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off limits | 02 (m)

pairing: kim seokjin x reader
genre/warnings: smut, dirty talk, dom! Jin 
words: 7,520
summary: you’ve been lusting after your brother’s best friend for a while now, ever since you met him at a house party, flirting it up a storm as you failed to realise who the other was. That was months ago now and things are still awkward, but you can’t ignore the sexual tension that’s simmers between the two of you…and it keeps getting worse…

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My Mother Said No One Would Love Me

(warning: long story)

Ever, she said.

That’s why when Tom came along, I was so happy to prove her wrong for once.

No one will ever love you, she said. My “peculiarities” were too much to handle. That’s what she called them, my peculiarities. She didn’t want to acknowledge that it might be something real–not her daughter, not the daughter of Miss Orange County, 1980.

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iamqueenlion  asked:

McHanzo of course~ #32 👈🏽👈🏽✨

Jesse was restless, had been for hours now. he had said nothing in regards to what bothered him, but little nuances in his movements and speech (or rather, lack there of) told Hanzo something was bothering him.
He turned the page of his book with a sigh. “What is it Jesse?”
  “Huh?” The man barely turned towards him, focused entirely on his cigarillo as he sat cross-legged on the balcony the small hospital room provided. 
   “You are disturbed by something, what is it?”
His serape covered shoulders gave a weak shrug. “It ain’t nothin’, sugar.”
Hanzo nearly closed his book to hurl it at his head. “You haven’t spoken more than five words in the last thirty-minutes something is wrong. Is it about the mission? I told you, my wound is healing, i am not going to die.”
Jesse’s shoulders fell at that. Ah. It really had not been his fault, neither could predict the outcome of that fight. They were lucky to have gotten out in one piece at all. A bullet wound was a small price to pay. and despite knowing this and having survived much worse himself, Jesse had nearly lost it. Forced himself through another Dead-Eye to cut an opening through the enemy long enough to carry hanzo out of there (and to a local ‘hospital’ since they’d been stranded on their own with no medial backup). The cowboy had not left his side since, waited outside while he was stitched up. Brought him dinner and breakfast, kept watch, kept him entertained. Looking back on it now, it was rather endearing.
  “I know yer fine… i know…” Jesse sighed. “it’s just… every time you get hurt, aw fuck it!” he yanked his hat off and threw it on the side table. “Hanzo, I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
Hanzo blinked.
  “Jesse, i got shot in the leg, I think you’re being over dramatic.”
The other man’s body and face scrunched up in an expression of exasperation.  “HANZO I JUST TOLD YOU I LOVE YOU?!”
Hanzo turned the page of his book. “I have known this, what is the issue?”
   “You did not need to. Your actions have always spoken more loudly than your words.” He met the mans eyes with a small grin. “Which is quite a feat, I must say.”
Jesse shifted his stance to place his hands on his hips. “an’ here I been sweatin’ bullets about tellin’ ya for months now. Damn it, sweetheart,”
  “Hmm.” Closing the book he placed it on the bedside table next to the stetson. “Speaking of such, there is a bullet you are responsible for.”
Grin spreading into a full on smile, Hanzo patted the spot on the bed next to him. Jesse moved to fill it, careful not to bump his leg. Leaning his head onto the man’s warm broad shoulder and draping an arm around his chest, Hanzo replied,
  “The one you shot right through my heart.”

Be Patient - Min Yoongi/ Hospital Patient!Yoongi

Summary: You’re a new intern at St. Mathis Hospital and Min Yoongi is your first and most annoying patient.


Comedy/Fluff/Angst/Smut (later on)

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Length: 1893

                                                    CHAPTER 1

The day you started your internship went a little like this - your alarm clock didn’t go off, your cat peed on the floor in the living room because he’s a dick, and you couldn’t remember if they told you to bring scrubs, or just wear them. ‘Today is not the day to look stupid, Y/N.’ So you hurriedly threw your blue scrubs in a plastic bag before taking off down the stairs.

The feeling of total and utter trepidation didn’t hit you straight in the gut until your taxi pulled up to the entrance of the hospital and oh dear god, what if you accidentally kill somebody today? What if you stick a needle in the wrong vein and the vein bubbles up and the patient has a venous air embolism that causes strokes and heart attacks -

“Miss?” The taxi driver says, his eyes scrunched up with annoyance as he turns his rather large body to look at you, scrutiny written all over his aged face. You realize then that you’ve been staring out the window of the car up at the glass structure, where it towered over your head and looked menacingly ominous.

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Dinner with a Stranger (4/4)

Dinner with a Stranger (4/4)
Tom Hiddleston x Reader
Warnings: mention of abuse, fluff
Word count: 1399

Originally posted by hiddlestonedonloki

Leaving Tom was much harder than Y/N ever imagined it could be. He drove her to airport and because he’s Tom Hiddleston, they let him walk her through security and all the way to the gate. They even gave them a private room to say their goodbyes. As soon as the door closed behind them, Tom’s lips were on hers in a firm but gentle kiss. His arms snaked around her waist, pulling her close and holding tight as his lips moved against hers in a way that made her want so much more. It almost frightened her how much she wanted to be close to him.

“Stay with me,” he whispered when he finally let them up for air. Foreheads resting together as they tried to catch their breaths.

“I can’t,” Y/N replied softly, her eyes closed. “We both knew that me being here was short term.”

“Would you stay if you could?” He asked, his arms still holding her against him.

Y/N sighed as she opened her eyes to memorize his face, her hands cupping his jaw. “I wish I had met you two weeks ago or not at all. Three days has been too short, but would two weeks have been long enough? I don’t think so.”

Tom grinned, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“Tom-” Y/N was cut off by his lips crashing into hers, drawing out a moan from her throat. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she tilted her head to give him full access to her mouth, which he took full advantage of. A loud announcement over the speaker calling for her to board the place broke them apart.

“I’ll miss you, my darling,” he whispered, looking deep into her e/c eyes.

“I’ll miss you too, Tom, more than I ever thought possible.” Y/N replied, a tear forming that Tom swept away with his thumb. At the gate, Y/N glanced back at Tom while her ticket was scanned and then, with a small wave, she turned and forced herself to walk down the tunnel and find her seat. Getting settled, she had to take a moment to steady her breathing to keep from bursting into tears.

As soon as she was out of sight, Tom whipped his phone from his pocket and dialed as he began hurrying down the long hallway.

“Helmsworth, where are you right now? I need a favor.”
Y/N landed in Dallas exhausted. Her parents picked her up from the airport, so happy to see her. She forced herself to smile and find the joy in being with her family, they never failed to raise her spirits. On the ride home, Y/N filled them in on most of the trip. They told her some surprising news that her ex had been kicked off the force. Apparently he had been stealing drugs and money that had been entered in as evidence. He was currently awaiting his court date in jail because even his own family refused to post bail.

When they arrived at their house, Y/N felt a little more like herself. Her fears of running into her ex were greatly diminished, so much so that she felt like she might be able to tell her parents about Tom. As an adult, she certainly didn’t need to, but there was no reason to hide her joy from them. She decided that as soon as she got settled, she would tell them.

After a shower and a bit of unpacking, Y/N was ready to talk. She left her wet hair falling around her shoulders, her face free of makeup, and dressed comfortably in a loose sundress as she replayed the conversation over in her head. She knew they would be happy but probably concerned. Her mind was so focused on the conversation that she wanted to have with them, she didn’t notice that there were three voices in their small kitchen. As she padded barefoot into the kitchen, she stopped short at the sight of Tom having a cup of coffee at the table with both her parents.

Her hand flew up to cover her mouth as she saw her parents smiling at Tom in quiet conversation. He looked up and smiled at her, his eyes shining. He slowly stood and walked to stand in front of her. Y/N barely held back the tears that filled her eyes as he gazed down on her face.

“Hello love,” he said softly, his eyes looking into hers with hope.

“How?” Y/N shook her head in disbelief as the tears finally fell down her cheeks.

“I called in a favor,” Tom gently swept her tears away as he cupped her face. “Is this okay?” he whispered.

“God yes!” Y/N cried as she flung her arms around his neck. His arms wrapped around her waist and held fast as he hugged her, lifting her off her feet for a moment. He held her until a sound that could only be a father clearing his throat broke in.

“Oh,” Y/N said as they pulled part, “Mom, Dad, this is-”

“Yes, we know honey, Tom explained already.” Her mother smiled over her cup of coffee.

“How long have you been here?” Y/N looked at Tom incredulously.

“Nearly an hour,” Tom actually blushed a little as he smiled, looking between Y/N and her parents. “I, umm, I have something to talk to you about, Y/N. Can we step outside for a moment?”

“Oh, um, okay, sure,” Y/N looked at the table long enough to see both of her parents grinning like idiots as she led Tom through the back door to the covered porch, stepping into a pair of flip flops she kept at the door. Tom held her hand as they stepped off the porch and into the grass and the orange light of the setting sun.

“Y/N, I have something absolutely crazy to ask you.” He began, stopping to turn to her, still holding her hands in his.

“Okay.” Y/N waited, holding her breath.

“I understand if you think I’m insane and just send me away, I honestly wouldn’t blame you if you did.” He took a deep breath before continuing, his eyes hopeful. “I… I love you. We’ve known each other such a short time and I would never dream of trying to push you faster than can go, but I… I want to be with you. Whatever that needs to look like for you…. I just…. I’m yours, Y/N.”

“Tom,” Y/N breathed out. “My Tom, I love you too, so very much. It almost scares me how much I love you. But how can this work? I’m leaving for New York in a week and you are… Tom Hiddleston.”

“Ah, yes, well here’s the beauty of it, my darling,” Tom grinned a delightfully wicked grin. “I’m in New York quite often. So often, in fact, that sometimes I need a ‘home base’ as it were.”

“Oh really?” Y/N returned his grin as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his head down to hers. “I might have a place you can stay if you get in a bind.”

“You might?” He asked, his lips centimeters from hers.

“If you ask me nicely.” she whispered.

“May I?”

“You may.” She replied just as his lips crashed down on hers. He swept her off her feet and whirled around, causing her shoes to fly across the yard towards her parents watching from the screen door. Their arms linked together, both smiling, happy to finally see their daughter find happiness.

6 months later….

Cameras flashed such that Y/N was nearly blinded but she kept smiling, her arm around Tom’s waist. They were attending a charity function and Tom warned her about the reporters and their cameras. He gave her pointers on how to keep smiling and not look like a maniac. His arm around her waist kept her grounded. Someone yelled something and Tom turned to look down into her face, love shining that even the furthest photographer couldn’t miss it. With a grin, he leaned down and gently touched his lips to hers. He brought her left hand up to his chest and stood such that the flashing lights bounced off of the diamond gleaming on her finger.


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Ok folks!

This is a super hastily written and barely edited ending to this, with just a little ta-kill-ya thrown in for Cinco de Mayo. :)


Mulder stepped out into the post holiday chill and proceeded to hike it home, to hell with the cab, he just needed to get out of here. He adjusted the collar of his over coat  to cover his neck. No need though, really, the flush of embarrassment that had flooded his cheeks was plenty enough to keep him warm. Damnit! Stupid stupid stupid. What the hell were you thinking?! Great. Monday’s gonna be fu-

“Mr. Mulder? Wait!” The unfamiliar call stopped him just long enough for Charlie to catch up. Charlie stood just about Mulder’s height, with a well-trimmed goatee and shoulder length, thick strawberry blonde hair kept into a neat ponytail, and a set of very familiar crystal blue eyes. Professor, Mulder assumed. He’d been so busy answering Charlie’s enthusiastic questions earlier, he’d hadn’t gotten much time to learn about Scully’s youngest brother much.

“Listen, sorry I-“ Mulder began.

“No, no, it’s fine. Bill’s an ass. I just uh, wanted to apologize for my brother and assure you there’s no hard feelings. At least on my end.”

Mulder would’ve been touched by the man’s offer had he not been in such a hurry to make his exit.

“S’ok. Really. She’s his sister, I get it. I really do.” He extended a hand, hoping to bring the conversation to a close. “It was nice to meet you, maybe we can do it again some other time.” Charlie brought a hand out from his leather bomber and gave Mulder one firm shake. “Sounds like a plan. I’m going to get Bill home, you take care.”

Mulder nodded quickly and turned, attempting to resume his get away.


Damnit. Shit. Fuck.

“Mulder wait!” He froze, unable to blow her off so publicly or pretend to not hear her. She strolled past Charlie on his way back into the bar, stopping only to squeeze his arm and kiss his cheek. She nodded something unintelligible, and Charlie made his departure with a quick hug.

Scully trotted up next to him pulling her wool london fog tighter around her frame, tiny puffs of steam marking each warm breath as her gate became more and more purposeful.

Here it comes.

But it didn’t. Once she got to him, it was clear she hadn’t really thought much about what to say. Her eyes pleaded wth him for answers, tiny lines of confusion marking her inner brow. Her irises flitted back and forth, searching his own for answers.

“Mulder what are you doing? It’s freezing out here and its at least 3 miles to your place,” ah the old stand by. Substitute practicality for emotion.  Good ol Scully, maybe shed let him off the hook after all, “Come on, she shivered, “let’s get a cab.”

Let’s. Let us. *Us*

His heart thudded wildly in his chest, and somehow, somewhere he found his voice.


“No?” She looked at him incredulously, clearly shocked and more than a little annoyed.

“No, Scully. I—I think I’d like to keep walking.” Why was he saying this?  Stop this, you idiot. He told himself. She’s right and you know it.

And then the look. The chin scrunched and her eyes spat at him, “Suit yourself.”

As she turned, the wiser part of his brain won over and he called to her “Wait! Wait. Shit. I’m sorry. Look, there’s another place, Mickey’s..uh…it’s just down here. Why don’t we duck in there for a bit.” He spoke to the cracks in the sidewalk, unable to meet her gaze.

“Okay Mulder.” Her tone was weary.

He nodded his head in the direction of the next stop.

Mickey’s was quieter, darker, rougher. No crystal or uniform, just a middle aged man with a middle aged paunch and a middle aged hairline. Seated at the bar Mulder nodded to the bartender and held up a finger.

“What’ll it be?”

“Tequila. Two please.”

“Mulder are you ok?” Nope. Not off the hook.

“Yea, yea just…” he downed his shot and swiped at the remnants of lime stinging his bottom lip, chapped already from the cold, “shit. I’m sorry, Scully. For everything. I knew better than to–

"Don’t, Mulder. Don’t you dare.” Her words carried a vague threat, but her voice trembled, just slightly enough for only him to notice, “shit,” she mimicked, “give me that.” She downed hers, forgoing any salt or lime without even so much as a grimace. She sucked in a breath, and then seemed to gaze into, or past the floor. A slow grin crept its way across her face and Mulder wasn’t sure whether to be elated or terrified, because she looked slightly hysterical. And then she giggled. Giggled. Hiccupy. Girlish even. 

His heart resumed its thudding.

A small smile remained on the downslope of her delirium and she shook her head ruefully. “I’ve never considered myself a vain person Mulder,” she began, choosing her words, “Missy..” he held his breath at the mention of her late sisters name and he kicked himself for being grateful when she couldn’t elaborate. “I always placed my value in my intelligence, my hard work. My achievements were, and still are, my measuring stick, of sorts.” Mulder briefly considered a height comment and then thought better of it.

“When I was first diagnosed…” again the grin appeared..“you know what my first thought was?" 

He found himself unable to speak, but he shook his head, urging her to continue.

"I thought…my hair. I’m going to lose my hair.” She shook her head and eyed her empty shot glass. Her voice sounded so far away. “So silly, really.”

“Scully–” again she cut him off.

“What you said tonight..” her fingers stroked the rim of the glass slowly, thoughtfully…and before he knew it she was gripping his tie and giving him an impossibly soft, slightly open-mouthed kiss, her tounge barely grazing his upper lip. God. So soft. So sweet, even with the bitter tang of tequila and red wine left on her tongue. His head began to swim and he could just barely feel the raspy moan leaving his throat. By the time could register what had happened enough to respond she’d started to pull away, but he caught her waist, fisting her coat possessively to pull her back in and cup her jaw gently, opening his mouth to hers to kiss her fully as well, just once. When they parted their foreheads met, a kind of kiss all its own. She chuffed.

“Thank you Mulder. I…I needed to hear that tonight, more than you know.”

Her name came out on the end of the breath he hadn’t known he was holding, "Scully-“ 

Her hand to his chest brought his eyes to hers. For the second time tonight they shimmered with fresh tears, and he felt his own eyes start to sting and throat begin to tighten.

"Please take a cab home, Mulder. It’s cold out. I’ll see you on Monday.”

With a palm to his cheek and an impossibly tender look on her face, she slid from the stool and out of the bar. It occurred to him finally that she’d never even taken off her coat. All Mulder could do was stare after her, dumbstruck. When he turned back toward the bar, it’s patron huffed, "What the hell are you grinning at?”


Black [M]



b. i have beef w this ch. i had it finished long ago but i didn’t like it so i never posted it. after reading the whole fic again i thought it went alright with it so i kept it and touched up a couple things. 


d. thank you so much for waiting so long. and thanks to all the ppl who kept sending messages, i hope i didn’t let you down :( enjoy my lovelies!

( also, i think i’m gonna take the M rating off lmao )

characters: dean x oc, zico x oc, crush, rome x oc

genre: angst(ish?), university au

rated: m, violence, (mentions of) abuse (physical and physiological), sexual content (not in this ch)

ch1 ch2 ch3 ch4 ch5

chapter 6: 

the automatic doors didn’t open fast enough. I felt like my only enemy right now was time. zico drove over the speed limit, luckily with no ticket, but it still felt like I spent hours in the car. everyone was a uneasy and the minute we got there, I bolted out of the car and sprinted to emergencies.

“I got a call,” I heaved. the woman behind the desk read my expression in a heartbeat and sorrow crossed her face.

“what’s your name sweetie?” she asked.

“park chaeyeon” I panted, desperation running through my veins. I needed to see it with my own eyes. I knew there was nothing I could do but I needed to see him. I needed to know that there was no bringing him back.

she began typing into the computer and I felt a hand on my shoulder. zico wrapped me in his arms but I didn’t look away from the woman before me.

“the morgue is downstairs. he was just taken down. would you like to see him before the autopsy is performed?” I stood still and I felt a wave of heat come over me. I couldn’t speak, if I tried, I knew it would turn into sobs and I didn’t want that.

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Dear Daddy,

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. I was supposed to go to college in the fall and come back and see you for Christmas. Me going to school was supposed to be “goodbye for now,” not “goodbye forever.” It still seems so unreal to me, like maybe, instead of being dead, you’re just hiding somewhere. Maybe you’re on a long vacation and we just didn’t know. Maybe I’m just dreaming all of this. God, I wish I were just dreaming all of this. But I think of the moment I got to the hospital, having taken an early plane, praying the whole way that that would be enough to see you alive one last time. I remember discovering that you had died while I was waiting for my plane. And I remember going in to see you, or rather, your body, because the hospital had kept you in your room six hours after your death just so I would get a chance to say goodbye. I remember what I saw there, and I know I couldn’t have dreamed that. My subconscious could not have anticipated the way you looked so much unlike you, but how your hands alone were completely the same. I could never have imagined you in that state, because really, it wasn’t you.

Daddy, I prayed more in a span of a few days than I have in the rest of my life. On that miserable, agonizing two hour plane ride, I prayed for a Christmas miracle. I figured God couldn’t let you die two weeks before Christmas. I had no idea that my prayers were too late. And when I found out what really happened, I fell, dropping all my luggage and completely losing control over my legs. I don’t think I’ve prayed once since… 

Six months later, it still doesn’t feel real. Six months later, it still feels like maybe you could come back to me. You were my best friend, Daddy, you can’t leave me like this. It had to be a dream, it can’t have been real, and you have to come back. Please, Daddy. Come back.


The daughter with a shattered heart

Heartstrung - Part 2


A/N: Your guys’ response was amazing…omg thank you all so much. Wasn’t expecting to take this long…sorry guys. Real life is super time consuming.

Okay, here’s a disclaimer. The way things worked out in this story with Juvia, happened in a way that fit with the universe and how I wanted to tell this story. It fit in a way that I found would get the points I’m trying to make across effectively, and in no way reflect on my personal views of Juvia. I love Juvia. I love Gray. How they turned out in this story I urge you to take for what it is in the grand scheme of things. Please.

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: NaLu

Rating: M - sexual content in future chapters

Summary: It’s been said that wherever you have/had a birthmark, is how you died in your past life. A scar that marks the fatal wound that killed you so you could be reborn again. It is also said that when/if you meet the person who killed you, you remember your past life and death and Lucy isn’t a big fan of the pink-haired man she’s run into. Soulmate AU. NaLu.

Link(s): Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Epilogue

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                                Theory #1: If you have no birthmark, 
                                            you are an inflictor.


She twists her wrist, coating the inside of the short rocks glass with the amber liquid. Scotch whisky.

She’s not a big fan of hard liquor, but beer would clash her outfit. A halter-neck dress with a plunging neckline and stilettos was not something to drink beer with. Wine or scotch.

She hates wine.

She takes a sip of her drink, careful to avoid getting too much lipstick on the rim. Matte didn’t leave behind as much as regular, but red was always prominent and she prefers keeping her lips stained deep.

She relishes in the burn as it coats her throat, all the way down to her empty stomach. She’s warm now, her head tingles, and she peeks over to one of the far tables.

There he sits.

Short, dyed black hair, reflecting blue. Salt and pepper scruff on his cheeks and dark eyes. She can’t tell whether they’re green or brown but it doesn’t matter to her. He’s unfairly attractive for someone in his mid forties.

Or at least he should be if it was him.

Either way, he’s her next suspect.

He sits with a middle-aged woman and man. A large briefcase peeks out from beneath the tablecloth and when the middle-aged man isn’t looking, the woman steals glances at her suspect. She smiles, licks her lower lip and bites.

Her suspect doesn’t react with a smile, but he winks in such a way it looks like an eye twitch.

She has enough experience with differentiating between the two to know secret flirtation. She’s watched masters for years.

A lot of good it does them when they’re in her chair.

“Waiting for someone?”


She’d heard someone come up behind her, but thought nothing of it. She’d prayed they’d want to talk to the girl next to her and not her directly.

If he talks to her, that means she can’t go through with her plans tonight. She can’t be noticed or placed at his last known location. She can’t be more than just a passing customer and that means, tonight, this man gets away with his con.

Oh well…she doesn’t think he’s the one she’s looking for anyway.

She turns to the voice and smirks, “Something like that.”

He’s tall, handsome, broad and beautiful. His eyes are dark, almost black, and his smile is dazzling. His hair is slicked back and falls just past his shoulders, startlingly silver with a slight blonde tinge, but he’s not the age for it to be natural. He holds his own drink in one hand and leans against the bar with a forearm.

He’s in full black. An open button down exposes the tanned skin of his chest and tucks into deep black slacks. She doesn’t see his shoes because yes, he’s attractive, but his grin doesn’t need to be any wider, and it would be if he knew she were sizing him up.

He was being discreet himself anyway, but she didn’t miss the way his bottom lip rolled over his  lower teeth. He was avoiding biting it.

It was nice of him.

“You don’t seem like you’d be old enough for grey hair,” she grins, raising a brow and leaning slightly sideways to get a better look at his oddly coloured locks. He looks up as if he has the ability to see it himself and smooths his free hand down over his hair.

“I lost a bet,” he tells her. “Dyed it yesterday.”

She giggles.

“Why grey?”

“My friend has an odd obsession with the colour for some reason,” he moves in a step closer, and the light reflects off his face. The silver of his hair matches a patch of jagged skin on his neck and she finds herself trying not to stare.

Who is this guy?

She twirls her drink again, downs the final sip and sets the empty glass on the bartender’s side of the counter.

“Well,” she says, turning to him. “I’ve been kept waiting long enough I think.”

He raises an eyebrow and smiles, “That an invitation?”

“Depends,” she leans toward him, “you taking it?” She sees the muscles in his neck tense slightly. She makes him nervous.


He tilts his head toward the bartender without breaking eye contact, “Another drink for this beautiful young woman and I’ll have the same.”

She registers the faint sound of ‘sure’ from behind the bar and two glasses hitting the hardwood.

“So,” he smiles, “do I call you Beautiful? Or do I get a name?”

She snickers, “What kind of pickup line is that?”

He shakes his head, “No pickup line, just honesty and flirtation.”

She eyes him. He’s attractive, seems witty, and is the reason another drink is in her hand free of charge. His aura is a little daunting, however. He seems exhausted, the weight of the world on his shoulders, but when he smiles at her it goes away.

This could be entertaining.

“Elie,” she offers him a hand and he takes it in his own, bringing it up to his lips. The cliché of all clichés.

Seriously, who the hell was this guy?


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Not Ready

Pairings: Otabel Altin/Yuri Plisetsky  & Victor Nikiforov/Yuuri Katsuki. Yuri Plisetsky is 17.

SFW ish. Mentions of throwing a dildo and Victor & Chris being themselves, but nothing explicit. 

I just posted this fics to ao3, and i figured i should put it here too ^^.

I’ve seen a lot of fiction were Yurio is often the party who determines when this pair is having sex. Some of that has to do with his age, which is understandable, and I see him aged up a lot. I wanted to explore another realm of possibility; the idea that you can be well above legal age, and just not be ready for sex. And, most importantly, that the choice of whether to or not to engage should be respected.

As always, thank you for reading!

Not Ready

“Condoms are important, even if you’re both virgins. Is he a virgin too?” Of course Victors stupid mouth twisted into that stupid heart shaped grin. Yurio could kick that stupid ass grin off his stupid ass face.

“Why would I share that with /you/? Climb out of my ass, Victor, I only came here because you texted.”

“Yurio, I’d never take a place in your ass, that’s for Otabek only.”

“Oh my GOD, Victor, shut up!” Yurio chewed on his hoodie strings, hood tugged upright. “You are the fucking worst.”

“Now now, I’m just a curious parent, protective of his offspring.”

“You are a parent I never asked for!”

“Aw, but I’m a parent to you none the less my little kitty kit-ooow!” Victor nursed a finger that bore teeth marks, before smiling. “Kitty has teeth and claws.”

“You bet your ass I do, and I’ll never forgive you for ruining that nickname for me!” Kitten had been a very intimate nickname for all of three months before it was slaughtered in a back alley by Victors constant taunting. Not that Yurio disliked ‘Yura.’ Oh no, anything rolling of Otabeks lips was a smooth comfort. But that was not the point, not the point at all!

“Just give me the thing already!” Victor complied, Yurio grabbing the foil packet and stuffed it into his pocket, where it would join the other he received from the likes of Mila, JJ, and most awkwardly, Yakov. Oh but Yakov was super, bonus embarrassing, because his condoms came with a motherfucking speech about how they were used and a demonstration banana that made Yurio want to both barf and hide. He was seventeen years, three months, and six days old, not a fucking invalid coach-slash-dad number one. Yurio made sure to mention that in the subsequent temper tantrum he threw after Yakovs overly awkward spiel, which thankfully made him shut the fuck up. Ugh. So this was what a year of dating lead to, talks of ribbed versus unribbed condoms and the superiority of water based lubes.

“Those condoms are Yuri’s favorite. They’re flavored like mint! Or, they were his favorite, we haven’t used any in awhile. No sense when we’re both monogamous and have been tested, and you’ll get there some d-”

“LALALALAL LALALA LALALA.” Hands covered either ear, Yurio staring at Victors now questioning face. “I don’t want to hear about you or piggy pig piglet having sex! It’s like thinking of my parents!”

Annnnd they were back to square one with Victors stupid fucking heart grin and stupid fucking watery eyes. He could strangle the life out of him, more so after Victor caught him in a bear hug that threatened his ability to breathe.

“Our little boy has grown up so fast!”

“Victtttttor.” Hissing and wriggling, Victor kept a pretty tight hold, only freeing Yurio after a bony elbow to the nose. Of course he still grinned from ear to ear, even as he fetched a box of tissues.

“You just remember to relax and have /fun/. It’s really fun! You’ll love it, and make sure Otabek enjoys himself too. I know how self centered you can be.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ve waited long enough for this moment, I think I’ll manage the enjoyment part.”

“Good.” Victors back pat was nothing short of enthusiastic despite the two tissues wedged up his nose. “Davai. I’ll want to know details later.”

“Mind your business!” Jesus, Victor was worse than Chris sometimes! Yurio thought that for all of ten seconds as he stormed away, only to run into said sex enthused demon whistling at him from across the hall.

“Yurioooooo, catch.”

“Hm?” Oh he caught it, with his fucking face. And what did he catch, exactly? Why, just a big, floppy ass, god damn eggplant looking /dildo/ that smacked him in the fucking /face/, followed by a value box of condoms. Had Yurio been able to string together a coherent sentence through his fit of frothing rage, Chris would have needed stitches for the second asshole he would have been torn!

Instead the purple monstrosity met the back of Chris’ head in a loud thwack, and as for the condoms…yeah, well, okay, he kept those, the box was sealed and they were free condoms. He wasn’t proud of his decision to keep them, but he’d make use of them, stuffing them inside his coat pocket seconds before he received his text.

‘Around the corner, at a light. Hungry?’

‘No. I have a surprise. Get take out and I’ll show you after you pick it up?’

He didn’t get a text response back, but he did hear gentle revving, Otabek rounding the corner seconds later, reading the text after he came to a halt.

“A surprise?”

“Yeah, it’s not holiday related. It’s a…’just cause,’ I-I guess. But I need to set it up, so…fuck off, but only for a few minutes.” Smooth Yurio, try bumbling just a little more. Otabek handed him his helmet with lifted lips, squeezing both hands as they fell around his waist.

“Sure. Just tell me what you want, and I’ll pick it up.”

They did just that, settling on Chinese, and Otabek lived up to his end of the bargain without question, sure to give Yurio a smile.

“Is ten minutes alright?”

“Yeah, Beka. That’ll do.” Even though he surpassed Otabek in height months age, it was still strange being on the end of a tip toed kiss, the likes of which Yurio briefly deepened with an aggressive tug. Lips opened, and he delved into the other mouth, making a hasty retreat in the form of a hard nip.

“Make it five, Beka.” Otabek had yet to open his eyes, humming a response instead.

“One more for the road?”

Blue green eyes rolled, but lips told another tail, long fingers holding Otabeks hair in place as his tongue parted the seem of full lips, the very same he sucked apologetically mere moments later.

“I’m hungry.” A lie, but a much needed one as dark eyes fluttered open. Otabek wore a smile like the milky way did stars, Yurio’s skin prickling under the softened gaze.

“Yes, yes. Five minutes, /Yurachka/.”

The door shut, Yurio fighting the very urgent twinge in his lower belly that was desperately prompting arousal. Lips turned upright, Yurio beaming. Otabeck never called him Yurachka, and that tone was deep perfection.

Those minutes slipped, sand through his fingers, but Yurio made the most of it, shoulder blade length hair tied in a french braid, light bulbs turned in the nearby lamps to create a dim ambiance. This was still him, after all. Like hell he was lighting candles and putting out chocolates, but they could be comfortable.

Otabek had the sense to knock, and Yurio assumed his position on the couch accordingly, calling out. “Don’t open the door too wide, Beka.”

Otabek complied, shutting the door behind him rapidly, turning to ask Yurio what the surprise was.

He really hoped that soup had a decent lid. Oh wait, no he didn’t. He didn’t think anything really, that would require words passing through his brain, rather than the screaming siren of obscurity. Yurio had about four centimeters on him, all of which seemed to be in a splendor of long limbs. Long, thin legs lay bare and spread, the dip of his navel a taut, flat expanse. Silk undergarments hung low on his hip, covering his assets as much as they accentuated them, and Otabek was very aware of two eyes on him, eyes that gauged his reaction and sought approval. Eyes that were no longer obstructed by a curtain of gold, but remained steady between carefully groomed arches. Perhaps most provocative was the lubricant and variety of condoms by the lamp, foil packets glinting.

“Beka.” Lips planted into a firm smirk, confidence falling in waves. “You dropped something.”

“Mm.” Robotically lifting the bags, Otabek placed them on the coffee table. “You are stunning.”

“I know.” The smile betrayed him, far sweeter than his confidence belied. “I’m also ready for you, Beka. Come closer?” It was a slow build, and had taken years, but Yurio was ready to make the next step, hand extended in offer.

“I don’t doubt that. “ But Otabek remained standing, a furrow muddling his brows. “I could bring the soup over.”

Yurio licked his lips.‘’Fuck the soup.” His hand extended in offering. “We’ve waited for so long already.”

Otabek had yet to move, dark eyes following the curve of Yurio’s arm, the swan like expanse of neck, shoulders that were so much more narrow than his own, and those lovely eyes. Eyes that pierced, eyes that waited. Otabek shifted, uneasy.

“You’re stunning, Yura.”

“Yeah, I know.” Now come here, Beka. He beckoned him, but Otabek remained standing, caught by invisible strings.

“Really, Yura. You’re…” Dark eyes drank in the angles of Yurio’s slender frame, glowing skin an aesthetic feast.

Otabek breathed deeply, averting his eyes. “I’m lucky to have you.”

“Be lucky closer to me.”

But Otabek shook his head, eyes still averted. Yurio tensed, hand falling to his side.



“Look at me.” Otabek could hear the frown in Yurio’s voice. “Look at me and tell me what’s wrong.”

“Nothing is wrong, I just don’t want to fight-”

Blonde brows arched. “Why would we fight?”

“Because you put a lot of effort into this.” Dark eyes consumed surroundings, the promises offered by lubricant and condoms making him rock on his heals. “I can tell. This is important.”

“We’ll, /yeah/, kind of!” Otabek didn’t flinch at Yurio’s tone, frustration flooding his words. “It’s important to both of us, isn’t it? I’m ready, Beka. I am ready to be physical god damn it, so what’s the problem?” It wasn’t him, he knew that. Otabek just said so himself, and he wouldn’t lie to him.

But Otabek wasn’t saying anything, and Yurio was not known for his patience.

“Spit it out, Otabek. ” Arms crossed over his chest, a healthy scowl adorning his features. “What the hell is your problem? You’ve been waiting for years for this. I am ready. What is the issue?”

“That’s just it. You’re ready, Yura.” Gaining traction, Otabe settled beside Yurio, at long last meeting his eyes. “But, I’m not.”

Silence, complete and total silence as Yurio balked. “What…what do you mean you’re not ready? You’re twenty years old!”

“I’m aware. I’m just not ready to have sex. I apologize if that’s disappointing, Yura.” He meant it, reaching for Yurio’s arm, only to have him move out of reach.

“But /why/? Why aren’t you ready?” Emerald narrowed into near slits. “ Did you hurt yourself at practice?”

“Yura, you’re not listening. It has nothing to do with an injury. I’m just not ready sex.”

“Did someone…do something to you?”

Pausing, Otabek tilted his head, brows knit. “No, Yura”

“You sound defensive. “

“ I’m not being defensive, you’re not listening.” It was Otabeks turn to get irritated, arms crossing. “Nothing has happened to me. There is nothing to explain. I don’t want to have sex. I am not ready to have sex. I don’t know why. I don’t know when I will be. The idea, while exciting, makes me uneasy.” He never stayed angry long, Otabeks arms uncrossing, and he reached for Yurio again. “I’m not comfortable yet. I will be in the future, but not right now.” Yurio stilled, considering Otabek, the firmness of his grip, the strong lining of jaw.

“Fine.” It was clipped, Yurio retrieving their food to slam it down. “Let’s eat.”


“Don’t you fucking Yura me! Do you have any idea the trouble I went to to get all this stuff? The embarrassing lectures and bull shit I had to hear time and time again, only so you could tell me no for no reason?”

“I have a reason! I’m not ready!” Otabek didn’t yell. That is, until he did, just now. Yurio didn’t move, not as Otabek grabbed his jacket and stormed out, slamming the door behind him with enough force to shake the picture frames.

“Yeah! Well I can slam shit too, asshole!” The soup met the door, and rice joined them for a three way, Yurio stomping as loudly as he could and slamming the bathroom door shut. He showered every bit of flavored lube he’d wiped on himself, scrubbing until raw and pink, and somewhat less frustrated. Key word being somewhat, but he’d lots of time to unwind while scrubbing the door clean, tossing the condoms and lube into the garbage, and changing into an over-sized sweatshirt and skinny jeans because it looked /cute/ as shit god damn it.

An hour had passed, green eyes rolling as his first phone call went to voicemail. “You know, everyone may think I’m the immature, one but not answering your phone is super fucking immature, and so is leaving your boyfriend alone on your shared date day!”

Oh, Otabek didn’t have to answer, Yurio’s fingers flying over his keys as he texted.

‘So fucked up dude. I can’t believe you left. You don’t want sex, FINE. Everything is in the trash! Congratulations, it’s all gone.’

He pouted, watched television, went on instagram. The raging fire became a smolder, Yurio grumbling as he sent another text.

‘Seriously Otabek, it’s frikkin seven o’clock, stop fucking around.’ The smolder hardly a simmer as he shopped. He bought two shirts, rolling his eyes as he picked up the phone again to text quickly.

‘Okay, now you’re really pissing me off, Beka! Get your ass home already.’ He glanced at his lap top, then at his phone. Nothing. Cursing, Yurio called this time, blinking as it went straight to voicemail.

‘You shut off your phone.’ Incredulous fingers typed the words, but refused to hit send. He shut off his phone. Beka had seen his texts, had heard his message, and shut off his phone. Lips
whitened under pressure, fingers deleting the words and forming knew ones.

‘Beka, when you get this, call me?’ C’mon Otabek. Eyes stay glued on the phone, Yuri staring as each minute ticked by without correspondence. Second to minutes, minutes to yet another hour.

‘Otabek, please turn on your phone.’ He didn’t hit send, that wouldn’t make sense. But he stared at the words, lump forming in his throat, a tightness in his chest he wasn’t familiar with building.

He managed to find his cat, bringing her into the bedroom with him, curling around her form as she purred. He cleaned her litter box, gave her far too many treats, and was still left wringing his
hands as she purred in his lap, eyeing the phone that refused to chime.

‘Beka, please-’ Please what? Come home? Answer? Yurio always through temper tantrums, and granted, he sometimes shouldn’t but they’d never resulted in this. Otabek never walked out on him, let alone shut his phone off.

‘“I think I hurt his feelings.” Like, actually hurt his feelings. Enough to be ignored, and left behind. He hurt people’s feelings all the time. But never Otabeks, no. Or maybe he had, but never like this.

‘I’m sorry.’ He sent it, not that it mattered. Otabek wouldn’t read it anyway. Yurio was left hugging his cat to his chest, trying to control his erratic breathing.

“I fucked up this time.” Shit, shit he really, really fucked up, and had no idea how to unfuck it up, or to make it better. What was there to say? He was angry, angry that he was a year passed the legal age and was being treated like a child, that passed heavy petting they’d done nothing sexual. He was a teenager, not an invalid. He could have /sex/, he could handle that commitment. But Otabek couldn’t, and it didn’t make any sense. He was trying to understand, but it was /sex/, and people far younger than them both had sex and were completely ready. He didn’t really know when he’d picked up the phone, but he found the name, a number he knew by heart, and dialed without fully considering the consequences, hoping to hear a familiar voice. One that wouldn’t pester him about the details of his sex life.

“Yurio?” Yuri sounded tired, and for a moment, Yurio contemplated hanging up the phone, he could always claimed he butt dialed but-

“Piggy.” And there it was, the tightness in his throat. “I fucked up bad.”

“What? Yurio,…where….are you at a late practice?” Was Yakov not there? The glimmer of a street lamp slipped through a crack in his blinds. Yuri had been under the weather, not that it mattered to him. Something in Yurio’s voice cried for his attention, and Yuri gladly gave it. “ Are you hurt? Do you want me to pick you up?”

“I’m not hurt, stupid, I hurt Otabek! Not job related and I didn’t hit him, I just…I…I…”

“Yurio, it’s okay. It’s okay.”

“It’s not okay, piggy! I. Fucked. Up. I fucked up so bad he’s gone and I don’t know when-” or if, his brain added helpfully, “- he’s coming back! It’s been hours, and his phone is off, and I don’t know where he’s gone.”

Oh Yurio. Yuri hadn’t a clue what happened, but sat up straight in his bed, rubbing Makkachins back as he slept, curled against Yuri’s stomach.

“Who’s gone? Otabek?”

“Yes! Who do you think!?”

“I dunno Yurio, I wasn’t there. Just start from the beginning, okay? Take big breaths, it’s okay to be upset, I just want to understand what’s going on, okay?” He gave Yurio a moment, listening to his breathing even somewhat. “Why did Otabek leave?”

“Because we got into a fight.”

Ya don’t say? Yuri bit his tongue as always, resting his heavy head on the pillow. “What about?”

A pause. Yurio contemplated lying, but he had contacted Yuri for help after all. “I bought lingerie and got lube and condoms. I made Otabek get me food, and I dressed up for him. He came back, and I told him I was ready for the next step.”

He wasn’t sure what Yuri would say, but could feel him flushing through the phone.

“Oh. Wow. Uhm okay…did, did something h-happen with-“

Yurio scoffed, bitter. “Nothing happened. Otabek said he wasn’t ready. I asked why, and all I got was the response ‘he’s just not ready.’ I asked if he was hurt, or if he’d been molested, but he said he wasn’t. All he said was he didn’t want to.” Yurio reclined, damp hair fanning over his pillow.

“You actually asked if he’d been molested?”

“Yes! If he was, I would have left him alone. I’m not a fucking monster!”

“Hey, I know that. No one’s calling you a monster, people just aren’t usually so upfront about things of that nature.” Yuri paused, fiddling with his ring. Yurio had the subtlety of a brick wall after all, but Otabek handled that very well. “So, you asked these questions, then what happened?”

“He said he didn’t want to have sex because he wasn’t ready and I lost my patience because he wouldn’t tell me why. He just key saying he wasn’t ready yet, and I’d been listening to Yakov, Chris, Victor, and Lilia all day, giving advice and throwing stupid toys at me…I did all of this preparation, and all I get was ‘I’m not ready.’ I was pissed off and yelled, and he stormed out.” Yurio eyed the time. “It’s been over three hours.”

“He hasn’t responded to your calls?”

“He turned off his phone to avoid me.”

“He may just need some time to think, Yurio. We all do now and again-”

“Not Otabek! He isn’t like that. He doesn’t storm out and leave, he doesn’t fight. He listens, he’s calm.” Yurio rubbed his arms, suddenly exhausted. “He doesn’t do this.”

“Yurio, when I said we all do this, I didn’t mean storm out.” Yuri chided gently. “ Sometimes, we just need a moment to think. Otabek is usually quiet, right? He thinks a lot, he considers his options, he proactive rather than reactive, and that’s why you two are such a good match. I think that’s what he’s doing now; I do think you pissed him off, but I also think he’s smart enough to distance himself rather than saying something he doesn’t mean. Does that make sense?”

Yurio sniffed, sullen. “I pissed him off that much.”

“Yeah, you did. But you’re great at pissing people off, so it was only a matter of time.”

Yurio chortled. He didn’t mean to, but he did. “Shut up, Piggy.” A pause, humor gone. “What do I say to him when he comes back?”

“Well, let’s consider your options. You’re mad because he didn’t want to have sex, which I’m gonna let you know, is a pretty poor reason to be angry, Yurio. I know Victor and Chris were probably goading you because that’s what they do, but don’t take it out on Otabek.”

As painful as it was to admit, Yurio sighed. “Victor and Chris didn’t goad me. They gave me condoms and lubricants, then wished me luck.” And shared some information about /you/ I’d rather not know. It wasn’t the time though, Yuri smiling on the other end.

“Well, I guess at least they steered you towards safe sex.”

“Not sure what the point of condoms are if we’re both virgins. “ Yurio paused. “Or maybe Otabek is not, but isn’t ready to have sex with me.”

“Well, it’s possible he’s had a past bad experience and doesn’t want to talk about it, or maybe he just wasn’t ready tonight.”

“I asked him about the past experiences, remember? He said no.” Another pause, and Yurio frowned. “He wouldn’t lie to me.”

“Yurio, let’s say, worst case scenario, that’s exactly it. Otabek had a poor experience in the past and isn’t ready. Maybe he didn’t want to tell you because it embarrasses him, or he just doesn’t want to talk about it. If any of that were true, and he didn’t tell you tonight, but tells you years from now, would you hold that against him?”

Yurio offered no hesitation. “Of course I wouldn’t.”

“Exactly, and that’s the worst case scenario in this situation; Otabek lying about something awful and telling you later.”

“Yes, but that’s not the issue.” Yurio rolled onto his stomach, kicking his feet. “Not likely, anyway. So why doesn’t he want me?”

Yuri’s tone was noticeably softer, noting the Freudian slip. “Yurio, I don’t think this has anything to do with you personally. Age isn’t the only thing that determines whether someone is ready for sex.” Yuri peaked around the room, flushing just a touch in the cover of darkness. “In Detroit, Phichit was intimate with someone. He was about your age, but they were ready, where as I…”He cleared his throat, cheeks aflame. “It was with Victor. /Only/ Victor.”

Yurio stared at his phone, blinking. “But you were old!”

“Jesus Christ, I was twenty thr- , no, no I was twenty four.”

“Twenty-four? Victor went to Hatetsu when you were twenty three.”

“ Yeah, but we didn’t become intimate for months after that, because we weren’t ready. Well, really, because /I/ wasn’t ready.” Victor was a god damn tom cat, but he’d keep that tidbit to himself.

“I still can’t understand why. I always thought having sex with me was an issue because of my age.”

“I think your age was only part of the equation.” Yuri listened to the shower turn off, humming contentedly. “Realistically, most people don’t count down the seconds until they’re legal. I don’t really see much of a difference between a month before someone turns of legal age, or a month after. I mean, it differs drastically globally because maturity can’t be so easily defined. To an extent, it’s about mentality. Some people are just able to handle sex at an earlier age. I was not one of them, and maybe the same could be said of Otabek. There may not be a particular reason for it, and that’s okay. What’s not okay is making someone feel bad about their choices because /you/ want to have sex. It’s never okay to pressure your partner, even if you’re frustrated.”

As much as Yurio liked to argue, he couldn’t this time. Yuri was right. He shouldn’t have been so aggressive, and shouldn’t have reacted that way. Otabek deserved better.

“Yurio, not to be rude, but Victors getting out of the shower and I think we both know what’s he’s going to ask.”

“Tell him to shove it if he does, my sex life is none of his god damn business” A pause, Yurio tracing a random pattern on his sheets. “Yuri?”


“You sound like shit. Tell your balding husband to take better care of you, I want to see your piggy ass back on the ice tomorrow.”

Yuri couldn’t smile wider if he tried. “I will send him the message. Take care, Yurio.”

The line disconnected, Yurio rolling onto his back and staring at the ceiling for a few minutes.

He made up his mind, taking his blanket and cat into the living room, where he sprawled out on the couch in the hopes of hearing Otabek approach.

He was roused from sleep to the sound of a key turning. It was still dark out when Yurio wiped his eyes, eyes that were soon firmly fixed on Otabek. Otabek, with his red tinted cheeks and snowflake infested hair.

“…hey, Beka.” Smooth, Yurio. Otabek nodded in his direction before peering at the ‘continue watching?’ screen on netflix.

“The Office?”



Yurio studied his face, from the angular nose to high cheek bones, his mouth suddenly dry.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered, wringing his hands.

Otabek sighed, but approached the couch and sat beside Yuri, who was far warmer than Otabek and his damn jacket. “I know. That’s why I came back. I got your texts.”

Yurio snorted. “I sent those hours ago. Delete them.”

“No. My phone died after you left me the voicemail. I didn’t get everything else until I charged it at the rink.”

Oh. Yurio shrugged. “I assumed you were ignoring me.”

“No, of course not. Why would I do that?”

“Because you were angry. It’s what I would do, if I were you.”

Otabek shrugged, removing his coat. “Well, you’re not me. I wasn’t ignoring you. Well, I was when I saw the first message. I was aggravated. I figured you were still pissed too. After that when I didn’t her any texts or ringing, I thought you’d given up or went to sleep.”

“Not right away. I was thinking of what I’d said, and what you said.” Call him shameless, but he really needed to touch Otabek, and pressed his cheek to the others shoulder, all too glad when fingers tucked his hair back. “I should have respected your choice. This is about us. This should be as close to perfect as possible. I want that for you too.”

The corner of Otabeks lips lifted. “Thanks.”

Yurio waited for chastisement but there was nothing. He sighed, drained. “How do you forgive so easily?”

“I don’t. I shouldn’t have walked out and left for hours, you shouldn’t have pressured me. We were both wrong. Your apology sounded genuine.” Otabek shrugged. “Besides, I worried you a lot, unintentionally.”

“I had it coming-”

“No, you didn’t. I could have walked away, took a shower, then tried to talk again. You didn’t have that coming. I’m sorry I worried you. It wasn’t malicious.”

Yurio nodded. “I know, Beka. I believe you.”

There was a moment of silence, Otabek removing his boots before he flopped back down. Yurio curled into him, head on his chest, listening to the steady thrum of his heart.

“Yura, did you really throw everything away? We could use it, later.”

“I never took the bag out, so it’s still in here.”

“Cool.” Another pause, and Yurio swore Otabek tensed just slightly before he asked. “Did you keep the underwear?”

“Duh. Did you see me in them, psh.”

It earned Yurio a hum of approval, fingers stroking over his back. “Good. I want you to understand something.” Otabeks free hand tilted Yurio’s chin upright. “I’m going to remove them with my teeth.”


“I’m serious. Not today, not tomorrow, but I will. I promise you that. I will pull those underwear off your hips with my teeth.”

“Fff, deal.” Yurio smirked, resuming the next episode of his show. “It would have been worth the wait regardless, Beka.”

“Mm, I know. But now you’ll know the universal symbol of ‘ I, Otabek Altin, am ready’.”

“Until then, I’ll be ready when you are, Beka.”

They would remained snuggled against each other for hours, both falling asleep shortly after Otabeks promise. "It’s a deal.”

“(Y/N)-ah~” Jimin sang, kissing your neck from behind.

“Jimin,” You sighed, “I’m making sweets—I’ll burn myself.”

“But the hyungs are over there, baby.” His hand dipped down inside your sweatpants. “They have the movie loud enough not to hear anything, and they’re really into it so they won’t get up.”

“Why do you want to right now?” You breathed, feeling the tips of his fingers brush against your panties.

“You look so good in my sweater, and you’re just here all alone.” His lips gave slow sloppy kisses to your neck, “I thought you might need some company.”

“Give me ‘company’ while I’m above a burning hot stove?” You asked.

“Does it matter what I do?” He breathed a laugh, while licking your neck. “I mean, I am here jagi.” His hand wiggled into your panties.

“Jimin~” You tried to push him off.

“Come on, (Y/N).” He whispered against your skin, rubbing your nub.

“They could come in at any second,” You complained, feeling his hand curl down to the shape of your mound.

“But they won’t,” He countered, “Open your legs up.” As much as you didn’t want to take the chance, you wanted Jimin’s fingers inside of you. You did as he said and you felt him smirk against your skin, “Good, baby; you want it.” His index and middle finger pressed against your entrance, pushing their way inside. You threw your head back, tangling your fingers in his hair. He curled his digits inward, and hit your pleasure spot. Once you gasped at the sudden jump of sensation, he took the opportunity to bite the flesh of your neck. “What do you want me to do to you, (Y/N)?” He huskily whispered in your ear, slowly pulsing in you. “(Y/N),” He repeated, “(Y/N)!” Jimin screamed, and you shook.

“What?” You popped your head up.

“The hyungs asked you if you wanted to go get some snacks,”

You looked to the kitchen where all the boys were playing around, and decided what to make or take for the movie. “Why don’t we make popcorn?” You stood up.

“Good idea.” He smiled his cutesy smile as he followed you.

“Ah, (Y/N) is alive.” Yoongi joked.

“I wonder about you sometimes,” You joked back.

“Ooh~” Tae and Jungkook said in unison as they sipped their pops.

“At least I’m sleeping and not blacked out—or however you were.” He retorted.

“What were you daydreaming about?” Hoseok asked.

You felt your face getting hot, “What I have to do when I get home..”

Namjoon covered his mouth while he was chewing a handful of chips, “And what is that?” He was laughing at you—knowing you’re lying.

“Cook, clean—um..” You scratched your arm.

“I know how to fix that problem, noona!” Jungkook smiled, sitting on top of the table. “Sleep over!”

“That’s a great idea, Jungkook!” Tae sat next to him.

“Yeah! Can she, Jimin?” Hoseok asked.

“Can you, (Y/N)?” Jimin looked down to you.

“Yeah—I can do my chores tomorrow.” You nodded.

Jimin put his arms around you, going behind you to guide you to the microwave. “Or those chores are here~” Namjoon sang.

“There’s no need to have your mind in other places,” Jin shook his head, “They’re adults and can do whatever they want—which it probably isn’t what you’re thinking.”

“Yah, you guys think I’d do that while you’re all here?” Jimin turned around.

“You’re an adventurous person,” Tae giggled. “Why wouldn’t you?”

“Are you trying to say little (Y/N)-ah is loud, Jimin?” Yoongi smirked, knowing that you would blush at the slightest mention of you two in intimate contact.

“Hyung, I’m not gonna answer that!”

“Is Jimin loud?” Namjoon laughed, “Is he one of this guys that moans?”

“Don’t answer that, jagi.” Jimin placed his hand over your mouth.

“Ooh!” They all said loudly—even Jin.

“Wow, he moans like a girl.” Tae teased.

“Shut up, Tae! I bet you do ten times more!” Jimin spun around on his heels.

“He admits he does!” Hoseok pointed at him.

Tae began blushing, “No..”

“Aw, Tae~” Namjoon cooed sarcastically.

“I don’t! I don’t moan!” Tae shook his head vigorously.

“That’s really girly, hyung..” Jungkook said.

“I don’t moan!” Tae covered his ears.

Jimin crossed his arms over his chest while smiling proudly, “Why are you so smug over there?” Yoongi opened a pack of cookies, “You still moan.”

“What’s so bad about moaning?” You said in a small voice while looking down.

“They thinks it’s not manly,” Jin informed you.

“That’s because it isn’t.” Yoongi stated.

“It’s better than grunting..” You murmured.

“Ah, so she likes when boys moan.” Namjoon smiled, “Jimin is the perfect match for you, then.”

“You guys should try to harmonize while you do it,” Hoseok joked.

“I hope he has sex with her tonight—although I am afraid I won’t be able to tell the difference of who is who.” Yoongi bashed you two yet again.

The 'Ooh’s came as usual, but everyone broke into their own little dissing at the same time. The sound of all them speaking at the same time was like the buzzing of flys or bees. “Should it matter what sound Jimin makes? I bet he’s better than all of you combined in bed,” You spoke up.

Jimin smiles proudly once again, “That’s right, (Y/N).” He wrapped his arm around you, “I’m better than all of them.”

“Was there ever a question or doubt about it?” You kissed his lips while cupping his cheek.

“Nope!” He broke away.

“Yuck!” Jungkook gagged.

“Get a room!” Tae threw Namjoon’s bag of chips at Jimin’s back as he held your waist tightly and deepened the kiss.

“That’s enough, kids!” Jin tore you two apart. “Get your snacks so we can start the movie.”

“Yeah, I wanna watch the movie.” Hoseok complained.

“I’ll get our popcorn ready,” Jimin kissed your cheek lovingly.

“Moaner~” Yoongi sang as he turned his back. Jimin tensed up and he snickered at what his little comment made him do.

Once the tension died down, Jimin was getting the bowl ready for the popcorn and the boys were having a conversation. You quickly checked if they were paying attention—which they weren't—so you walked behind Jimin. You grabbed his bum, and he jumped. “Jagi~” He motioned to the boys.

“They aren’t paying attention, sweetie.” You continued feeling him up.

“Is this what you feel while I do it to you?” He asked unable to control the flustered smile he had on his face.

“Yes.” You kissed his nose.

“He even likes getting his butt touched like a girl too,” Tae stuck his tongue out.

“How long have you been watching?” You hid behind Jimin’s shoulder.

“Long enough.” Yoongi made a disgusted face.

“He has a huge butt..” Hoseok said, looking at your hand on it.

“I think that’s where all the food goes,” Jin cutely said.

“I think your food goes to your shoulders, oppa.” You told him.

“Ah, maybe~” He lightly blushed, scratched the back of his head.

Jimin kept his face straight to the wall so they wouldn’t see the embarrassment written all over it, “Alright, the snack is ready.” He told everyone.

“Finally, we get to watch the movie!” Jungkook cheered, running over the the living room.

“Wait for me!” Tae ran after him.

“Don’t run..” Jin sighed. The rest went on their way, just following the three boys already there.

“I love you,” You rubbed your noses together.

“Love you too, jagi.” He did it back. You slapped his bum right before he turned around, and he responded with a playful facial expression. “My turn.” He titled his head slightly while smirking. He switched the bowl to his non-dominant hand, and lifted his other far up—slapping it down, making contact with your bum. You winced at the slight pain for the second, but liked it. He saw this, and wrapped his arms around you. The one holding the bowl went to your back, and his free hand went to your jawline. He gave you sloppy kisses with tongue and saliva all around—something he enjoyed doing to get you off or mess around. “You might get a little surprise under the blanket during the movie~” He poked your nose.

“Can’t wait,” You purred.

“Aish, what happened to not doing it while we’re here?” Yoongi asked, standing at the doorframe.

You both jump at the sudden voice, “Why are you here?”

“To get some pop, but something more interesting was obviously going on in here.” He went to the refrigerator, and pulled out a can. “I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for that hand, Jimin.” He said opening it up.

Jimin sighed heavily, “When will we ever get time when those pabos aren’t here.”


“Hey guys, look at (Y/N)’s blanket when she’s watching the movie—Jimin is gonna do something to her!” Yoongi yelled loudly.

“I’m glad you can put up with this, (Y/N).” Jimin rested his head on your shoulder.

“Anything for you, love.” You brush his hair lightly.

part 1


Tim stopped halfway down the hall. He hadn’t exactly been avoiding the open door, but he hadn’t said anything on his way past either. You had to be careful with Damian, or at least Tim did. He wasn’t sure he was welcome.

“Drake?” Well, he was busted now.

Tim leaned against the doorframe. “Hey.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I was looking for Bruce.” 

“He went to a meeting.”

“Oh.” Alright, what was he supposed to do now? It’s not like he could just leave.

“So, um… What’s going on?” Damian’s room was a mess— all of his clothes were stacked in piles on the floor, and his desk was sitting on it’s side. One of the ceiling panels was hanging open.

“I’m rearranging it,” Damian told him. “I could feel all of your hands on my stuff.”

“Well you were kind of dead.”

“I noticed, Drake, thank you.” Damian pulled open one of his drawers and snatched out a pile of papers. “Father won’t be home until dark.”

“I guess I’ll wait. Do you want you want a hand with that?” Tim asked, gesturing to the upturned desk. Damian was headed to his closet, but he stopped long enough to raise an eyebrow and lift the desk with one hand.

“I think I’m good.”

“Right. I forgot about… that. Sorry.”

Damian shrugged. “Pass me those books?”

“Sure, where do you want them?”

Damian tapped the bookshelf beside him and kept on rummaging through his closet. He pulled a spare blanket from one of the corners— when he threw it behind him, it hit the floor in a puff of dust, making them both cough. 

“Damn,” Damian muttered, “Pennyworth should be ashamed.” He was on his tiptoes, stretching for the top shelf, but he couldn’t reach far enough. “Can you get me that storage box?”

“I thought you had it covered.”

Damian sighed. “Father says I’m not allowed to fly in the house. Stop smiling, Drake. It isn’t funny.”

Okay, but it kind of was. What with all the fighting the two of them did, sometimes Tim had trouble remembering how young Damian was. But wow, he was small. Tiny. He couldn’t reach high shelves, and he wasn’t allowed to fly because his dad told him no. That was adorable. Of course, Tim knew better than to actually say it out loud because Tim wasn’t an idiot. 

“Drake! Box.”

“Right, sorry. Do you want the canvas on top?”

“Canvas? What— no. Leave it.”

“Can I see?”


“Alright, fine. Wait, are you okay?” Damian was crouched in front of his bookshelf, very interested in his stack of novels. “Damian?”

“Of course I’m okay.”

“Damian, are you crying?”

I said I’m fine.”

But he clearly wasn’t? What the hell? “Damian, what’s going on?”

“Get out of my room, Drake.”

“Okay, now I’m definitely looking,” Tim told him, reaching for the canvas.


“Now what have we got over— oh god, Damian, I’m so sorry—”

It was a half-finished painting with a photograph paper-clipped to the corner: Damian and Dick sitting at the kitchen table. Dick was holding a piece of Damian’s toast, and Damian was reaching for it. They were both laughing.

“Was this for him?”

Damian looked up from his shelf— He really was crying. “It was supposed to be a Christmas present,” he mumbled. “But then I died and he died and I—just leave me alone.”

What should he do? The hell if he knew, he couldn’t handle something like this, not when it was Damian. Damian hated him. What a nightmare.

“Hey.” He sat down on the floor. “I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have looked. You were right.”

Damian pulled his knees up to his chest and buried his head in his arms. “I’m always right.”

“Most of the time, yeah. Listen, I don’t really know what to tell you about… you know, except— I mean, I can’t promise you anything, but— you were dead too.”

“I noticed, Drake, thank you.”

“And so was Jason. And we thought Bruce was dead that one time. Well, you guys did anyway.”

“Do you have a point?”

“I’m just saying that you’re all back now. And I don’t see why Dick should be an exception, okay? At this point, it’s statistically unlikely.”

“Because heaven forbid one of us should die permanently, like a normal person.”

“C’mon, we both know that if that’s going to be anyone, it’ll be me.”


“Oh my god, Damian. We can look into it, okay? We’ll figure something out.”

Downstairs, the door slammed. Damian looked up, resting his chin on his knees. “You found my cave,” he said, jabbing a thumb at the ceiling.

“Bruce did.”

“Did Grayson get his package?”

“Yeah.” Tim smiled. “He called me about it because he was so excited. He thought it was really funny.”

Damian nodded. “You like pizza, right?” Tim asked. “You want to go get a pizza?”

“What, with you?”

“Um, yeah, that was the idea. We can get Jason to come too. That’s probably him downstairs—he said he was going to drop by.”

Jason stuck his head in the door. “Did somebody say pizza?”

“There, see? Speak of the devil.”

“I heard that,” Jason told him, “and it was rude. You should be ashamed.”

“Uh huh.” Tim turned back to Damian. “Pizza? Yes? No?”

“Fine,” Damian said. “As long as Todd comes. I’m not going anywhere alone with you.”

“If there’s pizza, I’m in. The hell did you do to your room?”

“He’s cleaning,” Tim told him, as he offered Damian a hand. “Come on. If we hurry, we can be back before Bruce.” 

Damian took his hand, and Tim helped him up. “Thanks,” Damian said. He brushed past Tim on his way to the door. “But I still hate you.”

Right. Of course he did.

part 2

part 3

part 4

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Soryu Oh Headcannon Game: A D E F I L M P S U V Y Z Sorry if that's too much :P

It can never be to many when it comes to my fave guy! :) here goes.

A: aftercare, what hes like arfer sex.
Loving, he wraps his arms around your moist body and lays your head on his broad chest as he caresses your face with his thumb as you drift off.

D: dirty secret?
Food play, he loves turning you into a dessert to be devoured, slowly.

E: experience?
Very experienced, not from quantity but from quality, he knows how to turn you into a quivering mess with just a look. He knows all your weaknesses and uses them to his advantage.

F: fave possition.
You on top, your hands spread across his chest nails slightly digging into his flesh. His large hands on your hips gently manouvering you so you feel the most pleasure. He loves to see your face.

I: intemacy.
He feels this is the most important part of making love. The intemacy he makes you feel is unparrallel to anyone else. You feel like the only woman in the world.

L: location.
I feel Soryu is a ‘in the moment’ kinda guy he doesnt have a fave place. As long as its with you hes happy.

M: motivation. Turn ons.
He loves it when you take your hair out of its bun, when you let it free and it cascades down your back, the look of happiness on your face when the tight hair is loosened.

P: pace?
Depends on his mood, if he has had a bad day with his dealings he will take you roughly to make himself feel like a man. If you have had a bad day he likes to make you feel loved and wanted and he does just that.

S: stamina.
Lets not beat around the bush, this guys stamina has gotta be top notch. He can last all night, you can have 3, 4, 5 orgasms before he comes undone himself, and you better regain your stamina pretty quick because hes ready again after a quick drink.

U: unfair, tease?
I dont see Soryu as being much of a tease, he cant contain himself long enough to be a tease like i said he is a in the moment kinda guy.

V: volume.
He is a grunter, probably not the loudest of love makers. Probably the kind of guy that will bite down on your neck to muffle his grunts and moans.

Y: yearning. High sex drive?
I think soryu is a very sexual man. He hides it well though. However he may hide it well but doesnt like to be kept waiting. He will make an excuse to get you alone whenever the urge takes him.

Z: zzz… how auickly they fall asleep afterwards?
Not very, he likes to make sure you are comfortable and not hurt before he even thinks about sleep. He will sooth you into slee and watch you for a while before he himself goes to sleep.


My Eyes Adored You


My eyes adored you
Like a million miles away

I open instagram, scrolling through the days feed, liking a picture here or there, until one photo causes my breath to hitch.

Y/N’s face smiles up at me through the screen, clearly mid laugh. Automatically, my own lips tug up into a grin, smiling at the girl who had my heart. I like the picture, noticing the caption was simply a smiling emoji, before closing instagram and opening my pictures.

The gallery was full of her. Of the two of us; of her on her own. The photos ranged from selfies that’s we’d taken, to selfies she’s taken when she stole my phone, to candid ones of her I’d taken when we were together. I scroll through them slowly, taking the time to appreciate each one fully, until my screen flashes her name. I click the answer button, smiling when her face yet again illuminates the small screen.

“Hey gorgeous.” I grin, and her giggle resonates around my bunk. “I was just thinking about you.”

“I know.” She beams, and I feel as though my heart actually stops for a second. “I had a notification informing me you’d liked my picture.”

“I always like your pictures.” I smile, drinking in the sight of her smile and her eyes and just her, curled up on her sofa a million miles away from me. “How else do you know I still think you’re beautiful?”

“Oh so when you stop liking my pictures, that means I’m not beautiful any more.” She muses, adopting a serious look, although I can see the smile she’s trying to hide. “How interesting.”

“Don’t worry.” I assure her. “I’m never going to stop thinking you’re beautiful.”

“Glad to know.” She blushes, and I marvel at the way she’s still humbled by my compliments.

“I miss your face.” I sigh, and she giggles again.

“You can see it right now!”

“Not in person. It’s getting hard to appreciate just how beautiful you are through a screen.”

“Soon Ash.” She sighs, closing her eyes ever so briefly. “Only sixty seven days to go.”

“That’s sixty seven too many.” I pout, and she giggles again.

“I know.” She smiles. “But you’re just having to make face time and instagram do until then.”

“They’re aren’t as good as the real thing.” I tell her, and she rolls her eyes, not realising just how hard it was to love something so beautiful, who was so far away.


You were fifth grade, I was sixth
When we came to be

“So Michael,” The interviewer begins. “How long have you and your girlfriend Y/N been a couple?”

“Oh god.” I chuckle, and the boys grin around me. “I was twelve and she was eleven. But we grew up next door to each other, so she’s been there forever.”

“Wow! So you’ve been together that long?”

“Well, I mean, there were times when we’d break up for a while.” I shrug. “But it was never for too long. Because we’re us you know? And we’re best friends, always have been, and so we always end up finding our way back together. So, I guess yeah, it just always comes back to the two kids in Sydney sitting on the swings in my garden.”


“How’s school now I’m gone?” I ask, glancing at the girl beside me. She’s actually swinging, not very high, but still more than the slight rocking I was using my feet to do.

“You weren’t my only friend Michael.” She grins, poking her tongue out at me. “I can survive a year without you. Then I’ll be back with you all over again.”

“It’s weird though.” I tell her. “Not seeing you.”

“I live next door!” She giggles, stopping her swinging and smiling at me. “You see me all the time.”

“Not enough.” I mumble, looking away to my feet. “I want to see you more.”

“You can see me all the time we aren’t at school.” She replies, her voice quieter. I look up and smile softly, and she smiles back.

“Would you…erm…like to be my…my girlfriend? I mean..you don’t have to…I just…” I trail off, returning my eyes to the floor, my cheeks flushed red. Then, very faintly, a pair of lips brush mine, and I look up in shock to see Y/N beginning to swing again.

“Yeah Mikey.” She giggles. “I’ll be your girlfriend.”


“Sounds like soul mates.” The interviewer smiles, and I grin back at her.

“I don’t know if I believe in that type of thing.” I admit, ignoring the boys’ scoffs. “But if I were to have one, I like to think it’s her.”

“So are the wedding bells in the future?” She smirks, and I shake my head, looking down at my feet with a small smile before looking back up to answer.

“We’re still young, so obviously I haven’t asked her to marry me.” I laugh.

“He wants to though.” Calum chuckles, and I shove him lightly.

“Maybe one day.”


Carried your books from school
Playing make-believe you’re married to me

“Luke!” She giggles as I take the book out of her hands, carrying them with my on.

“I’m your husband! I have to carry them!” I tell her as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world, out Mum’s laughing behind us.

“We aren’t married!” She tells me, and my mouth falls open in shock.

“Of course we are!” I protest, but she shakes her head furiously.

“No we aren’t we’re five! Five year olds aren’t married!”

“Well we are.” I tell her, handing her a Haribo ring. She giggles, taking it and putting it on her finger.

“Fine. We can be married, but just today okay?”


“I’ll carry it!” I tell her, taking the box from her hands and holding it under my arm.

“I think I can manage Luke.” She smiles, reaching out to take the box back, but I spin so it’s out of her reach. “Luke!”

“I’m your husband, I have to carry them.” I grin, and she rolls her eyes.

“We aren’t married.” She echoes her words just as I did, and I only grin more. “Seriously Luke, let me carry the box.”

“What kind of husband-”

“You aren’t my husband! We’re eighteen!”

“Fine. How about I settle for boyfriend instead?” I smirk, and this time it’s her mouth that falls open in shock.

“I…erm…what?” She splutters.

“Boyfriend or husband, take your pick.” I grin, and she blinks at me. “Come on Y/N, it’s not that hard a choice. I mean do you want to be married or-”

I’m cut off by her lips on mine, and I smile as her hands grip my neck slightly before she pulls away.

“We aren’t married Luke.” She replies, kissing me again before turning around.

“Not yet.” I mutter.


“Wait!” I stop her, scooping her up in my arms.

“Luke!” She giggles, locking her arms around my neck. I grin, kissing her quickly before opening the door and stepping inside.

“I’m your husband. I have to carry you.” I grin, and she rolls her eyes.

“How long have you been waiting to use that one?” She grins, and I smirk at her, kicking the door close behind me. She shifts so her legs are around my waist, and mine are locked under her bum.

“Since you kissed me.” I admit, smirking up at her. “Although I’ve been waiting to marry you since I was five, you just kept denying my happiness.”

“Twice! Both times, we weren’t even a couple. And when we were a couple, I said yes didnt I?”

“Took you long enough.” I joke, capturing her lips with mine.

“Well we’re married now.” She mumbles against my lips, and I grin into her kiss.

“Only took you twenty years to realise.”


My eyes adored you
Though I never laid a hand on you

She walked in, and I don’t think anything could have prepared me for it.

Because she was just so unlike any other girl I’d ever seen, and I couldn’t put it into words, but my eyes remained on her all night, despite the chaos that surrounded us.

I watched her laugh from across the room, and I let a smile take over my features. She continues to giggle at whatever her friend says, and Luke hits the back of my head.

“Just go and introduce yourself!” He laughs, drinking his beer as he shakes his head. “You’ve been staring at her since she walked in.”

“Who is she?” I ask him, my gaze returning to the girl.

“Kylie’s friend maybe? I’m not sure. All I know is your eyes have been glued to her since she walked in.”

“She’s gorgeous.” I mutter, looking quickly at Luke before back at her. “Do you not think? I mean, obviously she’s beautiful, but, I don’t know, I don’t think I could ever get tired of looking at her she’s just so-”

“Christ Cal you don’t even know her name!” He exclaims. “You sound like you’re in love with her.”

“Don’t be stupid.” I scoff, although I don’t shift my gaze from her.

“If you don’t go over there I will.” He replies, and I finally twist my head to look at him. He smirks, tipping his bottle in her direction. “Seriously, go.”

“Okay.” I nod, turning back around and looking at where she stood smiling. “Okay.”

“Fucking hell.” Luke chuckled, pushing me forward. “Go Calum!”

I stumble, quickly regaining my footing as I get closer to the girl. She looks up from her friends as I approach, and my breath catches at the way her eyes shine.

“Hi.” She chirps, and I have to mentally kick myself for staring at her so obviously.

“H-hey.” I wave lamely. “I’m Calum.”

“I know.” She smiles. “I’m Y/N.”

“Y/N.” I repeat, smiling at her. “Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”

She smirks at me, and I close my eyes in embarrassment.

“I’m so sorry.” I tell her, opeinging my eyes to meet hers. “That was so…”

“It’s okay.” She giggles. “It was cute.”

“You’re cute. I mean…you’re beautiful…I mean..I’m just going to be quiet now.” I sigh, looking down at my shoes.

Suddenly, a spark jolts up my arm, and I look up to see her fingers laced with mine.

“You’re cute too.” She grins, pulling me through the house. “Come on, I want to dance.”

Little Wolf - part 3

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Prompt: ‘Imagine being a werewolf, on the run from Sam and Dean when Crowley takes you in’

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Crowley x reader 

Word count: 1735

Warnings: blood, violence, torture, getting hurt, bad language, gifs used aren’t mine!

Authors note: ok so I think I’ve kept you all waiting long enough! So here is part 3 to my series, I hope you all enjoy it :) feedback is always appreciated x

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Kagami and GOM finding out their s/o is a teacher in an all boys school and she keeps getting hit on and asked out. And her main persuer is someone who is just like them back in hs. (They are adults now) I love your blog btw!

Thank you so much! I hope this works, i will admit I struggled a bit
(b/n)= boy’s name

Aomine: You weren’t the type to hide anything from your husband, nor were you the type to tell him everything either. The fact that you were a teacher for an all boys school had him teasing you every now and then on how you’d probably get hit on. You told him there was this one particular senior that would hit on you constantly. Aomine took it as sarcasm but when he was picking you up from work, he noticed a cocky boy orbiting around you with a mischievous grin on his face. “How about it Aomine sensei,” the boy leaned in awfully close to you. You backed away slightly and looked at him with an irritated smile, “I told you already. I’m married.” You heard the police car slam shut and turned your attention to your navy-haired husband, “Speak of the devil,” you smirked. Aomine wrapped his arm around your waist and reeled you in close to him, “Hm? This the kid you were talking about ___?” The boy clicked his tongue in frustration as he turned his back to the two of you, “Not like I care. Well, I’m going home, sensei. I’ll get ya tomorrow,” he yawned and muttered to himself. “(B/n)-kun, don’t you have soccer practice,” you asked. “Don’t need it. No one can beat me other than myself,” he chuckled, slowly fading from your sight. A sigh slipped from Aomine which instantly drew your attention to him, you watched as his pursed his lips and scrunched his face, “I hate to admit it but the damn brat is like the high school me.”  

Kise: It was the first time your model husband had come to pick you up from work. He patiently waited for you in the car, uncontrollably jittering in his seat. Once his yellow orbs laid eyes on you, he was quick to leave the car and call out for you, “___cchi!” Unfortunately for him, you didn’t notice because you had your hands full with a student who was weeping at your feet. You tried to console him and apologize for the sudden outburst but you were already married. You let an exasperated sigh and crouched down to his level, “(b/n)-kun, student and teacher relationships are forbidden. Plus,” you paused and pointed toward your husband who was jogging toward you with a worried expression, “I have someone whom I love.” By the time Kise got to you, he asked if everything was alright. You assured him that everything was fine, so he reeled you in by the waist and greeted you with a peck on your temple, “___cchi I missed you.” The boy had beads of tears still resting in the corner of his eyes as he then pointed at Kise and declared, “I’ll definitely get Kise sensei,” just before he ran off back to the school, leaving Kise in a stunned state. You chuckled which had perked Kise’s interest, “Ne, ___cchi, what’s so funny?” The two of you began to make your way to the car, “(b/n)-kun reminds me of you from high school. Maybe I’ll transfer to a coed school instead next year,” you sighed. Kise turned around and scanned the crowd of students that were still left. Not a single female in sight, “W-what?! This is an all-boy’s school?!”

Akashi: Your redhead husband knew much of what you did, as well as where you worked. The fact that you were working in an environment swarming with males didn’t faze him. You were his and he was yours. But to his surprise, when he had come to pick you up, a student of yours was walking along with you to the front gates. You didn’t notice but Akashi did. The way the boy talked to you and the grin on his face all pointed to one thing: he liked you. “___,” your husband waved as he stepped out of the car. “Seijurou,” you smiled as you walked over to him to give him a peck on the cheek. His red orbs went from you to the boy. You introduced him as one of your top students and chatted amongst one another for a bit longer. Akashi gestured for you to get into the car first and once he had closed the door he turned his attention to the senior. “I would advise you stay away from ___,” he warned. The student gave him a mischievous grin, “You may be an adult but your age is far from intimidating.” He started walking away only to stop and turn to look at Akashi, “You better hold onto her tight. I have a thing for picking rare flowers, regardless whose garden it is,” he smirked and continued his way home. Akashi got in the car and let out an annoyed sigh, “He’s like a replica of me from high school. How troublesome.”

Kuroko: Like Akashi, Kuroko knew of your work place and its environment. He trusted you and you trusted him. It was till the day Kuroko picked you up from work was he little on edge. “____,” he called, startling you in the process. “Tetsuya, jeez you scared me,” you giggled. “Kuroko sensei,” a familiar voice called you from behind causing you to jump. “Jeez what’s with you guys scaring me out of nowhere,” you sighed, “What is it (b/n)-kun?” He began asking you questions regarding today’s lesson and homework and of course you helped him the best you could. He kept pressing questions and opinions. “I’m sorry (b/n)-kun, but I ought to head home,” you apologized as you begin looping your arms with Kuroko’s, “I think my husband has waited long enough. We’ll chat more tomorrow.” “No, my apologies Kuroko sensei. Have a good evening,” he bowed before vanishing from your sight. You turned to your bluenette husband and apologized on the wait only to receive a smile from him. “I think (b/n)-likes you, ___,” he commented. You cocked an eyebrow at him in confusion, “How can you tell with that stifled expression?” He chuckled softly, “I thought it was obvious. It’s kind of weird, he’s like my high school self. So I guess it makes sense that I can see past that expression of his.”

Murasakibara: Your lanky purple-haired husband waited for you patiently under the shade of a cherry blossom, happily munching on pocky while he waited for you. Through the strands of his hair, he saw you making your way to the gate accompanied by a student. “Mura sensei, why not,” one of your students asked as he towered behind you. You looked at him, getting more irritated by the second, “Because (b/n)-kun, we are teacher and student. Plus I’m married,” you held up your hand to show him the wedding ring that coiled around your ring finger. You spotted your husband watching you from behind the brick wall, “Atsushi,” you waved happily. Without you knowing, the senior’s expression quickly transitioned to a frown at the sight of your husband, crushing the sucker between his teeth. “___chin, you finished everything,” Murasakibara asked you as he finished the last pocky. You nodded and watched as his eyes averted to the student behind you, “Eh? Who are you?” You explained to him that this was one of your students, but kept to yourself that this was the one that fawned over you. But Atsushi could tell, “Mmm. Stay away from ___chin, or I’ll crush you,” he warned as he pulled you into his arms. The student looked at him with an irritated expression of his own, “I’ll definitely make Mura sensei mine,” he mumbled as he began sauntering away.

Midorima: Honestly, your carrot top husband felt unsettled after he heard you taking up a teacher position in an all boys school. But he would be the one to encourage you to do your best and support you all he can. The day he decided to pick you up from work, a disgusting feeling sat in the pit of stomach as he watched a spectacled student chat with you. Midorima stepped out of the car and began to walk over to you. “Midorima sensei, please take this,” he handed you a pair of chopsticks. “Eh? What’s this (b/n)-kun,” you asked as you observed the chopsticks. “It’s your lucky item for today. I had not gotten the chance to give it to you this morning,” he replied as a faint pink hue colored his cheeks. “___,” you turned to your husband, “Are you ready to go?” You looked at him with a warm smile and nodded, “This is surprise. Who’d think you would be let go early, Shintarou.” He pushed up the frame of his glasses then extended his hand to you, “Apparently we were overstaffed so they let me off early. Let’s go home.” You gladly took his hand turned back to your student for a brief second, “Thanks for the lucky item (b/n)-kun, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Midorima cocked an eyebrow at the boy who gave you a warm smile and asked him, “What’s your sign?” The student lifted the frame of his glasses back to place, “Cancer.” Your husband looked at him for a few seconds longer with his green orbs before taking you to the car, “Another Cancer, how tedious.”

Kagami: Your redheaded husband really didn’t say much about where you worked because work was work, not all the time do you get to choose where you worked and with who. He would definitely support you and would save you from boys who were trying to get their paws on you. When he picked you up from school, he noticed a senior walking along with you to the gate. “___,” Kagami greeted with a toothy smile which had you sending one back. “Taiga,” you went and gave him a peck on the cheek. “Who’s this,” he asked as he nodded toward the student. You introduced the two to one another and began chatting away. Kagami actually grew fond of the kid since they had similar hobbies. The senior checked his cell phone and looked at it with a startle, “Ah! I have practice. It was nice to meet you Mr. Kagami.” He turned around but only to turn back and march up to Kagami, locking his eyes with his. A red splitted eyebrow raised in curiosity, “What is it, (b/n).” The boy’s complexion slowly turned to a deep red, “I-I think you’re c-cool, but I definitely won’t l-lose to you when it comes to Kagami sensei,” he stuttered and then turning around and began sprinting toward the gym. You looked over at your husband who was blushing slightly, “Taiga,” you called. His face turned a darker shade as he reeled you into his arms, “The kid has guts but he’s gonna have to get past me first. It’s weird because it feels like I’m fighting against my old self,” he nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck.

I remember that day and the days after. I cried till my eyes were swollen and dry. I wanted to puke my heart out and shatter every memory of you.
I thought of you everyday. And I kept waiting like an idiot wondering if I lingered long enough, you would run back apologizing for all the pain you caused.
But you didn’t.
And now I know you never will.
You’re never going to apologize for what you did because you think you did nothing wrong.
And if that’s the case, I’d rather never speak to you again.

So don’t merrily text me out of the blue, asking how I am months later because you’re surprised I managed to crawl out of that hell hole you pushed me in.

—  Just don’t.