i think i like this one the most

ok i just like rey sO GODDAMN MUCH

like, she at once feels very familiar as a heroine, and yet I can’t think of other female characters (except in a certain niche genre of 80s/90s young adult fantasy with strong heroines, a la Tamora Pierce and Robin McKinley and Patricia Wrede) that really resemble her in any real way. her literal presence in star wars refreshes the Whole Damn Story. 

she’s a character who actually doesn’t have that much personality growth to achieve (if that makes sense)—instead, her whole story is one of self-acceptance, of realizing that she herself is enough, that she is worthwhile by herself, as herself. she doesn’t need a luke skywalker-esque heroic bloodline–she’s enough as is. she doesn’t need a mentor to teach her how to balance her emotional and analytic selves—her instinctive self is not one where she has artificially separated those selves.

(also side note: kylo ren is Wrong when he says she’s needs a teacher, but that says more about him than her. what she needs is connection; this is also what he needs. he of course only has relationships of unequals: master/student, modeled on parent/child. it’s his model for how people connect and interact: one person instructs, the other follows. one person commands, the other submits. kylo ren has never had a normal conversation with a peer in his life (again, what a fucking great character))

rey is Emblematic of the kind of heroine i have always loved, and that i feel like we need right now. she’s not overly serious or cynical or jaded—she’s a character whose faith in the world *changes* the world. she’s innately powerful, and her character arc stems out of *realizing that she is powerful*. 

and again, that she is enough. 

Ego High Introductions

Some headcanons of mine for that high school au I’m working on. Bear with me, it’s a lot of people, so it’s most likely gonna be a complilation of one-shots. Also, I’m horrible at world building by myself SO YALL CAN SEND ME HEADCANONS IF YA WANT! (I have no idea how to make a “keep reading” thing on mobile so whoop)


Bing- Cool kid who tries to be popular. He thinks he is, but he’s not. Google’s little brother. Real name is actually Barry. He’s a junior, in the track team, but also loves some of his classes. His favorites are science, math, and PE (duh). He’s an average student, though due to his attempts to be “popular,” most end up bullying him. Yan protects him, so does Googs. He does try hard in school and he’s good in class but sometimes he can’t help himself and ends up getting in trouble. The main reason he gets in trouble, however, is his daring stunts on school grounds (involving skateboards and “cool tricks”).

Yan- She’s also a junior. She’s more shy than Bing and his extrovertness covers for her introvertness. However, once she knows you and is comfortable with you, she’s a wild animal. She’s Bing’s girlfriend (young love is amazing), and enjoys being outdoors. Her favorite classes are reading and foreign language. Real name is Yandri but people call her Yan. If you touch her boyfriend, prepare to die. A complete weebo, nuff said.

Google- A grumpy senior who finds it hard to let loose. He’s Bing’s older brother and while he loves him with all this heart, Google’s temper gets to him sometimes and they don’t get along as well as they could because of that. However, Google makes it up by being his little bro’s wingman and supports him in most things he does. His real name is Ethan, “Google” is a nickname earned by his IT skills. Despite excelling in computer science, Ethan loves English as well but H A T E S Host and his class, mostly by the traumatic experience of seeing someone with no eyes, at all. Google’s not as antisocial as he seems, he’s very chatty once you talk to him, especially if it’s about computers. He spends a lot of his free time looking up random stuff so he knows a lot of trivia facts, just ask him!

Dark- A principal with an iron fist, most think he’s a dictator in disguise. He doesn’t have the powers he normally has, they’re mostly watered down, but his aura and shell still sort of exist. As in, he gives you a sense of fear when around him. The school gossip network says that once you’re sent to his office, you never come back out. “Dark” is his nickname, given by the students and staff in reference to his gloomy personality. Officially, he’s referred to as Damien Adams. He’s very quiet but when he speaks, it’s firm, cold, and commanding. He only really opens up with Wilford (and someone else).

Wilford- The chatty secretary. He’s gay, a flirt, and on a constant sugar high. Everyone thinks him and the principal are a thing and they’re right. Wilford likes hinting it from time to time, just to annoy Dark, but the principal always talks himself out. “Wilford” is his nickname, only by the staff and the occasional student, but most people don’t call him “William” either. He also hates his real name and no one really knows why. Also, sailor’s mouth. There have been times where students swore he’s brought a gun on campus. There was once an incident involving that but no one ever speaks of it.

Host- The chill English teacher whose grading is more like he got the assignment, tore it up, and glued it back together; he’s that thorough. He’s blind and has a service dog that usually sits in the corner of the classroom (Chica!). He spends his free periods either grading, reading, or tea with the Doc. Real name is Isaac. He doesn’t have bloodied bandages, he has a clean blindfold. His eye sockets are empty but not bloody, they actually healed quite well. Not a lot of people know what happened to his eyes and he doesn’t talk about it either. He’s a sarcastic ass when he wants to, usually with his morning classes or if he’s having a bad day. He can also echo locate, sort of. He’s practicing it but hasn’t quite perfected the skill, so he doesn’t use it often in front of his students. He forgets to turn on the lights in his room so his students do that for him.

Doc- Bim’s dad. He’s the AP biology teacher. Gay for Host (duh). He worries over his son but lets the teen handle himself, placing his confidence in him. Spends his free periods either cleaning up the lab or tea with Host. Real name is Edward but everyone calls him “Doc” because he also has a PhD in biology and such. He’s very witty with his students and isn’t afraid to roast them. He’s very supportive, however, and his son is the world to him. He’s amiable and affable with his students when they come to him with questions after school/class, and truly helps them with assignments. Additionally, he’s the most easy-going of all the teachers, and lets kids get away with things as long as they aren’t too violating or illegal. For example, he lets kids use phones in his class as long as they catch up later, and one time, he caught kids talking while he was lecturing and gave them detention. Plot twist: he let them do homework in detention while he graded and even joined whatever conversation they were having.

Bim- Doc’s adopted son. He’s the lab assistant in his dad’s class and a senior. He fully ships Doc with the Host and always teases him when he cans. Bim knows so much about the human body and geeks out when the topic comes up so people took to jokingly calling him a cannibal. He always responds with a joking “You’re not wrong, we’re all animals” but plot twist: he really is a cannibal. He refuses to eat veggies and is a total carnivore. Sometimes, when he goes out while his dad is working late, he comes back with groceries and “strange meat” from behind the Seven Eleven down the street.

The Jims- Sophomore twins who practically run the school’s newspaper and TV news. They’re a lot like the canon Jims except they’re obviously much younger and painfully much more energetic. Most people like them (like Bing and Bim) but teachers get annoyed with their ADHD. They’re really nice but obnoxious at times. If you need to find a hideaway place in the school campus, the Jims know where. They’ve explored every nook and cranny of the campus to the point that if they’re being chased, they turn a corner and seem to disappear.

Marvin- The school’s foreign language teacher. He’s loud, gay, and the definition of extra. He knows a lot of languages and offers different classes to each grade and they can decide if they want to continue. In freshman, he offers French and German. Sophomore, Mandarin and Korean. Junior, Italian; Portuguese; or Spanish. In senior, they can drop out of the class and replace it with a different one, usually AP. He started out as a part-time showman but works as a teacher until he “makes it big in Vegas and travel the world” (his words). A lot of the students like him, they make language class fun. He’s actually really strict when he wants to, usually when he’s pissed or doesn’t have time to deal with you. He spends a lot of his free periods with Jackie or around the campus, the building can get so stuffy sometimes.

Jackie- Comic book geek, practically owns every issue of Marvel and DC. He loves superheroes with a passion. The history teacher, got the job a year after Marvin, his boyfriend (is everyone gay in this school? Pretty much). He’s not as lenient as Doc but isn’t as strict as Marvin, a pretty medium teacher. He does, however, know a lot about different kinds of history, but he specializes in World and European; the fantasies from them fascinate him. He’s also pretty loud and he tells a lot of corny jokes in class. His students make fun of his bad jokes and sometimes poke fun at the fact that he’s from Ireland, mostly joking about his accent.

Chase- Bing’s best friend, he’s also a junior. He’s the calmer one of the two and is relatively chill. He’s pretty emotional too but tends to bottle it up, only really revealing them with Bing or Robbie. Has a girlfriend, Stacy, but he’s in a long distance relationship with her, as she lives in New York and he’s in Los Angeles. Chase is a very good student, always completing with his homework but his test scores are pretty average. He loves PE and English, though he still hasn’t quite figured out what he wants yet.

Schneep- The school’s nurse. He rarely talks with students, unless it’s Jamie or Robbie. Usually, you find him muttering to himself in German and he rarely speaks English unless absolutely needed. Schneep is Robbie’s legal guardian and loves him like his son. He’s one of the few people who isn’t actually scared of Dark per say, he respects him and everything but he has his own agenda.

Blank- Awkward sophomore who’s really quiet. He showed up one day, with Dark escorting him no less, and no one really talks to him. He’s really shy and pays more attention to the classroom clocks than the teacher. On multiple occasions, Blank’s had to be called to grab his attention. Strangely enough, however, he still answers things correctly, just that no one hears him and he refuses to speak louder. Kids bully him because of it and they call him Dark’s pet because the principal is so protective of the poor teen. “Blank” was a cruel nickname given by his peers because he never talks or reacts, as if he was literally blank. His real name, however, is actually Nathe but he uses Blank more his real name is really weird.

Jameson- Anti’s little brother, another freshman. People hardly believed they were related because they are complete opposites. Where Anti’s really loud, JJ can’t even talk (mute). He uses sign language but rarely anyone knows it so he just plays a constant charades. He’s good friends with Robbie and Schneep. Jamie also HATES fights, he despises violence and is basically a pacifist.

Robbie- He’s a freshman, lives with Schneep. Has insomnia so he never sleeps (he takes pills that make up for the lost rest). It’s because of this that people say he looks like a zombie. He also has a speech disorder where he has both a lisp and can’t pronounce many words, sounds almost like baby babbling. Robbie is best friends with Jameson, they met in middle school and are impossible to separate. He also never liked talking about why he lives with Schneep, not even JJ knows.

Anti- The definition of Edgy, and a senior. He’s such an asshole that the only person he genuinely likes to hangout with is Jamie, only because JJ is his little brother. He’s the guy in a trench coat that walks up to you and says, “Hey kid, want some drugs?” He’s overprotective and strict with Jameson, to the point where if the smaller brother comes home late without telling, Anti freaks out. He’s very weird in that sense and a lot of people avoid him but he’s a wild animal at parties. Don’t invite him though, he’ll take it as a sign that he can do what he wants and many times has almost killed people; let him invite himself and he’ll be calmer, he won’t prioritize pushing his luck.


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Do you have any pics of Marilyn without any makeup, especially a little later on in her life? It's really hard to find anything that isn't from when she was really young or in full (but perfectly executed) cakeface.

There aren’t a whole lot that come to mind of her without makeup from later in her life. When I think of “later in her life,” I really just think of the 60s. There are some candids of Marilyn from the 60s where she’s wearing sunglasses and most likely not wearing makeup, but it’s not always easy to tell. I thought the following pictures were some good ones, though.


replied to your



I just ran across that new Tracer emote again and,…

Okay so scale of 1 to 10 how angry were you when you realized you loved Jill, butch veterinarian sunbeam cat-singer extraordinaire?

Oh I have dated SCORES of butch nerds, this is probably because a solid 80% of butch lesbians are all fucking dorks who cry at disney movies and love chicken nuggets so really my options are limited.

I’ve dated two girls that weren’t like that, and one of them I dated for roughly 2.5 seconds before we both had a HEARTY laugh at the idea that we could be anything other than friends.

seeing that everyone stans austin now, i’m just gonna say it. i’ve been thinking about this a lot lately & i feel like 3, 5, 10 years down the road, austin’s gonna be the one who cares the most. like we’ll be at big shows and he’ll still be the one who’ll come hold our hands in the audience. fans waiting outside the venue? even if he can’t meet or take photos with us all, he’d be the one to make an effort to say hi and wave. and pm don’t really strike me as the type of band who would do this, but if they ever had one of those songs that involved bringing a set of fans up on stage (unlikely, but let me dream and make a point here), austin would be the guy who would pick a fan from the back of the venue. idk i just get that vibe from him. like even when i was a hardcore brandon stan, i always pictured myself going to a pm concert and trying to stand near austin just because he’d be the most caring. yeah, who knows where i’m going with this but there! i said the thing! hope i didn’t jinx anything in the future!


For many years, we thought this was the only waterfall in the area. It’s super cool, and we were pretty satisfied with it. One day, while exploring, we found another one! It was within a quarter mile of the first, and double in size! We couldn’t believe we’d been missing out on it for so many years! After that, we started searching for more, and ended finding a total of 7! We found the seventh just the other day, and I’m guessing there are many more! They are all beautiful and unique! 

This one in particular holds a very special place in my heart. This waterfall was the beginning of a very special journey for me. I remember the first time I saw it. I felt like we were soo deep in the wilderness. I remember thinking this has to be the most peaceful place on earth.  This beautiful three tier waterfall before me, the lovely sound of flowing water. In this forest, I felt completely separated from the chaos of the world… and it was then that I realized, THIS is where I belong. 

From that moment on, I began piecing myself together. It was the real turning point in my life, when I decided to chase what makes my soul spark. With every adventure, I not only found endless treasures of the forest… I discovered pieces of MYSELF. It was this wilderness that pushed me past my limits, showed me what I was made of, and rewarded me with so much beauty and wonder. From that, came so much appreciation for the environment around me. I began seeking hidden wonders, tucked away, long forgotten by man. To me, those places the most special, ruled by the plants and creatures.

I started sharing my journey via Tumblr many years ago. With everything in me, I wanted to show the world how beautiful and special my “home” was. I share photos with you all, so you can see with my eyes. These mountains hold secrets, things few will ever see. I made it my mission to seek the unseen, bring it to the light, so the world can see why I am so passionate about this land.  I feel like Appalachia is often overlooked, our land is continually destroyed and pillaged for natural resources and fossil fuels. There has to come a point, when we realize how wonderful this place is, and that it is worthy of protection. We owe it to future generations! 

My journey started here, at this very waterfall, and has led me thousands of miles along curvy roads and twisting trails of the Appalachian Mountains. With each experience, my love for this region grows stronger. I’d do anything in my power to protect these mountains and all the life they hold. Even if it’s only a small slice of the whole, this forest is sooo special! In all my travels and exploration, I’ve never found a place like it. That’s why I’m asking for YOUR help! I can’t do it alone. Please help protect a little piece of heaven, in a land of oil fields and strip mines. Pristine wilderness is such a rarity, and what does exist, deserves protection! 

Help me save this wilderness!
Learn more about this forest, and my mission to create a nature preserve here !
Donate through paypal: ccnaturepreserve@gmail.com
or Ko-Fi: ko-fi.com/ccnaturepreserve
As a Darkstache friendshipper...

I feel utterly alone.

Most Darkstache fans ‘ship them romantically. Which is fine, and some of the headcanons are actually very sweet and heartwarming. I enjoy skimming through those.

But I, personally, don’t see it.

Thanks to WKM, I can see our Manor boys as Heterosexual Life Partners (although Dark is technically bi/pan thanks to ADWM). Kinda like that old TV show The Odd Couple, basically. Only more tragic than humourous.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks of them in that way.

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hi kel this is rly random but like do you know of any blogs that post comics? not funny comics but like peaceful (?) life comics? like an example would be your 那些年 or even the one from way back with tyler talking about life

OH Hmm i haven’t been reading many webcomics recently so I don’t really know many.. I personally enjoy their story & beloved but I’m not sure if it falls under what you’re looking for? Anyone else who knows of any please feel free to leave your suggestions though!!

when, in disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes
I, all alone, beweep my outcast state
and trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries,
and look upon myself and curse my fate,
wishing me like to one more rich in hope,
featured like him, like him with friends possess’d,
desiring this man’s art or that man’s scope,
with what I most enjoy contented least,
and with these thoughts myself almost despising,
happ’ly I think on thee, and THEN my state
like to the lark at break of day arising,
from sullen earth sings hymns at heaven’s gate.
for thought of thee such glad remembrance brings,
that then I scorn to change my state with kings. 

Because one thing may have different associations in different systems of magick, it is tempting to think that the correspondences have no real meaning of their own and exist only in your mind. This is a mistaken view. Although it is true that the correspondences of color, direction, and so on, have no inherent and universal meaning, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a firm meaning beyond just your own brain. They have a meaning within the current of magick that you are working, and as long as you are standing within that current, you should take heed of their meaning. This is important to know. Although you can interface with multiple systems of magick, that doesn’t mean that all the rules are just in your head and you can do whatever feels right with no consequences…. [For example, if] you evoke a being or power from one system by the protocols of another, if your ritual works at all, it may not take it kindly. If you choose to work with multiple currents, a perfectly natural thing to do in our increasing small and multi-cultural world, you need to take this into account.
—  Jason Miller, The Sorcerer’s Secrets

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Hi Phoenix, are the Beatles problematic? I do like many of their songs.

Probably not more problematic than any other bands around that time. John Lennon in particular was a shitty guy, preached peace and kindness while he beat his wife son. 

I like Beatles songs too, it’s ok to lie problematic stuff as long as you’re aware, etc. I don’t really hate the Beatles I just think they’re overrated.

The tag I made on that post about how I love to pretend I don’t know who the Beatles are are less about the Beatles themselves, and more about how much I loathe white men/music critics/etc who act like they’re the greatest thing in the world and didn’t start out as a boyband made famous by teenage girls. Those types of people, the ones who glorify and sanctify mediocre white band/artists, routinely do two things I abhor: 

1. Erase how most rock and roll (and all music tbh) was co-opted and stolen from black innovators before it was commodified by white “artists” They give the credit to the white artists instead of the black artists which predate them, and then act like people who don’t like the Beatles or think they’re overrated (because they’re just rip offs) “don’t get it” and aren’t “smart” or “cultured” enough and it’s all just really gross. 

2. Belittle teenage girls as a fanbase by dismissing any art loved by teenage girls as frivolous and vapid OR ignoring how teenage girls are instrumental in many of the bands they love’s commercial success (i.e., the Beatles). 

So in short I don’t really care about the Beatles one way or the other save for enjoying some of their music and thinking John Lennon is a creep, but I HATE white men who love them. 

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Do you really think that an extramarital affair between a teenager and a middle aged woman has really a chance of happening in a show like ST?🤔 It doesn't seem like their brand of entertainment tbh, a little cheeky flirting is one thing but an entire ~relationship... I'm very skeptical about that .

yeah, i’m skeptical as well. while i’ve enjoyed our collective fandom outrage over that interview tidbit, i’m not sure it means what many are afraid it means. 

billy manipulated karen. his flirtation was a means to an end, as evidenced by his quick drop in expression when he left in his car. if the writers were to go forward with an affair storyline, that’d give us one of two scenarios: billy continues faking his interest in order to further whatever agenda he has next season, or he ends up genuinely falling for her somehow. either way, it would feel very squicky for a variety of reasons:

  1. billy is 17. karen is a mother in her 40s. i really hope they don’t pull “oh billy turns 18 so now it’s legal and fine.” yikes.
  2. if the writers progress with the villain!billy storyline, how are they going to reconcile that with this affair? no matter billy’s motive, karen should be the one at fault. having the abused teenage villain also be demonized for “seducing” the “nice” mom? c’mon, that’s not how it works. are they really going to push the “boys can’t be sexually assaulted/statutory raped” narrative all for some Mrs. Robinson/The Graduate references? And on the off chance they redeem billy instead, i can’t see a love affair or sexual relationship with nancy’s mom helping to win favor with the audience. none of it makes sense.
  3. karen has three kids and is a mom. she may have enjoyed the attention and been flustered by billy’s charm, but are the writers’ really going to make her cheat on her husband and destroy her family for him? that would be such a disservice to her character, and as mentioned she should be the one at fault if she genuinely pursues a kid. doesn’t make sense. yet, we’ve seen it happen before—how many times have you watched a show and seen the lonely hot mom bang her teen daughter’s hunky friend. more times than i want to remember. let’s leave that trend in the past, 80s timeline or not.

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Your comic is so cute and so well drawn and written. All the puppies have such distinct characters, I was able to see which one my moms doggy would be most like, and it reminded my why I used to love playing myself. Thank you :)

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate those compliments. Each of the dogs in real life are so different from each other, it’s easy to take bits of their personalities and mix it with their dnd characters. Who do you think your mom’s dog is most like? :)

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She did the same thing she always does , she attached a face to the songs, just like she attached harry to 1989. I am a kayl0r but even if I wasn’t she ruined the songs for me bc all I can see is jo@ every time I hear the songs and frankly I don’t want to see him. I want to see what I want on my own and now I can’t 🤮

Anon, i’m gonna be frank with you (it may sound insensitive, but at least it’ll be honest) :  i don’t think it’s difficult AT ALL to visualize the Rep songs being about Kar, instead of him… How old are you, 12 ?  

I really don’t see the problem here: if you’re a Kaylor (like you pretend to be) then you know damn well that most songs in Red & 1989 were truly about Di, and that the Rep ones are about Kar….

No one can say that we’re been polluted on a weekly basis with their stunts, nor that we see him often in tabloids either…. He’s quite easy to forget, and to take out of the narrative, esp when it comes to the songs…. He’s a ghost beard.

Maybe i see things more clearly bc i’m older & not a fan like you are, but when i listen to the few songs i like (even if there aren’t many), in Red, 1989 & Rep: i NEVER visualize any beard, but ONLY Di & Kar…

It was obvious she’d use a beard as a cover for this new album… Read the lyrics more closely & just change the pronouns in your head when you listen to them…

If it’s too much for you, then take a step back for a while..

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Hello! I’m new here but really ship Sam and Cait no matter what we’re being told 2 believe. Do you think you could summarize or make a timeline of receipts or proofs that Sam and Cait are together (or have the most out of the ordinary friendship *wink wink*) ? That would be cool especially with nothing much hopefully going on in the past month and since I’ve missed a lot and I’m probably not the only one. I really love your blog❤️❤️ you are like an anchor for the SS SamCait ship in rough waters

Hi there, and welcome to the SS SamCait! You must be a strong sailor…you’ve chosen an interesting time to come aboard.

I think the easiest way is to show you my most popular post, “This is my SamCait love story, and I’m sticking to it!” I tried to keep it in chronological order, but there were random pics added at the end. Since I’ve yet to figure out how to do a hyperlink from an ask, I’ll post it immediately after this. 

If you don’t mind reading through my blog the previous 10 days, you could also check out my 10-part series: “The Looks of Love.” That’ll show you even more.

I appreciate your kinds words more than you know. 💖💖

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i think "Limp Basquiat" was one of your most underrated posts, honestly.

it probably was cause i don’t remember making it at all but it sounds exactly like a post i would make

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Unpopular(?) opinion: Out of all the characters, Magnus is definitely the one that they improved upon the most compared to his counterpart from the books? Book!Magnus is just all around .. problematic trash imo! I mean he's a grown ass, 500(?) year old that thinks it's ok to lust after and start a sexual relationship with a seventeen (!!!) year old BOY and then wants to force said scared boy out of the closet? And that's just scratching the surface? YIKES! I'm glad show!Magnus is so different ..

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

Uhm, not to be like that but Alec in the books is really no better? Seriously, when book!Alec is seeing show!Alec he is shaking. S H A K I N G!!! Like, going behind Magnus’ back, making a deal with Camille to take away Magnus’ immortality while also being super biphobic? I mean… for real??? 

Honestly, the way CC wrote this is problematic altogether. Not just when it comes to Malec, but the books are… in general like… yikes!

okay but couldn’t Elliot just tell Tyrell he was busy the first time they met? I know it was for a very short time, and Tyrell is the one to talk the most, but he has no problem telling people off or get lost in his thoughts at least, but here he just properly introduces himself to Tyrell, looks at him…all the time basically, even as he walks away.

I don’t think I have to point out that he is probably lowkey intrigued cause Tyrell is ‘an executive running Lunix’ and cause Tyrell finished his thoughts basically.

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Headcanon: All the Links like having their Zelda read to him but OoT!Link likes it the most because he never actually learned to read (Navi always did it for him) and even after he starts being able to grasp basic stuff, he still fakes not knowing how for awhile because he thinks she won't read to him anymore once she knows he can read on his own.

this is so cute and pure and is 100% canon for me :)