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Hello! If I remember correctly you had an ask a while ago about what to do in Edinburgh and so. I tried to find it but I couldn't. I am going there this summer and although I have been already, by bf hasn't and I want to give him the best time. Any suggestions? You are such an inspiration btw, always. Thanks!

Ahh, you are too sweet, <3 and I think I know the ask you are talking about, let me see now, ah yes here we go:

It’s January Scotland so make sure you have an umbrella. Also yes we do tip (Edinburgh is tourist central so the servers are usually students or foreigners on 0 hours with very little job security so tipping is appreciated) from experience the average is usually about 10%, although 20% is appreciated. If Bella Italy is there I’ve always had good service in there and the prices aren’t too bad, also look for the small local looking coffee shops, they tend to have the best food, and it’s where the locals eat so the prices aren’t extortionate. 

For Scottish food, ETD and I rather like “The World’s End” on Royal Mile as well. But also Broadies at the middle is good too. Just basically eat your way from one of the mile to the other and you can’t go wrong.

As for places you should see: the castle goes without saying, the royal palace if it’s open is also fun (but expensive) and the Edinburgh dungeons are always a hoot, as is King Mary’s Close (on the Royal Mile) which actually takes you under the city in to the old city on a guided tour, that’s probs one of my fave things to do while there. Here’s a link http://www.realmarykingsclose.com/

This is probably one of my fave things to do.

Fair warning the Edinburgh Dungeons requires audience participation and has some jump scares so it’s not for everyone.

Also there’s lots of ghost tours and stuff and walking tours which you can find the info for outside the St Tron Kirk on Royal Mile. Oh and the St Giles Cathedral is really pretty inside and that’s also on the Royal Mile.

Another fave of mine is the Optical Illusion Museum which is across from the Whiskey Experience, which let me tell you, don’t go see those two in the wrong order.

Some other things I would recommend are:

The National Museum of Scotland: http://www.nms.ac.uk/national-museum-of-scotland/

The Surgeon’s Hall Museum (if you’re into that sort of thing) https://museum.rcsed.ac.uk/

The Writer’s Museum (we have a lot of museums okay) http://www.edinburghmuseums.org.uk/Venues/The-Writers–Museum.aspx 

Also the zoo is a nice day visit (someone please tell me they still to the penguin parade?)  and there are guided tours of parliament which is much the same thing these days.

You also can’t really go wrong with a hike around the city or up to Arthur’s Seat, provided you get a day where it’s no raining sidey-ways.

@ Scottish tumblr fam if I’ve missed something you think should be on here please add it!

For all the Namjoon stans out there

I just saw a post where a girl said that she told her friends that Namjoon is her ideal type and they told her to stop joking so she is asking herself if it is normal that he is her ideal type. I have a lot to say on this subject, but I’ll try my best to keep it short.
The first mv of BTS’ that I have ever seen was Dope. And I fell in love with Namjoon’s voice and that’s how I got into BTS. I’m the kind of person who falls for things like voice color and personality first, looks second. But, I was genuinly shocked when I saw posts calling him ugly. Because from the beggining I thought he was really good looking. Like above average. And not everyone needs to think that way. Even though general ‘beauty standards’ do exist, beauty is still in the eye of the beholder, and there is so much more to attractivness then looks. However, people’s opinions are greatly influenced by the opinions of the whole group (read about Ash’s experiments for example) and someone labeled Namjoon ugly at the begginig of their career, and now most people, being the sheep they are, blindly follow them, withouth caring to take a closer look. I’m not saying it’s not ok to think he is not good looking, I’m saying that people don’t even give him a chance. And do you ever wonder why they attack him on the basis of his looks? Because they got nothing else. Everything about him is above average, even his looks but someone said that his looks are not good enough so people easily conform to that and use that as a fact. This really irritates me to no end, but what I’m trying to say to you, other Namjoon stans who feel the same way I do is - don’t be bothered by those people because they are a bunch of sheep who can’t form their own opinion. I’m not saying that everyone who doesn’t like his looks is like that, just the people who use that to hate him. And one more thing. I think we’re making a mistake by writing ‘How can anyone call him ugly, he’s gorgeous!’ under his photos because we become a part of the issue that way. By bringing this up, we’ll never be able to let it go. That’s why we should talk in a positive manner, without even mentioning the word ugly and soon enough, it might just go away. I love all of you Namjoon supporters out there and I hope he gets showered with love and compliments for the rest of his life! 💜

Perfect as You Are

Pairing - Lafayette x Reader

Word Count - 2568

Summary - Reader feels bad about how she looks and hates her body. Laf is there to help.

Warnings - Negative talk, body hatred, a few swears

Tags - @futureauthor45, @small-stars, @smol-consulting-one (Ask to be tagged in any future fics!)

A/N - Okay, so this one is extremely personal to me. I’ve strugged with body image issues for all of my adolescent and adult life. So I decided to get them out. Everything the reader says is something I have said to myself.

You stood there, staring at your reflection in your full-length mirror with a deep frown on your face as you poked and prodded at your midsection and examined your arms. Today was not a good day. You’d been to the gym, which normally didn’t bother you, but today, you’d ended up beside the fittest woman you’d ever seen in your life, and it had gotten to you. Flat abs, toned arms and legs, the whole nine yards. You’d struggled with image issues for most of your adolescent and adult years, but you’d come a long way in your recovery. You’d learned to accept your body and its flaws and realized that the people in magazines were heavily Photoshopped and that nobody actually looked like that. But today, comparing her body to yours had really bothered you.

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Which do you think are the worst art styles of Sonic X?

A few years back, I actually made a fairly in-depth topic over at the Sonic Stadium’s message board specifically about Sonic X’s differing art styles. I still think the style that episode 47 is (In)famous for amongst X fans is the worst. But here it is in full;

Chances are, if you’ve viewed quite a few Sonic X episodes, you’ll notice that throughout it’s run it had wildly varying animation and drawing styles.

Each style is so distinctive that it is very easy to spot which animators did which episodes. This topic was created to elaborate on the different animation/drawing styles used throughout the series’ run and to pinpoint which animators did which episodes.

First off, let’s start with the positive. Too few episodes had on-model, decently well drawn scenes and characters but when they did pop up, they stood out from the other episodes for all the right reasons;

The characters are well-proportioned, on-model and expressive and conform to the model sheets very closely. The animation is also quite fluid. This animation style was utilized in;

  • Episode 1
  • Episode 20
  • Episode 26
  • Episode 32
  • Episode 38
  • Episode 44
  • Episode 52
  • Episode 63
  • Episode 67
  • Episode 78

Unfortunately, those episodes are the only ones that can be honestly said to contain quality. Now, we’ll start looking into the ugly side of Sonic X’s animation. And good god is there a lot of it!

Next, let’s look at the animation style I personally like to label as the “Mutant Sonic” style.

Ewww….wrongly-shaped eyes, off-center nose, too pointed where it connects to his muzzle and his eyes are not joined when they are closed as well as a mouth that’s just too small and horribly drawn quills. Sonic is the biggest victim of this animation style, he’s FAR UGLIER than other characters when this style in utilized in episodes.

This animation style was utilized in;

  • Episode 48
  • Episode 54
  • Episode 59
  • Episode 64
  • Episode 69
  • Episode 74

Next up, we have the “Stoned” animation style.

The irises and pupils look unfocused and not proportional to the rest of eye. This gives the characters an overall look of being spaced-out and distant. Arms tend to be too straight and too short and hands, ears and feet tend to be undersized.

Overall a horrible style. This style was utilized in;

  • Episode 25
  • Episode 28
  • Episode 36
  • Episode 42
  • Episode 60

Next up - “Lines on irises” style

I personally call this the “Lines on irises” style because from all of my observances, no other animator(s) puts lines on the characters irises. This is probably the worst animation style IMO as characters tend to look too “chunky” (Just take a look at poor Sonic in the top-center image). Characters tend to have oversized, thick noses and odd expressions and overall poor proportioning.

This style was utilized in;

  • Episode 24
  • Episode 31
  • Episode 39
  • Episode 47

“Cartoony-er style” is the animation style I like to call the following.

I personally think that this style makes the characters look zanier. Their eyes are oversized and their mouths tend to be larger than average, drawn distinctly differently than other styles. It’s expressive (Sonic tends to look happier than usual) and a distinctive feature of this particular style is that Knuckles is very frequently drawn with pointed teeth teeth. but overall it’s definately off-model compared to the “best” style featured at the top of this post.

This style was utilized in;

  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 5
  • Episode 7
  • Episode 14

Next up is the style I label as the “Angry characters” style;

Got a bee in your bonnet Sonic? The distinctive thing about this style is that Sonic, Shadow’s and Knuckles’ brows tend to be constantly furrowed and the irises and pupils are never too far from the brows themselves. Characters in this style are inclined to have hard expressions, making them look irritated, accusatory and even downright angry even when they aren’t. Animation concerning the hands often depict them balled up or more expressive than X’s other styles, adding onto the impression of attitude. Sonic’s, Amy’s and Shadow’s ears tended to have a curve, adding onto the overall impression of hardness.

This style was utilized in;

  • Episode 6
  • Episode 16
  • Episode 33
  • Episode 34
  • Episode 50
  • Episode 58
  • Episode 65

The “exaggerated cuteness” style

Featuring huge irises, large bangs, little mouths and in the case of Eggman, a big snoz with comparatively small glasses and a big mouth. This makes the characters look more childish than usual.

This style is utilized in;

  • Episode 56
  • Episode 62
  • Episode 66
  • Episode 71
  • Episode 76

The “toothless” style;

Overly thin bodies, very expressive hands but mildly expressive eyes but the mouths are the most striking part. They tend to be big and teeth are never shown unless a character is really struggling or something.

This style was utilized in;

  • Episode 15
  • Episode 17
  • Episode 19
  • Episode 21
  • Episode 29
  • Episode 45

“I… think I’m in love with my best friend.” I finally said it out loud as my dads exchanged a look. “Milo. He’s so nice to me… but for him our relationship is no more than good friendship. I feel it, but I can’t imagine neither myself nor him with anyone else. We belong together so much… If only he felt the same.”

“Sounds familiar, Nathaniel?” Tobias looked over at Nate, and he rolled his eyes in return.

“At least Milo isn’t enchanted by the powerful witch who pretends to be your average high school girl,” Nate said to me. “It’s already good.”

“Even if he was, Uncle Dain would come and destroy that witch. Just imagine this epic appearance, ba-dum-tss…”

“Shut up, Tobias! We’re supposed to be thinking of the way to help Irene to confess her feelings.”

“Don’t tell me what to do, astronomer of the century! You know, I’m still mad at you, and you’ve got to, um… make amends like you always do.”



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Request from @yukinohana33 : Can i request a scenario where Chanyeol and his gf go out for ice cream and Chan meets y/n’s ex girlfriend? (She’s bi) Thank you

Note: I’m naming her Erica. Erica’s a nice name. 

Word Count: 2235

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How is Lars trans?

I wanna open this up by giving full disclosure that this is all fan speculation and while I will be citing various sources from SU canon, nobody associated with the show has outright stated that Lars is transgender. I (and others) just personally believe that, with the information we currently have, it is HIGHLY PROBABLE that Lars is trans (ftm… or at least AFAB). Still, just a headcanon!… but a fairly well supported one, imo.

Also note that I’m gonna be drawing from my own experiences as a trans person and the opinions of other trans folks I’ve heard chime in on this when commenting on the info we have to go by, and I’d love to hear other trans peeps’ opinions on these interpretations!

Anyhoo, now that that’s outta the way, here’s my personal reasons for believing he’s trans! (WARNING: spoilers for “The New Lars” under the cut!)

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okay lol


(purely aesthetic appreciation of looks)

“My best friend always looks great!!”

(how close a friend they consider them)

“The closest!!”

(wanting to have sex with them)

“Um, no, just no, again I don’t want to do that with anyone. Plus he’s a got a bae.”

(hoping for a romantic relationship)

“I don’t feel that way for him. Either way, it would probably be best to stay best friends anyway.”


(purely aesthetic appreciation of looks)

“I don’t really know? I think he’s average.”

(how close a friend they consider them)

“I don’t know him all that well yet, haha”

(wanting to have sex with them)

“Definitely not. I don’t roll that way. Can he even do that..? Never mind forget I asked..”

(hoping for a romantic relationship)

“No, not at all. Still don’t know him well. Plus, again, I don’t roll that way..”


(purely aesthetic appreciation of looks)

“Don’t really see it.”

(how close a friend they consider them)

“Again, all my friends are pretty close.”

(wanting to have sex with them)

“Absolutely not.”

(hoping for a romantic relationship)

“I’ve only felt that way for Peppermint.”

Here you go Anon!



“Harry stop flirting with Ava, you can flirt with her after we shoot Perfect, come on we’re almost done!”, “Be there in a sec Liam!” Today I brought Ava, my best friend she lived across from me when she was five and since then we’ve been best friends but I secretly love her I just don’t know how to tell her, I’m just afraid of losing her if I tell her. I stop thinking the worst and just look at her eyes, “Harryyyy, are you awake?” I came back to reality and noticed Ava was snapping her fingers near my face and her giggling, I smile and look at her, “Yeah just thinking of something, now come on before Liam kills me.” I grabbed her hand and walked in the studio, her hand felt so perfect. “Ah Harry, there you are just the boy I wanted to see, perfect timing.” I kissed Ava on her cheek, “Go sit on my chair and wait for me” I watched her turn and walk away, “Where do you want me?” “Laying down on that sofa, singing ur solo.” Ava doesn’t know this song was for her, the boys helped me write it and I want to tell her tonight at Niall’s flat, “Harry, You ready?” “Yeah” 3…2…1.., “And if you like cameras flashing every time we go out, oh yeah and if you’re looking someone to write your break up songs about, baby im perfect BABY We’re Perfect!” “Now boys all of you jump in” I see Louis, Liam and Niall join in and we sing the rest of the song, then the lights go out, “That’s a wrap, good job boys you did great Perfect is done and you guys are free to go” “Thank you” I turn around to check if Ava is okay and she’s talking to Niall.


“You’re coming tonight, right?” Niall wanted me to come to a party he was throwing for the finishing of Perfect, I giggled cause this is like the 3rd time he asked me, “Yes Niall, I’m going with Harry.” I felt like someone was staring me down then I noticed in the corner of my eye Harry staring at me and Niall, he looked mad, “Great it’s at 7” We hugged each other and said our goodbye’s, then Niall walked off, “What did he want?” I jumped, “Harry you scared me!” “Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.” “Niall just came over to ask me if I’m still going to the party and I said yes with you.” “Oh okay” He nodded his head and grabbed my hand and walk out the studio, I’ve been noticing his behavior lately before he bump me lightly and hug me like we’re little kids, now he’s always holding my hand, wrapping his arm around my waist and I have to admit I like it, I’ve always had a crush on Harry. Realizing it now, all the guys I dated while Harry was gone was to make me forget the feelings I have for Harry, I bet he doesn’t even feel the same way, “Hey, you okay you seem sad?” I forgot all about Harry, “No, I’m good.” I smiled so he wouldn’t be worried, “Okay good.” he smiled. I looked up and noticed we were outside walking to his car, “Ava, you want to go out to get pizza and then head to my flat.” “Yeah, that sounds great I’m starving”. We get in the car and I put my head against the window, resuming to my thinking of earlier, I know Harry and I never had a chance and never will, whenever he’s on tour he gets connected to hot, beautiful models and singers and I’m just an average girl with a pop star named Harry Styles as a best friend. 


I wonder if I should tell her how I feel when we get to my flat or after Niall’s party, ahh! this is so hard. I look over and it looked like she was sleeping, “Ava, are you asleep?” I didn’t get an answer so I guess she was asleep. I parked where the paparazzi wouldn’t see me and I didn’t want them to wake up Ava, I ran in the pizza shop and ordered. I got the pizza and went back in the car, good no one is around. When I got to my flat, I carried Ava to my bedroom and laid her down softly and kissed her cheek then went to go get the pizza. *2hrs later* I figure Ava was going to wake up soon so I went in the kitchen and warmed up the pizza for her and poured her a cup of coke when the microwave beeped I checked if the pizza was warm enough and it was perfect. I picked up the pizza and coke and went in the living room and set it on the table in front of the couch, it’s only 5:37 pm and Niall’s party is at 7. *6 minutes later* Hey you, how was your nap”, “It was good, felt cold, though.” “Well, I’m pretty warm right now.” “Mind sharing your warmness with me?” “Anytime.” I signaled her over and pulled her into my arms, putting my arm around her shoulder and her arms around me, “Those are for you.” “Thank you” She kissed my cheek and leaned forward to get the slice of pizza, “What time is it” “It’s only 5:45, why?” “Niall’s Party, I promised him we would be on time.” “Will be there on time, don’t worry” “Okay” She laid back on me and I played with her hair.


I could just stay like this forever, but Niall would kill us, it was 5:57, “I’m going to take a shower do you want to go first?” he chuckled, “Ava, look at what I’m wearing.” I looked down and Harry was wearing a suit, guess he got dressed up while I was sleeping, I got up from the couch, “Well I’m going to go get ready, don’t burn anything.” “Ha Ha very funny, that was an accident.” I laughed and went in his room, I’m glad I keep some my clothes here. I wanted to look good with Harry, he was wearing a suit and I decided to wear a short red dress.

I laid it on the bed, alongside my red bra and panties and got in the shower. *15 Minutes Later* I got out feeling fresh and smelling good, I left the bathroom and walked into Harry’s room. I put on moisturizer to make my skin feel nice and soft and smell like strawberries then put on my bra and panties.


I forgot to get my car keys in my room, I think Ava is still in the shower so I’ll hurry up before she gets out. I got up from the couch and walked to my room, I checked if the door wasn’t locked and it wasn’t so that meant Ava was still in the shower. I turned the knob slowly and walked in then froze at the sight I’m seeing. Ava was only in her bra and panties, bending over and putting moisturizer on, I didn’t want her to see me so I walked out slowly and quietly and closed the door, when I closed it I knocked, “Yes Harry”, Act normal Harold, “I just need my car keys” “Okay, come on in” I walked in and she had a towel around her, I went straight for my keys and walked out again. I didn’t realize I held my breath in till I walked out and exhaled, I think that’s the best thing I’ve ever seen, how can ignore what I just saw, don’t even know who Ava would react, maybe she’ll slap me or punch me in the nuts. I stopped thinking the worst and pretended that I didn’t see anything and everything was normal. I went into the kitchen, got a glass of cold water, back into the living, sat down and watched whatever came on. I checked my phone and it was only 6:26 pm, we only have 34 minutes left. “How do I look?” I looked up and there was Ava looking so beautiful, her hair curled up and the dress hugging her body so right, her face looked so beautiful, she never really tried to look good but to me, she was always beautiful. “You look amazingly beautiful.” I told her and watched her look down then blush, I got up from a couch and walked up to her, I lifted her chin up and we looked at each other then I leaned in and kissed her.


My eyes shot open, and pull back fast I don’t know why then I met Harry’s eyes and he looked hurt, “Harry, we should go or Niall will kill us.” I chuckled and walked out the door, I felt heart-broken almost breaking a tear because I can’t believe I just hurt him, I couldn’t even look at him, I felt embarrassed. I got in the car then 10 seconds later so did he, *10 Minutes later* The car ride was so quiet none of us said something, I looked out the window while he was driving. I opened the car and realized Harry was still in it, so I walked around and opened his car door, “Harry..” I called his name softly, I leaned forward and took the keys off the engine, put it in my purse then took his hands and walked up the  stairs, I turned around and locked the car before ringing the bell, “You guys came and just on time.” We both smiled but we both know it was fake, Harry walked in and hug him and then me, after he separated from me. His being gone a while, I hate myself so much right now, I snapped out of my thinking when Liam waved his hand in my face with Sophia by his side, “Hey beautiful, what’s wrong?” I took Sophia’s hand and lead her to a corner, “He kissed me” “Who?” “Harry.” “Then, what happened” “He surprised me and I pull away and he looked hurt.” “Hun go talk to him.” She was right, but I don’t know how, “His in Niall’s room, by the way,” She giggled and went back to Liam. I walked up the stairs and walked to Niall’s bedroom door, “Yeah, right there Harry,” I heard a girl moaning, I opened the door and Harry was sucking and leaving marks on the girl’s neck. I don’t know why, but I was crying, felt heart-broken, so I ran out and downstairs to leave, “Ava, you okay?!” I ignore everyone and since I had Harry’s car keys and got in the car and drove to his flat.


I wanted to be alone in Niall’s room, but then this girl came in here and took off her shirt and kissed me and I kissed back, I didn’t care, Ava didn’t have feelings for me so why should I care, I started kissing her neck and the door knob opened, I thought it was one of the boys so I didn’t stop. Then Ava showed up and saw me and this girl who names I don’t even know, did I hurt her? She started crying then ran off, I tried running after her than the girl grabbed my arm, “Come on baby, ignore that bitch and come have some fun with me.” “Get off me you cunt.” Out of nowhere Sophia came in, “Harry fucking styles, do you realize what you’ve done” “What did I do, it’s not like we’re together, now are we, Sophia?” “Harry, listen to me take Niall’s car, she’s there let her explain.” I walked pass Sophia and grabbed Niall’s keys and headed towards my flat. When I got there, my car was parked and the lights in my room were turned on, I rushed up the stairs and opened the door, “Ava!” “Leave me the fuck alone and go away!” “If you didn’t realize, this is my flat!” “Fine, I’ll leave!” I saw her coming and walk pass by me, that’s when I grabbed her arm, “Let me go! Don’t you have somewhere to be like fucking that girl you were with!” “I don’t fucking understand you, I kiss you because I finally have the courage too and you pull away, I loved you since you turned 6 and you kissed my cheek, I remember on Christmas when I kissed you under the mistletoe with my mask on so you wouldn’t know it was me, our first valentine’s together when we were 8, I told my mom to buy me a rose and a small box of chocolate for you, I didn’t write my name on the box because I was too shy, I have all these memories that I hold close to me because I love every one of them and most of all, I loved it even more because all these memories was with you, so if you want to leave, I’ll let you go.” 


I grabbed his face and kissed him, then pulled back, “I know you were the one who kissed me under the mistletoe because after you kissed me you ran away and I followed you I watched you take off your mask and throw fist pumps in the air like you just won the Olympics,” I chuckled, “I know you were the one who bought me the rose and chocolates because I saw you put it in my locker at school, when you kissed me I was shocked, it’s not because I don’t like you, Harry, it’s because I thought I wasn’t good enough for you, I’m not Kendall Jenner, Harry I loved you since the first time we met, and you tried to impress me but you failed then I chuckled and you didn’t talk to me for two days, I think those were the worst two days of my life, I was always jealous of other girls because I thought that you will always like them, I feared that you would always see me as your best friend and nothing more, but I was okay with it,” “Ava, stop!” He grabbed my chin and made me look in his eyes, “Ava, you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met, those girls were only my friends and Kendall was nothing to me, the only reason I went out with her was to get over you but it never worked so I broke up with her, your thee only woman I love Ava, that’s why I always want to take you out, bring you on tour, to the studio basically everywhere, Ava your thee only one I think about 24/7, the boys know that’s why they tease me about it,” I laid my finger on top on his lips and leaned close to his ear, “Are you going to tell me about how you walk in your room and saw me in my bra and panties?” I pulled back and looked in his eyes went from light green to a dark on full of lust, “How did you find out?!” “I mean besides that I saw your shoes, and you act weird or pretend to act normally after you see something that you were not supposed to see,” I traced my finger down his shirt slowly, “Oh Harold,” I looked at him and he was angry, I smirked.


I pushed her against the wall, with her ass on my crotch and kissed her neck slowly hearing her moan, then zipping down the zipper. I felt my cock get harder as she groaned, backing her ass into the crotch, “You like that don’t you Ava.” I saw her smirk so I spanked her ass hard, “Ahh Harry” I pushed her dress off her shoulder and watched it hit the ground, once it did I looked up to her ass and traced my finger on her ass and down to her core and her flinched, “you’re so wet.” I got on my knees and pulled down her panties, leaned down and pecked her ass and bite it gently then flicked the tip of my tongue on her wet clit, “Mmm Harry please, I’m begging you.” she shook her ass in my face and I spanked it once more, I gave her what she wanted and ate her pussy.“Oh Harry,” She grabbed my hair, my cock was getting harder by the minute. I didn’t notice her turn around and look at me, she signaled me to get up and I did. She walked around me and pushed me against the wall, “Your turn, Styles.” She smirked as she pulled down my pants and peck my cock throw my boxers, then pulled it down and grabbed it, “You feel so hard in my hand” She flicked her tongue on my tip and I hissed, “Come on love, you know it’s not polite to tease.” She smirked and took me in, “Oh fuckinn.. God!” She jerked me off while sucking my tip and swirling her tongue around it, making me go crazy, I can feel my eyes rolling to the back of my head. I grabbed her head and pushed her deeper, letting my cock hit the back of her throat and hear her gag on it, “I’m gOnNa C…Um!” I came in her mouth and watched her swallow.

I can’t believe he was still hard as fuck, I got up and slowly walked to the bed while taking off my bra, in the corner of my eye, I see him taking off the rest of his clothes and slowly follow behind me. I laid on the bed on my fours and he came behind me, to tell the truth I’m a virgin and I’ve being waiting for Harry. I felt a spank on my ass and arched my back, I moaned and I felt Harry positioning to enter, “Harry… wait.” I whispered, “What is it, my love?” It felt so good hearing him say that, “I’m a…..virgin.” It was silent for a second, “To tell you the truth, so am I.” I smiled and felt relieved, “I’m ready.” “I promise to take it slow.” I felt his tip go in and I hissed, “I’m okay…keep going.” If his tip hurts this much, I don’t want to find out how his huge cock will feel. He started moving more in and the pain was getting worst, then he shoved it all in, “Ahhh!!!!” I felt a tear go down my cheek and Harry wiping it away, “ Sorry love, I lost control.” I felt the pain go away and pleasure replacing it, “Harry..go” He started thrusting in fast and both of us moaning like crazy, “You’re so tight… FuCK!”


I pulled out and laid her on her back, “I want to make this special for both of us.” I kissed her and slowly entering in her tight pussy again, I felt her moaning in the kiss. I groaned loudly, the feeling of her tight, wet, wariness around my hard cock, I thrust in slowly, burying my face into her neck, slowly letting out a shuddering breath as I thrust deep inside of her. I can hear her let out a whimper as I thrust deep inside of her heat, filling her up. I moved my right hand and reached over her and place it on top of her right breast squeezing it as I fuck her. After a few seconds, I started moving a bit faster, her whimpers and small moans made me go even faster, my hands moving to pinch and play with her nipples, “Harryyyy, I’m so…closeee baby.” I felt her clench around my cock, “Me too…love, cum on 3 alright.” I kissed her lips, “3….2…..1.” We came at the same time and I pulled out and laid next to her and pull her into my arms, “You’re the best thing that happened to me, Ava, I don’t ever want to lose you.” “I love you, Harry” “I love you, too.” *In the morning around 6:27* I got up early because the boys and I have an interview, I kissed Ava on the forehead and wrote her a letter and added a reminder to watch the interview at 7:30. I grabbed my coat and keys and walked out.


I turned to embrace in Harry’s warmth but he wasn’t there, I found a note and breakfast next to me, I sat up and looked at the clock 6:58. I grabbed the note and opened it, “Good morning love, last night was the best night of my life, I’m glad you were my first and my forever lasting, sorry I couldn’t be there, the boys and I have an interview today it’s on channel 7 and it starts at 7:30.” I smiled at the letter, “I’m glad you were my first.” I got up and took a shower then brushed my teeth, after dressed in my girls boxers and Harry’s big white shirt and put my hair in a ponytail, I check the clock again and it was 7:20, I had 10 minutes left, I rushed out the room with the breakfast Harry’s made for me, sat on the couch and turned on the tv. Perfect timing, I watched as the lady asked Harry a question, “Harry, have you guys finished shooting your music video?” “Yes, we have and you guys will see it soon.” He smiled and she asked him another question, “Harry, who is this girl in your car?” I looked closer and noticed it was me, realizing this I chocked on my food, and waited for Harry’s response, he chuckled, “I was hoping I parked where there would no paparazzi’s but I guess I was wrong, that girl right there is my beautiful girlfriend, her name is Ava and I love her, she was sleeping in the car, while I went to get her pizza, she’s probably going to kill me when I get home.” The boys laughed and hugged him and I smiled and continued on watching the rest of thee interview.


【10+ Asia Star 2014 October Issue】 BTS’ INTERVIEW TRANS

Q: During Dark & Wild showcase, you guys mentioned that you’ve practiced the dance 16 hours a day, is it possible?

Jimin: We also thought that it wasn’t possible. How can we practice for 10 hours… hehe. But we still ended up doing it.

Jin: When we had schedules abroad, we practiced in the (local) practice room, and it was in the same in Korea. (Q: So how many hours do you guys get to sleep?) When we promoted before, we had enough sleep but this time, there were so many schedules that overlapped so we didn’t get much sleep (barely sleeps). I used to think that people must sleep 6 hours a day to be able to function every day but it’s nothing even if you don’t sleep for 2-3 days.

Suga: Nowadays, if I sleep less, I will be less tired.

Q: How did you guys come up with this comeback?

Suga: We had some free time. We only had radio shows to attend so I got back to composing, and the others practiced their singing. It was pretty leisurely comparing to the time when we were preparing for the comeback.

Rapmon: Practicing was so tough so we wanted to have a comeback. It is an excuse to take a break, so I said I want to be on broadcasting shows right away. There’s no such thing as get off work when we are practicing. I had to continue to fill in that day’s allotment, I would practice until I drop. (J-Hope: Jin & Rapmon hyung suffered the most.) In our cases, our input is 100% but only 1% comes out as the result. Even if the other members put in 10%, it will come out as 100%. I also got told off a lot. (Laughs)

Q: Whether it’s because of the hard work, everyone seems to dance so well on the stage.

All: Thank you!

Q: The choreography alone is difficult already; so singing and dancing at the same time is very difficult, isn’t it?

V: I nearly died. (Laughs) Before I joined the company, I had some dance lessons in Daegu, the dance teacher (from that time) phoned me up and told me that he could only pick up Rapmon hyung’s part (after practicing for 4 hours).

Rapmon: That’s 20% of the choreography.

Jin: up till now, it is the most difficult choreography so when I sang live for the first time during practice, all I could hear was my heavy breathing.

Q: After reading performance director Son Seong Deuk’s interview about ‘Danger’, it seems that the practice would be a lot more tough/ difficult if J-Hope wasn’t there, J-Hope have a sense of duty to dancing.

J-Hope: Ah, really? Wow. (Jimin: yes, I think so too!) Honestly the members aren’t extremely good at dancing. Even our teacher has said that there isn’t a team that lacks so much in dancing like us. After hearing that, I reflected on it. But since I danced a lot (back in the days), it feels that I can guide the members and do well together. So, I took the lead in dance practices (at dawn) since from the trainee days, and making dance practices more interesting and fun for the members. I always think that if I fall behind in dancing, the other members will be too. So I always step out to guide them when it comes to dance choreography. I go through hard times too but I don’t show it.

Rapmon: In dancing, he seems more like the leader than me. Our teacher said that only Hoseok has the internal strength in BTS. His foundation and skills are stable. When we watch dance practice and performance videos, he doesn’t say that the performance was not particular good or that we can’t dance but I personally think that if you only look at dance skills, Jin hyung, Suga hyung and I, we are below average among the idol singers.

Q: Haha, oh dear!

Suga: It would be better if you didn’t mention my name in there.

All: (claps and laughs)

J-Hope: (looks at Suga) I think he’s average.

Rapmon: Okay, just Jin hyung and me. (Laughs) So, sometimes when we receive attention for the best performance group really surprises me.

Jin: When we are learning the choreography, if I don’t understand a certain part, J-Hope would come over and teach me again. And then I can keep up with the steps. J-Hope is suffering a lot.

Jimin: The hyungs are very sensitive about music and they keep talking about music, so they don’t really think about performance. J-Hope could have just left it behind but he would jump out and say (in a determined tone) “we have to dance!” and everyone would settle down. (heuheu)

Q: You guys have practiced so much, so ‘Danger’ is a song that has a strong performance?

Suga: The first thing catches your attention is the performance, because when we started planning out the song, we said that we will try to achieve the best performance with it. The rest of the songs in our album weren’t like that, but with the title song we have spent a lot of effort on the rhythm, we want to show a better flow, and make an impressive composition. We need to match up the arrangement with the performance so it seems right.

Rapmon: And I’ve seen a few articles that mentioned ‘Danger’ has less popularity compared to ‘Boy in luv’ and to be honest, we feel the same. From our debut album up until now, we have been making music with meanings like “this is us, accept us as for who we are”. The public don’t look at us and say “(in admiration) wow, it’s you guys…” but there are people that watch over us and like our style. So with this full length album, we have stuck to our own color and our own perspective. I have always wanted to say that our intention is clear and this is what we wanted to do.

Q: What you just said “we done it the way that we wanted” fits perfectly well. As I listen to ‘Dark & Wild’ album, it feels like it is filled up with Bangtan’s own uniqueness. All the songs are good, and the song that Suga produced “let me know”, the vocals were amazing.

Suga: I asked the vocalists to be a bit more emotional. On the first day of recording, the emotions weren’t right on the point, so it wasn’t up to my expectation. And so on the second day, we discussed together on what kind of emotions do they have to maintain while singing. And then we completed recording the final part on that day.

Jimin: Working with Suga hyung is so fun. I feel a bit nervous when I work with other producers. I had to record in a frozen/ stiff state. When I’m inside the recording room with Suga hyung, he would be (smiling, in an excited tone) “try to put more feelings into it!” “Just a little bit ↗” (laughs).

Suga: The other producer hyungs are like the player that would appear on the stage and sings. (What Suga means is that the player/ musician in classical music, in other words, the term ‘player’ and ‘performer’ are used in the same concept.) In my case, I’m a performer but also from a producer’s perspective, I’m the type that gives out specific directions (to the singers).

Jin: Suga mostly said these to me “(sing it) as if you’re venting your anger!” “(Sing it) as if you’re letting out everything you have piled up inside of you!” Thanks to him, I lost my voice. Haha. The funny thing is that, he would demonstrate it for us. While crying (in a broken high tone) “girl let me know ↗”

All: (burst out laughing)

Q: Ahaha, was it like what he showed on ‘After School Club’?

Jimin: Uhaha, so you have seen it!

Suga: (reciting) it was a 3 octave’s ultrasonic wave.

Jin: After hearing it, it’s like “ah so it’s that kind of feeling…” (Laughs)

J-Hope: It’s difficult to listen to the guide that is done by Yoongi hyung. Hahaha

Q: Bang PD once wrote to Suga saying: “you’re a precocious child, a genius artist; Bangtan is Bangtan because of your existence.” I think I know the meaning behind it now, he has diverse sides. It seems that he’s good at being energetic abruptly, then at a certain point he would collect himself together and refine himself. Shall I just say that your disposition also fits well with your job as as a producer?

Suga: I think that I’m more suitable to be a producer than a performer. But since childhood, I have always dreamed of being a producer as well as a performer so both are my final goals. There are pros and cons from both perspectives but at the moment, there are more pros. Because I know each member’s character so I can get a better hold of their charms.

Q: In contrast, Rapmon is completely the performer type, right?

Rapmon: Yes. In the past, I went to a media institute for a month. I couldn’t learn because it was so difficult (that it made my head hurt). (Laughs) You have to think about all the sounds to decide which instrument to use… ah, it’s suppose to be cool but it doesn’t seem like it. Even though I am composing right now, but I always picture it out (how I want it be to done). So, when I give directing to the vocalists, I don’t do it very detailed/ too specific. I use metaphors to put abstract concepts into concrete terms. E.g.: sing it while imagining yourself as the sky, flying. (Jimin: Right, right, euhahaha) The sky flies like “shyaaa~” “hwaaaa~” then it would work. The vocalist members suffered a lot because of me.

J-Hope: What on earth is that kind of feeling heuheu.

V: I’m good at (conveying) those feelings.

Rapmon: When I draw the pictures out, Jungkook will sort it out and tell the others. “The chorus goes like this woo eh i i i i~ eu eu eh eu i~” and Jungkook says “like this?” and tries to sing along, then I would be like “oh oh, yes, that’s it!” Hahaha.

Suga: To be honest, I think I’m suitable to be a producer because I really like the equipments/ machines. I think I will continue to work as a producer in the future.

Rapmon: I really hate the machines. Keuhaha. I’m glad we have a hyung like you.

Q: It seems that you guys combine each others’ different energy creating a synergy effect. Let’s go back to talk about the songs on the album. We can’t leave out ‘cypher’ (which is in every album) it left me with a strong impression again.

Jimin: Of course ‘cypher’ is cool~!

V: But there were people asking: “did J-Hope not participate this time?” Maybe because he was after Supreme boi.

J-Hope: People didn’t recognise me at first. Haha.

Suga: (This time) J-Hope was in the studio for a really long time.

J-Hope: As for Suga hyung and Rapmon hyung, they already have their own styles and their own individuality but I only started rapping when I got into our company, so I always think that I need to put more effort in. I also don’t like to fall behind. So this time, as we are producing the album, I studied and experimented a lot. I have listened to so many songs. I’ve worked very hard! (Laughs)

Q: I can tell that you’ve all made an effort. Also, Jungkook has been making progresses day after day. You are good at both singing and rapping, which area do you want to be better in?

Jungkook: Singing! Because I’m the main vocal, I need to be able to sing perfectly then I can think about the other areas.

Q: Maknae Jungkook is 18 years old, and the oldest hyung Jin, is 23 years old. You guys mentioned that you want to talk about stories of boys in your peer group (in 10s, early 20s), so do you think Bangtan represents these boys?

Suga: I always keep that in mind when I’m composing. When I was a child and as I grow up, there were a lot of music about people in the 20s and 30s. As I think about it now, I’d say there were hardly any lyrics about our age group. So I really want to write lyrics to represent the people in the late 10s and early 20s. If you look at our album, the characters in the lyrics are mainly from our age group. Such as ‘Blanket kick’, we are trying to write lyrics that our peer group can empathize with.

Q: So, what kind of thoughts do you have on your mind recently?

Suga: Music. There’s nothing else. I don’t like going out, I don’t go anywhere apart from our dormitory, broadcasting stations, studio, so I don’t have anything to do. I feel comfortable to live like this.

Rapmon: It will be so boring if I were asked to live like Suga hyung. Haha. I have the desire to meet people, enrich my knowledge and go to new places. I want to experience these things but at the moment I can’t so it’s a pity. But since I have these thoughts, it feels like I’m in the state of transition. Even though the first week of promotion has finished but there will be more activities in the future. During this process, there will be things that I need to prepare again. We prepare and practice, and produce new songs to release (the process continues). I always think that there is no beginning and end.

Q: Just by looking at the various genres of songs that Rapmon has recommended on the SNS, it seems that you still have a lot of things you want to encounter in terms of music?

Rapmon: Maybe it’s because I’ve listened a lot of music. People can’t really understand my tastes. Haha. (Jungkook: I only listen to the songs that Rapmon hyung recommend.) For us, listening to music is studying. Sometimes, I feel anxious when I only listen to songs. “Ah, I’m a rapper, I should listen to some rap!” and then I would listen to some rap. On days when I feel sentimental, I would feel better (lit.: get healed) by listening to Kim Kwang Seok’s songs and if I start to feel anxious again, I would find some foreign songs to listen to like “yes, this is it!”

Q: I see that you’re trying to balance it out. What are the other members thinking about?

Jimin: “what should I do to sing better?” That’s all I think about lately. (Q: That’s nice to hear. You guys are a hip hop group but I really like the vocalists’ tones.) Euhaha, thank you!

Q: You’ve all lost a lot of weight.

Jimin: We wanted to show a manly image.

Rapmon: Jimin takes care of his body the most.

Jin: He only eats one meal a day.

Jimin: It was only in the past. Now I’m taking a good control.

Jin: When he was eating one meal a day, I really worried about his health and told him that he would get ill. And then he started to eat regularly so I didn’t need to worry. Then afterwards, Jungkook copied him and started to eat one meal a day. Then Jimin told Jungkook that if he continues to be on diet like that he would get ill. Haha.

Q: What one meal a day?!

Jungkook: Lunch.

Jimin: I ate between breakfast and lunch time.

Jin: From 10 months before our debut, I only ate two pieces of chicken breast a day. I tried and I was starving. So I tried to stop the dongsaengs, but they didn’t listen. I think they have to experience it themselves to understand.

V: Before debut, we all had to be on diet. When we made sandwiches to eat, we had to get rid off the all the fat/ oil, even on the tuna. (Rapmon: It tasted so bad.) Rapmon hyung and I were like what should we do to get out of this?

Rapmon: How can we go to the convenience store without getting caught? Hahaha. But Jimin didn’t cheat. Because he was concerned that he looked chubby on the camera. Everyone has their own priorities, right. V and I control what we eat, but these members are doing it too much, we are like “ah… we need to eat to live so eat a little bit more.” In fact, the amount of exercise is seriously a lot even if we’re only practicing the dance choreography, so even if we eat a little bit more, we won’t put on weight.

Q: Jimin seems like the type that would to be very harsh on himself.

Rapmon: He’s strict with himself.

Jimin: But comparing with Jungkook… haha

Rapmon: Jungkook is an alien.

Jimin: I take good control of my meals, but Jungkook is the type that thinks ‘ah, do I need to lose weight today?’ and then he wouldn’t even eat one meal.

Rapmon: But at the same time, when he sees other hyungs eating he would be like oh I should eat some too. Have you ever played starcraft? (Q: No, but I know what it is.) Jungkook is like the steam bags that marine uses. When you use the steam bag, the HP (strength) will be gone, you die in one round but while you’re using it, it breezes up and speeds up. On one day, Jungkook would be “(as if he’s exploding) euhahaha!” and then the next day, “(as if he’s fed up/ worn out) ah ah…” (Jimin: look at how he’s describing. It’s so funny. Haha) When Jungkook is using the steam bag; no one can mess with him. He’s scary.

Q: When Jungkook turned 18 while filming ‘American Hustle Life’, he said he wanted to drive and wanted to get a tattoo. Whatever is on his mind, he would do it straight away. He seems to have a lot of greed.

J-Hope: If he got a tattoo, he will probably regret it. (V: definitely!) Haha. It’s better to have greed than not having any.

Jungkook: Now, I have to cut down my greed so I can pick out the ones I need. It’s not in order yet so… Haha.

Rapmon: It looks like he’s using the steam bag everyday! (Laughs) The funny thing about Jungkook is that, we all sleep together in one room and he sleeps on the bottom bed by himself. But he puts all the clothes and hats on his bed, so he ends up sleeping beside our manager hyung. When he asks Jungkook “why are you not sleeping here?” Jungkook would say “hyung, it’s too late to tidy up.” Keuhaha.

V: It was like that for three months.

Jimin: Even when I say that I would help him to tidy up…

V: He refuses!

Rapmon: Obstinate refusal.

Jimin: Ah it’s going to burst.

Rapmon: It’s such a shame he’s not sleeping on the best bed. I let out a sigh every time I see it. Even though I don’t really tidy up but he’s worse than me.

Jungkook: It’s inconvenient to move when I have things on the bed.

Q: Here is the chance to talk about your strengths and weakness.

Suga: My mind has always been focusing on music and it seems that my biggest strength is the fixation on music. Because I’m the type that tends to focus/ put effort on one thing, so if my color (character) is well polished it’s an advantage. Personally, I try to change all the time because of the complex about it.

Rapmon: My strength is being persistent but weakness is I can’t be persistent until the end. If I was persistent until the end ‘okay, he was like that originally’ and could have left it but because of my personality, I want to absorb/ accept many things so I can’t keep it until the end. I’m always looking for a halfway, then absorb a little bit and shift my focus on another thing. Generally it may seem to be good, but it would make people think that whether if it is a fatal flaw or not.

Jimin: Thinking positively, my strength and weakness are being hesitant/ lacking decision. Sometimes you need to be ‘yes I’m right’ but I can’t really distinguish/ classify between right and wrong. And because I’m a bit cautious so if I get shattered/ deeply affected, then I won’t be able to pull myself out for a long time. When I’m thinking alone, I would contradict with myself so I stick my tongue out. Haha.

Q: In what cases, would you be deeply affected?

Jimin: When I disappoint myself. If thoughts like ‘why am I lacking so much’ comes up in my head, I would be trapped in it for a long time. (Q: is there a person that can pull you out of the thought inside your mind?) Yes, when someone curses.

Suga: I curse a lot. I’m a person that you can trust with great shock treatment.

Rapmon: Hyung, you don’t give people shocks but you throw people away. (Laughs) You can just give them a shock with a CPR.

Suga: I have done it many times. My personality is that if I get cursed, there will only be two responses: ‘ah, really?’ and ‘okay, I will show you all (basically curse you back)”. But in music, it would be the latter response. Of course, I got cursed a lot back in the days. I’ve heard things like “you can’t do it”, “if you rap, you won’t succeed”, but I can comfortably talk about it now. I came all the way here as I’m letting these words go and prove them that I’m doing well. I will keep showing them the results/ output and then they will change their minds. (Q: You’re directly experiencing, so you think there’s an effect.) It definitely has an effect. If I hear negative comments and then give up ‘oh I’m not doing it any more’, I don’t think I can make music for a long time if I was in that state. I think this is an important part for my job.

Jimin: But I don’t think that’s a good method…

Rapmon: This is the difference between personalities. I won’t be like that, if I hear these comments, I would be “ah, I don’t need any of this” and goes into a cave. (Jimin: Me… me too) Of course, it’s better to say ‘cheer up’.

Jin: In my case, even if I hear harsh words I won’t keep it in mind. I will be “what did they just say?” and leave it.

Jungkook: I will just ignore them.

Jimin: I really hate that way. I don’t understand why you need to listen to such harsh words. You can just get cursed. Hing, it’s a fifty-fifty.

Q: How about you J-Hope?

J-Hope: I’m bright and I like to approach people. If I get hurt, I’ll keep it to myself. And I won’t show it.

Rapmon: Jimin shows that he’s hurt but J-Hope doesn’t.

J-Hope: So when it gets piled up and if it bursts at once, it will be uncontrollable.

Jin: Whoever ticks off J-Hope is really a bad person!

V, Jimin: That’s right!

Jungkook: My strength is that I know all my weaknesses. My weakness, I’ve mentioned before, I have so many things I want to try out and I make promises (to myself). But I change my mind after a couple of days. Haha.

Q: Haha, I will take it as you have a lot of good greed then. Jin, you said that even if you hear harsh words, you won’t keep it in mind.

Jin: I don’t get stressed. I will forget about it the next day. Of course, I will be stressed on the day, but I will forget everything after a sleep and wakes up the next day. That’s also my weakness. When I put a lot effort in practice or anything else I do, I will forget the next day. (V: Euhahaha)

Q: How about V?

V: I make a lot of attempt. If I can’t stand it while trying it out then I will give up. After an attempt, if it feels too hard I will put it aside for the time being. If it’s facing something difficult “I will try it!” then “oh, so it doesn’t work. Sorry.” (Q: What about saxophone?” Jimin: (claps) keuhahaha.) I learnt it even though I don’t like it. Ah, how did you know?  (Laughs) Rapmon hyung told me to improve my saxophone skills in order to show my charms, but it’s too difficult. Because you need to work your way up steadily for everything. I do my best to give it a shot.

Rapmon: Jimin and I are living the hard way. Jin and V are living the easy way. (Jin: What do you mean easy?! It’s also difficult for us. Haha.) That’s not what I mean, because I think if I give a try on something new, I need to know the basics. Even when I play a game, I look up all the ways to attack. And how do I complete the quest after gathering the experience points… haha but these people are (V: I’m not like that!) “I will try it first! Hyung, what’s good about this character?” They can easily take a challenge. Sometimes I envy them.

Jungkook: I’m in-between.

V: But it’s a weakness that we can’t continue all the way until the end. (Q: So, what lasted the longest?) Saxophone… haha.

Rapmon: Nearly 3 years! It’s going to be hard to be in a relationship for 3 years then!

V: 3 and half years. Yeah… well… right.

Q: But Bangtan will last long!

All: Euhahahahaha.

Rapmon: (in a joking voice) it’s not long until the 3rd year.

Jin: We have 1 year and 10 months left.

V: I have tried and it’s pretty good. (Laughs)

Rapmon: You’re not already tired of it, are you? Hahaha.

Q: Haha, everyone is so honest. In fact, hip hop is a genre that you need to be honest with yourself, isn’t it?

Rapmon: Yup, that’s right.

V: We are really honest!

Rapmon: I’m trying to be. But I think I have a lot of social positons and as a Korean so when I’m being 100% honest, I have to rethink that how much the people can handle. It’s a bit sad.

Jimin: I don’t hide anything, because I express everything. Haha.

Jungkook: Yes me too.

Jimin: Jungkook is a very honest kid! (Points to Jungkook and V) These two will simply refuse when it comes to something that they don’t like. 

Rapmon: That’s right.

Jungkook: Nowadays, I have a lot more thoughts on my mind, musically and personally.

Rapmon: he’s going through puberty. Heuheu.

Q: Being 18 years old is one of the best days. Do you guys write diaries to gather your thoughts together? The photos uploaded on Bangtan’s official blog seem to be in a diary form.

V: Jimin wrote it once.

Jimin: Everyone vomited blood and laughed at it. I don’t even know why I did that. It was a few months ago, suddenly I felt that I was living mindlessly. It’s good to practice, but I’m repeating the same routine every day, I feel that “ah, why am I turning into an idiot?” Every time I look at Rapmon hyung (who’s good at talking and have deep thoughts) “I want to become like hyung” and so I tried to write a diary. (Laughs) I wrote it for one week thinking “ah, why am I being like this?” and went back to practice again. Nowadays, I don’t have time to think about diaries. Euhaha.

Rapmon: Jin hyung writes diaries~!

Jin: It has only been 2 months. I started it because I was trying to come up with good lyrics. But as time passes, it gradually became troublesome so I only write when there are important events.

Suga: Instead of diaries, I jot down my emotions or expressions that comes up at the moment.

V: I’m angry!

Jin: That’s a memo!

All: Hahahaha.

Q: V is kind of off-the-wall. Anyways, in ‘Danger’ and as well as ‘Boy In Luv’, you guys showed an explosive performance on the stage. It is so different to right now, what were you guys thinking while performing on the stage?

V: Nothing… well we need to be in sync so I only have “I must do it!” on my mind.

J-Hope: He’s such a talented guy. Seriously.

Rapmon: It’s not that I don’t have anything on mind, I just do it the way that I want to.

Jin: (Looks at V) the members have to be beside you all the time. Haha.

V: But once when I said I want to do it the way I want, the members told me not to. There was something that I want to do during ‘we are bulletproof pt.2’. During the part ‘as much as I sharpened my sword’ (I was going to put my right hand on the left palm to make a sword gesture), (Rapmon: it looks like you’re cursing though! Keuhaha.) They said it didn’t look cool so I didn’t do it.

Suga: They tell V realistically.

Rapmon: If we acknowledge him a little then he can be cool. Haha.

Q: Even though V and Jimin are both born in 1995, their personalities are very different. The question is what kind of friend is V to Jimin?

All: Hahahaha.

Jimin: I think you need to give me a day to think about it. Haha.

Q: Haha, okay I will ask another question. You’re also a member that is considered to be good at dancing. During ‘American Hustle Life’, in the dance battle, you said to the other dance team that they are not listening to the music. What do you mean by that?

Suga: Because dancing is expressing music through your body. What Jimin means is whether you’re expressing the music properly or not.

Jimin: But I’m not that amazing at dancing… I’m shy but I always try to find enjoyment in dancing. Hehe. When I learnt dance, my dance teacher always told me “you must listen to the music.” But because the opposite team wants to show something to us, it made them look really impatient. That’s why I said it.

V: They didn’t listen to the song and just did tumbling. Jimin’s dancing parts got cut out a lot. The other team was playing around while Jimin was dancing and matching with the music but it got edited out. Jimin won with only dancing for 2 seconds. Haha.

J-Hope: It was really fun.

Q: I see that you guys fills up each others’ weakness, and you are a team that when there’s something good, you will all share together. So, what does Bangtan wants to show in the future?

Suga: Although we are focusing on our performance right now but I want to show more of our musical talents in the future. And make people feel that we’re not ‘Sonnyeondan’. Just as much as I think it’s important to continue to grow. I hope people will think “you guys are always different, you are doing better.”

Rapmon: To become someone who can touch anyone’s heart. The songs are played on everywhere you go, and you can easily see singers performing, but really, there aren’t that many singers that can catch people’s attention and make them listen intently to their music. Even just for few seconds, I want to be able to touch their hearts. So I hope our music will be remained in their memory for a long time.

Q: Lastly, this coming Christmas are you guys going to release a second song to ‘a typical idol’s Christmas’?

Rapmon: Woah, wait a minute! Recently we were only talking about mid-autumn festival and suddenly it’s near Christmas, it feels so weird. Now, we will stop releasing carols. Haha. I think at that time we were preparing from the end of year stage performance. It has a meaning of “we’ve worked hard this year” so we have to stand on that stage. To do this, we really need to work hard on promotions. (Laughs)



Look what you made me do, @qyukie. I saw your post about delimoo and new years kisses and felt compelled to write this. 

I hope you guys enjoy & let me know what you think! Happy new year everyone <3

Pairings: Delimoo
Warnings: Swearing

Jon realised- just a few minutes too late- that he’d just walked into Brock’s chest.

The odds of a chance meeting between the two of them were so low, practically next to none, that the idea didn’t even flicker through Jon’s mind at first. Instead, when he raised his eyes to meet Moo’s, he just quickly shrugged it off with the thought that he’d just bumped into Brock’s doppelgänger. 

And then Brock was reaching out to steady him, fingers rubbing small circles into his shoulder in a comforting gesture and his eyes practically screamed his apologies.

And then he spoke.

“Oh- oh shit… I’m so sorry, I wasn’t paying enough attention, obviously. Are you okay?" 

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anonymous asked:

I think hinata is an idealized waifu prize.

She’s more like second rate than “idealised" to me. Normally, I’m pretty ok with moe archetypes, but I can’t stand Hinata. If your waifu are Rin Tohsaka or Sakura Matou, ok fine, I can see why. At least they’re nice to look at (Sabre is still the best girl tho ), and they’re central characters in their respectively routes. 

I think Hinata doesn’t have the look or the charm. Her design is average if I’m being generous, she has no relevance, her quirks are dull. The only thing she has is she kisses the MC’s ass even harder than the average MC fangirls. But it just has the opposite effect on me. If the character’s kawaii act or fangirl antics are light hearted, they can be amusing and endearing. But if you go so over the top with it to the point of making your female characters twice trying to die for the MC in some over melodramatic fashion, that’s just pathetic and corny.

tbh, I think Kishimoto trap card characters like Haku and Sasori are prettier than his female characters. 

I’ve watched Voltron twice now I need to write some Klance so here you go

takes place in ep 6, after the gang gets Lance’s lion back. Keith ends up being the one to pick Lance up on the planet Nyma left him chained up on and some gay happens between the two of them.

Rating: G (I even stuck with the canon non swearing yo)

Word Count: 2004


Lance is chained to a tree on a random moon in space all because a really hot alien chick tricked him. ”I’m chained up, Blue got stolen, and worst of all I didn’t even kiss out of all this!” 

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Sun, Sea and Friends in Santorini - Joe Sugg Imagine (Part Two)

_________ http://mrsniamhymurs45.tumblr.com/post/122619753120/sun-sea-and-friends-in-santorini-joe-sugg Here’s part one! Xx _________

Joe had a beautiful pair of blue eyes that matched the features on his face. He was an average height and his hair was quiffed back, he was smiling right at you and you felt yourself lost for words. “Hi..” You breathed and smiled back at him and gently took his hand to shake. As soon as your hands touched you felt a spark ignite which made your heart thump. “Joe! I didn’t know you’d be joining us!” Tanya grinned looking at him making him shrug his shoulders and chuckle. “Life’s full of surprise Tanya..and I thought I’d give you one..Aren’t you happy to see me?” He asked, looking offended making the other couples laugh and Tanya panic. “No, no! Joe! You know how much I love you and surprises! I’m just shocked!” She said quickly, wrapping herself around his torso and giving him a hug which made him laugh loudly and rub her back. “I’m only playing Tan, I love you too..” He smiled hugging her back tightly before they both unwrapped themselves from each other whilst you just shoved your hands into your pockets and played with the soft fabric inside.

“We haven’t picked rooms yet, we wanted to wait until everyone was here..and then we were thinking that after we unpack and freshen up we could all head out for some lunch?” Zoe announced leaning against Alfie’s side, which broke you from your stare at the floor. “That sounds like a great idea! Okay everyone, let’s go pick a room!” Marcus agreed, everybody nodding in confirmation as everyone darted off to find a room. Everybody raced upstairs and you weren’t too far behind, you ran down the hall and managed to slide into a large room. Your eyes widened at the sight of the room before you. In the middle of the room, back against the wall there was a large king sized bed with fluffy pillows begging for someone to sleep on, and to your right, there was another door that opened up into an ensuite bathroom that had not just a shower but a bath too. There were marble sinks and white towels inside and relaxing candles set everywhere. On the wall in front of the bed, there was a wide screen TV set above a mantle piece. To your left there was a large wide open glass window that gave you the most beautiful outlook of the pool below you and the houses in the small city, you walked over to it after dropping your carry on bag to the floor and opened the sliding door to stand on the balcony. You breathed in the fresh sea air and sighed in content, you really couldn’t wait to relax here for two weeks, in actual fact you could feel yourself relaxing already.

You took out a pair of peach shorts and a white t-shirt, you laid them out on your bed along with a pair of flip flops before you entered the shower and laughed over hearing two couples arguing over their rooms. You washed your body down, not wanting to wash your hair until tonight knowing you’d be going for a good dip in the pool after lunch. You rinsed yourself well and made sure you smelled of your strawberries and cream shower gel before you returned to the main part of your room and changed into your clothes. This time you wanted to be prepared so you put on a tinted moisturiser instead of your usual foundation, you then blended in some concealer under your eyes and coated your long lashes with mascara before filling in your brows. You ran your favourite light but peachy lipstick across your lips very lightly before popping them and beginning to unpack your clothes and toiletries as quick as you could, you just wanted to get out in that sun already!


After an hour of unpacking, you were now sat down at an outdoor pizzeria. The sun was beaming down on all of you and thankfully there was a shady umbrella just above your table so you could at least look at everyone instead of looking behind your sunglasses. “So Y/N! Tell us a nit about yourself, I mean Tanya is always chatting about you! And you’ve barley said a word!” Niomi smiled softly turning to face you which then made everybody’s eyes focus on you which only made your cheeks heat up with a pink colour. “Well..I’m Y/N..My job is quite boring, I work in a retail shop and I’m often at the counter serving people..I tell really bad jokes that everybody makes fun of me for since they’re pretty bad..I’m a big reader..I’m an aspiring photographer and if you don’t watch the pizza that’s coming out to us right now then I’m pretty sure I could swallow it one go..” You laughed making a joke which made everyone bubble up with laughter which made you smile. Once the large pizza was set in front of you all, you all began to bite into it, everyone dwelling back into a conversation. “What kind of photos do you take?” Joe asked looking across the table at you with curiosity as he took up his drink and began sipping on it. “I’m quite interested in photography..” He smiled nodding looking over to you, washing the cool liquid down. “No way? Really?” You asked smiling across to Joe not believing that he also had an interest in photography. “Yeah, yeah, I took it as one of my A levels but if I’m being honest, I’m not exactly the best but I like to think I’m rather average at it..” Joe chuckled which made a giggle escape your lips whilst you took up a slice of pizza from the plate in front of you and begin to chew on your slice of cheesy pizza. “Have you studied photography or any of that jazz?” Joe asked, genuinely curious in your little hobby that you have which made your heart swell. No Y/N. You’re here to relax and enjoy yourself and make no friends..not look for boys..You swallowed the tiny little nervous and shy lump in your throat before building up the. Outage in you to let Joe know more about yourself. “Well like yourself I also did photography as my A level but I never quite managed to get to college because it was really expensive..I just didn’t have the money but I’ve been sending in portfolios of my work to lots of universities and I managed to get a scholarship in New York university for photography..” You beamed knowing you were rather proud of your scholarship since you worked hard for it for so long and now you earned your scholarship and you were heading off to New York in August to study photography and hopefully become a photographer that you always wanted to be.

“No way, really? That’s amazing! Congratulations!” Joe beamed, giving you a wide smile and flashing his perfect white teeth at you and took his glass up to clink it against yours. “Thank you..It really means a lot to me..” You smiled shyly looking down to your slice of pizza before taking a sip from your drink and try calm down the building pink colour on your cheeks. “Y/N!? You what!?” Tanya shrieked grabbing everybody’s attention at the table making your eyes widen like a baby deer and your cheeks to go even more red at all of the attention you were getting. “Why didn’t you tell me you got a scholarship!? Oh my gosh Y/N!” She squealed jumping from her chair as tears brimmed at her eyes and she managed to run across to your side of the table and tangle you up in a large hug. “I wanted to surprise you..Surprise..” You laughed softly and brushed away some of your own happy tears and rubbing away some of hers. The table sang with Tanyas friends congratulating you and what Tanya said next nearly made you fall off of your chair. “Let’s celebrate and go clubbing tonight!”


Sorry for the long wait! I’ve had a really busy week but I hope this is okay! Please let me know if you’d like more! All the love.

xxx p.s don’t be afraid to message me your thoughts! Xxx
Captain Hook Imagine

*You and Hook are going sailing, Hook is steering his ship watching the seas and you are watching him in his natural habitat*

Hook: What are you looking at love have you never seen anyone steer a ship before?

Y/N: Yes I have, but when you do it, its different its as if you are the boat and you know the seas better than anyone I’ve ever seen..

Hook: *turns around to look at you* Well why don’t you give it a try and see how it feels

Y/N: Okay. Im guessing that you typically don’t let ever average girl do this? Do you?

Hook: Love you aren’t just an average girl you’re my girl *leans in and kisses you*

Y/N: *You go behind the wheel. Hook is behind you helping you guide the ship across the sea. When you look at him and see that he’s not looking at the sea but instead watching you watch the sea.* You know what I think that I have the best boyfriend ever. *kisses him on the cheek* 

Hook: Aye.  

Authors Note: also: “Can you please write something for this: I have skittles in my mouth. Wanna taste the rainbow?”

Steve watched as Tony popped an onion ring into his mouth. They were out eating at a fast food restaurant after one of their missions. Steve had noticed that Tony liked to treat himself after a job well done, and it was almost always some form of greasy food.

“How about Sharon?” Tony asked him simply as he looked up from his food. “She seems nice.”

“She is,” Steve said as he crinkled his nose. “But she’s only a friend.”

Tony gave him a look and Steve stuck his tongue out at him like a child.

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Moose Hates Cheaters

From this request: sam x reader based on cheater by the vamps?

Here’s the song



“Sorry,” Sam said as his shoulder bumped into another body in the crowded bar.

“No worries, man.”

Sam looked up at the sound of a semi-familiar voice. He saw your boyfriend standing in front of him, a beer in one hand. His other hand was connected to…another woman. Via her ass.


“Holy shit,” Greg said, recognizing Sam. He glanced around. “She’s not here, is she?”


“Hold on.” Greg turned to the woman he was with. Sam watched him whisper something in her ear. She nodded and gave him a peck on the lips before heading off.

Sam couldn’t believe it. He didn’t want to believe it, but he had no choice. The evidence was right there in front of him.

Greg turned back to Sam. “Listen, man, I’m actually really glad I ran into you.”

Sam felt his face harden. “Really.”

“Look, I know this looks bad…”

“I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think. Y/N didn’t tell me you two broke up, but she’s always been a quiet one.”

“We… didn’t actually break up.”

Sam’s vision began to turn red. “So were you always this big of an ass, or is this new? I can’t really see Y/N falling for someone like you.”

“Come on, man. You know how it is. Y/N’s great, but…” Greg shrugged. “She’s kind of average. And not the best in the sack. But you know that.”

“Excuse me?”

Greg scoffed. “Sam, seriously. It’s okay. We don’t have to pretend anymore. You saw me here with Cynthia, I know you’ve been sleeping with Y/N for a while. So we’re even.”

Before he could stop himself, Sam swung at Greg. His fist connected with Greg’s nose, the force driving him backwards. Before he could topple to the floor, Sam grabbed the front of his shirt, pulling him up, his nose only a few inches from Greg’s.

“Don’t you ever say anything like that to me again,” Sam growled. “Y/N and I never did anything because I knew she was in a relationship. I honor that. And she’s not average. She’s so much better than you.”

There was a glimmer of fear in Greg’s eyes. “Okay, man. You got it. She’s great. You two never did anything. I’m an asshole. I get it. Please don’t punch me again.”

Sam shoved Greg away from him, pushing him into an empty barstool. “If you ever try to hurt Y/N again, I’ll come back for you.”

Sam stormed toward the exit. He found Dean on his way.

“What the hell was that about?” Dean asked, having heard the scuffle. He looked behind him. “Hey, isn’t that Y/N’s boyfriend?”

“Not anymore,” Sam said, pushing his way out of the bar.


Greg’s words burned through Sam’s mind as Dean drove back to the bunker. It was true that Sam had had feelings for you, but it was also true that he’d never acted on them.

‘Maybe this is a good thing,’ a tiny voice in his head said. ‘Maybe now you can have her.’

‘Cheating is never a good thing,’ another voice said. ‘Y/N doesn’t deserve to be treated like that.’

Dean pulled up to the bunker but didn’t go to the garage. “You go ahead, Sammy. I’m gonna go find another bar to hit up. You had your bar brawl, now I want mine.”

Sam said nothing as he stepped from the car.


Sam leaned down, looking at Dean.

“You did a good thing, man,” Dean said, his face serious. “Remember that.”

Sam nodded and shut the door. As he entered the bunker he heard Dean drive off.

You were sitting in the kitchen, a magazine spread out in front of you. You absentmindedly brought your fork up to your mouth, your eyes never leaving the glossy pages.


You looked up. “Sam!” You gave him a smile. “There’s some food left, if you want it.”

“Y/N, there’s something I need to tell you.”

You heard the tone of his voice. “Is everything okay?”

“I saw Greg tonight.”

“You did?”

“He was with another girl.”

There was a few seconds of silence as you let the words sink in. “What?”

Sam took a step toward you. “He seemed… relieved to have been caught. I can only assume that he’s been sneaking around for a while.”

You said nothing.

“He… he said some shit, Y/N. I… I punched him in the nose. I just couldn’t stand him talking about you like that.”

A sharp laugh escaped from your mouth. You clapped a hand to your mouth, staring up at Sam.

“He also accused me of sleeping with you.”


Sam nodded. “Yeah. Apparently he thought you and I were on his level. But I told him that I would never do anything like that, because you were in a relationship that I thought mattered…”

A strange look crossed your face. You stood and stepped over to Sam, looking up at him. “Well, I’m not in a relationship anymore,” you said. “So what are you going to do about it?”

Keep the faith

A simple song I made for gruvia week

© superduperizee

anonymous asked:

Sammi could I have some advice? I'm with a guy and I don't feel good enough for him, he's gorgeous and I'm average at best, he's like super fit and I don't even have a flat stomach. When we're out and I see other girls who are prettier looking at him, it really upsets me, do you know how I can be more comfortable with myself?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you see him as gorgeous and he sees you as gorgeous too, not everything is in our bodies/faces, he loves you for who you are like you do him - he might even think the same if a hot guy looks at you too!

With the other girls though, let it go, it’s life that there’s going to be other girls around but that in no way means that he fancies them or would ever make a move on someone else. What do you like about yourself? Show that off, feel good about it, don’t beat yourself up. Self confidence takes time but the main thing is to not compare yourself, no one else can be you x