i think i laughed at this more than i should have

I was thinking about my someday wedding, and then about lesbian weddings in general and having to remake heterosexual rituals to suit your relationship, and then I thought about how my grandfather wouldn’t come to my mother’s wedding. So she was like “fine,” and she and my dad walked down the aisle together, and then realized when they got up to the alter that they were standing on the wrong sides, and as they switched around dad said, “sorry, we’ve never done this before,” and everyone laughed, and it’s like. That is so much better than anyone’s father giving away anyone. I like that so much more than anyone presenting themselves to a waiting partner. Like, this is our wedding, let’s do the damn thing together. And same-sex couples need to refit heterosexual rituals to fit their relationships, but like heterosexual couples should really look into doing that rethinking as well.

I fell in love with you, but you don’t love me back. I don’t know what to do anymore. I live for you. Every morning I wake up, for you. I laugh for you, I smile for you, I do my best, for you. But I guess everything I did, for you, wasn’t good enough. Now I have two choices, I can give up and have my love for you die with me, or I can try harder to make you find some interest in me. Right now, one of those choices is more appealing than the other.
—  i’m thinking i should just give up

with every step and jump, with every twist and dip, and with every sway and swirl, you’ve expressed yourself without uttering even a single word and to be honest, i don’t think words are enough for you to let everyone know how much you want it, how no one wants it more than you do and that’s what makes your dance the most beautiful of them all. you’ve waltzed into everyone’s hearts with your powerful moves and graceful twirls but you’ve snugged yourself in when you showed how genuine you are. your laughs that are distinctively louder than everyone else, your smiles that are brighter than the sun, even your tears that tug at every heartstrings and then you turn and spin everyone on their axis by curving your lips into a sinful smirk, moving your body in an almost illegal way, and looking like you know something that nobody else does. but that’s what makes you so endearing and special. you’re always so grateful to every one but the only one you should be the most grateful to is yourself. 

never stop standing on stage like you were meant to be there and continue the dream you have been longing for since the start. it’s only right for you to claim everything you deserve because you’ve earned it and there’s only more for you in this world and nothing less. I love you so much, my two left feet could almost dance. happy birthday to the one and only dancing machine, our precious Kim Jongin. #HappyJonginDay #종인아생일축하해

I don’t think some of y’all understand swing dancing is not easy and is so cute and fun and romantic and it involves a lot of lifts and is very fast and is usually seen as one of the more fun, flirtatious dances and I cannot believe that Matthew Daddario, out of all the possible types of dances, can swing dance like it literally makes me swoon how nerdy and adorable is he like swing dancing is like Danny and Sandy in Grease dancing with all the lifts and the spinning and the laughing and smiling like I want to swing dance with him so badly and do a hip lift with him and have him twirl me around and see him laugh and smile because he said people want to dance with him because he looks like he’s enjoying himself and I’m so emotional over this guys more emotional than I should be but Matthew Daddario can swing dance

Rey A Mary Sue?

Let’s talk about Rey as a Mary Sue argument. Most people sight her winning the final fight against a man who should be a talented swords man. (Even though he’s just a giant child with a broken toy.)

Why am I doing this you ask? Well I want to produce more content, and I have a lot of fun laughing at alt-right blog posts. If you’ve never read any of those reviews of TFA I highly recommend them, they’re hilarious.

Some people think it makes no sense for Rey to have beaten Kylo, and her having done so makes her a Mary Sue. Well those people are wrong, allow me to explain why with red conspiracy circles and gifs, just in case you get lost.

Here’s a really a really blurry gif of THE KYLO fighting Finn. I know it’s shit, I’m sorry.

 Now compare to how he fights Rey.

He’s slower, more defensive than offensive. It’s probably because he’s planning to drag her back with him. Rey’s the one that really starts to push against him. And she does this because, as I discussed in an earlier meta, Rey is a SURVIVOR most of all. 

Anyway, here’s some more stuff to prove my point. THE KYLO is already handicapped when he goes into the battle. Twice.

He’s actually pretty screwed going into his fight with Rey. (I also really like watching this gif over and over again.) Rey probably wouldn’t have won if it weren’t for Finn wounding him first. Or at least it would have been harder. when I talk to people about this scene, they’re always like, oh hey yeah, I-yeah, he was wounded, wasn’t he? Yes of course he was dummy, how do you not notice that?

Okay, but here people ask, how on earth can Rey wild a lightsaber without training. (Which is possibly one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Which is saying something.) For proof this is dumb, please direct your field of vision to the gif above, and the picture below.

What’s that? Han Solo using a lightsaber? Idiots.

So, yeah, Rey can use a lightsaber. Consistent in universe. Now, let’s talk about her suddenly being able to fight. Emphasis on the sarcastic suddenly.

Does Rey even know how to fight in the first place? Yes.

She knows how to fight with a staff. Now now, I can hear someone saying, A LIGHTSABER ISN’T THE SAME THING, THERE’S NO REASON SHE WOULD KNOW HOW TO USE A SABER INSTEAD OF A STAFF. 

Well, yes, idiot. If you pay attention during the movie, you’ll note that during the final fight Rey wields the lightsaber like a staff. As per usual, here are visual aids.

The red conspiracy circles are pointing out the placements of her hands on the saber. She’s rotating it the same way she would with her staff. In that she’s using her spare hand to aid the rotation of the saber, which is a staff technique. If she knew how to use a saber, she’d keep both hands on the hilt at all times, or just stay one handed. But she doesn’t, because she grew up learning how to fight with staff.

Anyway, there you go. Sorry if this was a little more candid than usual. Or perhaps rude is the word. Either way I hoped everyone enjoyed it.

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“You know, I can’t call you Hux all the time. It’s impersonal.” 

“That didn’t sound impersonal last night.” He gave you a smug smirk, a smirk that could melt your heart, and he knew it, you thought. That bastard.

“You know what I mean. I… What should I tell my mother? She’ll think you’re nothing more than an affair, or worse, my sugar daddy.” 

Hux almost laughed but suppressed it. “She can call me General Hux.” 

“You’re a real ass, you know.” You snarled. “What is wrong with you? Are you ashamed of your name, or what?” 

Hux looked away and shook his head, but you saw the light blush on his pallor skin.

“What? You’re ashamed of your first name? You’ve got to be kidding me?” He stared you furiously down, so you grabed his hand and sighed, your voice softer this time. “You don’t have to feel embarrassed. I won’t laugh and I won’t tell anyone if you don’t want me to.”

You looked into his eyes and waited for his response. Long seconds passed until he answered in a murmur. 



“My full name is Armitage Hux.”

You smiled at him and squeezed his hand. “I’ve heard worse names, honey. And yours is kind of sexy.”

Hey u know whats really good?…. shou n ritsu being best friends despite their differences…. shou n ritsu falling in love at different paces…. shou n ritsu admitting how they feel to one another…. shou n risu having their first kiss in the snow, standing under a street light at dawn…. shou n ritsu listening to the other talk, loving the way their voices fill the silence…. shou n ritsu watching the other move, speak, laugh when they think theyre not looking…. just, shou n ritsu being absolutely smitten for each other.

Anti donation man

This is a fun one. I work at a place “that has the worst coupons ever” and we were doing a thing where if you donate a piece of clothing and you would get a coupon that you can use on the items marked with a PINK sign. Now this older male comes in and wants me to “help pick out sheets” and he gets super mad when I explain how this system works and he literally tells me “I have donated enough to THOSE people. Where are they handing them out?” I tell him and I think I have seen the last of him but Oh fucking no this ass face comes into my line and was like “I almost laughed when you asked me to donate to THOSE people. I make more than enough to to support myself, and why should I have to donate to them? blah blah blah” I was instantly pissed off and was like “here is your change, I can help the next person here.” And the fucked goes “you are welcome!” And stomps away? Like go fuck yourself and take a nap maybe?

4.  „Stop distracting me with your attractiveness.“

14.  “I’m able to kill you in more than 20 different ways so I advice you to shut up now.”

with Jesus (Paul Rovia)

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” You were gone for 5 minutes and now some asshole was stealing your stuff.

“I just saw that you had a lot of things and…”

“Decided to steal it?”

“I was borrowing a bit of it. I wouldn’t have taken everything.”

If you weren’t so angry you probably would have laughed at his response but you had a pretty bad day and were in no mood for any shit.

“I’m able to kill you in more than 20 different ways so I advice you to shut up now and put down my stuff or you’ll not like what comes next.”

“You…you should really stop that.”

“Stop what exactly?”

“Stop distracting me with your attractiveness.”


The guy raises an eyebrow and puts up his hands defensively, “Alright, alright.” He slowly backs up away from you and steps outside of your little hideout, “I’m Paul by the way…maybe I’ll come by again. We can talk and stuff.”

“Wha..? Are you crazy, piss off.”

“What’s your name?”

“Y/N.” You say in an attempt to get rid of him.

“Okay, Y/N see you soon.” He smiles, giving you a small wave and vanishes. You furrow your brows and stare at him while he leaves. He didn’t really seem like a bad guy just really weird.

On Chapter 845

So, I read the chapter several times now, and I think I’m finally able to make something like an analysis.

So, I have to say I have very mixed feelings about this chapter.The reasons why I will talk about further down.

So, first of all:

What the hell is going on with that food? xD Like, what even was happening? xD

We’ve seen some pretty sick stuff in op, but I really didn’t know if I should laugh or be disgusted. In the end I laughed ^^’ Look at that face when Yonji took a bite god… I probably shouldn’t have laughed so much.

Anyways, moving on to the more serious stuff.

What I found more interesting than Sanji’s scene with Pudding, was definitely Luffy’s iron will and unbroken spirit once again presented in this chapter.

He’s had to deal with an hour-long battle against Cracker form which he suffered severe injuries, his friends are stuck in a mirror land chased by slenderman-lookalike, he got beaten up by his own crewmate, he’s hungry and probably dehydrated and dead tired and he freaking lost a tooth and he refuses to leave, seek shelter, recover or tend his injuries, because he promised said crewmate he’d wait for him.

Like, we all know Luffy is an exceptional character in every sense, and again these panels not only broke my heart, but they also, once again, reminded me why Luffy is so so dear to me and to the audience.

He goes against all reason for his friends, he puts himself through horrible torments for the sake of his friends. What an exceptional man, truly.

But that brings me to two points I want to talk about.

Yes, Luffy showed us once again his unbreakable belief and willpower. However, looking at the upcoming battle long-term, he puts himself in an even worse position than necessary. Yes, his decision to not eat anything anymore is understandable and noble, but also dangerous, not only for himself, who already is injured and weakened, but also for his crewmates.

Nami, rightfully, is worried and pleads him to come seek shelter, but Luffy is too firm on his decision, too proud and perhaps too narrowminded what his choices as a captain will do to his whole crew. Half of his crew are on enemy territory, out of his eyesight, out of his reach if they need help.

Of course, Luffy trusts them all 100 per cent. And yet, he’s risking not only his own life, but also the lives of many more, who are by far not as strong as him.

However, I absolutely loved him in this chapter and we will see what happens to him battling the enraged army. I truly hope someone - a saviour? - comes to help him, because even Luffy has his limits and he’s running a race against time.

And Luffy’s firm, standfest position brings me to Sanji.

I have to say I am still not entirely sure how to feel about that scene with Pudding. For me personally, it felt very out of character, for me it didn’t really feel like a one piece chapter anymore. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks that, but whatever.

I don’t want to go into detail about what he says, I think it was more than obvious. Interesting, however, is when you read between the lines.

So, we have the talk between Sanji and Pudding, where he narrates his story.

When he refers to the wristlets, he mentions briefly that their only “recourse” to steal the keys is to defeat her entire crew. He says “our”, at least in the translation, so that includes her, and why I find that weird, I will say in a moment.

But as we read, he illustrates the helplessness of the situation, he’s aware of his friends now being in unbelievable danger as they are on enemy territory, he doesn’t expect any help from his family (obviously), and he refers to Pudding as his only saviour in this moment.

I personally thought that felt very out of character for him. It feels like he told her that information of his past and present situation to get a certain reaction from her, whatever that may be.
Maybe I’m wrong, who knows.

Point is: What about his captain coming to save him?

Has he given up on Luffy already?

Here we got the semi-romantic last panel of this chapter. I don’t know if they are kissing or not (I don’t think so), but at the very least, it is perhaps the most intimate moment of a woman and a man together we’ve ever seen in one piece. Especially since it features one of the main characters.

I thought these panels, with an injured and beaten Luffy struggling against an army and Sanji, who supposedly gave up already and is ready to go through with the wedding, these panels stand in a pretty harsh contrast with each other.

There’s Luffy, bless his heart, who refuses to let go of his hope that Sanji will come back to him, who risks everything, not onyl his own life but also the lives of his friends and goes against all odds and battle Big Mama’s army.

And then there’s tragic Sanji, who shows that he has no hope left, neither for him nor for his friends. As though he lost faith in Luffy, in Nami, in the crew he loves so damned much.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I felt it was so weird for him to say those things. It feels weird that he has given up and he wants to sacrifice himself in order for his friends to leave the island.

Sanji of all people should know that it’s wishful thinking. In 800 chapters he should’ve learned that Luffy doesn’t give up and won’t let him give up, either. He should know that Luffy will fight his way through this, he’s always done that.

As I said, for me personally it felt very weird and strange to read Sanji say he has no hope for himself left. But people interpret things differently. But I don’t quite think he’s being all that honest.

And another thought on Pudding.

To make it short, I don’t trust Pudding at all. I’m not saying she’s not a good character, but as the wonderful @samiraheaven93​ put it very precisely, she reminds one of a “too perfect“ fairytale princess mary-sue.

And that does not suit one piece at all. Nor does it fits within the range of op women, who have always proved to be very complex and multi-dimensional characters. So I’m not quite buying her innocent appearance and sweet, kind behaviour.

Why is Sanji trusting her? He doesn’t know her at all. So why go out of his way and tell her things he didn’t even tell his crewmates in all the time they’ve spend with each other.

Of course, it could be because he gave up on his journey, so might as well come clean. But again, I can’t and don’t want to believe that he is serious. That he has given up on his adventure, his journey, his friends, his captain. His happiness.

We will see how this all plays out. Obviously I could be wrong. And the strawhat crew will lose a nakama this arc.

So, all in all, I found this chapter very difficult to somewhat analyse. The story twists very quite difficult to make sense off, so I’m sorry I can’t deliver a more coherent analysis. I could be wrong in every of my points, obviously.

In any case, I found Sanji’s and Pudding’s scene very strange, however the romance was put in a pretty intense and well-placed contrast with Luffy and Nami alone against the army of hundreds of enemies.

As usual, this is just my humble take on the events of this chapter. Be nice^^

However: If sensitive people here have a problem with me uttering my personal opinion and interpretation of a character or situation, please kindly do me a favour and unfollow me, better even, block me.


Today was the first time I took out my spring boots, and I don’t want to take them off ehhhhh

Like everyone else, I have things I don’t necessarily want to talk about, and one of those things is myself. A lot of people would attribute this to humility. I know I’m not ‘all that’ and would never claim to be. Even so, this reluctance to discuss myself feels more fear-induced than anything else. I guess you could say I’m scared of ghosts. People can become them. You can laugh with them, hold them, maybe even kiss them. Until you can’t. Until they leave. And then what do you have? Memories. They can do their best to disappear from your life, but that won’t stop you from thinking of them at 3am. You know you should be sleeping, but instead you’re thinking about the songs you shared, and their laugh, and how they held you when you could barely keep yourself together. And then you’re breaking, because you remember for the nth time that they’re not there to hold you together anymore. I’ve read about it, I’ve seen it, in some ways I’ve even lived it. So now I’m not as open a book as I used to be. I decide the speed at which my pages are turned, or if they’re even turned at all. After hearing and being a character in too many ghost stories, you begin to expect people to become them. You become wary of them, expecting their pseudo-death. Everyone deals with this wariness differently. Some decide to disappear first. Others like me wait for what feels like an inevitable end, but hope for a better outcome. When I open up to you, I’m asking you to be different. I’m asking you to not turn into another person that haunts me.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Haunting (301/366)
Coffee Shop Au

I don’t own OUAT. This is probably a different kind of ‘coffee shop’ than was meant , but I had inspiration ehe.

“Rubes, I cannot believe you” Emma said, laughing. She really should not have been surprised anymore. Ruby was kind of notorious for her gotta-try-everything-once behaviour. Hell, they had met when Ruby had been arrested for ‘multiple incidents of public exposure’ and Emma had bailed her out. Kind of should’ve told Emma she should’ve expected anything from Ruby, especially with how nonchalant Ruby had been about the whole thing ( she had really been more amused than anything , although she had never gone to jail for indecent exposure again. ‘I am not boring, I do not repeat stuff like that, Ems).

Still, this was something that was unexpected even coming from Ruby.

“ Oh, come on, it is a great idea!”.

“ How do you even think you will convince your grandma? “ Emma flopped down on her bed. After a long day of bounty hunting, she was tired but she actually did enjoy talking to Ruby a lot. The almost hyperactive energy was catching and her stories were often uproarious.

“ Ehm, with how much profit this is going to bring into the shop. Duh. “.

« Is there even like a demand for this kind of stuff ?”.

“ There is always a demand for this kind of stuff. Besides, we would only sell it in the evenings, in a back room so that we can still cater to kids and teens”.

Emma snorted. “ Won’t the teenagers be the ones that want it the most?”.

“Probably, but I am pretty sure mayor milf would have my head if I tried to sell it to teenagers, considering her son is only a couple of years away from that special age where they start drinking and stuff”.

“ Probably. Can’t say I blame her though, kids already get into trouble without help so- “.

“ Are you insinuating that I could ever corrupt our youth? “

Emma rolls her eyes, but grins a little  “ Didn’t you- “.

“ Omg, Ems let it go. Danny was only like two years younger”.

Emma chuckles. Ruby is definitely pouting. “ Fine, I will let it go. But only because you got dumped . For someone older”.

“ You being really sucky, bringing up old pains like this”.

“ I am sure you will live”.

“ Urgh. You do realize that you can literally die of a broken heart? You should not mock me, or you will feel really bad at my funeral”.

“ I could also die because a construction worker that is working really high loses his shoe and that shoe lands on my hand”.

“ uh your point being?”.

“ There is a lot of crazy things that could kill us. I wouldn’t worry too much about it”.

“ You sound like some sort of philosophy mayor”.

“.. no I don’t”.

“ Yeah, you kind of do” before Emma can react, she has to yank the phone away for the sake of her poor ear as Ruby yells “So are you coming?”.

“ To … Storybrooke” like always she hesitates before saying the name. She has known Ruby for years and she knows she can trust her but it is still a weird name. And there was that one time she searched for it and could find it nowhere. When she asked Ruby, she was told ‘it is a shithole. That’s why you can’t find it”.

« No, to Alaska ».

«  No need to unleash the sass on me ».

“  So are you coming?”

“ I guess so. When did you – “.

“ This weekend” Emma scowls a little at the phone when the words that follow are ‘ And because I know you are pretty much a zombie in the morning, you are allowed to arrive here in the afternoon” .

“ I am not that bad”.

“ Yeah, tell that lie to someone who hasn’t been around you in the mornings” and of course, because she is Ruby , the phone is hanged up before Emma can even react to that with (mostly fake) indignation.


Turns out , even if Storybrooke is non-existent on any maps and Ruby’s directions are a little vague (‘okay there is like a fuckton of trees and then there is a sign. Just do not turn right or left, follow the road and you will get there’) at the end, Emma does find Storybrooke.

Okay, here we go. She thinks and it is kind of odd , because she has known Ruby for years and whenever Rubes wasn’t globetrotting or with his grandmother, she would crash on Emma’s couch so she should not be nervous. She kind of is though. Just a little.

However, she also not a coward so she gets of her car without even taking the time to calm herself down. She gets out of the car and opens the door to ‘Granny’s diner” and even calls out for Ruby. Whose scowl immediately changes into a bright grin as she turns around from where she is taking someone’s order.

“EMMA “ she yells and then barges into Emma, hugging her tight before pulling back to kiss her once.

“ Is that another thing you picked up in Europe? “ Emma says, laughing. Even though Ruby has always been free with touches and flirtations.

“ Well, they kissed each other’s kisses like three times. Sometimes? I don’t know” she winks.  “You must just be irresistible”.

“ Lucky me” Emma says drily.

“ Yup” Ruby rolls her eyes and leans in so her whisper won’t be overheard.  “I am going to deal with whiny dude behind me. You can already sit down if you want” she pulls back again, then says in her usual voice. “ Grilled cheese and hot chocolate coming up” before dragging herself back to the customer.

Emma chuckles as she sits down and watches Ruby plaster on a smile. She could have easily become an actress, had she wanted to. She smiles emptily at the guy, only to throw Emma a ‘can you believe this douchebag?’ look as she has her back turned to him.

Emma gives her a quick smile before Ruby turns and sashays into the part of the diner that is the kitchen. When she has dealt with Douchebag as well as some nicer customers, she sits down across from Emma and pushes the grilled cheese towards her.

“ Don’t choke, Ems” Ruby says , laughing at the way Emma immediately digs her teeth in and takes a very large bite from the grilled cheese.

“ Hmm” Emma just groans, quickly swallowing before taking another large bite.  “You are the best” she says vehemently.

“You are pretty great too” as soon as Emma is in between bites, she asks  “how is Boston?”.

“ Okay. Bounty hunting continues to pay the rent” .

“ Do you spend your sad, lonely days tackling people on the wrong side of the law or do you actually get some action” the devious look in Ruby’s eyes tells Emma what exactly she means with ‘action’. She rolls her eyes before swallowing. “ You know the drill”.

“ Still with the one night stands?”.

Emma shrugs. “ I am not really the type of girl for anything else”.

Ruby lays her hand on top of Emma’s, the sadness in her eyes making Emma’s skin crawl slightly.  “ I really hope that will change one day, Ems” she smirks slightly. “Because one night stands are awesome and all, but I really wish you could have a little more”.

“ I don’t need more. I am fine, Rubes”.

“ Yeah, I know. You are Emma Swan, who is really independent and strong after a lifetime of rotten families” she squeezes Emma’s hand once before letting it go.. “ Just so you know though, you always have a family here, you know? One that does not suck”.

“ I know Ruby “she says , her voice stilted. She quickly adds. “ Thank you”.

“ You are welcome”.

Ruby lets her nearly choke on the remains off her grilled cheese for a while before offering her a napkin and pointing at her mouth. “ So…  “ Emma says, and lays down the napkin . “ what did your grandma say?”.

“She is thinking about it”.

Emma arches her eyebrows a little.  “Seriously?”.

Ruby dips her finger in the whip cream on top of Emma’s hot chocolate and licks it. She is a pouting a little.  “Yes. But she says the mayor needs to approve as well”.

“ and you think she won’t”.

“ Have you even listened to my stories ? No way that Mills will ever approve of a coffee shop”

“ Well, move to Amsterdam then” Emma teases.

It is when Ruby stiffens a little that Emma realizes she cares more than expected. Because Ruby has often ideas that are a little crazy or at least a little bit inappropriate or just not feasible and she gets really enthusiastic but often forgets about them after a while. Emma had expected this to be like that, but if the slightly hurt look Ruby gives her is any indication, it isn’t.

“ Sorry Rubes”.

Ruby slowly starts to smile again.  “It is okay” she sags a little. “ I am just enthusiastic about this and it is stupid that it might all not happen because the mayor thinks it is sordid or whatever”.

“ Have you actually talked to her about it?”

“ Not yet. But I would be really surprised if she actually approved”.

“ Stranger things have happened”.

“ Maybe” but Ruby does not look certain at all. She actually looks kind of droopy, which makes Emma shift a little and think of a better topic conversation. She is just about to ask whether the crush Ruby had been so frustrated and kind of teary about is finally not  a ‘shitfest waiting to happen’ anymore when Ruby perks up and jumps to her feet. Emma stares after her as she half-runs towards a brunette that is buried in a large, ancient-looking book.

She smiles a little as she sees Ruby lean in , place her hand on the woman’s shoulder and say something to her. The woman slowly lowers her book, gives Ruby a shy but brilliant smile. Let me guess, that’s- yup. That is definitely Ruby’s crush. The slightly hesitant way Ruby talks and touches says it all. She is kind of curious about what exactly is so bad about liking her( Ruby had only muttered something about gold, which Emma had distributed to her just being drunk at the time)

Emma smiles at the woman as she is pulled along by Ruby. Ruby throws an arm around her and points at Emma. “ This is my lemur”.

“ Ehm, lemur? “the woman hesitantly asks.

“ It is a nickname Rubes has for me” Emma explains, offering the woman her hand. “ Emma Swan. Nice to meet you”.

The woman clutches her book with one arm as she shakes Emma’s hand with the other. “ Belle French” she says.

Emma smiles. “ Ironic name” Belle stares at her, so she explains.  “ Belle is French for beautiful, right ? «  Emma is definitely not fluent, but she has picked up some French over the years. She doesn’t even know where anymore, possibly to either pretend to be someone else or impress someone. “ So the name ‘Belle French’ is kind of ironic considering the first part is a French word”

Belle smiles brightly. “ My father was born in France , but he moved to Australia when he was pretty young”.

“Ah. That explains it”.

Ruby pulls Belle a little closer to her. “ You did not tell me you spoke the language of love”

“ And you are so very surprised by this fact? I may be a dropout, but that does not mean I hate learning stuff, you know”.

“ Ems. I have seen your apartment, I know you have a lot of curiosity and everything” . Yeah, that may have come out a little too intense. Emma cannot help it: almost everyone she ever meets assumes that she is stupid and/or doesn’t like to read just because she dropped out of high school.

She shrugs. Ruby and Belle sit down. Emma really wants to talk about why it cannot work between the two when Ruby throws glances whenever she thinks Belle isn’t looking and Belle blushes slightly as their hands brush. Then relaxes with her shoulder pressed against Ruby’s.

“Ruby told me you are a bail bondsperson. It sounded- “ Belle hesitates for several seconds ( Emma really needs to talk to Ruby, with how she is staring at the crunchy face Belle makes when she thinks with this bright smile) “ interesting. Do you enjoy it?”.

“ I guess? I mean, I am pretty good at it and it pays enough so that is cool”.

“ Oh. Is it as dangerous as it sounded when Ruby was telling me about it? “.

“ Maybe a little. But I can handle myself” .

Belle really seems interested, so Emma decides to tell one of her funnier (and weirder) stories. She is in the middle of describing how she slipped over the plate her ‘date’ had thrown on the floor and crashed into a group of too-pale businessmen when she sees her.

“ So they gave me this lo – “ she trails off, her hands freezing in the air. A woman has just entered. Her brown hair is coiffed, her brown eyes are almost scary they’re so intense and Emma just knows she is the kind of woman that is a really Bad Idea. Still, she takes one look and she is sold. Damn.

“ What are you- “Ruby starts, then turns around and back with a knowing smile.  “The mayor. I told you she was hot, didn’t I?”.

“ you didn’t tell me she was hot enough to spontaneously combust things” Emma mutters, slowly dropping her arms and still staring at the mayor. And yeah, of course she has seen attractive women before but wow. The woman is really attractive. And wearing a perfectly fitting pantsuit, that Emma recognizes to possibly cost her entire month’s salary. She is also barely looking at anyone around her, head tilted slightly.

Emma tries to stop Ruby, she really does. But she is too late when Ruby calls out “ Hey, madame mayor!”

“What are you doing?” Emma hisses as the woman arches her eyebrows- fuck, that is hot too – before walking over to them.

“ I need to ask her something, remember?” Ruby says, but she is smirking and there is that look she gets into her eyes before she tricks Emma into going somewhere like a fight club or whatever ‘entertainment’ she has found.

“ Miss Lucas” the mayor says , gifting Ruby with a small but seemingly genuine smile. She nods at Belle. “ Miss French”.

“ Hey madam mayor. How are you doing?”.

“ I am fine” it is kind of cute (maybe?) how Regina is obviously not the best at small talk. Emma can almost imagine her thinking ‘what does she want now’… or perhaps that is her experience with Ruby’s crazy plans talking. She knows the mayor has seen some of those.

“ Have I ever told you about Emma?” Ruby says which is when the mayor deems to actually look at Emma. She kind of bristles at how she looks at the red jacket hanging over the seat, then smiles as there is a flash of interest as those brown eyes linger on her arms for a moment.

“ Regina Mills “ she says, offering her hand with that same small smile.

The hand is kind of cold as Emma takes it.  “ Emma Swan. Hi “.

The smile grows at Emma’s awkward ‘hi’ and damn it she is usually far more suave around dangerously attractive women with really intense and pretty brown eyes. Not that she has ever met any that are like Regina Mills.  

“ I am pleased to meet you” Regina says and Emma tells herself let go off her hand, you doofus. That is the signal even as it takes three additional seconds before she actually does. Perhaps she should have taken Ruby more serious when she described Regina as ‘kind of Marilyn Monroe except mixed with like an evil queen possibly and then stuck into a pantsuit” . Instead, she had laughed.

Emma finally recovers enough to give her most charming smile and say “ Pleased to meet you as well. Especially after Ruby told me about you “ The last part is revenge for how Ruby was smirking during Emma’s awkwardness. The mayor smiles and arches her eyebrow. “ Oh? I hope she has not mentioned anything scandalous”.

“ You do not seem like the type to cause scandals”.

Regina starts to smirk slowly. “ No. But miss Lucas herself causes them frequently”.

“Hey!” Ruby protests

Regina chuckles. It is somewhere in between teasing and slightly cruel.  “The paperwork from your latest stint was quite extensive” her smile sharpens a little. “ Do remember to stay out of trouble, dear”.

“ Oh please, you totally enjoy it when I ‘cause trouble”  Ruby ways it off, sending Regina a small smirk.

“ Quite the opposite, dear”.

“ Oh really? “Ruby leans forward, her tone slightly more flirtatious. “ I remember you enjoying one of my ‘scandals’ quite a bit”.

Emma would feel oddly and inappropriately jealous , but Regina just rolls her eyes.  “In order to avoid humiliating yourself, I would stop with the insinuations miss Lucas”.

Ruby pouts, but she is smiling a second later. “ You’re no fun”.

“ I will have to check my job description, but I am quite certain that ‘to be fun’ is not in there”

“Your job is to make your citizens happy, so basically the same thing. And it would make me happy”

“ I am certain it would” Regina merely says, smiling at Ruby one last time. She turns to Emma. She smells like apples and possibly cinnamon when she leans on and slowly smiles. “ Miss Swan. I do hope you enjoy your stay “ and she squeezes Emma’s bicep briefly before sauntering over to the counter.

Emma’s eyes are still on her when she directs a question at Ruby. “ Should you not have asked her about the coffee shop thing? “.

“ Yeah, maybe. When she is -  “

They all stare at the card that is revealed when Emma lifts her mug. ‘Regina mills’  it says, along with a series of numbers and , beneath that; ‘I hope your taste in venues is better than your taste in jackets. Call me’

“ Oh My “ Ruby slowly says, staring at the card.

Belle looks mainly confused and slightly terrified. “How- how did she place it there? I never saw her hand anywhere near it!”

“GOD “ Ruby nearly shrieks, turns it into a slightly less obvious thing at the last moment. Emma glares at her.

“ Will you stop already?”.

“ I can’t- I have been flirting with her forever and you what? Come into town and show her your muscles and she just- “.

“ Do you not have a crush on someone else?” she almost glances very obviously at Belle, but catches herself. She really doesn’t want to be murdered now that she might be going on a date with Regina Mills.

“ Have you seen her? Plus, someone who is as tightly wound as her would probably be a –“.

Ruby” Belle hisses. Emma is surprised at how not-sweet her voice can sound. Ruby cowers a little, then mutters “ sorry”.

Emma would make a joke about how whipped Ruby is or at least give her a look, but she is too busy staring at the card. She glances behind her: the mayor is still at the counter. She glances at the card again. “Right back” she says, then slides out of the booth.

She leans on the counter, waits until Regina turns around. She looks down at the card, smirks. “ I have excellent taste”.

“ The jacket begs to differ , dear” but the tone is more teasing than anything.

She leans in a little, lowers her voice.  “Would you still think I have horrible taste if I tell you that you are my type?”.

“ I might be persuaded into believing you are not a lost cause”.

Emma smiles. She had meant to smirk and play coy and hopefully fluster Regina (there is something about her that makes Emma really want to fluster her) but she can’t help it. “ So will you let me show you I am not?”.

“ I did offer you my card, dear” the woman points out.

Emma shrugs. “ Just checking. So uh- “ she hesitates, because she doesn’t want to be too eager but she also really doesn’t want to wait. Screw it. “ are you free tonight or do the people need their mayor?”.

“ The people can ask someone else to solve their issues for the night”.

Emma grins. “ Wonderful. Should I- “ .

“ Eight O’ clock sharp. I do not tolerate tardiness “ her eyes flick to Emma’s arm again before she smirks and looks into Emma’s eyes. “ Make sure to wear something that shows off those arms” .

And the lady has departed, coffee in one hand and take-out bag in the other. Emma watches her go with a smile that prompts Ruby to throw a balled-up napkin at her and say “ The queen has stolen another heart” with a devious smile.

Emma walks over to them, says “ Have fun dealing with her when she finds out you have just outed her in front of a quarter of her town” then starts to walk away. Her smile only widens when Ruby calls out “she was ogling you, I just said what was clear. No way that she can murder me for that”

Emma laughs at the insecure  “right?” that is the last thing she hears. She has a date to prepare for.

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julie did an interview saying some shit about SE saying she would've liked to try and bring them back but nina left so she couldn't, like how are you still trying to make excuses? this finale was so disrespectful and I feel sorry for the SE fans that stuck around for 8 seasons

I don’t feel insulted by the finale, I just don’t even think it should exist, like cancelling it midseason would’ve been kinder to the viewers. Elena didn’t even need to come back like she does NOTHING. But Nina’s tears when Stefan tells Elena that he’s dying, Dobsley work well together. I’m also kind of laughing that she essentially says nothing about Damon. They have their mediocre kiss and she says she lives a happy life with him but she’s sitting in a cemetery by Stefan’s grave talking about how she gets to have a life because of him. They have more of an endgame than DE.

Birthday - Kamunami

Chiaki: “Kamukura-kun, is there anything special you want for your birthday?”

Izuru: “Not really.”

Chiaki: “There has to be something.”

Izuru: “Physical objects are of no value to me.”

Chiaki: “I guess I should’ve expected that.” “You don’t like most things.”

Izuru: “….”

Chiaki: “Still… there has to be something at least. Something that you love more than anything in the world.”  

Izuru: “…”  

Chiaki: *sighs* “I guess there really isn’t anything…” *plays on her GGA*

Izuru: *looks to Chiaki*

Chiaki: *is focusing on her game* “….”

Izuru: “Nanami.”

Chiaki: “Hmm?” *is still focused on her game*

Izuru: “I’m fine with having you as a present.”

Chiaki: *giggles* “I don’t think someone like me would make a good birthday present.”

Izuru: *turns attention elsewhere* “Without you, my birthday is just another boring day to me.”

Chiaki:  “…” *blushes slightly as she finishes her game* “I see…”

Izuru: “…”

Chiaki: *lowers her GGA in her lap* “Umm…”

Izuru: *looks over to Chiaki*

Chiaki: “If you’re okay with having me as a present… I don’t mind.”

Izuru: “….” *feels warm on the inside*  

Chiaki: *looks to him and smiles*

Both: *holds hands*

Okay so I just randomly decided to binge-watch the remake of One Day at a Time on Netflix and I highly recommend it.  I knew literally nothing about it before I started watching this morning, and I never saw the original series to compare so I didn’t have any expectations other than to waste my day watching something mediocre that might make me laugh a few times.

But where I expected nothing but a cliche family sitcom with over-exaggerated problems, I got a show about a Cuban family that in just thirteen episodes tackled everything from single-parenthood, racism, sexism, religion, and sexuality, to mental illness, substance abuse, and genuine acceptance from those that matter and what it really means to be a family.  I wasn’t expecting to spend a lazy day getting emotional but damn this was amazing and I can’t wait for more.

Many of these issues may trigger some, so I felt it was necessary to list as many as I could remember in this post without giving too much away.  But the two stand-out plots that are focused on heavily this season have to do with mental illness and substance abuse, and questioning sexuality and it’s effect on everyone in the family.

I started out watching something fairly light and funny, but it took a more serious turn towards the middle of the season, while still bringing out just enough laughs to keep it from getting too heavy and I think it worked out great.

This is really hard for me to say, but I think I’ve come to the relaxation that you never loved me. You never wanted anything to happen between us. You got what you wanted out of me and left. Along the way you stole my first kiss, and ever since that night I prayed that I would get to kiss you again. The thought of us never kissing again devastated me, but I’ve come to realize that I am just going to live with it. We weren’t ever meant to be anything more than friends. You are just damn good at playing with a girl’s mind. I should’ve known the whole time it would end like this. I should’ve listened to the signs because now I’m left crying and you are off laughing and smiling with her… I should’ve known you would never pick me. I wouldn’t pick me. Who would ever pick a girl like me? I wish I could just let you go…
—  Excerpts from a book I’ll never write #11

Okay but imagine Lovino always thinking that Antonio likes his brother better than him (even though they’re dating and Feli has a bf too) and one night they’re in bed cuddling after having dinner with Feli and Ludwig and Antonio suddenly says “Lovino, I have to tell you something about how I feel about your brother” and Lovino’s heart just stops and he’s ready for Antonio to straight up tell him that he likes Feli better and they should break up but instead Antonio just blurts out “Lovino he’s so annoying I don’t think I can stand him talking for more than five minutes I’m so sorry I know he’s family but I don’t think I can invite him over for dinner again” and Lovino is just shocked and Antonio thinks he fucked up but instead Lovino just starts laughing so hard he starts crying before kissing Antonio all over and promising that Feli doesn’t have to come over again for dinner if he doesn’t want (and after that he can’t help but feel more confident in their relationship and about himself in general because other people may like Feli better but Antonio doesn’t and that’s what really matters)

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I'm currently reading No Easy Answers and the part when Eric trips out on the Browns in their car over his backpack has me laughing more than I should be lmao. "He just went crazy." 😂😂

That whole story makes me laugh, too. I did a retelling of it a while ago and cracked up so much when I wrote that post. It’s one of those things that’s just very easy to envision and somehow wound up as this superdramatic thing that led to a near-permanent rift between Brooks and Eric. I actually found Judy Brown’s reaction to Eric’s apology even more hilarious – she’s one of the few people he just couldn’t fool.

I think the whole story is also illuminating when it comes to Eric’s relationship with his parents and his trouble with keeping his temper in check. Little kids have those types of no-holds-barred meltdowns over stuff like this, but a teenager normally wouldn’t react this way anymore.

Imagine dressing up as Harley Quinn for Halloween and your best friend and co-star Jensen, who also has feelings for you, surprising you by dressing up as Joker.

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A/N: Just because Halloween is coming here we are! And there should be more, a different idea I had which is even cuter!

“So?” he grinned at you as you stared at him with wide eyes “What do you think? Better than Leto or what?”

“I-” you breathed out a laugh “Wow”

“I’m taking that you like it then huh?” he grinned at you and although you should have kept looking at him as if he had grown a second head but actually giggled.

“Joker. Really?” you raised an eyebrow and he shrugged.

“Yeah, but I’m your Joker.” he shrugged, throwing an arm over your shoulders.

You laughed with a shake of you head, feeling your cheeks heat up and you could have never been more glad for the make up “I was going to question your choice of style but- I think I already know the answer, right?”

“Don’t you always sweetheart?” he grinned and you had to keep yourself from staring. A different kind of Joker, that he definitely was, and his make up and style was a mix of that of a few not just the most recent one- although that Joker was the most prominent one.  

“I thought you were supposed to be batman?” you mumbled and he shrugged.

“Next year. For now I need to accompany my beautiful Harley to a party right?” he suggested and you breathed out a sheepish chuckle.

“Right. Misha and Jared must be waiting for us already. Better get going. Soon.” you said curtly trying to hide how embarrassed you were or to let him realize anything. Especially your feelings. Especially how insanely handsome he was in his costume.

“Of course, come on sweetheart. Let your Joker take care of you tonight.” he winked at you walking forward and you felt your breath hitch on your throat. Damn him.

“You know their relationship sometimes goes-”

“Oh but our relationship is far better than anyone else’s… or will be that is.” he grinned and you tried to avoid looking at him even in the eyes.

“Yeah yeah sure. Let’s go, they’re waiting.” you cleared your throat as he laughed, opening his car’s door for you.

“By the way did I tell you how good you look in these shorts?”