i think i like the third time the best

Public speaking is very few people’s favorite thing. It can be so terrifying to get up in front of a whole class and present your project, so here are a few tips on nailing your next speech and feeling a little less nervous while you’re at it.

i. preparing your speech

  • Start with a topic that you care about, and be sure that:
    • It’s not too general that you don’t have enough time to cover it (like ‘the history of the US’ for a five minute speech) or too specific that you will run out of material.
  • Some people talk faster when they are nervous, some people slow down. Find out which you are and plan accordingly.
  • Make several drafts, and send them to your teacher if you can.
  • Create your visual aids (PowerPoint, handouts, etc) before your final draft, so you can make changes as necessary.
  • Don’t put too much text on your slides, other wise your audience (and maybe you) will get distracted by trying to read them.
    • Stick to using slides for quick facts, statistics, and pictures.
  • Don’t use the sound effects options they have for changing slides, it will just be a distraction.
  • For a speech you’re just giving once, you probably won’t have the timing down enough to use automatic changes.
  • Don’t put too much information on one slide. Just the point you’re on, and maybe the next, will be enough to fill it if your font is as large as it should be. 
  • Make sure you have your slides saved in at least two places (typically a flash drive and your email) so that if you can’t access one you have a back up.
  • Think about what questions people might have about your topic, and be prepared to answer them. Also brush up on any opposing views if the exist so that you can address those, both in the speech and in questions.

ii. making your flashcards 

  • Write bigger and clearer than you think you need.
    • I find it a bit difficult to read when I get nervous, especially when I’m just glancing down quickly. Write in print, and stick to just one or two points per card so that you can write largely.
  • Don’t write whole sentences, just key words.
    • If you have too much information you’ll be tempted to read it all off. Instead, just write down a word or two that will remind you of your point if you get off track.
  • Number your flashcards, and consider putting them on a ring. 
    • That way, if you drop your cards on the way up you won’t start out flustered.
  • Remember to put when to change the slide so you don’t forget and end up behind, or leaving it on the same slide the whole time. 
  • Color code your cards so that you can see what’s happening at a glance.
    • I typically use blue for stats/things I need to quote directly, grey for slide changes, and pink for points to emphasize. 
  • All speeches should end with you asking for questions, so be sure to add that into your last card. 

iii. practicing

  • Always practice out loud, even if you feel silly. 
    • It’s important to hear and feel yourself saying the speech to get comfortable performing it.
  • Time yourself practicing your rough draft a few times, so you know if you need to make it longer or shorter. 
  • Practice with your visual aids a few times
  • Practice it all the way through if you can; if you mess up, brush it off and keep going.
  • Film yourself practicing, so you can see if there’s anything you’re not noticing that you need to adjust.
  • Practice everyday, even if it’s just for a few minutes some days.
  • The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll feel.

iv. getting ready to speak

  • On the day of your speech, be sure to eat a good breakfast/lunch so you don’t get light headed.
  • Dress in an outfit that makes you feel confident and isn’t distracting: no busy patterns, large logos, or short hemlines that you would be tugging at the whole time. 
  • Double check that you have everything you need before you leave – cards, slides, and any handouts you may need.
  • This TED Talk has some great tips on faking confidence. I highly recommend watching it, but if you don’t have the time one of the take aways is that certain poses can trick your brain into feeling confident. She actually suggests going into a bathroom stall and standing in a “Superman” sorta pose for a minute or so. You’ll feel really silly, but strangely it helps. 
  • While you’re in there, adjust your hair/check your teeth so you’re not worried about that when you get up there. 
  • If you get to choose when you speak, think strategically: will going first and getting it out of the way make you feel better? Or would you rather wait and see a few people speak first?
    • I really don’t suggest waiting until the very last slot, but I like to go second or third to have the best of both worlds.
  • When you get to class, lay out everything you need and glance over your notes one more time. Then take a deep breath. You’ve got this.

v. the speech

  • When you get up to speak, take your time laying out everything you need and setting up your slides. 
  • After you’ve gotten the slides on, test the remote to see how sensitive it is. Just flipping to the first slide and back to the intro will help you feel less flustered if it’s more sensitive than you think and jumps around.
  • Take a deep breath and get started. If you mess up, no will know but you. Just keep going and act confident.
  • Glance back for just a second when changing slides to make sure you’re on the right one.
  • Make eye contact! The biggest mistake I see people make is to look down or above everyone’s head. Make eye contact with everyone more or less equally so it doesn’t look like you’re staring people down (but, if there’s someone that’s extra smiley/encouraging don’t be afraid to come back to them when you get nervous).
  • If you feel yourself starting to get nervous or starting to talk too fast/slow, it’s okay to take a second to take a deep breath and center yourself. Don’t be afraid of a couple seconds of silence if you need them.
  • If the podium helps you feel less nervous, use it. If moving around helps you loosen up, that works too! 
  • If you get off track, you are likely only one that even noticed that you messed up, so just take a deep breath, take a look at your notes, and get back on track the best you can (”going back to the second point,” or “but before we get to that,”).
  • If you’ve noticed that something’s wrong that needs to be addressed (like you’re on the wrong slide, or you misspoke and gave an incorrect fact) you can say something simple like “Sorry, I misspoke, it’s actually 1 in 3 Americans, not 1 in 4″ or try to make a joke if the subject lends to it and move onto your next point.
  • No matter what happens, it’s all good. Try to to panic and say things like “sorry, guys, I’m just so nervous” because that’s basically the only thing that will tip them off that you are. 

Above all, just try to relax and remember that you’re doing a good job. No one but you can tell how nervous you are or will know if you mess up. 

“Blue Flames” - One Shot

Please do not post this anywhere else without my permission. 

Rating: M (Smut) 


You hated going to these functions for Harry sometimes because you didn’t really know how to talk to the rich and famous, much less make a good impression and talk up your boyfriend to these said rich people who were going to make Harry more of a star than he already is. It was much easier earlier on in the relationship to attend to things like this because you knew of three other guys who would be there as a crutch if Harry was off in a serious conversation with a producer or someone who could help him go solo.

           Tonight was so much more different, as Harry was auditioning to land a major movie role and he was extremely excited, but extremely nervous about not getting the part. Knowing that you are HIS crutch made your heart swell a little more, but knowing that you would have to talk to a room full of completely different people, even a completely different scene with no one to fall back on was starting to make the nerves in your stomach race so hard that you felt nauseous. But nevertheless you put on your black dress that fell to the floor in your giant closet that the two of you shared when Harry asked you to move in to his house in LA.

           “Babe?” You heard Harry somewhere in the bedroom, his voice darting a bit forward at the last letter of the word, knowing that he was rounding the corner to the closet. He stood in the doorframe looking down at his hands that were holding two different necklaces, both long; one was gold and the other silver, both holding pendants at the very bottom. The silver pendant adorned his plain silver but slightly larger cross, and the gold chain held one small coin pendant at the bottom and the other chain above it was a small gold cross.

           Harry stuck out his hands that his somewhat more inexpensive pieces dangled from, raising both eyebrows at you. You squinted and your eyes raked over his long and lean torso, a black silk button down (which was almost all the way un-buttoned) was carefully and neatly tucked into the long black and white pinstripe pants over his black and so shiny you could see yourself in them boots. You licked your lips just slightly at the sheer sight of him, and his tongue grazed the inside of his cheek as he rolled his eyes.

           “Don’ have time for that, love,” he grinned his little smirk that made his dimple flash, and you wondered how you weren’t jumping on him right then and there.

           “Shutup. Not like you don’t do it to me,” you crossed your arms and glared at him, shifting all your weight to one hip. He immediately saw your body change and his eyes flew down to your chest that was pushed up by your arms just enough. You rolled your eyes this time, and poked two fingers hard into his shoulder.

           “This one,” you pointed to the silver cross and helped him get it over his head quickly, as he has seemed to freeze momentarily.

           “Thanks. Kiss,” his lips puckered out and you looked at him for a moment and paused, his lips starting to turn into a frown when you leaned forward quickly and pecked at them, his smile was triumphant.

           “You ready, love?” He asked, shrugging on his very tailored black velour jacket that fell at his hips, nudging his long hair from in-between his shirt and the jacket to fall out easily, adjusting the collar and his hair, again.

           “Mmm, just let me get my coat,” you said to him and turned to the white pea-coat hanging on the rack that you hung carefully as if not to spill or even breathe on it before his big night. Just then the moment hit you hard, you knew that it was extra important and wondered how you even agreed to this. It might have been the way Harry was standing in the doorframe looking hot as hell, or it might have been the way he ate you out as a plea and a bribe so feverishly just last night that you thought you went to actual heaven because of all the white and the stars (twice); either way, you were nervous and he was, too.

           “Harry,” you said just barely audible, tears prickling at your eyes.

Harry turned to face you and saw your body frame slumped, almost eaten by the pea coat around your arms and your lips were pouting as to say please, don’t make me do this. He strode over to you and in one simple step of his long legs and he was holding you tightly by the waist with one strong arm, the other swiping his padded thumb over your cheek. You felt his breath linger over your forehead as he kissed the temple, and then dipped his eyes to look at you, searching your face momentarily.

“I won’ leave your side, promise,” he grabbed your hand and intertwined his fingers with yours and tugged slightly, his eyes never left yours as you gave up in defeat and nodded, following him out of the house.  

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How would RFA react to seeing MC in her wedding dress for the first time?? (Like her being walked down the aisle) I would say include V and saeran if you wanna ((I'm tearing up just thinking about this :,) ))

i’m going to start a petition on change.org this is my third time writing this because tumblr kept crashing

but this request is super cute and i love it so much omg


  • “God, she always looks gorgeous, but she’s fucking stunning.”
  • He never had any doubts about wanting to spend the rest of his life with you, but now he was absolutely certain that this was the best decision of his life
  • When you finally reached him at the altar, he couldn’t take his eyes off of you, even when he was supposed to be looking at the wedding officiant


  • “Preeeeettttyyyyy!”
  • Every thought going through his mind had disappeared
  • Now he could only think about how pretty you looked and how excited he was for you to get to him so you could finally get married
  • When you got up to the altar and were standing right in front of him, he couldn’t get over how beautiful you were
  • He was blushing so hard, oh god, can everyone see how hard he’s blushing?


  • “She looks beautiful… her hair looks better than mine, she’s so pretty.”
  • As the two of you walked towards each other at the beginning of the isle, she couldn’t get over how gorgeous you looked
  • When you finally reached each other and started walking towards the altar, she couldn’t stop looking over at you and blushing
  • How could she be so lucky?


  • “We’re getting married, she’s going to be my wife…”
  • He had waited for this day since he first met you, and it was happening
  • He simultaneously wanted this moment to last forever and for time to hurry up and have you be right next to him


  • “God she’s so beautiful.  What a fool she was to show up.”
  • He always knew he wanted to marry you, but he still couldn’t understand why you wanted to marry him
  • But any of his insecurities disappeared as you walked closer and he was able to see all the details of your dress and hair and makeup
  • He was so excited to spend the rest of his life with you


  • “It’s finally happening, i’m getting married.  And to her.”
  • Even if his vision wasn’t very good, he could still see how beautiful you looked
  • He’s just… ecstatic
  • It had been a long time since he had been so happy to be with someone, and he had no doubt in his mind that you’re the best person for him to spend the rest of his life with


  • “She looks so gorgeous… Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry.”
  • Being the huge tsundere he is, he has to stifle as much emotion as he could
  • But he couldn’t help the huge smile creeping onto his face
  • He was so happy to be able to marry you
  • He couldn’t believe how lucky he was for you to want to marry him, too

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do you think the hotel scene in episode 8 is just a bunch of time lapses as well?

yes!!!! @stardefiant​ & i were talking about that one as well. you can notice it right off the bat with even’s voiceover towards the end of the first scene:

it’s a line that we find out is not actually said until:

which means that isak was most likely recalling the words during the first scene we’re actually shown – which puts the third scene we saw in the hotel room before the first scene, if you’re going by the hints skam is throwing at us.

but i think that’s the best part about this entire scene; the ambiguity of it all – we don’t know the actual order of how things happened (except for the first part and the last part, ofc, when even leaves the room with nothing but his shoes on); all we know for sure is that everything did happen, just maybe not in the order we were shown it did.

you can narrow the reasons for this down as much as you want, really; you can even choose to believe they happened in the order that they did, if you’d like! i personally like to believe it’s all part of the limited pov technique, though – we’re being presented the scenes in the order isak is recalling them, perhaps based on the impact they had on him, considering the clip as a whole is quite literally an entire time lapse (15:15 - 1:01) 

i personally believe the sex scene happened last – maybe right after the “infinite time” scene happened – considering that, when the clip switches to nighttime, isak is on the right side of the bed, where he’d been laying during the sex scene, and the opposite of where he’d been laying during the “infinite times” scene:

and that maybe the mini burgers scene actually happened first.

and then of course we have the obvious time jumps once nighttime officially hits – the blackouts, the ones that kept us all on our toes and had all of our hearts racing because what the fuck, what is happening.

(especially non-norwegian speakers, oh my god)

and then the time jumps at the very end, where isak is desperately searching for even, the shaky cuts from one angle to another – thinking about it is literally fucking with me again.

this is definitely the most obvious example of skam’s use of both time lapse and time jumps, i think. this is where you see the true impact of them. don’t you think it’s crazy, that something like that can change your entire attitude towards a scene?

you knew something was off. the entire time, you knew something was off, and you felt it in your guts, even if you couldn’t put your finger on it first – and that had a lot to do with the limited pov we were offered and the time lapses/jumps in the entirety of the clip.

it’s something skam does so often and should really be appreciated more because even though it’s not the greatest in film & editing, our tiny show is actually brilliant when it comes to small techniques like these and applying them to the tone they want to portray during a scene and making you feel things and see it in a enTIRELY DIFFERENT LIGHT i love it. i love it

I can only imagine how excited Eva was when she heard that Isak had ‘a thing’ with the hot third year. Like, I bet she called Noora immediately to gossip and probably died right at the spot when Noora told her how the hot third year Even was making breakfast for Isak. I mean, even if Eva’s friendship with Isak wasn’t that good at the time, I really think she was absolutely happy for him. And, of course, a little jealous. Though, who wouldn’t be? Isak managed to bag the best boyfriend you could, to be honest. Go, Isak.

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So like pickup lines r a thing.... And I rly wanna read some fics with those...... Can you help? (^-^)/♡

yes pickup lines are a thing….. i also really wanna read some fics with those…. well i hope so

hold me like i’m hope by jjks [Taekook, E, 27k]

true love can never be photoshopped by sunttae [Taegi, G, 2k]

pick me up by ryeogi [Yoonmin, G, 4.4k]

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? (Because I think you hit your head on the way down) by asteraea [Yoonmin, ?, 695 words]

third times the charm by mintyoongee [Taegi, G, 1.2k]

are you my appendix? cause i have a gut feeling i should take you out by AydenJones (zitaostuck) [Taegi, G, 2k]

Laughter is the Best Aphrodisiac by PaolaWarbler [Vhope, E, 1.3k]

When your Doc. is Hot by WernickesArea [Taegi, T, 2.7k]

pick me up, buttercup by vppa [Taekook, G, 9.2k]

I Swear This Time I Mean It by vypher [Yoonmin, ?, 2k]

You’re a Fineapple by infinitizeit [Yoonseok, T, 2.9k]

LOL i dont know if admin ange remembers, but in our old gc we once shared a google doc with each other (and other friends) and we wrote these plots we came up with, and i had like 2 or 3 “story plots” where ive got the whole plot written down but it just needs writing up and i had this one with jikook and pickup lines where jimin keeps flirting with kook and kook is super unimpressed trhoughout the whole story damn that was a good one i really do need those plots to be written LOL WHAT 2 DO WHEN UR A GOOD PLOTTER BUT A BAD WRITER


Repressed Crush - Mitch Marner

Originally posted by phillymyers

Note: lol bois its been like 6 weeks since I’ve been productive, so sorry. But here’s the long awaited imagine, love yall. also pls enjoy my meme.

Mentions: Auston Matthews, JVR

Warnings: like idk man, rude mitch

Requested by Anonymous: Hey can you do an imagine where the reader and auston are best friends but the reader and marner act like they hate eachother but they actually love each other? Maybe they figure out that they love each other by auston teasing them that the reason they act like they hate each other is because they both secretly have a crush on each other? Maybe Marner kisses her to prove that there are no feeling but there actually is? idk if that makes sense but thank u :)            

Up Next: Man, who knows. Probably Jesse Puljujarvi

Teaser: “cOnGRaTUlaTe hIM oN tHe gOaL (Y/N).” Your mocking tone inspired the glare that your best friend sent to you, as a few of the surrounding Leafs chuckled.

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Hi, I'm in love with your blog! Question: I spend a lot of time planning my story, however I'm stuck because I don't know if I should narrate it by third-person omniscient or first-person. What are the pros and cons of each type of narrator? I would like to have three people as the protagonists, but it's also my first novel so...

Thank you!

Now this is a struggle that I know particularly well. It’s a debate I often have with my own stories. There’s always one that will work with your particular story the best, but sometimes it’s a really close call. 

Let’s compare the two.

First Person:


  • It’s natural: For a lot of writers, using the first person is the easiest way to tell a story, just because it’s what we do in our daily lives. We don’t say “The anonymous asker- who is myself- sent a question the other day,” we say “I sent a question on anon the other day.”
  • Your narrating character has a unique voice: Most well-developed characters will often have their own way of talking that is different from the voices of your other characters or from your own voice. Using first person means that you can play around a lot more with the language. 
  • VIP Tropes: Like with the other perspectives, there are special tropes or tricks that you can only do with this perspective, such as the Unreliable Narrator and more. 
  • Front Row Seats to the Angst: One of my favorite parts about using first person is the ability to really tap into the main character’s emotions. Characters can directly state how they are feeling and why, which actually very much helps readers relate to or understand them.
  • Empathy and Understanding: Basically like the point above, but more specifically, it can help the reader understand decisions that might otherwise seem strange, immoral, etc


  • Limitations: The most obvious downside is that the story is now limited to only the scenes in which your character is present, which can limit things such as your additional character arcs, etc.
  • Tinted Glasses: Because things are only seen through your character’s perspective, the details they provide are therefore tinted by their thoughts and opinions.
  • Lack of outside perspective: You don’t always know what the other characters think of the main character, because the main character is only perceiving the details of their interactions based off of what they think of themselves. Again, a colored perspective, but this time involving interactions. 
  • Poetry sounds a little weird: Most people don’t really talk like that. You say “the wind was like, biting cold today”, not “the wind bit like a sharpened blade grazing the skin.” If your character says the latter, I am a little concerned and befuddled by them. 

Third Person Omniscient: 


  • You don’t have to use their voice: If you don’t like to use your characters’ voice, congrats, you don’t have to. You can now write with your own Special Writer Voice.
  • Details: Because third person is no longer limited to that which your character can sense, you can bring a bunch of random details that people tend not to actually notice, which means all that poetic stuff can now be included. That means you can now say the thing about the wind.
  • In fact, all the descriptions get a lot more posh. One of the other problems with first person is that your main character probably won’t be very well described unless they have a cheesy Mirror Scene or something, and as I also mentioned, you have little idea about what the other characters think of MC. In third person, that all opens up.
  • You can play around behind closed doors: Once again, since you are no longer reliant upon what your character can sense, you can now track other characters and their goings-on. That means the reader now gets to be privy to all the secrets, betrayals, and other private interactions between the other characters. This is particularly good if you have multiple character arcs to keep track of. 
  • Mindreading: You can now dive a little bit into everyone’s minds to see how they think or feel. Granted, you don’t get to know anyone as especially well as you come to know the first person MC, but now everyone has the same level of empathy, and bonus, without the “tinted glasses” of the MC.


Basically, everything you gained in first person is lost in third person.

  • Mindreading 2: You know everybody, but only kind of. 
  • Empathy gaps: It becomes a lot harder to establish an emotional connection from reader to character. When you cannot relate directly to the character’s feelings, it takes a lot more work on the writer’s part to make them care. 
  • Confusion: True, you now have more opportunity for moving around settings and perspectives, but sometimes, with so much to keep track of, it can be disorienting if you don’t balance all of your scene changes and movements. 

It may seem like there are a lot less disadvantages, but the whole-emotional disconnect thing is a lot more significant than it seems.

How do we know which one to use? Well, it’s hard to say sometimes. One way that modern writers have developed these days to get around a few of the disadvantages of the first person is to have multiple main characters, and alternate between their perspectives. In that way, you get multiple views, opinions, etc.

Of course, that presents its own problems as well. For one, if a reader doesn’t like a particular perspective, they’ll be tempted to skip their chapters, and for another, it can sometimes be difficult determining which scenes should be narrated by whom, just as examples.

Upon looking at the advantages and disadvantages, think of what best serves your particular story. As I frequently advise, when in doubt, try it out. Sometimes I start in third but then find that the characters are begging to tell it themselves. Other times, they are incredibly grudging and unwilling to speak.

With consideration, you might be able to figure out just by the obvious pros and cons which option is best suited for your story. If not, that’s okay. Try a chapter either way and see what conveys the correct flow.

It’s a rather important decision to make, and sometimes it takes a lot of writing it one way and then changing your mind thousands and thousands of words in, but ultimately, finding the right way is imperative.

Best of luck to you, and I hope this helps you sort it out a little easier :)


EXO Reaction to seeing their crush while they are out with their mum

Oh oh this has happened to me… it was really so awkward… really… really… awkward. Because she knew… and she almost yelled it… oh mum … Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Feels kinda like the third wheel since your mom decided to become your best friend* “I… I think I’m going to watch something over there…. you two… talk freely…yeah…”


*First time seeing Kris acting so shy* “H-hi Y/N.. what are you doing here? We came shopping… d-do you want to…tag along? We are going to this new restaurant… you look so pretty today… right mum?”


*Really happy that he finally introduced you to his mum* “This is my mum… she’s lovely isn’t she? I know you both will get along”


“Wait mum… do I look good? Yes? Okay… now we can go and say hi… you’ll love her, I know”


*Now that his mum is here he feels all confident and everything* “Hey~ how have you been? This is my mom, mom this is the girl I talked to you about… she’s pretty isn’t she?”


“Wait mum don’t… don’t call her… I don’t know what to tell her… mum? Oh no…” *Shy smol boi*


*Looks all cute next to his mum* “Mum am I dreaming or… she’s walking towards us? Okay okay I need to calm down… this is an important moment… she’s so beautiful… yes mum you too… you too”


“Come mum… don’t walk that way… no no you don’t know her… they look alike yeah but… no mum you can’t tell her I like her!!”


*Really surprised* “Oh lord… no no nothing mum.. it’s nothing… I swear… why are you waving at her mum stop!”


*Literally dying* “I think Imma go… and hide under a rock… yeah sounds like a good idea”


“I think… I think that’s… that’s the girl I like… oh she saw us…she saw me looking… mum help…” *Such cute baby*


“Mum are you ready? You are going to meet your in law in a minute… how do I love? Like her future husband?” *Confidence over 1000000%”

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The Signs as Mean Girls quotes
  • Aries: "We should totally just STAB CAESAR!"
  • Taurus: “She doesn’t even go here!”
  • Gemini: “I don’t hate you ‘cause your fat. You’re fat ‘cause I hate you!”
  • Cancer: “I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school. I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.”
  • Leo: “It’s not my fault you’re, like, in love with me or something!”
  • Virgo: “I can’t go to Taco Bell. I’m on an all-carb diet. God, Karen, you are so stupid!”
  • Libra: “But you’re, like, really pretty… So you agree? You think you’re really pretty?”
  • Scorpio: “’Cause she’s a life ruiner. She ruins people’s lives.”
  • Sagittarius: "I’m sorry I laughed at you that time you got diarrhea at Barnes & Nobles. And I’m sorry for telling everyone about it. And I’m sorry for repeating it now.”
  • Capricorn: “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.”
  • Aquarius: “It’s like I have ESPN or something.”
  • Pisces: “And on the third day, God created the Remington bolt-action rifle, so that Man could fight the dinosaurs. And the homosexuals.”
Respect || Jack Maynard

summary: where jack has some changes to make

word count: 1.3k

request: Can you please write one where y/n and Jack have an argument about Jack needed to change his ways now that he is in a relationship? 


Jack didn’t quite realize the things he would have to sacrifice when he got back into the dating game. It had been some time since he officially had a girlfriend. But when Y/N came around, he knew she was too good to let go.  

Even though she was better than he imagined, he wasn’t sure exactly what he was getting himself into.  It seemed like he was always walking on eggshells nowadays, afraid of accidentally doing something to upset her.  More so, he was afraid of getting her angry.  She was never very accepting of his party lifestyle.  She argued she had good reason to not be. There would be nights where he’d disappear for hours, completely cut off from communication, leaving her to worry at home.  All she was asking for was a simple call or text to ensure he was alright.  But Jack was so used to only keeping up with himself that he often forgot.

On an afternoon where the couple had plans to meet up for lunch, Y/N sat in the cafe waiting for Jack for what felt like a lifetime. There were only so many glasses of water she could drink before she felt like the inside of her body was becoming a bathtub for her organs. And with that, she knew Jack couldn’t care about her nearly as much as he lead on.

He was still asleep when she knocked on the door. Her hand was hitting it with such force she was convinced she’d have bruises in a few hours. But in that moment, she didn’t care, she was upset, and she wanted an explanation.

“I’m coming! Relax!” He yelled from the hallway, unsure of who was so interested in getting his attention. His voice was groggy and his hair was unkempt, still in the clothes he was wearing the night before.  

“I really can’t, Jack, not this time,” she spat, holding herself together.

Fuck,” he muttered under his breath. He realized he accidentally stood her up, again. It must have been the fifth or sixth time that month. Jack opened the door apprehensively, bracing himself for whatever she might say out of anger. But her eyes weren’t hostile, instead they were infused with tears. “Love…”

“Again, really?” It was becoming a routine for them to have a conversation like this. But Y/N was sure it would be the last. She was through with having a one sided relationship.

“I’m sorry, I just. I guess I forgot to set an alarm.”

“Why, because you were too drunk to remember?”



“..Yes,” he confessed slowly.

She sniffled before covering her face with her hands, eventually running them through her hair. Her eyes were red by then, her cheeks puffy.  “I don’t want to do this anymore.”

“Y/N, I swear to God I won’t do anything like this again,” he said, attempting to pull her into a hug.

She dodged his touch before continuing. “I wish I could believe you, but I don’t.  You make time for your friends, for your family, for your job, to travel, to party.  All of these things, but you never make time for me. I’m tired of feeling like not even a second choice, like I’m the third or fourth. I’ve never been a priority for you, Jack.”

“That’s not true, I care about you more than you could ever imagine,” he said desperately. He knew he wasn’t the best boyfriend to her, but he was determined to make up for it all, even if she didn’t think he was sincere.

“But you never show it. And that’s what matters. You’d rather be drunk four nights out of the week than spend an hour with me,” she whimpered.

She was right.  And he knew it.  He brushed off her phone calls and texts, even when his friends told him he should be spending more time with her.  Everybody was getting the feeling he wanted their relationship to be official so that she couldn’t be with anybody else, not for the sake of Jack wanting to be with her.  

“I don’t know what to do to show you.”

“Is it really that hard for you to process?  Stop going out so much.  Stop ignoring me for days.  Treat me with respect.  I should have listened to everyone when they told me you’d never change.”

When he had no response, she took it upon herself to see herself out.  He didn’t say a word, as she slammed the door behind her.

Days had passed, and neither heard a word from each other.  She thought it was really over. Jack’s friends reprimanded him for letting himself get so out of control that it hurt his relationship.

They all said things along the line of: “she’s probably the best girlfriend you’ve ever had.  She gives you more than you ask for and you take her for granted.

They didn’t sugarcoat anything, but Jack needed to hear their honesty, no matter how angry it made him. Each passing day came with new guilt,Y/N deserved to be with someone who treated her like she was their entire world.


The hallway outside of her apartment was brightly lit.  The walls were coated with a fresh layer of white paint.  The smell still circled around the doors.   He could hear the hum of her tv from outside. He was nervous that she would send him away, and that she would leave him behind.  He was nervous because he cared.

His knocks were soft, and he fiddled with the roses in his arms while he waited for a response.

When the door opened, he gave her a small smile.  He didn’t deserve her time, but he hoped she would hear him out.

“Oh, hi,” she said, surprised.

“Hi,” he replied nervously, “these are for you.”  Getting her flowers may have been cliche, but maybe that’s the kind of guy he should have been all along.

“Thanks, they’re really pretty.  This is nice of you,” she said, taking them.

He let himself in, following her as she looked for a place to put the flowers. The air between them felt thick, like there was a cloud of unspoken feelings flooding them.

The speech that Jack had recited dozens of times on his way over was slipping away, but he had to say something if he wanted to keep their relationship afloat. And so he spit it all out as fast as he could before she asked him to leave.

“I know I don’t have any right to barge in like this because you were, I mean are, so good to me and I treat you like I don’t love you but I do.  But I’m sorry.  I want to try and be better for you, because that’s what you deserve.  I don’t know why you’ve stuck around as long as you have because it’s all been so one-sided and I know that. And I know flowers aren’t going to fix it but you always said that nobody has ever bought you any and if it’ll make you just the tiniest bit happy then that’s enough for me. You don’t have to forgive me for anything and I can’t blame you if you do.  But if you give me just one more chance I promise you I won’t mess it up this time.”

She listened to his words with her back to him.  Her head was telling her that he didn’t mean any of it, but he still owned her heart.

“Y/N?” He said as silence lingered in the air.

“If I say yes, do you promise you’ll change.  That you’ll actually do what you say this time,” she said, turning around to face the blue eyed boy.

“I promise, I really really do.”

“One wrong move and I’m out,” she voiced.  

She had never seen Jack’s smile so genuine before.  He practically jumped over the counter to hug her tightly.

“You’re lucky you’re cute,” she said before his lips closed in on hers.

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Can I have headcannons for being kinda like an adoptive mother to naruto?? cause i think those stuff are legit cute :^UU

Yessss!! <3

  • To set the stage, let’s say that you “adopted” Naruto when he was around four or five.
  • The Third Hokage probably questioned the hell out of you to make sure you were fit to be Naruto’s new mother figure. Only the best for Minato’s son.
  • You spent so much time getting a room ready for him at your apartment in case he ever wanted to live with you. Naruto was so excited to see it and you just keep asking if he wants anything.
  • Honestly most of the village will end up shunning you for taking care of Naruto. but who tf cares? Naruto is a precious cinnamon roll and your son. Such a sweetie pie.
  • You picked up Naruto every day from school. He’d tell everyone that you’re actually his mom. You got strange looks from the other parents, but again, who tf cares?
  • When Naruto graduates!! You’re so excited!!
  • Oh and the chunin exams…Jesus that gives you a heart attack the whole time. Don’t the other moms feel the same way about their kids?!
  • You’re so sad when Naruto leaves with Jiraiya, but you know he’ll come back stronger than ever and make you even more proud than you already are.
  • You’re the first person Naruto seeks out when he comes back. He’s gotten so tall!! And strong!! He probably just bear hugs you and starts screaming about how he has so much to tell you. It’s such a happy and sweet reunion.

anonymous asked:

Every time I see your art of a rare pair I somehow become a huge fan of that rare pair. I have too many otps...,

…is it okay for me to be happy I’m dragging you down with me on all of my weird ships because tbh I am for a lot of them there’s just a handful of people shipping them I’m happy you’re joining us hahaha

Anon said: because of your tags on that kamisero post i now love the hc that kirishima just uses loving bakugou as an excuse to get out of conversations that make him uncomfortable, even if it makes no sense. Like ‘any advice on how to confess?’ 'I’m dating bakugou, you probably should ask someone else.’ or 'how do you think snow works?’ 'Dude I’m dating bakugou, i don’t know.’

I’m in love with this ask because this has been my most ridiculous headcanon for an age I’m glad I could subtely make you share it, anon - Kirishima being perfectly aware of the fact that aside from the face there is no objective reason why he should be that smitten with Bakugou? That’s my jam, he’s as surprised as anyone else so when people ask him anything love related he’s like “do I look like a reliable source man DO I I think it’s hot when Bakugou yells there’s obviously something wrong with me you don’t want my advices”

But also for however aware of it he might be he’s still in love with the dude so people pointing it out to him gets old really fast, like, “it’s one thing if I say it myself and another it’s you talking shit about my boyfriend stop that”, which is why he just starts using “what do I know I like Bakugou” as an answer to anything - it starts with him being a smartass and it becomes just habit by the end of it, sometimes he uses it when Bakugou is around or with Bakugou himself and Bakugou doesn’t understand, doesn’t want to understand, has pondered the option of getting angry/offended/demanding an explaination and has deemed it not worth his time because the answer is most probably just gonna be that his boyfriend is an idiot anyway

(also he might or might not like how Kirishima’s pretty much just going around telling people he likes him over and over again, tbh)

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Third Wheels (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hey guysss!! Here’s another kinda long one haha. I only left about four more requests left and I think I should be able to open my requests soon so yayy😄 Anyways, enjoy!!!

Request: I’m so in looooove with your Imagines ! I’d also like to request something. You’re Wanda’s best friend and she invites you over to the Avengers compound for the first time. So as you get there you’re immediately lost but a lovely guy finds you and helps you find your way. Bucky. Since then you visit her more often and after a while you’re friends with all Avengers so Wanda, Natasha and Steve decide you bring you and Buck together cause they see how you act with each other and it works ? :) THX<3

“Yes, yes, I’m almost there,” you said on the phone.

“Do you need me to come down and pick you up?” You best friend asked you.

“I’ll be fine, Wanda. I’ll just meet you there,” you replied, stopping in front of a building, looking up to see that you’ve arrived. “I’m here already, see you soon.”

Putting down the phone, you took a deep breath in before entering the building. You weren’t good with being in this kind of places and you weren’t good with new people, especially if the people you were meeting save other people for a living. Why had you allowed Wanda to talk you into this?

Wanda was a part of the Avengers and you were just a simple waitress in a café. The two of you met as she was a regular customer, the café you worked at is usually quiet and slightly empty so you started talking to her, both of you kicking it off pretty well.

Now, all of that led to this moment. She had been pestering you to come visit her ‘workplace’ as she visits yours almost every day, at first you weren’t sure but she managed to convince you, saying that everything would be fine.

You sighed as you entered the lift, staring at the buttons, frowning. Which level was it again?

Scratching your head, you randomly pressed a button to one of the top floors. When you arrived, you stepped out of the lift and looked left and right, both sides of the hallway looking the same.

“Why does this building have to be so damn big?” You muttered to yourself, picking a side and walking, thinking maybe it’ll lead you to somewhere.

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In Support of Small Ma’at

Or, Ma’at; It’s More Than That

So, there’s been a rather vocal contingent of Kemetic Tumblr strongly supporting the idea that social justice is ma’at.  This post is prompted by that voice, but not necessarily a rebuttal.  Rather, I’d like to talk about a different aspect of ma’at that we haven’t seen going around much.  Indeed, a newcomer to the community might think that in order to keep ma’at, they must also support the social justice movement.  That’s not only rather off putting to more moderate minds, but also flat out untrue.  Ma’at is a complicated idea, and there are many ways of putting it into action.  There is no one way to do ma’at.

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Any expectations for the new Star Trek series?

If you want to make an educated guess on what a “modern” Star Trek show would probably look like in the age of streaming, the model would be Season 3 of Star Trek: Enterprise, which was all about the search for the Xindi in the Delphic Expanse, and was the first time Trek had a series in the post-Sopranos TV era. 

Enterprise year 3 is particularly relevant because it’s a good model of the kind of storytelling that Trek will probably use going forward, where there’s an expectation of arcs, series through-lines, and seasons are viewed as distinct stories in and of themselves.

It was a season long arc that had recurring mysteries and characters, and it was really compelling television. The season told “stories within stories,” but it had a single central mystery and through line. In short, the season starts when a mysterious attack by a totally unknown alien race killed millions on earth, and the Enterprise is sent into a spooky “Bermuda Triangle” region of space to find the mystery aliens responsible before they attack again and wipe out the human race. The Delphic Expanse, the setting of the 3rd season, had weird spacial anomalies that made it dangerous, as well as mysterious 2001-style alien spheres of unknown origin. The season was defined by isolation, and it was an endurance challenge; since the Enterprise couldn’t go to a starbase, the Enterprise was a beat to hell wreck by the end of the year.

The quest wasn’t just to find and stop the Xindi aliens, but to understand what was going on, see if a peaceful resolution could be achieved.

I have to admit…I’m a big Star Trek fan, and I sometimes forget this show even happened. Every time I’m reminded Enterprise existed, I think…”oh yeah.” This series rents as much space in my head as Spielberg’s “Earth-2.” I think I’m not alone. By the time of the third season, people had tuned out, which is a shame because just like with TNG, that’s when Enterprise got good

A friend of mine even argued that Season 3 of Star Trek: Enterprise was the best year of Star Trek ever made. I’m not sure I would go that far, but it’s absolutely worth a second look if you haven’t seen it since it was on, and I don’t think it gets enough credit as a risky move, for being the first place Star Trek used this kind of storytelling. 

I’m not sure if this answers your question, but there’s always more to be gained from reflection than anticipation.


CHARACTER : Rock Star!Seb

AUTHOR : loricameback / loriwrites

GENRE : Pining, smut, not really fluff, not really angst. Seb’s a hot singer, just go with that!!





The roar of the Mustang’s engine told me that Jack was here for our date. Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I stood up straight as I smoothed down the black dress with my hands and said confidently, “This is a good idea, Ally. You’re not doing anything wrong.” I picked up my gold hoops, clasping them through my earlobes as I walked to the door. If guys can date two girls at a time, I can date two guys. Seb never wanted to be exclusive anyway.

Sebastian. Singer of The Scarlett Falcon, only the most popular band in town. And the man is sex on legs. His brown hair, so soft, lays right on his shoulders, and his eyes, his blue eyes…just full of mischief when he sings to you. But I think the best thing I like about him is his lips. Those red, full, always smirking lips. And must he ALWAYS lick them? Seriously is it really that hot on stage? Of course the man has an awesome physique : he fills his jeans perfectly in every way possible, and his biceps…damn…

“Ally, hello?” Jack was knocking the second…third time? Squeezing my eyes shut I called out, “Coming Jack!” Damnit Ally. You can’t sit around pining for Seb. God knows he isn’t for you.

One more look in the mirror by the door, and another reminder that dating two guys is acceptable, I opened the door and saw Jack. Jack Jacobs, six foot one, blond hair, brown eyes, and the sweetest guy I’d ever met. In his black pants and light blue shirt he looked as handsome as ever. Leaning forward to kiss my cheek, he said, “Hey Ally, I thought you jumped ship!” “Nah. I never pass up free food.” I giggled and rolled my eyes as he put his hand on the small of my back and led me to his car.


Jack pulled into the parking lot of Sam’s Bar and frowned as he turned off the engine. “I know you want to keep things casual right now Ally, but a *bar?*

With a small smile I said, “It’s a restaurant too.” Jack narrowed his eyes as he sighed in defeat. He helped me out of the car and put his arm around my waist. “You win. You always win little one.”

The smile froze on my face. Sebastian calls me little one. I swallowed hard, then became upset. So what? He probably calls all of his women ‘little one.’ Pffft, probably can’t remember our names.

“Do I go first? I’m a gentleman Ally. After you.” I blinked and focused my attention on Jack who was motioning his hand by the open door.

Smiling awkwardly, I looked down and back up at him. “Sorry Jack. Of course.” Again with his hand on the small of my back he followed me in. I silently cursed myself. ‘Damnit Ally!! Get a grip! You’re with Jack. Quit thinking about…well, just quit!’

I didn’t want to tell Jack, but the reason I like it here so much is because of the bartender Mackie. We went to college together and became good friends by being in the same study group for American History. Speaking of..

“Jack! Come over to the bar. I want you to meet someone before we get a table!!’ My face broke out into a huge smile as I grabbed Jack’s hand and literally pulled him. Mackie caught sight of me.

“ALLY GIRL!!” He ran to the end of the bar and headed towards me with open arms. Jack let go of me and backed up with a look of horror on his face.

Mackie scooped me up and spun me around. “MAAAACKIEEEE!!” My head fell back and I almost choked trying to catch my breath. He carefully put me down and I grabbed his arm to steady myself. “Easy on the Mack attacks damnit. We’re not in college anymore.”

Mackie wide charming smile broke out when he nudged me, “We ain’t dead yet either baby.” He looked over my head and he quickly turned apologetic. “Oh hey, sorry man, she’s still in one piece.”

I turned to see my annoyed date. Can’t say that I blame him. I reached out to grab his arm. “Jack! I’m sorry! This…obviously…is my friend Mackie. Harmless…to strangers anyway!”

Jack offered his hand. “Mackie.”

Mackie returned the handshake with a smile. “Don’t listen to her Jack. It’s nice to meet you. Let me get you two a drink.”

As he went back behind the bar, I quietly said, “I’m sorry Jack. I didn’t know he was gonna do that.”

“It’s ok Ally, really. Why don’t you go find somewhere to sit and I’ll bring our drinks.” He kissed me gently on the lips, nodded and walked to the bar.

“Did you even notice on the sign that there was gonna be a band tonight?” I asked after my second beer. The room was crowded, it was getting harder and harder to make conversation. We were sitting stage right and had a great view of whoever would be playing. I moved side to side in my chair unable to see the drumset as it looked like something was covering half of the bass drum. “Jack! Can you see the name of the band?”

He entwined his fingers with mine and smiled before he leaned to look. Squinting hard it took him a few seconds, then he said, “It looks like the top word is Scar and the bottom word starts with…” Jack looked again and said “F-A-L?”

My hand went limp in his and a chill went through me. No. It can’t be. Here? Tonight? I nodded, hoping my poker face was indeed a poker face. Leaning in to speak over the crowd, “Excuse me. I have to use the restroom.” Jack nodded as I got up.

My face was burning. Was he here? In the crowd? I couldn’t even look up. I didn’t want to. The restroom stalls were taken, but it really didn’t matter. I just needed to get away. Need to breathe.

What is wrong with me? I’m going nuts over a guy I’ve been out with only a few times. Why do I care so much? Down past the sinks was a paper towel dispenser. I groaned as I walked to take a few and turned on the spigot for cold water. Patting my face with the damp towels, I slouched backwards onto the sink. ‘You’re being a moron. Jack is gorgeous and sweet. And he likes you!’ I swung around, satisfied with my reasoning, and after checking my hair and makeup in the mirror, went back to the table.

Jack stood up when I came back. “Your mom taught you how to treat a girl, didn’t she Jack?” I gave him a broad smile as I sat down.

He blushed and rubbed his chin, adorably embarrassed. “Well, not really. It’s common sense I believe that women should be adored, treated with respect, ya know. But still, my mother would kick my butt if I ever acted like a caveman.” His smile made his brown eyes shine.

“Remind me to hug your mom if I ever meet her.” I smiled shyly as he picked up my hand and kissed my knuckles.

“YOU GUYS READY TO ROCK?!!” Sebastian’s voice boomed through the amplifiers drowning out the crowd. Everyone’s attention went to the stage and they started cheering. Holy…shit!! Sebastian looked amazing! Tight black jeans with holes in the knees, a tee shirt that said something with rock n roll on it. I couldn’t see the entire thing because of the black leather jacket. Was he this good looking before? It has the leather jacket. My lord, that jacket just oozes sex.

Nothing else had changed. Of course it’s only been 3 months since I’ve seen him. Ninety days. One hundred twenty nine thousand and six hundred minutes. Jesus Ally. I facepalmed on the table. Nope. I don’t give a flyin fuck about him do I? Yeah, you keep telling yourself that stupid, you MIGHT believe it someday!

“ALLY!!” Jack leaned over and shook my arm, and I looked up out of sorts but smiling awkwardly.

“YO!” Holy Christ Ally, did you just say ‘yo?’

Jack flared his nostrils as he moved his head back with a comical look on his face. Holding up his beer bottle, he mouthed, “Another?”

I nodded. Another six pack? Another case? Sure. Please. NOW!! I watched him go thinking ‘why did I think I could date two guys at one time?’ ‘Am I still even dating Sebastian?’ ‘Jack and I should just get outta here.’ But I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed. My eyes wandered to Sebastian. Grabbing that microphone stand and almost rubbing it against his crotch. I pinched the bridge of my nose and closed my eyes. Where.is.my.beer???!!!

And then I opened my eyes to look directly into those blue ones. He never faltered singing, but his usual devious, teasing eyes turned soft. Fuck…me! I was done. He drew me in.

“Here ya go.” The bottle was placed in front of me and I stared it like I had no idea what it was. Looking up at Jack as he sat down, I was glad he didn’t notice. He took my hand and squeezed it. “THIS BAND IS REALLY GOOD!” Tapping his other hand to the beat, he turned around to watch and I noticed Sebastian wasn’t looking anymore. Well, that was good…for at least a few seconds.

“THIS NEXT SONG IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES. AND IT’S NOT AN ORIGINAL OF OURS.” There were chuckles from the audience, and I bit my lip to try to hold back a smile. IT’S A COVER SONG FROM PRINCE CALLED “I WANT YOU.” AND I’D LIKE TO DEDICATE THIS SONG TO A GIRL…A SPECIAL GIRL CLOSE TO MY HEART.“ I furrowed my brows. Is he seriously looking at me? No smirk…just a sincere, heartfelt look? OK Ally, wishful thinking.

As soon as the song started I felt like I was in the fuckin movie of all things. Of course Prince was way more passionate about Apollonia then Seb with me, but I was getting goosebumps nonetheless. Seb sang to the audience, his face was so full of anger. “DO YOU WANT HIM?!!”


My eyes were wet, I was shivering from the blaze in his eyes when he glared at me…

“CAUSE I WANT YOU!!!” Yep, he pointed right at me, sneering. “I WANT YOU!!!” I couldn’t take it. I got up and tried my best to get to the door as fast as I could between the tables and people, and pretty unsteady at that after three beers.

“ALLY! WAIT!! ALLYYYY!!!” I had made it outside and it was as if it was the first time I could actually breathe since I saw Sebastian’s face. I wanted to throw up but I wouldn’t give Sebastian the satisfaction of seeing that. He grabbed my arm.

“LET ME…” It was Jack. I was ashamed to admit that I was disappointed. But of course Sebastian wouldn’t come out here. Pffft, that song was probably a joke. Yeah, make me choose you and then turn around and laugh in my face, just so he could see me dump a guy for his sorry ass.

“AAAAHHHHHH!!!” I let out a scream, leaned against the wall and cried in my hands.

“Ally, what is it? Please, what can I do?” Jack pulled my hands down and swiped the tears from my face.

I shook my head and smiled softly. “Nothing Jack. I’m sorry. Can you just get Mackie for me please.” I cupped Jack’s face. “This has nothing to do with you.” Liar. “I just…

“Ally.” Jack took me in his arms. “It’s ok. Do you want me to stay? Or I could call you tomorrow?”

I pulled out of his arms and looked at him quizzically. “You want to leave?”

Jack was very kind and softhearted when he looked at me. “Ally, I saw what happened in there. I’m almost positive that everyone in that bar knows that song was regarding you.” He kissed my cheek. “I’ll get Mackie and you and Mr. Rock Star figure out what you two are doing with your lives, hmm?”

I stood shocked. OK, recap: Sebastian ruins my life with that song, Jack and I aren’t dating anymore, and I suppose I have to face Sebastian now. “Why couldn’t I just let him take me to a restaurant?”

Mackie came strutting out the door. “I don’t know, why couldn’t you?” He shook his head at me and smirked as he put his hand up on the wall leaning beside me. “Girl, you sure know how to make a scene.”

I slid over and hugged him. “Damnit Mack. I hate you.”

“No, you love me because I’m the only guy who puts up with your shit. Now what the hell is going on Al?”

I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bench nearby and took a deep breath. “Did you know Seb and I went out a few times?”

Mackie’s eyes widened. “Uh…noooo.”

“Apparently you weren’t watching him sing the last song. Well anyway…”

The door flung open and Sebastian ran out like a wild animal looking both ways, then saw me. I sighed in frustration, burying my head in my hands. “You want me to stay Al?”

I peered at Mackie. “No. I got this.”

He stood up, sizing Sebastian up as he walked past him and grunted. I shook my head and smiled. Men! Sebastian had taken his jacket off and I inwardly whimpered. Jesus, he’s been working out. Those arms look awesome. “What.” He slowly approached me, no smirk, no attitude, just…concern?

“I don’t really know what to say ri…”

“Are you KIDDING me?! Do you want a microphone and an audience? That would work huh?” I wasn’t holding back. He’s gonna take his anger out on me in there, well…it was my turn.

“Ally, why are you so angry at ME? I’m the one that’s been trying to get over you for months!”

I stood up and approached him. “EXCUSE ME?!! I GAVE YOU MY NUMBER.” Sebastian looked at me like he was about to be attacked by a bear. “We weren’t exclusive, sure, but what are you talking about? I gave you my number and you never called. Anyway, don’t you have enough groupies to go out with?”

His face relaxed and that damn smirk appeared. “Well, you have Mr. Tall, Blonde and Preppy. So why are YOU angry at ME?”

Because I’m crazy about you. Because you didn’t call. Because I wanna fuck you against this wall and I’m trying to hate you. “You know what Seb. It doesn’t really matter. We went out what…twice?” I shrugged. “No biggie. You apparently didn’t think much of me because you never called, so…see ya around.” I pushed past him, but he spun me around and his lips crashed on mine, a low moan coming from deep within his throat. I tried to fight it, but who was I kidding. His tongue slid through my lips, controlling me, leaving me weak.

“Now listen Ally! You and I went to dinner at Charlie’s Bistro, remember?” Our noses were almost touching, his eyes desperate.

I think about it every day jerk. “Vaguely.”

“After dinner, we went to my brother’s house and walked down to the lake where I played guitar and sang to you.” He nodded slowly. My eyes were welling up. It was beautiful. Frickin romantic and beautiful.

My chin trembled. I couldn’t look him in the eyes when I whispered yes.

“I asked for your number in between songs, but my phone was at the house and I wanted to get it then so I wouldn’t forget it later, but you wanted to stay. You said…”

“Keep playin rock star. I’ll remember.” I was in a daze. My shoulders slumped. He was right. He DIDN’T have my number. I slowly looked up and met his gaze. His beautiful blue eyes. Those smiling lips. I cupped his jaw running my thumb over his bottom lip. “Three months wasted.” I pulled him in close by the nape of his neck and kissed him slowly. People walked out of the bar some catcalling, but we didn’t care. We had three months to make up for.

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So I’m rereading this Dishonoured fan fiction called ‘Diplomatic Gestures’ for about the third time and I just have to say, it is by far, hands down, the best, most emotional, most creative, and most well written fan fic I have ever read and I would just like thank @aicosu so much for writing it because it genuinely makes me feel so happy inside and I think it was so brilliantly done.