i think i love gabby too much

Post Ep Ponderings March 15

I just have to start with saying how awesome a mother Laurel is. I love that though she was very upset with Gabby, she still understood and realized quickly that she was already having punishment enough, even before she found out about that Josh kid posting about her online. She even managed to calm Bernice down. I would’ve put money down on Bernice losing it and insisting that Laurel clearly had too much on her plate and insisting that Gabby come with her. I feel like Laurel was the only one to realize that Gabby is only 15 and they’re expecting her to act more like she’s an adult. 

I have to say here, that as much as I love the internet, I am so happy that it wasn’t really a thing when I was in high school. I have to think that the ability to post your sexual conquests is at least part of the problem here. I’m sure there were jerks like Josh in my high school, but you never really heard about things like that. I knew people that were having sex as young as Gabby, but only because they were my friends and we talked. I never once saw someone get teased or bullied because of it, that’s for sure.

Speaking of bullying, how awesome a friend is Liv? I love that she got suspended for decking the guy. I hope she actually tells Robert exactly what happened. I don’t know that it will make him any less upset, he’s just under too much stress right now, but she did have a good reason for doing it, that’s for sure. Also, I’m willing to bet that I’m in the minority here, but I like the idea of Liv getting on with Rebecca. I think Liv might really need someone to talk to that’s not so close to everything going on with her, but that still knows enough. Also, likely easier to talk to a girl. I think that Vic would’ve also been a good choice here, but she’s clearly up to her eyes at work between Marlon and now Faith. I have to wonder what Chas and Charity were thinking by not getting someone to fill in for them while they were away.

Speaking of the bar, I think Chas is going to be pretty angry when she finds out about Faith trying to run the show. I think she would likely be upset just because she was working behind the bar at all, but now that she’s trying to take over, I think she’ll likely upgrade upset to pissed off. In the meantime, I’m sure we’re in for some hilarious scenes between her and Marlon. Also, it was nice to see a non-confrontational scene between Cain and Moira due to this. I’ll take what I can get when it comes to those two right now.

Finally, I love that Lisa finally sat down to talk to Zak. She might be the best person in that whole village. And I love her and Ronnie as friends. I know I’ve said it before, but those two could really rule that place. I’m just so glad that Lisa is coming into her own and has some good friends around her for support. I just hope this doesn’t mess up things with Kyle too much.

anonymous asked:

What would you do if Peter Pan took you to Neverland? C:

Grace: In the end, I’d go back home. It might be a nice weekend trip or something but if I stayed there forever I’d never grow past the age of 14. And while the idea of becoming an adult is often scary, if I didn’t grow up there would be so many things I wouldn’t experience.

Jen:  I’m 23 so I’m a little old to be comfortably hanging out with Peter Pan/Hook. I’d love the adventures but I think I’d be okay staying there if Peter brought some more people my age xD

Gabby: Are we talking about Robbie Kay? Then I’d stay in Neverland forever. If we’re talking about the animated Peter Pan, then I would go home. I’d start missing my iPod and laptop too much.

Jonna: Idk, no place seems safe there. The mermaid cove looks cool, but yeah they were trying to drown someone rather quickly…Also, yeah the OUAT version of Neverland doesn’t make me want to go there anytime soon.