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dating namjoon would include:

  • you falling head over heels before you even knew what was happening, let’s be real here
  • namjoon always seems confident when he’s on stage
  • and he’s a good leader for his group, he knows what to say and what to do and he seems to have his shit together all the time
  • but when he’s around you, he turns into a dork that always messes up and says the dumbest things and gets clumsy with words
  • which is surprising for someone like him
  • and that’s how you immediately knew he liked you, and once you started playing with the idea of being with him, you fell so fast you surprised yourself
  • once he realized you were into him, he got his confidence back little by little
  • and every day spent with you makes him more and more confident in himself and in your relationship
  • he’s a good leader, which means he often brings work home with him, in his head, that is
  • he’s constantly worried about work, about his friends, about music, about a million things that could go wrong if he’s not there to take care of them
  • sometimes he feels like the weight of the world is on his shoulders, even when he’s not working and he has free time, which he decides to spend with you
  • and you’re the only one that helps him with that, you always tell him he’s great at what he does and that he worries too much because nothing will go wrong
  • you know how to get his mind off of things
  • you’re both interested in the same things so it’s easy for you to spend time together and go on dates or trips
  • you want to go visit the same places, you read the same books, you’re into same bands and artists
  • you know namjoon like the back of your hand, so when he sends you texts like
  • “thinking of you”
  • “miss you”
  • “i wanna hear your voice”
  • you know they actually mean “i’m feeling lonely and burdened and i wish you were here with me to comfort me”
  • and it breaks your heart he feels that way, but you know you can’t change that, that’s just who he is, he’s an over achiever, he works hard and he’s scared of losing the things he’s worked for
  • he’s made a lot of sacrifices to be where he is, but you’re not one of them
  • he never lets you down because of work
  • if he has plans with you, he keeps them
  • when things first started getting serious, he made you sit down with him and have a serious talk
  • “i just want you to know it’s not too late to back out. work and the guys take so much of my time and i’m always thinking about work, even when i’m not there, and what time i have left only for you is a lot less than what you deserve from someone who loves you”
  • “but i love you and i’ll give you all the time i can, i promise you that, you’ll never need anything, i’ll make sure of that”
  • “i know that you want more and you deserve more, you deserve everything, and if you think you could be happier with a guy who’d be around you more, then i’ll have to let you go because i don’t deserve that sacrifice”
  • and you’d be like but you’re namjoon, the reason i get up every morning??? what other guy???
  • he’d know he doesn’t spend enough time with you, so he’d try to make it up all the time
  • you like cuddling and kissing and holding hands and hugging and just all kind of skin contact, often, and he doesn’t really, but he does these things all the time for you, because that’s what makes you happy, and with time he starts liking skin contact just as much as you do
  • and you’re his priority when he’s home, he makes good on his promises
  • and when he’s away, he tries to be there in every way he can
  • he sends you books or postcards or random stuff by mail just to let you know he’s thinking of you when he’s on tour
  • he texts you all the time and sends you pics from their tour, the cities they visit, he sends you ugly selfies of him and all the other guys, and he sends you selfies to approve before he posts them
  • he values your opinion because you’re his support system
  • he’s pretty self-reliable, he doesn’t need anyone, he could live on his own without even seeing anyone for weeks and be okay with it
  • but with you, it’s different because you rely on him, and that’s why he needs you
  • he loves to feel needed and he loves to protect you and take care of you, and you return these favors in your own ways
  • such as cooking his favorite meal when he comes back from tour, buying him concert tickets, finding a rare edition of a book he likes, spending hours looking for an old blues record you want him to listen to, going through his lyrics and getting teary eyed, which is the biggest compliment he could think of
  • you really do have everything you need when you’re with namjoon, and you can’t wait for the two of you to settle down and finally live life like you want to
  • but until then you don’t say anything about it to namjoon because you don’t want him to think you’re unhappy because he’s always on the road
  • because that’s so far from the truth, you’re happy you have him even when you don’t have him by your side
  • he’s very excited about everything when he’s home with you
  • you two always stay up late and talk about everything
  • namjoon wants to know every detail about you, he wants to know everything, so you two are constantly geting to know each other
  • he knows you better than any of your friends
  • one minute you’d be talking about a tv show, the other he’d be asking if you believe in ghosts or in god or in aliens or in karma
  • talking to him is always easy and never feels like a commitment
  • sex with him blows your mind every time
  • you expected him to be rough and dominant when in fact he was just as shy and inexperienced as you were when you first started
  • he took his time before he finally tried to get you in bed, he wanted to make sure everything was right for the both of you
  • and he’d worship you in bed even after all the time you spent together
  • every time would feel better than the last time with him, he’d always make sure you were enjoying yourself, and he’d never be too pushy, he understands that your mood depends on your problems and if you have too many, there’s no way you could concentrate and enjoy anything sexual
  • but he’s smart and he knows how to get you to do exactly what he wants you to
  • he knows how to get you in the mood, first by relieving stress and listening to your problems, giving you a massage, giving you compliments, or just generally being the good boyfriend that he always is, then he’d get you in the mood physically, and he’d do it right, because he got to know you so well he knows every inch of you
  • he worships you in the bedroom, enough said
  • but he worships you always, you are someone who gives him strength that he tries to give everyone else, and sometimes gives away too much and has nothing left, and then he comes to you for your support and care, which is why you’re number one in his life
  • if namjoon sees you upset, he tries to comfort you physically first, by hugging you and running his fingers through your hair and peppering kisses over your forehead, and then by talking about what’s bothering you
  • if someone did something to you, all hell would break loose
  • namjoon is very protective over the people he loves, and he loves you the most, more than himself, he likes to think
  • and when he’d tell you that, you’d always tell him you loved him more, because you really do love him more than you’ve ever loved anyone
  • he’s the perfect boyfriend, all in all
  • thoughtful, protective, generous, intelligent, caring, loving, you name it
  • he never forgets any important dates in your life
  • and that makes you feel special
  • you know you could get anything you asked of him
  • but you never ask for anything other than him
  • brb crying and wishing i was spending namjoon’s birthday with him

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Please post pics of your new mixer attachments?


(spoiler: maybe the ice cream maker, almost certainly not the juicer)

when last we left our heroes, i did not have a stand mixer, but then my dad bought me one and then very recently bought me some fancy attachments for… my brother’s birthday?? i don’t really know why, maybe he just likes buying kitchen shit but has run out of room in his own kitchen and is living vicariously through me. who knows, whatever.

i’m using this recipe for ice cream, and this kitchenaid ice cream attachment thing. at least i assume that’s the one, it’s the most popular one on amazon and that’s generally how my dad makes purchasing decisions. the new york times claimed to have the only ice cream recipe i would ever need, but it involved, like, cooking some egg yolks and milk in a saucepan and basically making a fancy fucking custard as step one, and that’s too many goddamn steps. all of the recipes that came with this fucking attachment were just as bad so fuck that, if this recipe is good enough for ben and/or jerry it’s good enough for me, i’ll save the fancy shit for when i’m in the mood to really hate myself. where was i.

don’t @ me about the imitation vanilla, i know i should be using real vanilla and not dollar store fake shit, i don’t care. this tiny corner of the counter used to be my designated tea corner but it’s kind of become overwhelmed by fifty million fucking appliances, but especially this goddamn stand mixer. it’s huge. it’s fucking monstrous. i’m really hoping we can get a table, or an island, or a buffet or something to keep this thing on once we get rid of the kitchen couch. don’t ask about the kitchen couch.

that picture is from last september, why the fuck have we had a kitchen couch for so long. anyway this recipe says to whisk together eggs and sugar until they’re fluffy but not firm, which i guess means whisk the shit out of it but don’t make a meringue? i don’t know what constitutes fluffy.

once i arbitrarily decided it was fluffy enough i dumped all the milk and cream and fake vanilla in there, but like, there ended up being just a bunch of egg yolk sorta stuck to the bottom of the bowl that i didn’t find until later when it was too late. this happens every goddamn time i use this fucking whisk and you’d think i’d learn but i do not. @kitchenaid why

here’s the real moment of truth, the ice cream maker. i’ve been keeping the bowl in the freezer since i got it and it takes up literally half of my dinky little freezer. they say to freeze it for a minimum of 15 hours but to keep it in the freezer all the time so you can make ice cream on a whim, but they sorely overestimate the size of my freezer or underestimate how much room i need for pizza rolls.

when i took this picture i had actually already started making it, but originally i was going to just… idk. ladle the mix into the ice cream bowl out of the big silver bowl. that was A TERRIBLE FUCKING IDEA, and ice cream mix got everywhere, and i don’t have any pictures of that because it turned out you could see my reflection in the silver bowl and i’m not wearing pants. i haven’t been wearing pants this whole time. wait, does that picture from earlier have my reflection in it? shit. it fucking does. i’m going to edit that with a sticker or something but only people who’ve made it this far into the post will know why that’s there. there’s going to be a cut here but to people on mobile it will just look like the post ends and for that i apologize (or maybe… you’re welcome???)

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The Liam/Louis house is a mess. It's been pushed as Louis' home but Liam is the one who has taken multiple pics there (haircut, playing fifa with paddy, yesterday's bathroom pic). Today the Sun is reporting that it is indeed Liam's home, but he is renting it out, so that he can focus all his attention on Cheryl in the UK (sea otter face). Honestly, this all makes less sense than the time Zerrie went house hunting for a dream home despite already 'living together' in their 5 bed dream home.

It is, as we say here in this corner of the tumblr webs, a goat rodeo. But you are right, The Sun is reporting that is Liam’s LA Bluth Model Home that he’s put up for rent to be with Cheryl  (ohmygod I can’t even type that with a straight face). Its funny how Cheryl called them up they got the tip off for that!

I think these homes are either owned by the label or investments between more than one of these 1D dudes. Its extremely common for record labels to own and purchase real estate. But what’s more, as rich as 1D are with their Scrooge McDuck boy band millions, that house is $10 million dollars and the maintenance fees on that fancy koi pond/spa/resort are insane if one of them bought it, but if two or more purchased? Way more doable. 

I’m going to just put this out there again, because the rule still applies for Loammy’s UK Bluth Model Home as it does for the LA Bluth Model Home. Why is it, that after owning these homes, they appear exactly as they were staged by their previous owners, even down to the original throw blankets and knickknacks? Liiiiiike

Loammy never seems to make any renovations, add any decorations or any kind of personal touches (not even a single throw pillow, my dude?) . But the thing is, the inside of these homes have been released to the fandom and the press, so if you’ve got stunts to legitimize, its an easy way to that.

And lastly, for all that folks think its Liam’s house (and I mean, he’s been photographed at the house enough times that its totally a plausible thing to assume), real estate blog Yolanda’s Little Book absolutely insists that it is nahhhht Loammy’s house:

EDIT again (9/16/16): Some fans think we’re crazy but though we briefly amended this post earlier (and received quite a bit of flak for doing so), we just got off the phone with Mr. Deep Throat who refused to budge and was absolutely adamant that this is Mr. Tomlinson’s estate and NOT Liam Payne’s. “Poppycock!” he said when we told him how many, many Directioners have been saying we were wrong (okay, he didn’t actually use that exact word). We know Mr. Deep Throat and he is not the type of person who tells lies. So we’re editing this post back to its original form. 

ETA: When the house originally went up for rent around March 7, a flurry of articles listing Louis as the owner from publications way more reputable then The Sun went out, including Architectural Digest:

In other words, everything is fucky and nothing makes sense and its just another day here in the 1D hellmouth. 

Happy Easter!

DON’T MESSAGE ME MEMES I FORGOT.  I REALLY CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. It fills up my inbox and is just really bothersome.
YES I’m gonna do one for 2017 because I have no self respect and too much time on my hands
in no particular order, the memes of 2016

  • jennifer lawrence being a huge jerk to the person on their phone cuz they wwre trying to translate somethint
  • cumslutscootaloo
  • me: why are aliens destroying the earth??? aliens: [x]
  • me: thats fair i understand
  • you fucked up a perfectly good monkey is what you did! look at it! its got anxiety!
  • mercrury retrograde
  • the boys are back in town
  • chungy
  • congratulations you played yourself
  • tag yourselves im the x
  • mario 64 HALF A PRESS
  • squidward dabbing
  • the fine bros copyrighting react videos
  • that one photo of marge simpson
  • waste his time (what it started out as was pretty shitty but then it got fuckijg funny)
  • bernie or hillary?  be informed. compare them on the issues that matter
  • jean stuff
  • is dabbing a meme or a trend
  • i heard that kylo ren has an 8 pack. that kylo ren is shredded.
  • that blond kid with the kazoo and the youre my special friend i dont know who he is but??? hes a meme
  • daaaaaaaaaamn daniel
  • ted cruz is the zodiac killer
  • jeb bush got bullied outta the election
  • pokemon sun pokemon moon
  • its time to stop
  • kanye wests cover art for his album
  • the death of the leonardo di caprio not getting an oscar memes was a meme itself
  • when the sun hits the x just right 👌🏻
  • i wondered why this movie was so visually pleasing (golden ratio used wrong everywhere)
  • let lesbians live (The 100 killed off another lesbian cuz god forbid we let the queer women live)
  • [glass him]
  • the snapchat face swap feature
  • a photographer took photos before and after tellijg people they were beautiful
  • who are you? im you but stronger
  • #memehistory
  • need me a freak like that
  • history of japan (that video was fuckin art)
  • •christian memes tbh that shit is wild 
  • sausage party
  • get a man who can do both
  • that one photo of mr krabs and everything is turning
  • this is descision 2016 (tumblrs april fools joke once again)
  • “can we listen to something other than ___”
  • breaking news
  • be careful who you call ugly in middle school
  • vaporwave
  • tumor toileta
  • I did nAUGHTt! Mister Electic send him to the principal's office and have him EXpelLed!
  • that one photo of skai jackson
  • that one photo of beyonce
  • the skai jackson photo beingg used with the beyonce photo and the kobe photo (the oned where they are silently like passive aggressivley exsisting)
  • power puff girls reboot???? might count as a meme??? just general hate for it its terrible
  • dark [x] show me the [thing that is hard to find with that x]
  • nanalan
  • the photo of squidwards eyes closed and they stay closed
  • LEMONADE and honestly wverything about that album was eventually a meme to some degree
  • the image of a finger pressing a key on a keyboard and its blue and it says something
  • chaotic good
  • dog or muffin?
  • youre on our radar!
  • dat boi (oh shit waddup)
  • to be continued/roundabout
  • boof
  • we are all
  • obi juan whoever the fuck you are… youre my only ho
  • honk if you love x
  • me.       my mutuals. 
  • dover
  • anything involving pokwmon sun and moon ESPECIALLY the starter pokemon
  • captain america civil war came out and thus became a meme again 
  • art vs artist 
  • please disconnect from the bluetooth speaker.  we need to talk. come downstairs
  • mutuals do this it’s really fun
  • the pic of caveman spongebob
  • x has been found dead in miami
  • that one thing of captin anerican saying “hail hydra” became a meme cuz i guess ppl were so mad they didnt know what else to do.  basically you drew a character saying something theyd NEVER in a million years say
  • alright tommy im leaving the house to do some errands see you in a bit
  • tthose photos of like “apple [a character u think is a bottom] jeans”
  • *inhale* you can be in the LGBTQA+ community and-
  • are you a or b? c or d? e or f? (cat person or dog person? day person or night person? things like that)
  • the cursed child plot became a meme itd SO BAD 
  • we are gamers
  • cracking ur knuckles and then writing crazy fast
  • britian left the european union
  • i would literally die if a boy did this to me (image of somehtig that would kill u)
  • old friends senior dog sanctuary facebook page
  • another spongebob one! using spongebob screencaps to represent similar things (ie each game in a series, characters in a series)
  • matpat gave undertale to the pope
  • that one image od the guy running towards where a green sign is pointing like hes middair 
  • clap 👏🏻 between 👏🏻 every 👏🏻 word 👏🏻 in 👏🏻 a 👏🏻 sentence 👏🏻 or 👏🏻 something 👏🏻
  • a submeme is dont call yourself an x if you havent y with the hands between each word
  • does pokemon go count? we had that meme that was like “but ms! theres a (pokemon) in (place the pokemon would likely be in our world)” but now the game came out and theres just pokemon go shit EVERYWHERE 
  • mighty number nine
  • that one picture of squidward lying in bed hella fucking terrified and spongebob outside his window (a lot of spongebob memes this year)
  • wholesome memes? like memes that r normally made at the expense of others being turned around to be nice to othwrs
  • taylor swift is a snake/rat
  • snake emoji
  • *inhales* BOI
  • north korea declaring war on the us
  • arthurs clenched fist 
  • photo of two guys waving at each other"same ___! same ___!“
  • “oh now this! this is beautiful”
  • michael phelps game face
  • how deep is this pool
  • IM RICK HARRISON AND THIS IS MY PAWN SHOP I work here with my dad and my son, Big Hoss. Everything here has a story, and a price. If there’s one thing I learned after 20 years, you never know WHAT is gonna come through That door.
  • i like dropping hints that im ___. im ____.
  • roses are red (weird headline or phrase)
  • #dicksoutforharambe
  • “the pupil of your eye can expand as much as 55% while looking at something you love”
  • 100 layers of x
  • we out here
  • ghat huy in a green body suit saying “im gay”
  • 🐍
  • nut
  • hooty hoo
  • does bruno mars is gay
  • “are you sure about that”
  • iphone 7 not having a headphone jack 
  • u vs the guy she tells u not to worry about
  • steven hawkings first post
  • the jackson hole live stream webcam thing
  • date a terf who… posts
  • stranger things titlecard
  • “this user [blank]” userboxes
  • cursed image
  • that photo of tom from tom and jerry coming out of a door with a hat on
  • me, an intellectual:
  • zoo wee mama
  • those amazon button press things
  • his hair? wack. me? tight as fuck
  • that one image of that black guy mid whip
  • hand slamming the blue button
  • 2016 presidential debate
  • wow try this! close one eye, tilt your phone, and look at this from the charger hole!
  • the water bottle flip trick
  • the naming ur kid after things u like but its like a tv show
  • pulling the lever to make the train kill one oerson instead if five people
  • how to start a conversation with a girl “hi” WRONG
  • idk if this is a meme persay, but there were a fuck ton of creepy clowns in the USA in October.  like.  that was a thing that happened.
  • owo whats this?
  • remember the psat memes from a year or two ago? that happened again this year
  • my longest “yea boi” ever
  • friendship ended with x now y is my new best friend
  • cryptid
  • name a more x …..ill wait
  • nintendo switch
  • “what  he listening to?”
  • vine being shut down (2016 was a bad year guys)
  • i arrive at the x
  • y: z (z is a state of being and y is a noun)
  • dick: out
  • i am forcibley escourted out of the x
  • i voted banner edits
  • [person] is real and they sucked my dick behind [chain store]
  • “theyre okay but they died”
  • 2016 election memes
  • can’t relate
  • me to me: that one picture of kermit the frog and another kermit who’s mouth is a tiny bit open and who has a black cloak on
  • anything from lazy town, specifically we are number one
  • joe biden and obama memes
  • had it not been for the laws of this land i would have slaughtered you
  • lightning mcqueen dies
  • the definition of perfection but its fuzzy, a thing of glasses being wiped, and then a character who you love
  • the mannequin challenge isnt a meme persay but i feel it has a place on this list
  • bode
  • name a more iconic duo…. ill wait….
  • no x we y like men
  • this bitch empty. YEET
  • x but y.  this meme had several subsets:
  • x but every time y happens z happens. (especially with replacing it with other things.) this was extra popular with the bee movie and we are number one from lazy town
  • x but every time y happens it gets faster
  • x but it keeps getting faster
  • the thing of one dude passing a sheet of paper to anoher dude and something dumb js in it
  • bone app the teeth
  • bee movie kinda made a comeback witht he whole the bee movie but
  • 25 miles <-  ¼ mile ->
  • If This Guy👦🙏 AINT Under My Tree🚷🌲On Christmas Morning🍆👌IM GON B PISSED🐸🍷Santa🎅👋Dont Come If U AINT Bringing Him 😏💦💯
  • take a fucking sip babes
  • youtubers exaggerating wildly in video titles
  • three images with the same content but they get more and more badly drawn and the descriptions get more ans more overly specific (increasigly verbose meme?)
  • example
  • nutshack theme
  • pinkest pink vs blackest black artists pettiness
  • removing the middle two panels of ctrl+alt+del strips
  • pinkest pink vs blackest black
  • me at the beginning of 2016 and me at the end of 2016
  • send nudes

also i guess tumblr cant fucking bullet images so here’s the images that i had originally spread throught the list but fuck me i guess

  • what he listening to?

• that thing where the drawing gets worse and worse and the words get more and more extra descriptive (it was originally here but tumblr hates me i guess? anyways)

happy new year everyone. i hope 2016 is writhing in it’s grave


If you’re a 2.0 fan, you probably won’t like this, so either open your eyes and ears or turn away. 

The countdown to Warren Leight’s last episode as showrunner is coming to a close in a few days. 

But for a good portion of #SVU fans, the days can’t come fast enough. #TheLeightWasOnTooLong

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Ten of my favorite edits.

I just thought it would be fun to post some of my personal favorite edits that I’ve made. And this is also an excuse to thank my favorite editor: @strongyu​. Your edits never cease to amaze me and I’ve been inspired to make edits and get better at making them thanks to you. Anyway, on to my faves. 

There was a period when I made a million Young!Elsa edits, and this is possibly my favorite out of them. I love how even the coloring turned out. And somehow even though the Jack photo was a bit grainy, the edit came out pretty clear. 

This is kind of self-explanatory, seeing as it’s my avatar, but I love this one because I love Jack and Elsa as parents to an excessive degree. I cannot get over the idea of my snow babies raising snow babies, and making an edit in which they were acting like parents was not only a good learning experience, but also a very meaningful one.

One of my first Young!Elsa edits. I’m fond of this one because it’s one of the edits where they really look like they’re looking at each other. This is also one of my favorite Jack positions. I’ve used it a couple times before if anyone has noticed ;)

I saw this picture of Elsa and immediately knew that I wanted to do an eskimo kiss edit, but I couldn’t find Jack in profile with his eyes closed. Part of the reason why I’m so proud of this one is because I think it’s some of my best rotoscope work.

Part of the reason that I like this one so much is that @therentyoupay​ left a reply on it, but I saw an edit similar to this when I was first getting into Jelsa, so making this one was both nostalgic and new. It also makes a great cover photo :)

Oldie, but goodie. This one is actually quite old. I made it on my phone, and I stopped making edits on my phone a while ago. But again, I love how this coloring turned out, and somehow I managed to find a good back picture You have NO IDEA how hard it is to find pics of Elsa and Jack from the back.

I’m a sucker for black and white, partly because I don’t have to alter the coloring, and partly because they look good. But this one came out fairly detailed, the lighting is even, and it really looks like Jack is looking at her magic. Honestly, one of the main reasons I like it is because the snowflakes came out very detailed xD

I was SO proud of this. It was my New Year’s edit and it took a while to get the sand in place, but I love the finished product, and I’m really happy that I got to incorporate more RotG elements into my edits.

ELSA IS SO HI DEF. Besides that, possibly my best work with positioning and my second edit (and not my last) featuring snowgies.

My first original Human!Jack edit, and I still think it’s the best one I’ve made. Even though the lighting is slightly wonky, I love their expressions and the background I chose, and I am so so proud of making Jack.




Yeah I know I put my url on his head but I don’t anyone to take this. Please please don’t post this anywhere else. PLEASE.

Chris Evans. The Man. The Myth. The Meatball. For about 5+ years now he’s been my biggest celeb crush and one of the biggest influences on my life. He has helped me so much with my anxiety and to meet him was one of the greatest moments of my life.

Unfortunately I did not get to attend his panel, I had a ticket for it, but I was supposed to show up at 7:40 am….It took me two hours to get ready in my cosplay, so I had to sacrifice not seeing him in the panel and get ready.

I waited in line for his photo op for a long time. I’d already planned out what I wanted to say, and I was saying it in my head over and over. I was so ready to just see him. I could sort of see him through the curtain that the photo ops were taking place behind, as I got closer to getting my photo with him.

The entire time I was in line, there was a family in front of me, and they had their small son with them. They were trying to get him to say “Nice to meet you Cap.” They said it over and over. And I guess he said it because right when I was next in line to see Chris, I heard Chris say, “Nice to meet you too buddy!” He was leaning down slightly to see the kid and I could see the booty when he did that…Then Chris turned around and looked at me. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) He looks EXACTLY the way I thought he would. Like a dream. But really he looks like the cutest angel you’ve ever seen. He’s not a giant huge guy. He’s just a big muscular cutie and I was overwhelmed at just how CUTE he is!!!! I was nervous and I went right into my description of what I wanted for the pose. The whole time I was talking he was looking at me with those big blue eyes and his eyebrows were raised as he listened. After I asked he said “Sure!” And immediately put his hands on my face. He was so gentle and soft. And I didn’t even think, I just instinctively put my hands on his chest (take that Peggy, I put both hands!). His chest is like a wall. But at the same time it’s so soft??? (I feel like it’d be a good place to rest your head). In the photo you can see my hands curved slightly. That’s cuz his chest is round. Y’all know. Y’all have seen it. His chest is huge. (And I loved that he was taller and bigger than me, I’m 5’8, but I was wearing high heels). Then Chris smiled his cute lil smile at me when we faced each other. I saw lots of other people’s photo ops and they are all fantastic (because lbr if you are in a pic with Chris it’s great no matter what), but I was just so glad that Chris did that lil dorky Evans smile. A lot of people got their pic with cutie Evans or Cap Evans and etc. But I got the cutie dork Evans and I’m so happy. As soon as the pic was done I thanked him profusely. (How do I tell him what he means in just saying “Thank you??” For now that’ll have to do). He rubbed my arms and said “You’re very welcome.” I wanted to hug him, but I was so dazed by his face and his VOICE and having just touched his freaking chest I didn’t get the chance. The workers were moving us along and I just didn’t have the time or the brain function.

I got tears in my eyes as I walked out of the room. I had done it. I met my fave. I’ve cried several times in the past over the fact that I never thought I would get to meet him. But I finally did. So don’t let anyone tell you it’s not possible. It is. It just may take you 5 years. ;) I want to meet him again to hug him for real, (and touch the beard), and tell him how much he means to me. That was with out a doubt one of the greatest moments of my life. I’m so overwhelmed and happy.

Please feel free to come yell at me about Chris, I loooove talking about it!! Also this is all of my scattered thoughts and it probably has typos. Just ignore them and look at Chris gently holding my face.

Also if you repost this pic anywhere I’ll hunt you down. Just reblog/like it ok? Thanks!

Mamrie Hart is getting close to 1 million subscribers (currently at 869k) so I wanted to create a video with you guys to show her about how much this fabulous woman deserves, not only a drink or two, but our love!

I did the exact same videos for Dan and Phil (he even liked and commented on it!!) and I’ve linked them so you can take a watch as to what I was thinking. Of course, hopefully my editing skills have improved in two years.

Want to get involved? ((The rules/instructions are under the cut so not to spam everyone’s dash))

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Pics or It Didn’t Happen

@NayaRivera: I love being on group texts with my Glee family. Always makes me smile.
@DarrenCriss: @NayaRivera yeah me too… When I’m in them… [quiet, pathetic sobs to myself]
Darren is determined to be in the next Glee group text. Naturally, he enlists Chris’ help. Text fic. TW: References to sexting and copious sexual innuendo. 1.8K [AO3]

Darren: Chris.

Chris: Darren.

Darren: Did you know about this Glee group text situation? Because if so we’re in a fight.

Chris: …what?

Darren: https://twitter.com/NayaRivera/status/588814295783198720

Chris: Oh, no. Guess I didn’t make the cut either?

Darren: Are you lying to save my feelings?

Chris: Since when have I ever cared about your feelings? ;)

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I hope I'm not bothering you by asking, but how long does it take you to write things? I'm very new to writing and I feel like I'm working at snails pace in comparison to others. And do you have any tips for actually finishing something? I feel like I start working on a million projects as the plot bunnies attack and I never actually finish anything that I start.

Oh no, it’s no bother! I love being asked questions, and I only hope I can offer you something useful with this.

First off, don’t worry about your writing pace! I know it might be discouraging, seeing other writers update seemingly non-stop, but writing happens at its own time, and the only thing that really matters is finding a pace that’s comfortable for you. For me it varies – shorter prompts take maybe an hour or two, but they don’t demand much by way of continuity/plot/pacing and the things you need to keep an eye out for with longer fic. So with longfic I spend more time, sometimes hours, and sometimes if I’m struggling it might take days. And it depends on so many things, like what else is going on in my life, whether or not I’m stressed or relaxed etc. Writers aren’t machines, and sometimes you’ve just got to let a thing take the time it needs.

And as far as finishing things goes, I don’t really have the best track record, but I will tell you something that someone told me once, when I was a wee bab in fandom and fretting over my growing list of incomplete works: there’s beauty in work in progress. A lot of writers get hung up on the ‘completion’ part of writing, and while I agree (along with anyone who’s ever sat on the edge of their seat waiting for a favourite fic to update), completion is good, it makes you feel good and your readers happy. But consider this: all those plot bunnies, all those ideas you get, all the projects you think up throughout the day but never do anything about…the world would be a little bit better with their existence.

Artists do this – they post sketches, ideas, progress pics, and I love that. I love watching a piece of art develop, and why shouldn’t it be the same for writers? Stories come to life the same way a piece of art does – you have the first, rough notes that become paragraphs, then whole chapters. You edit and proofread like an artist cleans up their sketch and adds colour, shading. Even if what you post never becomes more than just a snippet or a single chapter, it would exist, and it might make someone’s day – it might be that AU someone’s been dying to read, or maybe it’s a moment that really resonates with someone. It might be what shakes loose someone else’s art/writing block. The thing is, it exists now for people to enjoy.

People will disagree on this, but ultimately you are writing for you. It’s the beauty of fanfiction to explore ideas, but as writers we tend to get so caught up on the idea of pleasing others, it could easily suck the joy right out of writing. Of course, you’ve got to figure out what works best for you. Some writers tackle the issue of not finishing things by not posting fics until they’re complete, but others (like me) work differently. I get so much out of writing as I go, and yes, sometimes that means there will be lulls between updates, and sometimes I’ll post the start of a story that might never be more than a single chapter, but it exists, instead of gathering dust in my brain where it’s of no use to anyone.

So I have one tip: write. Start out small if longfic seems too daunting, and then work your way from there. Lately I’ve found prompts for stand-alone ficlets to be a wonderful thing. I’m currently in the midst of writing a thesis that is Big and Intimidating and feeling like I’ll never get it done, and the sense of completion I get from finishing prompts has really helped. So I’d recommend trying that, and from there you could move on to shorter stories with two or three parts, and see where that takes you!

tl;dr: WIPs ARE GREAT, and the world is better with your stories, complete or not.

Fanart Monday!

Yeah I know last week we didn’t have fanart monday, but I had a good reason for it :P

That means this monday I have more fanarts than usual! And they’re all great! And because they are a huge lot, I’ll put a line here so I won’t send an enormous post into your feed! 

But you guys should take a looksy! They’re great!! :D

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As posted on Facebook by Joe Dombrowski:

So Virgil told us his alleged penis size. No one asked him this. No one was even discussing this. He just volunteered this during a conversation about women. Here is a list of Virgil fun facts I learned, spoken by Virgil himself -

- He still works for WWE
- He has been in 17 WrestleManias
- He had a $7 million contract with WCW
- That contract was guaranteed money through 2005 (NOTE: Keep in mind, EVERY other WCW guy’s guaranteed deal ended by early 2003)
- He once measured Daniel Bryan, and he is only 4'11"
- Andre the Giant was 7'6.5"
- If you wanted Hulk or Rock to sign something, they’d charge you $1,000. This is why his $20-30 charge was acceptable. Austin is $750.
- If you collected all of the NWO guys’ trading cards, you could sell the set for thousands of dollars.
- The WrestleMania 4 main event was Virgil & DiBiase with Andre in their corner vs. Hogan & Savage with Liz in their corner
- Zach Gowen was in his late 20s when he was in WWE
- Virgil was the youngest man signed to WWE in history (NOTE: According to Online World of Wrestling, Virgil would have been 25 when he started in WWF)
- TNA paid Hogan $25 million and Flair $15 million.
- Undertaker’s real name is Mark Caraway.
- Vince McMahon ran every other wrestling magazine out of business and is the only one left (ironic, eh?)
- The only official NWO shirt ever had “NWO 4 Life” on the front and “Too Sweet” on the back.
- After Vince bought WCW, he filled an entire landfill with WCW merchandise. Then, he and Triple H got into a helicopter and dropped a lighter on it, burning it all.
- His penis size….according to him… is 14.5 inches (NOTE: I looked it up, the world record is only 13.5 inches).

This plus his incessant talking, complaining, insulting people who refused to pay him money under his breath, swearing around children, and just generally being Virgil, has eliminated all my patience. The vendor on the other side of him somehow switched tables specifically to get away from him, vowing he will demand a refund from the Con if he’s ever placed next to him again. THAT was my weekend.

I met Virgil one time and he gave me an 8x10 after I put over how big a pop he got at the 1991 Survivor Series. The 8x10 was two pictures of him on it, one as Vincent, the other as Virgil. He signed the Virgil side for me for free, but when I asked if he would sign the other side as Vincent, he looked me in the eye for a second, signed heavily, and said, “Man, I’m giving you this for free. No charge.” I said, “I know, I just thought it’d be cool to have you sign under both names, since you’re on here under two gimmicks.” Next to him, Ted DiBiase chuckles. Virgil then said, “Well, I gotta charge you $20 for two autographs.” I said, “…you didn’t charge me for the first, so why would the second cost?” He replied, “Well, I gotta contract with Ted Turner, that I can’t sign anything as Vincent for free.” I said, “Oh… okay.”

The 8x10 has a Virgil signature on it.

EDIT: After reading the Facebook comments, I had to include some of them on here. These are priceless. Keep in mind that all of this is only allegations and some of them may not be true, but… it’s Virgil we’re talking about here:

“When I was with him…and I swear to God this to be true….he told me Sheamus is African American and it is 100% make up that we are seeing and that he is the one who trained him.”

“A kid walked up to Virgil and said "I’m a big fan of Ted DiBiase” MADE MY DAY.“

”Also, Virgil kept calling for the ugly girls’ attention and then pointing to me as if *I* called them.. That was annoying. But then, all weekend there was a blind woman dressed as the riddler..he yelled out “Riddler” and he pointed to me. Did I mention SHE WAS BLIND?“

”I asked him if he enjoyed being a face or heel more,..He said he likes being heel, cause no matter what, people boo him. (So apparently he’s aware that people don’t like him)“

”Virgil once said that him and Andre used to have orgies in Andre’s hotel room! Swore Andre was a great cocksman who could go all nite! Another time at the hard rock hotel he swore up and down that Stevie Ray and Booker T were butt buddies…
Same night he claimed Nichole Murphy had an affair with him while she was with Eddie and that Eddie was chicken sheet to say anything.“

”According to Virgil he was supposed to break Mark Carroway’s streak at Wrestlemania but he was still under a no-compete from his WCW contract.“

”When Steve Austin was given the Million Dollar Belt, Virgil was supposed to feud with him over it because Austin never beat him for the belt. According to Virgil in April 2013.“

”The Blue Meanie and the Mean Street Posse and I laughed in his face and made fun of him.“

”Bragged he and Michael Jackson would drink Jesus juice together and michael begged him for sex!“

”I once reffed a match of his, where while he was in a rear chinlock, and I’m doing a check, he decides to grab ME in a front facelock. This was after hearing half the stories already mentioned, and Virgil deciding to go out into the crowd during the match to give a child birthday spankings. You can’t make this shit up.“

”The worst match I ever called in my life was Virgil vs. The Patriot I think (to no fault of the Patriot’s!). It was at a high school and Virgil spent most of the match leaving the ring to hit on the principal’s wife in the crowd. May have been the only time on-air I just completely gave up.“

”His main selling point this weekend was getting the attention of random passers-by and yelling out “Hey, how ‘bout some old school!”. Keep in mind, pretty much every vendor and celebrity guest there was somehow related to old school pop culture.“

”Virgil once told me that Chris Benoit was the lightest worker he ever worked with.“

”Virgil frequents the casino I work at and if memory serves me right, he had attempted to sell his autographed pics from either back in the day or just of himself. Bad part about that, security caught him soliciting his pic without consent from the casino’s management. Then proceeded to lie and tell them he was asked for his autograph.“

”Ok, how about “Trying to get away from Virgil”. Just turn a camera on and let him talk for 7 hrs, then spend some time editing it, I bet it would be fascinating, be he lying or telling the truth.“

”He once claimed that he was the first ever African American graduate of the University of Virginia, strangely he couldn’t name a building or a dorm or any of the stadiums or arenas much less did he know about Grounds or years.“

”Surprised he didn’t tell you about his finisher. I heard about that one in a locker room when he refused to take a DDT from Jake Roberts. He offered instead to give Jake “His Powerslam”.“

”Virgil also took credit for Chris Jericho & Rey Mysterio going to WWE. He convinced them Vince would make them stars.“

”No joke, he was at the 34th street train station here in NYC selling autographs in the subway. He was asking for $15 dollars and a kid Finagled him down to $10.“

”I met Virgil at IWC Night of Legends 2010 in my hometown. Upon arriving at the event, Virgil pointed out a girl and advised me to go try to hook up with her (the quote was semi-dirty but sadly, I can’t recall what he said exactly). the girl had to have been 13 or 14 at best. I was just shy of my 22nd birthday. Thanks for the A+ advice, Virgil! Age is only a number for ol’ Virg.“

”I heard Virgil say that in 1988 he invented the Mega Powers handshake.“

"Virgil’s Million Dollar Title is ziptied together.”

And, the winner:

I wish that someone dumped Virgil in a landfill and Ted DiBiase dropped a lighter on him.

Diet Soda Society (Niall Version)

Sequel to Bad Habit (Niall Version)

I worked on this for 2 and a half months in an attempt to prove to myself that not all sequels suck, so here you go. Enjoy. Feedback is always appreciated.

Words - 8.5k

“So do you not plan on sleeping tonight?” I lean on the conveyor belt as he sets it down. He shrugs.
“You’ll be in your room with Ivy and Wren so there’s really no point, is there?”
“I guess not.”

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Singleness of Heart- 1/?

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6]


Okay! Here’s the first chapter of that Gravity Falls Transcendence AU fic I’ve been working on! It focuses on the time period right after the Transcendence, and on the twin’s relationship with their parents.

The second chapter is written, but not edited, and won’t be posted until the third chapter is about that far along, which should still be soon :) It’s looking like this’ll be about 3 or 4 chapters, though that statement sorta has the ring of famous last words, so no guarantees :P


(Oh, and don’t worry about that intro bible quote- this isn’t going to be a fic about children learning to obey their parents- quite the opposite, mostly. I was just looking up quotes for the title, and the context was so relevant I couldn’t help but throw it in.)

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It Has Been A Year

sweg @ my five second banner

I am writing to you because as of July 10th I will have had this blog for a year. An entire year. Twelve months. 366 days(since it was a leap year) and so many hours and minutes and seconds that I cherish with every part of me. I have been scrambling over what to do for weeks, and I have nothing cool to give you guys except a million thanks and this post dedicated to all of my mutuals that not only brighten my dashboard, but my life everyday. 

Before that I want to share the journey this past year has been and specifically thank a few people who have gotten me to this point: @abbyfabulousity, @therealprincessv, and @hobitastic were all admins on this blog at some point, they’ve put up with my crazy deadlines and workaholicness, they’ve forced me to sleep whenever I was trying to write at two in the morning, helped me through problems, given me advice and smiles and I’m happy to say I have a best friend in each of them that I know I can trust if I need anything. The many blogs mentioned below have had an impact on me and I’ve left messages for each of you below the cut. Much love and happy one year. It’s been the best one yet. 

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You guys probably already know this, but I figure it’s worth saying.

Please don’t believe everything you read. Especially don’t believe the success stories. They’re always edited to make a better narrative.

For instance, there’s a guy I went to uni with who is currently very successful right now. Making literal millions. His facebook posts are always pics of him hanging out with celebs. He’s getting features written about him in mags etc.

Anyway, I was reading one of the articles on him and I had to put it down for a sec. (Before I go on, I just want to say that I am not bashing him. It could have been the article that spun his story this way. Maybe he was told he had to say this? I don’t know. He’s a genuinely nice guy though.)

But anyway - the whole article spins his success as a ‘started from the bottom now we’re here’ kinda story. It makes out as if he struggled with poverty, lost shit tons of money, didn’t think he’d ever make it etc. Like adversity was a big part of shaping his current success.

Remember, I know him. 

He’s extremely rich. He comes from a very well-off family. Seriously. Most people could only ever dream of living in the area he grew up. His family has all the contacts. He’s been in related areas of work since he was a teenager. (There’s a very good chance you’ll have seen pics of him online. Maybe even on TV. You might even have caught him in a movie.) 

He’s no longer acting, but he’s in a related area and yes, he genuinely is very successful. He’s very talented. But the wealth and privilege he comes from has definitely eased his way to the top. His family wealth definitely financed him in the beginning. He didn’t have to work several jobs to support himself. He didn’t have to scrimp and save. That’s never been his reality. 

I just think it could be so disheartening to people who aren’t aware of the luck of his circumstances to read something like that. To maybe compare themselves or wonder why they haven’t achieved the same level of success that this guy has in such a short space of time. He was lucky enough to have a huge amount of help along the way. 

So I guess this is me just saying please don’t believe what you’re reading. People frequently don’t want to admit how much help they’ve had along the way. It doesn’t make for a good story. It doesn’t make you sound like a hero, someone who kept going against the odds. But it’s also nonsense, at least the majority of the time. So don’t take it too much to heart. 

My Gerard Way Concert - the day that changed my life

Hi guys,

I wanted to make a full post on my Gerard Way concert, because it was so unreal and amazing that I wanted to share that experience in order to maybe inspire one of you. This is a story on how my main dream came true, and if I did it, so can you.

Summing this up, I did not only see Gerard Way live of the first time ever. I played the tambourine with him on stage, we hugged twice there, we talked. And then I met him after the show as well, we hugged again.

Thank you official-gerardway for making my dream come true.

Maybe those last lines gave you curiosity to know how all that happened, so here it goes;

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