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any tips on how to stay motivated when you've lost all motivation? im in my second semester of my last year of high school, and lately ive been having no desire to study or prioritise my work ;;

Hello! I think it is important to remember you’re nearly done! You’ve not got long and studying for these next few months can hopefully help get you where you want to be. When I was in high school I would always think that when I’d graduate and left I’d hate to have a lingering feeling of regret that I should have studied more or wasted less time doing unproductive things. My parents have said to me “I wish I’d tried harder” and I really didn’t want to feel like that. Since I’ve been graduated just over a year, I can tell you that I’m happy with how I did. I’m proud and glad I stuck it out. If you’ve got a goal that you need to achieve to get into university (for instance getting a certain mark), you should use that as motivation. Try your hardest to not only reach it, but beat it! For some other motivation tips, I’ve rounded up some of mine and other ones I’ve come across:

  • clear your study space, make it tidy and functional
  • write a to do list (either your top 3-5 priorities or a list of everything for each subject)*
  • remembering that each small step counts, whatever you’re working for won’t happen overnight so you need to get through it!
  • use the app Forest - it is motivational tool that keeps you off using your phone
  • map out your day with the tasks you need to do (either fully (like hourly) or just sort of (like doing them either first, second, third,etc))
  • think about how good it will feel to improve/pass and how proud you will be of yourself
  • remind yourself that studying or doing homework will mean you won’t get that feeling of dread and regret if you fail/receive a lower than expected mark because you didn’t make the effort
  • read motivational quotes - try searching Tumblr or Pinterest!!
  • don’t be overly tough on yourself - everyone has days where things get left or you just don’t feel like working but don’t beat yourself up for taking a bit of time to gather yourself
  • rewards!! (could be watching a new episode of your favourite show, seeing friends, buying that top you really want)
  • remembering that you’re lucky to get an education and that it can make a huge difference to your life/future
  • understanding that your current situation is not your final destination and working will get you closer!
  • use two minute rule - if something takes under two minutes, just do it. Then repeat.
  • set your self a goal and break it down into manageable objectives, follow each point through till you’re smashing your goals!
  • purchasing new stationery
  • knowing that mistakes aren’t a huge deal - you learn from them and can move on!! You aren’t failing in any way, just figuring out that you need to change your approach
  • make it fun by either testing out cool new study methods, finding a study buddy, or listening to your favourite music (that is if you can work productively whilst doing so - if not try Spotify’s ‘focus’ playlist!)
  • track your progress - either use a habit tracker or your calendar and mark off each day you do something you need to (maybe review notes, read a chapter of your textbook, etc). Seeing a chain of your progress will make you not want to break it!
  • always do just a little bit more - five more minutes, one more answer! Push through. Work at your self discipline.
  • try challenges like 100 days of productivity (could be subject specific or whatever you like - tailor it to suit you)
  • create/go through studyblr + find inspiration - posting your own things can be super motivating or if you see a mindmap or some notes you like, try to recreate your own version with your notes!
  • take breaks when necessary - don’t force yourself to over do it, burning out isn’t a good option. Take time out to relax, exercise, sleep, etc. When you go back you’ll be refreshed and ready to work!
  • stay positive - yes it can be hard to stay motivated but think of how much better it will be when you’re achieving the marks/recognition/whatever you’re hoping for!!
  • use a planner or printables to organise your monthly, weekly and daily activities - you’ll see what is upcoming and be more likely to get things organised before the time comes if you’re reminded! You can check out mine here.
  • make quick draft plans on big essays or assessments - when you first get it, you’ll have an idea what to write about since it is fresh in your mind. Jot those point down, then make a semi detailed outline of every part of the assessment. When it comes to starting it, you’ll be much more motivated since you don’t have to start from scratch and can check off bit by bit
  • find an accountability partner - find a friend (could be your school friend or someone on Tumblr) who can keep you on track by messaging regularly to track your progress with something. You won’t want to disappoint them so you’ll do whatever you’ve told them needs doing!

I hope that helps! :-) xx

Love Bites

Request from @harrypotter11345 : Hey. I saw that your requests are open and thought I might put in a request. Okay, so what if you did an imagine where it’s the aftermath of the reader and draco making out…so they both have hickeys everywhere and they are getting stared at by everyone. Hopefully that makes sense….

Yes!! I love this idea :)

Draco’s gentle lips lightly brushed your neck before sucking sweetly, causing a sigh to erupt from your throat. It was the first time the two of you had done anything like this; you’d only been together three months but it felt like years. You couldn’t tell Harry, Ron or Hermione about the two of you: they’d never forgive you and besides, it was nice having a secret. You looked up into his eyes before chuckling. You sat up, grabbing his shoulders and flipping the two of you over so that you were straddling him. Your turn now to give him hickeys, you leant down and sucked just below his jawline, “Mmm,” Draco commented, letting his hands wonder along your back as you left a sweet trail of love bites down his neck and chest. You ceased, the two sitting up, your legs still wrapped around Draco’s waist. You smile, leaning in and giving him a quick kiss before standing up.

“Where are you going?” Draco asked in a sad tone. You frowned, nodding toward the clock on his bedside table. It read 7:45pm, meaning the whole school will be due back from dinner at any moment. “I hate having to leave you, but we can’t risk anyone seeing us together.” You declare, bending down to pick up your tie and double checking to make sure it was indeed yours and not Draco’s. “Sometimes I think it’d just be better to tell everyone.” He comments, purposely frowning. You’d undone the first four buttons of his school shirt which made your whole body want to stay but you knew you mustn’t. “And have to deal with the fallout of Harry, Ron and Hermione? That’s a death sentence and a half.” You reply with a slight chuckle despite being completely serious. You stop to do up your buttons and do your tie, watching Draco’s frown transform into a smirk. “What?” You question, a small smile appearing on your lips. “The boys have this meeting with Umbridge tomorrow, they’ll be out nearly all night.” You get onto the bed, crawling on all fours over to Draco. “But aren’t you supposed to be going?” You question, leaving mere inches between your lips. “It’s such a shame I’m feeling under the weather, don’t you think?” He asks, smiling. You roll your eyes, Draco closing the gap between the two of you before pressing his lips to yours for a long kiss. “I’ll see you tomorrow, love.” You say as you get up off the bed and stand up. Draco winks as you close the door behind you, sprinting for the Y/H common room before anyone leaves dinner. 

You wake up to the sound of your alarm clock, sighing as you turn it off and sit up, in turn watching as the rest of the Y/H girls slowly come to as well. You groan, rolling out of bed to get ready for the school day ahead of you. Some of the girls raised an eyebrow at you but you didn’t think much of it: you always looked like a pile of shit in the morning. You eventually made it to breakfast; looking around for Draco obscurely, he was nowhere to be seen. You sat down next to Ron, Harry and Hermione and immediately placed two sausages and a slice of toast onto your plate. Considering you missed dinner last night to be with Draco, you found yourself starving. You begin with light conversation, joking around with Fred and George whilst the trio started plotting for the next DA meeting. “Say, what’s that blue mark on your neck, Y/N?” Fred asks, leaning over the table to get a better look. “Think there’s more than one of those on her neck, Freddie.” George comments, smirking. You roll your eyes but you immediately feel your cheeks up: as far as anyone’s concerned, you’re completely single and think Draco Malfoy’s the scum of the Earth. 

“Think Y/N’s got herself a boyfriend, eh? Come on Y/N, who’s the lucky lad?” Fred asks, chuckling along with George. This seemed to interest several of your fellow peers sitting close by as all heads are turned towards you. “What do you mean, Y/N’s not got a boyfriend?” Ron queries, leaning over Hermione to grab your chin to get a better look at the target of the sudden buzz of conversation. “Of course she hasn’t Ronald. You haven’t have you, Y/N?” Hermione questions, scolding Ron before turning to look at you. Lost for words, you take a bite of your toast - you hoped the conversation would die off soon because you didn’t feel you were in the right place to explain who exactly gave you those hickeys; shit - or more importantly why Draco Malfoy has them as well. 

“Look it’s none of your business-” You began, feeling a light tap on your shoulder. You look up, noticing everyone wore dirty looks. You span around, looking up to see Draco stood before you, biting his lip. “Professor Snape asked me to talk to you about the project we’re working on.” He blatantly lied, his voice strong and convincing although you knew what he actually wanted to talk about. You nodded your head, standing up whilst everyone around you whispered things to each other. You stepped away from the table so much so you were out of ear shot if the two of you talked quietly. You glanced at his neck, spotting the dark purple marks that traced their way down the light porcelain skin of his neck and under his shirt collar. “I don’t think we thought this through very well.” He justifies, smiling slightly. You look over to your friends, who all seem to be analysing the two of you - you hoped to Godrick Gryffindor they wouldn’t notice Draco’s hickeys as well. “I don’t either, which means next time we have to be extra careful.” You reply, returning the smile. “I’ll meet you half way through dinner tonight? I’ll stay in my room and then wait outside the hall so that no one gets suspicious; even more suspicious than they already are.” He says, making sure to be extra quiet. You nod, returning back to the table. “So we’ll have to finish the last parchment off in class.” You finish, making sure to say it in a fairly distasteful tone. Draco nods, but before he turns away, someone from where you were sitting chimes in. 

“What’s on your neck, Malfoy?” George asks, this time in less of a jokey manner. You felt like the whole world stopped and turned silent as Draco paused in his tracks and gently swirled around. “It looks like-” Hermione begins and you pray to God they don’t make the connection. “A love bite.” Harry finishes. By this point, the whole of the Gryffindor table had stopped to listen and you even noticed the likes of Snape and Hagrid watching the situation unfold, too. Everyone looks between the two of you before they erupt in a flame of interrogations. “Him?!” “Are you going out with him?” “Do you like HIM?” “What’s going on?!” You try to say something but you can’t manage to utter anything out. All they could see were the large purple marks that you gave each other last night. You look up to Professor Snape for any kind of guidance but he just sat there smirking. Suddenly, you felt your feet running toward the doors of the Great Hall with Draco’s hand linked with yours. When you were finally in the hallway, you turned to him. “I hope you have a bloody good hiding place for the next two years because we’re dead.” You exclaim, slightly out of breath. Draco chuckled, “Til death do us part.” 

the one with the coffee shop.

Remus Lupin likes books. Old books with dog-eared pages so thin the ink shows through in sunlight. He likes paper back copies of Penguin Classics and out-of-the-way armchairs in dimly lit coffee shops just far enough off campus that no one knows him. He likes coffee with cream and leaf-like patterns in the foam. He likes his thick knit jumper that overflows over his delicate torso, the colour of fresh autumn drizzle. He likes breathing against the glass of the window and drawing funny faces. He likes absentmindedly doodling swirls on his napkin as he reads. He likes highlighting in orange. He likes slipping his boots off and tucking his legs up into his chair. He likes the warmth when it’s cool, and the cool when it’s warm. He doesn’t like Sirius Black.

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Tulips | Alfie Solomons [part 1]

Summary: [part 1] You’re a Shelby, born between Ada and Finn. You’re not into the family business and spend most of your time as a nurse at a local hospital. Your brothers respect your distance as you try not to get caught in Peaky Blinders business. The Peaky Blinders and Alfie Solomons have been in an alliance for years. Thomas and the rest do something that might make them lose the alliance. To reassure Alfie that they’re honorable, Alfie suggests an alliance by marriage.

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Thomas stared at Alfie Solomons from across his desk with Polly, Arthur, and John standing behind him. Alfie sat with several men behind him, drinking a glass of Thomas’s whiskey. He looked down at the glass of whiskey he was homding and scruffed his beard before turning a glare towards Thomas.

“Why should I trust you then?”

Thomas leaned back in his chair, a hard and cold stare of his own aiming at Alfie. He had a lit cigarette in his hand and was currently dusting off the ashes. He pressed it back to his lips, inhaling sharply. 

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My favorite part about writing for Peter is high school tropes
Like spin the bottle? I’m such a sucker for that trope.
Hope you guys enjoy!

Title: Regrettable
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Summary: Peter meets you, Liz’s cousin, during her party and gets to know you over some small talk and a game of spin the bottle.
Word Count: 1,922
Warnings: food mention, underage drinking, slight “Spider-Man: Homecoming” spoilers
Tagged: @tmrhollandkay @kindnesswins @melconnor2007 @mcheung0314 @erikacasarin

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            "Peter, you came,“ Liz cheered as Peter and Ned walked in.

           Peter gives her a nervous smile, immediately babbling an incoherent reply. His words slow to a stop as you walk up and suddenly all his attention is sucked into you. When you smile at him, Peter gets so nervous that he wants to run out the door.

           "Y/N,” you introduce, shaking Peter’s hand. “I’m Liz’s cousin.”

           "Y/N’s visiting from Oregon,“ Liz adds.

           Peter nods slowly, unsure of what to say. He’s trying not to stare at you completely, but even as Liz beings speaking, his eyes keep drifting towards you. You keep giving him shy smiles when you catch him staring, and Peter keeps blushing deeper shades of red.

           Suddenly, a clatter comes from an adjacent room and both you and Liz grimace. You peer over Liz’s shoulder, trying to assess the damage.

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Just a game pt 6

When a college reunion takes an unusual turn, the reader finds herself amidst a game of truth or dare not knowing that at the declaration of dare would change her life into a spiral of trouble with the mysterious clown that lives in the sewers. Now her thoughts and dreams are haunted by him and she knows he loves to play…

…the reader knows she’s well and truly fucked after her steamy dream about Pennywise. It was so naughty and messed up but her body desires him probably more than life at that point. But was one night, maybe two worth it with the clown before he devoured her? Or was the will to live even stronger?

Warning: s m u t

Hey guys we are here with part 6 of this series. I think I see the end on the horizon as much as I hate to say, but what do you think? I don’t want this to end but everything does. Thanks for the support since I started this, I say this every time but I honestly appreciate you all. I’m literally gaining nearly a hundred a day which is insane! I will open requests when this story is over cuz it’ll be fun. One thing though, send me direct dms if you wanna talk cuz I can’t answer asks and I can only reply to comments via my main but people will be confused haha. Also, let me know if you wanna be tagged in this and future works. Anyway, let’s get to the story this is too long.

If you do not like this kind of content then just scroll on, it’s not worth reading and saying shit about. I am trying to keep out the main It movie tags.


You knew they suspected something. It was the day following your erotic dream and you were in the diner from the first day getting breakfast. You were on edge constantly, your hands gripping onto your returned phone. For some miracle, it was working still which was good because now you wouldn’t have to take to replace it or lose all your files. The problem you had though was it just reminded you of Pennywise which spurred on your internal desires.


You heard your voice being called. You blinked and your head slightly turned to your friend who’d spoken.

“Sorry, what did you say?” You asked. They gave you an odd look, brows furrowed slightly and eyes wide.

“We were all talking for ages about what we were all gonna go back to after this trip but you haven’t even been listening.” They shot at you. Damn. You felt ashamed with yourself that you’d become so easily distracted that you were neglecting the time with your friends. You pushed your hair behind your ear and cleared your throat.

“Sorry, just tired.” You lied carefully. (Bf/n) scoffed.

“You can’t be, we weren’t out for very long and you went straight to bed.”

You cursed under your breath and scowled.

“Yeah well I woke up and I couldnt get back to sleep so easily.” You shot back agitatedly. Your best friend’s eyes narrowed slightly and she opened her mouth to argue back but luckily for all of you one of the others cut in.

“Hey! Both of you need to stop this! Ever since we came back here you’ve been at each other’s throats nearly the whole time! It’s like you’re not even the closest anymore.”

You bit your lip at you gazed at the woman of whom you’d nearly grown up with and you saw desperation in her eyes. Desperation to know what was happening to you and if she could help. You sighed gently, releasing your lip from your teeth.

“I’m sorry… I just- there’s a lot happening right now, stuff that is because of the return to this town. It’s really messing with me and in return for it I’m being a real bitch.” You mutter. You half expected to be waved off and for your friends to laugh but instead there was a wave of sympathy that surprised you. The friend next to you took your hand and rubbed her thumb over your knuckles.

“Hey, we noticed this too. Maybe coming back here really was a bad idea, and then with those child disappearances is really not helping the situation. Maybe we should bring this vacation to an end or something.” She suggested. Your eyes briefly met (bf/n)’s.

“I…I’m already leaving at the end of the week.”

Silence followed your words and you felt your heart jolt fearfully. Were they unhappy that you had decided this alone? But then the male in the group nodded.

“That’s fair. We can all just regroup somewhere else some day anyway. Let’s just cherish the rest of the week.”

You smiled in appreciation. You could do this.


After breakfast you all had decided to go to the friend that lived in Derry’s house for a bit of quiet time. No one wanted to watch the television because the only thing being shown were broadcasts about the missing children and propaganda of the parents sobbing and begging everyone to come fourth with any news on their children. It was too upsetting and you knew the others suspected you would have a breakdown if you were to hear anymore on the children.

You knew it was on you, Pennywise wanted you to know that you couldn’t possibly win when it came to his game so he was trying to lead you to him and let him have his way with you. At times you were so tempted to just give up and take yourself down to the sewers and seek him out, let him destroy your mind and your body, but a more fearful part of you, one that wished to live pulled you from these thoughts because the possibility of dying was terrifying. You would tell yourself that it was only a few days until you’d leave Derry and never return and you would be set on that path instead.

You realised that once again you were deep in your thoughts which were a dangerous place to be in that moment. You groaned a little and ran your hands through your hair. You hadn’t noticed that two of the others were playing video games whilst the others watched because you were so lost in your head. You pushed off the sofa you were sat on, your head spinning. It caught the attention of the others for the game was paused and heads turned in your direction.

“(Y/n)? Where you going?”

“I’ll be right back. Just going to the bathroom.” Your voice was hoarse and weak, you doubted that anyone had caught wind of what you’d said. You didn’t hang around long enough to find out though. The climb up the staircase was unusually sluggish and slow as you dragged your feet up each step. The floorboards creaked when you stumbled along the landing to the bathroom. You shoved the door open and slammed it shut behind you and let your composure slip. You were exhausted, your heart pounding as it would if you’d run a marathon and your skin felt clammy. You propped yourself up against the sink with your hands and stared down at the faucet until you reached and turned one of the nobs and listened to the water hit the sink bowl.

You’d absolutely no idea what was wrong with you, why you were feeling so sickly all of a sudden. The only explanation for your state was lack of sleep but you were used to being up late anyway and not being affected like this. It hurt your head trying to find an explanation so you resorted to cupping your hands and allowing the water to pool in them before splashing your face in attempt to reawaken. And then you felt it. Someone was right behind you.

You turned sharply, face still dripping water down your shirt and you were ready scream the house down. However, an all too familiar cotton gloved hand speedily smothered your mouth for they knew you would react like so. Pennywise smirked as he towered over you.

“Hi there, little one. Fancy meeting you here in a bathroom.” His voice was the same chilling mix of gruff and squeaky, exactly as it had been in your dream. “I hope you slept well last night, it would be a shame for you to lose out on sleep.”

You could hear the utter tease and sarcasm in his voice and it had you lean away from him, his hand still over your mouth to prevent you from making noise. It was him who was responsible for that dream. You should have known it was. What else should you have expected? It was ways going to be him. He knew you were thinking this for a chuckle rumbled through his chest, so much so that you could feel the vibrations in your body and it sent a tingle through your nervous system. You pried his hand away from your mouth but he only moved it to cup your chin, his thumb stroking you.

“Fuck you. Just leave me alone.” You said quietly. His head leaned down towards you until he was inches away.

“I know you plan on leaving here and never coming back,” he began, and then he moved closer still until his lips brushed against your ear, “but I won’t let you.” He whispered.

Your whole body was trembling again at this point as his breaths tickled your skin. He can smell your fear as it radiates off of you. But it was mixed with another scent; something primal and sweet. He leaned away from your ear to your face and you could see drool beginning to slowly dribble down his chin.

“I can smell more than fear… You know what I smell, little one.”

You whimpered pathetically and pressed your ass against the sink harshly, anything to get away from him and his words. He knew you were both terrified aroused by him and knew he could use it to his advantage. He closed the small space between you both, now chest to chest with you (more like your head to his chest) and you could only smell him. Of all the times you’d encountered him, you expected him to stink of the sewers but that wasn’t the case at all. He smelt oddly like candy floss or popcorn, but then again, he was trying to portray a clown.

You stare up at him fearfully, biting your lip. He licked his own plump lips, smearing saliva around. His buck teeth were exposed to you as he did so. You hated that you had dreamt of him sinking those teeth into you and you hated yourself more that you were thinking of him doing it in reality. Right now.

Pennywise slowly leaned his face down close to yours and his lips barely brushed against your lips like a feather and your head moved to follow them. The clown chuckled deeply at your reaction.

“You tell me to leave you alone but then you’re craving me so much… Just submit, little one, it’ll be worth your while.”

You’re conflicted. If only you’d stayed downstairs. You wouldn’t be in this position now, a monster clown seducing you whilst scaring the fuck out of you at the same time. You’re unable to decide not to play his game for the hand that wasn’t gripping onto your chin was now cupping your warm sex through your pants. A sharp gasp filtered through your lips at the sudden touch and he giggled. You gulped a moan away as his long fingers teased.

“P-please!” You whined. He tutted and pressed his fingers on his other hand on your mouth.

“Shh…You’re gonna attract the attention of the others downstairs and we don’t want that, do we?” He reminded you. You’d forgotten that you were in your friend’s home and everyone was only a floor down. But it was difficult to keep quiet for the clown had now slid his gloved hand into your pants, your thighs parting for him, and was brushing his fingers against your sensitive cunt. The fabric of his glove was so soft and thin that you could feel the heat of his fingertips still.

He massaged your tingling clit with his thumb whilst his longest finger slid into your slick, burning entrance. A moan was definitely about to escape your mouth so you did the only thing you could think of; your mouth closed around his fingers and you bit down slightly, sucking on them. Pennywise grunted in utter surprise and his eyes were wide in fascination.

“What’s this?” He questioned rhetorically as your eyes fluttered shut. A second finger had joined the mix in your hole and your hips had begun to buck slightly. You had an idea, one that you’d never considered before. Whilst his fingers moved quickly in and out of you and his thumb circled faster and faster, you reached one of your hands out and continued forward until you could feel his crotchular area. Pennywise hissed sharply and sure enough, you could feel a cock there because it twitched under your touch. The hand in your mouth was ripped away with a string of your saliva connecting to it and he grabbed your hand, pulling it away from his cock.

“What are you doing?” He growled. Your body had tensed but his hand in your pants still moved.

“I-” you couldn’t answer as his fingers curled up into your g-spot, stars filling your vision like a hazy filter. You moaned loudly, your head thrown back. Your friends downstairs were definitely able to hear that, you thought to yourself. Pennywise realised this too and so he slammed his lips to yours for a kiss to silence you. His fingers worked faster as his mission to make you cum became the only thing that mattered. You loved his lips on yours, even if it meant he had to keep you quiet for in reality you didn’t care if they could hear you anymore.

The sound of your cunt squelching wetly around his fingers filled the room and you could feel yourself drawing near to your orgasm. It was too good, your mouth opening and it being invaded by the clown’s tongue. He also tasted sweet, something you really didn’t expect at all but you loved it.

With one last thrust of his fingers against your g-spot and a pinch of your clit your hips were jolting and your whole body trembled violently, your moans being swallowed by the clown’s mouth. This was the most powerful orgasm you’d ever experienced and you knew no human could ever top this for as long as you lived. You felt so wet and dirty when Pennywise eventually slipped his hand out of your pants and when he pulled away from the kiss you watched as he brought his soaked hand to his lips and suck on them, tasting your juices. Your were breathless as you slumped against Pennywise, much to his surprise. Your body would occasionally twitch with the aftershocks of the orgasm but you did not move until your heart rate had slowed and Pennywise did not push you away. You chuckled softly.

“I’m so fucked.” You breathed. Pennywise smirked and pushed your hair behind your ear from where it had fallen forward.

“You are. It’s…interesting.”

You said no more, you couldn’t. The sound of knocking on the otherwise of the bathroom door made you freeze.

“(Y/n)? Are you doing alright in there, you’ve been a long time.” One of your friends called. Pennywise winked and before your eyes he was gone, leaving you on your own. You cleared your throat and attempted not to sound like you’d been in an intimate situation.

“I’m fine. I just needed to take some time.” You replied clearly. You turned back to the sink and your eyes catch the mirror. Your skin was flushed and there was red paint around your lips. In your post orgasmic high you chuckled at the mess before you began to wash it off. This trip to Derry had been a rollercoaster.


Yoooo it’s super late whenever I upload, Like rn it’s nearly 12:40am. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and here are the tags,

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Accidents Happen {Reader Insert}

Imagine: A young Serpent needs refuge. Her first thought is an old friend, but when a redhead hottie opens the door, her plans are quick to change.

Summary: {Y/N} comes from the other side of the tracks, from a rough and broken home. In the spur of the moment, an accident happens and she’s left scared and vulnerable. She turns to an old friend, Jughead Jones. But it seems he’s quite preoccupied. Instead, she comes face to face with the famous Archie Andrews. Who knew good boys could make such good company?

Request?: No, another random thought that just had to be voiced. I mean, c’mon, Archiekins deserves all the love.

Word Count: 2078

Taglist: Let me know if you’d like to be tagged in anything.

Disclaimer: I do not own the gif, credit to the user that made it. The Riverdale characters and storyline are also not mine, credit to the writers and producers.

A/N: When I first started writing this little oneshot, I honestly wasn’t too sure as to where I wanted it to go. But, I am very happy with how this turned out. Do let me know what you think! And of course, my ask box is open for any requests that you might have! Enjoy, my little bookworms 🖤

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7 Years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook x Reader - Part 6

It’s so late at night here but as always here’s the next part to 7 years. Hope you guys enjoy it. <3


There’s a BTS song reference in here somewhere. I wonder if you can find it lmao

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Falling asleep after reading Jungkook’s note proved to be easier said then done and you found yourself staring at your ceiling, deep in thought. You couldn’t deny that lately you’ve felt a shift in your feeling towards Jungkook and his jealousy wasn’t helping you one bit. It secretly made you happy when he got frustrated over you and, now, who you hung out with.

When you finally admitted to yourself that you felt something more for Jungkook, sleep slowly crept in and the next thing you knew it was the next morning. You weren’t in a particular rush to meet Jung-Hoon and the fact that you were having a good hair day caused you to not even bother with makeup.

When 1:30 arrived, you left your house, bidding your sister and mother goodbye. The sun was out and it was late spring which meant that you could appreciate the warmth and your surroundings by walking to your destination. Arriving, you found Jung-Hoon seated at a table by the window, two drinks placed in front of him.

He seemed to notice you immediately as he waved to you and beckoned you over, sliding one of the plastic cups towards you.

“I didn’t know what you liked so I ordered you a caramel iced frappé.” Your eyebrows creased for a split second before you regained your cheerful mood.

“Well, you managed to order my favourite drink. Have you been watching me?” For some reason, Jung-Hoon stiffened at your joke and you blinked twice in confusion.

“Relax, Jung-Hoon. I’m just joking.” He let out a nervous chuckle and alarm bells rang in your head.

“I know you’re joking. It just caught me off guard.” You made up your mind. If anything weird happened you were definitely leaving. You knew when something wasn’t right and right now Jung-Hoon was making you extremely suspicious.

“Okay… so why did you want to hang out?” He paused at sipping his drink to look up at you through his eye lashes. Shooting you a dimpled smile, he rubbed the back of his head.

“I just think you’re a great person and wanted to get to know you better.”

Slowly nodding, you took a sip out of your own drink, watching him with slight caution. He seemed like he didn’t have any hidden motives and after you came to this conclusion you allowed yourself to relax a bit, resulting in an hour long conversation. Soon both of you held empty cups in your hand and Jung-Hoon stood from his seat, grabbing your cup.

“I’ll go throw these out and get their special dessert.”

Grabbing his hand, you stopped him from moving away.

“You don’t have to, I can pay for myself.” You received a shake of the head and a grin.

“No, don’t worry. I called you out so I should pay.” Taking your hand off his arm, he made his way to the bin and then the counter. He seemed to be genuinely nice but you felt that something was off.

Deciding to trust your gut feeling, you began to think of an excuse to leave. When Jung-Hoon approached your table, you opened your mouth to speak but was interrupted when he suddenly sat beside you leaving little to no space between your bodies.

“Um… what are you doing?” The blank stare you gave him did nothing to the sly smile that was currently present on his face and his hand landed on your thigh.

“Don’t worry, you’ve been so stiff this whole time. Just unwind…” he leaned in towards you and the puckering of his lips caused something inside you to snap.

So that’s what this was.

Smashing the palm of your hand into his face, you pushed him back, much to his surprise.

“Listen, I don’t know who you think you are to try some stupid shit like this but I’m not an easy girl. So I suggest you turn the fuck around and go back home Jung-Hoon.”

Apparently, he didn’t like that.

He snatched your wrist and pulled your hand off his face, leaning in once more. When you went to push him with your other hand, he restrained you.

Where the fuck was everyone in this café?

“No, you listen to me. Just fucking give me a kiss and stop being so stuck up. Then I’ll have no use for you and I’ll leave you alone.”

No use? What were you a fucking wet wipe?

“Let me go before I break your neck, you jerk.” You had no chance to follow through with your words because within a second, Jung-Hoon disappeared from in front of you.

It took you another split second to realise he was on the floor and someone was on top of him, fists raining down on his face.

“You worthless piece of shit! Who are you to touch my Y/N!” The possessive voice belonged to none other than Jungkook, who was mercilessly punching Jung-Hoon with every word.

To be honest, you had never seen him get into a fight so your shock caused you to freeze for a good minute or so. When you snapped out of it, you leaped out of your seat and proceeded to grab under his arms and pull him off the almost motionless body underneath him.

“Jungkook stop! I think he gets it!”
He ignored you and scrambled back to his target, grabbing his collar and bringing his fist back. Launching yourself at his back, you clung onto his arm, restricting him of any movement.

“Jeon Jungkook fucking stop!” When his full name left your mouth, his whole body froze and the hand that held Jung-Hoon’s collar slowly released its grip on it. He soon got back on his feet and grabbed you by your arm, hauling you up. It was only then that you noticed Namjoon standing before two boys that were clearly friends of Jung-Hoon.

“Hyung let’s go.” Namjoon snapped his attention to the both of you and shoved his hands in his pockets, stepping over Jung-Hoon’s body.

Jungkook dragged you out of the café and away from the watchful eyes of the bystanders. When you had made it down the street, he halted his movements and turned to face you.

“You alright? He didn’t do anything else did he?” Shaking your head, he visibly sighed in relief and ran a hand through his hair.

“How did you know?” Returning his attention to you, he glanced at Namjoon then back at you.

“We were in the café the whole time, sitting at the back. His friends were on the table beside us and I heard them start talking about some bullshit bet they made and that’s when he tried to fucking kiss you.”

You made the connections in your head as Jungkook waited for your reaction. Normally, you would have been annoyed that he had followed you but it’s not like you actually wanted to be out with Jung-Hoon in the first place. So instead of snapping at him and walking away, you stepped forward and gave him quick peck on the cheek. Sure, you were acting out of character but his intentions were so innocent, even if he ended up beating someone to a pulp.

You also wouldn’t admit that the small crush you had on him that had been gradually growing caused you to want to give him a kiss on the cheek.

He didn’t seem all too shocked by it, if anything he seemed to be smug, the evidence being the smirk plastered on his face.  "Looks like your jealousy was helpful for something.“ Namjoon chuckled whilst Jungkook shrugged his shoulders.

"But Namjoon why did you come with Kookie today?” He slung his arm over your shoulder and pinched your cheek affectionately.

“Well you see, since Seagull over here is like a little brother to me, that automatically makes you my little sister.” You burst into laughter at the nickname Namjoon had used and Jungkook’s eyes widened in embrassment. He once again grabbed your arm and all but wrenched you from Namjoon’s firm grasp.

“Come on, Y/N. We’re going back to mine to hangout with the others.” Rolling your eyes at his possessive nature, you allowed him to tug you down the streets, Namjoon following close behind with a dimpled grin.


Spending the rest of the day playing video games with the boys was more fun than it sounded. Taehyung’s constant whining whenever he lost against Jimin on Black Ops caused Yoongi to throw hilariously rude insults at the boy. It became worse when they bet on the line distribution of a demo song called ‘Cypher’.

The poor boy almost ended up in tears.

When the evening had crept in, they all began to bid their farewells  one by one leaving only you and Jungkook. Your initial plan was to head home but Jungkook had other ideas.

“I called your mum and she said it was fine for you to stay over.” You let out a huff of annoyance, navigating around his tall frame. “That’s not the point, you idiot. The point is I never said I was staying over, heck, you didn’t even mention it!”

Making your way to his front door, you slipped your shoes back on and grabbed your bag only to be stopped by Jungkook’s body blocking the exit.

“You’re not leaving. It’s too late for you to leave.” Glancing at your watch, you then raised an eyebrow at his pathetic attempt to keep you at his house.

“Its nine thirty.”

“Yeah! I’m not letting you leave this late.” He challenged your blank face with a glare. You were getting nowhere with this conversation until he switched tactics.

Out of nowhere, he dropped the glare and pouted. Not a playful pout, oh no, a sad pout he matched with 'puppy dog eyes’. You felt your resolve weaken and before you knew it you were dropping your bag to the floor.

“Okay, okay. I’ll stay.” Suddenly, you were lifted up into the air and thrown over his shoulder. You let out small shriek at the sudden action and watched as stairs suddenly came into view. He only dropped you when he had reached his room and began searching through his drawers.

“Don’t worry, I have spare clothes you can wear and a spare toothbrush.”

“Oh really? Well do you happen to have spare underwear too?” You thought you had caught him there and you mentally patted yourself on the back. Your celebration was short lived, however, when he craned his neck and gave you a sly bunny-like grin.

“Oh my god, that’s so creepy, never do that again.” Your only reply was a fresh pair of underwear thrown at your face. Snatching the matching underwear duo from your face, you shot him a look that expressed how creeped out you were.

“Y/N, you didn’t actually think this was spontaneous did you? I’m 18, I know what I need to know.”

Why did It sound like he was quoting lyrics?

“Okay, as your friend I think it’s my duty to let you know that you’re as weird as it gets.” He only shook his head in mild amusement before handing you a pair of shirts and an old t-shirt. Taking both articles of clothing, you made your way to his bathroom whilst giving him a genuinely concerned look, to which he brushed off with a snicker.

Once you had changed, you exited the bathroom to find he had set up a bed on the floor which he was currently occupying. Not being one to turn down the opportunity of a bed, you stepped over him and climbed under his bed covers.

“Hey! Don’t you know that if you step over someone they get shorter!?”

“Jungkook, shut up.”

It wouldn’t be a real sleepover without snacks and a movie, so you both opted to watch Sin City and brought out bowls of popcorn and ice cream. If there was one thing you knew about Jungkook it was that the later it got, the more nonsense he spoke and apparently this hadn’t changed at all since the last sleepover you had all those years ago. When the movie had ended and you spent the next few hours speaking, you made the not so hard decision to make him go to sleep. As funny as it was to hear him spout crap, you knew he was going to embarrass himself.

“I think you need to sleep now, Kookie.”

“But I don’t want t-”

“Go to sleep.”




“We should get married, Y/N.”

“Shut up and sleep.”

“I’m being serious our kids would b-”



“Fucking sleep or I’ll burn your IU albums.”

That effectively shut him up.

*Falling Apart* Newt x reader
◘ Anonymous asked:

Hi can you write newt × reader where they are in fight,like newt doesn’t have enough time for reader and she is sad?Thanks💖

Hope you enjoy, dear Anon! 

It had been weeks since the last time you and Newt had done anything remotely romantic. You understood he was busy writing his new book and tending to his creatures, but lately, you felt rather forgotten. He barely spoke to you in-between writing, taking care of the creatures and getting supplies. Most days you either wandered around wherever you were in your journey and poke around in little shops. 

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anonymous asked:

Papa Nordics hcs? Individually, not together!

I’ve been waiting for this


  • He is child in an adults body. Raising his own children would be a walk in the park! He’s always up for playing pretend or dress up with them and you better believe he will get them a mountain of Lego to play with!
  • Protect of his child, very. He’s one of those dads that will give his children alot of freedom but as soon as they’re going out with someone he wants to know who they are with and where. No harm shall come to them.
  • Dad jokes are extremely common, in fact he probably tells his child to call him ‘dadmark’! Every time he makes his child sigh or ugh he laughs and gives them a hair ruffle.
  • Sometimes it will feel like his child is looking after him, especially when he take them to the toy shop. On many occasions he will be the one buying the toys for his own entertainment. 
  • Pushes his children to their absolute limits and cheering them on every step of the way. If he knows that his child can do something he will bribe them, cheer them and whatever else to help them achieve their goals!
  • To annoy his child he does many things. His personal favorite being to tickling their hips till they’re crying with laughter and putting them on his shoulders (Still laughing) and running around the house!
  • He adores it when his child lets him do their hair, no matter the length or texture. If it’s short he gives them a quiff, if it’s long he’ll give them a danish braid! if it’s mid-way he’ll do plaited pigtails! 
  • Sometimes when he’s bored and his child is nearby, he’ll make a game out of trying to put his tiny hat on their head without them noticing. If he achieves it he’ll take a picture and posted it on Snap chat.
  • Trips to the shops to get ingredients is pretty common, he loves to bake with his child! Only the best danish pastries recipes will be taught and anyone who even smells them will being to drool!
  • When nobody is around or is coming over he will turn the living room into a giant pillow fort! He loves to see the look on his child’s face as they dive into the fort of pillows and blankets he’s made.

Dad rating: Everything is awesome 


  • He is a very caring and fathering man, he is always doing everything he can for his children; the cooking, cleaning, general family bonding, anything to keep them happy!
  • Strictness wise he is rather flexible. MOST of the time he will brush of misbehavior and give his child a quick scold. Just, don’t make him angry. For the love of everything holy and your safety don’t!
  • The amount of worrying he does over his children is almost enough to worry about him. He is always on edge when his child is staying at a friends, you better believe he has the friends parents phone number!
  • You know when your mum/dad/guardian see a friend outside the shop and starts to talk for them for about fifty years? Yeah… he’s that dad. Best bring something to entertain yourself with!
  • He is very relaxed when it comes to emotional issues, if his children have any problems at all he’ll talk them through it and then give them words of encouragement and enthusiasm!
  • Also that dad that takes his children to the park and has a flock of mothers surrounding him. All of them are very kind and such, but can he please watch his baby whilst they’re swinging on the monkey bars?
  • One of the Parent Council dads, he is very involved in his children’s education. Plus he can prove that he’s the best at making cookies! No one can beat Santa’s cookies after all~
  • Speaking of being Santa, he’s children always get the best presents! But they do have to stay over at uncle Estonia’s house for Christmas eve. Only because he needs to do his job though.
  • Sauna days with his kids! He loves to just sit back and let the steam engulf him. If the steam is too intense for his child, they can always go for a nice swim in the pool!
  • He is always giving his children hugs. He will find any excuse to give his kiddo a tight snuggle, good moments and bad! Unless of course they don’t like hugs in which case, hair ruffles are good too! 

Dad rating: Baby in a box (If you don’t get that click: here)


  • At first, he has no idea what on earth he is doing. For those who are friends/family of Iceland will likely receive 3am phone calls with the topic; ‘What do I do when my child cries?’ 
  • He is probably that dad that is completely awkward dad that makes jokes at the wrong time, Denmark does that right? Denmark raised him so jokes are a thing that good dads do right? (Send the lad some help please)
  • Mr.Puffin is the official “HELP ME PARENT PLEASE!” bird, as much as it may annoy the poor puffin it will keep him busy. Family chill time is probably everyone’s favorite time.
  • Saying all of this, he does try his best. He tries to show his children the wonders of his land and others, as odd as it may seem he knows that the world is very large and he hopes they will see it all!
  • He enjoys telling them old folktales for bedtime stories! Sometimes he’ll go on for long after his child has fell asleep, so many tales that have been passed on to tell from the people lost in time.
  • They’re raised to be able to speak more than one language, He can get pretty embarrassed speaking his own language (Source: X (Trivia point!)). He wants his children to be able to wonder the world understand others!
  • School wise is eeh… He believes that education is the way too success but coming to him with homework or school drama is not the best idea. He either doesn’t know or doesn’t really care.
  • Discipline wise, he’s got it down to a T, he knows that as soon as the Wifi password is changed and the remotes have been hidden his child is all of a sudden going to be rather nice to him~
  • To add to the point above, he cannot stand bratty children. From day one he will tell them “You respect me, I respect you” and if they follow that rule then they will be very close!
  • He can be pretty clingy to his child, he doesn’t like to be surround by people but he’s not a big fan of being all by himself. His child will probably be around him alot to stop him from being too lonely.

Dad rating: How to be a good papa?


  • The chill parent™ literally. He is very tolerant and patient with his children. He will let them do as they please as long as they stay within their boundaries. So long as they do it’s chill™
  • He will probably put his children on a pedestal like he does Iceland. He’s always going on about how his children are amazing and how cute they look in that outfit he bought them(like Maes from FMA? please tell me if i’m wrong)
  • To any out lookers, they would say that he’s got a good hand on raising his children. They would be right! Besides the mental screaming and the worrying coffee intake from lack of sleep due to worrying about them, he’s fine! 
  • Dad jokes are a thing, but in a weird way. His child can say anything and he would pause, stare and murmur a really bad pun under his breath. I.e. ‘Whoa, papa! Look at this!’ ‘……I can’t believe it’s not butter...’ 
  • He spoils his children more than he is willing to admit, they could see something on TV and he would surprise them with it the next day. He can’t really help it, he doesn’t want them to live like he used to.
  • Emotional stuff he’s pretty good at! He is able to sit there and listen to any problems his children are facing for hours if he must. He is also willing to hug them and sooth their worries with comforting songs!
  • Adores telling his children myths and folklore! Sometimes he’ll even take them on drives to the places and introduce them to the creatures that the stories are based around!
  • Whenever the midnight sun or the Nordic lights are on show he’ll let his children stay up to see them. Joined with the forces of caffeine and warm blankets he’ll sit outside with them all night if they want.
  • To him, his children are a blessing and something to live for. If he is ever lacking motivation or inspiration he’ll think about his children and BAM! You’ve got one very determined Norwegian.
  • He takes alot of time off work to spend with his children. He wants to be apart of their lives and for them to always know that he loves them, for him nothing is more important than his family.

Dad rating: Butter hurry up with that homework


  • This man is a papa and a half! He is already raising two kids (Sealand & Ladonia!) so the man knows what he’s doing. He is always alot more relaxed when with kids and is happy to care for them!
  • He is very good at keeping his children in line, how exactly? Star charts. He knows that losing a gold star is everyone’s worse nightmare and he will use this to his advantage. Gold stars are given to good kiddos only!
  • Want a tree house? Because his children are getting a tree mansion! Nearly all of their room’s furniture and toys are made by him, but don’t worry they’re made entirely out of love!
  • Super protective of his little ones! He would never let any harm come to them whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally. If anyone dares to hurt them he will be knocking on the culprits door at 3am!
  • Sometimes he’ll take his kids with him for a small fishing trip if the weather is right. Sure camping may be a little boring but it’s the bonding that counts! Plus fishing can be rather relaxing~
  • He is always willing to participate in games with his little ones, even pretend and sports! If it means that they’re gaining an interest in a possible future career or dream then he will do his best to guide them.
  • To his children he can seem like a rag doll at certain times, he doesn’t mind them climbing onto his shoulders or letting them borrow his glasses. If it keeps them happy and they’re safe then it’s fine.
  • Education wise he is the man when his children need help with homework. He will talk them through the problem and give them as much motivation as they need, sometimes in the form of pastries! 
  • All drawings and school achievements will have a special spot on the fridge for all to see. Any of his little ones achievements will be rewarded with a meal out wherever they want!
  • His absolute favorite thing in the world is to wake up with his little family all fallen asleep on the sofa with him, he thinks it’s so cute seeing them all snuggled up on top of him with a blanket covering them all~

Dad rating: Swedad

Always Late

Originally posted by 5sospicturesque

A/N:This is so long but I had a lot of fun writing it. I’m thinking of doing a part 2, I’m not sure, I’ve got a few ideas. I’ve recently gotten back into Tom Odell, and his music has a recurring cameo lol, I also love Fake Plastic Trees, it’s one of my favourite songs.


Summary: (Y/N) is a music fanatic, she’s grown up with music all around her, mainly because of her dad being a music producer. When her dad forgets some things, (Y/N) has to drop them off at the studio, where she meets the 5SOS boys. As her dad and the boys work together more, they are invited over for dinner and a certain guitarist takes interest in (Y/N)

My fingers move at a rapid pace, causing one of my favourite sounds in the whole world. I’m about to get to the best part when all of a sudden I’m cut off and my guitar makes a pathetic sound.

I look up and find my mum standing by my amp. “Dude, why’d you cut me off?” I ask.

“As much as it sounded great, dad forgot his phone and his notebook, so could you drive down to the studio and give him his phone?” She requests. 

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A Massive Spones Rec List

The Spones fandom is made up of some of the most talented people but is tiny and in need of more content. Due to this fact, there are significantly less Spones fics so I searched extra hard to compile a good, lengthy list of fics.. and somehow managed to find way more fics than I did for my Mckirk one?? Why am I such trash, help I need a life.

(Listed alphabetically: ** = favourite)

Addressed to the Damn Doctor by ElloPoppet | 2.5k, T

Spock writes McCoy a letter of confession, despite not quite knowing how to write a love letter. (A super sweet insight into Spock’s mind, especially on his thoughts on the Enterprise’s resident doctor.)

Best Medicine for the Worst Patient by gammadolphin | 8.5k, T

It’s a special kind of hell, becoming obsessed with the laughter of a man who barely even smiles unless he’s high or dying of blood loss. Leonard doesn’t handle it particularly well. (A hilariously frustrating fic in which Bones becomes a little too obsessed with trying to hear Spock laugh just once more.)

Blues March by IntuitivelyFortuitous | 7k, T

Leonard McCoy sees his friends bleed. He loves the blood when it is inside them, flushing their cheeks and warming their skin. When it colors his hands on the operating table, he can think of little but the time he has with them, and a minute is too long to waste. He’s not going to let Spock get away that easily. (Gruesome and sad yet somehow really sweet.)

The Body by therev | 13k, T

McCoy’s consciousness is transferred into an android body after a fatal accident. Spock helps him remember the man he used to be. (Wow a really creative and fascinating fic that could have gone totally wrong if it hadn’t been written by such a talented author.)

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Too Close For Comfort ( Jae Day6)

Request: “Hi!!! Can i request for a day6 jae smut? Where jae gets jealous that you are very touchy with youngk and he decides to punish you so that you will remember who you belong to? :)“

FUCK YES DAY6. This was supposed to be up earlier but I lost power. Sorry if this isn’t what you wanted.

!Warning! Smut

“Y/n , Check this out!” Brian says as he tries to show you a video on his phone. You were hanging out with your boyfriend Jae’s band at their dorm. Jae had said he was tired so he laid on the couch half asleep whilst you hung out with the other members.
Sungjin, Wonpil, and Dowoon were all playing some video game you weren’t interested in

You were sitting on the floor with Brian in front of the couch watching videos of people covering either their songs or other groups. You had leaned on Brian’s shoulder in order to see his phone screen better. Jae, who was facing the back off the couch flipped over and was now facing you and Brian.

Hearing a mix of the music from the video and the sounds from the game he finally decided to just get up. Once he opened his eyes he saw you and Brian a little too close for comfort he wasn’t angry (yet) but he definitely need to intervene.

“ Babe, Come cuddle me.”

“After this video.”

Jae was furious. How dare you choose a video over him. Not only that but you were still on Brian’s shoulder knowing he was awake. Jae sat up and stretched suddenly getting an idea.

“Y/n I need to talk to you.” Said Jae attempting to sound relaxed.

“ You just said you wanted to cudd-”

“ Forget the cuddling and meet me in my room.” He cut you off

At this point the tension in the room was pretty high and everyone was wondering what was wrong. Including you. Jae stood up and walked towards the door. Everyone was staring at him.

You followed behind him rolling your eyes. Why did he have to cause a scene? You both walked in the room closing the door behind you and waited to make sure no one was listening.

“ What’s your problem, Jae?”

“More like , What’s YOUR problem? You were all over Brian.”

“ I was trying to see something!”

“Yeah fucking right!”

And with that Jae had slamed his lips against yours. You gasp which makes him smirk against your lips. He pulls away slowly to look at your flushed face.

“ W-What was that for?”

“To prove a point. But don’t worry I’m not done yet.”

He grabbed your wrist and pulled you towards his bed. He turned you around so your back to was to it and pushed down onto the mattress.

“You’re about to regret everything you did to me.”

You finally realized his intentions and was kinda getting turned on. He started kissing down your neck until he reached your sensitive spot. You money quietly which made Jae laugh.

“ Keep quiet, Sweetheart. You wouldn’t want them hearing you, Would you?

You rolled your eyes. This time Jae catches it and grabs your chin. You were shocked out of your attitude and whispered a small “Sorry.” He smirked then flipped you over so you were on top of him.

“ Take everything off for me.” He ordered.

You do as he says so you don’t get into anymore trouble. Once you were stripped down on top of him he ran his hands up from your waist to you breast then back down. He looked as if he was thinking about something then finally decided what to do.

“Ride my thigh.”

“Ride your what?”

“You heard me; and don’t cum until I tell you.”

He grabs your hips and guides you along his clothed thigh. You moaned but soon covered your mouth realising how loud you were. Jae was just enjoying everything. The view of your body, the way you gasped everytime he flexed his thigh.

“I’m so close!” You whined

“What did I tell you? If you cum you’re getting it”

You tried to hold out a little longer but it was no use. Jae was amused at how loud you were being despite the guys being right outside the door. Once you came down from your high he turned you over so you were on the bottom again.

“Hands and knees. If I hear you complain I’ll do it twice as hard.”

You stayed silent and did as he said. Suddenly you took a hard slap to your ass that made you yelp.Then four more after that. After the final one you heard Jae unbuckle his pants. You lower your upper body and rest your head on the pillow bracing yourself. It’s a good thing you since he slammed into you no warning causing tlyou to scream. He gave you no time to adjust as vigorously thrust in and out of you. You tried to use your hands to slow him down by putting them on the back of your thighs. But you quickly realized that was a bad idea as he grabbed your wrist and pinned them behind your back.

Jae finally started to run out of energy and slow down giving you a chance to breathe. You could hear him let out quiet swears as he was getting close and so were you. He pulls out of you and turns you around so you could see him. He was covered in sweat and clearly out of breath. It was just now that you noticed he wasn’t wearing his glasses. He pulled your legs around his waist and entered you again. This time softer. He pulled you into a sweet kiss which felt so good all of that aggression. He was moaning more and more along with you.

“ Please…fuck… Don’t touch other guys like that.” He grunted out

“ I won’t. I only want you.”

He gave you a tired smile that faded quickly as he started chasing his high. His moans filled the room until he finally pulled out and came on your stomach.

After cleaning up and getting redressed you heard whispers on the other side of the door. Two extremely distinct voices. Suddenly you heard a knock.

“ We have food if you want to eat now. ” Dowoon said from the other side of the door

“Yeah were coming.” Jae answered.

You both walked out of the room. Jae noticed you were walking weirdly so he held you up to avoid suspicion if that were possible. Sungjin was in the kitchen setting up the food. Dowoon and Wonpil were trying to avoid eye contact. Everyone heard. Brian was sitting in the same spot as before. He turned to look at the both of you. Your face was bright red and Jae looked proud as hell.

“Is everything okay?” Asked Brian

“ Perfect!” Said Jae hugging you then walking you into the kitchen.

Secrets And Lies - Two

Reid x Reader

Another three months had gone by since that night in the hotel room. It hadn’t gone down as Y/N had envisioned it, Spencer hadn’t broken it off with her and broken her heart.

Instead he’d gently coaxed out of her the words she’d been so scared of speaking, replying with his own declaration of love and adoration for her.

“So what happens now?” she’d asked.

“I’ll leave Georgia so we can be together, if that’s what you want.”

“Spencer, this isn’t just about what I want. This won’t work if it’s just about me. You have to want this to. Because it’s a big ask for you to hurt the person you’ve been with for so long.”

“But if I don’t hurt her, I’m hurting you. And myself. I want this, I want you. It’s wrong how this has happened, but it has. We have to accept that. We did something wrong and we have to make it right.”

So when he’d crept out of Y/N’s room that morning, it was with a promise that once Georgia arrived home that evening, he’d end things. And that he’d let Y/N know as soon as it was done.

So she waited, all night. For a phone call, a text message, a knock at her door that never came. And by the early hours of the morning she’d convinced herself that their conversation earlier had been a lie, and that Spencer just hadn’t been able to handle letting her down to her face. She berated herself for being so dumb, so stupid. For believing the words of a man that would cheat on his girlfriend. Y/N worked herself into a state and when it was time for work the next morning, she had one hell of a job trying to cover her puffy eyes and dry lips from all of the crying.

She was sure she’d managed it though until a moment on the teams jet. Y/N had gone to the bathroom and when she opened the door to leave, JJ was standing there waiting for her.

“Everything okay?” she asked, her concerned blue eyes searching Y/N’s face.

“Erm yeah. Everything’s fine.”

“Are you sure? You’ve been very quiet this morning and….. Well, you don’t seem yourself right now. If there’s anything you want to talk about, we can you know.”

She very nearly tugged Jennifer into the bathroom with her then, ready to break down and spill all of the details of hers and Spencer’s sordid affair. But she glanced down the aisle and saw Spencer look up from his book, catching her eye.

“Everything’s fine JJ. I just didn’t sleep well last night that’s all.”

The blonde profiler chose to let it go as Y/N moved passed her and back to her seat, avoiding Spencer’s gaze.

Later that night when the team were at their motel, Y/N heard a knock on her door as she was getting ready for bed. Thinking it was JJ coming to pry again, she opened the door to see it was Spencer and immediately tried to close it on him. She wasn’t in the mood for this. Not here, not now. He blocked her move and pushed into the room, closing the door behind him.

“I need to explain,” he said quietly as she looked every where in the room but at him.

“No you don’t, it’s fine. I get it.”

“Y/N……Look at me, please.”

When she didn’t, Spencer crossed the room to her and gently cupped her chin with his hand, turning her face to his.

“I couldn’t do it yesterday. I will do it, I swear it. But I can’t do it right now,” his hazel eyes were full of conflict and emotion and Y/N wanted to pull away from him but found that she wasn’t able to make herself.

“When Georgia came home yesterday, she was a mess. Her Dad called her whilst she was driving home, her Mom died.”


“You see, as much I want to end things with her, I can’t hurt her anymore right now. I need to stay with her until the funeral is over at least, possibly a bit longer. I don’t want to stay with her though but I have to right now, please don’t think that this is an excuse. I can show you the messages from her that she’s sent me today if you don’t believe me.”

Did Y/N really want to be the person who asked for proof of something like that? No. Even though a tiny part inside her head was saying that it wasan excuse, she didn’t think it was. And as much as she wanted to be truly selfish here, she understood Spencer’s reasoning. Georgia was going to need him.

But for how long? Because she needed him too.

“You’re still…. You’re still going to end it. You still want us?” she asked, trying to keep her voice steady.

Spencer nodded and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, embracing her and she buried her head into his shirt.

“I still want us. More than you’ll ever know. I just…. I can’t give you a time frame here. I want to say a few weeks, but it could be a month or so. I know it’s a lot to ask but… can you give me that time? Will you wait? I’ll understand if you can’t, it’ll kill me inside but I understand.”

“Spencer, I’ll wait for you. I love you.”

“I love you too. So very much.”

So time passed by, Spencer and Y/N continued their affair behind Georgia’s back, leaving both of them feeling terrible after each brief encounter.

Because Georgia had taken some time off from her job to deal with her grief, that meant that Spencer and Y/N didn’t get much time with each other. A few snatched moments when they were in a motel when out on a case was really all they had, something neither of them liked doing because they were in such close proximity to the team. A phone call here and there at the weekend, text messages which Y/N knew Spencer would delete straight away.

She hated this but she didn’t realise that he hated it even more. She didn’t know the pain he was going through trying to be there for someone he no longer loved, trying to soothe them and to assure them that everything would be okay when he knew that he was going to make everything not okay as soon as he felt able to do it.

Which was another sore point between the two lovers.

Y/N wanted a date, a time limit on how long she’d have to wait. When the first month turn into two months and then stretched to the third, she because increasingly frustrated with Spencer and it showed when they were together. She didn’t know how much longer she could keep this a secret.

Every time her phone sang out Spencer’s ring tone, she answered eagerly, wanting it to be him telling her he’d done it. But it never was.

And whenever she pressed the subject, he’d tell that he loved her but that the time wasn’t right yet; that Georgia was still a mess.

And so she continued to wait, hating herself, hating him, and hating Georgia because she had the one thing that she wanted. Spencer.

Y/N knew the woman wasn’t having an easy time with life currently. She constantly stalked her Facebook and Twitter, and Georgia was regularly leaving messages on her Mom’s Facebook wall telling her how much she missed her.

Still, every time she saw her update it to an activity that included Spencer, she seethed onside.

“Watching the new Dr Who and eating a home cooked steak with the boy. Can always count on him to cheer me up.”

Nope. Nope nope NOPE.

Status’s like that made Y/N want to drive around to Spencer’s apartment to show Georgia just exactly what her boy had been up to. But she didn’t. Because she didn’t want to end this for Spencer. He had to do it.

Later on in the evening when Y/N would be lying in bed, Reid would normally text her. She knew that meant Georgia was asleep. He’d apologise, he knew she checked up on them. And then he’d assure that he loved HER, and that they’d be together soon.

Y/N just felt lost now. She was stuck in limbo. She’d told Spencer that she’d wait, but so far she couldn’t see that he was making any movement towards leaving his partner.
She understood his predicament, but it didn’t make it any easier on her. The last two times they’d managed to spend time with each other she’d ended up sobbing uncontrollably after he’d left.

He shouldn’t be leaving her, he should be staying the night, holding her tight. They should be waking up with each other, spending everyday together.

But they weren’t.

And he just kept asking her to wait.

She couldn’t confide in anyone about this or ask for their advice. Even JJ had stopped asking her if anything was wrong whenever she saw her puffy eyes. Y/N wondered if the team actually suspected anything. No one said anything to them and Y/N thought they did a pretty good job of hiding things when they were at work, but they did work with profilers after all.

They also had to have picked up the fact the Reid hardly mentioned Georgia now unless he was directly asked about her. And whenever he did, Y/N would bury her head in whatever paperwork she had in front of her, trying desperately not to listen.

When the three months stretched into another, Y/N came to a decision. She called him up and made him meet her at a small café they’d discovered together.

“You have three weeks Spencer. Til the end of this month. I can’t wait any longer than that. If you don’t tell her then…. ”

“What, you’ll tell her?” was secretly what Spencer was hoping she’d say. He was too much of a coward to do it himself really. He knew he was dragging this out for far longer than he should. He knew he was hurting Y/N terribly but he just…. Couldn’t. Every time he thought that he was ready to tell Georgia, something would happen. She’d find an old picture of her and her Mom or she’d be reminded of an old memory and she’d start to cry again. And Spencer couldn’t bring himself to add to those tears.

“No. I’m not telling her for you. You have to do that yourself. But if you don’t tell her, I’m gone. I’ve been speaking with Hotch, letting him know that I’m looking into transferring out. He’ll support my application to move. At the end of this month, we all have our two weeks mandatory leave. I’ve rented a cabin by a lake to spend some time either by myself to get over you, or to spend it with you. I’ll be leaving at nine am on the Friday morning. If you’re not waiting at my apartment by nine am, we’re done. And when I return, I’m handing in my transfer papers.”

With that, Y/N stood up and walked away, leaving Spencer sitting shell shocked at the table.

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The Little Things

Learning to Walk

How BTS will confess their love for you

How BTS will fall in love

How BTS will have their first kiss

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His confession would be over-thought, but a very meaningful thing for him.
He’d have spent an entire week padding around the dorm in a quietly brooding state, worrying the other guys with just how thoughtful he’d become, but inside he’d simply be debating and worrying over how to make his confession to her perfect. From Jin’s point of view he was already sure of both his and her love for one another, being assured by the way the two of them slotted together so perfectly into each others lives from the start; with her work schedule meaning he’d get to arrive home before her to make her dinner most days (be it at the dorm or her place), the way the moment her parents had met him they’d approved of him greatly, how each of her little habits only seemed endearing to him and vice versa.
He’d end up meeting her outside of her work building, the sight of him stood so obviously in the open making her raise her eyebrows in surprise at all the people walking past with the potential to recognize him, but by the way he stands so relaxed with just a smile on his face, she’d discard her worries in exchange for the happy, carefree attitude that seemed to be radiating from him. 
‘What are you doing here, Handsome?’ she’d ask, smiling at the bashful grin that would come across his face with her pet name for him, before he’d step close to her and pull her gently, yet definitely into his embrace, the way his heart was hammering in his chest being felt by her even through their clothes.
‘Are you nervous about something?’ she’d ask, frowning in confusion at the way Jin was acting, but being cut off from her concerns when he quickly leans in to touch a brief kiss to her lips before cradling her face between his palms and taking a deep breath.
‘Y/N, you mean more to me than anything else in the world. And i want you to know, I love you.’
Once he’d said the words, Jin would feel at peace with himself, despite being slightly concerned by the shocked expression on her face, but as soon as he saw the glimmer of tears in her eyes and the ecstatic smile attempting to take over her features, he’d grin at her with the sun shining out of his eyes, before reconnecting their lips once more.

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Confessing for Yoongi would simultaneously be just too easy, whilst also causing him heart palpitations that would rival the best drum solo in the world. Although Yoongi had come off as relaxed, playful, and even at times lazy during his relationship, he knew that his girlfriend appreciated the effort he put into his work, and into showing how much he loved and adored her, which only added to the list of reasons why he want to tell her he loved her.
He have called her over to the studio one evening, after spending a couple of weeks thinking about just how to tell her, and once she arrived, thinking that he just wanted some company, his heart would begin to pound, every time he caught her eye making him suffocate the words he wanted to say out of nervousness. 
‘Gi, are you okay?’ she’d ask at one point, frowning worriedly at him from her seat beside him at the sound desk, having been sat watching him fiddle repeatedly with sliders and switches and noticing a few minutes before that a blank file was all that was showing on the screen in front of him. But he’d simply turn to her with a smile, which only hinted at his hesitation, before nodding assuredly at her, letting her pull one of his hands into her lap, and turning back to pretend to be doing work once more as he felt her massage his knuckles with her dainty touch, the warmth from her hands seeping into him easily.
Eventually, it would get to the point that Yoongi would suggest heading back home, feeling disappointed in himself when he realizes he still hadn’t been able to tell her, but being pleasantly surprised when she suggests that he stays at her place, the notion not being new, but still being exciting and stomach warming all the same. 
It would be when they had finally climbed into bed that night, with Yoongi spooning her from behind, enjoying being able to hold her, this being after numerous times of her asking Yoongi if he was okay, or if there was anything on his mind that he wanted to talk about, that he’d finally get the courage to speak the words. He’d wait till she was asleep, rubbing his hand gently and soothingly against her shirt-clad stomach, whilst staring at the back of her head, before he’d finally whisper; ‘I was going to tell you earlier, but i was too nervous, but…I love you, Y/N.’
However, after two minutes of silence, during which time Yoongi began to regret not telling her while she was awake, she’d timidly begin to turn over to look at him, coming to lie facing him and reaching up to touch her palm gently to his jaw as she looked him in the eye sleepily.
‘As much as i want to hit you right now for making me worry about you for the past 6 hours, you should know…I love you too, Yoongi.’

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His confession would be one of those cliche movie moments where the couple is laughing happily together at something, so unguarded with each other that they’d lost any self-consciousness they had, and just as he’d turn to appreciate how beautiful she looked while she laughed, he’d just blurt out with a huge grin;
‘I love you.’
Her laughing would tumble off into silence as she’d register what he’d said, the two of them watching each other for a minute straight before Hobi would cough awkwardly and find the remote for the television to pause the comedy film they’d been watching.
‘I, uh-’
‘Really?’ she’d ask, turning to face him properly, and seeming to have an element of excitement in her eyes as she waited for his response.
‘Do you love me?’ he’d retort, his self-consciousness getting the better of him as he began to think that she didn’t feel the same way and that she was about to tease him for confessing, but as she continued to watch him with an amazed gaze, her hands finding his in his lap, he’d think that maybe, for once, he’d said something right.
‘I do. I’ve…I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while…I just didn’t know how to.’ she’d murmur, her ears feeling hot as he reached up to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear that had tumbled into her face as she’d bowed her head, and without pausing for thought he’d lean towards her and kiss her gently, his hand holding her neck to keep her in place, before he’d pull back to look at her.
‘You know i was just joking?’ he’d ask suddenly, thinking it would be hilarious to mess with her and at the same time trying to lighten the mood, but as soon as her face fell he’d be quick to widen his eyes with a loud ‘yah! I’m just messing with you. I love you more than anything, Y/N!’ before grinning and pulling her playfully into him as she hit out at his chest, the two of them falling into fits of happy giggles before looking back at one another and fastening their lips once more.

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Confessing, for Namjoon, would be the biggest deal for him– but he’d be the only one to know that. Usually one to be open about his thoughts with her and always the one to want to know how she was feeling, Namjoon would become a little more quiet during the usual night-time routine of repetitive texts and phone calls with one another; the hour long chats about nothing but gibberish and laughter becoming increasingly sparse in topic due to his numerous attempts at trying to decide if he was really ready to confess to her or not.
It would get to the point that she’d hang up on him one night, too frustrated by his lack of an answer that rather than wait for him to say something she’d instead silently end the call, more out of sadness than frustration, beginning to believe that he didn’t feel comfortable enough to talk to her openly anymore.
‘Namjoon-ah…you’ve been staring at the ceiling for 5 minutes straight now, are you even still on the phone to Y/N?’ 
It would only be the question posed by one of his older friends that would pull Namjoon far enough out of his thoughts for him to realize that she’d hung up on him, his sudden confusion over the situation leading him to hurry to call her back, before listening repeatedly to the voice of her answer-tone. He’d then proceed to message her multiple times, but after 30 minutes of receiving nothing, during which time he’d begin to panic over the situation and think that something was really wrong, he wouldn’t be able to wait any longer and he’d sprint out of the dorm, not thinking about anything else but going to check she was okay.
When he’d turn up at her apartment he’d bash frantically at the door, imagining her having collapsed on the floor, and trying to think of everything he could do to get inside, reaching the point of near panic, before she’d appear in the doorway in front of him with tired eyes and a confused frown.
‘Namjoon, what-’
She wouldn’t have time to ask him why he was there before he’d wrapped her up in a bear hug, heart still racing so hard from his panic that he’d find words tumbling from his mouth without any filter, the phrase ‘I love you’ being repeated over and over, making her smile a jaw-achingly bright smile, but going unnoticed by Namjoon as he babbled on, the only thing stopping him from talking and making him realize what he’d said being the way she hugs him back warmly, before murmuring the words;
‘I love you too, Namjoon.’

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Jimin’s confession would be so incredibly sweet, yet the most nerve-wracking thing for him. Despite the way they’d both always bid each other goodnight and goodbye with the words, actually saying them sincerely was not something that had been attempted by either of them yet.
Something that Jimin couldn’t held but think about all the time.
He’d first decide that he wanted to confess to her sincerely when he’d fallen ill one day, and she’d taken it upon herself to make sure he got better. He’d assumed that she’d simply gone out and bought soup and ice cream for him from the shop before she’d arrived at the dorm and had proceeded to make him as comfortable as possible on the sofa so that he could watch a movie. But when she left momentarily to use the bathroom and Taehyung had turned to him with an inquisitive look, it had soon come out just what lengths she had gone to.
‘Did you know she went out and bought the ingredients for that soup from some fancy organic place outside of town?’
‘What?’ Jimin would ask in confusion, widening his eyes at how much unnecessary effort she’d gone to for him.
‘Yeah, She was telling me how it had taken three buses to get there from her work after she’d managed to get off early, since she rushed to finish all her work so that she could come and look after you… -Seemed really pleased with herself that she’d managed to do it, too!’ Taehyung continued to explain from his place beside Jimin on the sofa, his eyes moving to behind his friend to signal that she’d re-entered the room.
‘Jimin, i got your pillow from your room so that you’d be more comfortable, i hope thats o-’
‘Jagi-yah, did you get off work early, take three buses, and make special soup just for me?’ Jimin would ask in awed shock and a croaky voice, looking up at his girlfriend like she was some kind of angel- his angel- and watching her widen her eyes and blush a little as she glares momentarily at Taehyung for telling him.
‘Well yeah…just because…well i want you to get better…and you never let me look after you normally…and i just wanted you to feel like-’
‘I love you.’
The words would be definite and sincere as he spoke them, his nervousness dissipating into nothing as he’d stare at her, wanting to convey the truth in the ordinary three words, and finding himself smiling as she screwed up her mouth in embarrassment, quickly padding over to sit on the sofa beside him and curling into his blanket cocooned side as she mumbles the words back to him, the phrase being like music to his ears as he burrowed out of the blankets to hug her back.
‘You know i’m being sincere, right-’ he’d murmur, wanting to make extra sure she knew he was being serious, and finding himself blushing and smiling as his heart raced at her answer.
‘I know. So am I. I always have been.’

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His confession would be playful, if a little unconventional.
More than anything, Taehyung’s relationship would be founded on friendship and fun, and so when he made the decision to confess to her formally, he wanted to do it in such a way, that she’d always remember it– even though he’d proceed to tell her everyday.
Although that doesn’t mean it would be some grand show, because Taehyung would find the perfect moment in a minute of silence the two of them would share.
It would be when he’d invited her over for a sleep-over, the two of them building a blanket fort in the main room of the dorm and proceeding to stuff it with a mountain of popcorn, crisp, and chocolate packets that he’d bought specifically for the event, the two of them having laughed for 5 minutes straight when she’d turned up at the door with the exact same bag of snacks. As they’d been curled up together watching an old 60′s jazz musical that Taehyung had mentioned in passing and that she’d shown an interest in, he’d see how focused she was on the film and realize that his moment was upon him.
Making sure to be discreet, and quiet, whilst also being continually distracted by the film, he’d go about his mission, suddenly turning and kissing her quickly, to stun her out of her fixation of the film when he’d finished, and quickly pausing it so that she wouldn’t miss anything.
‘What was that for?’ she’d ask in bewilderment, fighting to keep a shy smile off of her face as he’d rub his hand over the top of her arm where his own was wrapped around her shoulders.
‘Mm.’ he’d hum, nodding his head in the direction of the area in front of them, and going to smirk at his handiwork, before he realizes she’s looking between him and the t.v. with a confused expression.
‘M-m-n.’ he’d hum again, this time nudging her feet with his own to move them out of the way slightly, and revealing to her his incredible work of art which consisted of popcorn lying over the floor in the slightly skewed formation of the words ‘I love you’.
‘When did you do that?’ she’d grin, leaning forward to inspect his masterpiece, and gasping when she realizes what it said.
‘Awww, Tae!’ she’d coo, leaning into him and hugging him tightly, the move making him grin hugely to himself as he hugs her back happily.
‘I love you, too.’ would come her happy response, tilting her head up as she speaks, and grinning against his mouth as he kisses her happily, moments before the sound of a loud crunch is heard and he snaps his head up to see Jungkook with wide eyes as he looks at the ruined art on the floor.

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Jungkook’s confession would be unavoidably nervous, yet not planned or over-thought in anyway.
Of course, he would have thought about saying the words a few times, with she and him having been in a relationship for an extended period of time it was unavoidable. However, it would only be once the two of them were truly comfortable with one another that the implication of the phrase would actually begin to mean something to him.
The actual confession itself would be after the two of them had gone on one of their monthly hiking trips. Jungkook would have chosen a particularly hard trail that day, having joked with her all the way along as she’d complained that she was more tired than usual, and having to carry her on his back at one point when she’d insisted she needed a rest, the moment simply making him grin in amusement as she’d sang to him in payment the whole way.
‘Yah, if you can sing, why can’t you walk?’ he’d ask playfully, being rewarded with an aggravated hum, before having his neck pinched in repayment for his sarcastic comment.
They’d continue on until they reached the precipice of the small mountain they’d been climbing, the view catching them both off guard as they’d stop, and they’d both descend into silence as they took in the beauty before them, Jungkook hearing her still panting with the effort to get air to return to her lungs after the last 4k uphill climb, and pulling her into him to hug her supportively as they continued to stand in quiet.
‘Its times like this when you expect people to say something really philosophical or meaningful, but i haven’t got any words-’ she begins to say, the wonder in her gaze as she took in the view not going unnoticed by Jungkook, and her amazed expression causes him to cut her off with the three infamous words;
‘I love you.’
She’d look up at him, face expressionless as she took in his words, but the whole time Jungkook would simply look back at her with a fond grin, the look slowly turning into a cheeky smile before he squeezed her closer to him with his arm and turned to look back out at the view.
‘I guess that wasn’t the smart, meaningful thing you meant…’ he mutters to himself off handedly, trying to push away the feeling of unease at having confessed to her so blatantly, but he’d be saved from the feeling of doubt by her suddenly saying his name;
Before standing on tiptoe and crashing her lips to his.


Bête Noire (M)

» prince!junmyeon, 11.1k, can i request smut w/ the reader and either junmyeon or yixing?

warning: smut (again vanilla, first time for both), mentions of death, violence, torture, medieval concepts, witchcraft, pagan ideas and a bunch of other things you can expect

part of the royal!exo au series

He's not in love. He has to keep telling himself this as the pair of you just keep watching and looking and it is so intense. He’s not kissed someone before so he doesn’t know if he should kiss you but his mind is a mess and he thinks that he must kiss you.

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Fic: Walking in the deep blue night

Part three of my Heartlines AU.

Part 1 Whiskey on a Pink Dress

Part 2 - Breathing in the Half Light


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He arrived outside Taps for the third time and checked his watch. 6.45. He’d been round the block three times and it was still far too early. Should he go in and wait? Or should he wait outside? Or should he walk around a while longer to avoid looking too over eager?

“Jesus, Jamie. Getting a bloody grip on yerself man. She’s only a woman”

But what a woman. He hadn’t been able to get the image of her out of his head. He’d spent the whole day languishing around his apartment like a lovesick teenager, thinking about her. The soft curl of her hair on her shoulder. The way she looked at him when she’d run her finger down his cheek. He’d also fielded several angry calls and text messages from his friends wondering where he’d run off to.

“Ye’re no Cinderella, ye know’ grumbled Rupert “Ya didna need to be running off before the clock struck midnight.”

“Ah, but my work there was done, Rupe. I’d already been swept off my feet” He recounted his meeting with Claire and his plans to see her that evening.

“Ye were cramping our style there anyway.” laughed back Rupert.

“Aye, I can see how 4 married men in their thirties and forties would have been the toast of the club” Despite his big talk, Rupert had been happily married to his childhood sweetheart for 15 years and was as blissfully happy now as he had been the day he married Gina.

Rupert laughed again. “Aye, well. Gina asks are ya coming to dinner on Wednesday, she’ll likely grill you about the lassie but the kids have been asking for their Uncle Jamie.”

“I’ll be there, wouldn’t want to disappoint the bairns. Or Gina.” he added wryly.

He’d then spent an inordinate amount of time picking out clothes and trying to decide if the fact he had his knickers in a knot about going out for a drink with a woman he had spoken to for probably no more than 7 minutes meant he had severe emotional problems. Why was he so uptight? Whilst he’d not exactly been Glasgow’s version of Casanova, he had been on dates in the last few years. There had been the nice dentist that he met in the supermarket and gotten to talking to over a discussion on the merits of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc versus Napier. They’d had dinner a few times. He’d even kissed her, but he felt no desire to pursue her and when she text him to let her know she’d been asked out by someone else, he’d wished her joy and simply never thought of her again. He vaguely realised now that probably hadn’t been her main motivation is revealing that tit bit to him.  Then there was F&B journalist he’d met at a craft beer fair when he’d first started diversifying the farm. They’d gone out once she’d spent the entire night talking about her ex, who was a musician before puking in his car on the way home. He’d seen her at a few events since but she’s given him a wide berth. His car still smelt a bit on hot days.

But this, he knew, was different. He wanted to see her, to be in her company, to breath the same air as her. The thought of hearing her laugh, of maybe being the one who made her laugh…

After his fourth lap of the block he arrived back outside the bar. 6.55. He took a deep breath and pushed the door open. It was quiet, being Sunday night and the bar contained about a dozen people. A small group of men in the corner drinking stout and discussing the different brews, a couple at the bar, and Claire.

She sat at a table near the window, staring out at the street. There was a book of poetry spine up in front of her and she had glass and bottle in front of her. Her hair was pulled back slightly, but was starting to escape near the front. She wore black jeans and a black shirt.Her pale skin seemed to glow.  She was lovelier than he had remembered.

“I promise to try not to spill that one down you” he said with a smile. She looked up at him and he motioned to the drink in front of her. “I’m not saying I won’t, but I promise I’ll try”

She smiled back and stood. There was an awkward moment when neither of them seemed to really know what to do. He wanted to touch her, but a hug seemed too familiar, a handshake too formal. Claire solved the dilemma by putting her hand on his arm.

“It’s lovely to see you, Jamie” she said sincerely and he felt the heat rise in his face slightly.

“Oh great” he thought, “now I’m blushing” Claire sat, not seeming to notice the colour which had flooded his cheeks. She gestured for him to do the same. “I’ll just get a drink, can I get you another? A whiskey this time?”

“Oh, no, a little early in proceedings for whiskey yet. I’ll have another of these.” She tipped the bottle towards him. Lady Broch Taurach pale ale. He grinned at her. “You like that do you?”

 “oh yes, my friend Joe at work introduced me to craft beers and he’s a big fan of a little brewery near Inverness, Lallybroch, I think they’re called. I’ve developed a taste for this one”

He nodded and headed to the bar. Lallybroch microbrewery was the most recent expansion he had made to his family business. Lallybroch had been in his family since forever and was a the main factor in his decision to leave oil and gas and come home to Scotland. He was strangely chuffed that she was drinking his beer, brewed on his farm and although he knew it to be simple coincidence, he could not help but feel the same jolt of serendipitous good fortune that he’d felt when he had, quite literally, bumped into her the night before.

He returned with the drinks and sat down next to her so they could both look out of the window. Its started to rain. Because of course it had. It was Scotland. They chatted aimlessly and easily and Jamie’s nerves dissipated slightly. He was still incredibly aware of her, but she was so unassuming, so funny. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had so much fun. She told him about her job at the hospital. She’s a surgeon. He told her about Lallybroch. She picked up the bottle in front of her. “I’m impressed. And who or what, exactly is a Lady Broch Taurach?”

“Well,” he settled in to tell a much loved story. “Lallybroch has been in my family since the eighteenth century. Back then we owned the whole estate, and our family were Lairds. The estate was called Broch Taurach, the Laird and his Lady were named for the estate. We just have the farm now, but it’s plenty.  The farm itself is a proper working hill sheep farm and we have some highland cattle as well. We have a tourist bit, with a gift shop and a restaurant and the such. And then about 18 months ago I opened the brewery. We sell to quite a few places. ‘The Laird’s bedroom’, which is a stout and the pale ale” he gestured to Claire’s drink “are probably our top sellers. I live in Glasgow most of the time, running the business side of things and my sister and her husband run the farm day to day”

“A brewer, my dream man” she said with a giggle taking a swig. By this point they’d both had more than was probably sensible or wise on a Sunday night and were both finding life and each other hilarious.

“So how did you end up in Scotland? A wee Sassenach lassie like yer self?” he deliberately thickened his highland accent  in the second half of the question and once again felt a warmth in the pit of his stomach at the sheer pleasure of making her laugh.

“Oh, well” her face darkened a bit “Well, it was my husband. Frank.”

“Your, your husband?” he swallowed audibly.

“Oh we’re divorced now. That tends to happen when your wife finds you in bed with your Phd student” She said this flippantly enough, but her jaw was set and her eyes had dulled.

“I’m sorry t’hear that, Claire”

“It’s fine, really, it’s just, well” She gestured vaguely into the air in a manner that conveyed that whilst things might be fine now, at some point in the not very distant past they had been a long way from fine. “It probably wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t just lost the baby” Tears welled in her eyes and he could see her trying to master herself. He reached forward and took her hand.

“You don’t have to tell me. You don’t owe me anything, but if you want to talk. Well, I’ll do what I can to listen”  She gave him a watery half smile at that.

“Thank you, but really. It’s in the past. It was very hard at the time. I had to do a lot to move past it, but I did and I try not to look back.”

She squeezed his hand.

“I think I might let you buy me that whiskey now”

Several very good whiskeys later he had in turn told her all about Geneva, his terrible relationship history and the real reason for his being in the nightclub on the previous night.

Claire was doubled over with laughter as he reenacted the various conversations he had with people in the run up to the night itself.

“Why everyone seemed so sure I was gonna meet the love of my life in a dodgy Glasgow disco with sticky carpets and one pound shots I’ll never know? They must have really thought I was a hopeless case”

“I’m fairly certain that was why we ended up there as well. Glenna, one of the nurses I work with, has been trying to set me up for the past year. I know that Altered Images is definitely not poor Mary’s scene and from the way Geillie and Glenna were literally trying to throw me in the path of every man that came by, I suspect this was another attempt at finding me ‘a braw laddie’” She did a truly awful Scottish accent and they both laughed again.

“Ya know what, Claire?” he asked as he regained his composure, “I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much as I have tonight, with you” Her colour heightened slightly at the compliment and she looked him in the eye.

Her eyes are the same colour as the whiskey he noted abstractly. Warm and golden, and so deep and rich you could lose yourself in them.

The moment was broken by the bar man coming over and asking them to drink up. Glancing around Jamie realised they were alone in the bar. He glanced at his watch.

“I er, well” He stuttered trying to find his thoughts. He did not want the night to end, but given that it was a Sunday night could think of no way to extend it.

“Would you like to come back to my place?” Claire asked outright with no hint of nervousness. “I have whiskey” she added teasingly, seeing him hesitate.

“Aye, why not?” He suddenly felt very alive and not a small bit reckless. He had no expectations of her, but the idea of irresponsibly drinking Scapa Glansa on a Sunday night with the woman of his dreams seemed like too good a chance to pass up.

“I only live around the corner, we can walk” Gathering up her book, which lay discarded on the table, and bag she held out a hand to him. He took it and together they walked out into the rainy night

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Hiii! Would you please write a Clony fic where Tony and Clay get caught making out?!? ❤️;)

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1 – Ryan Shaver

The first time Clay and Tony get caught making out is unfortunately, by Liberty High’s biggest gossip. It is about a month into sophomore year and so far Clay has managed to avoid being in something scandalous enough to be printed on the pages of the infamous ‘Lost and Found’ zine’, however there was no way he was going to avoid this one. It started about a month ago, this… thing he had with Tony. He couldn’t really put a label on what it was, all he knew was that it was fun and exciting, and Tony sure was a goddamn excellent kisser. So excellent, in fact, that Clay decided that waiting until after school to put his mouth on the other boy was far too long a stretch to go without.

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1. Allen Ginsberg, Castiel, and Buddhism: the similarities between Ginsberg and Cas

In THIS POST I discussed the links between the famous Beat literature novel On The Road and how Sal Paradise (Jack Kerouac) and Dean Moriarty (Neal Cassady) were inspirations for Sam and Dean, and that Neal Cassady was very similar to Dean Winchester. So Kerouac and Cassady were huge figures within the beat generation, however another key figure was Allen Ginsberg. At the end of that post I discussed the on-off sexual relationship between Neal Cassady and Ginsberg which I will continue to discuss here. In this post I am going to discuss how Ginsberg can be linked to Cas and what this means.

I am going to split these series of metas/discussions into a few parts. This one will be about Cas and Ginsberg. I will then go on to discuss Cas and Buddhism in another post. And then will narrow down into discussions of Buddhist theology and its links to Cas’s arc. This first post will have to be rather general. Allen Ginsberg has been my main research focus for 6 years and I have spent the past 4 years studying Buddhism. It would bore you if I made these posts ridiculously detailed, so I will just be fairly general. If anyone would like to know more, ask more specific questions, get reading lists, or ask me to back up my assertions with sources then I am more than happy to do so. But seeing as this is tumblr and I won’t be submitting this to an academic institution, my citations will be few and far between.

Irwin Allen Ginsberg was a 20th Century American poet, born in 1926 and died in April 1997. He was a leading figure of the beat generation of writers who were most prominent in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The Beat Generation of writers include Jack Kerouac (who wrote On The Road), Neal Cassady, William Burroughs (who wrote Naked Lunch), Allen Ginsberg, and others including Gregory Corso, Gary Snyder, Diane DiPrima, Michael McClure (side note, I once met Diane DiPrima and Michael McClure and I don’t think I’ve ever gotten over that. It was amazing. I talked to McClure about when he shouted poetry at some lions. I digress). Ginsberg’s most famous peom is Howl which became infamous after it was banned due to it being too crude and so there was a huge obscenity trail which Ginsberg won in the end. Ginsberg was gay and fell in love with Neal Cassady (who is Dean Moriarty in On The Road). Ginsberg was brought up Jewish but became a Buddhist in the 1950s. He was a founding father of the countercultural movement and the hippie generation. He was esoteric in his views on spirituality.

 Ginsberg met Kerouac and Burroughs during his studying at Columbia University in NY. Neal Cassady rolled into town and they all became great friends. In comparison to Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady, Ginsberg was more nerdy, bookish, quiet, reserved. Whilst Jack and Neal looked like jocks, Ginsberg with his glasses and dark brown hair and non-sports physique was very different.

(Neal is 2nd to left in white t-shirt, Allen is next to him)

In Supernatural, Sam and Dean are the original protagonists and Cas comes along later and is not the classic All-Amerian jock-looking male protagonist. Like Allen, he is less stereotypically masculine. An interesting thing to note about his introduction is that from the outset it is not specifically Christian. Whilst Dean and Bobby find out at the end of the episode that he is an angel, they first cover the barn in symbols from many different faiths. Whilst this might be a reach, from what we see from Cas as the seasons progress, he has never been spiritual purely in a Judeo-Christian way. Rather, he is introduced in a set covered in symbols from many faiths and then throughout the seasons he is linked to Buddhism and general multi-faith esotericism and humanism. His growing distance from stance Christian/Angel dogma shows that his faith has always been more esoteric and less dogmatic than the other angels. Ginsberg was a man who combined many different faiths. He was brought up Jewish but from the late 1950s onwards he turned to buddhism and also had an interest in Christianity (notably Gnostic Christianity). One of Ginsberg’s (arguably best) poems is Kaddish and uses the Jewish mourning ritual prayers as it’s structure. Whilst it is easy to think of Angels as being Christian, much of the great spiritual texts which discuss angels (including most of the ones detailed in Supernatural) were in ancient Judaic texts such as The Book of Enoch and texts which are Judaic but are also shared within The Old Testament. 

Cas also heads towards Dean’s book and immediately looks through it. So he is also being set up as an intelligent/bookish being. Like Ginsberg in the 40s and 50s, he is dressed in rather smart clothes that contrast against the rugged styles of Sam and Dean. He seems like an outsider to their group, like Ginsberg.  

Ginsberg watched and listened in many situations, and when he met Jack and Neal and Burroughs at Columbia he was almost entranced by these people and found them alluring. Cas is also like this in some respects, in that he is intrigued by Sam and especially Dean (however I am not saying this to disregard the agency of either Cas or Ginsberg). Ginsberg also spent much of his life helping his close friends. He was the one who managed to get On The Road by Kerouac and Naked Lunch by Burroughs published. Ginsberg worked tirelessly as their free publishing agent in order to help them and would continuously send them money if they were in need of it. Ginsberg’s long-time partner, Peter Orlovsky had many struggles and Ginsberg dedicated much of his time to helping him. Both Cas and Ginsberg go to extraordinary lengths in order to help those close to them with costs them both. For Cas, he leaves heaven, is cut off from his family, and goes through huge struggles in order to help Sam and Dean. For Ginsberg, he lost huge amounts of money, had drug addict friends steal from him, his health declined due to spending too much energy helping those around him. 

I will now discuss the links between Ginsberg and Cas which are apparent most notably in The End. The episodes of most relevance to my broader discussion of Ginsberg, Cas, and Buddhism are the episodes that include endverse!Cas, crazy!cas, homeless!cas, and Emmanuel. In these instances, I find Cas to be more human, or at least less angel. When Cas diverts further from being an Angel then these similarities come to light. I think that who Cas really is is stifled by the strict rules and laws of the angels, and when he is most free from these we see not necessarily his humanity (though of course we see this), but who he is as a real individual. Of course, we see the similarities between these versions of Cas and humanity, but it is important to note that we see him as an angelic being who is also an individual, and his individuality and his choices become concretised when he is furthest from angel laws and rules. Being a human is all about choice, and we know who we are by the choices we make. But we know who we are as an individual by the choices we make, so when Cas has the freedom to make his own choices then we see him as a true individual, or at least as a condensed version of his individual thoughts and ideas.

The End (5.04)

In this episode, Cas is first seen in a large bedroom full with buddhist iconography with Eastern music playing. There is a close up shot of a statue of The Buddha, so this is obviously important to note within this episode.

 But with regards to this discussion of Cas and Ginsberg, the importance isn’t just that Cas is surrounded by Buddhist symbols. This specific relevance to Buddhism I will go into later when I discuss Buddhism and Cas. But let’s stick to why this episode is important with regards to the links between Cas and Ginsberg. Since the late 1950s, Buddhism had become an important part of Ginsberg’s spiritual and literary life. He took his Buddhist vows in 1972 and continued to practise meditation until his death (although his views on spirituality weren’t confined to Buddhism as he grew up Jewish and mixed Judaism with Gnostic Christianity into the mix of his own spirituality – he referenced his personal multi-theology during interviews shortly before his death where he said that, as Whitman says he contains multitudes. Both Josh Pederson and Stephen Prothero argue that Ginsberg and the Beats were not constrained to one religious doctrine, although Prothero does note that Buddhism ‘did inspire more of them more deeply than any other. (Stephen Prothero, On The Holy Road: The Beat Movement as Spiritual Protest (217)). Ginsberg was of great importance in bringing Buddhism into the mainstream in the 1960s. Ginsberg was a forefather of the hippies, and this point cannot be understated. The beats and their spontaneous prose, their drinking, their drugs, their sex, their freewheeling lifestyle were the precursor to the hippie generation, but if one person from the beat generation was most important to the hippies of the 1960s, it was Ginsberg. Anyone who was of any importance in the 1960s countercultural hippie movement in America knew Ginsberg. Ginsberg was the ‘prototype hippie’ (Peter Conners, White Hand Society: The Psychedelic Partnership of Timothy Leary & Allen Ginsberg, 200). Ginsberg was highly active within the protest movements of the 1960s. He was an advocate for LSD and along with Timothy Leary, they were the people who brought LSD into the mainstream. Ginsberg was also an advocate of free sexual attitudes and took part in orgies. Many of the ogies he was involved in were tantric, and combined sex with Buddhist teachings in order to use sex to open people’s consciousness’s and join them together with everyone else (I remember a particular incidence when this happened on a trip with the poet Gary Snyder). Ginsberg took a great deal of drugs. His first drug experience was at the dentists when he took nitrous oxide, and then he started to smok pot with his fellow beats, then took benzadrine, amphetamines, mushrooms, LSD (he was one of the people to take it before it was a popular drug in the 60s and then after taking it turned major musicians on to the drug and wrote about it, and gave speeches about why people should take it in order to expand the consciousness. If anyone is interested, the poem Wales Visitation was written whilst he was on acid and I highly recommend it), and he also drank a lot. He was a huge advocate for weed and spent tireless hours building a case about why it should be legal. 

Ginsberg was a key figure in the protests of the 1960s such as the Vietnam protests in Berkeley, the National Democratic Conference in Chicago in 1968 during which he lead a crowd of 10,000 people in mantra chanting to try and get them to chill their beans, he was a key speaker at the Human Be-In in Golden Gate Park (that was the event where acid tabs were handed out freely to the crowd, Timothy Leary uttered his famous phrase ‘tune in, turn on, drop out’, and Ginsberg lead the crowd in more mantras and Buddhist music and poetry). So he was not just a poet. He was  FOUNDING FATHER OF THE HIPPIES. The hippie OG. The hippie parent. The hippie guru. He was a hippie before hippies were a thing. Ginsberg was not just Buddhist, he was a hippie Buddhist. He took drugs, had orgies, and was a guru to the countercultural movement and his followers. Sound familiar? This is the dialogue between Dean and Cas in The End;

‘What’s with the drugs, the orgies, the love guru crap?’ (Dean to Cas)

‘What are you a hippie?’ (Dean to Cas)

‘What? Are you stoned?’ ‘Generally, yeh.’

‘In this way you will reach a fragment of total perception. Just one compartment in that dragonfly eye of group mind. Now, the key to this total shared perception is… it’s surprisingly physical… Why not get washed up for the orgie.’ 

(Cas to the group of women in The End). This speech could have been something Ginsberg would have said. In his essay ‘Dialectics of Liberation: 27th July 1967’ he declared that everyone should ‘have a unitive experience’, ‘an experience of One, of all of us being one’ (Dialectics of Liberation, 7-8).

So Cas is not just seen within this episode as having Buddhist leanings, more accurately, the Buddhist symbols that surround him are important within themselves but also act as a signifier to the other clues about who he is. He is a orgy loving, Buddhist, drug taking, love guru, pot smoking hippie. When Ginsberg first encountered the beats including Neal Cassady (aka Dean Moriarty), he was straight edge, Jewish, bookish. But by the 1960s he was a drug taking, sex loving hippie (although please don’t take this to mean that by the 1960s he was some sort of ruinous character, rather that he had loosened up a great amount on how wild a life he was living). So both Cas and Ginsberg go through these arcs. And if Cas is being shown to be a Buddhist hippie? Ginsberg is the original hippie.

Cas is also styled like Ginsberg from the 1960s. After his trip to India in 1962, Ginsberg returned and dressed in cotton Indian clothes, and images of him wearing these clothes circulated and became a mainstay of hippie style. 

(Peter Orlovsky and Allen in India in 1962)

(Ginsberg in India in 1962)

Camp Chitaqua

There’s also something to be said about the Camp Chitaqua in The End. I don’t know if anyone has written about this, but its namesake seems to be Camp Chatauqua (on the Wikipedia page it shows a promotional brochure for the 1917 Cam, by CASS lake… mmmhmmm). 

So Cam Chatauqua was an adult educational movement popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in rural America. It brought entertainment and culture to communities with speakers, teachers, musicians, entertainers, preachers, and specialists of the day. They were fairly Christian events, with Christian lectures occurring at each camp. Interestingly, some people have noted that the teach-ins during the 1960s protests were a successor of these camps. I say this is interesting because the 1960s protests were lead by either the New Left or the Hippies (or both, as they overlap a lot), and so lots of hippie gatherings and protests had Camp Chatauqua style lectures. One that I remember in particular was the 1964 Free Speech Movement protest on Berkeley Campus where they sat in the corridors of one of the main administration buildings and students gave lectures on politics or general things until they all got dragged out by police, beaten, and arrested. Anyway, these camps were influential to the protest tactics of the hippies – just something to note seeing as we’re discussing hippies at this point.

Neal Cassady (Dean Moriarty) and Allen Ginsberg

I covered this kind of in my post about SPN and On The Road. So Neal Cassady became friends with Ginsberg during the 1940s whilst Ginsberg was at Columbia University. Ginsberg fell in love with him and they had sex and continued to have sex on and off until at least the mid-1950s, but remained great friends until Neal’s death in 1966. Neal denied any homosexual leanings to many people within his life, had many girlfriends and a few wives. But Ginsberg and Cassady made vows to each other to love each other, and they were very close, but ultimately Neal didn’t want to be Allen’s partner and their sexual relationship ended some time before his death. Allen spent most of his life with his long-time partner Peter Orlovsky and their relationship was fraught and incredibly complex but that’s another story for another time.

But seeing as Dean Winchester and Neal Cassady are similar, and seeing how (if we’re looking for who from the Beat Canon Cas is) Ginsberg is similar to Cas, the fact that Neal and Allen were in a relationship (of sorts) can be transferred to Dean and Cas. 

(Allen and Neal)


OK, so these are my starting thoughts on this discussion. I think the main thing I realised whilst rewatching The End wasn’t the Buddhism (which is why I watched it to begin with). Rather it was how Buddhism was used as a signifier of Cas’s hippieness, or how Cas uses sex, drugs, and Buddhism, and discusses consciousness and how all of this speaks to him as a Ginsberg-like figure. 

I will continue discussing Ginsberg within these posts but I’m next going to focus specifically on Cas and Buddhism on my next post! Feel free to ask any questions about this and I will continue going over all my academic books and notes and add more to these discussions :) 

My Nirvana

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh
Pairing: Dylan O'brien x Reader
Words: 2299

A/N: This is sad. I am sad. Everything is sad.
Keep in mind that English isn’t my first language! Thanks a lot to my lifesaver @cynicallystiles💙 for proofreading, editing and for not letting me delete this, even though I thought it was shitty ✨ your support means a lot!

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Who would have thought that ‘forever’ sometimes means ‘until someone better comes along’.

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