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Sign: Virgo
Height: 5'1 maybe
Last thing i Googled: what time la la land plays at my movie theater
Favorite music artist: I don’t have one there are too many I enjoy the same but in different ways. I’ll say panic at the disco I guess.
Last Tv Show Watched: Rugrats I think or Friends or Mike and Molly and The middle with my dad XD Ive been watching movies since
What am I wearing right now: light blue sweatshirt from my high school play “A funny thing happened on the way to the forum” and fuzzy blue and grey pj pants
When did I create my blog: Few years ago but Ive been on tumblr since softmore or junior year of high school.

What do I post: any and everything that interests me, and that’s a lot of things

Do i have any other blogs: just nsfw blog
Do I get asks regularly: nope
Why did I choose my url: my bestie calls me little bit and I like to make long and clever names that roll of the tongue I also like the nickname pixie and I wanna be a princess so yup
Pokemon team: Mystic but I don’t play it anymore
Average hours of sleep: between 5 and ….12 lol
Favorite character: This is hard too I have so many. lisa from girl interrupted. yes the joker from suicide squad ._. and the dark knight and gotham. rumplestiltskin from once upon a time, Tyler Durdan from Fight Club. etc idk ….did I name all villans? The acting skills it takes to play a villan really intrigues me.
Dream job: To be a great youtuber, actress, singer, and screenwriter.

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Nickname: uuh i don’t really have one tbh

Star Sign: sagittarius

Height: 5′2″

Favourite Music Artist: bts, taylor swift, ed sheeran

Last TV show you watched: superstore

What kind of stuff do you post: different fandoms and shit posts tbh

Do you have other blogs: i have a bunch of urls saved but i’m bad at keeping other blogs active

Why did you choose your URL: i wanted a “cool” url so i kept trying random things and i’ve stayed this for too long it’s too late to switch it up

Hogwarts House: slytherin

Pokemon Team: mystic

Favourite Colour: blue

How many blankets do you sleep with: just one, rarely 2+

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Followers: 684

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What’s in my Pencil Case?

This is a long overdue post as it was requested a few months ago and I keep forgetting, so here we go…

  1. Coloured muji pens (red 0.5, green 0.5, blue 0.38)
    I use these a lot in my notes or when I’m drawing out mind maps and they’re really good. I didn’t mean to get different nib sizes and I actually prefer the 0.38 nib as it is finer and dries quicker so is less likely to smudge.
  2. Black muji pens (0.38)
    I have too many of these pens but I think they’re great and they are pretty cheap too!
  3. Mildliner pens/highlighters
    You’ve probably seen these on lots of studyblrs and they are pretty good. I use them in my bullet journal and in my notes and they’re pretty versatile. Some of them are a bit dark for highlighting- the blue and grey ones particularly.
  4. Glue sticks and Mini Stapler
    You would never guess how useful these can be. I use the stapler at least every day and the glue sticks are more of a ‘just in case’. The fact that the stapler is so compact is great too! 
  5. Free university pens/pencils
    I am not one to turn down free stationery and I’ve been on quite a few open days so I have a little collection of pens from universities over the past months.
  6. Ruler, Protractor and Nail Clippers
    These are pretty standard so there’s not much to say.
  7. Black muji pens (0.5)
    These were the first muji pens I got and most of them are running out by now. I decided to get the 0.38 pens the second time around as these ones tend to smudge and I can write smaller with a finer nib.
  8. Groot keyring and Capt. America USB stick
    These are just to make me smile as I don’t really use my USB stick much but it’s good to know it’s there if I need it. I’m also a big marvel nerdd

So that’s what is in my pencil case!


I’m thinking about buying a new backpack because the one I have is so old (since middle school!). I’m pretty set on the Herschel Pop Quiz that has so many pockets and a laptop and iPad sleeve and overall very good reviews but I can’t decide on the color!
Black is classic and goes with everything, the other one (is like light blue/grey? i’m not sure from the pics) is really nice too and it’s different. The boring and safe me says black, the slightly funnier me says light blue/grey.

blue night radio - 150725

jonghyun: if i were to describe myself in one word…, this seems very limited but if i were to describe myself it would be “singer” or “young man”. i know this can sound too… obvious, but i think the words “singer” and “young man” have many implications to them. rather that describing myself as “red” or “blue” i prefer a the word “young man” — because of the color and influence it has on society —, and the word “singer” because of it’s artistic impression or the power it has to tell stories through voice. if someone asked me to describe myself today i would use those words — but maybe it’d be different if someone asked me on another day. (source: thatcoolcatmeow)