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Goodbye Tumblr 👋

Holy toledo…never in a million years did I think I’d be sitting here making a goodbye post, but here I am. Wow. This hurts like heck but I think the time has come: I am leaving 17vernsol.

I just wanna say a gigantic thank you to every one of my followers (even you, porn blogs), for making my Tumblr experience so special & making me feel accepted & loved. Being someone who doesn’t create original content, having 3.9k of you b l o w s my mind, & I’m so grateful. I especially wanna shout out my friends. I thank you from the bottom of heart for making Tumblr fun & for the positive impact you’ve had on my life. If anything, it’s you guys who are making it hard to go, y’all have changed my life (you da real mvps) (& I’m crying now). It’s just, now Tumblr feels like a chore rather than enjoyable, yanno? It’s hard to find time in the life of a busy me to even queue stuff…& kpop doesn’t hype me up as much as it used to (except vernon) (he’s still bae). Pair those two together & it’s a lost cause. Also, I am not going to delete my blog, just incase I decide to return or wanna relive the good ol’ times & be all sappy. OK before I really start rambling (sorry for being so extra already), thank you all so much for supporting this blog ‘til its last breath, this is Linds signing off ~

(just a lil side note: I will still be on my twitter @/vanillavernon & I’m on my snapchat 24/7 @/lindsaaymarieee , also if you want my skype or iMessage feel free to ask!)

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Taylor, I do not even know where to begin. I could say that I’m devastated and heartbroken and absolutely destroyed inside, but it wouldn’t be enough. There is not one synonym for upset in the entire English vocabulary that could possibly describe how I feel right now. In May of 2015, you gave me one of the happiest days of my entire life by following my blog on Tumblr called fragile-little-flame. I can just remember how elated I was. I had spent months and months of believing luck and the world would never be on my side. And then it happened. You followed me. It was only a few months later that that elation came to a staggering halt when I sat down at my computer to log in one day and the words, “Your account has been terminated” were plastered across the screen. And just like that, my follow from you was gone. I cried. And I cried and I cried and I cried. I knew I would never be that lucky again. I made another Tumblr right away, but I never expected you to follow me ever again. I just liked seeing beautiful pictures and videos of you either way. I’m still not exactly sure to this day why that blog was deleted, but I told myself I was going to be as cautious as possible when it came to this new blog. And then just recently, on December 26th of 2016, something absolutely amazing happened. Out of nowhere, when I had not even been trying in the slightest for your attention, you followed my new blog, run-for-the-fences. I can practically envision myself running downstairs into the laundry room to tell my mother, who instantly started jumping up and down and squealing for joy with me. I was so happy. Well, guess what happened today Taylor? I sat down at my computer to login and my world came crashing down all over again. Tumblr deleted my blog. Taylor, I cannot stop crying. I don’t know what to do. My heart is back on the ground shattered in a million little pieces. I know the probability of you following me a third time is so, so slim, and I am not expecting anything to come of this whatsoever, but I can’t just say nothing. I can’t say whether or not my blog won’t get deleted for a third time, but this time I think I know what I have to do to keep my blog up and standing. If you ever read this Taylor, I’m sorry. I think it was because of audio I had reblogged or posted of you. I love you so much. @taylorswift

YOU KNOW WHAT?! FUCK ALL THE HATERS I’VE EVER HAD, AND ALL MY UNFAITHFUL MUTUALS AND FOLLOWERS THAT BACKSTABBED ME. THIS IS MY BLOG AND IM GONNA KEEP DOING WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT. IM SICK OF ALWAYS LOOKING FOR PEOPLES OPINIONS AND BEING AFRAID OF HURTING PEOPLE. IM SICK OF LOOKING FOR VALIDATION FROM OTHER PEOPLE EVEN WHEN ITS FAKE 90% OF THE TIME. IM SICK OF HAVING TO RUN AWAY AND HIDE WHEN I HAVENT DONE ANYTHING WRONG. I have lost count of how many times i’ve changed urls because I was trying to run away and hide from people who have deliberately targeted and attacked me. I have lost count of the times I’ve cried after looking into my ask box because of all the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE things people have sent me. I have lost count of how many times I’ve seen my me and my blog being mocked by lowlifes who don’t have a life.  No matter what I do, hate will ALWAYS follow me and my blogs BECAUSE PEOPLE CANT SEEM TO UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF HONESTY AND HAVING AN OPINION, so regardless of how many times I delete, and remake, PEOPLE ARE STILL GONNA HATE ME. From now onwards, I’m just gonna stop caring. I have literally been called every horrible word in the dictionary, and I’ve been attacked for simply breathing at one point so I don’t think things will get any worse. I don’t care anymore. I don’t care if I’m blocked by a million blogs. I don’t care if I lose a more followers than I gain.I don’t care if I get sent hate everyday. I DONT CARE. I’m gonna keep running this blog till the end and I’m gonna keep posting my text posts regardless of how many people hate them. This blog is so precious to me and I’m not gonna let a bunch of pricks who get off on making a person miserable ruin it for me.

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I find often can't get myself to draw or paint anymore. How do you deal with artist's block?

hm hmm this one is always tough to answer! 

i haven’t been stuck in an art block for a very very long time now because my schedule is so packed that when i actually get the chance to draw for myself i have a million ideas and i want to get right down to work!

but i think fixing it depends on the cause of your artist’s block. if it’s a matter of feeling a lack of inspiration, then i would recommend looking at art that you love. scroll through some art blogs that you love to inspire you, watch shows or movies that make you want to draw or give you ideas for characters or stories or backgrounds or anything! read a novel or a comic or brainstorm with someone to come up with some ideas. look at sculptures or sewn things or felted things. often what inspires me most is looking at people’s sketchbooks or messy in-progress work. sometimes looking at finished art is like looking at something a million steps away. so looking at stuff in progress is more inspiring because it seems more attainable

if it’s a matter of you being unable to make stuff that you like, then try and change things up a little! switch mediums, switch art styles, look at other people’s work and ask yourself what you like about their work that you find is lacking in your own. to keep yourself from growing bored or feeling like you’re not making progress i’ve found that switching mediums really does the trick! right now i’m starting sewing again :) but if you can’t go that far away from your trade like if you can’t sew or do sculpture, if drawing is your THING, then instead of ink or pencil, try watercolor! or crayon! or colored pencil!

another IMPORANT thing is just not caring anymore! it’s easier said than done but i think sometimes art block can be a perfectionist issue that can turn making art into a stressful thing. it should not be stressful! so just doodle! make anything at all, even if it’s ugly. you could even start a sketchbook that you use just for art block times that you can be ugly in and when the sketchbook is finished you’ll have a beautifully ugly book. or you can just be ugly in your normal sketchbook or on paper anywhere or whatever! don’t afraid to make yucky lines or bad work. who cares! not you! 

whatever you do just keep drawing and making art! it doesn’t have to be good, it doesn’t have to be finished, but once you stop making things because of art block it gets harder and harder to start up again the longer you go without making something!

i hope this could help!!! good luck with your work and getting out of that nasty art block!! kick its BUTT

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Hello! Thank you for all the great recs on your blog! You're my go-to for Drarry fics! You have a jealous Harry ref list and I was wondering if you could make a jealous Draco one too?

I can. :)

1000 Kisses: #33 The First Time In A Storage Closet by Morgan_Elektra (8k)
Life is made up of millions of moments. Relationships are made up of thousands of kisses. Each one is its own story.

(The Piece) I was Missing All Along by lauren3210 (30k)
Draco and Harry have been flatmates and best friends for years, and Draco thinks life is just perfect that way. But when something comes along and threatens to take all that away, Draco has to decide what it is he really wants, and just how hard he’s going to work to get it.

Single Wizard Seeking Same by jennavere (18k)
Lovelorn Draco has been secretly pining for Harry for months. He’s finally forced into action when ex-boyfriend Blaise shows up.

The Incredible Race by dysonrules (50k)
Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, Aurors, are forced to join a televised global race in order to provide some free positive publicity for the Ministry, despite the fact that Aurors Potter and Malfoy don’t exactly get along.

What’s New, Buenos Aires? by Kedavranox (9k)
Draco and Harry are in the Portkey business! Hijinks ensue, Draco has a few panic attacks, Harry is seriously fit, and somehow they’re stranded in Argentina. [Companion piece A Summer Night In Buenos Aires ]

One Harry Potter, Please by FaithWood (62k)
All Draco wants is Harry Potter’s friendship, just to make his new Auror job more bearable. However, after Harry stubbornly pays more attention to his secret admirer, Draco is forced to resort to drastic measures.

Club Scene by Enchanted_Jae (1k)
Draco is jealous, and Harry is oblivious.

The Arrangement by create_serenity (15k)
The arrangement was very simple really, and very convenient. Draco just hadn’t expected it to result in this mess.
Written for the do_me_veela prompt: Harry and Draco help each other out during dry spells when no one else is around that they can have sex with. They unintentionally bond and well, it’s all Potter’s fault.

Blueprints for a Dream by Frayach (24k)
Harry breaks Draco’s heart, but that doesn’t mean Draco’s going to let him go without a fight.

Not Just When You Want to Be by @gracerene09​ (36k)
A little over a year after the end of the war, fate seems intent on pushing Harry and Draco together. [Sequel All of the Time

Stalking Harry by thusspakekate (14k)
Harry Potter is the most eligible bachelor in the Wizarding world. Draco Malfoy is a disgraced ex-Death Eater with emotional baggage and a bit of a crush.

Hands all Over by LittleYepa (8k)
A series of events that show how possessive a Malfoy is.

Incongruent by @agentmoppet (41k)
The war has left its mark on everyone. The Ministry, as usual, is only too happy to take advantage. But Harry won’t let them destroy his home, no matter what he has to do to stop them. And no matter if a certain Draco Malfoy insists on getting him off track.

Crossing Lines by Ren (47k)
While investigating a ring of smugglers, the Aurors receive a tip saying that the European Express is being used to move contraband across state lines. To solve the case, Harry has to unmask the smugglers and find the hidden contraband before the luxury train reaches Bulgaria. Draco Malfoy is also on board… but that’s just coincidence, isn’t it?

Harry Potter Gives a Shit by talithan (58k)
“Where are you headed?” “No place special,” Draco fumbled, and flushed further. But then: “I can change that,” said Harry Potter.

Rather Than Love by birdsofshore (7k)
The first time we tried it, I gave him too much. The second time, I got the dosage right, but I was frustratingly unprepared for how it would affect me. This is the third time, and I have it all planned out. Everything is going to be perfect.

The Trouble With Good Sense by RurouniHime (7k)
When you fill a hotel with flying quills, hands-on demonstrations, and too many Aurors, someone is bound to get cranky.

Malfoys Don’t Get Jealous  by Icicle (3k)
Draco is not jealous of Anthony Goldstein. He no longer has any interest in Potter or what the idiot does in his spare time. Their relationship is over—but if Goldstein so much as breathes on Potter again, he might have to kill him. 

Don’t Stop Before It Begins by elfearsonli (19k)
“I don’t understand how this is of any concern to you, Malfoy,” Harry said, crossing his arms over his chest. Draco blinked at the use of his last name, something that Harry only used with him in jest these days. “I’m merely spending time with my Auror partner, who is from another country, and has no one here. I would do the same if it were you.”
“It’s not me though, is it?” Draco all but shouted, unable to stop himself.

Between Dreams and Miracles by This_Bloody_Cat (4k)
Deep down, Draco has always been a dreamer, orbiting around his own private sun.

Gryffindor Seduction 101 by jennavere (10k)
Charming, crafty Slytherin Blaise Zabini has a dating policy: he only dates Gryffindors. Now he’s plotting to seduce Gryffindor Extraordinaire Harry Potter, and Draco Malfoy is NOT happy.

Humbug (A Christmas Tale) by snegurochka_lee (30k)
Draco has been taking his casual relationship with Harry for granted. Visits from four key ghosts the night before Christmas just might shake up his priorities in life.

Lovebites by GreenEyesGreySkies (5k)
Draco and Potter have a strictly physical relationship, that’s it. No romance. None. Potter is free to do whatever and whomever he pleases-except wait, where did those lovebites come from?

Like a Real Family by Queenie_Mab (10k)
Harry thought he had all he wanted in life, raising Teddy and being the parent he’s always wanted to be, until he experiences what life with a partner could be like. Now if only Draco wasn’t straight.

Dirty Little Secret by marguerite_26 (3k)
Ron is clueless what Harry really wants for his birthday.

Wandering Eyes by maja_li (3k)
Harry has an obsession. Draco doesn’t quite understand.

Five Kisses Before Draco Breaks by thinkxpink (1k)
Harry and Draco have a bet. Whoever gets jealous first loses. It’s not so easy when your boyfriend is kissing somebody else though.

How To Claim Your Oblivious Omega by dragontara (6k)
Sometimes the best way to claim a Gryffindor as a mate is to challenge him.

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For me the luminous matchbox-thing in tsot seems like _really_ weird. It doesn't make any sense, even though i've seen tsot (and every other episode of sherlock) like five million times. Do you have any kind of opinion or answer? I'd like to hear your thoughts! :)

HAHAH Okay, this is actually explained in more detail on John’s blog, but it’s still suspiciously absent of big details. Okay, I think this is like the Elephant in the Room case… All of the “cases” are things John can’t really talk about, because it’s not the right time to go public about it.

I think they’re all teasing at the Johnlock arc happening. Here are a few interesting lines:

  • Sherlock showed me what was in the matchbox. I couldn’t believe my eyes.
  • I’m afraid I can’t say anything else about the case other than it was probably the maddest adventure we ever had.
  • Well, I had to do something I never thought I’d ever do.
  • I can’t actually blog about what happened. We’re not just talking the Official Secrets Act. We’re talking Every Official Secrets Act.

And the comments section also includes a deleted comment by Harry, a line that sounds EXACTLY like they pulled it right from an anti’s blog (”How convenient. He can’t tell us what really happened. BECAUSE IT NEVER HAPPENED.”) and John still stoutly refusing to talk about it. 

This reminds me a lot of Martin’s sketch on SNL, actually. Hah hah.  We never actually find out what’s in the Inexplicable Matchbox, but I suspect John Watson found his bisexuality, LOL.

Seriously though, I doubt we ever will, but all the cases that Sherlock mentions:

SHERLOCK: The record of our time together. Of course, he does tend to romanticise things a bit, but then, you know … (he looks down at John and Mary and half-winks at them)he’s a romantic. We’ve tackled some strange cases: the Hollow Client …


SHERLOCK: … the Poison Giant …


SHERLOCK: We’ve had some frustrating cases …


SHERLOCK (rolling his eyes): … ‘touching’ cases …


SHERLOCK: … and of course I have to mention the elephant in the room.


SHERLOCK: But we want something … very particular for this special day, don’t we?
(He looks down at his phone, then raises his eyes again.)
SHERLOCK: The Bloody Guardsman. 


… They are ALL subtextually tied to Sherlock and John’s relationship. Each. And every one of them. In the case of this one, the “inexplicable” – (incapable of being explained, interpreted, or accounted for) – is Johnlock… Because it CAN’T be explained… Johnlock JUST IS. It JUST HAPPENED and no one knows why, and it just exists, just like a matchbox that causes a spark (in other words, the matchbox IS Johnlock… A spark happened and can’t be explained). TSo3 is a treasure trove of Johnlock evidence, and it SHOULDN’T BE. I recommend reading ALL those blog entries and just see exactly how much so.

Johnlock is an inexplicable matchbox unexplained spark that just exists. And Sherlock is terribly happy about it.

And in reference to the clown on the blog post, John WANTS to joke about it all, but Sherlock wouldn’t let him… because Johnlock is not a joke, and Sherlock doesn’t want John to make it one anymore.

God I love this show.

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Tumblr bot just said I need to send a message to you and I'm lowkey scared to talk to you because you're one of my favorite blogs but I'm also offended because apparently Tumblr bot thinks I'm lonely 😂

I have no clue why Tumblr bots would say you needed to send me a message, but I’m glad you have!!!  NEVER, EVER be scared to talk to me.  I’m not even remotely scary.  I’m very, very tame.  So please, come talk to me anytime.  On anon.  Off anon.  And OMG!  I just realized you said I’m one of your favorite blogs.  SQUEEEEE!!! That makes me so happy!  Thank you times a million!  I’m sure you’re one of my favorite blogs too!

Predictions for BH6: The Series success...

Well, in compiling a little research on da Wiki-of-pedia, I think I have some ideas.

Star vs. The Forces of Evil and Milo Murphy’s law, also on Disney XD, have pulled in a 100 million viewer count in 2016.


Why the big deal?

Well, these are smart, clever and even, like Gravity Falls, at times dark shows.

Anyone with a little background about Disney as a TV company knows that there is only so far it is willing to go at times. Hell, remember American Dragon: Jake Long? The creators blogged about how they were critiqued about the dragon breathing fire. -_- The longevity of a series anywhere depends on a lot of things.

Disney likes making shows as congenial and family-pleasing as possible and to make shows more akin to Cartoon Network and to go darker with shows, that’s something that’s a gamble for their viewership and reputation. The fact that they are willing to give some shows a chance before they’re out, and they have done wrong by their animated shows before (Harvey Beak to name a recent one) the fact that maybe they can learn from these mistakes and given a show that might have more action and even drama in it, like Big Hero 6: The Series, even going so far as to pre-order a second season is very promising! It means having faith.

And that’s something we all need.

Animation isn’t just silly cartoons for kids, sometimes it’s one of the few things a person (no matter the age!) has to look forward to. I’ve noticed in Disney Junior a significant departure from bland and straightforward stories. Sofia The First, Elena of Avalor and The Lion Guard are more story-based, interesting shows.

Here’s to proposed positivity!

Thanks anon. You have no idea how much that means to me because honestly I think about quitting this blog like million times a day! Sometimes it’s really frustrating. So thank you for your support and the compliments.

@keish-the-killer-clown It’s a big misunderstanding. Indeed, what a mess! and no they obviously didn’t. The second person is way off, i think they probably just skimmed through the whole thing xD I wish people would think a bit before commenting or replying.

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are you dead like is this blog dead if you make a comeback please say its opal who took over you haven't responded to my question about who is the parents of sugalite and sardonyx it sounds weird to think about it because it sounds like the both cheated on each other for the garnet seriously are you dead my fav human family au blogs might be blog and its you and made of love GO HUMAN AU WOOOOO

(( Alright it’s about time I gave you a rundown on all of the things I do and why I seldom update.

1. I am a full time student, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, plus about an hour of homework because I take 3 AP classes. I also am a math tutor two days out of the week, an hour and a half each day.

2. I am a Youtuber with a demanding fanbase. I may not be over a million subs but I am a very public internet personality. Maintaining and building fanbases takes time, as it has already taken over 3 years to build the one I have.

3. I run my own webcomic, which gets updated even less than this blog due to how busy I am. It’s over 200 pages, I think closer to 300 and over 50 pages of script and not even past its first story arc.

4. I work for myself. I do commissions frequently because I pay for my own clothes and gas. I am almost a fully independent person and that requires a lot of money therefore a lot of work has to be done so I can get my paychecks.

5. I run like 4 other blogs. Frequency of updates vary wildly on each blog because of priority.

6. I AM HUMAN. I work myself to the bone. I need rest. Eventually my fingers start blistering, my eyes start straining and occasionally bleeding, and my wrist starts seizing up. Yes, I constantly work myself to the point where I am unable to work anymore. Even with the amount I do rest, I rarely get over 5 hours of sleep and tend to enjoy just sitting in silence and doing nothing for an hour or so every few days.

7. I have a social life that has a specific purpose of distracting me from work long enough so I don’t go insane. I cherish time with my friends and hardly pass it up.

This isn’t even a complete list of all the things I do. It’s just a few of the basic ones. I am a very busy person.

So please, don’t send me messages like this. I already have enough stress to deal with without dozens of people sending messages asking why I haven’t updated. This is the one time I’m going to explain myself because I don’t like sounding whiny. If this blog ever gets shut down permanently, you’ll know, which I highly doubt will happen ever. ))

How to snag a daddy..
  • So..
  • Times have fucking changed!
  • Before I got into sugaring I would watch tv segments of some babies on shows like Tyra, Dr. Phil etc. and the babies got it easy!
  • There wasn't so many girls in the bowl and men knew they couldn't get beautiful girls like us in a million years.. So they had to pay up! But oh how times have changed!
  • Now the websites are flooded with babies and good daddy's hard find. (Too much salt, no sugar)
  • What are we to do?
  • I've read a lot of blogs telling all these great tips but I honestly think it's just luck......
  • Not to say that their tips don't help because of course they do but honestly I think they help after the fact. In a sense that you've already snagged yourself a daddy which is a lot of the times not the case.
  • You have to put work in now.. Don't think your just gonna come up in here, get a daddy and get paid. No!
  • I've noticed they want your time, to see you a lot and really a lot like a girl friend - boyfriend relationship..
  • Well.. That was my big spiel about what I've noticed.
  • Sugaring ain't easy. Do lots of research on first snagging one before you get all excited about the money you could potentially make. It's a hard road yalllllll!

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I come to work feeling like a zombie because I read your fic recs. you have A+ taste. Especially enjoyed God Damned Desire. What are your personal favorites?

Anonymous said: Hi ~ ! First I wanna say thanks for your amazing tumblr ! And I was wondering what are your favorites kaisoo ever ? (Sorry if I didn’t seen and the question was already asked !)

Hey you guys. So first, thanks a lot! I am glad you guys enjoy my blog (and that story, it is so good!). Second, I have done one post of personal favorites that have smut, so there is that. Here is a mix of others (smut and not). These kinds of lists are so hard because all I can think of afterwards are stories I forgot to list and it drives me crazy. I say most of these are my favorites because I have read them a million times and still crave to read them again.  Anyway, you guys have probably all read most of these (tmost of these are popular, and I have posted all of these before), but I hope you still enjoy! (warning you guys, I am really into fluff, so there is a lot of that)

Turn me on: 4 chapters complete. Jongin builds cyborg Kyungsoo who becomes self aware, unbeknownst to Jongin. He wants Jongin to love him but Jongin thinks he is just acting like he thinks people who are in love are supposed to. 

Bloody Kisses Series: there are a lot of finished one shots, but the series isn’t finished. So start at the bottom. There are a collection of parings, but the Kaisoo ones are easy to spot once your in the story. I love these. vampire Kyungsoo rescues Jongin from being stuck being food for other vampires, and helps him move on from his trauma while they like each other.

Street Rats: complete 6 chapters. Jongin keeps showing up in Kyungsoo’s dreams to help him with his nightmares, at the same time he meets and starts dating Kai. They both help him get over his traumatic past.

Heavy Snow: One shot. Kyungsoo takes homeless cat hybrid Jongin home, but Kyungsoo thinks cat hybrids are dangerous, so he has to learn how to be around Jongin

Second Chance: Complete one shot. kyungsoo breaks up with Jongin while they are having a long distance relationship in college, and years later they teach at the same school

A heavenly gift: 2 chapters complete. Jongin’s friends (demons) give Kyungsoo (angel) to him for his birthday. Sassy Kyungsoo does not approve of this. 

What words can’t do: complete 3 chapters. Jongin is in an asylum for his whole life, and Kyungsoo is his new nurse. 

Hello, again: one shot. Kyungsoo and Jongin used to be best friends, but went their separate ways in separate crowds. Kyungsoo is unpopular for being known as gay. Jongin decides to become friends with Kyungsoo secretly before he graduates.

In desperate need of an undo button : Complete 11 chapters. Jongin breaks up with poor Kyungsoo to focus on his dancing. Years later Jongin (rightfully) regrets breaking up with Kyungsoo and then Kyungsoo joins the band he is in, and he takes it as a second chance.

Love from last night: complete 2 chapters. Bookstore owner Kyungsoo has a one night stand with famous actor Jongin (but doesn’t recognize him), and then tries to be his friend afterwards with no success.

Life goes on: Complete 33 chapters. Jongin bullies Kyungsoo, but when they get paired up for a project Kyungsoo finds out why Jongin treats him so badly. Jongin tries to get Kyungsoo to help him get over his traumas.

Later, at dawn: complete 30 chapters. Jongin is a prostitute who doesn’t like anyone and  Kyungsoo has a secret crush on, and one night saves Jongin. After that Jongin takes an interest in Kyungsoo.

Venus:  complete 29 chapters. Kyungsoo throws coffee on the schools popular bad boy in a fit of rage, and then they become close. I love cold Jongin

A little faith: One shot. Jongin is jealous over everyone Kyungsoo ever talks to, and eventually they get married and Kyungsoo doesn’t talk to anyone but Jongin, but then finds out Jongin has a set of friends.

I hate you?: one shot. Jongin and Kyungsoo have had a enemy relationship for their whole lives, and eventually they become roommates in school.

Fall into place: one shot. This is the one where Jongin plays football and Kyungsoo plays soccer and they secretly hook up and keep it a secret because the football team is super homophobic

The obligations of love: one shot. (wolf story) Jongin is forced to marry Kyungsoo and doesn’t like it at first and Kyungsoo feels all bad about himself and Jongin’s parents are horrible to him and eventually Jongin comes around but has a hard time convincing Kyungsoo

The Centerpiece: A series of one shots that are all really good, The Kaisoo ones are labeled at the top

Prompt requests and Scrapbook: So Chocksi is my favorite fanfic writer, and these story collections are my favorite of her works.

Unfinished (and some may stay that way) favorites

Scent: 5 chapters so far. Wolf Jongin smells person Kyungsoo and wants to mate with him, but Kyungsoo doesn’t work that fast. Jongin spends time at Kyungsoo’s work and grows on him.

Get to know me: 3 chapters so far. This is happening right now and I love everything about it. Good kid Kyungsoo falls for the bad boy Jongin. When he tutors him they hook up, and secretly keep dating.

Bend or Break: 6 chapters ongoing and verrrrry unlikely more, but I don’t care because what is there is so good. Omega Kyungsoo doesn’t want to mate, but when Jongin comes along he can’t help but to hook up.

Somebody’s Heartbreak; 13 chapters so far. Jongin is having sex with his best friend Kyungsoo, but also with a lot of ladies. Kyungsoo feels used and tries to distance himself from Jongin

Preference #7: They Ask You to Stay the Night

-Hey do you think you can do a preference when they ask you to stay the night at their house for the first time type of thing?- @beanielover22

A/N: Alright, I apologize if this sounds a little rushed. I’m trying to post it before the hockey game tonight. I may be Brett Talbot Trash, but I’m a million times more Pittsburgh Penguins Trash. (If you’re also a hockey fan, please follow my personal blog @jackeichels15)If we win tonight, expect a hockey related imagine tomorrow. Message me with who you think it should be with! Okay, have a good night and LET’S GO PENS!!!  HA go ahead and ignore this, because we lost. I’m also crying trying to decide on whether I want to watch game six or the Tony’s on Sunday !! 

Scott: Melissa was working the night shift, and you had fallen asleep on Scott’s couch. The two of you were cuddled together, a random movie playing in the background. You were woken up by Scott, who had picked you up and was currently carrying you up to his bed. “Scott, what time is it?” “It’s about two in the morning. You can just sleep here tonight.” He placed you down on the bed and kissed your forehead. “Good night, babe.” He covered you with a blanket before settling in next to you. 

Stiles: Stiles had called you right as you were about to go to bed. “Stiles, what’s wrong?” You asked, turning the lamp next to your bed off. “I had another nightmare about the Nogistune.” He sighed. His voice was weak, and you could tell he was upset. “I’ll be right over.” You grabbed your shoes and drove over to Stiles’ house. Before you even knocked, Stiles opened the door and embraced you in a tight hug. “Please stay the night.” He spoke. 

Derek: You and Derek had just gotten back from a date, and it was pouring outside. The two of you ran inside, seeking shelter in the loft. Unfortunately, your clothes were soaked, so Derek gave you a shirt and a pair of sweatpants to wear. The two of you were cuddled on the couch for a while before realizing that it was getting late. “I should probably go. I have work in the morning.” You got off the couch and grabbed your wet clothes before heading for the door. When you opened it, the rain was still pouring, even harder than before. “Just stay here for the night. I don’t want you driving when it’s like this.” Derek said, wrapping his arms around your waist. 

Liam: You rushed inside Liam’s house, paranoid of what may lurk in the night outside. He grabbed your hand and pulled you down on the couch beside him. He reached his arm around your shoulders and pulled you close to his chest. “Don’t be afraid, baby.” He cooed, playing with your hair. “I won’t let anyone hurt you.” You sighed, knowing that Liam would stay true to his promise, but you were still afraid. “I know, Li, but I’m afraid, that’s all.” You felt a warm tear slide down your cheek. Liam quickly wiped the tear from your cheek. “You have no reason to be afraid. I’ll always be there.” Liam kissed your forehead. You eventually fell asleep in his arms. 

Brett: “I don’t understand, Brett. Why are you being so cold?” You asked, tears brimming in the corners of your eyes. He had his back turned to you, but as soon as he heard the sadness in your voice, he turned back to you. “Y/N, it’s a long story. I don’t think I can tell you. You wouldn’t understand.” He sighed. “Well, I don’t understand why you’re throwing away this relationship. Goodbye, Brett.” You whispered, walking out the door into the cold night. “Y/N, no, please!” Brett yelled out. “I’m sorry.” Your voice was barely audible. Before you could even leave the driveway, Brett grabbed your wrist. “Don’t leave, please. I’ll explain everything, just please stay.” You reluctantly agreed and listened to Brett explain everything about why he had been so cold. He came clean about being a werewolf, and sure, you had a few questions, but you were surprisingly accepting. By the time the two of you had finished talking, it was already 3 AM. Brett had asked you to stay the night. You happily agreed, seeing an excuse to cuddle with the boy you were falling in love with. 

Theo: You and Theo were at a party that had lasted until around 2 AM. Theo wasn’t drunk, for obvious reasons, and you were only lightly buzzed. The two of you decided to stop and get something to eat at a nearby diner. The two of you talked until around 3:30 in the morning, finally leaving after eating two slices of pie each. Before you got in the car, Theo stopped. “Will you stay the night at my house? I don’t think you should be going home after such a wonderful date.” He winked. You just laughed, “Sure, Theo. I’ll stay.” You kissed his cheek, before getting into his car. 

Parrish: You were on your way home after work, when you received a call from Jordan. “Y/N, I hate to bother you, but could you bring me some soup?” He coughed after finishing the sentence. “Aw, you poor baby! I’ll be right over with you soup and some medicine, sweetie.” When you got to Jordan’s house, he was laying on his couch, tissues and empty water bottles scattered around him. You just shook your head and smiled. “What?” He asked. “You’re too cute, even when you’re sick.” You chuckled. You spent the night with Jordan, making sure his temperature stayed under 100 degrees and watching his favorite movies. When you woke up the next morning, Jordan was down in the kitchen, making pancakes. “You must be magic.” He shrugged his shoulders. 

medusozoalove  asked:

Hey! I love your blog it is so funny, and makes my day a million times over. Do you know of any cool diabetes bags and/or sites that have really cool stuff for diabetics? Because I've been looking and haven't found anything so maybe you have.

THankyouu hahaa :) Here are a few sites that I like:

Prikkedief has bags for supplies, like cute clutches for pens. They also have clothing and posters– lots of things that are well designed and functional and happy looking. [my favorite so far] 

Monica Vesci sells clutches as well.

I think everyone should try PumpPeelz at least once. They are these decals that stick onto your pump, meter, Dexcom receiver– any kind they make designs for. You can even design your own I believe. Right now they have new designs for Halloween.

Lauren’s Hope sells medical ID bracelets that are actually attractive to wear everyday. They also sell accessories for your jewelry, like charms or chain extenders. They also have temporary alert tattoos. I have a whole post about bracelets here. (Go see!)
Another good place to look is ThoughtBlossoms

Type One Type Happy  is like, amazing. She has lots of things worth your time on her site ranging from apparel and totes to recipes, tips, workouts even. 

Diabetes Feel Goods has a lot of random useful things too.

Diabete Ez has lots of products too, like bags and pump accessories. Also, I think everyone would find Frio cooling pack super convenient. I’ve talked about that in a previous post and definitely recommend that as well as some type of case for your pump to secure it to your body and/or protect it. 
And just a side note: you can find a lot of different products on the main diabetes merchandise companies’ websites, like Medtronic. All this stuff is not cheap though, I’m warning you. But hey, what about diabetes is cheap? Maybe lancets, since you get a lot of bang for your buck ;)

btw Sorry I’m just getting to this question and this post is such a mess and that these are mostly girly things but I like them and I think a lot of you guys will too, so yeah :) Anyway, look around on instagram too. I can make a list of my fave useful accounts if you want in the future. Also, look on etsy. There are so many little shops that have diabetics in mind. Here are just a few that have items that are particularly fun looking and functional. Hope this helps !



is also great for a wide variety of products including normal-looking carrying cases for your meter and testing supplies. Forgot to add this one to the original post.

I remember a time, (five years ago fresh after ‘bleach my soul’) and I had just finished high school and was working in McDonald’s. I was doing full-time hours to save up for my future education and every week I would look forward to Thursday when the chapter would be released. My whole life revolved around bleach (as sad as that may sound) and I would get through each shift thinking of Ichigo and Rukia and what would happen this week in the story. This was at the same time I started this blog to talk about them and fangirl with all of you!

Eventually I was able to leave McDonalds after saving up, went to university, graduated and fast forward to now and I’m about to do a postgraduate diploma. It feels like a million years ago and both bleach and I have changed so much…but I’ll always be grateful to Kubo for this story and it really did help me a lot during a time in which I felt quite lost.

Do any of you guys have a story about your relationship with Bleach and what it means to you?

Rowaelin High School AU

Cat walked on my keyboard. Thought I’d share the results. Anyway, I just made this blog as a place to post fics and one-shots and such. This is part one, and I already have part two written and am working on revising it. Let me know what you think! And feel free to send in a prompt if you want! Disclaimer: All characters belong to sjmaas. I’m just responsible for the questionable plot.

              “Damned Whitethorn. He’s such a bastard. I’ve told you he’s a bastard before, right?”

               Aelin rolled her eyes. “Yes, I believe it’s come up before.” About a million times, you broken record.

               “Good. Well, he is.” Aedion was pacing furiously in the parking lot. Whatever had happened at practice to set him off, Aelin didn’t want to know.

               “Will you just get in the car? You can rant on the way home.” As he always did. Every day after football practice, Aedion would rant about his nemesis, Rowan Whitethorn. Really, Aelin was sick of hearing it.

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Just because you have a few blogs doesn't mean you're successful. Get over yourself

I knew I was going to get this message.

I don’t consider myself successful, but others do, I don’t think I’ve reached any of my true goals so thats why I don’t think I’m successful in my endeavors.

And I can see why they think that and its not just because I ‘own a few blogs’ - I also had a company I started and owned acquired last year, have three companies/projects currently apart of Google Startups. I built a browser that schools such as the University of Arizona have contacted me to use as a teaching point in web security and programming for their computer science courses. Been published, had articles (that aren’t written on tumblr or promoted using my blogs here) reach over 1.5million unique readers and had it shared over 100k times on Facebook alone.

I have helped companies such as Branch who were bought by Facebook, and worked for the twitter development team to help patch security vulnerabilities just because I could (and as a volunteer service).

I also have over half a million followers across all my blogs on here, another 20k on my twitter, and reach over 10-20million people a month.

Idk about you man, but I can see why people may think that I’ve done pretty well for a kid ‘who owns a few blogs’ who comes from a poor family and has had to make a name for himself without any help.

If you want to see more of my work heres my portfolio.

Did I just brag a little? Yeah, but only because I have devoted my life to all of this and have sacrificed having friends or “fun” to be able to do all of this which is definitely something I regret. I promise you that if you had these sorts of things under your belt you would be the same way if someone sent you this message trying to degrade you.

Which because you reminded me of everything I had done, thanks! since now I feel pretty great after how shitty of a day I’ve had and how horrible i have felt. Seriously thank you for trying to make me feel like shit, its actually made me feel pretty great!

meadeskeltonmusicblog-deactivat  asked:

you don't have to answer this, but Im not sure why you called me a troll. I am very sincere in my beliefs. I am glad at least you have said something about Muslims and how they treat women. But many feminist are silent on the issue. Recently, a Muslim leader said that a wife is to be punished if she doesn't satisfy her husband. I didn't hear any feminists speak out about that. I am not a feminist, but I am against radical Islamic terrorism. Thanks and good luck!

You’re welcome! 

I called you a troll because you wrote me to complain about feminists not caring about Middle Eastern women, but you didn’t even check my blog since if you had you would have seen that I regularly write about that topic. And I am by no means the only Western or U.S. feminist campaigning for women’s rights worldwide. 

A search for “us feminist organizations to help middle eastern women” gets 4 million results. So I don’t think you really put a lot of time into confirming your argument before making claims against feminists.

Your site doesn’t have a single reference to muslim women, so your message seemed like a classic case of “concern trolling” - pretending to care more than the person you’re attacking, when you’re really just looking to attack. 

I do appreciate the courteous reply though! I’m not here to fight other Tumblr users, I’m here to fight gender oppression.


(For those of you expressing negative responses, I was requested to make this on my main blog… I, too, do not like this picture… Feel free to kill yourself and throw up like you just said you would. I’ll meet you on the other side… :( )

Extra Note: Did you read the description of this picture on my main blog? I think you all misread the picture… IT’S NOT HARRY’S CHILD! IT’S LOUIS’ CHILD AND UNCLE HARRY IS GETTING HYPED UP BECAUSE HARRY LOVES BABIES!!!!

And also, all you Larry fans, please don’t kill yourself because I told you the sad reality of the fact that Louis and Eleanor are dating. Look, I ship Larry as well, all you have to do it look at the other millions of Larry pictures I’ve drawn on this blog and my main blog, and this is only the second time I’ve drawn Elounor… You know why? Because the first time I draw Elounor– yesterday– a lot of people liked it, and nobody set themselves on fire or tried to kill themselves over it. So, by request of an Elounour shipper, I make this, because they wanted Harry somehow involved as well. And you know what, I hate this picture. I cringed while drawing it. But I still made it, I still posted it, because someone who happens to ship this asked me to. Now look, if you asked me to draw a Larry, and all I ever did was hetero ships, then I would draw it for you. But it seems a bit unfair if all the Elounor shippers suddenly started spamming the notes with hate comments because it’s not their OTP, threatening suicide and self harm. I generally don’t ship Elounor, but I still drew the picture. Express your opinion— yes— but please don’t go over the top or do any of the things you promised you’d do in the comments. I’m worried someone is seriously going to do something bad to themselves or to someone else.

Look, I see, you don’t like Elounor (I can’t tell whether it’s because of Elounor or because it looks a little bit like it’s Harry’s baby, but it’s not, so whatever). I wasn’t going to draw anymore anyway, so calm down! Breath slowly, put down your flaming torches and pitchforks and give a human a rest! I was just obliging to someone’s request. An Anon, in fact. I can’t even tell you the name of who wanted it (not that I would…) Deep breaths… In….. Out….. In…. Out….. 

Calm? Good…. Now, continue on your way :3 And if you feel like you want to, you can request your OTP in my ask box, because why not? You’ve already ruined my day, so why not make me feel better by forcing more fan-war-starter prompts in my ask box. Maybe it’ll make you feel better to know that I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR YOU, DEAR!!!!


Even draw a ship I don’t ship and deal with the hate…

– <3 Jess, the human who is dreading tomorrow…..