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The worst part about owning a snake and loving reptiles is when people immediately shut you down. “Lol my snake did this cute thing where he starte-” “EW YOU HAVE A SNAKE?!” “yeah?” “That’s gross. I don’t want to even hear about them.” and you sit there like “you people let your dog lick your face after it ate shit and licked his nuts and you call me gross?????”

That and some of the comments when people do want to see pictures and I think they are interested when all they say is “Wow he’s pretty, he’d make a nice belt/shoes/purse.” or “Are you going to eat him and keep his skin when he dies? I would.” Like WTF?!!! He’s my Companion!!! My little buddy, my snon (snake son). Do I look at your pets or kids and go “Hmmm I wonder if Charley or Rudy would make a nice dinner or carpet Hellen.”

Fuck people who do this. I understand if you fear or hate snakes or reptiles but some of us love them. Don’t sit there and put us and our pets down and call us ugly or gross. You’re just jealous my baby has better skin and beautiful colors that you could never achieve. Plus snakes are not slimy! They are actually very smooth and soft especially when they run between your hands. They can do silly and derpy things too, and are smarter than what most people give them credit for. Thru can also learn who their handler is and develop a trust between them and learning their personalities and body language is fun and awesome because you start to learn how to read them.


AW! @youtube just sent me a giant box of these super cute Chescaleigh pins to give to my subscribers! I think they did a pretty damn good job capturing me, don’t ya think? 😍🙌🏾 YouTube has been such a huge part of my career & the folks that work there have always been so supportive of my work, I couldn’t be more appreciative. I’m proud to be part of #YouTubeBlack & can’t wait for what’s next! • • • P.S. I’m gonna stash a bunch in my purse to give out whenever I run into people, so if you see me say hey so I can give you one! any other ideas on how to give these cuties away?

i was clocking in at work. miss fame, one of the drag queens on rupaul’s drag race, was passing by me, but stopped to ask me, “how are the chickens feeling?” miss fame winked, and then continued walking away.

i laughed fondly to myself. “miss fame,” i said, shaking my head. miss fame’s fondness for chickens is well known.

just then, a guest pharmacist appeared in the doorway to the office. “i think i might throw up,” she told me, smiling and rolling her eyes. “just fyi!”

“oh, no,” i said. “do you want me to get you a water bottle? or i have tums in my purse…”

“no, no, ill be fine,” she assured me. then she went into the office and began vomiting loudly.

idk why i keep thinking about what the vld crew’s favorite memes are but here i am so here goes

keith: the kermit the frog meme. there’s no other meme for him, he just LOVES the kermit meme
shiro: he pretends he doesn’t know memes but they saw a green alien one time and lance went ‘here comes dat boi!!’ and shiro automatically responded with ‘oh shit waddup’ and lance crashed his lion. he’s a firm believer that this meme is the best meme
allura: (we’re pretending allura and coran would know what memes are) *shoving breadsticks in her purse* im sorry i have to go
hunk: listen he’s so good at reading people and also has to deal with lance ‘i hate his stupid mullet’ mcclain all day so 60% of his brain is just ‘whY THE fuCK YoU LyiN, WHy yOu aLWayS lyIN, mmMMMMmmMM ohh mY GOd’
pidge: she has a top three list that she can never decide between - confused math lady, arthur fist, and dicks out for harambe
lance: he loves all memes but his favorites are the one w/ the black guy tapping his forehead thats like ‘you can’t do/have [this] if you don’t do/have [that]’, this   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) face, and the gavin memes

BTS reaction to their SO getting into fights

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Passive aggressively buys the cutest and pinkest band-aids. He’s actually proud of you for standign up for yourself and your friends.

“See, I love and support you. But if you keep on getting into fights I’ll keep fixing you up. So you just have to put up with the Hello Kitty band-aids.”

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Totally stands behind you and holds your earrings or purse. Also occassionally takes pictures and may or may not carry a bag of popcorn with him.

“Tell ‘em, babe.”

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Tries to go all Knight-in-shining-armour on your ass and tries to fight your fights. It ends up with him getting his butt handed to him.

“I wasn’t trying to help, because I think you’re capable of telling people off just fine!”

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Similar to Yoongi but he would actually try to get you to be more calm.

“I’m not saying you shouldn’t stand up for yourself, I’m just saying that your blood pressure will go through the roof and I will be a widower at 30. Actually…black really suits me.”

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Listen, no matter how much you like to fight, a loof of those puppy eyes will calm you down in no time. Only when the one you’re fighting is a total jerk, he will gladly cheer you on.

“Baaaabe, why worry about those idiots when you could pay attention to me? See, I will give you many kisses, they just give you headaches.”

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He will mostly let you do your thing, afraid you will be mad at him if he gets involved. But if you need it he will have your back and he’s always there when you need to cuddle it out.

“Hey, why don’t you just tell me about what they did?”

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Kookie is so into this. He would be like your coach giving you advice in the corner of the metaphorical boxing ring. He also always flexes in the background and mouths threats toward your opponent.

“You almost got him, babe. Just one good left hook and he is down.”

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hi, do u have any stories where either tae or guk are a single parent??

I hope it’s okay that a few of these are mpreg^^

refrigerator humming, chewing gum and instant karma by locks - Taehyung sets the flowers down on the dining table, plucking the card off the little holder. “Dearest Taehyung, just wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you. I hope you’re thinking about me too. Love–” he pauses and squints before cocking an eyebrow and pursing his lips. “Hyung, why is the boss of your little boy band gang professing his love for me?” Yoongi drops the noodles on the floor with a loud curse as he burns his hand. Or, Taehyung’s been trying his hardest to avoid Yoongi’s criminal life for a long ass time, but a cute kid and his infuriating father keep pulling him deeper into the mix.

Be Your Forever, Be Your Fling by seikou - “As long as you want me, I’ll stay. I’ll be in love with you; for eternity, forever. I don’t think that will ever change,” Jeongguk says, a smile to his voice.“You’re my first love. My only love.”

My Boyfriend’s Kids and I by Doeeyedmisfit - “Well, what do you do for a living?” “At this rate meeting my parents would have been easier for you.” Taehyung comments dryly.

just one day (on night of all days before) by goldensuns - “Daddy, when are you marrying Taehyung oppa?“

higher ground by larkis - He has a six-year-old kid with mood swings of a yo-yo, two dead-end jobs (one that he loathes more than the other because some people can’t keep their busy hands to themselves.), and pushy managers. He depends on no one else but himself because the last time he trusted someone, back when he was young and foolish, they had bad intentions and he walked out with his feverish son in his arms and a backpack carrying all they owned. This life he has now without the monster isn’t ideal, but it’s better.

Children’s Motrin by taetertot - When Jeongguk’s parents die on his 18th birthday, he decides to take guardianship of his 3 year old brother, Jimin. One year later, he’s slumped on a dirty grocery store tile floor with a 4 year old with glassy eyes and flushed cheeks. 13 dollars in his pocket will pay for his cheap bread and eggs, but it won’t pay for cheap bread and eggs and $9.89 Motrin for his little brother’s fever. And he’s not going to let the boy who approached them with lavender hair and golden skin pay for it, no matter how sweet he is.

(jimin is actually guk’s younger brother but guk basically becomes his dad)

love, taehyung by ataezingkookie - take a deep breathe
and start at the beginning

tell them how we first met
tell them how we shared our dreams
even your weirdest ones

no, keep that as our secret

tell them that this is
that this has to be
one of the happiest days
of your life.

OR the one where Taehyung and Jeongguk just keep missing each other

I knew I loved you then (but you’d never know) by nutaella - ‘You asked me to the store with you and your child, and now my distant relative we met thinks I’m married with a baby’ AU

Of Angels, Dicks, and Chance Encounters by NeraB - Jeon Jungkook is one of Seoul’s leading corporate attorneys, and when he isn’t making his clients billions, he’s taking care of his son. All seems to be going well, until he gets called to the principle’s office. Don’t get him wrong, he’s seen his fair share of principle’s offices growing up, but Jinyoung was different. Kim Taehyung was one of Seoul’s most creative architects, on the fast track to becoming the top designer at his firm, until a sudden accident killed his brother and sister-in-law, leaving their four year old son in his care. Two years later, they’re making things work. It’s taken some time, but Taehyung is finally in the swing of things. Well, until he gets a call that Minjun has been caught fighting at school. Taehyung is ready for a lot of things, but he’s definitely not ready to meet Jeon Jungkook…

Free Fall by trashsae - Jeongguk wants to fall for Taehyung, Taehyung doesn’t think he’s worth the risk.

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Allison Argent x Werewolf!Reader

~ Part 1

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Sexual content, fingering, girlxgirl.
Word count: 1 491

A/N: I used the request to make a part 2 of this imagine, I think it suited well, or else I would have an similar imagine to what I’ve already written.

Tags: @peacefullytatted01, @greek-geek481

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For @anhartcuteneon…I honestly love the gif on the left so much imagine if that were the Dark Phoenix Enjoy!

Loki had just started walking down the Bifrost when a wall of fire cut him off. Angered, the trickster turned to face Y/N, an old friend. He smirked deviously. The woman strutted closer to Loki. He was surprised to see she looked genuinely concerned.

“You don’t have to do this,” Y/N pleaded, “There are other ways!”
Loki cocked a brow. “Other ways for what, my dear Y/N?”
“To be king!”
Loki pursed his lips. “I warn you, stay out of my way.”

Loki went to turn. Not wanting to resort to fighting, she called out to him.

“I know of your heritage,” she yelled to him, “And I’m not afraid!”
Growling, he turned back toward. “You think you know me? You know nothing of what has happened or what needs to be done!” The man straightened. “Only because of our past friendship do I warn you again: stay away!”
Y/N set her feet, straightening her posture. “I’m afraid I can’t do that, Loki.”
He smirked, eyes darkening. “You say you aren’t afraid, despite knowing where I came from. Is that right?”
“Well, we’ll see after you see that I am just like them.”

Without warning, Loki sent a massive beam of ice toward Y/N. Quick to react, Y/N’s flames rammed right into the ice. The pair stood in a stalemate, fire and ice clashing right in between. Each one pushed their element toward the other; Y/N out of protection and Loki out of rage.

Y/N swallowed. “Loki please! I don’t want to fight you!”
“You don’t understand!”

Y/N spun from the ice beam while ducking. While crouched, she sent a series of fiery beams toward her friend. Loki launched himself into the air with the ice. He made a brief slide that allowed him to safely land. Due to this move, the pair had switched spots. Y/N’s hands were raised, but no flame licked them. She watched Loki with painful empathy.

“I understand the loss of family,” she told him, a tear prickling at her eye, “You of all should know that. Destruction and chaos does not bring inner peace.”
Loki’s angered features faltered slightly.
“At the very least, understand that I accept you as yourself,” she told him, lowering her arms, “You don’t have to do this.”

Loki lowered his gaze. He would be lying if he said there weren’t tears threatening to burst from him. He truly did not want to hurt Y/N. He still deeply cared for her. He visibly sighed. A bit of hope started to swell in Y/N’s chest. She smiled at the trickster, straightening her posture. All of a sudden, she saw a flash of magic before blacking out.

Loki stood behind Y/N, catching her to keep her from falling. She didn’t understand. She certainly couldn’t get caught up in his plans…not right now. Using another bit of magic, Loki sent Y/N elsewhere…away from the current situation.

Perma-tags: @dontbeamenacetotheforce @ttelesilla @jumperswellies @caitsymichelle13
Marvel tag: @ladysigyn221

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What’s in Your Bag: Modern Lily Evans

Lily: So, for some reason, James really wanted me to show you what was in my bag?
I’m not sure what’s all interesting about it, but I’m done all my homework, so why not?
Right now, I’m carrying my Beauty and the Beast purse. It has an extension charm on it. Which definitely comes in handy on days like today…

Lily: I’m not always wearing it. Really only during my rounds.

Lily: What kind of witch would I be if I didn’t have my wand with me at all times?!

Lily: For a boy that can’t see without them, I sure seem to find them laying around a lot. 

Lily: The hallways can be bloody loud in between classes. And sometimes it’s the only way to avoid a certain Slytherin…

Lily: Other students think I’m odd for not keeping it in a case. Little do they know that I have a protection charm on it.

Lily: aside from the boys, Marlene and Dorcas. So I tend to keep it in my bag during classes.

Lily: then continues to carry on about his hair being in his face.

Lily: So, of course it’s Lily to the rescue. Those boys would lose their heads if they weren’t attached.

Lily: it’s so hard to find a good red that James won’t complain about getting all over him!

Lily: Because it is bloody impossible to walk about and write when you’re trying to use a quill and ink well, for Merlin’s sake!

Lily: …because… well… he gets uhm… headaches! Yep! And it helps him manage them a little bit better. Keeps him in his right mind…

Lily: Because unless he’s curled up on the couch in the Common Room, I very rarely know where he is. I like to have something for him when we do cross paths on the grounds.

(( OOC: Since there has already been one for Lily, I decided to put a different twist on it and do a Modern Lily :) and of course, a shoutout to @kapitan5o for the whole idea behind this!! ))

  • me on a date: so what do you think of arya stark?
  • date: well, she's not unlike a sociopath on a quest for revenge...
  • me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: sorry i have to-
  • date: ...but i really think she's just going down a dark path, and that a reunion with some other characters, like gendry, will help her find peace.
  • me, slowly returning breadsticks: go on
Hushed Sounds And Open Doors (An Adlock Fanfiction)

(Apparently, since I’m a shitty writer, here’s more of my shitty writing, lol. In my agreement with @dinnerxx that Sherlock and Irene would probably be more embarrassed to be caught being sweet and ‘sentimental’ rather than someone walking in on them having steamy af sex, this fic sprouted. I also inserted some headcanons here, like Irene baking and other callbacks to past fics. I literally almost slipped in the shower when I thought about this… and I feel like my author’s note at every fic is a little too talkative soooo yeah. Dedicating this to my adopted child @realestofgeek too because she’s had a rough day because of some frickin ANON. Anyway, let’s just get on with it.)

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John looked at his watch, wondering where in the world was Sherlock Holmes. He pursed his lips, thinking that the detective might have forgotten the small celebration they planned with Lestrade for Sherlock’s own birthday, but figured that since his best friend was hesitant about the entire situation in the first place, Greg and himself were purposefully ignored. 

Still, he figured, since they missed much of Sherlock’s past birthdays, they had to at least make an effort to make the incoming ones worth remembering. 

Sighing as he looked at his phone with no reply from Sherlock, he sent a quick text to Lestrade to let him know that plans are still a go, and he would be in 221B to get the detective himself. 

Arriving at the flat, he went in to greet Mrs. Hudson. 

“Is Sherlock here? He’s been ignoring my messages all day.” John asked. 

“You do know it’s his birthday?” Mrs. Hudson quipped back, looking at him questioningly.

“Ah, yes. That’s why I’m here. To get him… Celebrate. Cake and go to the pub.” John explained, confused. 

To his surprise, Mrs. Hudson laughed. “Oh, silly! He wouldn’t want to celebrate his birthday with you.

John’s eyebrows raised, looking for an explanation, but Mrs. Hudson was too amused that she left him by himself at the hall, astounded, saying something about creaking floorboards in between her fits of laughter.

The doctor decided to head up to the flat, surprised that Sherlock was still nowhere to be found in the living room. Seeing that light was coming from his friend’s ajar bedroom, he walked over and was about to call out to him when he heard a familiar voice. 

“Don’t you think you should at least tell them you’re not interested in coming?” he heard none other than Irene Adler say, almost making him gasp. 

It may be a ridiculous idea, but the doctor decided to sneak a peek at the door’s slight opening, wanting to have visual evidence that it was in fact her.

At that, he was met with an intriguing sight, with Sherlock lying on Irene’s lap, the detective holding The Woman’s hand rather delicately, while she glides her fingers through his hair. It was a scene that looked out-of-place if you know the two parties involved, but judging by their soft expressions, it was something that was already bordering on habit.

John can’t help but be amused. So, this is what Mrs. Hudson was talking about? Moreover, Mrs. Hudson knew about this? 

He saw Sherlock roll his eyes, still gently playing with Irene’s fingers. “I already told them once. They should have known better.”

John grinned, shaking his head. This bloody moron, he thought. 

He saw his friend’s expression change to somewhat of curious frustration, now examining Irene’s hand unlike the simple caressing he was giving it earlier. 

Sherlock looked up to her, eyes full of concern. “What happened to this?” 

Irene shushed him. “Nothing. I… It was nothing really.”

The detective eyed her, rubbing her fingers softly. Irene sighed, and John could swear she was flustered. Irene Adler, the dominatrix who almost brought the nation to its knees, is blushing

“I wanted to bake you a cake, just like the chocolate one you loved when we were in Paris. It didn’t turn out nice, so after a couple of tries, I just gave up on the idea.” she told him, trying to sound nonchalant to mask her embarrassment at the admittance. 

John jerked his head to the side, an incredulous expression on his face. Irene Adler baking? Paris? What in the world–? And more so, why is he still here? 

He smiled to himself. Probably because he was happy that Sherlock finally took his advice? That his best friend was happy? Oh, how he wish… 

How he wish Mary could have seen this. She would’ve been happy for him, too.

He looked up just in time when Sherlock stopped laughing at Irene’s confession, the detective reaching for The Woman to plant a kiss on her forehead. Sherlock then reached for her hand and planted soft kisses on her fingers, and John observed how Irene was looking at his friend with all the affection in the world. Without a doubt, the two have been this familiar for years.

John took one last look, amused and somehow relieved. He forgot all the annoyance he was feeling for having been ignored by Sherlock, figuring that the detective got the gift he wanted for this special day. The doctor can’t help but smile even more. 

This was far more different, definitely more real than the display he saw with Janine. And somehow, it felt more sure because it is with the Irene Adler.

He was about to turn away to leave them to their business when he was greeted by Lestrade, the Detective Inspector hovering at the flat’s door and shooting him a questioning glance. 

“John, what’s taking so long?” Greg asked, voice loud enough for Sherlock to hear. 

The doctor waved his hands extensively, telling Greg to shush, but it was already too late. 

“Sherlock, dear, what is it?” 

John turned to see Sherlock, followed by Irene, both standing by the door frame, evidently alarmed upon seeing him and Lestrade. 

Greg couldn’t hide his own amusement and surprise, eyes immediate boring into Irene Adler. 

“Graeme, didn’t you mother tell you it’s rude to gawk.” Sherlock snapped, before turning to John. “How… How long have you been here?” 

John gave a nervous laugh. “Not long…. Erm… So… You two…?”

Irene scoffed. “What?”

“What do you mean, ‘what’? Shouldn’t I be the one asking that?” the doctor couldn’t hide his amusement. 

“Ms. Adler was just visiting… For a case I needed help with.” Sherlock retorted, and Irene gave a proud nod. 

“What? In your bedroom?” Lestrade noted, smirking.

“And what case? I wasn’t aware we have a… case?” John added, fighting the urge to laugh at his friend’s flustered expression. 

Sherlock rolled his eyes. “Don’t you have better things to do?”

John straightened his jacket and turned to Lestrade almost comically. “Well, I guess we’ll just leave you to your business then.”

Lestrade was still smirking, nodding at John. “Yeah, catch you later, Sherlock. Erm… Happy birthday.”

Greg headed out the door first, letting out a laugh as soon as he was out of sight, and John was about to follow him when he remembered Mrs. Hudson’s remark, things finally falling into place. 

“By the way, take the brainstorming a notch lower, mate. Mrs. Hudson said something about….creaking floorboards?” he mused with playful pretend nonchalance, making both Irene and Sherlock turn an amazing shade of red.

The doctor took it as his cue to leave them at their celebration.

Baby Dunbar pt 4

So I’m thinking of making this like nine parts… maybe XD

I also made you Stiles’ sister. #noregrets

Kind of a filler chapter.

Word Count: 1116

You grabbed your purse and double checked to make sure you had everything.

“Okay, so, I’m going to grab some stuff because your werewolf stuff decides to devour everything in sight.” Derek winks at you. You blush and continue. “Then, I’m going to have lunch with the boys. I might bring them back so they can play with Liam. I guess you can train him or something, but be careful. He’s not a teenager anymore, he’s a child.”

Derek nodded and turned to Liam who was watching the TV, glazed eyes, binky in mouth. You nodded at him and walked out the door and to the motorcycle you had bought a while back.

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Truce: A Dramione fanfiction Part ONE

So I’ve been working on a Dramione fic called ‘Truce’. I have enjoyed working on it so much and I’ve decided to share it with you who reside within tumblr. Please send me feedback of what you think!

(Set after the Battle at Hogwarts when Hermione goes to Hogwarts to finish her seventh year)

Hermione pursed her lips in concentration as she jotted down the answers to her Charms homework. She was in the library after dinner, studying, but soon she’d have to be back in her dormitory.

Hermione loved the Hogwarts library. She found solace in being surrounded by the towering shelves filled with dusty books and rolls of parchment. She dipped her quill in the raven black ink and glanced again at the boy sitting at the table near hers.

The boy was Draco Malfoy. He’d been sitting there, head bent over a book, since before she had arrived. He hadn’t been at dinner. Actually, he hadn’t been going to mealtimes at all lately. Hermione knew she shouldn’t have noticed, but she did.

Draco Malfoy did not look like the boy she knew. He was much paler than usual, like he had not been outside in weeks. His usually pristine, pale blond hair hung limp and mussed; flopping in every direction like he had just rolled out of bed. There were dark circles under his eyes that mirrored Hermione’s own.

The biggest change in him was the way he carried himself. He no longer strutted about the halls of Hogwarts like he was Master of the Universe, he no longer surrounded himself with groveling admirers. He no longer surrounded himself with anybody. Whenever Hermione saw him, he was alone, his posture tired and heavy.

Draco wasn’t the only one who was suffering, Hermione knew it. Everyone who was still alive after Voldemort’s reign of terror was still trying to piece themselves back together. Hermione herself was struggling to sleep through the night.

Nightmares plagued her sleep and Hermione always jolted awake in bed panting, reminding herself that it was all a dream.

She wondered if Draco was plagued by the same. She studied him, every pore in his body leaked weariness. When Draco looked up to meet her eyes and did not scowl, but only stared blankly at her, Hermione knew that he was plagued by nightmares too.

Hermione averted her eyes and quickly started packing up her books. She stuffed her quill, parchment, ink, and books into her bag and proceeded to get up. The library was going to close soon and she needed to get back to her common room.


Hermione jolted awake, panting. Tonight the dream had been of that terrible moment: the moment she had thought Harry was dead. Only this time, in her dreams, Harry did not wake up. In the beds beside her, her roommates slept soundly.

Hermione tossed and turned and tried to get back to sleep but every time she closed her eyes, she saw their faces. The faces of friend and enemy. She saw the laughing face of Fred Weasley, the thoughtful eyes of Professor Lupin, the crazy, colorful hair of Tonks.

She couldn’t help it. Hermione’s eyes stung as hot tears started to stream down her face. Her shoulders shook as she sobbed silently.

If only Harry or Ron were here. But the two of them hadn’t come back to Hogwarts. Only Hermione had returned to finish her Seventh year. She missed both them terribly. They sent letters constantly, but still, it was different to have them around.

After an hour or so of tossing and turning, Hermione finally got up. She slipped on some shoes and padded quietly down to the common room. It was empty.

She stepped out of the portrait opening .

After seven years at Hogwarts, Hermione knew the castle’s halls like it was her own home. And in a way, it was. Usually, Hermione was against breaking rules, she used to hate it when the boys snuck out after curfew. But after these past sleepless nights, Hermione had grown to become an expert at navigating the corridors at night and avoiding Filch and Mrs. Norris.

Hermione only had one destination; the astronomy tower. Every night, she’d climb up and sit by the tower’s window, watching the stars twinkle against the endless backdrop of black. When the sun started peeking through the horizon, only then would Hermione walk back to her common room.

Tonight was a cold night. Hermione shivered in her thin nightgown. Good thing she had the foresight to bring the sweater Mrs. Weasley had knit her for last Christmas. She pulled it on over her nightgown and sat at her usual spot by the window.

She wasn’t alone tonight either. Draco Malfoy sat across from her, as he sometimes did. Draco wasn’t constant like Hermione was. Sometimes he was there, sometimes he wasn’t. Hermione wondered if it was because he didn’t have as much nightmares as she did, or because he had other places to go to.

They didn’t speak. The only sign Draco had shown that he was aware of her presence was a sideways glance in her direction, and that was all.

Actually, they hadn’t spoken to each other after that first night.

Hermione had been making her way to the tower as usual, but as she neared her usual spot, she jumped back in surprise and nearly dropped her wand. Draco was sitting in the spot she usually claimed, cheek leaned against his curled fist, watching the sky.

He too jumped in surprise when she did. He pointed his wand at her the same moment she did. When Draco saw it was her he slumped back in what Hermione could swear was relief.

“Oh, it’s only you.” He had murmured. Then he resumed his position and ignored her.

Hermione was a bit shocked at this. No sneering, no insults at hurled at her, not even a cold look. She took a minute to compose herself and then said, “You’re in my spot, Malfoy.”

At this, Malfoy had turned to her and said in a toneless voice, “I didn’t realize you owned it, Granger.”

Hermione scowled at him but he didn’t react. He only stared at her with that blank look. Hermione didn’t like it. He looked like even more like death when he did that. So she strode to him and gave him a kick on the leg, “Move over!” she commanded, pointing at the spot opposite hers.

Draco’s eyes flashed with some of his old temper but it died as quickly as it came and he obediently moved. And that was the end of it, they didn’t speak again after.

Tonight wasn’t any different.

Hermione stared at Draco, (she stared at him quite a lot these days.) She just couldn’t believe how much the boy had changed. It wasn’t exactly a good change, though his arrogance and cruelty had been turned down so many notches it was almost non-existent, his new emotionless, death-like self wasn’t really an improvement.

Hermione didn’t know if Draco noticed her staring. The moonlight streaming into the window turned his hair and skin silver. Silver Death, that’s what he looked like. Before she could stop herself, Hermione said quietly, “You look like the dead.”

Draco slowly turned his head to face her, “So,” he remarked blandly, “do you.”

Hermione was well aware, but at least she had a bit of color in her cheeks and emotion other than utter blankness on her face.

“You look worse,” she replied.

He didn’t respond to this. Hermione thought he wasn’t going to reply at all when he said softly, his voice tainted with emotion at last, “I keep seeing their faces.”

Hermione leaned against the wall and closed her eyes, “Me too,” she whispered back.

So that was part one of the Dramione fic I’m working on! Tell me guys if you want the second part.

- Tris

Leatherworking with gremble: the other Anders bag

How2Andersbag, part 2! This is for the square-ish bag he wears on his belt, which I think kinda looks like a granny purse, but it’s a useful size for carrying cellphone+wallet, and a useful technique to know because it’s so ubiquitous. I think everyone in the DA2 crew has at least one bag constructed this way, adjusting the colors/proportions as necessary.

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