i think i like kitty now

if a black woman invites you over and puts on any one of these tracks, it’s a set up and you’re about to be a daddy #50ShadesOf90sR&B
  1. “insatiable”  by  prince
  2. “don’t walk away” by  jade
  3. “red light special” by tlc
  4. “i love your smile” by  shanice
  5. “twisted” by  keith sweat
  6. “i miss you” by  aaron hall
  7. “rub you the right way” by  johnny gill
  8. “pony” by  ginuwine
  9. “love like this” by  faith evans
  10. “freak me” by  silk
  11. “all my life” by  k by ci & jojo
  12. “come and talk to me” by  jodeci
  13. “do me right” by  guy
  14. “i’m so into you” by  swv
  15. “back at one” by  brian mcknight
  16. “the boy is mine” by  brandy & monica
  17. “i wanna sex you up” by  color me badd
  18. “are you that somebody?” by  aaliyah
  19. “real love” by  mary j. blige
  20. “waterfalls” by  tlc
  21. “there you go”  by  johnny gill
  22. “it never rains”  by  tony toni tone
  23. “i like the way (kissing game)  by  hi by five
  24. “forever my lady”  by  jodeci
  25. “if i ever fall in love”  by  shai
  26. “i’ll make love to you.”  by  boys ii men
  27. “knockin’ the boots”  by  h by town
  28. “can we talk”  by  tevin campbell
  29. “candy rain”  by  soul 4 real
  30. “before i let you go”  by  blackstreet
  31. “when can i see you again”  by  babyface
  32. “my body”  by  lsg
  33. “too close”  by  next
  34. “nice & slow”  by  usher
  35. “for you i will”  by  monica
  36. “cheers 2 u”  by  playa
  37. “splackavellie”  by  pressha
  38. “come and get some”  by  swv
  39. “how can i love u 2nite”  by  sisqó
  40. “if your girl only knew”  by  aaliyah
  41. “it’s all about me”  by   mya f/ sisqo
  42. “the love scene”  by   joe
  43. “all i do is think of you”  by  troop
  44. “lay your head on my pillow”  by  toni, tony, tone
  45. “weak”  by  swv
  46. “so anxious”  by  ginuwine
  47. “my love is the shhh!”   by  somethin’ for the people
  48. “can’t let go”  by  mariah carey
  49. “make it last forever”  by  keith sweat 
  50. “here and now”  by  luther vandross

her bra and panties match, her kitty smells like a garden, tastes like berries, she ain’t got no plans in the morning, her phone is off… it was a covert dick appointment. 

Shit my wife has said to our cat, part 4

- You are a lap real-estate mogul, Miss Kitty. You got some supreme above-the-knee property.

- I’d like to remind you, my favorite little bastard, that you may have International Cat Day, but we queers have a full month. So take that.

- Eat it. Paper-mâché your fucking heart

- Did you hear it? Did you hear it speak? That which haunts the halls of this apartment… (cat: meows). Shut up.

- (Listening to disco) Are you feeling the love vibration tonight, Miss Kitty? Is that why your tootsies are like this?

- You come to us. For pets? For knowledge? For Wisdom?….. For…. pets?

- I feel like being obnoxious tonight, like you are every night you little…… shit…. head? I couldn’t think of something terrible to call her.

- You fucking motherfucker. You opportunistic little bitch. You Machiavellian motherfucker. GO WRITE SOME LATIN.

- Sic semper tyrannis ad mortum, Miss Kitty. You’re the ’ tyrannis’ in this situation. I’m the ‘ad mortum.’

- Happiness can be found outside the lap, Miss Kitty. That is the way of enlightenment. Happiness can be found without stepping on my titties, and making them hurt with your toe beans.

- I peer in your eyes in the middle of the night. I know what your soul is.

- HA! Now I can leave the floor without feeling guilty! Neener Neener, you shithead!

- You’re famous, Miss Kitty! You got famous by doing nothing but being an object of ridicule. (long pause) We toyed with fire, I know…

- I say so many mean things to you and I don’t take them back.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3



This is something Ive been working on on-and-off for a few weeks now, some simple Isabelle icons, I saw some Hello Kitty wrapping paper and liked the simple look to it, the bold lines and blocks of color appeal to my style of working, so set myself a little project to do an Animal Crossing version.

I may make this into a repeat pattern design for some things of redbubble like leggings or duvet covers. 

Who should I do next? I was thinking Lottie? 

new drinking game: drink every time kit thinks ty is beautiful or that he likes the way he lives and feels too intensely

Day 1: Blush - Marichat/Adrinette

“So…” Chat asks in a sing-song voice. “What do you think of Adrien Agreste?”

Marinette’s face immediately flushes a bright red colour at the sound of her crush’s name, and her previously calm composure cracks. Chat cocks an eyebrow at his flustered friend and eggs it on.

“You’re blushing,” Chat nudges Marinette’s arm with his elbow; she doesn’t answer him. “What’s wrong, Purrincess? Cat got your tongue?”

“It’s- it’s really nothing…” Marinette says, her cheeks growing hotter.

“Do you have a crush on him?” Chat regrets asking almost as much as he is glad he did. Did he want to know Marinette’s answer to this question? Yes. Was he prepared for it to be yes? That he doesn’t know. What about Ladybug?

Marinette doesn’t answer at first. Did she really want to tell him this information? She loved and trusted her partner, but she wasn’t in her uniform right now, and she doesn’t share the same bond with him in her civilian life as she does as Ladybug. Then again, maybe he can help her?

“Yeah… yeah I do…” She answers sheepishly.

Chat pauses for a moment. “Why?”

“He’s just so perfect,” Marinette begins, Chat’s ears fall a bit until she continues. “But I don’t mean it the way that sounds. I don’t want him- or anyone really -to think I like him just because he’s some model or fashion designer’s son or whatever. He’s super kind and funny and just one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. I could honestly care less that he’s famous and crazy attractive. That’s just a bonus. He’s a great friend with a great heart and I love him.”

Chat’s heartbeat begins to pick up as he watches his friend unknowingly describe how much she loves him. The look in her eyes is so pure and sincere as she speaks, and he knows every word is one hundred and ten percent true.

“Wow…” He whispers, his face getting hot. “You should uh… you should tell him that…. I think he’d really appreciate it.”

“Looks like you’re the one blushing now, Kitty,” Marinette giggles.

And when Marinette spoke in class the next day, Adrien couldn’t fight the blush that rose to his cheeks and the small smile that tugged at his lips as he remembered her words from the night before.


Finally! the last part is here! 

Man this took me so long, but I am was really busy to finish the sketchs. Whatever, there you have it. I really like to make this part ‘cause is important for they future relationship. (yep, they’ll be more of them all together, but you’ll have to wait some time for it). 

Neither to say, Thank you so much guys <3 I really enjoy doing this silly things and I’m glad you like them!…Now, the end under the cut.

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hey guess whos gonna use her own gifset as an excuse to talk about Ichabod and Calamity? thats right, I am!

and honestly its just cause both Ichy and Calamity definitely lived through the transition of traditional Hollow to industrialized Hollow. which means that, when they were much younger, they spent their childhood running their streets, probably changing forms at will! and they were simply accepted along with the other children. there might have even been other child spirits living there at the time. but then the Industrial Men came and all that changed. Being a spirit was taboo, and dangerous, probably. And i think a lot of the strain we see among the family (Calamity, Ichabod, and their parents) comes from that, and the different ways Calamity and Ichabod adapted to survive. 

Obviously, Ichy conformed. Hard. I would bet that he spent all of his time after the ‘IM arrival’ in human form. and i mean he didn’t go crane for solid years, depending on how long Calamity and him stayed in Hollow after things kinda went to hell. Like, that was how Ichabod survived. He eschewed spirit hood. He wore a wig, kept to his human form, and blended with the rest of society. That guy who knew him in school has no idea that Ichabod is a spirit! and tbh this was probs hard for Calamity to watch, just as her rebellious spirit was hard for Ichabod to see.

Cause let’s be real here guys, Calamity went in the opposite direction. she would go human to avoid being grabbed up and tossed in the asylum, but only as a way to keep herself outta there. otherwise, she was lizard as often as she possibly could be. she made friends with the kids of the traditionalists, probably skipped a helluva lotta school, and ignored the society that had grown to hate her. tbh she probs had a lot of near misses, times that scared her family half to death, but Calamity rebelled against the changes brought by ‘the IM’ by being herself twice as hard as before!

So Ichabod looked at Calamity, and he saw her putting herself in danger and being reckless, while he viewed his way as the smart way. The way to survive until things changed, or they left, bc being targeted by a whole town wasn’t something he thought they could survive. and Calamity looked at Ichabod and saw him stifling himself, slowly suffocating who he truly was just to fit in. As far as she could see, to lose sight of who they were was a worse fate than Hollow turning against them.

and im not saying either way was right or wrong. they were both kids who had to deal with the fact that their hometown was turned against them, and they both adapted in the best way they could. its just that their ways were very very different. 

yoyos-on-the-wharf  asked:

"Do this for me and I’ll do anything you want.” Mari to Chat?

“Do this for me and I’ll do anything you want,” a sweet voice murmured.

Chat Noir blinked in surprise as his surroundings shifted around him. An akuma had just sent him flying past Ladybug and now…

Marinette looked at him, eyebrows raised in question. Wait. Marinette but not Marinette. Her hair was shorter, her face slender with small lines at the corners of her eyes. Older Marinette?

“Kitty?” she asked, concern marring her features. “Can you do it or do I need to ask Alya? She’s only free on Thursday this week.”


Marinette put a hand to his forehead, brushing his hair away and planting the back of her hand gently against the skin. “You don’t feel warm. Half of Hugo’s class is out sick with that stomach bug. I hope you didn’t get it from him. I’m tired of cleaning up vomit.”


She narrowed her eyes. “Drop your transformation, Adrien. You’re not going out tonight. I think you’re sick.”

“Adrien?! I’m not Adrien!” He stood too quickly, knocking a book off the coffee table. He suddenly looked around, realizing he had no idea where he was. This wasn’t Marinette’s room. He wasn’t even sure who this older woman was who looked disturbingly like Marinette. 

“Tikki!” Something red flashed in front of Chat Noir’s face and he swatted at it before recognizing it as a kwami. 

“Oh my, this isn’t good,” Tikki mused, flitting around him. “I don’t think this is our Chat, Marinette.”

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So… I’m watching Brothers & Sisters and suddenly in episode 5 THIS happened

Cat Grant from Smallville 

meets…  Cat Grant from Supergirl

and I’m like ahsghasdgahsdgahdgahd WTF… I’M SCREAMING also SHOOK


and now i’m thinking of all the possibilities of Kara traveling to different Earths and I CAN’T STOP THINKING OF SUPERCAT… 

just-a-cute-little-kitty  asked:

I absolutely loved your Gods and Monsters stories!!! Your writing flows beautifully and it transmits feelings so well ❤ Are you considering writing anything about Zeus? They way you've retold the other myths is amazing, and now I'm curious about what you'd do with him :) Have a good day and thanks for sharing your stories with us!

Their hold loosens on the earth. Gods aren’t needed like they were before, their names are not chains like they were before. Some embrace this. Ares eagerly shakes off the power he’d never wanted, and Athena lets it pass through her hands like water, wise enough to know that attempting to hold onto it will only hurt her in end.

Some do not embrace this.


Demeter’s skin used to be dark.

It was the rich brown of potting soil, it was the fertile black earth that washed up from the Nile River. Her skin was deep, life-giving brown.

It’s not like that now.

It’s pale desert sand, cracks all along it like baked earth and tree roots searching for water that they can’t find. Her hair hangs thin and grey against her temple, and her dark eyes have turned milky.

She clings to her power over the earth by her fingertips, and she knows that she’s just delaying the inevitable. There’s no coming back from this, not really, the strings of her fate have long been woven. But she will not go quietly. The mortals may take the earth from her grasp, but she’s never been one to cross without consequences. She still isn’t.

Demeter goes to the sea. She hasn’t dared step foot in there since her birth, but now she has so little left to lose. The water’s barely to her knees before a wave rises up from the smooth ocean and drags her below.

Poseidon has long been absent from the sea, yet his palace stands as tall and imposing as ever. Because it was never really his palace, his kingdom, his power.

It was always hers.

“Well, well,” Amphitrite says, circling her with curious green eyes, “Time has not been kind to you, I see.”

“It has to you,” she says tightly. Amphitrite looks the same as Demeter saw her last, has aged even better the goddesses who shed their mantels of power the moment they became too heavy. Then again, Demeter expected nothing less. “I want to make a deal.”

“You have nothing I desire, Sister,” she says, smiling even though it feels like she’s mocking her.

Demeter almost laughs – oh, if they could see them now, if Hera or Hestia could see them now, see her now. How they would laugh, to see how low she has fallen. How they would shudder, to see the truth of what she is, what she has always been. “I have this.” She cuts open her chest and pulls out her heart – rich red, a heart that has not failed her, a heart that can feel love and pain and desire and fear and happiness.

“Sister,” she whispers, eyes wide, unconsciously moving away from her, “what are you–”

“I already know I don’t get to see how this ends,” she says, “I’m not someone he’s interested in saving and I’m certainly not someone she’s interested in saving. You have faired far better than me in that regard.”

Amphitrite’s hands are shaking. Demeter likes the way she’s gone impossibly pale, the fear in her eyes, the way she was so arrogant the moment before and know she isn’t. She has power over so little these days. She’ll take what she can get. “Give me your heart,” she says, “give me power over the sea, and I will grant you a heart with the capacity to feel all the emotions you are so fond of.”

The queen of the sea shakes her head, “Don’t do this, you don’t need to do this.”

“I am Gaia,” she says, hard, speaking a name she hasn’t used in a long, long time. “I am Mother Goddess to all, the first to walk this plain, and your elder sister. You will not deny me.” They call her Demeter. She was born Demeter. But she was something else, something far greater, before she risked it all to be born a lowly goddess. “I gambled, and I lost this game. But I will not go out without a fight.”

“You were second to walk this plain, technically,” Amphitrite says softly, eye lowered, showing vulnerability to Demeter that she wouldn’t show to anyone else. “Thinking this was a game was your first mistake. He never thought of it that way.”

She’s about to snap at her, then Amphitrite cuts open her chest and takes out her cold, dark heart. She slips her heart into her sister’s chest, and Demeter does the same, pushing her violently red heart into the darkness of Amphitrite’s chest.  Demeter feels what little grasp on humanity she’d managed to maintain drain away, leaving only a pit of heavy coldness along her spine. A pink flush comes to Amphitrite’s cheeks and a smile tugs on her lips, her eyes warming with the emotions she hasn’t been able to feel since Poseidon left her.

Demeter can feel the power of the current beneath her, the water eager and ready to do her bidding. “Use my heart well,” Demeter tells Amphitrite, Gaia tells her little sister, before using the water to carry her far from where her sister and heart remain.

She will die. But her heart will on, her little sister will live on, and that will have to be enough.


Demeter leaves the sea and climbs the steps to what remains of Mount Olympus.

Only Zeus remains, and all that remains of him is skin and bones and sunken eyes. He maintains authority over the skies even though it’s killing him. He’ll maintain authority over it until it kills him.

She needs that power.

She doesn’t care if it kills her.

“My king,” she murmurs, kneeling before his crumbling throne. Their once great pantheon lies around them, nothing left but rubble and ash.

He almost meets her eyes, copper skin now sallow and black hair now white. “She left,” he tells her, high pitched and something terrifying in the edges of his eyes, “She left me – she was never supposed to leave me.” He reaches out and grabs her shoulder, bony hand surprisingly strong, “I miss her.”

Demeter only has one thing left to trade for Zeus’s power.

“Give me what our mother Rhea gave you,” she says softly, “Give it to me, and I will stay on Olympus and you can go to her.”

“There must always be one on Olympus,” he tells her. She doesn’t think he recognizes her. “As long as I am on Olympus, we’ll be fine. He can’t do anything if I’m here, as long as one of us is here. I am here.” Tears leak from his eyes and drip down his face. He doesn’t wipe them away. “She’s not here. She was supposed to be here. I did not want to be alone. She – she was supposed to stay. As long as she stayed by my side, she would be safe. She’s not safe anymore.” His face crumples, the truest expression of grief she’s ever seen from him. “Her sons think they can protect her, but they can’t. They can’t even protect themselves. Only I could keep her safe! But she left. She’s not safe anymore.” Quieter now, “I wanted her to be safe.”

“Give it to me,” she repeats, firmer. She doesn’t have the time for his existential crisis over his missing wife, nor does she have the energy to pretend she cares. “What did mother give you, Zeus? What do I need to take?”

“You can’t take it!” he screeches, scrambling back and away from her. “You can’t have it! I need it! Mother gave it to me, said I had to keep it safe, said I had to stay on Olympus. You can’t have it!”

Demeter growls and grabs the front of his too-big robes, pulling him upright, getting ready to yell at him.

Then she sees it.

His eyes.

His eyes are young, are brown and beautiful. They are eyes that haven’t aged.

Those are not the eyes he was born with.

He fights her, but the heart of Amphitrite beats in her chest, but the strength of Mother Gaia remains in her limbs even now. She plucks his eyes from his head like grapes from a vine. She wonders how old he was when Rhea did this to him, when the woman who called herself mother tore out her son’s eyes and put these ones in instead.

“No!” he sobs, and his voice is clearer somehow, there’s more strength to him even as his face is soaked in blood. “Demeter, do not – it is not your burden to bear!”

“It is no burden,” she says eagerly, “it is a gift.”

She swallows them whole, each eye getting stuck in her throat and she has to force it down. They are part of her, and after a disorienting moment she sees the world as Zeus has seen it his whole life.

It’s no wonder at all he went mad. She’s almost impressed he lasted as long as he did.

It will drive her mad too, but she doesn’t care. She’ll be dead long before that can happen.

“What have you done?” Zeus asks in horror, “Demeter – please, they’re not meant for power, they’re meant to save us. To save us all.”

“I am not Demeter,” she says, and presses her hand to his head, using some of the power coursing through her veins to stop his bleeding, to save him from the swiftly approaching death. “You want her? Go to her. Nothing is stopping you now. And it’s no use trying to stop me.”

Less than an hour later, Zeus takes hobbling, slow steps down Mount Olympus. He doesn’t want to, wants to stay, wants to fight her, wants to take back what she stole, but he can’t. He has no power and no strength and no eyes.  

She sits on the abandoned, crumbling throne and curls her lips into a cruel grin.

She has dominion over earth, over water, and over air.

She will make these mortals beg for mercy before they kill her – Gaia, Mother to All, Earth Goddess.

 gods and monsters series, part xxii

read more of the gods and monsters series here

ice eyes ❖ kyungsoo(2)

admin : -neb

word count : 3315 (this went out of hand ugh)

warnings : very very dom!kyungsoo, orgasm denial, breast play, pretty huge age gap

genre : pure smut lol

Originally posted by luedeer

(gif not mine, credit to the owner)

1st Part

Your eyes locked with his and you could swear there were lightnings between you two, the tension was so concrete you could almost cut it with a knife. His hand was caressing your cheek, his thumb drawing imaginary circles as his eyes examined every inch of your showing skin, making you feel little and insecure. There was something in his gaze that was so intense, it almost felt like he was stripping you in his mind and that sudden thought made you blush.

That something, by the way, was making you feel needy for his attention, you wanted him and his body, even if he probably thought of you like a problematic student. Little did you know that wild thoughts were storming in Kyungsoo’s mind, just, he was hesitant, even thought he felt like he couldn’t control himself anymore.
His thumb drifted from your soft cheek to your mouth, caressing your bottom lip oh so gently you felt your legs tremble. Luckily, you were still sitting on the chair cause if you didn’t you surely would’ve fell to his knees.

“So pretty I could almost ruin my career.” he whispers, biting on his plump bottom lip, licking it right after. How could you think such profanities about a grown man that could’ve been your uncle?

“What” you whisper back, in total confusion. The heat on your cheeks is making you feel dizzy and the way Kyungsoo is looking at you wasn’t helping.
He moves closer, entering his index and middle finger in your mouth, playing with the tip of your tongue. And at this point you completely lost it, all the dignity and common sense you promised your self not to loose were completely gone.

“Sehun always says you’re a really bossy girl. You like being in charge of things, I can see it in your eyes. But guess one thing? I am too.” His voice turned deeper (was that even possible?) and his eyes darkened, still looking at you like a lion looks at its prey. You can’t find the strength to say anything, with his fingers still in your mouth. You start sucking on them, slightly swirling your tongue between them, looking into Kyungsoo’s eyes with the most innocent gaze you could make.
He growls deeply, hissing your name and taking a step closer.

“Don’t tease” he warns you, removing his fingers and taking two steps away from you. You suddenly felt empty, you desired skinship, your body was craving him and only him.
He finds your eyes and he starts to unbutton his black shirt, making sure to keep eye contact. You follow his hand movement until the third button, that’s where he stops, smirking at your focused expression.

“Come here.” He says. And you don’t know how, you don’t know why, you find yourself obeying to his command. Now, you usually never listened to what people said or did what people wanted you to do, but Kyungsoo was different. He could make you do anything, he just needed to say it and you would do it.
You’re now in front of him with the most submissive look on your face, even if you didn’t notice. Your whole body language screamed “Do whatever you want to me” to him. And that made him feel powerful, as Kyungsoo loved being in control of things, especially people.
In mere seconds you felt your back roughly hitting his desk, you hiss in pain but you feel your wetness in your panties increase when he starts biting on your neck.
You were almost paralyzed, you knew this was wrong, but you were completely lost in a world of bliss and you didn’t have the intention to come back to reality.
Your hands reach his shirt, starting to unbutton it from where he left, while he leaves a purple stain on your neck. In a minute his shirt is gone and yours too, you’re left in your bra and skirt, leaning on the desk as he tries to catch his breath. He grabs your ass, kissing your lips violently. You don’t even try to fight for dominance, as he bites hard on your lips to part them, his tongue enters your mouth without permission, exploring every inch of it.
He stops and begins leaving butterfly kisses on your jaw, down to your chest with his hands cupping your bra. He takes it off easily, starting to leave kitty-licks on your already woke left nipple, pinching the other one and making you moan his name in pure pleasure.
Your hands are placed on his shoulders while he gives all his attention to your needy breasts, sucking and biting like a hungry baby. Your nipples were over sensitive and your core was dripping wet, you were a mess under his control.

“Look at you, strong girl gone weak, for me.” He whispers, smirking and working on your skirt to take it off, your panties following suit.
He was right, you were weak for him. You couldn’t help but doing everything he wanted to, this is the first time something like this happens to you.
You feel the cold surface on your chest and belly as he turns you around with you facing the desk, he grips at your wrists with one hand, holding them behind your back.
You hear him working with his belt and you hear his skinny jeans slide off easily, you imagine his boxers coming off too. He suddenly smacks your ass, clasping at your butt cheeks and caressing them right after. You feel it burn, but you can feel your clit twitching in ecstasy at the sudden feeling. It all feels too paradisiac to be real.
Without warning you he slams his hard manhood in your boiling meat, making your walls stretch to the impossible, almost feeling like you’re being teared apart. But this never felt so good, you never felt fuller. He slides in your dripping entrance easily and deeply, your name leaves his lips beautifully. He starts moving inside of you, still gripping your wrists, rolling his hips back and forth and making you see stars.

“So fucking tight.” he hisses. You could imagine what your young, inexpert walls were making him feel. Everything was ten times more intense. You could feel his twitching member pulsating and you felt all the veins popping up and grazing your walls perfectly. You could feel his nails dipped in your soft skin, his fingers clasping at your hair and pulling you up, to bite on your earlobe and murmur profanities in your hear. Every little thing he did, even his light kisses on the back of your neck. It all tastes like secret, scandalous, something that must be kept between just the two of you. With every thrust he goes deeper. Touching your sweet spot and making you scream his name.
His pace is fast and rough, the room is filled with the sound of clapping skin and low groans.

“K-kyungsoo, I think I may cum right now.” You whisper with your eyes rolling back for the pleasure.

“Don’t” he orders firmly. You moan out loud in disappointment.
“I said you can’t cum until I tell you to, okay kitty?” he asks, pulling your hair a little, but still not wanting to hurt you. A sound escapes your mouth, indirectly telling him that you understood.

“I didn’t hear you.” he says again, with a deeper and more powerful thrust that hits your g-spot just so perfectly.
Every part of your body is oversensitive, you can feel your walls clench on his member, making him moan quietly. You mumble out an “okay” before focusing on holding your orgasm back, you didn’t want to disagree with Kyungsoo.
A few minutes pass, his tip hitting every right spot to make you feel in heaven. You can see he’s holding it back too, turning your head to look at his handsome features.
His eyes are shut and his plump lips are red from all the bites, his skin is covered in a thin layer of sweat, making him glow in the deem light of the late afternoon. His grip on your wrists is loosened and his thrusts are becoming weaker.

“Please Mr.Do” you plead, you can’t take it anymore. You just want your orgasm to come and wreck your senses, but you need his approval first.

“Cum for me, angel.”
At his words, you let yourself go completely, but still trying to keep quiet as you’re still in school. Your aching abs relieve and you succumb to your climax, murmuring Kyungsoo’s name multiple times.
He helps you ride your orgasm, brushing his tip over your throbbing clit, his semen running down your thighs and legs.
You try to catch your breath as you turn around and find his intense gaze.
“Dress up.” he orders and you move without thinking, quickly and messily putting on your clothes and walking towards the door just to be held by a slightly worried Kyungsoo.

“You’re not going to go and tell someone what we did, right?” he asks, insecurity is written all over his face. Does he actually think you’d do such things?

“Of course I wouldn’t.” You say, trying to make your tone reassuring and calm. You really didn’t need another problem in your life, besides, you want to keep this secret. You are jealous of it. Kyungsoo is your dirty little secret and you’re his: this makes you feel warm inside in some kind of way.
He plants a kiss on your forehead and he lets your hand go.

“Come to my office again tomorrow,I think we still have a lot of things to talk about.” He says with a soft smile appearing on his lips. Funny how he was a completely different person during sex.

“Yeah, I think that too.”
Your smile is glorious, you start walking towards the exit and your eyes widen as you start to remember something…
You forgot about Sehun!

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Misconceptions-Chapter 2

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Natasha x Bucky, Platonic Tony x reader.

Warnings: ANGST. Pregnancy, violence, insecurity and self-loathing, Mutant reader (powers similar to Jean from X-men with a little immortality thrown in) smut maybe? i may add a little Logan if Ya’ll are into that kinda thing. Sad Bucky. 

 This one physically hurt. i aint gonna lie. Dont hate me. 

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Tony stares at you, mouth slack “oh Jesus, oh (y/n)” I’m crying now you can get through this (y/n) big girl panties. “ I need to leave T. He can never know, no one can, this is my responsibility” Tony opens his mouth to protest, you hold up your hand silencing him “no Tony I see how he looks at her, he’s undeniably in love with her, its Natasha for fuck sake” you take a deep breath, fresh tears accumulating in your eyes “I’m not Natasha, I’m a freak, A mistake” Bucky’s earlier words echo in your head. Mistake just a mistake “I’ll never be able to give him what she does Tony, and I’m sure as hell not letting a mistake Buck made ruin his relationship. I’m leaving and I need your help T” you shove down the onslaught of emotions, its fraying the edge of your control, you’re losing the ability to keep a lid on your telekinesis and you need to stop. Now or you’re going to have, what you have affectionately labelled in your head as an “episode”. “I need new papers, new passport a new identity. An apartment a new life, I need to get out of here T”

“please Tony I need you to do this for me, I have no one else” you whisper.

He stares at you hard lines decorating his face, you can hear the battle going on inside his head and you know you’ve won. “Alright kiddo, I don’t agree with this but I’ll do as you ask, get your shit together you leave in 3 days” you heave a relieved sigh and throw your arms around him “Thank you tony. Thank you” he gently pries your arms away from him “go pack. Do it quietly. They will suspect” you nod, mentally steeling yourself to make your entrance back into the communal area you’re doing the right thing (y/n), you can’t force him to be with you. He chose Natalia and you are not going to ruin that. Admittedly your inner monologue is not helping and you can feel your carefully crafted façade cracking. You have to do this. You love him. You have to.


“you and Bucky” Nat asks with a sly smirk “me and Bucky?” you counter, “what’s going on there kitty? Are you dating?” you pale, totally unprepared for Nat’s super special spy skills “I uh. we um…I don-” you splutter “Ah come on now (y/n), I’m your bestie dish bitch” motherfucking Natasha. “we aren’t dating Nat. we sleep together, I help with his nightmares, we watch movies and listen to music, he’s a male version of you, but we have sex” you answer, skirting around what’s she’s really asking you “do you have feelings for him? Does he- “she takes a breath “does he have feelings for you” she finally asks, you hear the worry in her tone and feel the affection for her double, you didn’t deserve her, you really didn’t “No natty its jut stress relief. A man like Buck is not going to catch feelings for the first dame to float his way in 70 years” She frowns at you “I wish you would stop doing that kitty. There’s nothing wrong with you” you scoff and turn away missing the relieved look on her face as she contemplates your words.  


Bucky is waiting for you when you return to your bedroom, the face you love so much staring at you, hurt and confusion flicker in his eyes “Kitty” he says in the low baritone that sends shivers down our spine “what’s going on?” he asks “why are ya avoiding me? Did I do somethin’ wrong doll?” his voice cracks on the last syllable, what you’re doing to him breaks your heart but you have to break him, dismantle the friendship you spent years cultivating or he will come look for you, Bucks nothing but loyal. Dude doesn’t know when to quit.

You square your shoulders and muster the most acidic tone you can “what have you done buck? You fucked me for six months, used me, broke me and then threw me away like trash when my best friend finally decided to look at you” you’re shaking now, Bucky’s face falls with every venomous word you hurl at him, pain and anger flashing across his features “I was nothing more to you than a warm body to stick your dick in and soothe your fucked up mind” he stands abruptly, looming over you trying his best to contain his anger “ what the fuck (y/n)! ya agreed! No feelings, no attachment, I didn’ ask ya to feel anything for me, I didn’ want ya to feel anything for me” you suck in a sharp breath “that’s on ya and I won’t apologize for takin what ya offered me so willingly” he’s looking at you straight in the eye, this isn’t your Bucky. You don’t know this man, cold and calculated, indifferent to the obvious pain etched on your face “and why the fuck did ya think this was anything more than a quick fuck, that I wanted anything more from ya?” he spits out through clenched teeth.

“ya aint nothing special doll” Your bottom lip quivers, willing yourself not to cry, not too breath, His face twists in horror as he realizes what he’s said “(y/n) Jesus, no wait I mean-”he desperately tries to back peddle

 “So this is what dying feels like” you think

“Get out. Now. Don’t look at me. Don’t speak to me. I never want to see your face again sergeant Barnes” your voice is flat, calm, devoid of all emotion.

“kitty please, I’m so so- “he pleads “GET OUT JAMES! GET THE FUCK OUT” you’re screeching, sobbing, slamming your fists into his chest “IF YOU WANT TO THROW ME AWAY THEN FUCKING LEAVE YOU SON OF A BITCH”

“(y/n) …” He tries “Get. Out James’ you seethe.

He takes a step towards you, arms outstretched, desperately trying to pull you into his arms “don’ do this, please, don’ shut me out, let’s talk this out baby please i’m sorry” he begs.

“No.” balling your fists. you stare him down and hiss “I aint nothing special Barnes, remember?” You see him break then, the sound that leaves his mouth caught between a gasp and a wail,his face mirroring what your trying so hard not to let out, he physically deflates, shoulders slumping in defeat. You take a morbid sense of pleasure knowing that you have hurt him as much as he hurt you, mistake just a mistake.

He leaves without another word.

You send out your resignation letter the same night.

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livvy & dru

oh god but imagine the relationship that livvy and dru could’ve had like
-livvy, the more conventionally pretty, helping dru accept her body and literally destroying anyone who made snide comments about it
-dru opening up to her about how she feels excluded from the older blackthorns and livvy making a point to include her too in her and Ty’s games rather than only Kit
-babysitting tavvy together
-being close in age talking about boys and braiding hair bc neither could have that sort of relationship with ty or tavvy or Julian or mark or Helen or Emma
-dru loving to watch horror movies with her bc livvy always laughed at the goriest parts
-spying on kit and ty talking to each other from the rafters
- familiarizing themselves with Helen again and becoming the female blackthorns trio
-the two of them going on missions together when kit and ty were elsewhere
-bonding and getting to know each other like I don’t think they ever did and now /never/ will

((I’ll add more to this as I get more emotional))

A list of things that weren’t included / were modified in All Out!! ep15

For those who aren’t reading the manga and who are still alive after episode 15, here is a list of details that you missed (no screenshots of the actual episode bc my dumb ass does not know how to take them orz):

1. Not very important, but

Firstly, the title of the chapter (ooo,I wonder who it might refer too). Secondly, they removes Ise’s undershirt in the anime. Not sure why they did that, but i’m not complaining.

2. Hachioji’s cute af Hello Kitty phone cover. 

Not sure what’s more precious, Sekizan’s pink sakura phone wallpaper or this.

3. Haruki’s words

Now… All Out!! isn’t exactly a shounen manga, it’s a /seinen/, supposedly meant for an older audience. It seems that they sugarcoated things up in the anime to make it more pg. However, personally, I find Haruki’s words in the manga to be much more crude/insulting than in the anime. There’s a big difference between asking your little bro and his friend if they’re a couple and asking them if they’ve had sex already.

4. Shut up Haruki ft. Natsuki’s anger

Once again, you have big bro Haruki being more than just a little suggestive and insulting the relationship between Hachioji and Natsuki, also insulting rugby.

And we also have an angry Natsuki. I find his outburst to have much more emphasis in the manga, treating his brother of Asshole (which he is) and swearing at him. It’s too bad that the anime changed this, Sure it’s ruder and a bit more vulgar in the manga, but I feel like it’s better like this.

Also you have Haruki being angry, and Natsuki being scared shitless of his own brother. Someone save him please.

5. Cigarettes –> Food?

In the anime, they changed ‘go buy me some cigarettes’ to ‘go buy some food’. I’m not sure why they changed this… to keep it pg? Probably… Btw, I don’t remember them showing Haruki smoking? Instead they showed him playing with his phone (with a broken screen) which wasn’t shown in the manga… Speaking of which–

They also removed the part that said that Natsuki had been smoking. I’m sure that’s not very important but still… That’s something I would have liked to know about him

6, And finally, Ebumi’s family?

From this page, it’s implied that Ebumi’s mother remarried with a certain Mr. Takagi, that he can easily obtain money from him, and that he doesn’t like him (since he wants to keep his name, Ebumi). Now I really don’t understand why they left this part out. Isn’t that important information?

Now, while they removed quite some stuff, they also added others. Like Gion trying to kabedon (?) Sekizan, Sekizan liking crepes, and most importantly the flashback with Haruki. This wasn’t in the manga, so I guess they included it in the anime to make us empathise with Haruki or something?? (though, I really can’t find myself to empathise with him…)

Anyway, I really wanted to make this post because there are many things that non manga readers are missing that I think are important (hachi’s hello kitty phone cover is vERY important)

The X-Men in a 'THINK FAST!' moment:

Charles: “WHERE’S ERIK!?”

Kurt: *frantically prays*

Jubilee: “UH, CATCH!” *throws her gum at Ororo*


Jean: “PREFESSORR!!?!?!?!?”




Scott: “OKAY, I GOT THIS-” *has no idea what the fuck is happening*



Bobby: *slips on his own frantically panicked built ice*

Kitty: “RAWRR???!!”

Rouge: “Fuck all yall”

Logan: “BEER, NOW.”

Boo Kitten

Losing a pet is terrible. There is nothing more fitting than that word to describe the experience of loving a living thing so much you cannot imagine your life without them. Even though this living thing was a cat, she was not just any cat. She was Boo Kitten. She came to Mrs. D and I by way of adoption through Mrs. D’s sister. Her sister called me one night thirteen years ago and said she wanted to get Mrs. D a cat. I did not grow up in a cat loving household. I mean, they were fine and all, but nothing like a dog. Now, I can safely say, my family was dead wrong. Cats are unique and fabulous in their own right and don’t let anyone ever tell you different. 

When Boo Kitty was first introduced to us she was not Boo Kitty! The Humane Society had named her Reba or Reva. I like to think it was Reba because she’s a sassy lady and this kitten didn’t lack sass in the least bit. Well, her name was quickly changed when Mrs. D opened the box and Boo Kitty popped out! This kitty was all calico, all sass, all hair, and possessed an astounding floofy tail. Early on she was a cuddler. On our way home from Thanksgiving that year we had her in the car and she was crying and meowing so much we let her out and she laid on the dashboard & on my shoulder!

Over the years, Boo Kitty became a part of our lives and saw many things. She was introduced to our little blonde dog, Foxy, in 2007 and has pretty much resented us ever since. Sure, she forgave us somewhat, but I know deep down she was never fully over the moon to have a new sister dog. Then, in 2011 Maximilian was born. Honest to the Lord above I don’t think she and Max touched one another until about a two years ago. He wanted to love on her so bad, but she had better things to do like chasing paper clips and eating any carbohydrate, especially bread, she could. 

I know a lot of people say cats are so aloof or stuck up. Well, yes they are, BUT when they aren’t, they are immensely affectionate and loving. When Mrs. D was pregnant with both kids Boo would wrap herself up on her belly or near her. It was hopefully to show love, but she could have also been plotting her revenge. She even loved to sit on my chest in the middle of the night with her long tail and ass in my face. I miss that oddly enough. She was a good cuddler under the covers too. 

These last few months have been hard and aging was taking it’s toll on her. Our decision to let her go was not done in haste, but rather methodically and with lots of discussion. Max is processing as six year olds do, but man, that is so tough to explain to a little one. He and I gave Boo a warm french roll from the oven yesterday and brushed her one last time. Beatrix won’t get to know Boo Kitten as Max did, but she can definitely get to know her spirit and love through our stories and photos. In a final farewell, yesterday afternoon we picked up a bouquet of flowers, which she would have loved to chow down on, and we broke one stem in her honor.

Oh, original fur baby, dearest Boo Kitty you will be missed. Thank you for being a great kitten. May you be enjoying endless whipped cream on top of huge baguettes in the heavens above. Love you little kitten.

anonymous asked:

I'm really sad because I have to give my cat back to the SPCA on Sunday. I feel terrible because I just can't give her what she needs right now in my life. I feel like I'll never be able to own a cat and it's always been my life dream to have one 😞

I’m very sorry that you have to give your kitty back. I had to give both of my cats away, so I understand your pain. 

The bright side is that you love your cat so much that you’re giving her the opportunity to have a new life and that you realize that you can’t give her what she needs instead of being selfish and keeping her. You’re doing the right thing. Think of it like your cat is going on vacation and she understands that you’re doing the best thing for her. 

And life is full of twists and turns, just because you can’t own a kitty right now doesn’t mean that that’s the way it’ll always be. Stay positive, I believe in both you and am sending lots of love your way!