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I prepared my layout for June because I don’t think I will have time for it by then. I tried going for a more minimal look, but it ended up a little messy. I like how it turned out, though. I got inspiration for the days design from one studyblr but I forgot who it was. If you happen to recognize it and its owner, please let me know so I can give credit! 😊

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sometimes i feel like the only person who actually thought yuri on ice wasnt very good at all

I can see how someone going in with really high expectations is let down. I went in thinking it’d be another mediocre free knockoff and it blew it out of the water. It turned out pretty solid and a fun ride.

“Tell me your thoughts, my friend,” I say to Bastion.

They tell me their thoughts.

D.Va’s meka is the largest, fattest flamingo they have ever seen.

They would like to know how long it will take until Ganymede is as tall and beautiful as Mercy.

Torbjorn needs to stop leaving his young unattended in strange places; this is why they die so often. They also want to know who the father is.

They also like Hanzo’s tail feathers, which I can only assume means his hair ribbon.

As it turns out, Bastion thinks anyone who is not an Omnic is just a very large, strange bird.

“Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the public accepts [Mustang.]”

Okay, a few episodes back there was this one scene with Grumman that was confusing, and I got a lot of Asks sent my way helping clarify it.

It was a scene of Grumman’s internal thoughts, or so I thought, where he was saying how he planned on double-crossing Mustang and taking all the glory for himself. And just as that thought finished, it transitioned to Major Miles’s internal thoughts, where he was all like “That’s probably what this guy is thinking now.”

I read that scene as being completely literal. Grumman was really thinking that, and Miles was one step ahead. But no! Turns out it was 100% Miles’s paranoid thoughts and it was just conveyed really… oddly. I was completely thrown by Grumman’s actual voice being used for it.

I should have known better, really. I knew full well that Grumman was a trusted ally.

Also, for one of our quizzes in Advanced Illustration for Production, we had to create a new Pokemon, so I decided to make a dragon Eeveelution! I haven’t come up with a name for it since I can’t really think of any that don’t sound weird or dumb, but I’m sure I’ll think of something soon and I really like how this one turned out as well! It has sort of a Spyro feel to it, but I still think it looks pretty unique.

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FUCK I THINK ITS SO AMAZING HOW YOU'RE AUTOMATICALLY AN ADULT WHEN YOU HIT 18 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😫😩😩💦💦💦💦💦 LMFAO. MY SISTER IS TURNING 20 AND SHE STILL LIVES AT HOME AND ACTS LIKE A 2 YEAR OLD. AGE DOESNT FUCKING MATTER FAM FUCK. Im so FED UP Its to Exhausting!!!!!! How IGNORANT Can you BEEEE. My sister isn't planning on moving out any time soon damn she'll live w us until her mid to late 20s even LIKE I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW ANTIS LOGIC WORKS??????

Lmao deadass I’m turning 20 this year and I can’t even make my own phone calls

The Night Troian Saved This Godforsaken Show..

First off, AMAZING episode! I’m in awe of how well Troian did with this episode. Generally I’m left screaming at the end of every Tuesday, I was not let down or made angry in the slightest tonight.

Now we’ve all had two weeks off to scream “WE WANTED EMISON, BUT NOT LIKE THIS” But I think tonight’s episode turned the whole situation around completely! Still a totally shitty thing that was done to both of them, but look, they gonna make it work, and it seems they’re going to be happy with it working together. (at the very least until we find out who the father is) Which by the way, do we have any speculation on who the father might me guys? Cause I’m drawin’ a blank on that one. But I would be super pleased if it was Noel, I mean, it’s not likely BUT THINK OF THE CUTE AS A MOTHER FUCKING BUTTON BABY THAT WOULD MAKE! LOLOL

Now, everyone is already saying that the scene at the airport seemed nothing like Spencer, and I agree. Spencer would not pointedly say that she really wouldn’t want detective Fury to hear about this. I think that whoever that is, which I doubt it’s a twin, wanted Ezra to see her there AND wants detective Fury to hear it. So yes, my money is on a mask. But, my money is also on… wait for it… Melissa wearing it. WHAAAAT, I know. But I just couldn’t help but notice them bickering, just like they used to as an engaged couple.

I AM DYING TO KNOW WHAT’S IN THAT DAMN FOLDER! A lot of speculation going on about that too. The most popular and least nonsensical of which is that Aria was never in Iceland, but rather in Radley for that year after Alison’s disappearance. And this would make complete sense right? Her friend had just gone missing from a sleepover that SHE WAS AT NO LESS. And it would make sense that the whole family might rent a home closer to the hospital that she was in. One, to be closer to their child. And two, to keep the wandering eyes of Rosewood from seeing them come and go without Aria for a year. Makes sense. But there must be something more terrifying in that file, something that happened during the hospital stay. The hospital alone is NOT a big enough secret. I’ve revisited the first scene Aria and Ezra meet and it just seems too convenient to me that the man she sits down and talks to happens to have spent some time in the capital of the country she might be pretending to have been in. And FUCK GUYS B-26 Happiness by The Fray. I know it ends up holding much significance for the couple, and I know it has always seemed a bit shady that Ezra just knew the code for this song, but common it’s his college bar and he’s just finished college he probably knows every song in that damn jukebox. What I’m FINALLY noticing are the lyrics to the song. “But you are gone - not for good but for now. And gone for now, feels a lot like gone for good” AND “But let it go, live your life and leave it. Then one day, you’ll wake up and she’ll be home…” I wanna focus right now on the fact that Aria loves this song. I THINK these lyrics are powerful, and while they might illustrate to the audience that Ali was never dead, I think they may also imply that Aria knows this, that maybe she knew all along more about WHY she was gone and that she would in fact be back someday.

Now, onto the final bit concerning tonight’s episode before we move on to points from next week’s promo. The video caller. The face is broad, the hair doesn’t appear to be edited, and the speech pattern is too distinct and familiar to NOT recognize as Paige. Is Paige playing for the A-team now too? It’s hard to tell, it seems like that was laid out all too pretty for us to put together. And I cannot see any current reason why Paige would be working with AD, one, she was happy with her new job, and receiving even better offers, she chose to stay for Emily (which were she already involved in this she would already have known all about the pregnancy), AND she seemed pretty content with the answers she got from Ali tonight. All in all, as clearly as that final scene is meant to look and sound like Paige behind the editing, I don’t buy it for a second.

AND NOW. Onto the promo, AWAAAAAAAAY.

I got nuffin’ about most of it. BUT the Lucas bit. This intrigues me. I never truly thought he was capable of being AD. I know I know, he put himself in a very opportune spot with the girls, especially Hanna. And that may have been the plan at first. But I believe that since getting out his treatment of Hanna has been genuine and through regret. I think he played, only a little, after Charlotte’s death. He was brought in with the promise of finding out what happened to his friend. This explains the anomaly with HIS fireplace. Nothing after Hanna’s torture happened, and were he still in the game I think more would have been going wrong with such a high tech loft. I think he got himself out after learning that his help resulted in the torture of an innocent. How he got out, I imagine we’ll find out. Maybe HE was in possession of Aria’s file and used it, after all he knows how this game is played. OR he designed the app on the evil phone. Either way, I believe he is guilt ridden over Hanna among other things, as it does appear that some of his own comic book concepts were used in the dollhouse.

I love opinions guys. LAY ‘EM ON ME FANDOM!


i was tagged by @dwarven-beard-spores to self-rec my five favorite fics, so here we go! In no order:

1) Please Be Gentle- this was my first Jerejean fic and I put so much work into it and I still love it a lot. 

2) Just a Little Unsteady- This was my first multichapter Jerejean fic and it was incredibly fun to write and established a lot of how I feel about their relationship.

3) Exhale- This one’s about Jean facing the Ravens for the first time after everything and it was just good to explore that dynamic.

4) Andreil: I Love You- Finding a way for Andrew to say I love you to Neil and not have it ooc was hard but I think I did alright.

5) Andrew and Wymack- This was an interesting dynamic I hadn’t thought about before, but I really liked how it turned out!

I don’t know who hasn’t been tagged, so anyway do this and say I sent you!

“Sing me a song, Pearl.”

I’m starting to doubt Pearl once belonged to White Diamond, not only because she is multicolor in comparison to the monochrome Yellow and Blue Pearls, but also because it’d be really cliche and predictable. Given her color scheme, I’m starting to think now that Pearl originally served some other Gem of a different ranking, likely to have been in either White or Pink Diamond’s court. Who, however, is anyone’s guess, because I can’t really guess myself. Still, I thought I’d draw this anyway.


romantic feelings- the squip x reader

Anonymous said: idk i saw ur post act being v sexually attracted to the squip and i thought to myself, well same, and i was wondering if u could do a squip x gender questioning reader? or one where the reader has a crush on squip and squip finds out

summary: the squip thinks ur hot, and u happen to think theyre hot as well. also ur queer as FUCK 

warnings: gender dysphoria, embarrasmentish

a/n: why not BOTH???? anyways hello there i don’t know why i like the squip BUT I THIRST FOR THEM gahhh also the squip will go by they/them idk why i feel its more respectful that way?????

you looked in the mirror, staring your reflection down. you were wearing a tight red dress, and were unsure of how you looked in it. you turned to the squip, a look of sheer smugness on their face. 

“what?” you asked frowning. they looked at you and rolled their eyes. 

all you humans are oblivious if you are still a virgin by the end of this night” he states, making your jaw drop. 

“what the- why would you say something like that?” you stuttered, blushing. the squip was attractive, and he did ‘flirt’ with you, but he was never this forward. 

so you think im attractive?” they smirked. you groaned and flopped on the bed. 

“i forgot you were in my head.”

“i am, luckily, so i also know, that this dress doesn’t suit you.” he laughed, making you sit up.

“what?” you were startled by their words.

i understand that you look stunning in this dress but you don’t want to wear it, not really. i think you want to wear something else. something more… you.” they state. you look at it, confused. they motioned you to follow and you did, letting them lead you towards your dads closet. in it, lay a suit in pristine condition, from his prom. you gasp as you run your hand through the fabric. 

“how did you-?” 

i don’t sleep when you do, y/n. i have lots of free time to explore…

“ok then…” you laughed, and started to undress. the squip “blushed” as you start to put the suit on. you chuckled as you twirled around in it, admiring the feel and the look of the suit on you. 

beautiful.” they breathe, and it was your turn to blush. 

“lets go fuck up some prom people.” you grin, running to your car. 

you were flirting with some girls, and squip was fuming behind you. you didn’t notice them, too engaged in your own conversations to care that the squip was about to kill someone. you felt a stern grip on your shoulder when you started to lean into one of the girls. you turned to see the squip glaring at you. 

lets get out of here.” it whispers through gritted teeth. you roll your eyes and get up, but was then stopped by michael and jeremy. 

“jeremy!” you exclaim, smiling and hugging him. you move onto michael, and the squip notices you cling onto michael a little longer than necessary. he kisses your hand and you two start to talk, leaving the squip jealous of michael and jeremy jealous of you. eventually you two, finished with your conversation, join jeremy to the dance floor. as the music gets more heated, you find yourself grinding on michael. 

of course, it was just a joke between two friends, but the squip didn’t see it that way. they knew you thought you two were just friends, but form what michael was thinking, the squip knew something else was going to happen if they didn’t put an end to this right now. they grabbed you arm and started to pull you away. 

not only would hooking up with michael be career suicide, but the squip would be broken if you chose anyone other than them, they’d be broken. you huffed away and then confronted the squip in your car. 

“what the fuck was that?” you seethed. 

i-uh- i think i may have contracted romantic feelings for you.”


gurguliare replied to your postlazy LaCE blogs, in bullet point form

i THINK the reincarnation explanation here is “the child’s fea is ALWAYS alien/totally fundamentally unrelated to the parents’, whether it’s a brand new soul or a reincarnated person, and that’s why it’s Okay that reincarnation happens” which is… a really weird …. “solve” …

mmm how fucked up would it be though if you didn’t KNOW your kid was someone else being reincarnated and suddenly when they turn 50 they’re like “OH.” I mean I’m SURE tolkien has something for that too. there’s a form manwe hands you to fill out on your wedding day, like when you get a driving license and have to choose whether to be an organ donor

simaethae replied to your postsimaethae replied to your post: simaethae replied…

sure, i like my weird aliens messed up tho. :) (I handwave the more obtrusively sexist (etc) content as “aelfwine is an anglo saxon from iirc like the 900s CE” bc that’s not the fun kind of dystopia, tho. ughhhh)

oh you’re right this is perfect, aelfwine’s oblivious anglo-saxon-ness gives me an excuse to mold elf culture into whatever I want, within reason. I’m mostly mad that tolkien, and therefore aelfwine, doesn’t recognize and acknowledge how messed up elfs are

Dark deal

Title: Dark deal

Pairing: Azazel x Reader

Word Count: ~2k

Warnings: angst, dead family (it’s Azazel they didn’t die nice!), loss of family, hurt, sadness

Request: Can you write Azazel (spn) x reader? The reader is addict to demon blood or she made a deal with Azazel and broke it because she didn’t want to go in hell or sth else … as you wish. I think something a little dark and the reader is not a Mary-Sue… you can write a smut or not, feel free to ignore my requests if you don’t have inspiration. I don’t want to force you, that’s not right.

A/n: This is the darkest thing I’ve ever written. Please be careful if anything in the warnings sounds like it might be a trigger to you! Also I hope you’re okay with how the reader turned out, anon, I tried my best to make her not Mary Sue.

It had always been your sister. She came first, no questions asked and no second thought put into it. After all she was the first born, the “pretty one” and well she was the one with powers. Sometimes, especially as a young girl and teenager, you had envied her, on some days you had even told yourself that you’d hate her. But she was family, when your grandpa died she hold you all night, keeping her own tears at bay for your sake. When you moved across the country for your dad’s job, she was your best friend in school until you found people you clicked with. She had looked out for you all your life and maybe she deserved the pedestal your parents always put her on. Maybe your sister had been perfect.

However the image of the perfect sister and perfect family was destroyed. As all good things your simple life came to an end. It seemed to be a thing about illusions and dreams, they couldn’t last. You had come home from your job, it was already getting dark outside. That was the first thing that stroke you as odd. Usually at least the kitchen and living room would have been light up, your mum would prepare family dinner and your dad would watch the news and complain about the unresolved issues of your country. Your big sister would be sitting with him, half listening to throw in intelligent comments and half reading a book for her fancy college course. But when you opened the door today there was no noise, no soft radio in the kitchen and no chatting over the TV in the living room. Everything was silent.

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i thought pet the moon. it’s larger than life but i wonder does it desire comfort too. clean the seas. save the bees. build a bridge to a universe of possibilities. i don’t think it wrong to turn your back on the sky as it cries out lies. it may work out. a change may come. faults split and destroy man, and we act like it wasn’t earth’s plan. i’m going to ride this life out. I hope I find a partner. but alone under the stars i can see there are no faults. just a lot fathers and mothers.


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Here’s a graph of how I headcanon their friendships are going to turn out. This show is going to get complicated lol.

If y’all are wondering what the animal faces mean, I think Chat and Fox are going to be furry bros. Similar to same hat bros. 

Ladybug had a hard time trusting Volpina, and I think that might carry over. And I think Alya is going to be mischievous enough to roll with it and tease Ladybug a little bit.

And I feel like the bugs are gonna have a “Sempai!” “Kohai!” relationship but I couldn’t figure how to put that into smileys so you get admiration smiley lol. 

I’ve posted art before on how I would like Chat and Bee to act: Rivals for the lady’s attention!

I’ll post the other two later. It takes me a really long time to get to asks, but if you want to send your headcanons or ask me questions about why I put what I did, go for it!