i think i have like 10 copies of this

On History and Dinner

Summary: A non athletic!Jack fic, where grad student and history nerd, Jack Zimmermann meets the cute Samwell student/baker Eric Bittle at the Bread and Butter Bakery.  Picks up right after On History and Pie.  Jack takes a chance and meets Bitty for dinner. It’s their first date.  A collaboration with the wonderful @zim-tits​ featuring her lovely artwork. Also on AO3

Bitty was closing up shop for the evening at Bread and Buttery Bakery when he heard a small tap. Lardo smiled as she looked through the large picture window and saw who was standing on the other side.

“It’s your boy, Bitty,” she said.

He glanced and saw Jack standing outside as he waved shyly.

Chowder unlocked and opened the door. “Welcome! Come on in.”

“Thanks,” Jack said as he came in slowly, looking at Bitty with a soft smile.

Bitty closed the register and smiled in return as he walked from behind the counter toward Jack.

“Hi, Jack.”

“Hi, Eric. Bitty.”

The two wordlessly stared at one another, smiling. Lardo, taking pity on them, cleared her throat, “Uh, Chowder, can you help me with something in back?”

Chowder frowned disappointed he wasn’t going to be able to watch.

“Sure, Lardo.”

“You came,” Bitty said. “Thanks for that. Thanks for trusting me.”

“My uncle says… well, never mind, but I’m the one that should be saying thanks – for the shortbread. It was really good.”

“Really good? I was aiming for so amazing it would make you wanna slap your mama but then again, I’m sure you love your mama, so really good will do.”

Jack laughed softly, “I do. So, are you… that is… if you’re still interested…”

“Jack, would you like to go grab something to eat?”

Jack smiled, relieved that Bitty had taken the lead.

“Yes, I’d like that.”

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Someone asked if I had Matsu body hcs. 
I don’t have major head canons, I actually like to think they have the same body type. But in fandom, this is sorta what I think about.

Oso: most basic body type. Little chub, not too skinny, just pretty regular. I like to think he’s the original copy and the rest molded themselves from him lol.

Kara: i feel like Kara would have some shape, he’d want to stay fit for his appearance but kinda like a pretty-boy fit. Nicely shaped muscles, your average Ken doll.

Choro: pretty skinny but not bony. Some small, very small muscle, pretty slim.

Ichi: I see Ichi with the average body type. Some chub, some curve, he eats the same amount as the others he just doesn’t do a lot of activity. (like me)

Jyushi: Swol, baseball player bod 10/10 hot

Todo: Soft. He work out, so he wouldn’t be super skinny, but the ideal cute-boy body. Slightly curvy.

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Have you watched Attack on Titan?

Yup! It’s one of my top favourite animes I think ^_^

I actually once gave a copy of this piece to Dan and Phil, with them drawn as soldiers! Here’s a photo of me giving it to them (just cuz it was one of my proudest moments - Phil even recognized it bc 10 days previously he’d liked it on Twitter aaaah) 

What the fuck did you just fucking say about Veronica, you fucking Heather? I’ll have you know I’ve been through 10 high schools, and my father is Big Bud Dean and we’ve blown up over 300 buildings. I’ve been trained to make your death look like a suicide.  You are nothing to me but just another Heather. I will copy your handwriting with the precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit about Veronica? Think again, fucker. As we speak, I am writing in your copy of Moby Dick and plotting your suicide so you better prepare for the storm, mouthbreather.  The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life.  You’re fucking dead, jock.  I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can write the best suicide note you’ve ever read. Not only do I have access to “Ich Luge” bullets, but I have access to TNT and I will use it to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit.  If only you could have known what unholy retribution your “clever” rumors were about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue.  But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot.  I will make sure you never make it to senior prom.  You’re just like Heather, kiddo.
—  Jason Dean from Heathers, probably






Syaoran’s disappointed politeness is the funniest thing to me.


I’m also laughing really hard because the copy of Tsubasa I have in my hands uses the word “Hunde” and I have no idea what that means - but the version here on screen uses the word FUNT. 


Meanwhile I would almost like the name ‘Soldart’ if it didn’t sound like ‘Rondart’ and then immediately ruin my fun time.

4:52 P.M

Johnny Boy, 4:53 P.M
y/n has a secret???
Coolest Guy, 4:53 P.M
You, 4:54 P.M
I don’t have a secret yuta is overacting
Mountain Man, 4:54 P.M

Or alternatively, NCT 127 find out your soulmate is one of them and they question you about it in your group chat.

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I'd like to recommend a book you may or may not have heard of... it's called The Amazing book is not on fire! It's about two dorky humans who make videos for lots of cute humans who follow them. they basically just write down lots of stuff/ facts about them and cool stories that they've experienced... 10/10 great read I think you'll love it !

dan stop fucking promoting your book in my inbox WE HAVE BEEN OVER THIS i’m not getting a third copy!!!!

10 post-rock bands you should check out that aren't Explosions in the Sky (music megapost)

Sorry A) for that Buzzfeed-fucking-esque title and B) for anyone who thinks I’m trying to start beef with EITS. I enjoy the band, and won’t deny that they are pioneers of sorts for the post-rock genre (at least the post-rock that I’m referring to), but I feel like they’re the only post-rock band that most people have heard of/listen to (thanks Friday Night Lights/high school jocks), when there’s so much great shit out there. In a genre overcrowded with unoriginality, formulaic song structures, and shit that is just straight-up boring, here are 10 of my favorite post-rock bands that I think deserve more love ((even though a couple are defunct) included are youtube links to a sample song):

*Also, I don’t know how to embed Youtube vids here (this is a “text”) post; I hope you don’t mind copying/pasting

1. Red Sparowes

This band is first on my list (though I’m not trying to order them in any way necessarily) because they’re responsible for re-kindling my interest in the genre; I’d had “At the Soundless Dawn” on my laptop for some time, but hadn’t listened to it in its entirety (in spite of the fact that I’m such a huge fan of their guitarist, Emma Ruth Rundle’s solo work). Okay, so three words:  pedal steel guitar. If you thought that shit was reserved for country/americana bands, think again. Red Sparowes make it work for dark post-rock too.

The Soundless Dawn Came Alive as Cities Began to Mark the Horizon


2. Giants

Oddly, the first post-rock band I ever got into (think they were friends with some midwest hardcore bands and I heard about them through them). The band’s broken up (I think), but I always thought they put out just as quality shit as the greats like EITS, Godspeed!, Mogwai, Mono, etc. There’s nothing extraordinary about them, but I think everything about all the songs on their 2008 EP, “Old Stories,” are perfect. The atmosphere they generate is unbelievable, the emotions they’ll make you feel are unexpected, and the crescendos are jaw-dropping. Listen to this shit at nighttime.

While the Ages Steal


3. God is an Astronaut

Great post-rock band from Ireland. They have a pretty extensive discography, but the record I always have and probably always will keep coming back to is “All is Violent, All is Bright.” The range of emotions you’ll experience through this album is intense; the opener “Fragile,” is uplifting (albeit heartbreaking in the best way possible), but the second track on the album (the title track, which I’m linking) is melancholic as fuck. Perfect music for driving through the forest (as are most of the bands I’m including here; these cliches are basically interchangeable but whatever I don’t really know how ta talk music).

All is Violent, All is Bright


4. Everett

I think this two-piece only ever put out one 4-song EP (correct me if I’m wrong) but it holds a lot of value to me and I used to play it ever night at work around 1:30 while closing. Again, nothing special, but the songs are simple and charming. Lots of pianos, lots of synths. Also, half of the band consists of Dallas Taylor (from Underoath/Maylene and the Sons of Disaster). I think this is the best thing he’s ever done.

The Crown


5. Gifts from Enola

Virginian post-rock band that I believe is now defunct. Their ability to create ethereal, delicate atmosphere with their ambient parts, but create freneticism in the same song with fast tempos and heavy guitars is pretty fucking unreal. In the song I’m linking, the part that starts at 4:20 (total coincidence) marked by that tempo change and the soaring leads is one of my favorite parts of any song ever.



6. Kwoon

Post-rock band from France, which is definitely on the more melancholic/darker side of the genre (peep that album artwork). Admittedly, I need to listen to them more, but the song I’m linking blows me away. It starts off pretty slow (and eerie I think, if you can appreciate that) but the apex and second half of the song are unbelievable (talk about payoff), even though the production isn’t that great.

Eternal Jellyfish Ballet


7. …Of Sinking Ships

This started out as the side project of Chad Waldrup from Hopesfall before he left the band. He put an amazing full length in 2006 (…Of Sinking Ships), was quiet for a while, then put out another LP this year (The Amaranthine Sea) with a dude from HRVRD (I think?) who is now in the band. The 2014 is a breath of fresh air for the genre; it’s a “theme” album (listen to it in order, and read the song titles in order). However, I feel like it more follows the cliche’s of post-rock than the 2006 EP, in which jangly guitars dance over mid-tempo beats. Here’s my favorite song from that album:

The Circumstances


8. Godspeed You! Black Emperor

If you don’t listen to GY!BE, then you’re fucking up. Chances are you’ve already heard them but might not know it (if you’ve seen the movie 28 Days Later, an edited song of theirs plays after that dude wakes up in the beginning, while he’s running around in a post-apocalyptic London). Most of the music they play is morbidly dark, and is perfect for when you’re feeling at all fucked in the head. The build-ups are intense and insane (lose your mind kinda shit) and they are probably the most original band I’m posting here. Their songs are basically all 20 minutes long, but they never waste a minute on shit songwriting.

East Hastings


9. Caspian

Another exemplar for the post-rock genre. I don’t listen to their previous stuff a whole lot, but their 2013 LP, “Waking Season” was fucking perfect. The tracks were great individually, but the way the album flows as a whole makes so much sense it’s fucking insane. Like Gifts from Enola, they’re able to write diverse songs without things sounding weird. Linking you the closing track on the album (it’s one of my favorite songs in any genre ever).

Fire Made Flesh


10. This Will Destroy You

I’ve been riding this band’s jock hard for years and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. One of my favorite bands (fuck I’m saying the same thing over and over again huh?). Will not bog this description down with the same shit (take basically everything I said about the other bands; they probably also apply here), but will instead post an anecdote from when I saw them at Fun Fun Fun fest. So I was on the bus, and was supposed to arrive at the venue like 10 minutes before they played. However, even though several people requested a stop, the bus driver forgot or some shit, and drove all the way across the river (cause the venue stop was the last one before the river), and he ended up dropping us off almost a mile away from the venue. So I fucking sprinted to their set in 8 minutes (an achievement for me) and got there like 30 seconds into their first song. I almost threw up right away (I waited until after their set and did it in a bathroom), but it was so fucking worth it. Check out their 2014 LP “Another Language.”



Wow, definitely did not intend on writing this much. Hope you guys check some of this shit out. What are other great post-rock bands?

The “Wasteful-pillager”?

I was milling around and found out that French Once-ler’s name was “Le Gash-pilleur”

So I checked the dictionary to see if there’s any word in French that sounded similar and…

Poor French Once-ler’s name is just an h and a hypen away from being literally “wasteful person”. I mean, his English name probably does have a similar meaning, but at least it’s subtler in its unkindness!

And although I couldn’t find anything for “gash” alone (there’s probably a similar sounding word out there I’m missing), I could find something for “pilleur” alone.

(heh, “pillager” reminds me of pirates!)

French Once-ler’s mom 0/10 kind naming for your kid. Like wow, did you have a grudge against him when he was born? Brett, Chet, and then he’s the one stuck with this name!

During the time I could find a copy of European French (not sure the name translation is the same for Canadian French) version of the Lorax, “Oncie” is “Gashpie”.

(I think the name is very suitable as a translated name for him though. I wonder about how other languages translated his name if they did.)

Scorpio Races

I finished Scorpio Races last week so now I’m going to share my thoughts on it. What I liked: 1) Puck and Sean’s character development 2) It’s not a romance book but it has romance in it 3) Thisby 4) The mythology of the water horses made modern 5) The imagery 6) The plot and conflict with was developed and realistic.

I would have loved to know more about the history of Thisby and the water horses; I also would have preferred the book to be longer but that’s just me being a greedy reader. 

ALSO, for everyone who loves The Scorpio Races, you should dig up a copy of Blind Beauty by K.M. Peyton! It’s one of my all-time favorite books and incredibly similar to TSR. I would 11/10 recommend that you read this book and then let me know what you think so we can fangirl over it together!

The funniest thing that I’ve ever heard another human being say was when I got this guy who was a total dudebro into New Vegas and he got hooked on it and bought his own copy
Now you have to understand that this guy was ALL about strategy
He’d spend hours finding the perfect tactical advantage and you would think that for someone like that the Confirmed Bachelor perk would make sense. You can flirt your way through shit and you get a 10% damage bonus against male opponents
So that weekend I’m asking him what perks he has and I’m like “no Confirmed Bachelor? I thought you would’ve gone for the speech and damage bonuses”
He gets all offended and defensively says “do I LOOK gay to you??” All in a huff
Like dude,,, my guy,,, it’s just a video game.

Coincidence? I think not

Sometimes i think the One Punch Man (July 16, 2016) binge watched Voltron: Legendary Defender (June 10, 2016) before finalizing their anime.

It’s almost like the OPM creators were like “Hm yes these are some good characters let us low key immortalize them in our anime hahahahahaha”

Then you have this:

Like they just didn’t want to exactly copy the new one because the old one has characters that look like this!

I was tagged by @okita-senpai and @oiivkawa Thank you Minnie and Lubna!


- all your answers should have only ONE character, unless stated otherwise. (i understand that it’ll be hard since all the Haikyuu characters are all so lovable but pls, pick only ONE otherwise there wouldn’t be any point to this game!)
- if you want to elaborate your answer as to why you picked something, go ahead! there is an implied why in all the questions.
- tag at least 10 other people. (share the Haikyuu love ♥‿♥)
- if you get tagged, pls copy the rules as well.
- and enjoy! (★^O^★) the whole point of this tag game is to have fun~

  1. What position would you like to play in Volleyball?
    Libero ~ I think it’d suit me LOL
  2. Pick any FOUR Haikyuu characters to form your friend squad with.
    Bokuto, Akaashi, Kuroo, Kozume; basically my IRL friends group lol
  3. Your roommate in college?
    Yachi Hitoka! I feel like we’ll have many fun late night life talks ~
  4. Haikyuu Crush?

    Tsukishima Akiteru! He’s such a sweetheart ♡
  5. Which character resembles you, in terms of personality, the most?
    Akaashi Keiji; I think it’s why I like him so much bc the way he talks and interacts with Bokuto and others and his sass and all his inner monologues are just me LOL
  6. Which character inspires you the most?
    Oikawa Tooru bc I can relate so much to his backstory and his feelings towards Kageyama, but his hardwork and dedication towards volleyball is really inspiring for me ~
  7. Favorite character development?
    Kageyama Tobio!
  8. Prettiest Character?
    Shimizu Kiyoko! We were blessed for vol. 26
  9. Hottest?
    Bokuto Koutarou~
  10. Ultimate OTP?
    BokuAka!  ♡
  11. Ultimate BROTP?
    BoKuroo ~
  12. Favorite Stage Play Actor?
    lowkey i had major heart eyes for Nagata Takato when they first announced the Nekoma cast (but honestly idk them well enough to answer this question LOL)
  13. Adopt as your child?
    GOSHIKI TSUTOMU; he’s so precious ;w;
  14. Favorite team chant?
    Dateko’s lmao
  15. Favorite team banner?
    Seijou’s bc I love their team color *_*
  16. Did Haikyuu inspire you to do something you would not have done before?
    I returned to the animanga scene on Tumblr …………….
  17. Mom?
  18. Dad?
  19. Elder sister?
  20. Older brother?
    Konoha Akinori
  21. Younger sister?
    Yamamoto Akane!
  22. Younger brother?
    Kunimi Akira c:
  23. What is your favorite anime? (this question was thrown in for us all to share another fantastic anime with the Haikyuu fandom~)
    Seconding Lubna with DAYS; it’s such a great sports animanga and the characters are all very precious ;w;

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 hello friends! so, school begins again for me and a lot of others tomorrow – exciting, right? or terrifying, depending on how you look at it. anyway, i’ve been spending my day sorting out my school bag and i thought i’d make a little post on some essential items everyone should have in their backpack!

no.1 – the bag itself! i have the ecocity classic college backpack (i think that’s the brand anyway) and it is really good! the straps are comfortable and easily adjustable, there’s loads of room in the bag which is great for me because i have to carry huge folders, and the materials used are all completely eco-friendly! it is a little on the pricey side but there are great sales sometimes.

no.2 – pencilcase it doesn’t really matter what pencilcase you get (mine’s just a bog standard one from smiths), but the most important thing is to make sure you have a big enough case! it’s always good to have extra pens, pencils, rubbers etc. in case one breaks or someone ‘borrows’ something of yours for an indefinite amount of time. i also have some cute matching sticky notes!

no.3 – planner this is probably my most important possession! i use my planner to record everything from homework to birthdays to books to read so i always make sure to have a big planner with lots of space to write in! luckily this one fits the bill and it goes with everything else! win-win. plus, i can use it to carry my ever growing sticker collection

no.4 – the Mom Bag this is my everything bag that is affectionately known to my friends as the Mom Bag! it holds skincare stuff, plasters, hair ties, sweets, paracetamol – all of the little bits and pieces i could need in the school day. i really recommend that everyone has something like this in their bag, it’s so useful and practical and literally will save your life on a daily basis.

no.5 – notetaking supplies my basic notetaking kit is a perforated A4 book of lined paper and some flashcards. simple, but very effective.

no.6 – coffee cup! now i’m in the sixth form we get a little kitchen and coffee is necessary for survival when you have 20 essays to write. again, i love this cup because it matches so perfectly!

no.7 – highlighters kind of an add-on to the notetaking tools, but i thought it worth mentioning that these are pastel coloured highlighters and completely adorable. i think they’re stabilo ones?

no.8 – umbrella this is england. it’s going to rain, and i don’t want to look like a drowned rat.

no.9 – purse pretty self-explanatory, but incredibly important. always have emergency bus fares on you, people!

no.10 – house keys always, always, always carry a copy of your house keys, just in case. i use some pretty ribbon to tie mine to the lining of my back so they don’t get lost!

and there we have it! my back-to-school basics. obviously i carry around other things as well, but these are the important bits i always make sure to have with me. please feel free to add your suggestions/need-to-have items!

@istealifly tagged me in this questions thing, so i’ll do that now as well, thank you for tagging me babe! <3

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a) Age: 20 apparently
b) Biggest fear: ugh this is too hard to think about rn, and i don’t like thinking about that anyway, imma skip
c) Current time: 22:47
d) Drink you last had: water
e) Every day starts with: peeing, putting clothes on, having breakfast
f) Favorite song atm: probably Ever Since New York
g) Ghosts, are they real?: i don’t particularly believe in them, but who know
h) Hometown: lol as if i’m gonna tell you
i) In love with: Janine
j) Jealous of: people who don’t have exams atm
k) Killed someone: not that i know of
l) Last time you cried: oh a few days ago when louis announced his album and i decided it was time to listen to jho again
m) Middle name: don’t have one haha
n) Number of siblings: 2 (older brothers)
o) One wish: to be someone i can be proud of 
p) Person you last called/texted: last person i texted is Leonie i think, and the last person i called was my mum
q) Questions you are always being asked: less and less these days, thank god, but what i plan to do with my studies. at one point i was ready to punch the next person who asked me that
r) Reasons to smile: cruising with Janine, remembering last weekend, louis, harry, my plants doing good, pretty flowers, me being free in exactly two weeks (!!!!!!!), cat cuddles, pride month
s) Song last sung: walk away - hsm3. wanna know why? i’ll tell you why. we had wok for dinner and there’s this restaurant in my city called ‘wok away’ and everytime i so much as think of that i start singing this song
t) Time you woke up: uhm i woke up a few times today rip, but properly around half past nine
u) Underwear color: black with pink and yellow and blue for some reason
v) Verse from a song you like: I’M HAVING YOUR BABYYY
w) Worst habit: throwing everything on my floor
x) X-rays you’ve had: like, all of them? idk if i even remember all of them. uhm i guess my teeth, my ankle, my wrist, my foot, my lungs. can you get an x-ray of your lungs? idk but sth like that happened once
y) Your favorite food: pizza or my mum’s lasagna
z) Zodiac sign: libra

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A) Age: 29

B) Biggest fear: not being able to be enough for the people i love.

C) Current time: 10.32 pm

D) Drink you last had: tea

E) Every day starts with: music and cat cuddles

F) Favourite song atm:  Ever Since New York

G) Ghosts, are they real?: i like to think that

H) Hometown?: a small town so tiny I always gotta say one 30 minutes away

I) In love with?: my husband (:P)

J) Jealous of?: i just try not to be.

K) Killed Someone?: no, but sometimes I come close at work.

L) Last time you cried: today at work

M) Middle name: Martina

N) Number of siblings: 1 (though we are not on speaking terms)

O) One wish: for my husband to get better

P) Person you last called/texted: Soph @rogueandeskimo

Q) Questions you are always being asked: why don’t you loose weight.

R) Reasons to smile: Louis Tomlinson

S) Song last sung: Kiwi 

T) Time you woke up: 6 am

U) Underwear colour: pink

V) Verse from a song you like:  I’ll forget what I’ve done I will be redefined

W) Worst habit: i loose my temper too quick

X) X-rays you’ve had:  ask me which i did not. that would be easier

Y) Your favourite food: all kinds of fish

Z) Zodiac sign: gemini

Thank you @rogueandeskimo and @melmanpur for tagging me <3

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I'm an Ichiruki forever and ever more, and I love your "If you love Bleach, you love Ichigo and Rukia and their bond" so much. But I am scratching my head at the comments about cancelation and the production company trying to rewrite stuff? Everything Kubo had said ever since the ending makes it clear this is how he wanted the story to go.

I completely understand, that for an IR or an IH fan, that part was a little–not incorrectly written–but maybe over-assumed. I was even thinking of recon and re-wording it , but it had received about 30 notes as soon as I had checked it once more so I figured it would be a little cheap to change it by that point. It was a ‘if it’s wrong I’m going to own up to it’ mental approach.

Let’s understand that Bleach has always been the least popular of the Big 3 (One Piece, Naruto, Bleach is the exact order of popularity), but unlike Oda and Kishimoto, Kubo fell off hard. After the defeat of Aizen,  if you want a precise pinpoint look to Chapter 423 Farewell Swords, Bleach tanked (popularity became almost stagnant (with small dips)  fairly soon after the S.S. Arc though). 

Of course fans stuck around for awhile to see where the series would go, but the Full-Bringer arc was a drag and the purpose of it (which was irrefutably important) was introduced way too late for people to care. The characters people cared about and wanted to see most, the Shinigami (the entire reason Tite Kubo decided to draw Bleach), were gone without mention for too long. 

Still, Bleach was more popular than 99% of any other manga ever, but it was the worst off in terms of what it was being compared to.  Bleach has sold over 87 million copies world-wide. Each (paperback) volume is priced at about $7-$10 or so (I believe). Kubo garnered around $609 million-$870 million for SJ and himself (I don’t know in the slightest how the cash is split). This isn’t counting the movies, the anime, the novels, the data books, etc. I’m just giving you the roughest estimate I can think of. 

With all that success I could see why you would be suspicious and when you consider most mangaka have to maintain a second job to make ends meet, it looks like I’m spewing crap.

But, to give you a sense of reality, Kishimoto has sold over 220 million copies total and Oda has sold over 345 million copies so far. Do the math and check the net worth’s. There is a minimal $931 million difference compared to Naruto and a minimal $1.8 billion dollar difference compared to One Piece. And the math is on a basis of a $7 paperback manga sale only (hardcover volumes can be nearly twice as much). $10 is the more likely price and there are novels, movies, data books, etc. we must consider on top of it all.

Kubo is severely lacking against mangakas he is supposed to be in the same league as.

Let me repeat, Bleach tanked. It started going down as low as hell. 

The anime was cancelled for piss-poor viewership. The fillers were constant and part of the reason is that Bleach (the manga) was so slow to progress and that progression was so lack-luster nothing could be done to maintain it.  (To compare, people hated Naruto fillers as well, but the plot in the manga was being handled well enough to maintain strong publicity, people knew what was coming was good).

The manga sales also dropped exponentially and SJ caring about Bleach dropped with them. To understand you should also know that Naruto had a decline in popularity up until it’s finale, but the sales still went up (this just means the graph of profit wasn’t as steep). 

There’s a thing in business and marketing that has to do with the factor of ‘potential.’ From a marketing standpoint, a plateau or a decrease in popularity (despite the possibility of the object under scrutiny doing better than most other objects on the company roster…which Bleach was not managing to do) marks it as having relatively zero value. “We’ve already got the best you have to offer us, so we aren’t as inclined to accommodate and care about you or your product anymore. Instead we’re going to market things that we can still milk for full potential” type of thing.

And (based on Eiichiro Oda who addressed this issue in a SBS of Volume 47): manga rankings (of which we only know at a 7 week margin) are left to the dictation and preference (I’d be forward enough to assume) of the publication’s Editor-in-Chief.

Reader: Oda! My older brother tells me that the comics in Jump magazine run in the order of their popularity. Is that true?! 

Oda: That’s a good question from a Jump reader. I get these questions quite often actually. That’s not exactly how it works. The Jump publication’s Editor-in-Chief chooses the order every week. But of course, the popular ones do have a tendency to run in the front. That Editor-in-Chief promotes certain comics on certain weeks depending on the mood. To be specific, the order is intended to “maximize the enjoyment of the reading public.” But it’s up to you to read in whatever order you want!

Do I need to comment on which rank Bleach was in the pecking order?

Bleach was officially labeled a gag-manga by the Jump….do you think that’s because it was a company favorite? That it’s ranking was high? Shounen Jump labeled it as a straight-up joke, a comedy. It’s a complete spit in the face.

By now, do you kind of see how Bleach was? At least from a cold-calculus business standpoint? Especially considering One Piece and Naruto were the measuring sticks Bleach was being held against?

Anime cancelled, manga popularity and sales drop, Kubo constantly being ill and “feeling as though he was failing, the story wasn’t moving, always thinking of pulling the plug.” 

Any other manga selling by Bleach’s standards would have tanked years prior. The investment required (again I’m speaking from a strictly business standpoint) is not worth the profit or lack there of being collected.

Then when the biggest, baddest battle, the climax, the closing that required the most attention and advertisement came about…..a sudden 5 chapter limit was placed with no real reason as to why.

Really, truly we have no other option than to conclude Jump finally lost it’s patience. 

And it’s a completely reasonable notion to assume Kubo fucked his own creation even more because he himself was screwed out of his 15 year long manga. It’s a common fault in human thought. When something hurts you, especially business wise, you bite back. Obviously, Jump is going to be well-off without Kubo, but Bleach still is and will always be tied to SJ, so if you fuck up an ending and you have no real profit to lose, you simply dirty the name of your publication brand. 

It’s elementary psychology and it’s a well-observed pattern. It doesn’t make anybody a baby, it’s a logical assumption and a premeditated denial from the appeased side of an audience. 

I mean,the very last volume had worse sales than the very first chapter. 

I wish I was lying but every source, all the research, says I’m right. Here are some sources: (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)

(some don’t have the best credibility because of the audience, but they all correlate and tell of the same data and they can be (and have been) cross-checked. This is just the only way to limit hundreds of websites to 4-5, but let me know if you want more).

I looked for every source I could find to shed positive light, but because Bleach’s quality fell so horribly, so did the anime, so did the sales, so did the fan’s commitment, so did SJ’s patience, so did the respect. I just don’t have any little bit of good news to give you.

It’s not being exaggerated AT ALL how desperately Bleach has been hanging on to it’s lifeline. The anger is justified, the disappointment has merit, and the realization is being fought out in the only concrete concept we have–the canon ships (of which were cheaply defended by saying, “well shit it’s because Ichigo’s and Rukia’s mini-me’s should meet” (also utter crap when you look at the manga where the importance of the next generation was never, not even once the goal of the narrative, was not seen as important, and was not even mentioned).

And it is absolutely bullshit to think for even one second this crap was Kubo’s intended. Nothing original holds for 15 years. 

  • Rukia was the original main character
  • Bleach was originally Snipe
  • Ichigo has a completely different look
  • Renji was originally implied to be a Kuchiki and had zanpakuto of a different name
  • The hierarchical structure of Soul Society didn’t exist in beginning intentions of the manga
  • Kubo, in his take, works “characters first and then plot will come naturally”
  • The final battle was most likely originally created for Ichigo and Rukia (check the Sand & Rotator poems labeling the two as the Matching Powers,Yhwach bringing the poems back into relevance, and that whole “Kurosaki…Kuchiki”  line).
  • Kubo not completing his list of wishes/promises
  • Kubo literally admitting he felt he was failing as a mangaka, he thought of pulling the plug, it sucked, he wasn’t doing what he wanted, etc.
  • Kubo not even planning to be involved in the final novels
  • A few hundred loose-ends (not even the small nuances that make for top-notch story-telling, it’s as shallow as we don’t know if half of the characters are dead or alive)
  • I could list so damn many, but this legendary, literary mess was not Tite Kubo’s intention. You’d have to be so obtuse, complacent, and imbecilic to believe that.

I’m not going to tell you what the man wanted, given I don’t know myself, but what I could do is safely bet my right leg it wasn’t this.

anonymous asked:

hmmm... wut other games u like besides stardew valley? wut's ur fav game of all time?

sry i just saw this!

my fave game of all time is earthbound, and every time i mention that i have to bring up the fact that i have an Original Copy for the SNES B) ive played it so many times!!!! i think i was 10 the first time i completed it?

so naturally i like earthbound-esque games. i cant really wrap my head around all of the difficult controls and fancy stuff for new systems and whatnot.

though i do really love skyrim! its pretty easy to play though.