i think i like this one the most

“Ted... ever wonder why some words are funnier than others?”

Ted the Animator: “…no?”

Carl the Animator: “Like, take ‘mule deer.’ Why are mule deer funnier than most other animals?”

Ted the Animator: “Are they really, though?”

Carl the Animator: “Yes! I’ve done a lot of mule deer thinking, lately.”

Ted the Animator: “…that’s a sentence you don’t hear every day.”

Carl the Animator: “Take a look at one. Visually, at best, they’re just marginally-funnier than a regular deer… but the phrase ‘mule deer’? That puts it over the top.”

Ted the Animator: “I’m not sold. Give me an example.”

Carl the Animator: “Well, let’s say someone is advertising hot sauce. Saying it’s ‘hot enough to kill a deer?’ Not funny.”

Ted the Animator: “Nope. Not at all.”

Carl the Animator: “Now, ‘hot enough to kill a mule deer?

Ted the Animator: “…that’s kinda funny. Wait, why is that funny?”

Carl the Animator: “I KNOW, RIGHT?!”

Ted the Animator: “…after googling them, you find phrases like ‘1000+ images about mule deer on Pinterest,’ and somehow that’s so bizarre it’s definitely funny.”

Carl the Animator: “Now, try ‘2017 mule deer calendar.’”

Ted the Animator: “…it might just be because it’s really late at night… but that’s freakin’ hilarious to me right now.”

Carl the Animator: “’Mule deer’ just gets funnier the more times you say it.”

Ted the Animator: “Is it because it’s so specific? A combination of words you hear independently, but almost never together?”

Carl the Animator: “I’m still tryin’ to analyze it all. There are also inherently-funny single words, like ‘Popemobile.’”

Ted the Animator: “That’s juxtaposition, alright. Combine the pious-sounding word “Pope’ and the silly suffix ‘-mobile,’ and you get instant comedy.” 

Carl the Animator:And, it doesn’t hurt that the Popemobile always looks ridiculous, too.”

Ted the Animator: “Phrases like ‘potato juice’ use juxtaposition similarly.”

Carl the Animator: “…ewwwwwwwwwwww.”

Ted the Animator: “Gross, certainly… but that moment when your brain processes that yes, it is in fact a real thing you could theoretically acquire, triggers humor responses.”

Carl the Animator: “…of course, we are forgetting what is quite possibly the funniest phrase known to man.”

Ted the Animator: “Hold that thought, I’m on my last swig of coffee.”

Carl the Animator:…cat diaper.

Ted the Animator: *spittake*

Carl the Animator: “Sorry. I had to.”

Ted the Animator: “…you’re the worst, and cat diapers are the worst, and I’d scowl at you but my mouth hurts from smiling too much.”

Carl the Animator: “That’s the magic of mule deer and cat diapers, Ted.”


Y’know guys, Mark inspires me so much. His perseverance, his kindness, his positivity, his diligence, his leadership, his selflessness, his care, his heart, his attitude, his love, his strength–just him. I think of Mark and I just feel like I should be a better person because such a wonderful human being lives on this Earth. He’s been through so much and he’s worked so hard, yet he still has one of the brightest most beautiful smiles on his face everyday, and it’s honestly so admirable. I respect him so much, and this has probably been said so much by so many people because there’s so much to admire about him, and I’ll add myself to that group of people.

Mark Lee deserves the world and everything more, and as much as a fan can, I love him with all of my heart <3

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What do you think would have happened to the story if Neji didn't sacrifice himself?

I’m not sure honestly. I’d like to think he would be the head of the clan, trying to overturn their branding curse seal but seeing how Kishi treated all his characters in the end I doubt he’d give us such a nice concept lol

Ship wise, he would’ve totally ended up with Tenten. Considering NejiTen is one of the most popular hetero ships in the fandom you’d think SP would like to cash in on that lol but I think they want Boruto/Himawari to be the only new gen kids to be of Hyuga descent because then if NejiTen had a kid it wouldn’t make them seem as great but that’s just my theory

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Dancer!Anon. Kara becomes a regular, but only when Lena is working, Lena give her her shift pattern and so. Kara finds herself visiting the club at least once a week. The other dancers know Kara is there to see Lena. Kara always pays for at least one dance, she tells herself it's all about that fact that Lena's dancing is elegant and beautiful and liberating but there's also a part of Kara that's thinks it's the sexiest thing she's ever seen and like they talk and get to know each other. (1/2)

Lena is in college, using dancing to pay her tuition, Kara is a professional ballet dancer and invites Lena to her next performance. It’s the most beautiful, breathtaking and emotional thing Lena has ever seen. (2/2)

ok but i think it wouldn’t take more than one dance for Kara to realize just how turned on she is by it. the first time she’d be like “i was just drunk”. but the next time she’s sober n she’s like alright i guess i like ladies too. but she doesn’t say anything about it.

Lena would be so shook to see Kara dance, precisely for the fact that it’s completely different from what she’s doing. she can see that Kara is passionate about it, but at the same time she follows all these patterns that Lena never had. n that’s exactly why they’re drawn to each other.

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What's the most morbid Steven Universe art you've ever seen? Like, on a scale to 1 to 10, how scary was it?

Hard to say….I’m not scared very easily when it comes to art and stuff. I think I’ve seen more fanart and fanart trends of SU that makes me…uncomfortable, rather than scared. One fanart trend that always makes me very uncomfortable in particular is the whole trend of drawing Sapphire with like…a realistic eye and a nose. It just always looks so unnatural to me…like that whole uncanny valley thing. 

I can however tell you that there are some scenes in Steven Universe that have scared me though. Particularly Sugilite’s reappearance in Cry For Help…the forced fusion scenes in Nightmare Hospital…the drilling scene in Gem Drill…and Jasper’s corruption scene. No joke…Jasper’s corruption scene legitimately haunted my nightmares.

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okay thank you SO MUCH for giving Anne and Wentworth the attention they deserve bc in the world of austen heroines/love interests it's always Elizabeth and Darcy and while I love them (and I do!!! a lot!!!!) Anne is an ANGEL and don't even get me started on Wentworth's fucking letter to her at the end of Persuasion that shit makes me emotional every time I read it - in my opinion, that's one of the most beautiful scenes Austen ever wrote. Persuasion deserved so much better.

Sometimes I like to put on some Adele and think about Persuasion for a while.

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how do you think the plot of atlantis the lost empire could have improved?

Atlantis is… a weird case, for me. Like I said, I actually like a lot of the concepts behind it, and many of the characters (and there are a lot), though they are sadly not given much time to shine. It looks great as well, in my opinion, and Milo and Kida are one of the most surprisingly compelling Disney couple’s I’ve ever seen. The way their relationship develops makes me think more of the understated way Ghibli movies makes their couples, putting companionship and friendship as the foundation of their relationship before anything else.

Now, that said… the movie was universally panned when it came out for a reason. Though I think it doesn’t deserve as much hate as it got, I can see where they were coming from. There are some plotholes (mostly involving the crystal), some major pacing issues, and overall, though the plot itself is simple, the execution is just. All over the place.

Atlantis was made because Disney wanted to go with a more ‘adult’ appeal, with a traditional adventure that could be intriguing to an older audience, but it’s also clear that Disney didn’t want to go too hard with that. Basically, what I feel when I watch Atlantis is that Disney is trying to be hip and in with the kids, but while still being Disney, and not really knowing to let go or how to mix their traditional style with a type of story that was brand new to them. So, it’s no wonder that the end result ended up being such an unfocused, odd movie.

However, I do believe that this movie has a great deal of potential, and with a tighter script to stitch all these interesting elements together, it could be fantastic!

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Hi lovely! 9, 14, and 41 for Feysand please 😊

Hello dear!! Thanks for the ask as always :) 

9. Who makes the coffee (or tea)?

Rhys does. He’s the definite momma bear/caretaker. I can only imagine him as a father. 

14. Who kills the spiders?

Feyre darling, of course! See previous ask about Nessian

I have this headcanon in my mind that Illyrians are kind of like elephants afraid of mice, where they’re afraid of spiders and tiny little buggies. And it’s just like a common thing, where Mor/Feyre/Nesta know that household pests will most definitely scare the crap out of their hulking Illyrian warriors, and they roll their eyes and scoff but secretly think it’s adorable. 

41. Who cries during sad movies? 

I also wanna go with Rhys on this one. Like in an AU where they’ve just finished watching Finding Dory, Feyre looks over to see Rhys wiping his tears and she just makes this face 

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Regarding LeFou

Ok, sit back and get yourself a little drink because I’m gonna prattle about something that is weirdly near and dear to me and for the most part I’m not sure how well received my opinion ever is??

Anyway, I saw the new Beauty and the Beast Saturday… and haven’t stopped thinking about it at all since I saw it. Like I wake up, and BOOM, I’m thinking about it still. 

Lets rewind time to teenaged me. Yes, that weird girl with the bowl haircut that liked to wear flannel shirts. You know… the one you called “she-man” in the hallway. Anyway, I got picked on… but when I got home I could watch whatever I pleased and draw pictures and life was ok. I watched Beauty and the Beast CONSTANTLY. It got to a point my brothers rolled their eyes at me. “Not AGAIN?!”

It was important. As an outcast it was important. 

Now, sure, I felt like Belle. We all feel like Belle but I had this weird kinship thing about LeFou. I was small and kind of a bumbler and felt like comic relief. I always drifted toward comic relief characters. Of all the characters, he even LOOKED like I drew him! 

(Yea, that’s how I drew things back then. It was olden times and we didn’t have the word ‘furries’ yet. This was my character Vinny but you can tell he had some LeFou in him)

And so, I loved LeFou. I even made an actual comic with my best friend in high school @crystallinecoley about a duo so much like Gaston/LeFou that I think you’d have to be blind not to see the similarities. My OC’s name was Liply. He was head over heels in love with his male companion only his partner was vain and bossy and abusive and often chased the ladies. Sound familiar?

Liply is cute, right?? 

Ok, moving on… Here I am all grown up and junk and this new movie is coming out and it draws up all these old feels for me. All the feels. And I’m hoping so hard that they give me a good LeFou. 

Guys, they delivered. He was more than I could have dreamed of. It brings a tear to my eye. He had a redemptive arc AND he got a happy ending. And to top it all off he was ADORABLE. 

Honestly, I had heard negative things and I had been concerned, but I’m so happy!!! Really, guys. Thank you Disney and thank you Josh Gad. You just made this grown up outcast feel special again. And I wonder how a new generation of weird kids will feel it too.  

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I have this friend that when we hang out or go to the mall or somewhere with my friends I feel like she's embarrassed about me being in the group because of my acne. Im not sure about this, I assume that shes making fun of me because of my acne and I couldnt help myself to feel ashamed, and now im losing my confidence. Now Im scared to make friends and I dont even talk in school anymore thinking theyll judge me in an instant and because of that Im alone in the dark with no one else other than me

Oh my! She doesn’t sound like a friend worth having. And mate, most people won’t care about acne, everyone either have it or have had it. If you meet people who care about it just forget about them, some people just can’t see past stuff like that, not saying acne is something you need to see past, it’s nothing ugly, I bet you’re cute as hell. Go out and just live man, laugh be brilliant, because most likely, you are xx


Just read and currently reading.

I honestly would not recommend The Pirate of Fathoms Deep. The first book, The High King’s Golden Tongue, was great, but I don’t think this one lived up to that. It felt very rushed and the characters felt like they didn’t really fit their roles–like the pirate being meek, for example. I couldn’t get into the writing style or the plot.

I’ve read work by Ginn Hale before. I love her writing style. I had complaints with some of the plot points in Lord of the White Hell: Part One, but most of it was stuff that seemed like it could be resolved in the second part. I’m getting a better vibe from Wicked Gentlemen than the other book I’ve read of hers, however, and I feel like I’m going to enjoy it more.

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you don't like Game of Thrones?? Like how?

Oh my sweet sweet summer child: http://gotgifsandmusings.tumblr.com/post/119403805073/meta-analysis-roundup-post

I’m not sure where to even tell you to start. Maybe this one? I think I do want to write a piece to the effect of “Why GoT is Bad 101″ for situations just like this, but…yes. I dislike the show.

(My retrospectives are the most fun to read, I think, and I’ve done a series on sexism specifically for both Season 5 and Season 6)

An apology to the male mikayuu shippers.

Mostly when I speak to a Mikayuu shipper I assume they are female. Most male ONS fans have called Mika the f slur, called Mikayuu disgusting or afraid they are gonna fuck in the anime. I have to keep in mind NOT all men act like this. To the male fans of Mikayuu I apologise for assuming your gender and thinking no male fan could like mikayuu. I apologise.

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I feel like water and air signs are the Best Friends Forever™ of the zodiac, tbh....... I'm a Gem dom and most of my friends are all water signs, and I feel like it's such a blessing???? We learn a lot from each other since we're really different but not that much. Just spreading some love for the Air+Water combination

yes!! my best friend is a Gemini and I’m a Scorpio, and we get along great. I think water and air signs can get along great, especially if one or both of them have air or water influences in their chart

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May you talk a bit about your "woke up" experience being an 8? If not yours, will you share another one please? I want to understand this concept more.

Right, so, I think it had been brewing for awhile and talking to my sister it appears I was definitely gut triad when I was young. Hard to say if I was an 8 but it sounds like I displayed 9w8 tendencies. 


One day I sat down in English class feeling real sorry for myself and lonely and tortured and pathetic and realized I only had myself and overnight I became the most aggressive verbal bully in the school. 

My reasoning was, no one gave a shit about me, my family didn’t give a shit, the only person who was gonna give a shit about me, was me, so I wasn’t gonna give a fuck and I was gonna hurt people (read: publicly) as much as possible in order to keep them from getting anywhere near my soft spots ever again. 

Long Version 

One day, I was sitting in English class, in the spring of my freshman year of highschool. I had had repeated failures with boys, one of whom was beginning to drag my name through the mud and spread slander. I just wanted to be liked, and I was feeling very bad for myself. I pulled out a sheet of paper, and I wrote about how I look pretty good, but all my clothes are clearance because I can’t afford anything. Essentially, that I’m a nothing and a nobody with not much to offer. That I have no real support, no real loyalties, and the only person I had was myself.

It was that realization that I only have myself, and I realized I was being a pussy ass bitch. And I changed gears pretty fast and decided, within a one page of writing, that regardless of the fact I had no money, no esteem, no support, I was going to be a badass motherfucker. Because I only had myself, and I was going to protect myself at all costs. To hell with wanting love from family, to hell with wanting to be treated well by my peers (they used to whisper things about me and make fun of me). 

It’s literally like something snapped. I had spent a lot of time having hope and getting crushed again and again on some very profound, fundamental levels, and I spent many years crying and learning to meditate just so I wouldn’t cry so much. I spent a lot of time trying to get people to love me or even just want to be around me. I felt I was never going to attain these basic human desires and chalked them up as “pathetic” and for “weak people.” Would explain why I gravitated toward an 835 tritype. 

And from that point I was the meanest fucker in school and I went from being weak and scared to fighting with teachers. Girls who whispered behind my back about my “ugly house” (which was actually very nice and my dad spent a lot of time on) got shredded when I told them they are the embodiment of trailer trash and they probably don’t even have a father. Guys who spread rumors about me got trashed when I was confronted and brutal about them. 

I’m pretty sure I still have that paper, but it may have been burned. 

I hope this made sense. That time period is somewhat hazy because that difference in essentially being a ball of pathetic dissociation to a ball of electric energy was very intense. I feel like I murdered that present personality to make way for the strongest one I could imagine. 

My Seonbae

Warnings: None Group: Bts Member:Yoongi/Suga ______________________________________ It was in the middle of the school year and we had midterms coming up. The whole class was aloud to have a study buddy. Some have already found one. Others well… had to get in line to be class president Min Yoongi’s study buddy. He was quite different from other males in the school. Most would think the bad boys would be the one all girls like, but not this school. Not only were the smart one’s intelligent, but they were usually cute as well. I have to admit, he had been my crush ever since the first year of high school. Considering that this is my third year and still have yet to be noticed, proves I will never have a chance. He is even in his last year, so that is mire proof to show I will never have a chance. The guy can be a creeper though. He is always staring at me during     well… every period I have with him, yet he never says anything. —————————————————— The bell had rung and everyone was quick to get in their seats. Yoongi always finds a way to sit close to me, it really is strange. Honestly, when he smiles at me it is very calming and I’m actually comfortable with it. That’s how I ended up falling in love with him. And this is how all days went, although today was different. —————————————————— “Girls, can we not do this today. I, uh, already have someone,” Yoongi nervously responded to them. He started exchanging glances between the girls and me.   He started to pace back and forth nervously and started to walk towards me. He put his arm around me and looked at me helplessly, like he was asking for help. I nodded. “This is my partner,” Yoongi smiled. My heart started to skip beats and face turned red. The girls walked away disappointed. “Thank you, (y/n),” Yoongi said relieved. “Y-you, know my name?” I asked him, “How do you know it? We haven’t ever spoke.” His face turned red. “I’ve known your name. We are in the same class, aren’t we,” He replied. “The teacher does the attendance silently and nobody ever talks to me. Tell me, how did you know?” I asked him. His face is now redder than a tomato. “C-Can you be my partner and…” He paused for a minute, “and I’ll tell you?” “Okay. Sure. No problem,” I replied back in a flustered stutter. “Okay great. In return I’ll, uh, treat you for lunch. How about it?” Yoongi smiled that weakening smile. I think my heart skipped a beat. “That’s perfect,” I smiled back. We told each other our numbers and address and where we will go for lunch. He will pick me up at 10:04 am. —————————————————— We had arrived at the restraunt and had taken our orders. He asked me questions about my life and I had asked questions about his. “There is still one question you haven’t answered yet,” I leaned closer across the table. “Hmm, what question?” He asked curiously. “How did you know my name?” I asked once again. He started to change positions as if he was nervous. “Okay fine, I’ll tell you,” he took a deep breath, “I’ve liked you for a while, and I didn’t think how you would react, so I kinda tried to get to know you without you knowing. Everything I see makes me more interested in you and you are so smart, so I’ve kinda have fallen in love with you.” I smiled at him like all my problems have faded away. “You’re not creeped out or anything?” He asked surprised. “Nope because I’ve also fallen in love with you. I feel relieved. Eveytime you smile at me or accidentally touched me has given me the reason to work hard in school. I just never thought I was acknowledged because you are so smart and popular,” I admitted. We giggled at our little confessions for a few minutes. “Let’s go home to work on the project,” I suggested. He nodded in return. As we walked out the door he quickly grabbed my hand. I froze. “What’s wrong?” He asked concerned. I smiled at him. “Nothing,” I replied. I stood up on my tip toes to kiss his cheek. I turned around to walk to the car until my arm was yanked and I was pulled into his chest. “You can’t leave just like that,” he stated. He pulled my chin up to him and he pressed his lips on to mine. He released me after a few seconds. My eyes were still closed from the amazement. “Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked. I paused. “Of course I will,” I responded. “Good. From now on don’t call me seonbae, call me oppa or jagi,” he got excited. “Okay… Oppa,” I said. Just from hearing those words come out of my mouth made him giggle. “Thank you, jagi,” he said as he planted another kiss on my lips.

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