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[SUMMARY: Edward Blake has sex with a virgin who happens to be the young niece of one of the men he works with.]

Consensual sex.

*Some blog names didn’t tag.

Note: In these imagines I portray Edward Blake as someone who did not sexually assault anyone.

Eddie and Liz.

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You Can’t Protect Me From Everything // Shawn Mendes

Authors Note: So this here is a combination of “Can you do one where Shawn breaks up with y/n because she been hate getting on and after a couple of days she was up I to the hospital because (idk whatever you are comfortable with) and Shawn found out from the the internet and went to drive over there because he still loves her and they get back together” + “can you do an imagine where y/n is roughly 2/3 years younger than shawn ? ((shawn 19, y/n 16))” 

Warning: Y/n talks about self harm and I would also like to mention that she’s angry about it and her views on it does not mean they’re mine or the right view

“I think it’s best if we didn’t see each other for a while,” Shawn mumbled stroking my back softly as he held me in his arms. I froze, the words ticking over in my head. He wanted to break up. 

“What?” I ask, trying to sound strong but my voice quivers. I sit up on the couch, pulling away from his touch and turning off the TV.

“I just think that its time that we had some time apart, know what its like to not have each other,” I try to hold his burning gaze but his words feel as though they’re slicing me apart and I look away. 

“Am I not enough for you anymore?” I ask, my fingers sliding the dainty, gold ring Shawn got me for my birthday in a nervous manner. 

“You’re just young Y/n and I thought it would-” 

“So that’s what this is about,” I hiss, Shawn looking shocked at my sudden anger.

“What? No I’m just-”

“You know I don’t care that your fans think I’m too young for you,” I state, crossing my arms over my chest as if to keep the frustration at bay.

“I know you don’t baby but,” He trails off, trying to catch my eye.

“If I can deal with it why can’t you?” I whisper, the anger giving way to a hollow like feeling.

“I don’t want you to have to deal with it!” Shawn shouts, suddenly standing up. He walks out the room and after a moment of shock, I follow.

“What do you mean?” I ask, nerves on a high. I’ve never seen Shawn so angry in the 8 months that we’ve been dating. He’s leaning against the sink a glass of water in his hand.

“I hate coming to see you and seeing tears in your eyes that you so desperately try to hide but I know, Y/n, I know that they’re from the hate. That the fans can’t take me being 19 and you being 16,” He chucks the glass in the sink, the sound of the glass hitting the metal harsh against my ears.

“I won’t go on it anymore,” I say gently, approaching him cautiously. 

“I don’t want you to have to cut off social media just because of me, this is why I didn’t want to tell everyone about us,” His anger seems to turn on me.

“Shawn,” I gasp, recoiling back. 

“But you kept asking me, Shawn lets just tell them, Shawn I don’t want to hide,” He mocks me, my irritation growing. 

“I didn’t want to hide my relationship. I have every right to tell people that I’m dating you and show everyone how much you mean to me,” I snap, slamming my hand on the counter.

“Why couldn’t we just keep it between us though? Why are you so desperate to tell people?” He mutters, striking a nerve. 

“You were asking me to go places with you that were deserted so that no one would see us and post about it on social media. When we would go out to the movies or dinner, I had to put a meter between us so it looked like we were just friends hanging out,” I turn away from him, not wanting him to see my tears. 

“I was proud of our relationship and to hide it like that, made me feel like… like you were ashamed of me or something,” 

“With an age gap like that,” I hear him say so quietly that I thought I imagined it but when I turned around, facing his icy gaze, I knew he said it.

“Fine,” I sob, voice cracking. “I see how you really feel. I”ll leave,” I don’t look at him as I grab my coat from the counter, chucking it around my body that felt so cold all of a sudden. 

I didn’t look back at him as I walked down the hall to the front door, pulling it open and standing out in the frosty air. 

When I did look back, I saw him standing there still, starring at me with an unreadable expression until the door closed and I could no longer see him. No longer see an us.

It was like I couldn’t feel anything. As if my whole body was numb to everything. I layed in the small single bed, the bland white walls starring back into my face as I looked at nothing in particular. 

I didn’t want to be here, I so desperately wanted to be anywhere else. I bring my hand up to move some hair that fell in my eyes and the stinging pain brings my attention to my arm. The plate. The blood. My Mothers horrified expression. They all come flooding back and I look away.

I was washing the dishes when I accidentally smashed a plate. I must admit however, my actions were governed by the anger from Shawn’s quick dismissal of our relationship. 

I remember the pain in my arm, the sharp cuts that appeared; completely by accident. Unfortunately however, because of my relationship ending only a couple days before, apparently that gave me a valid reason to harm myself. 

When my Mum walked into the kitchen, her gaze locked on the water stained red with my own blood and a broken piece of the plate in my hand she immediately thought the worst. Not once did she give me a chance to explain that it was an accident, instead rushing me to the hospital where I’ve been for the past 2 days, under constant monitoring. 

I sigh, turning the TV off, finding no interest in the cartoon that was playing. The silence allows me to hear the just audible voices outside my room.

“I just want to see her,” a male’s voice says, and I sit up straighter. Shawn.

“She’s very tired, sir,” A nurses voice replies and I roll my eyes. I was fine and in need of food other then what they served at the hospital. 

“Can I have just 5 minutes, 5…please,” I hear him beg. The door opens, the creaking sound alerting me off someones presence. 

“Miss, you have a visitor,” My nurse tells me, and she allows Shawn to walk past her, closing the door after him, leaving him and I alone together. 

I don’t say anything. Simply stare at him as he runs his gaze over my body tucked into the sheets, the bandages wrapped around my right arm from my wrist to my elbow. Up to my face where it lingers, reading my expression.

“How did you-”

“Don’t say anything,” He snaps, moving forward to sit next to me in the seat beside my bed. I close my mouth hastily.

“Why would you do this to yourself?” He murmurs, running a finger over the bandage. I roll my eyes, knowing he thinks I cut myself, just like everyone else.

“Do you know how hard it was to find out my girlfriend cut her self and to not hear it from you but from online?” He asks, voice full of exasperation and something else, maybe hurt… fear? 

“Ex-girlfriend,” I utter. An awkward silence fills the room and I don’t dare meet his eyes. 

“I was on this afternoon,” he begins and I stare at the vase in the corner of my room filled with blooming violets. 

“I saw so many tweets with your name and self harm and I just… I felt my stomach drop,” His voice lowers to a whisper. “I didn’t want it to be true, to find out that my girl hurt herself because she couldn’t handle what she was feeling,” 

I stay silent still, listening to his soothing voice and allowing myself for one moment to believe we were still together. 

“I saw pictures that some fan account had tagged me in and it was of you getting rushed into the hospital. I called your mum- which by the way, she is extremely unhappy with me, but I found out it was true and you were here,” he sighs rubbing his eyes tiredly. “Why Y/n?”

I look at him, seeing his normally sparkling brown eyes, dull and red.

“I was washing the dishes.” I start, finally finding someone who would listen to my side of the story rather than my mothers who was abrupt and panic filled. “I was so angry with how things ended and then I remember slamming the plate down a little too hard and it broke- the glass cutting my arm. Before I had time to clean up my Mum walked in and she thought I cut myself because of what happened with us,”

He looks at me, shocked. “You didn’t purposely cut yourself?” He asks, a serious expression masking his face.

“No- everyone just thinks I did,” He reaches out, wrapping me in his arms.

“I was so scared that you meant it,” he murmurs into my hair before pulling away. 

“I would never Shawn,” I tell him, his hand gripping mine tightly. A silence falls over us and it reminds me of the sharp words he chucked at me. I tug my hand out his grip, coughing awkwardly.

“I um,” He says softly. “I didn’t. I want. I..” He stutters, not knowing what to say.

“I’m sorry I pressured you into telling everyone about us. I wouldn’t have if I knew how much you didn’t want to,” I mumble, pulling a loose thread in my blanket. 

“No, baby, I wanted to tell everyone as well,” He rushes to say, alarm filling his eyes. “I just, I read some of the hate you got and it was so awful. I felt so ashamed of having these people who said the most disgusting things to you as my fans and I wanted to protect you from it,”

“You can’t protect me from everything Shawn,” I tell him, brushing back a piece of hair that fell on his forehead up out of his eyes.

“You didn’t deserve what they were saying and I thought the best way to stop it was to break up with you. That was the worst decision of my life,” I tighten my hold on his hand.

“I can agree with that,” I hum, smiling at him.

“Everything I said was just a lie, I knew the only way for you to agree was to hurt you. I hated saying those things to you and seeing the look on your face when I said them,” 

“I want you to know that I don’t care what they say or how many years older you are then me,” I say, and he kisses my knuckles softly. 

“I’m sorry,” He mumbles, and I pat the space on the bed next to me, letting him sit next to me. “I really don’t care how old you are. Actually I love that you’re younger then me. Gives me more of a reason to want to protect you,” he kisses my forehead softly

“Good,” I smirk at him and he nudges my shoulder with his own.

“So does this mean we’re an item again?” he teases, his eyes twinkling.

“Depends,” I grin.

“On what?” 

“You’re going to have to face my mothers wrath,” His face paled. 

“Give me strength,”

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Summer Boy || Jeon Jungkook pt.05

{ pt.06}

Jungkook x reader

Genre: Smut/Fluff-ish/slap in the face

Word Count: 4,643

~ SO sorry that it’s been forever since I last updated. So much been going on these past few weeks and this series is coming to an end soon. Hope you enjoy!♡

The days following Jungkook’s and I event on the beach, he messaged and called me excessively. At first, he tried to apologize, then began to dismiss the topic and was only trying to get my attention. I ignored all efforts to communicate and avoided unwanted encounters. After four days of rejection and silence on my side, he stopped trying completely; then by the sixth day, I began to miss him.

I had myself locked inside the house and sometimes only my room. My friends began to worry since I had failed to speak with them at all. I sometimes heard some of the guys over; mostly Jimin, Namjoon, and Hobi but never Jungkook. The days or nights I was cooped up in my room, I found myself peeking out my windows to look into his. My window was unlocked but the blinds were closed and I only ever saw the door to his room. The lights were off most of the time I checked and I wonder if he was in there in the dark like I was.

It was one of those nights I went to bed early, just as the sun was going down, but I really just laid there in bed. I drifted in and out of slumber when I eventually, I woke up to laughing and a cold sweat. My room was dark and the only crack of light came from under my door. Faint talking could be heard from the living room and I recognized Jin’s laugh instantly. I sighed, missing the good times we all spent together but I couldn’t find the courage to make the move to face them. I was too embarrassed with what I have become over the last week; when I normally wouldn’t care.

I decided to go back to sleep, pushing the covers off my sweaty neck down to my waist.

 "I don’t know. Jungkook said he would meet us here…“

I almost didn’t hear what Namjoon said. The drowsiness was scared out of my system as my heart stopped for a minute.

 "My Kookie has been unrecognizable lately, he’s never home and is out all hours of the night,” Jin said not long after.

 "Yeah, same with (Y/n)…I feel like I haven’t seen her in a week, and she hasn’t even left the house.“ The worry in Bitsy voice made me feel guilty.

 "Those two really need to talk things out. I wish they weren’t so stubborn.” Jimin said.

Hearing that Jungkook was also acting out fed to my guilt as well. Why was I being such a drama queen? I wasn’t acting like myself. I was never afraid to face a conflict, but things just felt different with Jungkook involved.

I grabbed my phone and looked through the old messages from him. I wanted to text him so he could come over but it’s been so long. What if he stopped texting me because he was over it already? Which would explain the behavior Jin was talking about.

Do you still wanna talk?

My head was beginning to ache with all my conflicting thoughts. Would he even text me back? I pulled my pillow into my chest, holding it tightly, while I closed my eyes. They were still talking but had changed the conversation. The last thing I remembered was staring at my phone screen and before knew it, I was asleep once again.

I woke up to a faint knocking sound, but as I came to my senses it was quite forceful. The room was still dark and it could have been nothing past midnight.

 “Go away, Coco…” I mumbled into my pillow.

The knocking continued regardless, not till l allowed the sound to ring in my head, did I realize it wasn’t knocking against wood but against the glass. I pushed the blankets of my legs and went to switch on the lights. Walking over to my window, I lifted up the blinds to find Jungkook standing on the other side of them.

I stood numbly looking at him; his face was different from the last time I had seen him, he looked a bit puffier but his cheeks were blushed. I was afraid to let him in regardless if the window was open. He had no specific expression on his face but it still held a gentle and unsure look. For a moment he looked away from me and back to reach into a book bag, I hadn’t even noticed he had on. My head tilted with my brows scrunched when he pulled out a full bottle of Jack Daniels, holding it up for me as if it was a way in. I bit the inside of me cheek still hesitating to let him in. Jungkook paused for a moment before once more reaching into his bag, this time pulling out a single can of coca cola with a slight shrug of his shoulders.

 “It’s open.” I turned away from him, walking to bed, and hearing the window open as I sat at the edge.

I rested my back against the headboard while I drank down all the water I had on my nightstand. Tapping my fingers against the now empty glass while Jungkook opens up the bottle of Jack. He scooted closer to me offering to pour me some and I stopped him halfway up the glass. I reached in his bag that was sitting between us for the can of coke and filling up the rest of my cup. I watch Jungkook take a swing straight from the bottle resetting it at the opposite side of the bed. I took a drink from my cup as well, the over sweet cola making the harsh whiskey more bearable.

 “(Y/n)…” My eyes shifted towards him. Jungkook was sitting with his knees spread and the bottle held between both hands. He was staring at the brown liquor sway in its glass prison. “I don’t know…what you think that was on the beach but-”

Jungkook stopped speaking for a moment, unsure of himself and what he wanted to say. I took another sip from my cup to find the strength to go through the conversation. “I just hate this wall you put between us before anything could even happen.”

His eyebrows were knitted, he was frustrated with the situation at hand. I didn’t know how to explain to him that it wasn’t anything personal, at least not at first. I couldn’t deny that my distance from him had grown from what I first intended it to be. I knew what he was feeling- how he was feeling.

 “You’re right.” I took a gulp of my drink allowing it to burn in my throat. “What I’m doing isn’t fair, and the last thing I wanted was for it to bother you so much.”

I could see that it was hard for Jungkook to be so honest about how he felt. I could see the hurt in his eye whether he tried to hide it.

 “I like you.”

I gulped at his sudden words, looking away from him at all costs. “Jungkook-”

“And the only reason I would ever have the balls to admit that; besides the fact I’m a little drunk, is because I think…you might like me too.”

I ran my hand over my forehead and temples. It was obvious he had been drinking before coming here, so that was giving him an unclear mind. If he was speaking the truth, that meant things would have to end.

 “Why are you trying to create something between us? This wasn’t my intention- there’s nothing between us.” I drank down what was left in my cup, trying to release some of the frustration.

 “I’m not saying that,” Jungkook mumbled faintly. He leaned over to pass me the bottle so I could refill my glass. “I know what this is.”

 “Jungkook, please.” I wanted to mask his words with the liquor in my cup. “All I know is there’s been a stigma around me. I have my reasons to keep my distance…”

He watches me drink straight from the bottle, where his lips had been just seconds before. “I don’t know what your reasons are but they can’t be that complicated.”

 “So what if they aren’t? You think you can fix them?”

 “Baby, if you’d let me, I wouldn’t hesitate.” He yanked the bottle from my hands just as I was about to go in for another gulp. “I could tell why you would doubt me.”

 “Enlighten me then.” I put my cup down on the nightstand and leaned on the headboard.

 “Well you aren’t the ‘single’ type,” Jungkook’s confidence was beginning to show. “The fact that you are trying so desperately to stay that way probably stems from a bad relationship.”

Normally, I would take offense for his first comment but the alcohol was buzzing my head. He was right regardless of what I thought.

 “How observant of you,” I said sarcastically. He shrugged and smirked my way. “I’m afraid it’s a little more complex than that, though.”

 “Why don’t you tell me about it then?” I laughed aloud intentionally. Jungkook was not easily offended to my luck. “Or should I keep guessing till I get it right?”

 “Try me.”

I was very aware that Jungkook would be up for the challenge but I couldn’t stop to see the wrong in this. My alcohol tolerance wasn’t strong and yet, I wasn’t as paranoid or dramatic. But I would surely do something I would regret in the morning.

 “You said you’ve only slept with two other people- I don’t necessarily believe that, though. I think you have actually only dated two people.” He was completely wrong but I was interested to know what he thought. “My guess is that you dated some asshole, who only slept with you for a couple months before he left. Then the second guy you liked after but he wasn’t interested in a serious relationship, which he probably never admitted, still, you devoted your time to him.”

Though he was wrong, Jungkook words brought back unwanted memories. Ones that flared anger in my heart and only feed my paranoia. I grabbed my drink and only wanted to bury myself in its poison. Jungkook spoke with confidence but when I failed to respond, he noticed the change on my face.

 “Do you think I’m that stupid?” I said with spite. I was that stupid but it angered me that he could see it. He saw the tears build in my eyes before I looked away from him.

 “No.” He said noticing his mistake. He placed the now half empty bottle to the floor, moving up the bed a bit more. “I think you’re strong.” I was keeping the tears on the brim of my eyes. “But you’re scared of your feelings cause of what he did to you.”

He sat on his knees beside me, hesitating to go any further. Jungkook was growing closer, wanting to comfort me but I rejected his affection in embarrassment. I was stubbornly full of pride; I hated others pity and sympathy for my stupid choices. My head was beginning to flutter with all different emotions. I was no longer crying about my ex but about everything else. How things with Jungkook would never work out; not a relationship, not even a friendship. I hated the fact that he wanted me in a different way than I was using him. But he was the reason I was thinking that I didn’t want to be so empty and hollow anymore.  

 “Jungkook, please…stop.” My voice cracked slightly under my hushed words. He tried to touch the hand on my lap but I moved it away to push some of my loose hairs back and regain my composer.

 “You don’t have to hide, I won’t do anything you don’t tell me too.” I sucked in a shaky breath, turning my head to face him and met him only inches away from me. His dark chocolate eyes were scanning my face for any signs of objection as he leaned in. My lashes were wet, sticking to each other as I looked up at him and watched his eyes shut softly. I allowed his wet lips to timidly graze mine and my mouth responding erotically by nature. But the kiss wasn’t hot, it was warm and comforting; it was loving in its most innocent form. He cupped my face as a way to relax and ease my immodest behavior. I melted into his touch feeling tense and unsure of what I was getting myself into. It was just like on the beach; Jungkook wasn’t trying to establish any dominance between us, it was simply adoration. “Tell me what to do…”

Jungkook tried to pull away to speak but I kept him close because his affection was stimulating. I grabbed the back of his neck, feeling his skin shiver under my hand. My tongue playfully brushed against his, bringing him to hover over me and continue what we had in mind. I pulled on the collar of his shirt, moving my exposed legs to rubbed against his, easing him on top of me. He pulled away once I struggled to breathe, our hot breaths hitting our lips with the smell of whiskey.

 “I don’t wanna be lonely anymore,” I whispered. Nudging my nose against his, I shut my eyes in hope that he would fulfill the aspiration I longed for. “I’m yours.”

There was so much more to say but nothing left to do. I gave myself over to him without a second thought. I wanted what he could give me; comfort, affection, and bliss. Despite what my emotions would be in the morning, this is what I need at the moment. A simple touch from him was enough to set me free.

Jungkook took his time savoring my lips, loving the taste of liquor and me in his mouth. His lips were so soft and just the right amount of moisture to let his tongue slip in. Jungkook leaned me down with my back against the bed. He hummed against my mouth as my hands slipped down his neck and chest. My hand rubbed under the material of his shirt, where his toned chest hid. Jungkook pulled on my waist arching my back off the mattress. His other hand ran up my leg and caressed the flesh of my thigh. He didn’t seem to mind the bit of stubble while he moved under my cotton shorts, feeling the warmth of my inner thigh. Goosebumps shivered down my spine and on my legs. Jungkook’s lips were traveling down my chin with softly pressed kisses. My hand followed the landscape that was his arms while he sucked lightly on my neck.

He paused for a moment to remove his shirt as he started to grow hot. I leaned up to attach my lips on his defined collar bones before he had even thrown the shirt behind him. Jungkook chuckled with a slight groan as his hands grabbed my waist and pushed up my thin shirt up to feel more of me. I followed in his action and removed my top. Jungkook was quick to attack my neck and chest, pushing me gently back onto the bed. His hands cupped and caressed my figure as he left a trail of kisses between the valley of my breasts.

His name left my mouth softly, he was the only thing playing in my mind. My legs tingled with the feathered kisses he left down my abdomen. He kept his eyes open the entire time, admiring my body on his way down to my navel. He stripped my of my shorts but left my damp panties on, kissing and teasing me through the fabric. I squirmed on the bed as his hot breath tickled over my clothed mound. Jungkook took his time running his hands over my thighs and hips.

 “I don’t know what you’re doing to me, (Y/n).” He whispered, barely enough for me to hear him. “But I want you,” Jungkook leaned in to kiss over the wet spot on my underwear. “all the goddamn time.”

His words like honey made me whimper and move my knee up, to allow him more area between my legs. I wanted him too. Way more than I was willing to admit to him and even myself. I picked myself up to get a better look at him before he started. His gorgeous face between my thighs was a sight that would be burned into my mind forever. Jungkook smiled up at me, hooking his hand around my leg and kiss the warmest part of my thigh, still, maintaining eye contact. I moved my hand over to him, pushing his dark hair out of his eyes.

I leaned back and watched him hook his fingers around the waistband of my panties, pulling them down my knees and off my feet. He could not keep his eyes off my core, he looked at me with such lust and hunger. I could feel my face and chest grew heated with a breath caught in my mouth, trapped under my bitten lip. His hot soft mouth kissed my lips, running his tongue over the soft flesh. Jungkook’s teasing lips curled into a smile as he peered a look my way. I moaned silently in my mouth while my legs tensed and threshed beside him. He brought out his tongue to brush pass the small bud sticking out from my soaked folds. My hips jerked as he flicked his tongue against my clit, using the wet muscle to stroke against the bundle of nerves that caused me so much pleasure. His mouth worked wonders against me, wanting to make my eyes shut and cry out. The satisfaction shivered and shook throughout my body, made my core rock in flames.   

 “Mmm.” His lips hummed against my core as he found my wetness lower at my entrance. He tongued over my entrance while his hand spread my folds gently. The lewdest sounds were coming from his mouth as he sucked at the arousal dripping over my skin. My cheeks heated and the rest of my body screamed for more and all of him. Whines left my lips each time he opened his mouth for anything. His free hand was rubbing on my thigh to keep my legs from closing around him. My own hands were grabbing on the sheets, not knowing what else to do with them and keep them from pulling his head any closer to me. He must have had a similar feeling because his hand left my thigh and grabbed a hold of mine; he locked his fingers with mine and allowed me to squeeze as hard as I wanted. His hold was welcoming and eased me into his mouth with enjoyment instead of storming through it.

 “Oh! My God…” I hissed as he licked back up my heat to wrapped his sweet lips over my clit. He groaned against my heat as he felt my hips press against him and move against his mouth. Jungkook kept his tongue out and mouth still to let me rock against his face; my abdomen tensed on and off as I tried to keep the beautiful rhythm up myself. His eyes watched me intently as I gasped for air and struggled to please myself.

I could see my wetness glisten over his lips and watched how he enjoyed licking them clean. He let go of my hand to take a hold on both of my thighs, letting my legs rest of his shoulders and beside his head. His face disappeared in between my thighs and a long moan fell past my lips. Jungkook added pressure to my heat and he lapped his mouth over it. My walls began to clench at the pleasure building over my core hoping to find my release soon. Jungkook was working just to that goal in mind when he began to quicken the motions of his tongue.

 “Jungkook! Yes, yes please.” I was losing my voice as it began to fade into no words but merely sounds of ecstasy. My stomach was tightening from the violently heavy pleasure, threatening to drown my body to its numbing point. My legs started to shake around Jungkook’s head and his hands tighten around my thighs, holding me close to his mouth. He brought his hand around to my clit, using the pads of his fingers to pressed shapes into it while his mouth slipped along the rest of my skin. My heels dug into his back as my voice grew louder and everything in my head was wiped clean; except the feeling of complete and utter bliss.

 “I want to wake up by your side.” Jungkook’s mumbled as he kissed up my stomach and rubbed my legs from the aftershocks of my orgasm. The pool of my heated blood was still running through my body as he came back up. I only got a quick glance of his dusky eyes before his head disappeared into the crook of my neck, kissing my clammy skin and taking my hands in his.  

 “Kiss me, Jungkook.” I whined softly. I found his lips with my own, cupping his strong jaw while he brushed his tongue past my lips. I could taste myself on his tongue and it only caused me to become further aroused. His denim covered hips pressed into the bare skin of my core, taking my breath away with each roll of his hips. He kissed my cheek after pulling away, watching how my eyes hazed in lust at our explicit contact. His neck veins showed through his skin when he tried to keep his groans in. He looked gorgeous with sweat forming on his face, giving him a soft glow in the light above us.

 “I’m going to make you mine, (Y/n).” While he continued to kiss me cheek, his hand was working on the buttons on his pants. My hips were bucking and squirming under him and he pushed the fabric down his legs. His length was already between my folds, lubricating himself with the juices he had caused. “Can I?”

I nodded frantically, pecking his sweet lips once more before locking eyes with him. “Yes.”

He pushed his head through my entrance, my tight walls wrapped around him and throbbed. Jungkook pressed his lips against mine breathing heavily as he pushed himself the rest of the way. I gasped into the kiss, my eyes shutting at the sensation of his length filling me. I still managed to keep our lips moving through the mild thrusts, there was a lot of tongue but it didn’t feel overwhelming. Our lips pressed passionately slow, the hunger of intimacy and endearment was something I had not yet experienced with any man.

My hips pushed into the mattress each time he pushed in, only to pull out and keep the sequence going. I felt the pleasure intense when he hit the deepest parts of me, causing strange noises to erupt from my throat. I felt as if there was a cloud of misty surrounding us, in which we could only feel each other and our connecting bodies. It was a pleasure that builds like no other, it took longer but more care when in it, making it more authentic.

 “I think you’re gorgeous.” Jungkook said faintly, causing my eyes to open slowly. His lids were half closed, trying to keep his eyes on me the entire way through. His bottom lip flushed red from his teeth biting into the soft flesh.

I wanted to keep kissing him but the moans leaving my mouth prohibited it. My legs caressed his while his hips pushed between my thighs. His thick brows and damped hair framed his lightly tanned skin. Jungkook’s gripped my hand at the same time he began to push into me harder. The sound of his skin hitting against mine joined the heavy breathing and moans in the room. With a single arm, he tugged at my lower back and brought my hips up to meet his. Our locked hands were resting pinned beside my head. I rocked my body against him the way he liked. My heat was becoming sore and raw from the friction between us but it only added to the pleasure. I could feel myself begin to sink into him emotionally, normally scared to, but now I only wanted to fall in deep.

Jungkook kissed along my jaw, lips pressing soft wet kisses as far as he could reach. My free hand was wrapped around his broad shoulders; only wanting to keep him and never let this end. Short on breath, he still managed to whisper sweet praises in my ear. Making me feel like I was the only women in the world for him. My legs shook on and my only response was to wrap them around his hips.

 “Fuck! Baby…” Jungkook groaned, shutting his eye for the first time. He took in a sharp breath between thrusts and swallowed hard. “You’re going to make me come.”

He pressed his entire body against me, hips to hips and chest to chest. His pelvis was grinding hard into my most sensitive skin and my breasts only moved along with his body each time.

 “Don’t stop…Jungkook, please.” My orgasm was approaching slowly but strongly. I couldn’t make words in my head much less speak them. My voice had turned into a symphony of crying pleasure as it snuck up my body. Soon I was moaning with every thrust and every second my body was at its highest point of stimulation and sensitivity. I held him close as I was coming to my end, as was he. My ankles locked around him and I kept him still in me with only minimal movement. Our cores connected and throbbed together was enough to lose ourselves in each other.

My mind was wiped clean and my body gave in to him, convulsing with bliss and delight. I could feel Jungkook spill his warm seed in me, a sensation I was not familiar with but enjoyed to its fullest.

My heart was beating fast against his chest, where he was surely doing the same. Our hands were still locked but the grip was loose as our bodies became numb. Jungkook’s face was hidden in the crook of my neck with almost his full weight on top of me. My body was burning up but I didn’t want him to move; he did, however, pull himself out of me, leaving only an empty feeling behind. I removed my hand from his and wrapped it over the other one.

 “Don’t leave me.” Tears were welling in my eyes as he lifted his face for me to see. I pushed his hair aside and caressed his delicate features.

 “You want me to stay?” Jungkook asked hoping he heard correctly. His eyes were tired but full of joy when I nodded my head. He kissed my lips, wrapping his arms around my body and pulled me on top of him as he rolled onto his back. I looked down at him with an embarrassing big smile on my face. Jungkook’s eyes creased at the corners, showing off his adorable bunny smile. I made myself comfortable in his arms and beside him as he pulled the sheets over us.

The last thing I remembered was that kiss before we said goodnight. The warmth and dampness of Jungkook’s naked skin against my own. I remember looking forward to waking up with him still asleep and his arms still holding me.

But when I did wake up and found him sleeping in my bed; the only feeling I was met with was remorse.

7 Years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook X Reader - Part 11

This part was meant to be out yesterday but I didn’t like the direction it was going and had to scrap the idea I had planned then this spontaneous idea was born. I’m sorry for the delay.

On the bright side, exams are officially over so more time dedicated to 7 years.

Hope you guys enjoy this part, thanks for the support and love. <3

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A few weeks after you returned to school, your forms teacher had announced that a class trip to Sapporo, Japan was going to happen in 2 weeks. You were initially annoyed at the late notice but were soon informed that it had been mentioned at least a month prior.

Sitting down beside Areum at your usual table, you stabbed your fork into your food and turned to her, brows furrowed in confusion.

“Wasn’t your class going on a school trip to Japan too?” She nodded whilst chewing her food and politely swallowed before answering.

“We’re going to Osaka. Your going to Sapporo right? That’s so cool!” Excitement was bubbling in her eyes and you let a soft smile spread on your lips at her innocence.

“Yeah but I’m stuck with Jungkook the whole trip.” Said boys head snapped up at your comment and he ran his hand through his hair, sending a quick scowl your way.

“Well I might just get bored with you, you know? Your not like those cute girlfriends who are always excited to see the love of their life. You hit me almost every time I see you.” You rolled your eyes and glanced at him with an eyebrow raised.

“I hit you with good reason. You’re secretly a pervert. And why are you making it sound like I actually hurt you?” Jungkook pursed his lips before grinning widely at you.

“You’ll feed me on this trip right?” Not having the will to argue with him, you simply nodded your head in agreement.

“Yeah whatever… you’ll have to make it up to me at some point during the trip though.” He vigorously nodded his head, his hair bouncing with every movement.

“Y/N, what do you want from Osaka? I’m bringing back gifts for everyone.” Turning your attention back to Areum, you watched as she took a bite of her food.

“How about snacks? So when we have our next sleepover we can binge on them.” She seemed to like your idea as a grin appeared on her face.

“What about you?” Areum shrugged her shoulders, a slightly apologetic look on her face.

“I’m not sure, I’ll leave it up to you.”

Well that wasn’t helpful at all.

The school day soon came to an end and you headed home, intent on getting your mother to sign your permission slip.

“Japan In two weeks? Why so soon?” You scratched the back of your head sheepishly and smiled at her.

“I was meant to tell you around a month ago but I wasn’t listening…” She gave you a stern look and for a moment you thought she wouldn’t let you go but she then set down her phone on the counter, requesting a pen.

Looks like you were going to Japan in a matter of two weeks.


Contrary to popular belief, the weeks did not go by agonisingly slow. If anything they passed by faster than usual and before you knew it, your school trip was only two days away. You decided to spend your Saturday shopping for the necessities needed with Areum.

“I think it’s super cute that you’re going on a trip with Jungkook!”

“Class trip. There’s still thirty one other students going with us. Including Hye Mi.” Areum’s face dropped at the mention of Hye Mi and you could feel the atmosphere turn sour. She hadn’t bothered you ever since your little fight, not that you expected her to. She still sent the occasional death stare but you didn’t mind. School wouldn’t be school without Hye Mi shooting you dirty looks from across the classroom.

“Anyway, I only need to get a neck pillow for the plane journey and then I’m all set. What about you?” Areum gave you the thumbs up and replied that she had finished shopping, placing her hands behind her back as she continued walking.

Stepping into the last shop, you purchased a neck pillow and exited just as quickly as you entered.

“Let’s go get something to eat now.” You spent the rest of your afternoon eating and discussing what each of you would do on the trip.


Monday rolled around and you arrived at school at the designated time. Rolling your suitcase through the front gates, you waved goodbye to your mother and younger sister before they set on their way to her school.

Spotting your class nearby, you strolled in their direction, noting that Jungkook still had yet to arrive. Settling yourself amongst them, you took your phone out of your pocket and scrolled through your contacts. Finding his number listed under ‘Golden Kookie’, you sent him a quick message.

'You’re going to be late.’  

A tap on your shoulder made you turn your attention to the figure behind you. Hye Mi stood before you, glancing off to the side, avoiding eye contact.

“Er… can we talk quickly? Before Jungkook gets here because I’m pretty sure he’ll rip my head off if he sees me bothering you.”

You stood in slight shock for a couple of moments before agreeing to speak with her. You walked a little ways away from your class and Hye Mi crossed her arms, staring straight at you with a blank face.

“I kind of wanted to say sorry for all the shit I’ve put you through. You know… after we stopped being friends.”

Well that certainly came out of nowhere. She was practically burning holes into the back of your head just last Friday.

“Kind of…?”

Hye Mi looked as if she wanted to roll her eyes in annoyance but held herself back and instead gave you a curt nod.

“Yeah. I was kind of hoping we could be friends again…”

You wanted to burst out laughing at that. Either she’s been replaced with a doppelgänger and you need to immediately hop on twitter to make a conspiracy thread about her or the punch you delivered to her face made her realise how much of a bitch she was.

Obviously the latter made more sense but you preferred the first option.

“No offence Hye Mi but do you honestly think that a simple sorry will suffice? That we’ll be bestfriends just like how we used to be? I don’t know if you noticed, but you attacked my best friend for no reason and bullied me for so long. So I hate to break It to you but we can’t be friends. At least not now. The most we can be is civil.”

She didn’t argue back, just stood with the same straight face she had plastered on her face all along. Taking that as your cue to leave, you spun on your heel and jogged back to your class. When you arrived, Jungkook was leaning against the schools wall, hands in his pockets, suitcase resting beside him. He was glaring at Hye Mi behind you but pushed off the wall and walked towards you.

“No problem?”

You looked up at his distracted face and let a small smile grow on your own.

“None at all.”


When you had lined up with your class to collect your plane tickets and dropped off your suitcases, you were pleasantly surprised to find that you ended up being seated next to Jungkook. He had a satisfied grin on his face when he noticed and you thanked god that you hadn’t ended up with Hye Mi.

“Lucky you, you’re with me.” A smirk was playing on his lips and he threw an arm around your shoulder, guiding you back to your classmates. You had bumped into Areums class on your way and bid her a farewell, wishing her a safe journey. You then listened to your teachers instructions on what to do when boarding and leaving the plane before you all made your way to your terminal.

Ten minutes later you were all seated in your respective seats on board the plane. You had gotten yourself comfortable using your neck pillow and Jungkook sat beside you, a mask over his mouth. He was leaning over the empty seat beside him, staring out of the window whilst you prepared yourself for the annoying feeling of blocked ears when the plane took off.

“When we get there, what do you want to do?” Jungkook’s question snapped you out of your thoughts and you smiled at him.


He pulled his mask below his chin and pursed his lips, furrowing his brows at your answer.

“The teacher gave us the option to spend the first day in Japan exploring the hotel and its activities and your going to sleep? Don’t you want to spend time with me?”

Shrugging your shoulders, you grabbed a rice cake snack from your bag.

“You’re welcome to watch me sleep if that’s what you want.” He huffed and leaned back into his seat, glancing at the students across from you.

“You promised you would cook for me. Is sleep more important than your boyfriends hunger?” Grabbing another rice cake snack, you threw it onto his lap.

“There you go, happy? And you said I couldn’t cook anyway, so why is this a problem? I’ll make you instant noodles when we get there.”

Opening the packet, he stuffed the whole thing into his mouth and chewed, all the while glaring at you. His bulging cheeks killed the menacing look he was trying to deliver and he instead reminded you of a rabbit. Lifting the mask back over his mouth, he slipped into the seat beside him and lifted the arm rests. Laying down over both seats, he placed his head on your lap and closed his eyes. You weren’t even surprised at his sulking.

“I’m sleeping, wake me up when we get there.” Replying with a simple 'sure’, you began running your hand through his hair in a comforting manner. Grabbing your hand, he brought it down to his lips and placed a soft kiss to the back of it before placing it back on his head. It was his way of letting you know he was playing with you, pretending to mope.

Turning your attention to the side, you caught your classmates gaping faces. You supposed it was the softest and most vulnerable they had ever seen Jungkook.

You decided to catch up on sleep and pulled a sleeping mask from your bag and placed it on your head.

There was nothing to do now that Jungkook had ditched you for sleep.

But you were going to do the same…

Sometimes you hated being left alone with your thoughts.

Shaking your head, you leaned back into your seat and sighed, letting the drowsiness overcome your body.

The cheering of your classmates as the plane touched down startled you out of your light slumber which in turn caused Jungkook to awaken. Due to the fact you couldn’t see anything when you awoke, you panicked for a couple of seconds, your head whipping from side to side. Jungkook then removed the mask from your eyes and stared at you with amusment dancing in his own. Raising his arm up, he shielded your squinted eyes from the sunlight peeking through the window, the outline of his figure illuminated by the light. You had to take a minute to process how breathtaking he looked at that exact moment.

“Rise and shine, princess. We’re in Japan.

Love Me Like You Do-Baekhyun (T)

Royal AU

AU List

word count: 11,662

Prince Jongdae

rated T for mature themes, but nothing too explicit.

a/n: here’s my new project! I decided to put it all in one go, but I added breaks so it might be easier stop and come back to :)

You’re the cure, you’re the pain
You’re the only thing I wanna touch
Never knew that it could mean so much (x)

Sitting in the high backed chair trying your best to keep a perfect posture, you keep your eyes down focusing on your meal; which was the food in front of you and not the handsome boy sitting at the opposite end of the table. You felt his eyes on you, watching you, not sternly but protectively. In case the slightest mishap were to happen, you knew he would come up with something to divert the attention from you without hesitation.

Because the eyes of your peers were always on you.

Because you didn’t belong.

Because you were only here to entertain the prince. And entertain the notion that just maybe, you meant something to him.

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To Keep You Safe// Part - 1/2

Pairing: Peter x reader

Summary: being a superhero may be fun, stuff of every nerd’s dreams but it had its cons. Peter knew everything couldn’t always be good for him, he knew he had to sacrifice his happiness for the sake of your safety.

Request: @loser-with-a-lap-top​: Could you do prompt #14 with Peter Parker where Peter breaks up with the reader in attempts to keep her safe, but she still doesn’t know he’s spiderman yet so she’s really confused on why he’s breaking up with her, and then she finds out and is even more upset that he was lying. Feel free to change what ever you want. THANK YOU😊

A/N: hey, baby boos. so get ready for an angsty fic this is gonna be rollercoaster of teen emotions. sorry but not sorry. It will have a fluffly end but this part is pure angst. stay tuned for second part because it will have some action. and steam, so wait for it. i had to write it on tumblr so I couldn’t edit it, but it so please look over any mistakes. hope you like it!

Warning(s): swearing, crying, break up. and teengers talking about ya know what. (yes that’s a warning. love me some shameless peter)

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Peter sat on the edge of the building, thinking. he liked to do that after doing his daily secret superhero work.he liked to just breathe while he looked over the city while he thought about literally everything. but lately that everything had become gloomy, it wasn’t sweet, crazy teenager things mixed with being a hero it was… the ugly face of life kept well hidden under that.

everything was so good, but it wasn’t supposed to be like that right? he was Spiderman, he had an amazing girlfriend, i.e, you, school had gone good and Ned, his best friend who knew about his secret identity had actually helped him rather than running away. things were great; and he knew they shouldn’t be.

he lied down and rested his head in his arms. he exhaled deeply and closed his eyes, remembering that exact memory.

‘you see kid, when you become like us.’ tony pointed at himself. ‘you sign up for a really heavy weight being slammed up on your shoulders. I know you’re strong peter, but you gotta be really careful from now on. you have the weight of the whole world on your shoulders now and especially your loved ones.’ he looked at peter who was listening carefully but couldn’t quite understand what he had meant by the last line. ‘the bad guys, always find your weaknesses.’

the sudden ringing of his phone snapped him back to where he was. he sat right up and saw it was another missed call from you. after further scrolling and searching he saw how many messages you had sent him.

“no one’s home, make it quick and we can cuddle and make out.”

“taking too long, parker. be quick.”

“hmmm, let me see if Ned’s free.” was the latest message. he quickly called you.

‘i’ll be right there, don’t call that horn dog!’ he said urgently. your familiar chuckle answered, he knew you must be shaking your head at him too.

‘i’m way too loyal and in love with you to do that, mon amour.’ you said. he blushed and rubbed the back of his neck. he replied with a shy ‘yeah.’ and you grinned.

‘now, get your cute butt over here so that we can cuddle till we have time. see you, babe. love you.’

‘love you too.’ he smiled looking down.

No bed made covered in silk sheets, pillows filled with the softest feathers, could provide peter the comforts you did when you let him use yourself as a pillow while you massaged his head or ran your fingers through his hair. he nuzzled in your chest and you jerked up. he looked at you questioningly.

‘your hair tickled me nothing else.’ you patted his head. he returned to his position grinning.

‘they’re just, very nice.’ he looked at you grinning slyly before kissing you. ‘do I ever get a chance to..’ he trailed off and gave you that look of his no one lese got to saw. that smug, lusty look you hated but also loved.

‘fuck off, parker.’ you pushed him away laughing. he was quick to get close to you again.

‘I just mean no one’s home, you’re clearly not on your period, it’s a nice evening. everything points in that direction!’ he threw his arms in the air for emphasis. you covered your face to hide your burning face and lied down laughing.

‘oh my god, I hate you!’ you laughed. he got on top of you and pulled your hands away from your face.

‘no, you don’t.’ you both stayed in that position before he smiled deviously at you.

‘peter, no.’ you warned.

‘PETER YES!’ he shouted and started tickling you mercilessly. he couldn’t help but laugh himself as you tried to containing your laughter or push him away.

‘I love you, I don’t wanna hurt you! get off!’ you pushed at his chest as you panted. he stopped, huffed and rolled of you. ‘you’re an asshole.’ you panted.

‘i’m amazing, look I told you i’ll leave you tired and panting if you give me the chance.’ he said and you hit him with a pillow. he chuckled and lied beside you, pulling you in his chest. ‘i’m sorry, you bring out all my crazy.’ he kissed the top of your head. you mumbled something before you closed your eyes. he smiled at you and brushed away the stray hairs from your forehead. he loved you so much, he wished he’d never have to loose you and this moment could freeze here so that you two could stay like this forever.

‘the bad guys, always find your weaknesses.’

the words came back to him. Mr. Stark was right, it was his responsibility to protect you. he couldn’t put you in danger, aunt may had seen him in the costume and he couldn’t risk another person knowing about his identity or becoming a target because of him. He had made enemies on this journey and he had to take all the measures possible. he couldn’t lose more people, it hurts too much. Plus it doesn’t help when you are the reason your loved ones get hurt.

he sighed and looked at your peaceful sleeping face again, he didn’t want to do it. for once, he didnt want to be the self- sacrificing hero. he kissed your forehead one last time, got up and left.

the days passed away slowly and painfully, Peter wouldn’t talk properly to you. it was like something was bothering him, like a sad cloud was following him everywhere. then you finally asked him what was wrong, you really wish you hadn’t. or he hadn’t said what he did.

he looked at you trying to look strong and tough. only heaven knew what was going inside the poor boy’s head.

‘just tell me. please.’ you held his hand to provide him some strength but it only made it worse. he didn’t want to do it, he just wanted to hug you and never let you go but it things rarely happen the way you want them to. you cant have everything in the world.

‘I, I just think that we don't work well together. it’s not you it’s all me. i’m an idiot. i wish it didn’t have to happen and I am very, very sorry.’ he stopped abruptly so that his voice wouldn’t crack. you were taken a back, you throat went dry and you just wanted to cry.

you clenched your jaw in response and looked down. you never thought you would cry about a break but damn, it hurt. you nodded and rubbed your eyes.

‘I-’ he tried to step closer to you but you kept a hand in front.

‘goodbye, peter.’ you said with a voice devoid of any emotions and walked away.

you were hating this all so much, it hurt so much losing the person you thought cared about you. he had become some sort of a comfort blanket for you, you were left so vulnerable after that comfort blanket was ripped off from you.

you were walking away from the craft store to your home. you liked to take walks and occupy your brain with art so that you could feel better, it was like your own little therapy. suddenly, you heard some footsteps behind you. you started walking faster and they followed you, you were starting to think the worst but they were suddenly gone.

you turned around and saw that a man with a knife was webbed to the wall of the building. a relief washed over you, you took a deep breath and eased the grip of the bag in your hands.

‘you’re okay right?’ the red suit wearing superhero asked you.

‘yeah, i’m good.’ you ran a hand through your hair. he jumped down the building and hugged you tightly. ‘thank god.’ he breathed. you found it rather awkward and lightly patted his back. ‘it’s-’ you suddenly stopped. it was all too familiar, the voice, the tight hug….. ‘peter?’ you breathed.

‘ye- what? who peter?’ he sked and backed away. ‘i’m sorry girly, you mistake me for-’

‘peter parker, shut up.’ you shouted and he stopped. he punched the man hard to knock him out on his way to you.

‘(y/n), listen, I-’

‘the hell are you doing, peter?’ tears welled up in your eyes. ‘you leave me, then you follow me, then you turn out to be fucking spiderman, i mean what are you doing?’ your voice cracked. ‘do you know, how much it hurts when someone leaves you like that? it feels like you are the worst person in the world, and you know me, you know how I struggle with some things yet you left me. like everyone else.’ tears started flowing and you tried your best to wipe them all away. peter had never seen you cry, it broke his heart that he was the reason behind your tears. ‘you could’ve ripped my heart out, it wouldn’t hurt this much.’ you rubbed your eyes.

‘I am so sorry, (y/n).’ he kept a hand on your cheek. ‘I am just trying to keep you safe.’ he joined his forehead with yours. ‘I wish I didn’t have to do this.’ after saying this, he put on his mask shoot a web and was gone with a gust of wind.

he collapsed on his knees once he got in his room, it hurt so much. the knife wound on his back wasn’t as painful as much as his chest was aching with a broken heart. he took off his mask and stared it for a few minutes before throwing it  against the wall. he changed quickly and curled up in his bed. but hell it wasn’t as effective as you.  he hurt you and he hated it, he will eventually hurt everyone like this and he hated. it. he couldn’t save everyone.

‘peter? sweetie you, okay?’ aunt may creeked open the door. she knew he hadn’t been doing well lately.

‘no.’ he said, his voice empty. ‘I am not okay, may.’ she walked to him and sat on his bed, rubbing his arm to comfort him.

‘(y/n)?’ she asked.

‘I hurt her really bad.’ he covered his face in the blanket. superheroes don’t cry.

‘it’ll all be okay, don’t worry.’ she ran her hand through his hair and sighed.

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Part 2 coming soon

TAGS: @yikesbuckster, @melconnor2007, @kapolisradomthoughts,

For SasuSaku Month 2017.

“Welcome back, Sasuke!” Mikoto greets with a warm smile. “How was school?”

“Girls are annoying” is Sasuke’s slightly irritated reply as he takes off his shoes.

Mikoto blinks, surprised. Then she grins in amusement. “Ah, so my little boy is already at that age, eh?” she remarks with a giggle. “Well? Anyone catch your eye?”

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making it work.

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inspired by these prompts (one) (two) by @the-modern-typewriter

“Why do you hate me?”

“Hate you? I don’t hate you, that would require me spending far too much time thinking about you.”


“You could at least pretend to care about someone other than yourself.”

“I could, but lying is a sin, dearest and it seems like a lot of effort. Or are we also pretending you think I’m a good person?”

genre: angst(?), romance 

word count: 1.7k

Getting married to Jimin, sorry Prince Jimin, wasn’t my choice nor his. It was obviously my parents, they had arranged all of this since the two of us were in the womb. I hated being engaged to this jerk, he knew he was on top and took advantage of it, at least I was still humble despite my power. “Do I have to marry him?” I asked my father seriously, “It’s already been decided, so don’t you go off.” How he knew I would flee, I had no idea but I was going to do it anyway. I couldn’t stand Jimin, he was the definition of ‘I’m the prince so bow down to me because you’re unworthy’, specific as it may be that pretty much was a summary of Jimin.

I was grateful that I had decided to learn how to drive when I put an overnight bag into my car; the way I dressed made me appear like a commoner, this was a recurring thing I did. The hood of my jacket was pulled up as you drove away from my mansion into the next city over, where I usually ran away to. The car windows were down and I drove at a high speed until I reached your favourite place to be. It wasn’t magnificent, nowhere near home but it was comfortable and warm, unlike home. My phone was switched off, I had an emergency backup if I really needed someone. I entered Kai’s, my secret best friend, house and flicked the light switch.

“Yo, Kai! Where you hiding?” I shouted and her small head appeared from around the corner. “___? What are you doing here?” she laughed as she placed down her frying pan. “First of all, you’re ridiculous for thinking a murderer or burglar would switch the light on when they enter your home. Second of all, I wanted to get away from the hectic stuff at home. The parents are making my become Jimin’s fiancée.” I told her, dropping my bag and rolling my eyes simultaneously.

“Oh, the dickhead prince that the whole nation knows about? The one that has a new girl back at his everyday?” she asked as she walked towards her kitchen. “You got it. I’d be okay with it if it weren’t him, he’s so arrogant and annoying and I want to punch him every time I see him but enough about him. What’ve you been up to lately?” I asked Kai as she poured me a glass of juice. “School stuff, a couple dates, guys and girls. No luck.” she muttered as she sipped her juice. “At least you have the freedom to date.”

“Where is the princess?” father spoke as I was found missing from my room. “Did she leave? I specifically told her not to!” he said, practically ripping his hair out of his head. “You know she’s more likely to do things when she’s told not to.” mother told him calmly as she had her breakfast. “Where did she get that from?” “You were no difference as a prince, honey. Sneaking away to see me. You know, maybe we shouldn’t have arranged her marriage, we’re not arranged.” she told him. “But we’ve done what we’ve done now.” father muttered, giving up on wondering where you were. “She’ll come back in her own time.”

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Summary: The reader is an Avenger with the ability to communicate with animals (telepathically) and has a huge crush on Loki. Loki always says supposedly patronizing things to the reader and he asks his brother and her close friend, Thor, why she hates him. She doesn’t hate him but he doesn’t know that.

Fandom: Marvel

Characters: Reader, Loki, Thor, Kuno(python), Niko(ferret), Jax(wolf), Ukko(fox)

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings: slight angst, fluff, bad communication, low self-esteem, fear of snakes, implied smut (like literally all of the build up and references but no actual smut)

Word Count: 2,188 (holy shit that was way longer than I expected)

A/N: First time I’m writing Marvel but I’ve been obsessed with it for years (I even have the Marvel encyclopedia) so I’m not as worried about this as the other new fandoms I’m writing for. Still, it might not be too good. Italics are animals speaking or the reader speaking to animals.

*Quick translation: Nata means daughter, it’s what Ukko refers to the Reader as. Soror means sister, it’s what Kuno refers to the Reader as. Parva Soror means little sister and it’s what the Reader sometimes refers to Niko as. 


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Reader’s POV 

     “Hey, (Y/N).” You glanced up from your feet, where one of your animal companions, a wolf pup named Jax, was drifting off to sleep.

     “Hey Loki, what’s up?” You looked back down at Jax to see him glance up when he heard your heart beat speed up, having known you long enough to know that that meant Loki was around.

     When are you going to tell him? He probably likes you too. 

     I highly doubt that, Jax. I mean, have you met me, or better yet, have you seen me?

     Exactly, (Y/N/N). You’re one of the most kind and beautiful humans I know. He would be dumb and blind to not return your feelings.

     “Hello? Earth to (Y/N)?” You looked back at Loki, unaware that he had been speaking while you and Jax were talking.

     “Sorry, I was talking to Jax.” His face perked up at that. He had always found it interesting how you communicated with animals.

     “What about?” You blushed, trying to avoid looking at Jax.

     “Nothing important.” You could literally feel the eye roll Jax was doing. “Anyways, what did you come to talk to me about? I’m assuming you didn’t come just because you enjoy my company.” He shook his head, as if trying to chase out a thought.

     “I was going to say that I don’t think you should go on this mission with us (Y/N).” You narrowed your eyes at Loki, angered that he would think you weren’t strong enough.

     “I’m just as capable as the rest of you,” you gritted your words out from between your teeth. He had the nerve to look exhausted, as if you were the one being annoying.

     “I wasn’t saying that, I was just saying that you could easily get hurt and-” You cut him off, your eyes glowing the dangerous yellow that broke through when you were too angry, you’re anger seeping through the borders between the human side of you, and the animal side.

     “Just because I’m no Asgardian God, doesn’t mean I’m weak Loki.” You spat his name out before storming out of the room, trying to hold back the tears coming. It hurt knowing that the man you were in love with thought you were weak.

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red umbrella

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

in which it’s raining again.

genre: angst (with a very, very slight mention of sex)

word count: 1836

― yoongi x reader

a/n: inspired by soyou and baekhyun’s rain and kikwang of beast/lee da in’s drama twenty

    HE STILL REMEMBERS. Everything―like it all happened yesterday. He remembers seeing you shiver in the cold rain with your red umbrella. He remembers how especially vibrant the red was compared to the gloomy monotonous bus station. He remembers how much he thought that umbrella was an eyesore. He remembers how you offered to share that ugly umbrella with him after seeing that nothing was protecting him except his flimsy black, black hoodie. He remembers how, even though he could only see you through the raindrops in his eyelashes, you were stunning. You leaned against him subconsciously to warm yourself, taking no notice of how his heart skipped a beat and how he closed his eyes, drinking in the moment as if it were his lifeline.

He was in love.

He is in love.

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Stutterin’ Pete {5} -Peter Parker x Reader-

Pt. 1 - Pt. 2 - Pt. 3 - Pt. 4

Part 5!

Fandom: Marvel / Marvel MCU / Spider-Man

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Peter’s alter-ego starts to interfere with his relationship with you. Now, neither have you have proposed being exclusive but you couldn’t help feeling jealous and driving yourself crazy over the suspicions that Peter, wherever he was, wasn’t alone. This leads you to blow up on him, leaving him in the dust and very confused. It takes a visit from the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man to truly open your eyes. Patching things up with Peter was easy, it felt great but duct tape only lasts so long.

You also become increasingly aware that Peter, Ned and Michelle would be going to DC soon for the Decathlon Finals. There was one other person that would be going on this trip.. Liz Allan. A girl Peter has been very open about being into since you were kids. Liz’s interactions with Peter start to become more frequent, your fearful brain suspects she has seduced Peter and he had given into his childhood crush. Despite whatever it was that had been going on between the two of you.

Warnings?: This part is probably going to be long.. There’s talking about injuries, swearing and maybe/definitely some fluff. ;)

Originally posted by yourneighborhoodmess

“Why don’t you just tell her?” Ned asked fiddling with Peter’s mask. “She would probably understand.” He added.

“No, no, no.” He said turning his desk chair around to face Ned still holding the small screwdriver in his hand he was been using to tinker with one of his web shooters. “If Y/N knew about this she would be so angry with me. She would worry too much” He said gesturing to the red and blue suit that was laying on the bed next to Ned.

“I don’t see why you suddenly need Y/N’s approval anyways. It’s not like you guys are together.”

We aren’t.” Peter said feeling his heart hammer against his chest feeling as if it was going to thump right out. He turned his back to Ned again trying to hide his blush that he knew was spilling onto his cheeks. “It’s just… You know so I figure it would only be fair if I told her why I’ve been such a flake.” He shrugged his shoulders “But then I realized that just because I’ve known her as long as you and… I trust her, that doesn’t necessarily mean I need to share my secret identity with everyone. You found out by accident so thats almost justified.”

“And who told you not to tell anyone?” Ned asked.

“…Mr. Stark.” Peter said

“Oh… You mean Tony ‘I am Iron Man’ Stark?” He asked Peter paused realizing that Ned had made a good point.

“That doesn’t matter. I don’t have Mr. Stark’s money to have security following me and people I care about. What happens if one of my enemies goes after those closest to me?” He asked

“What enemies? The fake Avengers from the other night?”

“Okay fine, future enemies.” Peter grumbled rolling his eyes.

“Don’t get grumpy with me. It was your idea to tell her and also you that told me it was a bad idea minutes later.” Ned quipped. Peter sighed.

“You’re right… It’s just… I hate all the lying.” He said

“I know, man. You’re doing a good thing though. Protecting your family and stuff. Very heroic of you.” He said smirking.

“Don’t be an idiot, Ned.” Peter said but they both started to laugh.

“Hey, you.” You smiled into your locker hearing Peter come up behind you. He had waited. You were getting hours at the Library after school, technically only one but you hadn’t expected Peter to wait. You turned to kiss him briefly.

“I didn’t think you would have waited.” You admitted shoving your books into your backpack.

“Oh, I did leave.” He assured you. “But I decided to come back for you when the hour was up. How was it?” He asked leaning back on the lockers beside yours. You shrugged.

“Alright. I mean it was no great task.” You said zipping up your bag. “Speaking of those, did you see the News actually did a story on that Spider-Man guy?” You said Peter coughed.

“O-oh, no. I haven’t se-seen that.” He said as you closed your locker.

“He’s pretty cool isn’t he?” You asked slinging your backpack onto your shoulders. He shrugged his own broad shoulders.

“I g-guess so.” He said as you started towards the exit.

“I hear Liz Allan has a crush on him.” You said

“She does?” He asked, you internally rolled your eyes at him. Of course, you bring up Liz Allan and his interest in peaked. A little too much, you thought jealously.

“Yeah,” You added your voice clipped. “That tells you how above high school boys she thinks she is.” You didn’t want to look at him, you felt like you were going to lose your temper even more.

“Maybe Spider-Man goes to high school.” Peter said nonchalantly. You stopped and fake-checked your phone.

“I don’t think I can hang out tonight, Pete.” You said

“Why?” He asked seemingly clueless to the fact that you were blowing him off.

“My mom wants me to do something.” You lied you couldn’t leave him like this, as much as you wanted to. You put on your best smile tough due to how hurt you were feeling. “Thanks for coming back for me though.” You said he nodded and stepped towards you for what you assumed would be a goodbye kiss or hug. You couldn’t  touch him right now. You didn’t want him to touch you. So you backed away more waving.

“Bye!” You said and rushed off before he could stop you.

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morninwarri0rr  asked:

32. In a way I can't return 😊😊😊

Oh my gosh, sorry it took so long~ You didn’t specify, so I wrote some twin fluff. Hope that was okay! Really hope that you like it and it’s not a disappointment! Lololol :D

It was just one of those nights.

Self-loathing pervaded Saeran’s thoughts, raking its icy fingers across his mind. He mimicked the gesture physically, clawing at his own scalp as if it would make the pain stop. The accusations of worthlessness…filthiness…loneliness…He didn’t want to face them right now. He didn’t want to answer the thousands of questions bombarding his already pounding head. He didn’t want to stare up at the ceiling for another night, trembling at the shadows that too eerily resembled the gaping emptiness inside his own chest.

His energy was depleted, but he rolled himself off the bed. His legs worked on their own as he made his way to…anywhere.Despite living in the bunker for nearly a year, Saeran refused to find a place to feel truly comfortable. That would require attachment. Something he wasn’t willing to form.

      Yet, as he wandered from room to room, he found each one was already associated with memories. He hated it. The kitchen…where Saeyoung would attempt nightly to make them a decent meal. The living room…where he and Saeyoung would sit in an agreeable silence during the day. Even the bathrooms, where Saeyoung would pat his back patiently when his meds caused him to dispel his food.

    Saeran’s thoughts halted when he reached a dead end…which happened to be the entrance into Saeyoung’s work room. This room had no memories. He had only been in there a few times, all of which were very brief.

His brother tended to lock himself in there on stressful days and then emerge with several new robots. Saeran half wondered whether it would work the same way for him. His fingers hovered over the doorknob. He couldn’t decipher the source of the hesitance. Perhaps it stemmed from a fear of being similar to his twin. To be reminded of the fact that he had a brother–the same one that encouraged him with bright zeal and then left him to ruin. He shook his head, afraid of the emotions that would follow that train of thought.

He swallowed and pulled open the door. He froze when he was met with golden eyes and red hair that mirrored his own. A few breaths passed before Saeyoung smiled softly.

“Saeran,” he said the name as a greeting. How he managed to make it sound so cheerful was a mystery to the younger twin. “Sorry, were you looking for me? Did you need something?”’

Saeran prepared himself to pivot on his heel and leave. But then he would face that ceiling again…and his personal spectres hiding in the darkness that danced across it. He needed a distraction, even if it happened to be his brother.

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Here For You ~Bellamy Blake~


Summary: Reader finally finds out why Bellamy is so worn out all the time and persuades him to sleep, giving him massage as well. Afterwards, she tells him to come to her whenever something bothers him so when a nightmare kicks in, he comes to her and it becomes a daily routine for them to sleep cuddled up together. Eventually, the truth comes to the surface.

Word Count: 3109

I couldn’t help but smile as I walked trough the halls of the Ark, ready to start another day on the ground. We finally lived in peace and there was no reason to be feared of the day. We started settling down and living casual everyday life, working and then having fun in our free time.

The only thing that bothered my mind was Bellamy or better said his state. Despite the fact that there was no more reason for him to be worried, he still didn’t seem to be relaxed and rested. There was just something bothering him, but I had no idea what and that made me even more worried.

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anonymous asked:

Gosh your villain twist on Katsuki and Izuku were soo good!! I don't think I've seen you do a Shouto one before, so I'll love to request that? (He could be a villain because he growed up seeing his dad carry the image of a 'hero', so he decided he didn't like heroes and here he is now, but idk lol im bad at this) anyways, thanks!! Your writing is really good<3

Yes, the backstory is on point. I thought the same thing too. And thanks fo the compliment. All the villain stuff is under the tag: villain au

You worked at Endeavour’s hero agency. You honestly hated the guy, but it was hero work like everything else. You were going to start your own agency some day, but the time for that wasn’t now. You were just leaving work, when you were stopped at the door. The hero who stopped you, told you that the boss wanted to talk with you. You had a bad feeling about the whole situation, but you couldn’t refuse. No matter how much of an asshole the guy was, he was still your boss. So you took the elevator to the most upper floor, and knocked at his office door. You were told to come in, so you did.

“You wanted to see me?”, you asked politely.

“Yes, I’ll get straight to the point. Bring me my son.”


“Don’t play dumb, I know you two are seeing each other. One of my employees has been following you for a while now.”, he growled.

“This employee of yours must be mistaken. I know of your son, but I have never even met him.”, you said calmly.

“Cut the bullshit.”, he growled.

You were surprised with his change of tone, and didn’t really know if you should continue the conversation.

“Am I free to leave? Or do you want to discuss something else?”, you asked.

Endeavour got up and walked up to you. The huge male was towering over you. You were nervous and for a good reason. Endeavour grabbed you by the arm, and you could feel the heat in your arm. There was smoke rising under his palm, and you could smell the clothes burning.

“Bring. Me. My. Son.”, he grunted.

“As I said, I don’t know what-Shit!”, you yelped.

Endeavour removed his hand from your arm, leaving behind a handprint. He was mad, well he was always mad, but now even more so then usual. He just grunted and told you to leave. You did as you were told.

“Damn bastard.”, you muttered to yourself.

When you left the room, Endeavour was left alone. He was annoyed, annoyed that you would lie straight to his face and even more annoyed that you wouldn’t bring his useless son to him. Shouto was supposed to become the greatest hero, his greatest achivement, but no. That idiot had went and become a villain. Such a waste of a good quirk. Endeavour needed his son to come to his senses and pursue the path to becoming the number one hero. No matter what he had to do, he would make his son the top hero.

You left work and headed to your apartment. When you got there, you decided to bandage up your arm. The burn wasn’t that bad, but you didn’t want it to get infected. You were so concentrated on your arm, you didn’t realize Todoroki was behind you, before he spoke.

“What happened?”, he asked.

“Oh god Shouto” you yelped, “it was nothing, just your father being an ass.”

He walked up to you and took a look at your arm.

“Does it hurt?”, he whispered.


“Be honest with me.”

“A bit, but it’s not as bad as it looks.”

“Do you know why he did it?”

“We need to talk about that. Let’s go to the kitchen, I need something to drink.”, you sighted.

You sat down to the opposite sides of the table. Todoroki looked anxious, he had a bad feeling.

“Your dad knows. About us I mean.”, you said as you sipped your drink.


“Apparently someone has been following me.”

“Any idea who?”

“Nope. And what really ticks me off, is the fact he thought I would just hand you over to him.”, you huffed.

“I know you would never do that, but we need to do something about this. Do you think you should find a new agency?”

“No, as long as I work at your father’s agency, I can get information about him.”

“I hate seeing you hurt. No information is worth that.”, he said quietly.

“But I don’t want to see you hurt either. That’s why I’m trying to make sure your father doesn’t do anything to hurt anyone.”

“But if you get hurt it’s not worth it.”

“For me it is. If knowing what your father is doing makes you feel even a bit better, it’s worth it.”, you smiled gently.

He took your hand to his and looked at you in the eye. You could see he was very serious.

“Promise me you won’t get hurt. If someone hurts you. I’ll hunt them down and teach them a lesson, no matter who they are.”

“I know you would, and I appreciate that, but I don’t want you to expose yourself to danger either. Even though I’m well aware you can take care of yourself just fine.”, you smirked.

You chatted for a while more, but Todoroki had to go. He said he had some business to take care of. He left you alone for the evening, but he promised to be back in a few hours, before midnight. He gave you a last kiss before leaving and headed out of the door.

You decided to relax a bit. You took a shower and made yourself some tea. You opened your book and sat down beside the kitchen table, but your alone time didn’t last for long. Your kitchen window was shattered and three people, dressed in army’s combat gear and masks hopped in.You jumped up and took a defensive position. You had no idea what their quirks were, or if they even had them. Consealed weapons were also an option so you needed to stay alert. They had also broken the lamp, so the room was pretty dark. You couldn’t use your quirk since there was no light to create blades from, these people clearly knew what they were doing, and who they were up against.

The trio made the first move. They came at you from front and both sides. You dodged the first one, and got a good kick to the second ones stomach. The third however, slashed your arm with something. It didn’t feel like a knife or a blade, more like a claw. The wound was shallow, and it didn’t affect your ability to fight. The trio backed of a bit, which gave you the chance to turn on the light above the sink. You created two blades for yourself from the light.

“We gonna do this or what?”, you growled.

The trio dashed at you again, they didn’t seem to be as in sync as they were before. The first one managed to get a punch to your jaw, but you smashed the hilt of your blade to his head. He stumbled back and fell to the ground. One done, two to go. The two who were left, didn’t seem to care for their comrade at all. They just kept coming at you, again and again.

When you finally managed to knock the last one down, you weren’t in a very good shape yourself. Your nose was bleeding and so were the slashes on you arm and thigh. You were covered in bruises and small cuts, but that didn’t really bother you. What bothered you, was the three people lying unconcious on your floor. You decided to check their faces.

The first one you knocked out, got his mask ripped of first.

“Damn.”, you yelped.

You regocnized the guy. He worked at the same hero agancy as you and was one of Endeavour’s favorites. Not because he was super strong, but because he would do anything, no questions asked. The second one revealed herself as your other coworker. The third one too. Then it clicked. Endeavour was behind this. Since he hadn’t gotten what he wanted, he had used his lapdogs to get information for him. You were honestly amazed you were able to take all three of them down. They weren’t trying to kill you, they probably just wanted to tie you down and ask you a few questions. You sat down and breathed heavily.

“Can’t I just have one calm night? Is that really too much to ask for?”, you muttered.

When Todoroki got to your place, it was a mess. Three uncouncious people on the floor, and you bleeding and muttering something to yourself. He hurried to you.

“What happened?”

“Those three happened, and here is the fun part. They all work for your father, just like me.”

“That bastard must have set this up.”

“Yeah, I figured.”, you sighted.

You knew Todoroki was furious. He might not seem like, but there was rage burning in his eyes.

“Let’s bandage you up. After that I’ll go pay my father a visit.”, he said.

Todoroki bandaged your arm and thigh in silence. How dare his father do this? If he wanted him, why come after you? Did his father want to hurt him, because if that was his objective he had been successful. Todoroki hated to see you hurt, and he didn’t like the fact you didn’t mind it if it was for him. Of course Todoroki knew your hero work came with unavoidable risks, but the fact you had been hurt because his bastard of a father wanted him back, made his blood boil.

You knew Todoroki well enough to know what he was thinking. He was blaming himself for what had happened. That you getting hurt was his fault, since the trio wanted him or even information about him. You knew he would go see his father and return his lapdogs to him, if the hadn’t left by themselves. Todoroki probably didn’t know you knew that everytime you got hurt, Todoroki would hunt down the asshole. You didn’t know what he did to them, but you rarely saw the same villain twice. He had threathened to do it before, but you knew it was more than a threath.

“I don’t want to leave you alone, but I have to go see my father.”

“I know Shouto. Just be safe okay. I’ll be fine on my own.”

You gave him a kiss and when you got out of the bathroom, the three people from your floor were gone. They had probably regained conciousness, and escaped. You watched as Todoroki walked out. You knew his father wouldn’t kill him, but you also knew Endeavour didn’t mind violence. You were worried.

When Todoroki reached his father’s hero agency, he noticed the lights were on in his office floor. His father was waiting for him. Todoroki wasted no time. He went to his father right away. He basically busted down the office door. There was steam coming off of him, his quirk had activated because of intense emotions. Endeavour was looking out the window and didn’t even turn around when the door opened.

“Shouto, you came. I thought that girl might be some use after all. Apprently she was able to take all three of them down.”, Endeavour laughed.

“She was and you stay away from her.”, Todoroki growled.

“I’ll leave her alone when you decide to drop this foolish act as a villain. You are meant to be the top hero and not some criminal running around the streets and having a fling with some pathetic girl.”

“I’ll never become a hero, not like you. Not someone who thinks he has the privilege to torture his family because of his own desires. As a villain, I can do what I need to and protect the one I love. She is nowhere close to pathetic and she is not a fling. If you or your guys ever come near her, I’ll kill you.”

“Are you trying to threathen me? You are weak, just like your mother and that pathetic bitch you are with.”

Todoroki lost his temper. His father calling you a bitch and calling his mother weak, was the trigger. Todoroki’s ice was trapping Endeavour against the window.

“If you ever, come near (Name) again, I swear to god, you will not walk out of it unharmed.”, he growled.

“Foolish boy. Do you really think I’ll be intimidated by a weak, lonely villain?”

Todoroki walked towards the door, and just before he stepped to the hallway, he looked at his father one last time.

“Not that this is relevant, but who said I was alone?”

Endeavour was left there, encased in ice, to think about his son’s warning. He started to melt the ice, but to his surprise, it was rather slow. Clearly his son had managed to get more powerful. If being a villain was what it took, it was worth it, but someday Endeavour would make his son the top hero. No matter the cost.

When Todoroki got back to your place, he found you curled up on your bed. You were asleep. He laid down and wrapped himself around you.

“Shouto?”, you whispered.

“I’m fine, just keep sleeping, you’ve had a rough day.”

“Yeah, yeah”, you yawned.

Todoroki watched as you closed your eyes and your breathing got calmer again. He would make sure you were safe, no matter what.

simple pt. 3 // peter parker

word count: about 3.5k

a/n: wtf almost 80 notes on pt. 2?? i love you guys thanks so much for the support it really boosts my motivation to keep writing!! this is actually edited whoa and warning for profanity. also idk what to do now that this story is done, so pls pls send in any ideas if y'all have any! just ask if ya wanna be on the tag list! sorry that this is late, life came by and made me super busy, and thanks for reading <333

part 1 | part 2



When Peter Parker started being apart of your life, his timing couldn’t have been better. As Spider-Man, he made you want to save the world and gave you the confidence you didn’t know you lacked. Even when you screwed up as S/N, he stood firmly by your side. As Peter, he gave you something to look forward to at school. He made all of your anxiety disappear with one mischievous smirk. He made you feel something special inside that you simply couldn’t describe.

It’s been exactly one month since you talked to him that day on the roof. Ever since then, life has gotten dull, like a pencil that you lost the sharpener to so you try to make the best of it.

He tried to talk to you so many times, but never in person. You can’t find the courage to talk to him in person, either. He sent you pages and pages of text messages containing apologies. Some are just a few words and others are paragraphs long. You haven’t replied to any of them. You don’t have the courage to do that, either. Every time the thought of Peter returns to you, you can feel your heart break a little more. Maybe it hurts so much because for the longest time, he was the one good thing in your life. Maybe it’s because he broke a long held promise.

“Spidey?” You asked one day as you swung your legs back and forth at the edge of the roof.

“What’s up?” He turned to face you, head tilted to the side slightly.

“I want to make a promise. We can’t hide anything from each other anymore.”

Spider-Man stared at you for a few seconds, then shrugged. “Okay! Well, my name is -”

“No, no! That’s the only thing that we should hide. I meant anything other than our identities. You know, you don’t have to worry about what I’ll think if you’re honest. That’s the only reason why I got mad when you finally told me why you weren’t coming every day.” You rubbed your arm and frowned.

“Wait, so you don’t actually hate Mr. Stark?” He sounded surprised.

“I mean, the guy didn’t do anything to me or you. I might heavily disapprove of the guy, but I don’t hate him, no.”

“…You’re right. We should be honest with each other. But what if one of us finds out the other’s identity? Then that kind of messes everything up.”

You thought about this for a while, trying to come up with a solution. “Tell the other person. I think the other would figure it out eventually. I mean, you’re smart as hell and I’m pretty okay too. So might as well tell them, right?”

“Well, yeah, but what about the secret identity thing?”

“If one already knows, then there’s no point in upholding that anymore. The only purpose of not telling each other who we are is to keep things simple,” you smile under your mask and shrug. “It’s okay, you’re probably someone I don’t even know. But we have to keep each other’s secret if that ever happens. We’ll figure out the rest when we get there.”

“Okay. Promise to keep the secret and to tell each other everything,” Spider-Man nodded. You held your pinky out to secure the promise. Chuckling, he wrapped his pinky around yours.

Only then did you nod back. “Promise.”

A tear slips out of your eye, glistening in the fluorescent lights of the Chemistry classroom. Come on, you can’t cry in the middle of a Chemistry test. You quickly wipe it away and write faster, teeth gritted in determination. How did it get to the point that you can’t even go through the day without remembering Peter? For a second, you glance at Peter only to see that he’s been staring for a long time now. Shit, he caught you. Your eyes momentarily meet. In that fraction of a second, it feels as though you saw through to his internal torment. A heavy weight sets on your heart, one that doesn’t let go even when you look away to get back to writing.

Towards the end of class, your teacher stands up and starts announcing some kind of project. You’re hardly listening as you stare at your shoes. Maybe you could forgive him and just forget about this whole thing. Then you could just hug him and…and…

You think you might start crying again, but you bite your tongue as hard as you can without making yourself bleed. You feel the familiar strain on your forehead as you do your very best to not let your classmates see your tears. That would be an embarrassing situation to explain to your teacher.

No, of course you can’t forgive him that easily. You’ve told Peter how much you hate dishonesty. But he tossed that right out of the fricking window, knowing how you’d feel. What a prick.

“Hey, don’t look at each other yet. Since it’s a short project that shouldn’t take you longer than a few days, you’ll just be working with the person next to you.” Groans and mumbles fill the room, but your teacher isn’t having any of it. You hear people near you cuss under their breath.

Whatever, another project shouldn’t be that big of a -

Your train of thought stops immediately when you realize who the person beside you is. Oh hell no. No no no no. What is this, some kind of movie? This doesn’t actually happen in real life, right? There is absolutely no way this is real.

He catches your gaze. In your case, this does happen in real life. It’s not so weird when you remember that you live in a world where the Avengers, like, exist. You try to sound as professional as you can when you speak to him. If you ever make it big as a superhero, you’re sure you’ll have to be great at that skill around people you’re not necessarily on good terms with. “Uh, okay. So I can get books from the library to use as some of our references. Or the internet. That works, too. And like, we need a plan. Also, this is obviously not going to get done at school, so um…”

You mentally curse a little for being so awkward. It was all structured and nice in your head, and then it came out the way it always does. So much for professionalism.

Peter’s listening intently. “I could come over,” he says eagerly. You look at him, silent with your eyes narrowed. “Uh, if you want, that is. You don’t have to do anything. I was just suggesting it…even though it didn’t really sound like a suggestion. I just thought it would be ideal, ‘cause you live closer to school than I do and…”

You stare hopelessly, watching him gradually get more and more tense. He’s so damn cute. The look in his eyes is just as you remember from that one day in Chemistry. It feels like it was just yesterday. It’s the unmistakable look of shy adoration that’s so unique to him. You wonder how he can still be like that when you can’t even bring yourself to smile anymore. It looks like nothing can take away his excited nature.

“Peter,” you say softly to get him to calm down. You haven’t said his name out loud in a long time. Even when you talked to Iris about him and shared your issues, you never referred to him by name.

He stops immediately, his cheeks starting to redden in realization of his rambling. “Y-Yeah, I know I should shut up.”

“That’s not what I was going to say. I was just going to tell you to come over today. Uh, maybe not right after school.”

“Oh, okay,” Peter says, sounding a little breathless. Seeing him like this takes your breath away, too. “I’m busy after school too.”

“I know.” You look away, lost in your thoughts once again.

After school, you do your best to clean up your room. You stuff the clothes on the floor into a laundry basket and toss stray papers into your recycling bin. Once your bed is made and your room looks better, you sigh. Your eyes float up to the suit on your shelf, neatly folded. It’s dusty and the equipment needs to be updated, but you don’t even think about touching it. You look away before you can get any ideas. You know that deep inside, you miss that part of your life. You just want to kick ass and leap around trying to be as cool, like some of the bigger superheroes.

You sit on your bed and do your other homework as you wait. The hours tick by, one by one. You even start planning out the project, sketching out all the details so that the only thing that needs to be done is the actual work. You clean up your room some more, starting to get a little bored. You comb your hair and tie it back. At six-thirty, you start thinking he might have stood you up. Maybe he got busy being Spider-Man. Not that you’re upset at him for that. You know that the job gets busy sometimes. You pick up your phone to call him, but then set it back down before you do.

At eight, you’re sure he’s not going to show up. You sigh and sit on your floor. What if something had happened to him? Maybe he needs your help, and all you need to do is call him. Guilt twists in your stomach. You turn to look at your bookshelf and the many books you’ve collected over the years, telling yourself that everything is okay. A new one about spiders sits on the edge of the shelf, its receipt tucked into the cover.

You turn back to your window and yelp a little. There, sitting in your window in his suit with a slightly bent churro in hand, is Peter. He always freaks you out when he sneaks up on you like that. He hasn’t even changed out of his suit, but at least he brought his school bag.

“Sorry for being…late…” He pants, holding out the churro to you like a rose. “Thought I’d…grab something along the way.” He clutches his side in pain.

You stand up and rush over to him, frowning. Grabbing the churro and his bag, you set them aside. “What happened? Did you get hurt?” You help him in, worried.

“Oh, uh, it’s nothing, Y/N,” he reassures in a way that only has the opposite effect. He slides off his mask to reveal scrapes and bruises on his face. There’s a little smile on his face, much to your confusion.

“Peter, what the hell did you do?” You make him sit down on your bed, bringing your hands to his face. When you do this, his breath hitches. As your thumb skims over his cheek gently, he winces. “Sorry,” you say quickly, frowning deeply.

“Hey, you should see the other guy! I had to knock him out for the police to get him. Crazy! I hope I didn’t injure him that bad though…do you know if knocking people out hurts them a lot?”

“I don’t know anything about medicine, Spidey! And who cares about him, look at yourself!” In your panicked state, your nickname for him slips out. You only realize this after you’ve said it.

“It’s okay,” he says as if everything really is okay. How is this okay? He’s so calm, it’s kind of scaring you. There’s a distant look in his eyes, like he’s not really completely aware of his situation.

“What is wrong with you? Why are you not freaking out about this? Are you drunk or something?” You exclaim, trying to snap him out of it.

Peter blinks. “No! I’m fine, really. It gets worse than this sometimes, so I don’t know why-”

“It gets worse?” Your eyes widen, wondering why he suddenly can’t handle a few purse snatchers. He shrugs indifferently. “Okay, uh…I-I’ll get ice or something. Dude, why are you here? I don’t even know where the band-aids are in my own house!”

“The project,” Peter says simply. You don’t like him like this. You just wish he’d make a joke or something so at least you know he’s being normal. Come on, Peter!

“The project.” You’re trying not to get pissed off at his utter disregard for himself. “The project? The goddamn project? You go and do this to yourself, and the only thing on your mind is a stupid Chem project?”


Your eyebrows draw together. He’s starting to make you feel like crying. “Peter, please. Tell me what’s wrong. You’re seriously freaking me out. Are you okay?” You ask the last question with more emphasis this time, tilting his chin up to make him look you in the eyes. His normally clear dark eyes are bloodshot, and there are purplish bags under them.

A beat passes before he responds. “No.”

You look at him for a long time, trying to figure him out. His hair is a sweaty mess, and…has he been crying? You swallow, doing something you never thought you’d get to do again

You lean over and wrap your arms around him. “Ow, ow, not there,” he says gently, and you quickly move your arms. He’s warm, but that might just be because he was just leaping around buildings for the past few hours.

He rests his forehead on your shoulder. With your other hand, you smooth the hair out of his face. God, he looks awful. How did he manage to get himself beaten up this bad? Millions of questions form in your head, none of which you know the answer to.

You know he’s crying when he starts shaking. Your shirt is going to get soaked, but you don’t care. You hold him a little tighter. “You can tell me anything,” you remind him quietly, but your voice breaks at the end.

“I miss you, Y/N.” The way he says it, it shatters you completely. His voice is raw and rough, full of so much emotion that you weren’t prepared for. Your lip trembles slightly and threatening tears fill your eyes.

“I-I can’t be Spider-Man. Not if you’re not there with me, Y/N, I just can’t. I need to hear your voice through my suit, because I can’t focus on anything anymore. I can’t fight without you.” Your throat tightens, knowing that your situation hasn’t really been much better. You quit being a hero that day because you knew you couldn’t keep doing it on your own. And it’s been killing you since.

All of your previous hatred for Peter disappears like nothing. You can’t even bring yourself to be angry at him anymore. You don’t care about what he did. All you can see is how hurt he is now, and how he needs your help. You close your eyes and let yourself cry as his voice continues

“I never wanted to hurt you. When I found out that you were S/N, I got scared. I thought you wouldn’t like me if I was more than regular Peter Parker to you. But I was stupid to think I could make it work. I know I broke our promise, and I’m so sorry for that.” You stare out your window, tears streaming freely. You should’ve been there out with him. All of the emotion you bottled up for a month comes pouring out in a rushing torrent. You somehow kept it all together for an entire month. You avoided him whenever you could, you ignored his texts and calls. You did everything you could, and it tore you apart inside to do it all. Only now are you feeling the pain you pushed away then, deep in your heart.

“Please look at me.” You look at him, and he lifts his head to face you. Gently, you set a hand on his cheek.

“You don’t have to say sorry anymore, Peter. I forgive you. I forgive you.” You rest your forehead against his, trying to calm down so you can stop crying.

He finally wipes his tears away with the sleeve of his suit and does the same for you before looking into your eyes. It’s only now that you realize how close you are to him. “I-I love you, Y/N. I always have, I just didn’t know until now.” He whispers, leaning in slightly.

You close your eyes and kiss him, gentle and sweet and everything you expected. You’ve never kissed anyone before Peter, so you’re going entirely by instinct. His arm reaches around your waist and tugs you closer. His other hand rests on your cheek, bringing warmth to you. The butterflies in your stomach intensely flutter, and you let it all consume you for a few minutes. You place one hand on the back of his neck to gently push him closer to you.

When you pull away, it’s only for air. You breathe heavily, not knowing whether what just happened was real or if you were just imagining it all. You’d always read about kisses like these in novels, but you didn’t know if it really existed. It seemed everything was a fantasy with Peter Parker. Old mistakes forgotten, you give him a shy smile. “I love you and that churro,” you murmur, and for the first time in forever, you hear his beautiful laugh. This makes you inexplicably happy, just to see some of his sunshine poke through.

“Speaking of which, I went through a lot for that churro,” Peter says. You grin and grab it to take a bite out of it in appreciation. But before you can, Peter plucks it out of your hand and eats nearly a mouthful of it.

“Now it’s only half a churro!” You laugh and grab his hand to eat a bit of it before standing up. “One sec, I’ll be right back.”

You race downstairs, ignoring your parents’ hellos and opening the freezer to grab all the frozen things you can get. They give you a strange look from across the room. Quickly, you try to think of an excuse before you drop something. “I’m, uh…hungry.”

“So you’re eating frozen peas?” Your dad questions, eyebrows raised in mild concern and disbelief.

“Yep,” you grin nervously and sprint back up to your room before he can ask anything else. Peter sees you enter with a load of frozen things to serve as ice packs, laughing.

An hour later, you have Peter mostly well taken care of. With his guiding, you ice the bruises properly. He showers, coming out smelling like your strawberry body wash. You consider buying another bottle for him just so you can smell it when you hug him. You both sit on the bed and finish the project without wasting time, thanks to your planning. “We still have three days to do this whole thing,” you remind as you add the finishing touches.

“Yeah, and that’s three days that we can spend together. Under the excuse of the project, of course.” He gives a mischievous smile that’s so contagious that you’re smiling back.

“Hm…I approve of this idea.”

You don’t talk again until the project is finished, and by then, it’s late. “Are you sure May won’t mind you staying until, like, midnight?”

“Yeah, yeah. I told her where I am, so it’s all good.”

He sits against your pillows, and you rest your head on his chest. You stretch your legs out on the bed. “You know,” he begins. You glance up at him to signal that he has your attention. “You thought I was ripped, but I’m nothing compared to you.”

“Whoa, I did not say you were ripped! I mean, you are, but that’s besides the point. And thank you! I try.”

Peter laughs. “Seriously though, do you work out or something? What gym do you go to?” It takes a moment for you to realize he’s teasing you. You shove him slightly, trying not to smile.

“Screw you.”

“I mean, that would be great, but in case you forgot, we’re just fifteen. Maybe wait a while before we get that stage-”

“Oh my god. Screw you!”

“I told you, we should think about things like that before-”

“Ahh! Stop! My ears are bleeding!” You cover your ears and giggle as he gives you a big grin.

“Y/N?” Peter says after a bit of silence.

“Mhm?” You nestle your head into his neck as he loosely wraps his arm around you.

“You’re going to be S/N with me now, right? Like, you’ll fight crime again?” He sounds hopeful.

“Of course I will.”

“Really? And you’ll talk to Mr. Stark, too?”

“Okay, don’t push your luck there. But I’ll think about it, if it makes you happy.”

“Thank you, Y/N.” He looks into your E/C eyes, and in that moment, you know. Queens needs you, and Peter needs you even more. Everything is complicated, but for once, you don’t hate it. Simple is starting to look a little boring with someone like Peter Parker in your life.


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Bound || pjm v. jjk [4]

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The Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3| 4

Characters: Jungkook x Reader x Jimin

Categories: Angst, Fluff

AU(s): Soulmate!AU

Based loosely off of this soulmate au prompt and BTS’ Perfect Man Cover:

Where for whatever reason, your clock is stuck/frozen/it’s not counting down anymore but it hasn’t reached 00:00:00:00 yet and you’re freaking out because this hasn’t happened to anyone before.

Word Count: 2,176

Sypnosis: All your life, Park Jimin has been by your side and secretly had your name adorning his arm. Ideally, you would share the same fate until you find out that you’re destined to be someone else’s; Jeon Jungkook.

♡ ◇ ♡ ♡ ◇ ♡ ♡ ◇ ♡

    That same day, Jungkook and you hold hands on your back to the loft that Jimin and you shared. The touch of someone else’s hand that is not  Jimin felt unsettling despite the familiar tingle that you hate yourself for starting to enjoy. What sense did it make that Jimin, a boy who has loved you for years, can be easily erased by Jungkook?

   He’s your soulmate.  

     You shake your head at the prospect because you will not be that easy. You owe Jimin more than that. All the mantras that he nearly ingrained into your mind should not leave in haste just because of some pretty boy waltz into your life with your name printed on his arm. You value Jimin’s love and friendship more than that.

    You’re so caught up in your thoughts that you do not notice Jimin’s arms snaking around your waist and pecking your cheek. The slight stab of a knife is how it feels, but you’ve grown to love the pain if it meant that it came from Jimin. A wince does not even manage to leave your lips, much to your delight, and Jimin almost marvels in response. “How are you feeling, jagi?”

    “I feel a bit tired but I was waiting for breakfast.” You say with a smile as you lean your head back to catch Jimin cheesing down at you. Despite his clear opposition to soulmates, he never failed to make you continue to believe in them. He was a paradox in himself and you adored every aspect of that.

      Jimin pouts his lips before drawing a small heart over your collarbone as you look up at him, blinking, “You should have kept sleeping, I could have made you breakfast.”

       "I didn’t want to wake you up. Plus, you’ve got to go work.“ You say with a strained smile on your lips. "Hurry up so that you can slay today, alright?” Your words of encouragement never fails but to make Jimin smile and he nods before jogging back to the room that he and you share (technically Jungkook too, but you liked to ignore that fact).

   The soft sound of a yawn halts the silence (with the exception of the tea kettle and pancakes). You know without looking who it is; after all, only he could make a flower bloom under your skin without even being near you.

     "Morning beautiful.“ Jungkook murmurs tiredly as he wipes the last traces of sleep from his eyes and sits next to you at the island as you patiently wait for the tea to finish. He spots your right hand that taps against the granite countertop. He swallows hard as he places his left hand on the top too, side eyeing you.

     You clear your throat, "Did you sleep well? I really hate that you sleep on the floor when the couch can double as a bed.” The concern laced in your words does not go unnoticed by the obsidian haired boy and he chuckles softly under his breath. “You don’t have to sleep in the same room as me.”

   "But who would take care of you when you wake up in the middle of the night?“ Jungkook asks, watching how your eyes dart from the tea kettle to your fingers as you twiddle them nervously. He’s noticed how sensitive you are about that. "I’m sorry, was I too straightforward?”

      You shake your head but never allow your eyes to meet the somber brown ones that gaze at you. “No, it’s fine. I really don’t mind your honesty, Jungkook.”

     The room stills when a certain orange-haired boy, now dressed in his usual dance attire, enters the room and sits on the other side of you. Love adorns his orbs and Jungkook can see how emotionally invested he is in you - but that still does not stop the hardening in Jungkook’s chest to think that he will never have the ability to truly have all of you as long as Jimin is around.

   "I’m sorry jagi but they moved class up a bit earlier than usual and then I have work.“ He rushes to get the words out; a frown adorning his soft features at the idea of not only leaving you but also leaving you alone with Jungkook when the idea bothers him so much. He leans forward to peck your hair before turning his focus to Jungkook. "Make sure to take care of her, okay? She means everything to me.”

      Jungkook obliges, not in the mood to argue with Jimin, as a sudden pain pecks at his scalp, the same place where Jimin had kissed you. He narrows his eyes at how intent you look on masking your pain and smiling up at Jimin before kissing him goodbye on the cheek. The unadulterated action makes Jungkook grit his teeth but he sighs softly. It’s only a matter of time when he will share the same fate.

     After Jungkook watches you rise to lock the door behind Jimin and lock it, he finds himself jumping out of his chair to catch you before you hit the ground hastily. The look of disdain in your eyes is a whirlwind that consumes Jungkook as his mouth falls agape at your actions. Were you honestly in this much pain?

   "Y/n-ah, are you okay?“ He asks you, fingers stroking the side of your face as he kneels to sit beside you. He stares at the tired look in your eyes and he immediately recognizes it as the kind of tired that sleep can not fix and that makes him swallow harder. He takes your right hand that rests on the door knob and caresses it in his hand.

     You wheeze ever so slightly, wanting to move away from Jungkook out of love for Jimin, but you only curl closer into his arms. It feels as though by merely being with him, you feel better. "It hurts so much, Jungkook.” Jungkook only nods at you, his eyes never leaving yours as your eyes stare vacantly at the picture of Jimin and you that is just on the other wall. “I love him so much that it hurts me and I can’t tell him how much it hurts because I know he’s going to leave. And I don’t want him too.”

           "Y/N-ah, I can’t tell you enough how much pain I feel because of you,“ Jungkook begins while squeezing your shoulder in comfort as the two of you sit against the wall, "but you being in pain does not only affect you, it hurts him too. Do you think he feels good knowing that you could die any minute because of his happiness? He doesn’t, Y/N-ah, and I know this because I can see it in the way he looks at you.”


“Because I look at you the same way.”

      For the next three weeks, flowers bloomed in your rib cage each morning only to wilt by noon. The daily trial of wiping sleep away from your eyes becomes laborious.  Two in the morning becomes your body’s favorite time to rebel. By two fifteen, you’re in warm arms that don’t belong to Jimin but to Jungkook and you hate to admit it, but you know exactly why.  

     "I don’t get it.“ Jungkook’s voice is husky against your ear. Remnants of sleep drawl in his voice. His hands, soft like rose petals, cradle you in his lap. Each touch blossoms against your skin and you swear that you’re going to meet your wit’s end. "Shouldn’t she be getting better than before?”

      Jimin hates to agree with the younger boy; nevertheless, he nods knowing that he is right. Something is not right. The look on Jimin’s face cuts you deep like a knife and you wince in pain at the mere sight of him. “Jagi, you need to go to the doctor. You can’t continue to suffer like this.”

     "No!“ You scream quickly, shaking your head almost violently at the prospect. Jungkook’s eyes widen at the prospect of you so vehemently saying no. His grip on you tightens, hoping to soothe you but that only causes you to squirm more in his arms. "I can’t go.”

    Jungkook steals a glance at Jimin, worry dotting his brown orbs. “She hasn’t been to the hospital in months,” Jimin explains before leaning closer to Jungkook and you; he presses his hand against your forehead to check your temperature. It is needless to say that the contact makes you whimper in pain at the sudden jolt of cold that rips through you. “The last time we went, they threatened to separate us.”

  “Would that honestly be bad?” Jungkook states thoughtlessly. He kisses the top of your head as he says this while not making eye contact with Jimin once. “She’s only suffering because you’re here. Wouldn’t it be best if you just let her alone-”

 "Jungkook, shut up-“ You say in the midst of trying to catch your breath. Your eyes beckon to Jimin, hoping that he would be the bigger man and ignore Jungkook’s words.

   To your disappointment, Jimin clicks his tongue in annoyance. "Do you talk just to hear yourself?” He runs his fingers through his amber hair. “Do you think that I can leave her?” Jimin stands up from the tousled bed, the white shirt adorning his torso leaving his collar bones up for display. “I’m biologically attached to her just like you-”

  “If you loved her as much as you claim to, you would let her be happy. With me.” Jungkook takes his gaze away from you to focus on the orange haired boy. “Every day, I wake up to her soft cries - aching, suffering, hell, dying - all because of you? Do you have any idea how suffocating your presence must be for her? How are you going to act in good conscious when you wake up one day and she’s no longer there?”

 "Jungkook!“ You cough, "I’m not going to die.”

      To your left, Jimin stands upright. His bottom lip being intercepted by his teeth as he thinks. The idea of you not being by his side - no not even that, the idea of you no longer existing cripples him to his core. It feels like a tsunami, earthquake, and a hurricane all at once. “Evidently, Jeon Jungkook,” Jimin takes a deep breath, trying to use the correct words as he watches Jungkook tenderly do his best to care for you. With eyes like a hawk, they narrow at his every action for his world is in Jungkook’s immediate embrace. “Her condition has not improved as much as it should.”

     Jungkook’s eyes harden at Jimin’s words. “What are you trying to say?”

     "What I’m saying is that she should be better like you said.“ He scratches the back of his neck. It’s evident that Jungkook’s words are ingrained in his mind now - much like that of the doctor from all those months when you first found out of your broken clock and all those times he worried of being a defect. "You don’t think I’m good enough for her, do you?”

      “Of course not,” Jungkook quips before shifting his eyes from Jimin’s accusatory eyes to that of you who lays tiredly in his lap. He sees the disapproval in your eyes. “She’s my soulmate. I was made for her. I love her with every fiber of my being and surely love her as much as you love her - if what you feel for her is even love.”

     Jimin licks his bottom lip. “Aish, this kid.” He narrows his brows at the younger. His blood boils just at the sight of him and it is certainly not just the biological component that comes with you being his soulmate.

     "You trying to invalidate Jimin’s love for me does not justify yours any more than his does. It’s pointless to argue.“ You’re overheating now and you can barely breathe. Your grip on Jungkook tightens as you reach out to Jimin with your left hand. "I’m going to be okay, alright?”

     Jimin’s wavering eyes meet your own and he can see the tiredness in your eyes, just as he always has and it cripples him to his core. He only wanted what was best for you, even if it wasn’t him. He tells you this every day even if it pains him to say it - yet you never listen. And you never will listen and he knows that. The very thing that is meant to piece you together is tearing you apart piece by piece, brick by brick, atom by atom. He would not lose you; even if it meant giving up what he loved most; you.

♡ ◇ ♡ ♡ ◇ ♡ ♡ ◇ ♡ 

Stutterin’ Pete {Pt. 5} -Peter Parker x Reader-

Pt. 1 - Pt. 2 - Pt. 3 - Pt. 4 

Part 5! 

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Peter’s alter-ego starts to interfere with his relationship with you. Now, neither have you have proposed being exclusive but you couldn’t help feeling jealous and driving yourself crazy over the suspicions that Peter, wherever he was, wasn’t alone. This leads you to blow up on him, leaving him in the dust and very confused. It takes a visit from the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man to truly open your eyes. Patching things up with Peter was easy, it felt great but duct tape only lasts so long.

You also become increasingly aware that Peter, Ned and Michelle would be going to DC soon for the Decathlon Finals. There was one other person that would be going on this trip.. Liz Allan. A girl Peter has been very open about being into since you were kids. Liz’s interactions with Peter start to become more frequent, your fearful brain suspects she has seduced Peter and he had given into his childhood crush. Despite whatever it was that had been going on between the two of you.

Warnings?: This part is probably going to be long.. There’s talking about injuries, swearing and maybe/definitely some fluff. ;)

Originally posted by tomftholland

“Why don’t you just tell her?” Ned asked fiddling with Peter’s mask. “She would probably understand.” He added. 

“No, no, no.” He said turning his desk chair around to face Ned still holding the small screwdriver in his hand he was been using to tinker with one of his web shooters. “If Y/N knew about this she would be so angry with me. She would worry too much” He said gesturing to the red and blue suit that was laying on the bed next to Ned. 

“I don’t see why you suddenly need Y/N’s approval anyways. It’s not like you guys are together.” 

We aren’t.” Peter said feeling his heart hammer against his chest feeling as if it was going to thump right out. He turned his back to Ned again trying to hide his blush that he knew was spilling onto his cheeks. “It’s just… You know so I figure it would only be fair if I told her why I’ve been such a flake.” He shrugged his shoulders “But then I realized that just because I’ve known her as long as you and… I trust her, that doesn’t necessarily mean I need to share my secret identity with everyone. You found out by accident so thats almost justified.” 

“And who told you not to tell anyone?” Ned asked. 

“…Mr. Stark.” Peter said 

“Oh… You mean Tony ‘I am Iron Man’ Stark?” He asked Peter paused realizing that Ned had made a good point.

“That doesn’t matter. I don’t have Mr. Stark’s money to have security following me and people I care about. What happens if one of my enemies goes after those closest to me?” He asked 

“What enemies? The fake Avengers from the other night?” 

“Okay fine, future enemies.” Peter grumbled rolling his eyes. 

“Don’t get grumpy with me. It was your idea to tell her and also you that told me it was a bad idea minutes later.” Ned quipped. Peter sighed. 

“You’re right… It’s just… I hate all the lying.” He said 

“I know, man. You’re doing a good thing though. Protecting your family and stuff. Very heroic of you.” He said smirking. 

“Don’t be an idiot, Ned.” Peter said but they both started to laugh. 

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A Medic And Her Captain

For @anonymouslydevious65 who wanted kakasaku SWAT team AU with hate to love. I don’t know much about SWAT so I played it off like it was a shinobi team. I hope you like it!

Also on ao3 and Fanfiction

               “This is all your fault!” Haruno glared at the man across from her, whispering angrily in the dark.

               “My fault? This is your fault!” Kakashi spat back at her.

               She rolled her eyes at him and muttered curses under her breath. “Whatever. Who knows how long we’re going to have to stay down here?”

               At her question, he glanced up at the bared hatch they had slipped through. The moonlight barely slipped through giving them just enough light to see each other’s faces. He figured they were in a basement of sorts. There were boxes all around them and the dust that covered even the floor told him that no one had been down there in probably years. He knew they would be safe here, well hidden from the enemy.

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Nothing Else Matters

Summary: The reader hunts with Sam and Dean. Everything moves smoothly until a secret gets out that the reader was hiding. Then of course, someone runs and hides their feelings.  A/B/O universe

Characters: Omega!Sam, Alpha!Dean, Alpha!Reader

Warnings: angst, implied attempted rapes, self-hate, implied smut?, semi-heated make-out scene, happy ending

Pairings: Sam x Reader

Prompts:  Nothing Else Matters- Metallica, A/B/O verse

Word Count: 2967

A/N: This is my first a/b/o fic so let me know what you think! This is also the closest I’ve ever gotten to smut and the closest I’ll ever get. Song lyrics are in italics. I SWEAR TO GOD THIS WASN”T ORIGINALLY SO ANGSTY I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!! holy shit this is the longest thing I’ve ever written.

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Reader’s POV

     Keeping a secret from the people you lived with was hard. You didn’t want to lie to the Winchesters, but people weren’t always excepting of a female alpha. It just wasn’t common enough and it was easier to just take some pills to cover your scent than to deal with the consequences. You knew what the boys were, Dean was an alpha, and Sam was, surprisingly, an Omega. You wouldn’t believe that he was if it weren’t for his smell. Every time you caught a whiff of him, you were painfully reminded of his stature. His smell was amazing, better than any other Omega you had smelled before. It made it that much harder to hide the fact that you were an Alpha.

     “(Y/N)? (Y/N)! Hello?!” You jumped as Sam waved his hand in front of your face.

     “What?” He rolled his eyes, as he sat back to his side of the booth in the bar you were at.

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