i think i just had a religious experience

Okay that was like a religious fucking experience. They gave me communion for fuck sake….wine and bread. I can’t believe how good they were live. Fuck, Ghost are amazing and when they played ‘He is’ it was frankly transcendental. Had such a good night.. I am so drunk, I know this because I tried to drag my friend into a rock club and she shoved me into a taxi, I just got home and just ordered a pizza at midnight. I will probably delete this in a minute Hahah!

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Different ways to think of multiplicity

There are several different ways in which people see, explain and conceptualise multiplicity.

Off the top of my head – and these are just the ones that at least someone in our own system adheres to:

  • medical, scientific, sceptical models, like structural dissociation (“Due to trauma, we developed into several people who later split off even more, instead of naturally integrating our personality like singlet children do”)
  • spiritual and/or religious concepts/beliefs (“I had another life before I chose to come into this system” or even “I was sent to help this system by a higher power”)
  • empirical - “I know I exist – I experience my own personhood and the presence of other system mates therefore multiplicity is real” cogito ergo sum maybe
  • pathologisation of multiplicity (“We are broken, we should not exist as multiples”)
  • denial that multiplicity even exists (“We’re not multiples, we’re just delusional!”)

And of course variations and combinations of those and many people, even system members, don’t have something that can really be called a “concept” of multiplicity.

And I think it’s important to at least acknowledge that these different views exist, even if you think that all multiplicity falls into one of those categories – but actually, I think the first three views of multiplicity (and most likely others that I have forgotten or don’t know about yet) all exist. Some systems were formed and work just like medical models describe, others have spiritual origins, others yet just are. And it’s really rude and disrespectful to push your view on other systems, to say that the way they conceptualise their own existance must be wrong or that only one way of looking at things can be right – yours.

Though of course it is understandable to have your own views and not get or not agree with others’ views. But there’s a difference between that and disrespecting others or invisibilising them.

Have we forgotten some way to think about multiplicity?

"Ex" otherkin here.

Ex being in parenthesis because I no longer label myself as otherkin although I still have dysphoria from time to time and am still shaking off my former spiritual aspects of it.

I want to share some thoughts/ideas with the otherkin community since I’ve had a good amount of time to think about my experiences without any interference from other otherkin.

These are just my own conclusions and obviously aren’t rules or any sort of otherkin law.

There are two types of otherkin. Spiritual and “mental”(I lack a better word). If you don’t have dysphoria, you fall under spiritual otherkin and your identity is about as valid as a religious person’s religious identity would be. Take that as you will. I personally am now of the opinion that all spiritualities and religions are bullshit, but I understand the comfort and validation that can come from them.

If you experience dysphoria, you are mental otherkin. As someone that has experienced gender dysphoria in the past I believe being otherkin can be nearly identical to being trans. The feelings were the same for me. Your brain believes you have body parts that aren’t there, and/or that your body is the wrong shape. Being mental othetkin isn’t “appropriating trans experiences” or any of that bullshit. This isn’t an oppression olympics. Otherkin experiences aren’t any more or less valid or important than being trans.

You can be both mental and spiritual otherkin.

Any spirituality, past lives, or “memories” that are associated with your being mental otherkin are coping mechanisms, because having faith in your spirituality is preferable to dealing with the idea that your brain just has an unfixable glitch that fucks with your body image. Also, your brain is really good at making things seem real when they aren’t. Your memories of past lives aren’t real, it’s just a way of coping with your incurable mental glitch.

Anyone want to discuss this civilly with me?



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Last month I embarked on an epic adventure to four cities for GOT7′s Fly tour! I wanted to post this sooner but I was waiting for SubK to release the photo op pictures and then I kind of forgot about it lol. Anyways this will be long so brace yourselves

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