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I quit my soul crushing job at way speed (I was there for 5 weeks as a shift leader trainee. No breaks & 12 hour shifts everyday bc there was no guarantee of your relief coming in) and now bathe dogs with my girlfriend and two friends. I don't think I've ever liked a job more bc there's no repercussions for not scanning enough rewards cards and being bitched at about people not understanding how prepaying for gas works

“I enjoyed my time in university because I decided to enlist in the military later on. So I am looking forward to going back to school after being discharged, but I am scared at the same time. In the past, I wasn’t scared of experiencing things, no matter what they were. However, by the time you come back from the military, you become an adult. So now, I put responsibility first. I realized that there is a lot of responsibility that comes with my role while I was in the military.”
“Was there a certain moment when you realized that?”
“I feel like I’m taking a job interview…Now that I am thinking about it, I can’t remember. You forget all the memories from the military the moment you take a leave. But then, everything comes back the moment you return to your unit.”

“저는 입대를 늦게 결정할만큼 대학 생활에 대한 만족도가 높았어요. 그래서 군 생활이 끝나고 학교로 돌아가는게 기대가 되지만 동시에 두려워요. 예전에는 무엇이든 경험하는것이 두렵지 않았어요. 그런데 군대를 다녀오고 나서는 어른이 되는 거잖아요. 책임감에 대한 생각이 먼저 들어요. 군대 안에서 저의 역할에는 책임이 따른다는 것을 깨달았거든요.”
"깨닫게된 계기가 있었나요?”
“면접보는 것 같네요… 막상 생각하려니 떠오르지가 않아요. 휴가 나오는 순간 안에서의 모든 기억은 잊게 돼요. 다만 복귀하는 순간 모든 기억이 되살아나지만요.”

Meet RaRa

Beside my main jobs as a janitor, I am also draw some random arts ( point to the page profile pic) for our credit.
Turn out my first coloring pages I’ve done on seifuku out on a whim received many praise *awww thanks u you guys , so probably in the future, I will randomly drop off some coloring page again *probably.
Also, I’m a Vietnamese, so any vnmese fans that want to send love to our group but not too confident in English skill, feel free to send message to me in vnmese.
Ok this is getting too long, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
-Ra- @rara0587

i want to apply for this legislative assistant job but it says you have to be bilingual and i’m like somewhat bilingual i’m bilingual ENOUGH like i’m cefr b1 bilingual i can decipher maybe 75% of a semi-complex french text and 60% of what a person’s saying if they’re speaking at a moderate pace. anyway do you think if i submit my cover letter and resume in french they’ll think i’m competent or should i just not bother and lament the fact that my parents forced me take mandarin instead of french in high school because it would “help me” with my “career” not taking into fucking account that the “career” i wanted to go into was canadian federal politics

i’m a hairstylist and i hate when my clients talk about how they’re stressed and im like “haha i feel that!” and they’re like “why?? why are you stressed?”

i make minimum wage ($8.25) plus tips which average out to about $20-40 a day and have bills and rent and car payments like i’m making less than 25k a year why the fuck donyou think i’m stressed??? my job fucking sucks??? i have chronic pain??? i’m dealing w a settlement bc i was in a severe accident that totaled my car?? i have doctors appointments every week???

i hate my job and everyone who speaks to me while i’m working honestly i’m tired


Jamison:  *suddenly serious* But believe me…there’s nothing like making that first dollar for something that you created.  I hope you get to experience that for yourself.

Teresa:  *thinks about it* I do too! 

Teresa would like to ask Jamison for his cell number, so she doesn’t have to rely on just running into him, but she’s not sure how to go about it without it sounding weird.  Turns out that he was thinking the same thing and saves her the trouble. 

Jamison:  Hey…take my cell number, when you put up your first art display…I’d like to be there!

Teresa:  *appreciates the support* Yeah, okay…thanks!

Jamison:  And maybe you can come to one of my shows.

Teresa:  I’d like that!  *pauses* Um…I’d better get to work.  I need to finish up before it’s time to start my babysitting job.

Jamison:  Yeah…see you later!

Teresa:  Okay *turns and walks away* 

My coworker just informed me that seeing food on someone’s desk is the most unprofessional thing she’s ever seen. I see her point, yes, people come here to design their half million dollar houses and oatmeal next to someone’s computer probably doesn’t look amazing HOWEVER I have never gone someplace where someone had food on their desk and think, ‘Oh my god, that is so unprofessional.’ Instead I think, 'Oh, thank god, they ate!’ Maybe it’s a recovered ED thing, maybe it’s my relaxed nature, hell, maybe it’s even the fact that I don’t care what your space looks like or what’s on it as long as you’re a good person and you’re good at your job who fucking cares. Regardless, I was quite taken aback and honestly pissed off.

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Are you named after anyone? nope

When was the last time you cried? Like in December I think? My mom told me my life was a dumpster fire and I realized she was right. My life is better now tho.

Do you like handwriting? it’s legible so it gets the job done. 

What’s your favourite lunch meat? I’m vegetarian so I don’t do that 

Do you have kids? no and don’t plan on it 

If you were another person would you be friends with you? oh god no I hate myself

Do you use sarcasm? yes but I’ve been forced to tone it down because people take it seriously 

Do you still have your tonsils? yes

Do you bungee jump? I kind of have a fear of heights. Like I went to the observation deck in the Sears Tower and they have these glass boxes that hang over the edge and that wasn’t me. 

What’s your favourite cereal? Golden Grahams or French Toast Crunch

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? If they’re nice shoes I take the time to untie them. 

Do you think you’re a strong person? I guess.

What’s your favourite ice cream? cookie dough

What’s the first thing you notice about people? their personality, attitudes. I’m really good at reading people. If someone’s lying to me I usually know. 

What’s the least favourite thing you like about yourself? everything

What colour pants and shoes are you wearing right now? I have plaid pajama pants on and I’m barefoot

What are you listening to right now? Strobelite by Gorillaz

If you were a crayon what colour would you be? the most useless color, white

What’s your favourite smell? That one smell after it rains  

Who’s the last person you talked to on the phone? my sister

Favourite sport to watch? not a sports person but I do watch boxing in the summer olympics. I also watch the super bowl/world series/stanley cup etc. 

Hair colour? brown

Eye colour? like a grey/green

Do you wear contacts? no but I do wear glasses

Favourite food to eat? pizza

Scary movies or comedy? comedy but I like scary political movies (they do exist)

Last movie you watched? Rogue One

Colour of shirt your wearing? Red. It’s actually got the Sriracha logo on it.

Summer or winter? Summer

Hugs or kisses? hugs 

What book are you currently reading? I’m actually not at the moment

Who do you miss right now? no one

What’s on your mousepad? don’t have one

What’s the last TV show you watched? The Today Show (if that counts)

What’s the best sound? That strange silence when snow falls

Rolling Stones or the Beetles? I like them both. Maybe The Beatles a bit more. 

What’s the furthest you’ve ever traveled? I spent two days in a car going from Chicago to Miami 

Do you have a special talent? As previously stated, reading people. 

Where were you born? Massachusetts. Moved to Chicago at age 4. 

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Don’t do it if you don’t want to. 


Home buying in California is impossible. I have phenomenal credit, a large down payment, and a significant income, but the number of hoops I had to jump through and doors that were slammed in my face before I could speak to a live human today was significant. When I FINALLY got to someone, he treated me like an idiot. It wasn’t until I got my brother involved, a former broker, that I could get the bank to process my application to find out that I pre-qualify for almost double the amount of the house I was looking at.

And I think- I am a professional, native English speaker, with job security, assets, and a plan- my poor students parents who own homes….what did they have to go through to secure them? And their kids take that for granted.


I glanced away, unsure if it was appropriate to meet your eyes in such a situation. I knew my expression by default didn’t quite give off a ‘calming’ vibe, but despite that i knew i had a job her to do. “Hey uhh, look. I heard from somebody i know that you’re not doing too hot and that fucking sucks. So uhh…..damn, this awkward. Look, i heard you actually uhh…think ‘light’ of me so i came to try and ….y’know, cheer you up and shit.” 

I shifted my weight as i moved my gaze to the ground. I continued to speak, steeling myself for what i was about to do just as i’d been practicing for the past day or so. “I’m not the best at this kinda shit, like i said. But I plan to be the best hero, even above all-might. An’ if he can pull this shit off i can fucking do it too and better.”

quickly looked up to finally meet your eyes, a grin on my face as i spoke the lines that i had known by heart since a little kid. “Everything is okay! Why? For I am here!” 


hey Sai, I know we’re not anywhere near close, and I’m not really good with comforting people or understanding sadness in others as far as sympathizing beyond understanding they’re sad. However, I know when I’M sad, I look to certain characters for comfort​. I don’t know what characters serve that purpose if any at all to you, but I know you like katsuki so… I hope you feel better soon, smile and enjoy life for the one’s who no longer can’t. Let your happiness be a beacon for them to always know where to look for you up in heaven.

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Okay, nope, I have to say you're far too GOOD at writing these teases. It is completely unfair and I don't think I've read one where I haven't squirmed a little and felt flustered, so yeah, YOU STOP THAT, or really don't... I don't know...how dare... you... I... nope... I'll just... go over here... and, erm, shush... ahhhh.

Someone is a little flustered! That is adorable. I bet your cheeks are bright red when you read my teases. That is what I aim to do… make little lees like you blush and squirm and become completely flustered.
Good to see I am doing my job right.
Also… you know you can’t make me stop. I will just tease you until you can’t take it anymore. I will lightly tickle your most ticklish places while whispering into your ear “oh dear someone is a little ticklish! Don’t you love it when I do this? I love to make you giggle and squirm.” You know you can’t do anything to stop me which makes you blush and giggle all the more!

It’s frustrating, feeling the need to be perfect or else you aren’t good enough. Feeling the need to constantly do better. It’s so frustrating to think that your flaws are bad while you accept them in other people.

And that’s where I am right now. I feel the need to constantly improve, yet at the same time I feel like I need to be perfect. Perfect at my job? That’s how I can avoid being fired. Even small mistakes will get me fired. I can’t make any. Perfect body? The only way I can be beautiful. No visible fat = beauty. Nothing else. Perfect writing? More notes! More validation!

I’m so extremely frustrated with myself right now.

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Hey Stork!Will you ever take a vacation like Corrupt?I think you really need it!:D

I’ve never taken a day off once in my entire life… I simply don’t have the time… trust me, I’d love a break. But there’s no off season when it comes to this job. Normally I fall asleep in my office at my desk or sketch table… But hey, there’s always work to be done. This job is exhausting, I wouldn’t trade it for the world, though! 

crawling out of pitioss dungeon like


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Keith is taking his job srsly and I’m glad about that

first time doing a comic it’s 4:30 am and I’m dead 

Roll for Safety Blanket

It’s the first combat of the campaign. The party took the first round to get into position and this is the start of the second round.

Dragonkin Bard: (standing behind the paladin tank, who is standing in front of the skeleton) I’d like to use my breath weapon.

Paladin: What? No!

DM (me): I… yeah, okay, you’ll hit the tank, but go ahead. Roll.


DM: Okay. You do 7 damage to the tank and do nothing to the skeleton as that was toxic gas. [Wizard], your turn.

Wizard: I want to use Shocking Grasp on the paladin.

Paladin: You what?!

Wizard: Well, I know [the bard] and we’ve done stuff like this before, I guess, so I think he wants me to kill you. The skeletons are a little weird but that’s okay.

DM: I… y-yeah, okay, roll.


DM: Okay. You do 5 damage to the paladin. Good job. It is now [the paladin]’s turn.

Paladin: I want to move over here and hide under my safety blanket because my team is being mean to me.

DM: (already sure this can’t get any stupider) Okay. Fine. Roll for safety blanket.


DM: You feel really goddamn safe. Does anyone else want to do team damage or hide in the corner or can we get through this first fight?