i think i lost an eye i cried so hard

anonymous asked:

I was raped last week by someone I considered my friend. He's actually my ex but we were working on being friends. I have a bf and I told him today what happened. My bf is mad at the fact I had him over my house. I'm a mess now and Idk what to do. My intentions was not to do anything but smoke and talk about whatever he was going through. Now my bf is probably going to break up with me. He doesn't look at me the same. I feel so dirty. I've cried my eyes dry and I've possibly lost the loml. (1/2)

(2/2) I’m scared. My bday is this Wednesday and everything is ruined. He couldn’t even look at me. What should I do? How would you feel if you was in this situation?

damn im sorry that happened to you , I know it may be hard but i think u should put him in jail if he ruined your life you should ruin his we dont need people like him walking around on  the street. The boyfriend part idk iif u should be with someone whos not gonna support u during your highs and your lows he should be taking care of u at this point not being upset with u