i think i look pretty spooky


@sixpenceee, a while back there was a snakeskin on my ceiling. Now I’ve found something even cooler. I live in a pretty old house, I think it was built in the mid 1800s, but my grandparents added an addition in the 60s. My grandmother lives in the addition. My mother, aunt and I all went upstairs looking for a leak that was dripping into my grandmother’s bathroom. We have a bathroom right above hers, and in the bathroom’s closet there’s a little wooden panel covering the pipes for the bathtub. My aunt and mom and me look in there to see if there was any water damage, and sure enough, the wood under the tub was wet. I looked around with the flashlight some more; there was a little scrunched up washcloth absorbing some of the water in there. Then I looked around the side of the tub, and was surprised to see a yellowed newspaper, balled up and crammed in there between the wall and the tub. I managed to get the newspaper out with some tongs, carefully unfolded it, and saw the date was from March 19th, 1963! I showed it to my grandmother and asked her if someone maybe put it in there to absorb excess moisture or something, but she couldn’t remember. I think I’ll replace it with a recent newspaper. Who knows, maybe someone else will find it in 60 years 

i wanna do a comic where some overwatch soldiers are scouting an area (looking for freeman probably) when they pick up some chatter over their comms and they try to figure out who it is and ask the soldier to identify himself because they’re supposed to be the only ones on this patrol, but everything comes back all messed up and garbled and they feel like somethings up, but they’re not sure, and at the end they encounter the mystery soldier who was from another squad that passed through several days prior and is now a zombine, and rushes at them with a live grenade

watch me sketch this and then completely forget about it

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Just out of curiosity, why is the icon for VE only Arcjec for the tumblr? Why not that spooky staticky dog skull thing??? At least I think it's a dog. Sorry to bother you, I'm just curious if it means anything!!!! ^>^;

arcjec is the main character, when you look up homestuck the first thing you see is john right? i think having arcjec there is pretty fitting

also arcjec is just generally important :^)

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ive been stuck in rvb for such a long time that i havent paid attention to anything else-- whats night vale??

It’s quite difficult to explain. I’ll put it as simply as I can; it’s a podcast about a radio show host, the main character, Cecil Gershwin Palmer. He reports on the events that happen in the town Night Vale, and believe me it’s pretty weird and spooky. He talks a lot about his personal life too, such as; Carlos the Scientist, who is, like I said, a scientist. He came to Night Vale to investigate it, ended up staying for a very long time, and lemme tell ya Cecil is head over heels for him.

Yeah that’s basically it, there’s probably a better summary out there somewhere, I think I may have reblogged one a while ago (I’ll have a look), it’s really tough to explain but it’s super good!

Not the final colour scheme - it’s going to stay very blue, I think. This came out really nice, but #1 it doesn’t fit the Anathema concept so much, and #2 I need to get out of the habit of relying on galaxy photos pulled off Google to make my art look pretty :’)

But yeah, I was messing around with this galaxy image and it came out far too pretty not to share. 


I finished Drawlloween!! Didn’t think I would so I thought I’d collate all my drawlloweens from last month, I reckon they look pretty impressive all standing next to each other.

Also neat to see what the rock band Penta-Jam look like together! And the three Halloween Head-Hunters who literally form a vicious cycle.

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ahh, where to begin?? i love your style so much and im learning to draw rn myself. so i have this skellyton character im trying to refine but i can quite get it right?? if you have the time, do you think you can kind of demonstrate how you envision/draw skeleton people? ive been looking for references and i love your stuff!

(Aaah my first art tutorial!) (I hope this makes a lick of sense)

When I drawing skellingtons, I stick to pretty general human anatomy that I learned in my figure drawing class. I try to focus on proportion first/keep it in mind. Nothing too fancy, and these are for people, but I use them for skeletons, too - 

That and drawing from real skeletons (well, real fake skeletons) is really good practice, either in person or from photos. Something I also do for practice (and I don’t know if other people do this, actually) is look at pics of heads and try to draw how the skull fits in there. I posted some a while back, and while I don’t think they’re perfect, it might be worth a try! 

Okay, with all that out of the way, here’s how I draw a cock-eyed skull:

I start with a general shape with crosslines for layout - 

Then I add more details for the “eyebrows,” cheekbones, teeth, and jaw - 

I add in the eye sockets and nose hole (which is actually a lot closer to the eyes than I used to draw it), add a center line for the teeth, and shade in the area behind them. Some pics I’ve seen of real skulls don’t really have this, but I keep it because otherwise my skulls sort of look like cheapo Halloween masks -

Then the teeth. I used to draw the teeth farther down and smaller and they looked like they were about to fall off the face - 

(Quick thing: I try to keep lines for the teeth light. They’re so small and in a tight space that drawing big dividing lines is, in my stuff, a little off-putting. It’s the power of suggestion~~)

Aaand then just some quick colors for this guy!

And for bodies (which I don’t draw as much as I should; I just like skeletons in suits, heeh), I do go for a little bit of that Skeleton Dance aesthetic of simplified, slightly rubbery bones.

But there are a lot of different directions to go with drawing skeletons, and you can definitely work on it until you’re comfortable! For other references, this blog has a lot of great resources for human anatomy. (And art things in general) I look there a lot, actually, when I’m not sure how to do something!

Hope this helped/wasn’t too much info all at once! Good luck with Mr./Mrs. skellyton!