to do or say next everything so new to him. All these feelings making him completely vulnerable to the young witch before him. Hermione closed her eyes as she leaned in to Draco their lips connecting tasting the sweet taste of chocolate. Chocolate and sparks being exchanged. Neither of them could believe that this was actually happening their bottoms completely soaked through from the snow and despite the fact that their bodies were going numb from the cold neither of them were quick to leave.

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Hmmm.. what do you think about the monoma x shinsou ship??

It’s… possibly a good ship? I guess? I’ve seen it around a bit, but ngl I don’t really understand it haha

Anon said:  when’s your birthday?

November 13th! It’s still pretty far~

Anon said: you say you like seeing the bakusquad taking care of babies hmmm? draw them maybe? OuO

I did haha

Anon said: Because of your art (you made me fall in love with Bakugou and Kirishima and Kaminari) I started BNHA and got my best friend into it. Now I can’t stop writing them and my friend and I have several AUs already.

This is the best kind of ask omfg !!!!! Glad I could get you into my disaster trio!!! …but also are you maybe gonna share like I’m starved for bakushimanari content a n o n

Anon said: Aw man i was gonna recomend that fic by newamsterdam to you. Like i finished reading it and thought you could like it since you like that other kuroo x teru fic (thanks to you and the anon for that btw) and it seemed your style? Im kinda sad i missed the chance (ok i know this whole ask sounds stupid)

Awwww don’t be sad anon, reccing me bakushima stuff is seriously hard because I might or might not go daily in the ao3 tag to read anything complete that’s been updated and I might or might not be following all fics regularly updating unless they have a character death/angst with no happy ending warning oops - thank you for thinking about me tho!!! That made me happy haha

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How do you like the idea of ace!Thranduil?

I love the idea of ace!Thranduil! especially within the context of a modern AU! oops this turned into a mini story and now I have all the feels. sorry (no I’m not. I’m dragging you all down with me) . thank you so much for asking!!!

everyone thinking Thranduil is gay because he doesn’t sleep with women, but then getting super confused because men start throwing themselves at him too and he’s just like, no thanks?

Thranduil going on dates only to be disappointed when every potential partner makes jokes or storms off or complains that he’s “friendzoning” them. and he’s just left sitting there, wondering why the idea of being friends is so disappointing. 

Thranduil feeling like no one really wants to get to know him, that they only ever want to fuck him. 

Thranduil dreading the talk. that talk— the one where he inevitably ends up breaking someone’s heart when they want to get serious, and Thranduil being left heartbroken too because he thought things were pretty serious already— he really liked them and this just keeps happening

Thranduil putting his comfort aside and starting a sexual relationship, telling himself it’s not that bad, that this is the only way to make it work, desperate not to let this relationship fail. not again.

it does fail, eventually.

Thranduil starting to keep his distance from pretty much everybody because he’s so tired of being left alone, because he doesn’t know how to approach this topic without offending someone or making them feel unwanted, doesn’t know how to explain that he does want them, just not like that

Thranduil feeling sorry for himself at a pub late one friday night. Bard takes the seat next to him. they get to talking and soon the barman is telling them they have to leave, that the bar is closed. Thranduil thinks Bard is straight because he hasn’t hit on him yet, that he just wants to be friends and that is fine. it’s more than fine because Thranduil doesn’t have many friends— doesn’t have any friends, really— and so they exchange numbers and meet up again the next week. 

and things are just… easy. they click. they work. and before Thranduil knows it, they’re watching a movie on the couch, sharing a bowl of popcorn and out of nowhere Bard just turns to him and kisses him. 

and it’s nice. it’s perfect. his heart starts racing and his cheeks go hot and Bard’s hair is really soft and he lets himself enjoy it for just a minute before he pushes Bard away. this can’t happen, he says. it won’t work. he’s sorry. 

and Bard is upset. he’s confused because he thought Thranduil liked him, too. 

but Thranduil does. it scares him how much he likes Bard, but he can’t lie again, he can’t pretend like he’s done in the past because it’s not fair to either of them. and finally he cracks. he starts talking and everything just comes pouring out of his mouth and he’s crying by the time he’s done. 

and Bard is just sitting on the couch next to him, the bowl of popcorn still in his hands. he frowns and Thranduil steels himself against the inevitable backlash.

this is it. this is the part where Bard walks out, where he loses yet another friend. this is the part where he’s left alone again. 

instead, Bard apologizes. he didn’t want to make Thranduil uncomfortable; he only wanted to kiss him. and Thranduil is confused— so confused because nobody wants to just kiss him.

it’s okay, Bard says. they don’t have to take this any further, he just likes Thranduil’s company. and Thranduil can hardly believe his ears because this is all he’s ever wanted to hear his entire adult life.

this time it’s him who kisses Bard. it’s a little awkward because he can’t stop smiling, but it’s still the most perfect kiss Thranduil’s ever had.

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hi! I'm in love with your TNOW AU and I'm kinda intrigued about the whole Damon and Gra killing the bullies thing like... why was Gra bullied? and what was the final straw that made Damon snap? I like that aspect of it and think about it a lot oops I like your art too!

:O ;))) thank you so much man!! Well I mean there’s a lot of reasons for graham being bullied, he’s very soft and weak, since he’s so mild mannered that makes him an easy target. The final straw for Damon was when Graham came over to Damon’s house after being brutally beaten up in the middle of the night(black eye bloody nose his body all bruised and broken) he murders the bully on the football field shortly there after. It’s difficult trying to explain my AU because I’m rlly bad at explaining but it’s a lot better when it’s all written out.

I just never want you to take your lips off mine.
—  3:56pm because it feels too good

Souharuweek Day 5: Hurt/Comfort/Support

Rating: T

Sousuke always knew his old shoulder injury was bound to flare up again someday.

Dread.  It’s the only thing coursing through Sousuke’s veins as he stands alone in the aisle of the grocery store, his hand reflexively clutching his right shoulder as it sears with familiar pain.

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"We all know Phil is assertive af in private. It’s nice to see that side of him for a change. Or maybe that’s just me." This so much! I love videos where Dan lets his childish little shit personality come through. I think that's why I enjoyed 'Dil's dream home' so much, he was such a little brat in it. And I have lost count of all the times Dan has talked in his live shows about Phil being completely done with Dan's fussing. Bless

hahaha right? it’s adorable. I love when the dynamic switches. I think they’ve gotten a bit too comfortable with their main channel personalities showing Dan’s “wtf are you saying I’m so unamused (but oops I clearly AM because half a second later I can’t help but laugh and look at you like you’re god’s gift to earth) but I must pretend like I think you’re completely unfunny right now”  look. It’s been their thing for a long time now and although it’s quite adorable to see how terrible Dan is at pretending he’s not completely and 100% fond af of everything Phil does, it can get slightly old at times. I think we all know that their true off-camera dynamic is quite different. 

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Soulmate au where everyone finds charms that relate to their soulmate and Magnus has had many (being over 300 years old) but he hasn't seen one in the last century or so. That is, until one day, a charm shaped like an arrow head is on the pillow beside his when he wakes up one morning and he immediately puts it on a necklace and wait patiently for the day he meets his archer soulmate/boyfriend (lol this suck sorry but I saw the picture and my imagination ran wild oops)

Omg I love this! I just stole my brother’s computer so I will use this opportunity to answer all my asks lmao.

Anyways, I love this so much I’ve been thinking about it a lot?? Like in the bus on the way home and stuff like that. Imagine if this is the typical “the charm appears when the soulmate turns xx” so let’s make it 21. Imagine Alec being born with his charm and Maryse gets really scared and nervous because holy shit my son’s soulmate is too old for him. So she hides his charm from him, because she doesn’t want him trying to find his soulmate.

I can see Izzy getting hers (a paintbrush *wink*) and Alec, 23 year old Alec, staring at his sister’s happy expression while he thinks that maybe he’s broken or something. Until one day Max comes running to him saying that he found something really weird in his mom’s drawers (he was probably looking for something Maryse took from him) and he shows to Alec this weird diamond-like stone that kinda looks like a cat eye and for some reason Alec feels that this is his. This has to be his charm.

So he asks Izzy for help and they somehow put this rock in a necklace and Alec starts wearing it all the time when they go out on missions, just in case he can find his soulmate around. And one night when they are surrounded by demons, bow and arrow in hand, they are helped by a warlock with cat eyes who can’t take his eyes away from Alec (more specifically, his bow and arrow).

It must be destiny, they think when they finally see the other’s charm hanging from their necks.

Thanks for asking, Ana!

sailortralfamadore-deactivated2  asked:

What do you think of the Zoisite/Kunzite and Nephrite/Naru romances in the original anime? Since there seems to be some passive-aggressive war between fans of those and fans of the Senshi/Shitennou ships that are leading to people getting over-defensive of the latter (I agree with you they're stupid and contrived and ruin the main hook of the Usagi/Mamoru romance, and I felt that way even before I realized how much I loved ZoiKun)

I don’t really connect the Shitennou in Crystal with the Shitennou of the old anime. They are just too different for me to see them as the same characters, especially when the old ones actually had, you know, personalities. (‘Cept maybe you, Jadeite. You were just kind of a dick.)

But to answer your question, I really liked Zoisite/Kunzite. There was this amazing contrast with how they could go from being these cold-hearted, sadistic people (especially Zoisite) to just sitting around and cuddling with Kunzite dropping the cheesiest lines in the entire Dark Kingdom (“EVEN THIS ROSE CANNOT MATCH YOUR BEAUTY.”) that just got Zoisite swooning all over him… they were amazing, adorable, and their relationship added so much to their characters.

Nephrite/Naru, eeergh… not so much. I think it could have been genuinely touching and tragic, their final episode was well made and showed that potential, but too much of it was just way too poorly done. Naru falls in love with him solely because she thinks he’s hot and that’s enough to make her risk her life for him, and Nephrite spends the majority of their arc manipulating and using her until suddenly, oops, he loves her too now, I guess. The idea had potential, but its execution just made it forced and creepy.

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4/4 in sex?? Awkward idek

oh god im so bad at smut wo w sorry guys this is gonna be really bad oops apologies in advance

ashton okay so we all know that ashton would be a dom theres no fucking question about that like ive got a feeling that on occasion he would get really into it like totally animalistic losing himself like how he gets into it when he’s drumming he’d probably make low growly noises in his throat and he’d pin your hands up above your head and watch your eyes roll back into your head and you’d be making a valient effort not to make any noise but you’d slip and make some sort of ungodly noise and that would just light a fire inside of him he would be so incredibly turned on knowing he made you make that noise and immediately would make it his goal to go harder and faster until you made that noise again

calum is a kinky guy tbh i can see him into tying your hands together with a tie or making you keep your bright red heels on from dinner and he would be sweet at times but other times he would just really want to tease you and make you feel some of the pain he felt when you were out teasing him in public and he couldnt do anything about it and he’d probably make sure you couldnt reach your hands down and put them in his hair like you liked to and he’d just trail hot kisses down your stomach and totally dive right in to where you wanted him bc he’s pretty impatient and why was teasing a good idea anyways

michael would seriously be the worst in the best way not even joking like you would have to be incredibly relaxed to fuck with michael bc while we know hes a total build a bear workshop teddy bear who likes watching frozen he is also a sex machine who just wants you to get on your knees for him while he’s sitting on the couch and just blow him and i think he’d like to think he can hold out for a long time but we all know that michael would just enjoy the view down your shirt too much and paired with your hands and your mouth on him and the occasional kiss and nip to his hips and thighs oh god he wouldnt be able to last very long oops

luke i think is kinky too tbh like if that boy doesnt have any kinks i will be damned he is totally the farthest from vanilla there is oh my go d the one thing i really see him getting into is overstimulation like he would probably would love nothing more than to make you scream and cry and beg him for it and you know that he would relentlessly tease you and make sure you felt good enough to where you were still way too turned on to just give up but just desperate enough to scream his name and jerk your hips up in a desperate attempt to get him closer to you to touch you and you’d beg him to just please do something and he would be so fucking turned on seeing you twisting around under him begging wow

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headcanon that the more similar a demigod is to their godly parent, the more powerful they are.

this is a v impulsive thought & I just wanted to jot my ideas down, so I may be wrong at some places:

-Percy is so powerful bc he’s so similar to Poseidon: both are crazy powerful but are loyal to those they care about, they share that brooding look and impertinence, etc

-Nico is a lot like Hades (seems super scary but are actually lonely cinnamon rolls, holding grudges, etc)

-Piper + Drew: Both are reflections of polar aspects of Aphrodite (finding love/beauty in all situations vs. vain beauty and love to destroy)

-Leo is the most powerful out of his siblings bc he and Hepaestus both are kind of lonely, prefer retreating to communicate/tinker with machines (and Hephaestus visited Calypso too!!)

-Annabeth is so similar to Athena (both have deadly pride, are v analytical and intelligent, etc.

On the other hand:

-Jason isn’t that much like Zeus/Jupiter (he’s not that prideful, glory-seeking, and definitely doesn’t cheat in relationships) so compared to some of his siblings like Hercules or Perseus, he isn’t as powerful (I love Jason lol I think that him not being that much like Zeus is awesome)

Feel free to add stuff!


“Hey Steven, you wanna see something cool?”

I love Sugilite so much, Coach Steven was great, I can’t wait to see the other fusions! Second Sugilite was suppose to be a screencap redraw and was more of a warmup sketch but ehhhhh

Trying to get more comfortable posting sorta unpolished pieces here so I’ll start showing my half-finished Steven Universe fanart instead of leaving them to sit on my desktop never to be touched again, but we’ll see how long this lasts.

(Small update 2/6/16: Fixed Sugilite’s face)

Ashton Irwin AU - You're Both YouTubers With Crushes on Each Other (Part Three)

hey guys! so this one kind of has an ending, so you gotta request it if you want a part four… I mean, I’m totally down for whatever you guys want but I do have a plan for a part four so if you want it just tell me and I’ll make it happen :) 

warnings for this are: uhhhh…. is there even any swearing? also warning for me rambling on a bit and stuff, you know how it is

Thank you so much for all the positive feedback - you guys are awesome :) 

enjoy <3

Surprisingly, you didn’t actually get that much shit about it. Aside from a few jealous 5SOS fans, all anyone really said about your tweet was that they shipped the two of you as well, and that, while being kind of annoying, was manageable.

And it wasn’t even that annoying, really, apart from the fact that it was a constant reminder that you had no idea what to do about the whole Ashton situation.

It should have been simple. It would have been, except for the fact that it seemed the entire world either wanted you two to be together or desperately wanted you to break up. Your ship name seemed to trend almost daily on twitter, and your feed was now constantly filled with jealous, adoring, or passionate fans. It was cute, but it was overwhelming, a bit like Ashton himself.

It was all horribly awkward; because you liked him so much and neither of you had the slightest idea of what to do about it. Aside from DMing good mornings to each other from time to time, the two of you didn’t really know how to interact.

A blessing came in the form of Ashton’s next major tweet:

@ashirwiexofficial: good morning London! We’re coming to write songs for a couple weeks… look forward to seeing you xx

Your heart leapt. Did this mean what you thought it meant? You replied quickly, ignoring the voice in the back of your head reminding you what a bad idea this probably was.

@y/t/n: @ashirwiexofficial good old London town! glad to hear your coming to my favourite city!! welcome xx

There. That wasn’t too threatening, and now he could ask if you wanted to hang out without it being really awkward and weird. He replied within the minute.

@ashirwiexofficial: @y/t/n you should show me around :)

You replied hastily.

@y/t/n: @ashirwiexofficial maybe I will… there might even be a collab in your future if you play your cards right Irwin

Twitter exploded, and here it was. The end of the last semi-peaceful moment for a really, really long time. There was now tons of stressing to do, culminating with a particularly panicked phone call you made to your friend at 2.30 in the morning.

“If this is about Ashton I’m hanging up,” she said tiredly, managing to sound snappish even through an enormous yawn. “Actually, no I amend that statement,” she added as an afterthought. “If this is about anything remotely unimportant I am hanging up.”

You sighed, running a hand through your hair.

“But Y/F/N, I don’t know what to wear,” you whined.

“Jesus Christ, can’t it wait until a mildly not-ungodly hour?” she asked. “You don’t even know when you’re supposed to be meeting up with him, why don’t you focus on that first? Besides, he’s still in Australia, right?”

“Um, yeah, I think so,” you replied.

“Exactly. Which means you can probably DM him right now and he’ll be awake,” she reasoned.

“Probably,” you agreed.

“Okay, now that we’ve got that sorted, let me go back to sleep.” She hung up without another word, leaving you to open up your DMs for the third time that day and stare silently at the white screen.

Suddenly, a message popped up.

Ashton Irwin @ashirwiexofficial:

Hey you still up

You replied quickly.

Y/N @y/t/n:

I shouldn’t be, it’s like 3 in the morning here

Ashton Irwin @ashirwiexofficial:

oh god sorry you should go to sleep I didn’t wake u up did I

You smiled at how concerned he sounded before responding.

Y/N @y/t/n:

Nope it’s fine I was actually wondering about when ur coming to London

Ashton Irwin @ashirwiexofficial:

B there in a day and a half. u wanna meet up?

Your heartbeat quickened. What were you supposed to say without sounding like a total creep?

Another message popped up during your internal debate.

Ashton Irwin @ashirwiexofficial:

wow I just realised how creepy that sounded sorry I didn’t mean it like that at all idk I just kinda want to meet u in a completely non stalkerish friendship kind of way

God, he was so adorable when he was flustered.

Y/N @y/t/n:

ur rambling bro

Ashton Irwin @ashirwiexofficial:

oh gosh sorry it’s a nervous habit

Aww, he probably felt bad now. As cute as it was, you didn’t want him thinking you were, like, annoyed or something.

Y/N @y/t/n:

no it’s fine it’s kinda cute actually ^-^

Ashton Irwin @ashirwiexofficial:

100% certain that you’re cuter

Okay. That was it. The two of you had to get something straight.

Y/N @y/t/n:

okay I need to meet you asap bc I really want to date you and it would be kinda weird to start dating before we’ve even really met

Ashton Irwin @ashirwiexofficial:

sounds like a plan, beautiful

wanna meet us at the airport?

Yes. Omygod did you want to meet 5 Seconds of Summer at the airport. When you didn’t respond, Ashton kept talking.

Ashton Irwin @ashirwiexofficial:

Cal’s gonna be thrilled he loves u

Y/N @y/t/n:

awww well u can tell him that I love him too

also, do u think this whole endeavor would be a bit easier if we just texted

Ashton Irwin @ashirwiexofficial:

uk I was just thinking that but I didn’t want to be creepy

Y/N @y/t/n:


Ashton Irwin @ashirwinxofficial:

no no that wasn’t what I meant at all you’re brilliant

Y/N @y/t/n:

uh thanks you’re pretty great too ;)

After a bit more meaningless banter, the two of you exchanged phone numbers and spent the rest of the night texting, to the point where it was getting light outside before you realized how much time had actually passed.

You: omygod it’s getting light outside how long have we even been texting for

Ash: um idk but you should really go to sleep

You: yeah probably but I’m having so much fun texting u

Ash: trust me the feelings mutual

Ash: but I don’t want you to be tired all of today

Ash: go to sleep Y/N

You: is this something about me needing my beauty sleep or some shit

Ash: don’t swear

You: …

Ash: and no, you’re already gorgeous

Ash: but nobody wants their favourite youtuber to die from sleep deprivation

You: flattery will get you everywhere

Ash: potato

You: wow I feel so flattered

Ash: French fry

You: fine I’m going to bed

Ash: good morning beautiful

You: you’ve already convinced me to sleep quit it with the flattery

Ash: why

You: because its making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside >:(

Ash: you say that like it’s a bad thing

You: just zip it, Irwin

Ash: ok. Good morning, awesome girl who I’m not allowed to compliment. Sweet dreams xx

You smiled, put down your phone, and your mind was suddenly racked racked with panic about your upcoming interaction with Ashton. You only had around a day left. Despite your intense levels of exhaustion, you felt like you would be wasting valuable time sleeping. Time you could be targeting towards planning your outfit, or rehearsing what in hell you were supposed to say to the gorgeous band member and YouTuber you had been crushing on for the better part of two years now.

Whatever. You were exhausted at this point, so it wasn’t like you would be productive even if you did force yourself to stay awake. You set an alarm for seven hours from now, turned off the light, and curled up under the covers thinking about Ashton and how nice he was, and how you were probably going to meet him soon, and you were totally and completely unprepared. But it was okay, somehow. 

5.20 Episode Reaction: Goodbye New York

So…it’s over. I’m a puddle of emotions and one of the best emotions that I can say I feel after this seven episode run of Glee NYC is - I feel satisfied. Not just happy, and squeeful, and joyful, and entertained - but that as a package, this arc of Glee gave me development for the characters I care about.. It was a beautiful full circle arc for the New York gang, and the finale did not disappoint (for a change - Glee’s finale’s have not been its strong point). Goodbye New York…The URBP was All (unlike last year’s nothing)…See what I did there?

So without further ado, and in no particular order, and also late - some thoughts. Some of which I don’t see being talked about:

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