i think i have a new favorite gifset

celonia3  asked:

Please can I have the gifset from episode 2X08 when Alex stitches Maggie's wound. If it's too long u can cut parts of it but please keep Alex saying. "It is my new normal" "I finally get me" and "Thank you". And extra please keep Maggie saying, "Anytime." This is my favorite moment in #Sanvers history because Alex finally accepts being Gay n I think Maggie finally falls 4 Alex in this scene.

Here you are ♥

I had to cut down some sentences because it would have been too long like you said ^^

I hope you like it

For the ask ^^



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  • not my first post with more notes, but def my favorite one.
  • my dylan birthday gifset that was long af to make <3
  • my favorite gifset ever ever. FETUS DYLAN!!!
  • my first dylan gifset to get so many notes.
  • my favorite tw gifset i have ever done.
  • the last one is recent but is literally my new favorite thing. liam dunbar is son of sciles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I think I’ve found my new favorite pic of James May :

I’ll use it as a reaction pic every time I’m delirously happy about something

“I won’t have to work with my slow and stupid colleague anymore” :

“I’m going to Iceland in one month” :

topgear reblogged my gifset of James May unhappy in the North and it has now tons of notes” :

Yeah! I like it!