i think i look tyra fierce

tyra banks should be president because the old white men would bitch and she would be like “I have had bees chasing me and was getting stabbed five times while I walked on water and I still looked fierce in this photo, I think I can handle balancing a budget”

1. And So It Ends

With Tyra at the helm, I was expecting some kind of dramatic send-off to the series, but instead the show’s goodbye was more of an afterthought. Here are the show’s final words - delivered in Tyra’s typical spoken word poetry style - aired as a voice-over while the credits roll:

22 cycles, thanks to you.
Congratulations, you’re still in the running towards becoming the most beautiful and flawsome you.
Fierce and love,

Let’s break this into pieces. First, Tyra expresses gratitude, which is wholly appropriate. The show lasted as long as it did because the fan has been loyal… and sometimes it’s been difficult to remain loyal, if we’re being honest. Although there’s been a lot of entertaining television, we’ve also endured some terrible episodes just to make it to the bitter end.

Next, Tyra empowers the viewers by addressing us like we’re all Top Model contestants. We’re on that never-ending journey to becoming more beautiful, while still embracing our “flawsome” qualities.

It’s a little cheesy, but I think I might actually like the sentiment… that is if it weren’t spoken while this photoshopped image of Tyra and Nyle is on the screen. Suddenly, Tyra has thigh gap for days. Also, could they have made her left wrist look any more brittle? I don’t want to critique Tyra’s body, but I’ve always found her “flawsome” speeches a little disingenuous, especially when it pertains to herself.

Finally, Tyra signs off like she’s reading Tyra Mail, cramming in one more gratuitous use of the word “fierce.” And then she says the last word we’ll ever hear on Top Model: “Tyra.” Yeah, that seems about right. Anyone who has stuck with this show for 22 seasons knows that the whole purpose of the show is Tyra self promotion.

And with that, the show is done. As for what that means for this blog…

I don’t know yet! I appreciate how many of you have reached out, asking me to continue this blog in some form; I can’t express how flattered I am.

I’d love to do some interviews, though no one has stepped forward yet. I’d love to do a new countdown pertaining to the show, be it worst makeovers, funniest characters, best GIFs, but I’m not sure what direction to take that in. Maybe I’ll start recapping a new show entirely. This is a fun, creative community, so maybe some of you have some good suggestions? One anonymous poster suggested doing a review/bookclub thing of Tyra’s book Modelland, which does sound hilarious. Any other ideas?

So again, I don’t quite know what the future of this blog is yet, other than to say this definitely isn’t the last post. In the words of every eliminated Top Model contestant ever, YOU WILL SEE ME AGAIN.

(Just, you know, ignore the fact that you never did see most of these people again.)

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