i think i have to abstain

CHANNEL UPDATE: im gay?! *not clickbait*

hey whats up gamers its been FOREVER .. i hope everyone is doing okay!!!!!

I THINK .. I HAVE a pretty good plan as to What is going on .. whats the sitch …….. im gonna continue to abstain from using this app for the next few days mostly , but during spring break (next week for me!!!) ill queue stuff and TALK TO ALL OF YOU AGAIN i MISS ALL OFMY BELOVED MUTUALS SO MUCH and .. make plans to just kinda have a relaxed queue and unfollow people i dont know and that have unfollowed me etc so that i can just ? soend my time on here doing the things i Miss rather than all of the negative stuff ???? i jusf .. i wanna tell val good morning every now and again .. Do It For Val ……

AND THEN in the summer i think iwill use tumblr a lot more and like take PRETTY PHOTOS again because i miss having popular posts circulating everywhere .. but ALSO its so weird ive veen looking my old urls up on twitter and stuff and i have been NAMEDROPPED BUT LIKE not .. badly ?? just like .. calling me popular .. and some people bave tweeted out like old photosets and selfies which is WEIRD but also a massive ego boost FKFJFKFJKD idk …. tldr i miss you a lot and i hope youre doing well and in turn im trying my best to make myself better so that when i am on here and talking to you all i can be in my best state of mind ! i love you see you soon

Unpopular opinion: Ghosting is fine.

I’ve gotten to a point where I will staunchly defend ghosting. I believe wholeheartedly that nobody owes me any particular interaction, or any interaction at all, in fact. I do not owe anyone any interaction, either. The reason I don’t want to interact doesn’t matter.

Does that mean I still might be pretty miffed if I get ghosted? Sure. Does it mean I might ruminate over it? Sure. Will I think that it was fair, or kind, for the other person to have done it? Perhaps not. Does that change whether I think they should have done it? Nope. Because I don’t think I’m in a place to judge that. Only they can. Because they judged it the right thing for them to do, it was. Abstaining from interacting with someone is merely setting a boundary, which is not inherently a harmful action.

Note: I want to distinguish ghosting from manipulative withdrawing of attention. When someone has the intention of continuing the relationship they have with someone, but withdraws interaction specifically to get a certain reaction from the other person – whether consciously or not – that’s called “giving the cold shoulder” and it’s something I do have an issue with. That’s not what I’m talking about when I talk about ghosting. 

I’m so furious. Fuck this. Fuck those of you who voted third party. You could have won Florida. And fuck you too if you abstained. You helped this happen.

There are so many people at risk and you just ensured their terror. Our terror.

Did you think so little of our lives? Was your own comfort in not choosing greater than the need to ensure the safety of others?

You did this. And the next four years will be an awful time.

I hope you fucking wake up. I hope you learn.

themaidoflys  asked:

Hi, what do you think about post where people describe fetus like vil creatures or when they talk about aborting them like something fun, I'm pro choice but those post make me uncomfortable, I will never put a fetus life over a woman's one or her choice over her body but I feel the fetus is not guilty just for existing.

I don’t personally know anyone who actually thinks an abortion is fun. It’s costly, you get terrible cramps, you have to abstain from sex at an emotional time when you might really WANT physical connections.

I can’t really imagine anyone saying it’s fun, but I can imagine people saying that as a way to build a wall. Either to emotionally protect themselves from what was an upsetting situation or to just really dig their heels into an anti-choicer.

Fuck, I once said I would have an abortion party when an anti-choicer said that I should have nothing to be happy about. I am happy that I don’t have a kid and my life is, somewhat, my own, to me that is a happy thing and in emphasizing this I have definitely said more “extreme” things.

I’ve called a fetus a parasitic cluster of cells, likened it to cancer and really just whatever inflammatory things I could think of. Some of it is not ok, like comparing it to cancer because that is honestly just insensitive to those with cancer, but the rest is really just empty rhetoric.

I think we expect people who have had an abortion to be quiet and if they speak about it they should be sad and forlorn and responses like this are a pushback against that.

Honestly, the fetus didn’t do anything wrong… But I also don’t see it as a person so I can’t feel sorry for it.

Maybe it bothers you because you see them as babies or because you wouldn’t have one. I don’t know for sure, but to you it’s not an emotional reaction you consider… Palatable.

But it’s one I can understand, because sometimes I will use all kinds of hyperbole to express how much I do not regret my abortion.

#abortion #death #cancer

paperandinklings  asked:

I was really happy with the Petra and Rafael moments until they got together at the end lol. I really like them as close happy friends and coparents I want it to just stay that way

Cont. in a way it felt like it undid all the nice things raf said to her and wanting to abstain bc it was like he was saying it out of feelings for her. I also think despite the character development what raf said in the pilot about them bringing out a bad side in eo has stayed true and I don’t want it to unravel how their characters and relationship have grown and end up badly

I 100% agree! They just work better as friends. The pep-talk he gave her towards the end of the episode feels ingenuine now that they seem to have feelings for each other again.

Every time they end up together they always cause problems and hurt each other. They’re together every season and I’m so tired because it always ends up in heartbreak (for Petra, mostly). It feels like this is a start of another love triangle and I’m getting so tired because you already know Petra is the one that’s going to get hurt in the end.

Legends Crew + Twister:

  • Disclaimer: I have no good way to explain why this group of people would consent to a game of Twister together to begin with but let me have this ridiculous fluff. If you really need an explanation assume there was alcohol involved.
  • Stein excused himself on the basis that “I am 66 years old and I will die” which is pretty hard to argue with, so they put him on spinner duty
  • Snart also excused himself on the grounds of “I don’t want to touch any of you people” and “more booze for me”
  • Sara went into the game HUGELY cocky and overconfident, which obviously meant everyone was immediately united in their desire to destroy her
  • The game got sidetracked by a massive argument between those who insists it’s okay to have more than one foot/hand on a space (Kendra, Rip, Mick, Jax) and the purists who think that’s cheating (Ray, Sara, Stein).
    • Snart abstained from voting in favor of vodka.
  • Time Dad purposefully fell over the second round because he had his face in Kendra’s ass and his hand was going between Mick’s legs and honestly it just wasn’t worth it
  • Jax got stuck with his feet on opposite sides of the board so he had to sit there basically flinging his crotch in everyone’s face for ever. He was basically a nonstop stream of apologies the entire time
  • Ray has no sense of personal space to begin with so just imagine Twister with him. Do it. Imagine. 
  • Sara obviously kept purposefully trying to make things awkward by flirting with everyone to try and get them out. 
    • “Hey, Kendra, nice call on the crop top today. Looking good ;)” “Sara”
    • “Jax, can I use your butt as a pillow? That’s cool, right?” “oh my god please stop” 
    • “Ray not to make things weird but I could do my laundry on your abs” “Thank you?”
  • Seriously Ray wound up in some position to hike his shirt up and suddenly these ridiculous majestic abs on the body of Ray fucking Palmer are just out there for the world to see. It was blinding. There may have been an actual stunned silence.
    • Mick actually complimented him
    • Snart immediately drowned the rest of his drink and had some very angry conflicted gay feelings
      • (He wakes up hungover and finds a note he left himself that just says “Remove Raymond’s abs” and that’s how he knows it’s going to be a bad day) 
  • Mick isn’t super flexible but he can hold the same terrible positions for ever. Sara naturally tries to use this - “Damn, Mick, you have stamina” - and immediately suffers for it, as Mick looks Len dead in the eye and says, “Well, I’ve have a lot of practice.”
  • And Len. Fucking. Winks.
  • Which is the point when Sara’s jaw drops open and her hand slips and she hits the board yelling “I KNEW IT”
  • (Unfortunately she took Jax out with her, which Snart actually apologized for, because he’s a softy when he’s inebriated.) 
  • So it boiled down to Ray, Mick, and Kendra and ended when Ray accidentally stepped on Kendra’s hand, nearly breaking her finger and completely setting off her inner homicidal hawk goddess in a room full of tipsy legends 
  • It’s amazing how many game nights end like that tbh
  • TL;DR Legends + Twister is great and should definitely happen

jeneryl  asked:

Andre, what do you think about your fatesona Andre? 👀

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
If I’m allowed to say that, anyways

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang | I have learned from Narcissus and abstain from answering this question

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: His wiggles  His zen personality and kindness to most (though stern when needed)

worst quality: He gets prideful sometimes, maybe too averse to getting on someone’s bad side until required. He can be a bit too impartial at times.

ship them with: Camilla, Selena, Felicia, so many other ‘sonas   

brotp them with: @random-delights‘s Alena or @kidshiro‘s Kid. Laslow, too, if there’s still room.

needs to stay away from: Oh geez, I don’t know? I don’t want to say he should *stay away* from anyone in particular, bc that would be rude. But I’m not sure how well he’d get along with the more… violent (?) Sonas. IT’S NOT AN INSULT TO ANYONE I actually really want to interact more with those kinds of sonas bc it would be some really interesting interactions to write out

Misc: There are so many other sonas I want to interact with but im just sitting here like 
I’ll get to it, though
I gotta
I gotta

here’s something: what is everyone’s issue with demisexuality? 

i think there can be really incorrect and bad ways for it to applied, like that article that’s like “i don’t like hookups and being treated like an object so i’m demi” - that’s obviously like, misogyny-based and a cop-out of tackling misogyny. i get that. 

but genuinely and sincerely not developing any hint of sexual attraction until you know someone well and have a bond with them - people say that’s how everyone is, but that’s not how i am at least? abstaining from sex for xyz reason is different than not feeling it. i can be sexually attracted to strangers, i want to suck the pharmacy boy’s dick, i fall in love with every hot man i see at walmart

shrugs? maybe i’m the weird one? 

What’s which aphobes/ace-phobia?

Like, what is there to even be afraid of or against?

I can wrap my head around the religious arguments against same-sex couples.  But abstaining from sex is one way to be “pure” and show your devotion to God, like a nun.

I can understand the fear of “gays will try to have sex with me or check me out in the locker room.”  I think it’s dumb, but I understand it.

But asexuals don’t want to check out anyone, and I can’t say I’ve ever heard of someone trying to “turn” somebody else into an asexual, either.

So???? Why????

Okay so I watched Super Watermelon Island, I will abstain my blogging until Gem Drill, but one thing I wanted to get out right now while it’s fresh in my mind is:

“dreamwalking” didn’t quite make sense as a unique ability for Steven to develop presumably as an outgrowth of his personality, and not being Rose- but in the context of how it was used in Super Watermelon Island I think I have some insight into this.

Steven possesses a unique power to allow him to experience other perspectives. It’s a certain degree of telepathy (dreamwalking to talk to Lapis in Chille Tid, but also the fact that he could “feel” the lighthouse “spirit” in Horror Club) and with the watermelons, it’s his being able to occupy his own creations.

The show overwhelmingly is focused on Steven’s point of view. Showing what happened on Mask Island wouldn’t ordinarily be possible with that narrative structure, especially with the stipulation that Steven needed to be back at the barn for Gem Drill.

Practically, this ability is so spontaneous it doesn’t seem to really have much use for maliciously spying on people especially with the super obvious way the watermelons he jumps into spasm and fall over once he establishes connections. But it does have an incredible use for one particular purpose.

In Guide To The Crystal Gems Steven states that he wants to “understand everybody, and I think I can, because even if I’m not like anybody, I am like everybody!” This touches a bit on his first song in Steven And The Stevens and both that episode’s experiences with time travel and his experiences with future vision in Winter Forecast.

Steven seeks to understand the people around him, he seeks to understand alternative versions of himself- paths he could’ve taken but didn’t- and he seeks to understand his own creations, the watermelons.

So now, to me, the dreamwalking makes a lot of sense: as part of a spectrum of vaguely telepathic abilities related to understanding others and specifically their feelings. And some vague glimpses I’ve seen of Gem Drill suggests that this is about to be even more relevant.


Tahdaaaah~! This is the new batch of OCs, whose story is hereby dubbed “Trois Mouschasseurs”. It’s street wizards and parkouring away from the law in a modern fantasy retelling of the Three Musketeers. 

Darcy, a new mage from old money turned no money steals away to the city to join one of the (in)famous magical gangs all young mages fantasize about when faced with simply abstaining from magic like the world wants them to. Darcy’s sights are set particularly high, as he wants to join the elusive cat-masked Trois Mouschasseurs. A girl’s gang. Naturally his plans don’t go as smoothly as he was hoping.

Portia: Bobcat
Rami: Snow Leopard
Darcy: White Tiger
Athyn: Caracal

skribes-mind  asked:

I'm writing a novel that includes fight scenes with werewolves. What would be some plausible weapons you might think of for a werewolf to use when fighting while human?

A shotgun.

I mean, if they’re in human form, they’re going to have access to the same kinds of weapons anyone else would, so there’s no reason for them to abstain from a shotgun or fire axe. I suppose there’s an edge case of being harmed by something they’re supernaturally vulnerable to while still in human form. For example, packing mags of silver bullets could be unpleasant if your werewolves stay vulnerable to silver all the time.

If they’re fighting other werewolves, then they will need to tailor their arsenal to account for that. Again, just like anyone else. That’s going to depend on the rules (and technology) of your setting. So, it could be silver bullets, a tazer (hey, it’s got to have a nervous system, right? You should still be able to short that out), bone tipped bullets, gold arrowheads, enchanted weapons, whatever.

As with hunting normal animals, you’re not going to want to take a sword or other combat weapon against a werewolf, because that will put you far too close to nine feet of snarling deathbeast. You need hunting weapons. In a pre-modern setting, you’re talking about the bow, crossbow, and spears with heavy cross guards to prevent the werewolf from migrating up the spear and taking your head off. Of course, you’re also dealing with creatures that are smart enough to break your spears.

If you’re asking for weapons they could use in both forms, that’s a bit trickier. It would need to be something bulky enough to use while transformed, but still light enough to use in human form. Some kind of custom made heavy shaft polearm, axe or sword come to mind. Though, I’ll be honest, when you’re talking about a werewolf, they have natural weapons, which could be far more (supernaturally) lethal than anything they could carry into combat.


Some quick recommendations would be to look at the old White Wolf RPGs, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, and Exalted.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse is an urban fantasy setting. It’s dripping in 90′s edginess, but there’s some excellent world building in there. It presents werewolves in conflict with the rapid technological development of the 20th century. This is about modern day werewolves in a setting where other things will hunt them down and kill them if they screw up, and the werewolves are facing extinction from the dwindling wolf populations in the world.

There was a second version of the game, Werewolf: The Forsaken. As I’ve said before, I’m not as big a fan of this one. The setting’s reboot ditched a lot of the uniqueness from the original. But, the end result is a lot more flexible and modular. If you just want to poke a setting for inspiration, this one is more diverse, and gives you the tools for producing more “mundane” flavors of werewolves.

There’s also a couple alternate spinoff settings, Werewolf: Wild West for your 19th century werewolf needs, and Dark Ages: Werewolf if your setting resembles Europe circa 1230.

If you’re running with a wild west setting, Deadlands is another potentially helpful resource. It brands itself as the “weird west” and it’s got some interesting takes on an 1870s America where supernatural forces have been unleashed and the civil war rages on. Werewolves are uncommon (as I recall), but the setting as a whole is interesting, and it does a good job of melding horror into a western.

Finally, if you’re going for pure fantasy, then Exalted: The Lunars may give you some good ideas. The Exalts themselves are ludicrously powerful, there’s a heavy anime influence mixed into the setting, but there’s also a lot of really smart worldbuilding. Including suggestions for what happens when the players start breaking things. If you’re completely unfamiliar with it, then the core book or liberal use of the wiki may be necessary reading. If the phrase “heavy anime influence” made you want to write this one off, don’t; it is worth looking at.

ya ok so im kind of fed up with some of the fandom’s treatment of jack’s mental illness

i have mental illness. i have anxiety, depression, and some clusterfuck of another mood disorder. i am constantly sick and tired of ppl telling me i have to “get past” all my brain problems to be a productive member of society. i’ve dealt with that. i’m STILL dealing with that. it’s frustrating that people don’t understand.

but the thing that personally makes me the most angry is when people are condescending to me. they assume i can’t do something bc of my mental illness, abstain me of any blame bc of my mental illness, and just generally treat me like a kid who can’t do anything by themselves bc of my mental illness. which is what i think the fandom is doing to jack.

i am not a precious mentally ill baby who needs to be protected at all costs. and jack isn’t either! jack is a well developed, 3-dimensional adult character who is responsible for his own actions, regardless of his brain chemicals. (i touched upon this a little bit in my kent meta primer,& it would be rly cool if u read it regardless of how u feel abt kent. tell me what u think etc.) jack earned his sense of agency and self-respect through his struggles with mental illness. he learned how to make choices beyond it from his past experiences: in the q, with parse, in rehab, and coaching a peewee team. he’s still learning as he’s attending samwell.

this is important!!! jack’s HARD-EARNED agency is critical in his character development. i predict that as we move further along the plot, the things he learned will be crucial when he starts his 1st year in the NHL. professional sports culture is not kind to people with mental illness. maybe the NHL doesnt match up to what he expected it to be. maybe jack and bitty get together and they need to navigate their relationship in a homophobic, hyper-masculine culture!! maybe a completely different issue arises!! who knows!!! the comic hasn’t reached that far yet. and no matter what your stance on kent parson is, he’s an important component to jack’s character development: parse, as a character, is the key to unlock jack’s hidden past. he’s there to compare jack from back then to now. to convey how much he’s grown and changed.

i’ve seen ppl on tumblr erase this important part of jack, through justifying his past asshole-ish behavior towards bitty with his mental illness, and using bob and parse as scapegoats for “causing” jack’s anxiety. jack’s actions are his own! mental illness may explain someone’s behavior, but they’re not excused from apologizing to people when you need to. his anxiety may be related to bob, or parse, but as tumblr user bittyjack said, “it’s not about kent parson and it’s not about bad bob–it’s jack. and it’s not jack’s fault, but it’s jack’s burden.” (i highly, HIGHLY recommend reading the post where that quote is frm, along w the fic it’s written for, codie is amazing)

jack has worked SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOO hard to achieve what he wants. in my opinion, he’s the most ambitious character in the entire omgcp cast. it’s so amazing -to me- to see a character with mental illness work so fucking hard, to learn from his past mistakes, and to just. fucking go for it. it inspires me.

i know mental illness affects people in different ways. but everyone with mental illness struggles. we learn to deal with it the best we can, in our own way.

omgcp’s narrative is about finding yourself. jack’s still figuring himself out this way. it’s his own journey. we should respect that.