i think i have improved omg

I’m sorry but this is the cutest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

I’m pretty sure this was a cute little nod to how they sleep. They all clearly had time to sit/lay down and get comfortable before the diluted curse hit (hence Regina being sat in her chair and not on the floor, and CS being snuggled up - they wouldn’t have landed like that if they’d just fallen).

I appreciate the little details like this. It was a blink-and-you-miss-it, omg-pause-that-right-now-and-replay-it moment. And I don’t think it was incidental that they’re posed like this. I suspect it’s their own little addition to the staging (because we know Colin and Jen’s improv talents are world-class), in an effort to give a glimpse of how Emma and Killian normally sleep together (the G rated version obv lol).

So, standing ovation as usual for Colin and Jen, ruining us with flawless little nuances of our favorite soon-to-be-married couple.

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Have you watched Attack on Titan?

Yup! It’s one of my top favourite animes I think ^_^

I actually once gave a copy of this piece to Dan and Phil, with them drawn as soldiers! Here’s a photo of me giving it to them (just cuz it was one of my proudest moments - Phil even recognized it bc 10 days previously he’d liked it on Twitter aaaah) 

where the years went i can’t say

word count: ~1000

title is from Across the Great Divide by Frank Solivan, as heard in the Pride soundtrack. 

also available on AO3

“Will you miss this hallway Dan?” Phil asks, standing behind Dan’s head to film him upside down. He’s seen him like this too many nights to count, more than he would have liked. Yet he kind of is genuinely sad this staple of living will never again repeat itself - unless the process of moving makes Dan especially crisis-y, which is very possible.

“I mean, where else will I lie to contemplate death?” Dan asks. “It’s just such a perfect, long, bleak corridor to lie facedown on.”

Phil laughs, “I don’t know!” he replies, genuinely thinking about it. There are no such narrow corridors in their new place. It’s open, light. There’s no space that automatically lends itself to such a state of mind.

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Happy 200th birthday, Serena!

My dearest baby Serena da Silva has her birthday today, October 17th, and it’s not just any birthday - today marks the day she was born 200 years ago! EEEP how exciting is that? You only get to celebrate an anniversary like that once in your lifetime!

If you’re unfamiliar with Serena, she is my character from my book project series for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, in which she plays a major role. She’s probably the character nearest and dearest to my heart, and she tends to be a fan favourite among readers as well, so I wanted to do something extra special for this particular anniversary.

So here comes: a birthday feature! In which I display all the amazing gifts Serena has received today.

First of all, I want to show the wip of what I had planned to do for Serena, which unfortunately I couldn’t finish in time since my laptop screen broke at the WORST. TIMING. EVER. I meant to have this artwork ready for today, but since I won’t be able to finish it until later, I’ll share a wip of the clean sketch:

I must admit, I’m quite proud of it! It’s the first time I experiment with perspective and interiors for real, and I also usually suck at drawing animals, but Cleo (Serena’s cat) came out quite okay here, so I’m happy! I hope I’ll be able to finish it sooner rather than later.

And now, let’s get into the amazing gifts my baby has received today AAAHHH!


If you’ve been following me for a while, you might know that @juliajm15 is an art goddess who’s been making amazing beautiful fanart of my characters for the past couple years. She always goes so above and beyond for me, and that can be seen by LOOKING AT THIS GORGEOUS PIECE OF SERANIEL FANART.



I just had to mention that.

OMG I die over how perfect and cute and romantic this is, it just completely captures the essence and emotion of that scene in my book! I feel so blessed and privileged, how am I ever gonna recover from this perfection?

But not only did she do this amazing gorgeous romantic piece for me, she also did a complete remake of Serena’s character portrait and DAMN SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS.

HOW does she always manage to capture Serena so perfectly? Ugh I honestly just can’t with this perfection, I just can’t. That expression, that hair, those LIPS. Okay, I’m gonna move on because I could literally gush about Serena’s face all day, but then we’d miss out on all the other amazing gifts she received today! Just, thank you so much @juliajm15 my darling, you’re such a generous and ultra skilled human being, thank you so much for being in my life and supporting me always


So meme and aesthetics queen @shaelinwrites totally disarmed me today when she sent me THIS GORGEOUS MOODBOARD FOR SERENA OH MY LORD.

LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUS WINTER AESTHETIC. OMG LOOK, CLEO MADE A CAMEO ON THE BOTTOM LEFT. Omg these colours are just too beautiful I CAN’T. The art supplies, the gesture and expression of this girl, it’s all SO Serena. The whole feel of this moodboard is just so romantic and cosy and wintery and ugh, the nightgown, the long dark hair. I’m aware I’m just rambling and gushing throughout this post DEAL WITH IT.

And @shaelinwrites didn’t stop there, no, as any good bae, she knew how important the bae is. HAVE SOME MORE SERANIEL, THIS TIME BLACK AND WHITE SEXY EDITION.


All of this is literally just so accurate. Like, it’s so friggin’ hard to find good stock images that can embody a fictional character, BUT MY BAE DID IT *CRIES*. Thank you so much bae, omg this surprise was such a highlight today!!


Another dear friend of mine (who’s a total cinnamon roll btw), @coffeeandcalligraphy, also went above and beyond for my character’s birthday because LOOK AT THIS:

I swear, everyone remembers the bae Baeniel. Eeeeeveryone.


I actually can’t??? Like how do I have so many talented af friends??? I must be a talent MAGNET I’m telling ya.

Oh and Rachel had the same idea as Baelin and went the sexy Black and White edition with the OTP as well:

BECAUSE CAN WE EVER HAVE TOO MUCH SEXINESS? I THINK NOT. Thank you so much @coffeeandcalligraphy I swear your art just blows me away, you’re improving at such a rapid pace, slow down, I can’t keep up


Also @sarahkelsiwrites is a close friend of mine, and actually @coffeeandcalligraphy‘s twin sister (gotta collect the whole pack amirite), and as part of her inktober challenge she did THIS GORGEOUS INKED PORTRAIT OF SERENA:

LIKE OMG OKAY SO the Victorian aesthetic is on POINT here, and OMG I love that her Hispanic features are soooo visible here. ALSO DAMN, THE DETAIL ON THE JEWELLERY. THE INKING OF THIS IS ALSO SO GREAT, LIKE, DO YOU SEE THE LINES IN HER HAIR???? I’m sorry, I’m an artist, I have to appreciate it when I see good craft, okay? I also gotta note that I’m living for how everyone always remembers Serena’s choker because girl never goes without one

Ugh HER EYES AND LIPS okay I gotta stop. I mention the eyes and lips every time, when will I switch it up. NEVER. Okay, glad we got that settled.

(Yes, I’m a dork, but only when I’m overwhelmed with this much love and beauty, I swear.)

Also omg THE SONG LYRICS, THOSE ARE SELENA GOMEZ LYRICS, AND IT’S STARS DANCE, AND I LOVE THAT SONG, AND IT’S SO RELEVANT, AND I’M ACTUALLY SHOOK. LORD thank you so much @sarahkelsiwrites god I just can’t believe how friggin’ talented and generous and thoughtful all of you are, I will never get over it.


So I’ve not mentioned this, but not too long ago I was totally taken by surprise and utterly *shook* when I received a private message on the site where I have Memoirs posted. This long message came from an angel named Constance, who registered a profile just to tell me how much she adored my story, give me fanart, and TELL ME SHE’S TRANSLATING THE ENTIRE THING TO FRENCH BRUH.

So if any of you out there are speaking French and not super comfortable with English, but still interested in reading Memoirs, it’s Constance you wanna hit up. She’s got you covered.

But back to the FANART.

Constance is working on this GORGEOUS Serena fanart for me, and while it’s not all finished yet, she said I could still post it for the birthday feature! (I’m going to update the post with the finished piece once it’s ready)

LOOK HOW CUTE AND PRETTY AND YOUNG MY SERENA IS HERE. THIS DRESS IS SO PRETTY, I DIE. OMG SHE HAS THE LOCKET. I realise like 90% of this post is all caps, but WHO CAN BLAME ME? I’m so #blessedyouknow right.

All I wanted in my life is Serena in a pink pretty dress. Thank you for realising my dreams, Constance *cries* and thank you so much for the endless support and this generosity! Seeing other people getting so invested in my story and characters really moves me so much, it’s all that I could hope for waaahh.

2k17 - Birthday One Shot

Okay, so I know how I said I couldn’t finish my artwork for Serena in time as I had intended, which made me very, very Sad™, BUT. I came up with something else.

So this was actually SUPER spontaneous and I usually NEVER do something like this, but I took a chance, and you know what? It worked out. I just wanna say thank you so much to my bae @shaelinwrites who pushed and motivated me to do this, I dunno what happened, but you must’ve transferred some of your writing machine abilities to me, because I actually managed to finish an entire one shot in JUST ONE DAY. (Are you as shook as I am? Cuz I can never seem to finish a chapter so I’m shook.)

Since I couldn’t finish my artwork for Serena like I planned, I decided to write a short fluffy non-canon one shot for her birthday. It was super spontaneous and unplanned, but it actually came surprisingly easy to write! I’ve not written in first person in many, many years, so this was really a leap of faith LOL, but I like the end result! A major thanks to @shaelinwrites, who encouraged me and critiqued the short before publication, and @coffeeandcalligraphy, @sarahkelsiwrites and @juliajm15 for giving it a read and telling me their thoughts as well! I hope you all enjoy this little piece of fluff; since I’m taking so long to write my book, maybe this can keep y’all entertained meanwhile

Thank you so much to everyone who’s supported me and celebrated Serena’s birthday with me, even just in spirit! It makes the long journey all worth it, knowing there are people out there who care (’:

(short story starts under the cut!)

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Oh, oh, oh
Others come & go
But you’re in my soul forevermore

                                          1 year anniversary!


Are you sure you’ve reached the right place ?

Did you really want Kisaragi Yuffie, the love & joy of my life, for this long ? 

Gaise. I didn’t expect here to be so long. I didn’t think I’d pick up popularity. I certainly didn’t think anyone would notice me. But here we are at 630 followers ( despite my recent inactivity, omg I’m so sorry, I’m never home these days & I’m so exhausted ) & steadily growing ! 

I don’t even know what to say. I’m just really speechless. Other than saying thank you ( & possibly to ask you to pray for me, I have so many drafts bc y’all keep me with something to do these days ). If you’ve ever sent me a message, an ask, a meme, or just checked out my blog, I’m sincerely appreciative for your attention, that I am. And I look forward to improving & growing closer to all of you, as time progresses. Of course, I have no idea for how long this blog will continue– but if you want me here, I’ll keep trying ! That’s the least I can promise !

Let’s keep writing together ! 

( & naturally, continue to send in your comments, suggestions, & positivity ! I listen to requests, too ! )

This is also a time to announce stuff! That I plan(ned) to do, things I’m curious about your interest in. Such as:

  • Streaming games. Because I should really play them anyway & I’ll be inspired by you.
  • Actually doing those specific character metas.
  • Events ! I’m currently considering a Halloween event at the moment & I’ll likely do Yuffie’s birthday again. Also, Christmas & Wutai New Year once more. If you think yay or nay, or have ideas about other things I should do, please let me know.

& now, what I’m sure you’ve been waiting for– the friend section !

restore materia.

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RFA - How would they cheer you up on a sad day!

Hiiiiiii! So… I was thinking… Maybe I should give you a little taste of how I write and weeeeeeeell, here we go  (>’-’)>

RFA trying to cheer you up on a sad day, they’re focused on their jobs and you miss them. You’re having a bad day and you don’t want them to know that you’re feeling sad but they instantly notice ->


-He’s a smol sensitive bean -like me- and he’s head over heels in love with you.

-He’s always attentive and caring unless he’s playing LOLOL. 

-Lately he’s been focusing a lot more on studying and LOLOL too, and you’re glad he’s putting so much effort on his future so you always care for him, make him some healthy food to eat at uni and stick lovely, funny and encouraging post-it everywhere for him to feel loved every day.

-So, today you try to hide the fact that you’ve been feeling sad because you know it’s just a bad day and you don’t want him to worry too much and stress for no reason. The last thing you want is to be the reason why he fails his grades.

-However, as soon as you arrive home from work/study/whatever, he notices something’s going on and he immediately leaves what he’s doing to be with you.

-You’re always so cheerful and positive that he instantly starts worrying when he sees you’re feeling down:

“Is it something I did? Is it something I said? Did something bad happened? I can’t let my girl be sad!!”

-You tell him that it’s just a bad day but he’s too worried now to leave it be.

-He asks you what can he do to cheer you up, maybe he even tries to crack up some bad jokes.

-He cooks Omurice for you with happy ketchup faces all around. He brings you chocolate and ice cream and whatever you want Jeez… he would be so sweet and warm and cozy asjkhdsad

-He’s SUPER attentive and cuddly for the rest of the day (and allows you to see the show or movie you want, he’s even up to scary movies if that’s what make you happy!)


-He tries to maintain a reasonable work schedule so he can give you all the quality time you need, nothing he wouldn’t do for his princess. 

-He’s been a little too occupied with practicing lately because he was preparing for a quite difficult character and he wanted to do a perfect performance.

-You miss him, of course, but no matter what you try to be supportive and cheer him up every day by telling him how awesome and talented he is, you also help him practicing his lines if he needs it. 

-Today you’re not as bright and positive as you usually are and you don’t compliment him as you always do when he sends you a selfie from his workout session that morning, that’s when he notices that something’s going on with you.

-He immediately calls you: Hello my princess~ Do you want to go out tonight? You obviously agree and you start to feel a bit better, you’re going to have a date with the incredibly handsome love of your life, how could you not cheer up? For God’s sake.

-He sets a romantic date, he compliments you a lot, he gives you all the attention you need that night and takes you home with him to kiss and hug the sadness out of you…  (͡• ͜ʖ ͡•) He unleashes The beast and you are happy for the rest of your life, believe me.


-She’s always too busy, she can’t even have a good sleep schedule, how could she find time to be with you? Oh, but she tries, and that’s all that matters to you~

-BUT lately she’s been busy even on weekends and that means you can’t see her unless you take your ass to the company to give her some healthy food and coffee (she really needs it and she’s ultra grateful she haves you)

-So today you go to the office to give her her daily dose of food and coffee, she doesn’t notice at first that you’re feeling a little down today but as you’re about to leave she does, there’s no way she doesn’t notice your pouty faces and she instantly starts to feel bad with herself.

-She hugs you tight and gives you a slow kiss, then she smiles and assures you she will talk with Ms. Han to ask for some free time to spend with you and you cheer up a little bit.

-She comes home earlier than usual and you two prepare dinner together, romantic music in the background. You laugh and kiss all night long.

-When you finish eating you cuddle each other on the sofa while watching any Zen’s movie she likes the most that day. 

-Yay! There you are, two happy beans cuddling and loving each other  \ (•◡•) /


-He’s been busy with the company projects and he has to travel a lot lately so that means you don’t get to see him often.

-There’s weeks that you two barely speak due to the time zone difference. He’s stressed and he misses you and Elisabeth the 3rd a lot, he apologizes every time he gets to talk with you. 

-He’s deeply worried about you even if he doesn’t show much, he’s scared one day you’ll leave him, he knows he should find more time to be with you but these weeks have been horrible and busy for you two. 

-You miss him like crazy and you’re kind of stressed with work too. Today you’re feeling down and sad, so when you talk with him that night and he notices you’re not as positive and cheerful as always he starts worrying a lot.

-He immediately tells his private pilot to prepare everything to fly back home and calls Jaehee to re-arrange the whole schedule so he can be with you a couple of days. 

-He arrives at 4AM, you’re sleeping and he doesn’t want to wake you up so he takes Elisabeth in his arms and sits besides you in bed, admiring the two loves of his life with a peaceful smile on his face.

-He wakes you up in the morning with kisses: Good morning Kitten, I’ve missed you a lot ~ he has prepared breakfast and many other things (͡• ͜ʖ ͡•) and you’re instantly feeling happier than ever and that makes him feel confident and happy too.

-You spend the rest of the day cuddling and talking, drinking wine and making love.


-This little monkey has been overly stressed with work lately, he wants to keep up with everything and that also includes rebuilding his relationship with Saeran, make time for you and the rfa… 

-You’re dead worried for him and you’re always trying to help him, even with the smallest tasks, so he can relax a little and take a nap if he feels too tired. You try to make him eat healthy, at least one meal a day, and hug him and kiss him often, and sometimes you also try to make him laugh a little to encourage him.  

-Your profession allows you to work from home, that’s why you can spend some time with him, basically to take care he doesn’t die, but these last days you had to go to the office to organize and arrange some things. You obviously miss him a lot during that time.

-BUT that means that when you finally have time to go to his house you find out that he’s a total mess: no sleep, no healthy meals… just non stop work. He says he wanted to take that time to advance some work so he could be able to be with you a little more.

-Today has been a bad day and you’re sad and tired and seeing him like that it’s painful so you feel sadder and when he said that… that’s it, you had too much, you hug him and you try to hold on your tears with your face buried on his neck but he instantly notices you’re not okay.

-Hey! Little alien, what’s up? I’m here my love, I’m okay~ (yES!! I fervently believe he would call you little alien, fIGHT mE) and that’s what you need to start crying and you’re there like: B-bu…but… you… I’m worried… I don’t want… get sick… *sobbing and hiccuping* You know what I mean!! 

-That makes him feel warm and loved inside and he hugs you tighter and he tells you how much he loves you and finally he decides to take a couple of days to rest and be with you, cuddling and laughing and watching some crappy tv shows. 


So… that’s it! lmao i’m so nervous right now…Tell me what you think, let me know if you think there’s something I can improve on (and sorry if I made some typos or any other mistakes, I try my best ;;) aaaaand if you liked it feel free to request your own scenarios, imagines, one-shots… 

Have a nice day (っ◔◡◔)っ ❤


1st anon: no worries! <3 and I’ve started reading it and it’s pretty good ( ‘ 7 ‘ ) ahaha however I’m not really far into it because of school and art;;; but I’ll do my best to read it all TTvTT <3 here it is for anyone who’s interested in reading it <3

2nd anon: asdfjkl; omg im flattered it gives a new meaning to your life ahaha ;7;;; <3 ///// //let alone my art is even worthy of giving meaning to life ahaha

@fearless-princess: asdfjk; thank you so much TToTT I’m glad you think so <3 welcome and enjoy your stay ;7; //hope you don’t mind the spam;;// ahaha I also won’t be 15 in a few days ( ‘ 7 ‘ ) but in the end, age doesn’t matter, it’s the practice and dedication you put in drawing (9 ‘ 3 ‘ )9 draw lots, improve lots

3rd anon: i have no idea what that means anon but go ahead ( ‘ v ‘ )b

4th anon: uuu thank you so much /////A////// 

Team's reaction to Hinata's receives
  • Hinata: People in the audience are mocking me, dammit I have to improve so much more T.T
  • Yamaguchi: The usual miracle, thank god :D
  • Nishinoya: My badass kohai is starting to receive properly *proud*
  • Daichi: OMG my son is growing up I should feel like a nostalgic old father, but I'm so thrilled
  • Tsukishima: I hate you
  • Kageyama: I FUCKING hate you

anonymous asked:

There's something I need to tell you. I absolutely adore your work and I honestly think you're the best Zootopia artist on Tumblr... but at the same time I can't stand you when it comes to people complimenting you or your wonderful art. It kinda feels like you're not being truly modest, you're just begging for people to tell you you're great by saying you're "a trash can" or by not admitting your drawings are actually pretty good. They are and you KNOW it. So stop acting like you don't xx

I think an artist or an author in general must always balance his vanity with the awareness of doing more. 

I know I have qualities and a good amount of ego (like any artist, I think), otherwise I wouldn’t publish anything. I’m glad that so many people appreciate what I do and precisely for this reason I must have the role of the most severe judge of myself, do you understand? It’s a difficult concept to explain.

I think it’s not fair to wallow myself on what I can do, I always try to improve working a lot and there is never a single thing I do that makes me think “Wow, it’s perfect. I’m fantastic. Bow to my feet”. I am aware of having good qualities but also a number of gaps. it’s important to know that.

About the garbage things: It’s simply a joke. Sometimes I think things or I talk about things and I think: “I’m so trash, omg” or “I earned my ticket to the hell” or still “I’m a garbage, someone help me”. But I never refer to my art.

I’m sorry I gave you this impression, but it’s like I am. I always try to approach people in an honest, simple and sincere way. If it passes by false modesty, patience. Guest reviews are, unfortunately, always subjective.

randompasta90  asked:

Is it hard drawing like the way you do? and please give me some tips (P.s. I love your art style it makes everything cute!)

:’) I’m so glad you like my stuff, thank you! and hnnn that’s a complex question i think…drawing is definitely harder for me on some days than others (it pertains a lot to inspiration for me lol) but a lot of it is muscle memory, so once u’ve got the hang of it it comes more naturally! 

i tried to think of all the weird tips i could that have personally helped me develop my drawings rather than the ones you hear more often, here you go!! (but don’t take my word as gospel cause i’m no professional omg, try whatever works for you!)

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Here’re two other drawings I made. I loved doing those two. I think I still have to work on the shadows for Otonashi. And also, funny fact. What is behind Otonashi wasn’t supposed to be there. I I traced a line that I could no longer erase and fixed it by doing that ! xD It’s a part of the wall.

I hope it’s good. Personally, I’m happy ‘cause I improved for the faces. And the hand.. Omg, the hand. It was hard to draw it. I always avoided it, but I decided to train so, I did a surprised Otonashi taking off her glasses. And.. for Gouenji, I drew him with this hairstyle ‘cause it’s my fave one. I fell in love when I saw it in Inazuma Eleven Everyday!! Plus. He’s just too cute  ! >3< And I had so much fun drawing his hair.

leychaton  asked:

I saw your reply about One Rainy Day. I guess I didn't read it carefully enough because I thought it was complete. I just binge read the entire thing today and I NEED MORE omg its so good. Its amazing how much you have progressed as an artist over the years. It makes me want to start drawing again. <3

Oh, sorry, hahahaha XD
Yeah, it’s not done yet, though it is on its last chapter! :D
It makes me really happy that you are enjoying ORD so much ;A;
It’s literally my child X3
Yeah, I’ve been at it for about 5 years or so now!!! o3o
It’s awesome to hear that you think the art improvement has been good ;w;
You should def start drawing again!!! OuO
You know what the best part of art is? No matter what level you’re at, the only place to go is up! ^w^
you will always improve as long as you keep going :D

anonymous asked:

omg i love your drag au!! i think yuuri would have some incredible conceptual pieces and be very artistic with her drag, good with dancing challenges but gets stuck in her head sometimes!!!! victor is more like a well-rounded queen (pageant, club kid, impersonations, fish, she can do it all) but she sucks at acting challenges cus she can never remember her lines lmao

Omg yes yes and yes!!! Victor would prolly scrape by with improv. We’ve aged her up so she’s 35 here cause we wanted her to be doing drag a whole lot longer and she definitely grew up with the club kid scene 8)))

anonymous asked:

Indeed! I had an idea of Thomas taking medication for whatever reason, and that ends up making Virgil ‘Fade.’(the equivalent of a trait dying) He gets scared and hides away in one of Thomas' memories to die peacefully. Virgil is forgotten for a number of months before Patton disappears and Roman goes to find him, this finding Virgil. Could I have an analysis? Cause I'm super hyped to write this and want to know if it needs any tweaking or improvements. Thanks! 💙

Omg that is such a sad idea! :(  Why is he forgotten? Do the traits “fading” make the others forget them? Why does Patton disappear? When Roman finds Virgil is he still alive or what? THese are important questions to answer I think! But the idea of sad and scared Virgil hiding in a happy memory to die peacefully is really freaking evocative and sad :( :( :( (these are good things in writing)

rindearest  asked:

omg caught the ask box open! Hi Mama I just want to ask, can you have too much hobbies? :c I draw, do photography, write, read, play volleyball and play the guitar, and I often don't know which one to do and I can't do all of them in a day ;; My friend tells me to narrow them down to two.... and I can't! But I can't try improving all of them at the same time either ;; Am I over thinking this? Ahhh sorry and thank you so much!!!

I think having lots of hobbies is a great thing! And I don’t think you can have too many. You just need to schedule them properly I guess and take time for each, without rushing to the next. It’s not bad that you can’t do all in a day. Try to see how things fir into your day and adjust. But I also hope you still take time for yourself and don’t pressure yourself too much! That can get pretty bad, so please, take care and if you feel like you can’t do all those hobbies anymore maybe try to do some of them less frequently or just take more time for yourself, cause that’s very important!


Here are drawings I did during the night.. I couldn’t sleep so I made it. And I wanted to draw those two ‘cause I was expecting them for a long time (they’re handsome, specially Gouenji). @letsplaysakka (tell me when you’ll be free) & @ishidoshuuji, what do you think about my Gouenji ? :3 And @penguinsandsoccer, what about Kidou ? I have to say that I’m pretty proud about them. I’m really improving for drawing !

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Ah, Miss Zei, it’s absolutely true and I think it’s great that you have a style!!

What always impresses me is that your art was very good when we first started chatting ages ago and I think it’s actually improved since–and then on top of that you write well! <3

@miss-zei is both talented and kind and I *love* the Levy she drew for me (with quick-read glasses and a birthday book!).
[Note: this is a small version!]


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Im literally wondering where have you been all my life coz I too believe kristoph is best hasubando™ and like all your art deserves to go on my ace attorney sideblog omg

oh my!! I am so so sooo honoured!!! <3 

Yes!! I am not alone in #TeamKristophForBestHusbando2017!! 

You’re so sweet ;________;!! I’m glad that you think my art is good enough for your side blog >< Feel free to reblog to your hearts content! Thank you!

I will continue to do my best to improve my art! 

Please enjoy the following ;) Casual!DateNight!Kris