i think i like ot better now

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like tbh……the game was never even CLOSE to being as bad as people said. this is probably a ~problematic opinion but i feel like individually, it’s a better game than any game from the ot. but people were like, determined to hate it, and i’m so sad bioware listened to them

I am 100% with you on that take any game from the original trilogy (in particular 1&3) on its own and you’ll run into more problems there than andromeda ever had. what made them popular, excellent, and mostly well-received was their connection to the rest of the story, how your decisions impacted what you experienced personally. people tend to skip over the less-than perfect parts when thinking of the ot. GUESS NOW THAT ONE BEAUTIFUL THING OF SEEING YOUR DECISIONS PLAY OUT OVER THE COURSE OF FUTURE INSTALLMENTS HAS BEEN… TAKEN AWAY. Thank

funny how if you go through the top “criticisms” of andromeda you will find most of them complaining about how it does not live up to the other games of its generation.. from a techical standpoint. bashing the facial animations for one has blown up into one big meme fest. 

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Hello!! I've had this debate going on with my family and friends for a while now about whether or not Tolkien's works (and the movies) are more epic than Star Wars. What do you guys say?

I’m a big Star Wars fan, so I gotta go with Star Wars. Watching the OT when I was younger was an amazing experience and they really got me through some stuff.


I’ve seen the Lord of the Rings series (I’ve yet to read the books) and they’re good, but I have to say, I think I like Star Wars better. Buck and I watched the first six before the newest one came out and, even though I didn’t grow up with either of the trilogies, walking in to that theater and watching that movie was an amazing experience and it made me feel like a part of this really cool community.


We loved The Force Awakens so much we saw it three times!


I’ve never been a huge Star Wars fan, but I’ve always loved Tolkien’s works. Like Star Wars for Tony, the Hobbit got me through some tough times during my childhood.


Yeah, I’d have to agree. I love the world Tolkien creates. And, while Star Wars is by no means bad, I find it overrated.


Anon Requested: Exo reaction when you (his girlfriend) turns into a zombie and they have to kill you


Xiumin: I hope you’ll forgive me, jagi


Luhan: We promised to kill the other if this happened… but I didn’t want it to happen


Kris: I shouldn’t cry, she won’t be suffering anymore


D.O: How do I go about this?


Suho: How am I going to live without you?


Lay: If only I really had healing powers…


Baekhyun: At least she’ll be somewhere better now


Chen: I’m doing this because I love you, and I don’t want to see you like this


Chanyeol: I don’t think I can do this


Tao: Why did you turn?


Sehun:  I couldn’t even protect you


Kai: Well, at least she won’t have to watch the world crumble and fall