i think i laughed harder at this than i should've

regrets i have about each sign
  • aries: i should've tried harder to get to know the deeper crevices of you. i wrote you off too quickly as an "other".
  • taurus: i should've told you exactly how funny you were. how caring. i think you spent so much time telling other people that they were those things; you forgot that you were them, too.
  • gemini: i should've pushed you harder. you were so passionate, and you lit your words and they started fires. i think i let them fizzle out.
  • cancer: i wish i hadn't beaten around the bush with you. you meant more to me than i ever expressed and i think you didn't feel appreciated. i should've told you how funny you were, how you made my heart feel like a pulled tooth.
  • leo: i should have drank the wine with you. i shouldn't have left. i wish i had fixed your guitar strings. i wanted to fill my camera with photos of your laugh but i only took one.
  • virgo: i wish i had told you that i understood, too. i think i made you feel alone. i held you in the doorway when i fucked up and i sat in the middle of the road when i should have told you that i loved you.
  • libra: we were both bad at communication, but i should've worked harder to keep in touch. i should have appreciated the days we stayed in, wrapped in blankets, singing under the windowsill, staring at maps. i miss you
  • scorpio: i was too confused by you to ever make a move, but i wish i had. i should've realized you were a person, too, not an encompassing wave that i could inch away from. i know you're special now, but i didn't see it then
  • sagittarius: you always told me how you felt, and i wish i had, too. i should've watched the movie with you, without being nervous to show you that i was excited for the future, too; maybe we could've had one then
  • capricorn: i wish i had explained myself to you; you never seemed to get me. i should have laughed harder at your jokes, but i was too scared because you were always at the center of the room.
  • aquarius: i wish i had told you that you were special, too; that's what you always told me. i wish i hadn't been so defensive. i wish i had held you longer when you cried.
  • pisces: you made me petrified. i acted like a child around you because i thought that was what you wanted me to be. i should've known that you just wanted someone to know you, someone to figure you out.