i think i like this one the most

i think the most uncomfortable interaction i had w my ex boyfriend was him asking me if i would be more attracted to him if he shaved his legs and i was jst kind of like “i dnt care, but if we’re gnna play this game, i’d rather you shave yr facial hair” and he got so MAD… and to this day i still have no idea what the deal with that was. like you’re willing to shave your legs, even tho literally no one asked, but the second i imply that the 7 strands of hair on your chin that you’re calling a soul patch Jst Might not be all that flattering, now it’s a problem. men are weird and im glad i dnt fck w them like that anymore

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I always feel like people in fic underestimate how strong Kakashi is, or like make a mockery out of him. Theres just this huge Mess when it comes to power levels and Kishimoto properly showcasing these differences without going Kamehameha. Kakashi is said to be as smart as a Nara, with a nose better than an Inuzuka. Made genin at 5 chunin at 6 and jounin shortly thereafter. But they're not the best at actually showing this. And so it leads to people writing him as weak which lead me to this rant

Well, I think a lot of it that Kakashi’s power level tends to vary wildly depending on where you read to in canon - I mean, in the Wave arc, it was almost impossible for him to defeat Zabuza without ending up in a coma. Then there’s the fact that most of his reputation is an Informed Attribute - we’re told he can use 1000 jutsu, but only ever see, like, seven of them, and Chidori is the main one before Kamui comes into the picture. Then there’s the weird canon confusion about when Kakashi madde chuunin - the databooks/early canon says 6, but he’s shown taking the Chuunin Exams with Rin and Obito 3 years later (I know a lot of people say “He just took them to support his team!!” but, uh. He won? And I don’t think they would have gone with that if he was already a chuunin, so it’s a little weird.) And his jounin promotion came 6 years after that? So it wasn’t instantaneous. 

Tl;dr: I think it largely comes down to the fact that canon can’t decide how powerful Kakashi is. His intelligence is always up there, but his ability to do it justice by his chakra levels fluctuates depending on the phase of the moon, apparently. 

What I love about Danny is that he’s flawed.

Superheroes are often portrayed as perfect people and that gets old quickly. Danny isn’t like that. People can identify with him because he isn’t perfect, because he messes up, because he can’t control his feelings all the time and because he learns from mistakes.

People admire usual superheros, because they save people and yet they cannot really connect with them. I think most people can identify with Danny and that makes him such a great superhero. He’s just a fourteen year old kid and acts like one. Sure, he hunts ghosts and all, but he still has a distinct personality and is by no means perfect and that’s good.

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Can I please know what the "shiro farting discourse" is I mean I don't even know if i want to know but it can't be worse than Swiss roll shiro


back when i was watching season 1 of vld with my dad, (wasn’t my first time watching it, but it was dad’s first time watching it?) we finished an episode and my dad just fucking RIPPED A DAMN FAT ONE into the chair and ofc, i was fucking horrified, and my mom was in the room. and she turned to me and was like “aha, dont you think shiro farts??????” and i SCREAMED SO LOUD……………… i made a comic about it, and told Tumblr.fuck that my WORST FUCKING FEAR is shiro farting,

since then i have received COUNTLESS anons (most if not all have been deleted when i tried to move blogs) over whether shiro farts or not, how he farts, etc…. its a nightmare

Matthew Daddario Sunday meet and greet - Italian institute

“Id like to be an actress one day too. So I would like to ask you. What’s the thing you like the most about being an actor? ” - fan

“The thing I like the most. *thinks long and hard* I’ll tell you the same thing I tell everyone who wants to be an actor. If you had asked me that question 4 years ago. When things were not going so well. You do a movie and then you don’t. And your working at various jobs, trying to keep going. You keep going keep going. It’s devastating, because the thing you love to do, you can’t do it, because no one will hire you for it, that’s devastating. That’s the struggle always, as an actor. There’s no peace from that. I know that after shadowhunters there will be times I’m not working. I know that feeling, it’s devastating!

So the thing I like the most, is going to a class, acting in a class, getting to experience it, going to a theatre seeing people act. Feeling those things, those are the moments that complete you as a person. I can count them. Those times I’ve had those moments in film or tv where I… where it changed me as a person fundamentally and each of those experiences is beyond anything I think I could have experienced in any other way. So for that those are the moments. There were only a few of them, but that’s life and life is full of little moments” - matt

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Do you think there should be a change where if someone happens to add a lot of the same emoji to a text post it should just be read as, for example, emoji with tears of joy times 10? It would save a lot of time and would be easier on the person who's reading the post.

I do think that something like that would be most efficient, yes. Something similar takes place when there are multiple punctuation marks which I very much appreciate: if there are 15 exclamation points, I currently just here “15 exclamation points” instead of “exclamation point, exclamation point, exclamation point,” 15 times over, so something like that would be a great solution to the emoji problem. Something like “12 faces with tears of joy” would be much better than hearing each one spoken in full.

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Are you and Kelly friends? Or More? How'd you meet?

she’s my goddamn soul mate and i love her the most and how we met was she worked over in the US in 2014 at Disney World and we both ended up posting on this FB page and I commented on her pic and ended up adding her cause I think I saw that she worked at disney and was like oh ill add her and maybe we will meet up one day at a con or something idk but we got on to chatting and she told me shes on the ICP with disney and we talked about anime and she and I met up like a week later to start working on our Saint Young Men cosplay and she showed me the greatness of T&B and I showed her the greatness of The Hobbit! And our friendship grew from there, we’d hang out like 1-3 times a week since we lived really close, then I moved a bit farther away and we didn’t get to hang as much but ye, we spent basically 11 months together and then she had to fly back home and we watched the last hobbit and cried our eyes out and then i dropped her off at the airport right after the movie and she was crying and asked that I didn’t forget her and I was so sad and she was so sad cause omg i love her so much and she told me to come to AU and I’m like “haha yeah when i win the lottery” and never thought I’d ACTUALLY go cause, thats like a dream of mine. But I worked my ass off for it and bought my ticket to Gold coast and we went to cons as Fili and Kili <3333 and then Hobbiton and aaa then i came home and she and I did get to see each other till about two years later almost! Now we are back chillin again at SDCC <3 something we;ve always wanted to do, and even beter ewe get to do it together<3333

Stories of mine I really like

So not that long ago I realized that I’ve written over 100 short stories and little things on here, idk how it is for most writers but I always have a few that I still think about, the ones I really like, that spoke to me, so in no order here are the stories of mine I hope you read (and also why)

Jason and Wonder Boy.  I don’t get to write cute Robin!Jason very often so that was fun, but also it has my original Character Nicky, the transgender teenage Wonder Boy.

Billy calls Batman “Dad” first off it’s just cute but secondly I don’t get to write Batdad very much and this is the Batdad i think I’m most proud of

Thad pertends to be Bart in some Bluepulse I like the tragic idea of Thad realizing what love and human affection is by seeing how people treat Bart, and also I never write Bluepulse and that turned out well

Billy Batson as Harley Quinn’s sidekick  for whatever reason I think Billy dressed like Harley from the movie is really funny and it’s a cute idea, with Damian awkward crushing on a boy in too much make up and short shorts

Jon and Damian switch bodies I find the idea very funny and it’s a favorite of a friend of mine 

Jason get’s struck by lighting,  I’ve always had a problem with the Red Hood, and I liked the Wizard Shazam talking to Jason, and showing how even gun and murder Jason is a good person on a bad path.

Jason rips his pants like I said I like Robin!Jason, and I’m really pleased with the original character in it and the idea of a in world Robin fandom is adorable and fun

 Nico and Will out for ice Cream, I don’t get to write a lot of Camp Half Blood stuff and this just turned out really adorable and I like the ice cream making character I made up he’s fun

Cyrus has an allergic reaction, I did literally two Andi Mack themed stories, like them both but this one is my favorite because the imagine for poor Cyrus having to pull down his pants in front of everyone is so funny, and feels very much like an episode 

Jason sees an old friend from before he died, are we seeing that I like Jason being sweet? also I like it it’s weirdly hunting and upsetting but nice

Batman family holiday I really enjoyed getting to write a big extended future Batfamily with all the Batkids married with kids and stuff 

Catmom, I like the idea of Catwoman as Gotham’s main hero and raising all the batkids as kittens 

An original Camp Half-Blood Story, I don’t get to do non-DC stuff much and I love both the original characters I made, it’s very fun

Percy Jackson/DC crossovers, I love each one of these, I love Tim as a demigod, I love Billy Batson just hanging at camp I love everything, also Toby is an original character I’ve had in my head a very long time 

Damian and Colin at prom, it’s adorable early work i really like it, the cuteness of them dancing 

Damian tries to adopt Billy, it was a time I got to show a lot of emotion and depth to Billy which I rarely get to do 

BlueJay, part of the only multi-part work I’ve done on here, but my favorite part 

Tired Tim and Ghost Jason, there needs to be more Ghost Jason end of story

Tim Missing Bart I love doing TimBart stories, and this Bart missing in time story is sad and emotional and great

Tim the jacket thief I really enjoyed writing Kon’s day to day life and for whatever reason I always feel like Tim deals with a lot of bullying and bullshit in school 

Tim unmasks for Kon I don’t know I just really like this one, I just feel like they’re very in love and it’s an emotional choice that shows how big a deal this is for him

TimBart in the Library this AU turned out really well, and I think I kept both characters true to themselves while putting them outside their normal world

the Story of Jason and Dick’s first kiss really sad and also really sweet and the only DickJason thing I’ve ever done but I like how it turned out

Faster Friend  I think it’s the best I’ve ever written Bart and I still adorable my original character Miles who is and always will be a rock star

Day of the Oracle, because it was really long and no one ever fucking read it. 

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Crack-theory of the Day: The Undertaker creates his own army of zombies against those created by the queen with John Brown! (Or just zombie pawns that will be useful to him in this war.) I thought that you might like it XD

Hello Anon :) And honestly, it’s not that cracky (but then again, everyone has their own levels of cracky). xD

Personally, I really do think that the Undertaker’s main concern and opponent for now is the Queen, as @hitsugikuro explained very well here, so him trying to thwart her plans would make sense. :) 
A battle between two zombie armies sounds a little burlesque though and, even if I certainly like your crack theory, I have always envisioned that UT’s reason to start the BD project…

…was his chain of lockets, so it’s all about him being selfish.

I know that the most popular theory is that he’s the one who brought the twin back because it seems that’s what his BD project amounted to ever since the Campania arc, but if that were the case, then I wonder why the lockets were such a big focus (ever since the circus arc) and appeared to be so significant to his character.

Anyway, as I was saying, your crack theory definitely suits my tastes, it’s just that I really think the reason UT would even see Victoria as his opponent in the first place is because of the Phantomhive family, so making an army to counter hers is even too selfless for him. 

It’s not like UT cares about anything that happens to anyone unless it involves the P family (or special people like Druitt xD), so I doubt that he cares about Victoria’s possible future zombie army but more about being a pain to Victoria herself and there are simpler ways to do that than to create his own BD army.
It’s still possible at this point though, that’s why it doesn’t really sound like a crack theory to me. :) Thanks for sharing it!

Have a nice day Anon ^^

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Hiya, do you know where I find the fic where Jughead and Betty end up hanging in the bed section of Ikea just like waiting for Veronica and Archie? I pray that you do because I started reading it mid way through and then I lost it and that is the most distinctive thing I can think of. I have no resolution please help me! thanks guys

This is one of my most favourite fics ever.  Enjoy - Jandy

The scene you’re referring to is in chapter ten of:

Something to Tell You by @findingbetty (18/?)

WIP / Rating: G

Summary:  A story of serendipity, new beginnings and letting your guard down.

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I'm really excited to find another BNHA blog! The more the merrier, ya know? Could I please request a small scene where Tenya Iida notices how much he loves his female s/o's scent? (Scent like body wash or perfume) Kind of odd, I know... just something that tells what sort of scents Iida might like and a cute little interaction. Thank you!!! Hopefully i sent this is right and didn't break any rules 😖

And I’m so happy that people seem to like my blog so far! I don’t think it’s odd, scents can really define a person! Hope you enjoy! And thanks to you for being so polite, you did not break any rules at all, dear! :3

Word count: 520.

Iida Tenya:

“Which one do you like the most?” The question caught Iida off guard as [Name] held a flask with lavender perfume in one hand and one with coconut perfume in the other. Her expression held an expectant smile as his eyes darted between those flasks.

“Why are you asking me?” He pointed towards himself to emphasize his words, but his expression only grew confused as his lover let out an amused giggle.

“Because you always seem to tell which perfume I am wearing.” She shoved both flasks into his face. “So I really want to have your opinion. I cannot decide, too, so whichever you choose will be the one I’ll take.”

Iida flashed a gentle smile, taking the bottles in each of his hands and motioning for her to expose her wrists for him. She did as she was told, and he took her right hand and sprinkled some lavender perfume on her wrist, before taking it to his nose and inhaling slightly.

A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips and he nodded his head, before taking her left wrist and repeating his actions with the coconut-scented perfume. He failed to notice the faint blush misting [Name]’s cheeks and her small smile upon his cute actions.

After a few seconds of internal debate, he grinned at [Name] and held the flask with lilac liquid, giving her the one with the transparent perfume.

“The lavender perfume?” He nodded his head, and she smiled. “I knew it.” Iida patted her head gently, and pointed at the flask in her hands.

“But I think coconut suits you perfectly fine, so why don’t we buy both? I can pay for the lavender perfume if you want.” He offered as they left the sample flasks on the shelf and [Name] took the lavender perfume box, while Iida took the coconut one.

“We’re back at the beginning if we get both,” she huffed, but smiled up at him warmly. “All right, but next time I’ll give you an obvious choice.” The tall boy raised an eyebrow as they both payed for their purchases.

“Such as?” [Name] smirked.

“Banana and candy, for example.” He returned the smile as she almost recited in a matter-of-factly tone: “I know that you would select the banana perfume, because the candy one smells too strong and sickeningly sweet. Am I wrong?”

“Surprisingly not,” he chuckled, walking out of the shop, hand in hand with [Name]. “I do prefer softer scents after all. I’m glad you know me so well; it flatters me, love.” She snorted teasingly, squeezing his hand a little.

“How can I not? You become so clingy when I wear soft-scented perfumes; comes a moment when you start knowing your boyfriend’s tastes that way, don’t you think so?” Iida stiffened slightly, clearing his throat.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” But the slight blush on his face told [Name] otherwise; and if she thought her words were going to keep him from snuggling against her at night, she was very wrong.

Not that she ever wanted him to abandon this cute habit of his.

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Is the backlash against Abigail about the character itself or does he highlight Capcom's bad practices (underwhelming reveals, ugly models, etc.)? Because One Piece has a similar character in Urouge and he's a fan favorite (3rd most popular Supernova), and I think Abigail would fit One Piece with the tire theme and how silly he acts, plus One Piece has similarly proportioned people so he doesn't stick out.

Urouge’s design is pretty normal though, he hulks out as his power (or some other ability.)

I imagine if they had used the right model Abigail would have been more warmly received.

Also, let’s be honest, unless Capcom had been like “and heeeeere’s Q!” they’d have had their asshole utterly blown out considering all the hype reveals that day.

one thing that amuses me about the Humans universe - which I think is something directly taken from Real Humans, but I could be wrong - is that most of the people we see in professional, career-type jobs are women - in series 1 we already have Laura, Karen, Lindsey and Fiona, and series 2 gives us Athena, Neha and Helen as well. There are professional men too, but not in the majority-abundance you might see in another show. And like, the inference is that a lot of families have more of a stay-at-home-Dad than a stay-at-home-Mum, and that faced with the terrifying concept of working as hard on housework as many women do in our universe, the men sort of collectively went, “Nope, we’re gonna build ourselves some hella complex robots to do this instead.”

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Hi. This maybe not good (from my side) but did you know that our nickname for YoungJae - otter - has been used many times by Lee Daehwi's fan from PD101? I checked Twitter & when I found out about it, I'm just so angry. Maybe I'm too greedy, but YJ's nickname is one and only, many people know YJ because he is the one who is called otter in Kpop (maybe not the one, but definitely the most famous). How dare them use his nickname for that boy, especially the one who made that song Hollywood?

Hi dear, 

Oh really? I didn’t know that. Hmm, should we register that otter name for Youngjae officially? So no one can use that as their nicknames? Hmm, honestly we can’t really say that nickname belongs to Youngjae only unless like I said we registered that officially for him. I think maybe they see the resemblance between otter & that PD101 contestant as we see Youngjae like the precious otter. But don’t worry though other idols also share the same nickname to IGOT7, our Youngjae is the most precious otter. 

I honestly prefer to call Youngjae as Sunshine as his nickname~ 

Originally posted by jypnior

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I think that Lana described the album very acurately, she said it had less dimension and is more easy to listen to. I do feel like it was a fun album for her to make, she did collabs with her friends and people she admires in the industry. It's a little bit more lighthearted, it's true to her, but not as happy as she made it sounds in interviews. Overall I think so far it sounds good, it's not necessarily her most cohesive nor best, it has flaws, but there are great songs on it, it's a good one.

okay but woozi and joshua have a very similar voice pitch to adam levine of maroon 5, like they’ve both already covered ‘sunday morning’ and it was GLORIOUS, and josh one time sang a snippet of ‘this love’ on a vlive, I just NEED both of them to do a full cover of a maroon 5 song (IMAGINE A COVER OF 'LOST STARS’ FROM THEM), I think it’ll be the most beautiful thing any of us could ever experience

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I think the stalker is either Reggie, Chuck, or Cheryl...I might have stayed up all night trying to figure out the most likely possibilities. When I first started reading Wicked Games I thought maybe it was Jughead but let's be real here (although it would be shocking and quite the plot twist) he's the main character, or at least one of them. It just seems highly unlikely. But I have so much faith in your writing that anything is possible right now. Haha love you and your writing. <3

YAY! I love getting asks from ya’ll about the stalker and all the possibilities. :) 

Truthfully, I’ve changed the stalker a total of three times now. For the first like… six chapters, I had no clue who I wanted him (or her *wink wink*) to be and then it FINALLY came to me and then I thought of a twist so now I’m just here like… who said the stalker was just ONE person? 😏 

I love you, dear nonnie. ❤️

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I think it's important to distinguish the importance of a character from their fans. If Hide has an important piece in the narrative, he'll come back. It's Ishida's story, simple as that. There were a lot of nasty fans who liked touken and nasty ones who hated it, but just stay away from those toxic people and enjoy the story how you want to. I know the fans never stopped making me like TG or the characters. One other thing. Aw, you guys think I'd be annoying? :(

Mod K:

You aren’t annoying at all! I guess I was referring to those who hold him up on a pedestal and think he is the most important part of TG while downplaying the importance of other relationships that Kaneki has.

This is good advice. The fandom is full of both bad and good people and it is important to find your niche of like minded people to enjoy the fandom with. And I agree with you. Given that there are still unanswered questions about Hide, I think he will be back in some way even if it is just as a memory.

frostedpuffs replied to your post:

the most underwhelming panel ive ever seen tbh. especially after what jeremy revealed at nycc. like i dont know what i was expecting but it was definitely a little more than…that

man ik like we just got 26 episodes of civilians being akumatized and after over a year of still no season 2 they think they can hype us up with that plot line again. if they are truly promising a continuing plot for season 2 then I’d think we deserve some insight at least on it!! no one came to hear about the guess fashion line or the movie that isn’t coming til 2019 (great things but still) just give us season 2 pleeeaasee

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Thank you for (thinking of?)/writing Loki/grandmaster, it was something I never knew I wanted until I saw a post about it, and now it's one of the most intriguing things that I've found in this fandom in years! (Reading about fictional characters, their issues and problems helps me deal with (avoid) my own)

I have a fic in progress, and actually @theotherodinson has written a few (and is probably the captain of this ship, really), so…welcome to the thing! it sure is a thing. and just like. 

so much potential for weird fucked up dynamics and Iiiii really need to get drunk and work on that fic, don’t I, because getting drunk is the fastest way to get over myself about anything

also decide if I really want to do alternating POV for it, because I think I don’t, it’d just make some parts of my life easier? but probably a lot of my life harder. requires further consideration.