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Sweater Weather

Jughead x Reader

Wordcount: 2.2k

Request: Can you do an imagine where Jughead breaks up with the reader and she doesn’t go  to school for a couple of days and when she returns she’s a mess wearing joggers and something of Jugheads.

Warnings: none/fluff/possible swearing

Summary: Based on the Neighbourhood Sweater Weather, Jughead breaks the readers heart, she’s a mess and when he sees what he’s done he realises it was a mistake.

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everyone in be more chill as out-of-context things ive said
  • Jeremy: "Give me ten minutes and I'll come up with something cool and funny and maybe you'll be proud of me like my parents aren't."
  • Michael: "I'm single, limp, and a notably homosexual tapeworm."
  • Christine: "Help, I think I stabbed the prop chicken too hard during my solo."
  • Jenna: "Yo, hey, dude, you have to hear this thing I heard from someone the other day! It's this cool thing called 'validation,' wild, am I right?"
  • Brooke: "I raise you a concept: ice cream is gay."
  • Chloe: *One pant leg of her jeans is missing* "Looking as passingly decent as I do today makes me believe I have my life together."
  • Rich: *raises hand* "So, hypothetically speaking, what if you've burned your textbook for this class?"
  • Jake: "I'm not saying I broke my leg on the second day. I'm saying I tore my ligament which is almost as bad."
  • SQUIP: "Algebra is not a creative colour."
  • bonus:
  • Mr Heere: "I only just remembered people are coming over today and they're going to be arriving in approximately five minutes, so hold up while I go and put on some clothes."
  • Mr Reyes: "The day the legalisation of the marriage of food arrives is the day I ascend with my forever beloved poptart and leave you sorry humans in this hellhole"

I love how Supernatural is that never ending cycle of ‘hey look, it’s getting better again, the plot is getting interesting again, characterization on point, wow we had some really decent episodes in a row recently oh boy’ until *POOF* there is always that one (1) Buckleming episode like:

Tourette's is not schizophrenia.

I have a mild form of Tourette’s Syndrome, which usually manifests itself in a verbal tic (like a small yelp or grunt) and a shoulder/arm spasm. It doesn’t affect my motor skills, my mental processing skills, or anything really important. Sometimes I just twitch, and most people don’t freak out over it. I work at a supermarket in the hot deli section, which consists of making breakfast burritos and scooping food into plates. Today, there was an old lady, probably 70-80, looking at our overhead menu, when I twitched. She gave me this look of shock and walked off. I shrugged, and didn’t think much of it at the time. She came back not much later, and said to my coworker, “I’d like to be served, but not by the schizophrenic.” And proceeded to shoot me dirty looks during the entire transaction with my coworker, like how dare someone with a neurological condition work in decent society. My coworker is a nice older lady who was VERY upset that this lady was being so rude to me right to my face. I was just flabbergasted because I haven’t ever had someone be so outright rude to me like this at this job. It’s kind of a joke in my family now, but it’s still so hard to believe that in the twilight of her life, when the moments are fewer and time is precious, that she decides to be shitty to a 20 year old she doesn’t even know.



I did itttt ;A; I didn’t think I would be able to finish, but I did! orz
I think I’m satisfied with designing stuff for now lol //lays down

 Hopefully Sidon looks decent! It took .. ages to draw him. 

Pre-orders will end on June 20th at Midnight! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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car kisses ♡ ethan

requested: yes

anon: Could you write an imagine where y/n and either E or G (Idc which one :)) just started dating and E or G really wants to kiss y/n but he is shy and nervous so she kind of takes the lead and gives him a quick peck at first and he’s all flustered and then it gets heated omg yessssss!! I just thought of this and I can’t wait for you to write it :) please and thank you love!!!

a/n – i seriously hope this was good because I spent lots of time writing this (: so yeah I hope you like it haha sorry if you don’t :(  also sorry its REALLY LONG i got way into this like omg goals but anywayyyyy

Y/B/D = your birthday haha (: 

word count: 1,959

“You’re going on a date with Ethan Dolan?” Your best friend squeals over the video chat you were having. You were getting ready and she had called, and you decided you needed some best friend motivation before this date with the most gorgeous boy you’d ever seen.

“Yes, now what should I wear, casual or like, a dress?” You ask, looking in your closet with a sigh. You were feeling very frustrated with yourself, and very nervous about the upcoming date.

“Well, where are you two going again?” Your best friend asks and turn to look at her,

“This cute little place that’s like an hour away. He says it’s his favorite.” You shrug and you watch her fall back on her bed,

“Goals!” She screams and you laugh,

“Shh!” You giggle and she does the same, getting back up quickly looking like she had an idea.

“Ooh! I know! You could wear that really cute white romper you have, you know, the one with the long sleeves?” She tells you and you grin, “Yeah, and you should wear your hair down. And wear the cute flats that match.” She tells you as you rush into your closet and change into the outfit she picked out.

“You are a blessing!” You say and she laugh, flipping her hair behind her back,

“I know.” She winks, “You look hot!” She says and you look in your mirror, mentally agreeing with her. You did look really good in the outfit. You decided to add a gold necklace and some earrings to complete the look, and you minimized the make-up you put on. You left your hair down, thinking it looked decent enough.

Suddenly your doorbell rang and you sigh in relief because you were the only one in your house today.

“Okay. Have fun then, don’t forget I need details when you come back!” She yells and you roll your eyes, ready to end the call.

“Yeah, yeah. Love you, bye.” You hurriedly end the call and rush downstairs, almost falling down.

You smooth out your romper and take a deep breath, opening your door finally.

You look out the door and see Ethan looking down at his shoes, and he quickly looks up with wide eyes and smiles at you brightly. He was wearing nice jeans and a shirt that fit him perfectly. You were glad you went with something a little more casual, instead of fancy.

He raises his arms and you see a bouquet of flowers in his hands, making you grin slightly. How sweet, “Some flowers for my flower,” He says cheekily making you laugh,

“How cheesy. But still cute, here, come in.” You smile and take the flowers, walking into the kitchen and getting an empty vase to fill it with water.

Ethan walks in hesitantly and follows you, leaning against the wall rather attractively, waiting for you to finish.

“Are you ready for this road trip?” He asks as you put the flowers into the vase, setting them down on the table.

“Yeah. I love road trips.” You inform him and he smirks,

“Good, because this one’s a long one.” He tells you and you shake your head, laughing as you confidently take his hand and lead him out of the house.

When you guys finally hit the road, you decide to put on some music.

“How do you put on music in your car?” You ask, looking at him and waiting for an answer.

He glances at you and then looks back to the road, grabbing his phone and handing it to you, “My phone is already connected to the car and I have Apple Music so, you can look up whatever you want.” He says and smiles at you and you smile back, “The password is 121699,” He tells you and you were genuinely surprised he had given you his passcode.

“Thanks,” You say happily, “Does it mean something?” You ask curiously as you type it in.

“It’s my birthday,” He chuckles, keeping his eyes on the road and your mouth makes an ‘o’ shape,

“That’s a good idea,” You say and he laughs, nodding,

“When’s your birthday?” He asks awkwardly but you didn’t mind, smiling a little at his question. You were happy this wasn’t a super awkward quiet car ride.

“Uhm, Y/B/D ” You tell him and he nods. You could tell he was making a mental note to remember that, which also made you happy.

You click the Music app on his phone and scroll through his song library, “What do you want to listen to?” You ask, continuing to scroll through his songs.

“Put on…” He starts, putting on a thinking face, “Whatever you want.” He shrugs.

“Wow I feel so pressured,” You say and he laughs, “Okay, I think i’m going to put on One dance.” You laugh and he does too.

“That song is so old!” He says and you put your hand above your heart,

“Don’t insult drake!” You say and he bursts out laughing.

When you finally got to the cafe,  it was a little dark outside. The car ride was really fun, and you thought that even if you had just went on the car ride it would be a great date.

You learned a lot about Ethan during the car ride, especially since halfway through you both got bored of listening to music so you played 21 questions instead.

He turned the car off and gets out, walking around just to open the door for you which made you smile. You knew that with this much smiling in one night, your face would start to hurt.

“What a gentlemen,” You compliment him and he smiles,

“Only for you.” He laughs and you do to. You knew Ethan was a sweet boy, but you had never expected this.

When you got into the cafe and got seated, Ethan immediately raised his menu to look through the food.

You raised yours too, except you didn’t look for food to eat, and instead used it to shield you so you could stare at Ethan.

Suddenly Ethan looked up and saw you staring, and wiggled his eyebrows, making you laugh. You wiggled your eyebrows as well, making him laugh. This continued until a kind old women came to ask for which drinks you wanted.

She coughed slightly making you and Ethan straighten up and act civil. You looked at Ethan and held in your laughter, because you could tell he was about to laugh too.

“I would like some water.” He tells the old lady, who, from her name tag, was named Pam.

“Me too please.” You tell her with a straight face and she rolls her eyes playfully.

“Of course. And I’m assuming by how much laughter is coming from this table, you don’t know what you’d like to eat yet?” She says and you and Ethan turn to look at each other sheepishly.

“Uh-” Ethan coughs, “Actually we were waiting for you to tell us what’s good…” He tells Pam and turns to you, giving you a wink making you giggle.

“Many customers here get the number one. It’s like breakfast for dinner, everyone loves it. Especially with coffee.” She adds and you nod understandingly, thinking that you might want that.

“Does it come with pancakes?” You ask the important question that both you and Ethan were thinking.

“Yes.” She replies and you and Ethan order the number one.

As you waited, you laughed harder than you ever had before, and so did Ethan as far as you could tell. You didn’t know why but everything he said or did was very funny, and to him you were hilarious as well.

When the food finally came you both dug in immediately, and you finished your completely much to Ethan’s surprise.

Suddenly Ethan chuckled, seeing a little bit of whipped cream on your bottom lip. He took his thumb and ran it across your bottom lip, wiping it off.

“Thanks,” You say with a small smile on your face and he shrugged. He put some money on the table, enough to pay for the meal and the tip, and stood up, reaching his hand out for you to take, which you gladly did.

“You look tired.” He tells you as you walk out of the cafe hand in hand.

You yawned after he said that, making him laugh. “I am tired.” You say and he nods,

“Me too, Y/N.” He laughs again, and figured that that sound was definitely one of your favorite sounds already. Maybe it’s because you had been hearing so much all night, but either way you loved it .

When you two got in the car, he looked at you before staring the car, looking nervous. This was a look you hadn’t seen on Ethan all night, and that made you a little bit nervous as well.

You look in each others eyes and suddenly his eyes flicker to your lips, and you knew why he was suddenly nervous. It made butterflies erupt in your stomach, and you wanted to kiss him as well.

You took a deep breath, and then quickly pressed your lips to his. You could feel him tense up, but then relax immediately when he realized what was happening. You pulled away and looked to see his reaction, and you saw a very flustered Ethan. His cheeks, and face, really, were all red and you giggled a little.

He looked at you for a moment longer, before gaining confidence and this time, he pressed his lips to yours. This kiss was different from your last, which was slow and new. This one was needy and rough, and you kinda liked it.

“C'mere,” He mumbled and helped you maneuver onto his lap. The steering wheel was sort of digging into your back, but you didn’t really care.

You hands found their way into Ethan’s hair, and he groans a little when you pull on it, making you smirk.

All of the sudden there was a tap on his window, making you jump and Ethan’s eyes widen. His hands rested on your waist as you look at Pam through his window in shock.

You look at Ethan with a “What the hell are we supposed to do now?” look.

He shrugs and you roll your eyes, rolling down the window, “Hey pam!” You say with a smile and when you look at Ethan he had an obviously fake smile on his face, almost making you laugh.

“You kids are way to young to be doing this. Especially not at this Family friendly restaurant! Want to know why I came out here? Because there was a complaint about you two! Now get out of here, lovebirds.” She says in a serious tone but there was a small smile on her face.

You nod and give her a smile, “We’ll go somewhere else.” You say and she nods,

“Come back soon,” She whispers and you nod. When she walks away you look at Ethan only to see him staring right back at you with a grin plastered across his face.

“You’re so cute.” He says randomly, making you blush. You lean and touch your noses together, smiling wide, and give him a quick kiss on the lips. Then you hop off of his lap and back into your seat, putting on your seatbelt.

You look at Ethan and see him frowning, “I liked being in that position.” He says and you laugh.

“I bet you did.”

a/n – GUYS I LOVED THIS SO MUCH GOALS OMG OMG OMG i want to make a part two and like add to this where like they go back to the cafe and he proposes or something idk BUT GUYS

Namjoon Scenario: Opposites.

Request: Namjoon fluff where you bring good luck and Namjoon brings bad luck (bc of his clumsiness) and you both are tired of it so when you two meet everything balances out.            

Genre: Fluff / Romance

The world was a harsh place for those who weren’t on good terms with luck, oh if Namjoon knew. He was a loner by choice, because not many people wanted to be around someone who attracted accidents and misfortune with only showing up and breathing, his only companion had been the bad luck weighing on his shoulders, floating around his form like a dark cloud while he went tripping and crashing on almost everything he could do so.

Namjoon tried his best to be attentive, to not let his clumsiness take everything around him down, but it was as if he carried a curse of sorts. He remembered complaining about his bad luck out loud when he was younger and his mother was around, she had laughed softly and told him that he could make something out of it, to make that bad his and turn it into a good thing and in all the years that followed, Namjoon was still trying to do what she’d told him, trying to find his strength in every broken cell phone and lost shoe.

That particular morning he was feeling hopeless and annoyed, there hadn’t been any rain announcement but there he was, drenched from head to toe because he went out and the clouds decided to play a joke on him, he’d lost the bus to his seven am class so he was also going to miss a test that was going to cost him twenty percent of his final grade if he was lucky, and he was never. Namjoon sighed, squeezing a corner of his shirt while he was almost at the bus stop, only to have a car driving fast by a rain puddle and getting him even more wet.

–Fuck this shit! – he groaned at the same moment you were arriving to the bus stop. He noticed your presence because you laughed at his outburst and then you were taking a small towel out of your gym bag and handing it to him.

–Here, seems like you need it–

Namjoon stared dumbfounded at the towel and then at you smiling prettily, yes, he needed it and for the first day of his life, he didn’t feel so stuck on his bad luck.

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AU where the reader is the only decent person at Beacon Hills High School (Part 2)

Part 1, Part 3 Part 4

It took you a while to process everything that had happened today. Everything you saw, everything you thought you saw. You still weren’t fully convinced you had witnessed everything correctly. Could Liam’s eyes have actually changed colours from baby blue to a bright, shining amber?  Or were you just hallucinating? Not even clear on whether or not you even wanted to fathom the answers to those questions. However, one thing you were certain on grasping was whether or not Liam was alright, given the state he was in when he was carried away by his two friends and the Coach.

You made your way over to the nurse’s office but since school was over, the door was locked and Liam was nowhere to be found.

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

As you lay on your bed later that evening, finishing up some homework, a faint sound coming from outside your second-story window peaks your interest. Heading over, you look out only to see a hooded figure standing in the darkness. Immediately, you feel your heart beat slightly faster. This is how horror movies begin, you think to yourself. Not long after your change in temperament, the person standing on your lawn draws down their hood, revealing not a cereal killer’s face but a rather familiar one: Liam’s. He waves for you to join him and so you creep down the stairs and through the front door. It’s once you’re at an acceptable distance away from him, though that you really notice his features. There was no trace of blood. No black eye. No swelling whatsoever, actually. He looked untouched like earlier today never happened. As if he hadn’t been repeatedly punched and kicked, face indistinguishable under the amount of blood. Liam looked just like he always did.

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Neighbours part 2; C.H.

You can read part one right here.

“What the hell is up with you today? Do you even hear me?” My friend Sophie groans in my ear as I see her hand wave in front of my eyes. I blink briskly for a few times, turning my head towards her general direction as I mumble out a ‘huh’. 

“You’re unbelievable. What’s wrong?” Daisy rolls her eyes as she loudly chews her gum. 

 "Nothing’s wrong. I’m just thinking, ’s all.“ I let a tiny smile grace my lips as my gaze catches Calum again. He’s sitting almost on the other side of the hall, laughing along with his three friends. “You know; one day they’ll notice who you’re so smitten about.” My male friend, Jordan whispers in my ear. You can just hear the smirk form on his lips. 

 "Oh shush, I’m not smitten.“ I roll my eyes, threading my fingers through my loose curls, shaking them up the slightest bit. 

"You know, I’d secretly do him if I were you. Sadly, none of those boys,” Jordan motions his head to Calum and company, “well, they aren’t gay.”

 "You have enough of jocks-in-experimental-phase to keep yourself busy. Grant me this one, will you?“ I sigh, raising an eyebrow as I turn in my friend’s direction. I only receive an eye roll in return as he lets himself hit the back of his seat. 

 "Okay, listen up. Party at my house tonight. Bit more secluded. And Y/n,” Tom addresses me personally, “you better show this time. It’s always the same with you.”

My eyes widen and I let my flat hand hit the table, the sound of my ring on my middle finger hitting the table chiming through the filled hall. 

 "I can’t help my parents won’t let me go, Tom. Stop being a bitch, I have a life outside of your boring parties.“ The whole group hollers at my comeback and I’m sick of even being here. I’m sure other people had actual, real friends and were enjoying themselves a lot more. This felt like a daily one-hour torture. 

 My gaze flicks back over to Calum as I slump in my seat, Tom mumbling something about me being a bitch and I see Calum already staring at me. Well I just yelled throughout the whole hall and I’m sure he heard what I had said. 

He surprises me by raising his thumb in the air, silently asking if I were okay while he raises his eyebrows in wonder. I shrug my shoulders in response and bite my lip, shaking my head as I focus back on my sandwich in front of me. 

 "Y/n! Are you fucking kidding me?” Tom’s voice squeaks loudly through the dining hall again and I can feel all eyes on me. I raise my head, jaw locked in an angry manner as I can feel my eyebrow twitch. 

“Can you keep that hole of yours shut long enough that I can enjoy my meal in silence, Tom? You think you can do that?” I seethe, all eyes glued on this exchange. 

 Tom is simply gaping at me as I push myself upright, my lips pursed as I nod towards Jordan. “I’ll probably text you later.” And without another word to any of them, I stalk of towards the back, throwing my lunch in the thrash with a dramatic dunk as I hear the doors fall closed behind me with a loud, hollow thud. 

 I couldn’t help that Calum stroking himself was all that had clouded my mind today. It hasn’t helped when I saw he was wearing my favourite shirt on him, along with the tightest skinny jeans I might have ever seen on a male. His bum looked so incredible in those pants and I was doing it again. I sigh as I let out a breathless, humourless chuckle and let my back hit the brick wall rather forcefully. 

 "You okay there?“ I completely tense up when I hear his deep voice, my core responding immediately as I think back of the words he had spoken to me yesterday. 

Enjoyed the show?

 "I - uh - yeah. Yeah I’m fine.” I relax my tense features and grant Calum a tiny smile. 

“Tom’s a dick.” Calum suddenly blurts, looking down and biting his lip. He seems to be refraining from speaking up but when he does my eyes widen in shock and amusement. 

“But you have been distracted lately..” He lifts his gaze to meet mine and his eyebrows raise, the smirk on his lips only growing when I don’t respond. 

 "I can’t help myself. Like when someone gives me a show, I can’t help but watch.“ I shrug my shoulders nonchalantly, my own grin breaking through. Calum shakes his head but can’t keep the smile off of his lips as he backs away. 

"Glad you’re okay though, Y/n. See you in physics.”

 I can’t help but keep staring at the spot where Calum had stood five minutes ago, my brain taking over last night’s events, along with his words just now - was he flirting?

 I drag my bum over to physics, two hours of torture for everyone else, but not for me. I didn’t understand it enough for it to be torture for me. I see Sophie and Daisy sit in the front and I almost growl at the sight of them. Then I spot Calum and his mate Luke, sitting near the back. There’s a spot behind Luke and I pick up the pace to claim that. 

 "Y/n! What are you doing? Come here!“ Daisy whisper-yells over towards me while waving her arms in the air like a lunatic. I roll my eyes and focus on the notes from yesterday, the homework I didn’t do thanks to Calum. 

"Uh-oh. Troubles in poppy paradise?” Luke grins as he leans back, upper body turned towards me. I lift my gaze and see Calum furrow his eyebrows at me as well. 

 "Not that’s any of your business but I enjoy some peace and quiet every once in a while.“ I huff out, keeping my eyes trained on my notes as I desperately try to fix this exercise I should’ve done yesterday. 

"Aren’t you feisty today.” Luke starts, turning his upper body more towards me, his grin changing into a smirk and I’m ready to smack him across the head with my calculator before Calum comes to my aid. 

 "Luke, leave her alone. She doesn’t have to be with her mates, has she?“ Calum raises an eyebrow in Luke’s direction as Luke’s eyes widen. I see Calum glance towards me and I purse my lips, giving him a tiny smile and a nod of my head. 

"Since when are you so protective of her? She’s just a neighbour and one of the populars, Cal. Damn.” Luke rolls his eyes and turns to the front of the class, ignoring me and his best mate. It seemed as if Luke was insinuating that Calum had stood up for me before and the thought alone makes my heart swell.

 "Here.“ Calum slides his answer sheet towards me, my teeth sinking into my lip as I try to hide the wide grin from breaking through. 

"One-time deal, Y/n.” Calum shakes his head with a laugh and I start copying his notes, making a mental note to thank him profusely later. 


“Calum!” I yell down the otherwise empty street as he flashes me by on his board. I hear the wheels of his skateboard screech as he comes to a halt and I jog up to him, his foot still on his plank. “Yeah?”

 "I haven’t thanked you properly for helping me out. If I don’t get my grades up, I’m screwed.“ I shake my head as I look at the floor, seeing Calum’s battered old vans adorning his feet. 

"Ah, it’s nothing Y/n. Don’t worry about it.” He hoists his bag higher up his shoulder, ready to turn around before his head seems to click. 

 "Did you get anything from the class today?“ I shake my head no as I bite my lip. I was sure to fail this class this year and I really dreaded telling my parents I had failed yet another class. 

"I don’t know why. I used to be pretty decent. I think I got dumber.” I shrug my shoulders as I start walking again, passing Calum on my way towards our street. 

 "I know you’re smart. You just need another learning method.“ Calum catches up to me, his skateboard underneath his armpit as he steps into pace with me. "I wish I knew how when where and whatever because I am not spending my summer revising physics.” I groan, throwing my head back and I feel my hair tie slip from my pony tail. 

 Calum is quick to bend down and retrieve my hair tie for me, granting me an amazing view from his round, toned bum. I let out a sigh and my eyes widen as Calum raises back to his original height and he gives me a cocked eyebrow. “You okay?”

I ruffle my hair as I take the tie from him, smirking when I see him give me a once over as I flip my head to redo the pony tail. 

“Oh I’m just great, Cal.”

 "Want to do our physics homework together?“ Calum suddenly asks when we’ve already walked half of the route in complete silence and both of our houses come into view. I contemplate whether or not this is a smart idea, but I do need some help with my class and spending more time around Calum isn’t something I would mind at all. 

 "Yeah, uh, sure.” I grant Calum with a toothy grin and follow him up the steps into his own house. The house seems vacant as he yells to no one in particular that he’s home. 

Calum motions his head for me to follow him and I tentatively take slow steps up towards the first floor, probably towards his bed room. 

 He drops his book bag onto his bed, skateboard disappearing underneath, but my gaze is locked on his opened window. From here, you had a clear view into almost all in my bedroom - including the en-suite bathroom. My eyes widen dramatically when I realize Calum might have seen me naked way more times than I can imagine and I hear a chuckle in my right ear as he stands directly behind me. I can feel his presence, his whole body almost touching me but not quite.

 "You aren’t the only one with a view, dear.“ I’m completely frozen, by the revelation I just received but also with Calum being so close to me when all I had done since yesterday was thinking about how hot he looked while stroking himself. 

 "You knew?” I breathe, biting harshly on my bottom lip when his fingertips start tickling along my lower back and hips, feverishly awaiting Calum’s answer. He hums in return, head still next to mine as I let my eyes flutter closed again. 

 "You were wearing a skirt yesterday. Don’t you think something like that gets me… Riled up?“ Calum breathes against my neck, his lips brushing along the skin on my shoulder as he lets his hands rest on my hips. My complete body is in shivers and I open my eyes and keep my gaze trained on the window, seeing my own bed clearly from where I’m standing. I can’t help but let my eyelids droop closed as he bites down onto the tender flesh where my neck meets my shoulder, slightly falling backwards against Calum’s frame. 

 "I - uh -” I stutter, trying to keep my eyes open as my fingers lace with his while his hands roam over my stomach. “Wiggling your ass. Watching me when I come home. I have to say, it kind of turns me on. You being such a voyeur.” Calum laughs breathlessly against my neck and I could feel my cheeks flame like no tomorrow, trying to pull away from Calum in embarrassment. I never thought he would’ve seen me. 

 "I’ve watched you play with yourself too, Y/n. Don’t worry. Maybe you should close your curtains if you didn’t want the horny male next door to get off on your moans.“ Even though the embarrassment is still very much present, his words arouse me rapidly. Calum was an attractive guy and my ego could only be stroked when he admitted he enjoyed me

 A soft moan slips past my lips and I feel Calum tense up behind me. "Oh, you like that?”

I hum in return but squeak out when his teeth sink into my neck, probably leaving a mark. My fingertips dig into the backs of his hands, one of his hands creeping up to rest between my breasts. He pushes me closer with that hand, feeling his hardening cock press against my back. I can’t help but arch my back just the slightest bit, pressing my bum flush against Calum. 

 "I never thought I’d get any more than that quick look.“ Calum breathes, drawing my attention away from the lovely assault on my neck. "Why?” I mumble, grinding my hips against him which draws a deep throated moan from the tan male. 

 "I’m a band geek? You’re probably the most popular girl in school?“ His voice goes up in the end, indicating he was questioning me rather than granting me the information. 

"Maybe but you’re an amazingly hot band geek.” I growl as I turn around, pressing my breasts against Calum’s front and smack our lips together. Calum takes a few moments to respond, but he relaxes into the kiss and soon he’s fighting me for dominance, his fingers clawing at the exposed skin near my hips. 

 "Y/n…“ Calum breathes apprehensively, pushing at my hips to detach me from his body. I raise an eyebrow, pursing my lips as I wait for him to speak. 

"Maybe this isn’t such a good idea. I mean I don’t want to single handedly ruin your rep.”

 "Why is everyone so focused on reputations? I don’t care that you’re not in our friend clique, I want you. Now.“ I growl and press myself back against Calum, drawing a chuckle from his lips and he guides me over to his unmade bed. 

 I drop onto said unmade bed with a hollow thud, letting out a giggle as he crawls on top of me. His face lingers inches above mine, our lips merely brushing. A few months ago I wouldn’t have even thought about making out on Calum’s bed. Hell I wouldn’t even have thought I’d ever get a chance to talk to him outside of our neighbour barbecues Joy hosted. And even then I never actually spoke to him. 

 I can’t take it any longer and pull him closer to me by the neck, pressing our lips together briskly. I moan into Calum’s mouth, his tongue already swiping along my bottom for entrance. I pull my legs up, Calum dropping between them and I let my foot glide along his calve. I can’t keep still as I curve my hips up to grind against Calum’s pelvis, making Calum moan into my mouth. 

 My hands wander over his toned, muscular back towards his bum and I give it a rough squeeze. I have always wanted to do that and I can’t help myself when I smile against Calum’s lips. "What?” He breathes as he retracts, opening his eyes, slowly blinking as he licks his dry lips. 

 "Nothing.“ I chuckle, pulling him back down and pressing my hands to his bum so his hips would run against mine. I curl my chest up into him and now he retracts again, only to let his lips kiss along my jaw to my neck, to the valley of my breasts. He starts unbuttoning my shirt along his way, cupping my breasts through my bra and I let low moans escape from my lips. 

 He continues his way south, popping the button of my jeans and dragging them along my legs. I pull his shirt near his shoulder to imply I wanted it off, and Calum easily obliges. 

He cups my core through my underwear and I loudly moan out, grasping the sheets as I can feel the red hue crawl onto my neck and cheeks. 

 "That’s it sweetheart, let the neighbours hear who makes you feel this good.” He groans as he hooks his fingers in my underwear, slowly dragging it down my legs and exposing my core to him. He throws my legs over his shoulders as he kisses along my thigh, sending tingles throughout my whole body. 

 He wastes no time in pressing his lips against my clit, making me gasp out loudly as my fingers curl into Calum’s hair. He lets out a laugh against me, sending the vibrations shooting up my spine. His fingers toy with my entrance and I’m already a mess when he presses one finger into me. 

 I’m not sure if it’s because I had been hot and bothered all day or Calum knew what he was doing – probably both – but I was rapidly approaching my impending orgasm. 

“Cal I -”  Calum abruptly stops his assault, giving one short lick to my clit with the tip of his tongue before he sits back up on his knees. 

 "Oh no, you’re not coming now.“ I groan, fisting the sheets and involuntarily pressing my hips up, hoping he’d let me come with his gentle assault with his tongue. 

Calum takes his sweet time undressing in front of me, pushing his jeans and boxers down his long legs. He walks over to his dresser to retrieve a condom. As he slides it on, he lets his gaze wander over my exposed body and I squirm underneath his gaze. 

 "Oh how I’ve thought about this.” Calum mumbles, kissing my collar bone as he lines himself up with me. “Did you -?” I question, racking my nail along his chest as I wait for him to answer. 

“Think about you when I jack off?” He hums and I can feel my core tingle just as he presses himself into me, making his name fall off of my lips in a whisper. 

 His thrusts are rather rhythmical in the beginning, but when he hits the right spot inside of me I can feel my orgasm rapidly appear again. When my nails dig into his bottom, Calum groans out loudly and he picks up the pace, his hips moving in irregular sharp motions. “Oh Cal -” I moan his name loudly, arching my back into him as he pounds into me. 

 "That’s it, baby. Let them know I make you feel this good.“ Calum groans as I see his biceps twitch. He isn’t far from orgasming as well and I bring my hand between my legs to run along my clit, clenching around Calum’s throbbing cock. 

 "Y/n… God.” He groans gruffly, slamming particularly hard into me and I spiral into my orgasm, clenching my eyes shut and chanting Calum’s name over and over again. Calum keeps chasing his own orgasm and when it hits, his arms give out and he falls into me with a loud thud, a groan leaving my lips as my whole body tingles. 

 He rolls off of me and discards his condom in the bin, rolling back onto his back and turning his head to grin at me. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted that.”

“Watch out, I might outdo you.” I grin, kissing his pectoral as I throw my leg over his exposed crotch. Calum makes a move to pull the blanket over us both, his arm thrown over my shoulder so I can lay on his chest. 

 The night had come rather quickly, dawn already parted as I gaze out of Calum’s window. I turn towards Calum, letting my nails rake along his chest to gather his attention. His eyes open slowly, blinking a few times as he focuses on my face. 

“Ready for round two?” I grin, biting my lip as I crawl on top of him. 

“Don’t you have a party to go to?” He mumbles as I crawl down the bed, lining my head with his already twitching cock. I can’t help but lick my lips in anticipation. 

 "I’d rather finish this party.“

Japan Trip 2017 log

I’m back from my Tokyo (and Yokohama) trip AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

This is the first time I managed to go with friends and plan my own trip! Since all the times I’ve been to Japan I’ve only visited the countryside and not Tokyo, I was really excited. It’s like a dream come true!! I wanted to log in my incredible experience somewhere, and leave this as a gesture of gratitude to everyone who helped make this trip possible. To those curious, beware my spastic commentary and plush toys photobombing every now and then

I travelled with @selinawen and @b-sim was very very kind to let us bunk in with her during her stay. We’re very thankful uwu

 Spoilers More under cut (Warning: It’s long)

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anonymous asked:

Could you do Jumin A-Z please?? :3

Finally getting around to this! I’m not accepting anymore ABC asks, sorry! I have ones for Zen, Jaehee and V left to do. I know it’s not the entire RFA, but I also have other requests to do! Hope you enjoy..

A: What are/were this character’s best subjects in school?

Economics and Earth Science!

B: Do they have any allergies?

He’s in such good health, I don’t think he would have any allergies or develop any.

C: Can they swim well?

It’s not the best swimming, trust me…but he did take swim lessons when he was younger so he’s pretty decent!

D: How they react to being flirted with?

Jumin..is so oblivious. He will probably just think you’re sucking up to him just to get something.

“Jumin, you look really handsome today. You always do.”

*blinks* “ok how much $$$ do u want”

“what no-”

“do u just want to play with elizabeth? all u have to do is ask, ur one of the few people i trust with her MC”

“no jumin i want to play with ur fUCKINGDICK


E: How are they with children?

Is sweet but actually treats them like young adults, omfg. Once he was babysitting MC’s two younger siblings who were visiting while she left the penthouse.

baby #1: *loud bawling* “JOOMEEN BABY #2 WON’T TRADE HIS CAR FOR MY TRUCK ;u;”

jumin: *looks at toy truck* “that truck would be useless in the real world stock market”

baby #2: “juju-meen, what is a stock market??”

jumin: “my name is jumin, and let me educate you youngsters on the world of business”

By the time you got back, your siblings would be masters at making deals, so it wasn’t easy for you to trick them anymore. goddammitjoomin

F: What’s one thing they’re really bad at?

Jumin is really bad at pranking people. There was a prank war going on in the RFA and he was trying to get back at Seven. So he and MC…went into his bunker and he mismatched all his socks.

“This will show him.”

“Jumin…they’re already were mismatched.”

Topped it off by turning all of his shirts inside out and leaving rubber ducks randomly around his house, even put one inside his kettle.

Jumin really thought he got him and couldn’t stop laughing as he left, while Seven was completely unphased when he got home, he didn’t even notice. I’m.

G: How do they flirt?

They don’t flirt. Jumin will very bluntly tell you how he feels about you, even if he doesn’t understand it himself. 

H: What is their deadly sin?


I: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do they love themselves?

I give them an 8, he thinks he’s pretty amazing and great, but knows he has his own flaws as well. Such as being cold and not being considerate of others. (i.e. Jaehee ;~;) He’s working on it though.

J: What’s their sense of humour like?

So. Lame. Whenever he cracks a joke or says a terrible pun, everyone just goes silent or lets out a soft groan, while he laughs himself. Sometimes though..Seven and MC laugh with him, so at least that’s something!

K: How do you know when you’ve upset them?

Jumin is a very straightforward person. He will let you know verbally if you upset him, and it’s also very apparent in his eyes when you do, appearing more icier than usual.

L: What is their favourite board game?

Monopoly and UNO. He kicks ASS at both of those games.

N: What do they usually eat for breakfast?

Jumin usually has his chef cook him whatever his nutritionist recommends. He loves gourmet omelettes and breakfast sandwiches.

O: What would it take to break them, inside and out?

Going against him. He really doesn’t like it when you don’t listen to him, because he’s used to being in control. It would piss him off. Also, bringing up his unrequited feelings for Rika.

P: How do they handle money?

Jumin can be very irresponsible with his money when he wants to be. Spending it mindlessly on cats, MC or literally just things that he thinks are cool. But he has so much, does it really matter? He runs a huge company, most of the time though, he’s very good with managing it. He just likes to splurge sometimes!

Q: Are they patient?

It depends on how he’s feeling, or what kind of day he had. He’s pretty patient! Just don’t keep him waiting for too long.

R: What are their hands like?

They slightly above the average size and has nice long, slender fingers! Good for when he plays the piano. They can feel rough and cold, but it’s oddly soothing and nice to hold, somehow.

S: How stealthy are they?

They’ve never been in a situation where he had to be stealthy, but he’s good at sneaking up on MC and covering her eyes. 

“Guess who?”

T: Where are they ticklish?


U: What’s their voice like?

I think we all know what his voice sounds like and it’s actually the most sexiest thing ever. Hnngh. Do I need to explain? 

It’s easing and deep, very clear. It’s so nice to listen to him speak, especially at night when you two are in bed and he murmurs to you about his day at work while he holds you in his arms. And in the morning when there’s that slight rasp to it when he first wakes up, oh yes.

V: What’s the easiest way to annoy them?

Like I said before, just going against them. He really doesn’t like it when people disobey him. 

W: Can they dance?

Well, they can ballroom dance. But that’s it. Don’t ask him to dab or whatever, unless you want to die from cringe.

X: What’s their most petty little secret?

He actually really does find comfort and enjoys Jaehee’s presence. One time, he had to work late but really didn’t want to be at the office alone that night. So..he purposely made Jaehee organize a file cabinet full of documents in alphabetical order just to make her stay a bit longer, until he was finished. Later he felt guilty about it, but didn’t fess up, instead he gave her two weeks off lol. 

Y: What is one question they’ve always wanted an answer to?

Jumin is always wondering how V’s mindset works. His decisions sometimes, really do irritate him. For example, not getting the eye surgery. Jumin really wants to know and understand his reasoning behind things, because he is his best friend and has stuck with him since childhood, he deserves to know.

Z: How do they sleep?

Jumin sleeps shirtless with some pajama bottoms. He actually gets hot easily, so he usually only sleeps with a few of his silk sheets pulled halfway up on his torso. He likes to either lay on his back or his side, and doesn’t snore. He’s a very quiet, peaceful sleeper. If he’s really exhausted though, he will snore.

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Pizza Sucks Without You

Idol: Jennie (BlackPink)

Prompt: Hi I loooove your scenarios and I was wondering if you could do a BlackPink Jennie one (it’s a college!AU) and Jennie is a shy, new freshman and she meets the reader who is known for being outgoing and friendly with other people (in a good way)

Writer: Admin Kiwi

A/N: This is the third or fourth college!au I’ve written recently. It’s a good thing I’m in college and experience lots of crazy things or these would get super redundant. Also the title is based off a song by Oohyo called Pizza which I highly recommend. I took a few liberties since the prompt was a bit vague about the actual content, so pretend you’re in a photography class. Anyway, hope everyone enjoys!

Warnings: A few curse words. That’s all.

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Getting Ready~Shayne Topp Imagine

There is really an absurd amount of flannels is the house, you think digging through one of the drawers. How hard is it to just find my green flannel? You close the last drawer and head to the bathroom, hoping you can at least locate it in the hamper. Even with more digging, it proved unsuccessful. You turn around to the sink and pick up your tooth brush. The sound of the tap running fills the small until it is cut off.

You finish getting ready to leave the house, attempting to even out your eyeliner. Needless to say, your luck is definitely not on today. Once it looked decent enough, you snag a hair tie off the counter and hear the sound of fabric splitting.

“Uh…y/n?” I hear Shayne call out from the bedroom.

“Yeah babe,” I said working my way to the room, hoping that he hadn’t ripped his pants again.

“I think that I um…found your green flannel.” He said with my flannel, torn in the arms and back, draped across his torso. His face was bright red, attempting to in his laughter. The tiny shirt on him and his face made me lose in, dropping to the floor in laughter. 

When we both came back to being able to talk normally, the first thing you can get out is how we need to organize them better for he leans down to kiss you quiet

The Entertainer

I am the entertainer

And I know just where I stand

Another serenader

And another long haired band

Today I am your champion

I may have won your hearts

But I know the game, you’ll forget my name

And I won’t be here in another year
If I don’t stay on the charts

Songs mentioned in this chapter:
Paul Simon - Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard
Neil Sedaka - Bad Blood

Emmylou Harris - Feelin’ Single, Seein’ Double
The Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Women
Elton John - Holiday Inn

Track 04 - Pajamas & The Holiday Inn

I wish I could say that Harry and I fell in love and everything was sunbeams and roses after that, but that’s just not how it happened. In fact, I didn’t even see him again for over a week when Wildfire had another gig. Both he and I ended up being busy and he didn’t show up with Mitch on the two occasions that he stayed over with Halo. I didn’t let it get to me. The rock and roll lifestyle is nothing if not spontaneous and fickle.

I liked him though. And that acknowledgement came to me tenfold when I saw him on stage again. He was the ultimate front man, a force to be reckoned with. I felt myself turned on by his mere presence, and when we’d make eye contact, it was like someone had poured syrup on my head and it ran down to the crevices between my toes.

Who the fuck was I kidding? I liked him a lot. And I found myself angry, at what exactly I didn’t know, when I followed Halo backstage. Like before, I stood off to the side, my eyes on the ground as Halo pounced on the leather worn out sofa, waiting for Mitch. I crossed my arms, almost wishing I hadn’t come at all. I felt stupid, like I’d crossed some line between fan and reality, or maybe…just maybe…I was afraid that Harry didn’t like me the way I liked him.

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uhh lol soSOREY ABOUT MY KNEES. idk i curled my hair and i think that i looked decent today. maybe? i dunno. and ignore my messy room and the screen in the background and my blue phone case. i was moving a plant in the second pic so that’s why my hand looks like it’s going like 27km/h. and yeah i took it by accident lol. i’m sorry my knees look so stupid i hate them so plz just ignore them ty. i mean i could crop them out but i’m way too lazy. sorry. and yeah i prefer he/him if it’s ok for you,, i can’t make you do anything, you do you.

Ordinary fluff 1.3

Summary: You had been friends with Chanyeol for 12 years. You had loved him for almost all of them. But you had truly fell in love with him at the wrong time. And going on a road trip with him to gather the power to confess turns into a rollercoaster for both of you. Will you be able to make the right choice?

Pairing: Reader x Chanyeol 

Word count: 4021

Warnings/genre: angst, fluff

A/N: This was inspired by the song “Hug me”, sung by Chanyeol, and I’ve also listened to it while writting it. Also, without really wanting Chanyeol and the relationhip between them was inspired by the friendship between me and my bff. enjoy :)

Originally posted by baekhyunsama

You felt his warm breath trail on your neck and linger on your collarbones, before he finally kissed you on the sensitive skin of your ear. He gently bit down on your earlobe and gave it a tentative lick followed by another bite. His lips moved to your cheeks and his hair was tingling your face. He sucked your flesh and you lightly gasped for air and grabbed his back to stabilize yourself.

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Originally posted by jimiyoong

Genre: Fluff, ANGST, Celebrity! AU

Word count: 7.7k (my longest oneshot ever !!)

Pairing: Jimin x reader

Summary: The perfect guy, the imperfect celebrity

Warnings: Triggering topics - panic attack, thoughts of suicide

A/N: HELLO GUYS IM BACK WITH MY FIRST FIC IN QUITE A WHILE im so sorry tumblr deleted the post before this i haTE but it’s back so whooo !! this story is actually somewhat based on a personal experience, so I included a lot of personal thoughts and insights to try to make this better HAHAHAH but i hope yall like it !! i put in a lot of effort trying to write this fic and many BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS were shed but im finally done !! i really hold this story v close to myself because i actually felt all these things and i was a little delusional like the y/n in this fic !! please tell me how it was by dropping an ask into my inbox, both compliments and constructive criticism is good !! anyway besides this fic, im not yet done with dead leaves soRRY but feel free to leave me a request for the ending of chapter 7 (2nd last chapter !!) so drop me that asK ANYWAY IM RAMBLING AGAIN I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS FIC BYEEEEEE

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Today is lithsexual day and BOY THIS IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL COLOUR SCHEME?? Bros I love this flag for the aesthetic alone. I’m pretty happy with how this Sceilidosaurus wears the colours too. Drawing those osteoderms was the bane of my existence but at least it looks decent I think.

[Please do not tag this as ‘kin’ or any related tags, thank you.]

You can buy this as a sticker over at my Redbubble!