i think i have a thing for three picture photosets

alligatornyc replied to your photoset “kamuiforest: girlbeing: i need to put all three of these pictures in…”

I can picture this so clearly. Feel better ❤

I have made a TERRIBLE MISTAKE and started to stress clean my flat despite being exhausted and the boiler man coming around first thing in the morning, so now everything is a mess and I am tired, BUT I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THIS. 

Louis coming to terms with liking Nick but never really telling Nick that, just making fun of him and putting stupid signs up in the shop, and being loud about how ridiculous Nick is and Nick kind of grinning and bearing it because he thinks Louis is kind of adorable, but then Nick getting upset and hurt because Louis takes it too far. Sad quiet hurt Nick :( and Louis realising :( and figuring out he has to do something to make it up to him.