i think i know why haru goes crazy for this dude

Persona 5 groupchat head canons (kinda spoilery)

I’ve seen a few fanfics where it’s literally just the Phantom Thieves dicking around in their group chat and that inspired me to post this and honestly I put way too much thought into it


- okay he’s not too different from what we see in the game, meaning most of his replies are like 5 words at most, even after someone sends him an entire fucking essay in text

- he will occasionally send cat pictures (Morgana included, but only when he’s asleep) and everyone mutually agrees it’s the highlight of their week

- he’s never there for any of the late night chats because of You-Know-Who so he always misses all of the crazy shit when everyone is sleep deprived (rip in pieces) but it’s always the first thing he checks when he wakes up

- can get very snarky at times but that’s just his inner Joker coming out

- you can fucking bet he talks for Morgana whenever he wants to say something (Morgana’s messages always end with a - M)

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