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I need soft klunk/ hance/ klance/ heith rn if you have any headcanons, scenarios, etc

hunk and keith like to watch lance playing video games! keith is the bf who’s yelling at the screen about what lance should do (he is usually wrong. lance tries to do what he thinks anyway and then saves himself at the last minute) and hunk is the bf who says things like “you’re doing great and i love you!” every time lance pushes a button.

also, for 2player games, they’ve established keith plays the loser of the first round. they can’t remember when they decided that but it’s a thing. hunk always wins.

keith and lance talking about hunk are the embodiment of the “when will your fave ever” meme
lance: “the other day, i saw hunk turn oxygen into carbon dioxide! he literally took gas, and turned it into another gas! when will your fave ever?” keith: “holy shit!!! i saw him stand, and he put one leg in front of the other, and kept doing that, and he was moving!” lance: “holy shit!!!!!!”

hunk and keith both have lordosis and it’s very painful for both of them (keith won’t let you know he’s Suffering™ though. he usually just pretends it’s not there) so lance did thorough research on ways to manage lordosis and the pain that comes with it and told them what he found out in hopes that would help a little bit. hunk knew most of it already. keith looked him dead in the eye, and said, complete deadpan. “i don’t even know what a spine is. what’s a lord the oats. is it a fruit”

hunk and lance tell keith “stop making me laugh when i try to get you to take care of yourself” on a daily basis. keith never graces them with a response

“and just like that, keith was gone…. if he was ever there at all….” “keith we know you’re under the bed.” “dammit.”

every time they cuddle with a blanket it has to be lance’s blanket. it just has to. his smells the best.

hunk is the middle spoon!! sometimes he lets the others be the middle spoon though. he likes switching it up.

they have fun dance sessions!! at first keith was kind of embarrassed to participate bc he thought it was silly, but lance and hunk taught him that that was the entire point. also they now know how to line dance. thanks keith

lance says Really Heavy Shit at like 3AM that makes the others worry about him but then he has no memory of it in the morning.

lance likes mint chocolate ice cream and keith and hunk feel betrayed

lance doesn’t like pineapple pizza and keith and hunk feel betrayed by that too

keith and hunk bite down on their ice cream and lance is terrified.

they’ll never say it out loud (on purpose), but hunk is keith and lance’s favorite boyfriend. yea they love each other but like… they love hunk more. a few times it slips and the other is just like “…same.” like?? they can’t even be mad. hunk is the best.

hunk makes/gives them… so many presents. lance shows them off to everyone like “look what my boyfriend gave me!!!!! he’s great and i love him!!!!!!” keith hides them all in a Very Secret Place so he doesn’t lose them and can keep them forever.

i hope you’re doing ok, anon


Keith, at the store because Lance is having his monthly: :< 

Clerk: How can I help you?

Keith: Oh I’m just picking up some pads for my boyfriend. 

Clerk: That’s so sweet. :3 

Keith: :3 

Link and his cute Zora bf!

( i will make this into charms soon i think, if enough people are interested! ^ v ^ )


favourite rory & logan moments: 32/?

  1. Let’s get to know each other  
  2. You’re perfect
  3. I want you to notice me
  4. Definite GF/BF material
  5. I think you’re attractive 
  6.  Let’s have a netflix and pizza night
  7. I think of you sometimes
  8. I have a crush on you 
  9. I’m in love with you
  10.  message me?
  11.  Let’s travel somewhere
  12. Coffee date?
  13.  I wanna cuddle with you
  14.  I’d kiss you
  15.  your blog is perfect
  16.  follow me please
  17.  post a selfie
  18. tell me what you think about me
  19. give me a shoutout
  20. I admire you

And this is how you do it.

Second daddy in the making. I’m going to name him Property. His question was if I was on the pill lmao. I was like, no, cause I think he wants natural sex haha. I don’t have natural sex with anyone except with my super serious bf (which I currently do not have).

I’m sure you guys will be like, “hang on, the math ain’t right”. Yes it ain’t, its $800 short from 2k per meet x 4, but I did that to encourage monthly payments. My minimum is 6k anyway, and I will def be shopping till I drop when monthly payments start!

Thus far, I made sure my daddies buy lingerie for me every time we meet, and heels. That covers my work costs for a bit (a variation of lingerie is a must in escorting).

What I did different this time that made me get a lot of offers? I ditched most of the “sassy” take it or leave it advice from Tumblr and use what I know best - mindfuck a man by making him think its all about him. It’s good to have attitude, but sugaring is also a type of “customer service” industry, tons of attitude won’t get you anywhere but only salts.

I hope all of you are doing way better than I am! Still learning from some of you :) xx

So what if Tater was having a really bad day, like his parents called from Russia (and as much as he loves them, they stress him out every time they call) and he didn’t do so hot in practice and his favorite mug broke and it had just been an all-around shitty day. It would have been fine if it wasn’t the same day that Kent was visiting after playing Boston.

So Kent shows up after a hard-fought win ready to have a relaxing weekend with his bf before flying back to Vegas, but what he gets is an angry, stressed-out Russian on the verge of a breakdown. And they’re trying to figure out where to get dinner but it turns into an argument, and Tater, who has enough of this day already just stops and quietly tells Kent “I think you need to leave.”

And Kent is confused, and thinks Tater means he just needs a minute, so he’s like, “fine, how about I go get something and bring it back while you calm down,” but Tater is like “No Kenny, I mean you go home.” and gestures to Kent’s bag on the bed.

Now Kent gets it. His eyes are watering but he doesn’t want Tater to see him cry, so he just silently grabs his things and walks out of the door.

The next morning Tater sleeps in til about 2pm since he has off, and when he gets up he feels a lot better and he tries to call Kent. But Kent doesn’t answer? Which Tater thinks is a little weird, but he’ll try again later. While he makes himself something to eat, Tater gets a call from Jack.

“Tater what happened last night?” And Tater doesn’t know how Jack knows but he explains about his bad day, and Jack is silent until the end of the story. “Tater, did you break up with Kent?”

“What? No, why you think that Zimmboni? Just bad day is all.” Jack and Tater are both pretty confused at this point. Jack explains that Kent showed up at his and Bitty’s apartment the night before drunk and hysterical because he thought Tater broke up with him, and he was on a flight back to Vegas first thing that morning.

So now Tater is freaking out because he definitely did not mean to break up with his boyfriend, (fucking language barriers) he just wanted Kent to go and give him the space he needed and he would call him in the morning and they’d reschedule and all would be good. So he books the next flight to Vegas.

Meanwhile the next morning Kent is not doing well at practice and his teammates are noticing something is up. He had snapped 2 sticks already and is being way too overly aggressive for practice but the rookies are too scared to ask him about it. Swoops stays back after to keep an eye on Kent when suddenly someone is drunning past him onto the ice.

“Kent! Kenny! Ah!” Tater yelps as he falls forward after running onto the ice in his sneakers. He swears in Russian as he tries to stand back up. Kent whips around to look at him as soon as he hears Tater’s voice, but decidedly avoids eye contsct. He watch’s as Tater struggles to cross the ice quickly in his shoes.

Tater makes it to Kent, managing to stand up, clutching Kent’s jersey. Kent stares at the ice. Tater’s voice is rushed and broken. “Kenny, you not answer phone. Jack tell me you think we break up. Kent I never- I was having bad day, horrible day, and I want space so I ask you leave. Fuck, Kent please-” Tater struggles to find the words to explain, so he finishes in Russian, and then “Kenny I love you. I am sorry I hurt you. Never want to hurt you.”

Tater takes Kent’s face in his hands and pulls Kent up to look at him. His eyes are shining with tears but he’s smiling softly. “You’re ridiculous Alexei. You couk have told me. You flew all the way here?” Tater nods, “didn’t want you to worry, but only made worse.” Kent leans up (thankfully not too far because he’s on his skates) and kisses Tater sofly before burying his face in his boyfriend’s shoulder.

Swoops checks on them a little later to find both men laying on the ice laughing and talking quietly. Swoops leaves them there.

Divide - as heard by me, Tumblr user live-laugh-ed.
  • Eraser: Coke will fuk u up. Don't do the drugs kidz.
  • Castle on the Hill: nostalgia is real. Growing up suckz, let's go watch a sunset dudes.
  • Dive: haha dive... more like dive right into that p*ssy. No really let's have the sex.
  • Shape of You: *gyrates hips into another dimension*
  • Perfect: darling just kiss (kill) me slow. no but really why am I single, where is my "dancing in the dark, barefoot on the grass"?
  • Galway Girl: I've got a huge Doritos & wine boner 4 u.
  • Happier: Man pain x 1000000
  • New Man: Ur new bf is a bleached a**hole
  • Heart Don't Break Around Here: (except mine) Why am I single? part 2.
  • What Do I Know?: Love is good, I think, maybe. who knows? I might be full of sh*t? But I'm sticking with it.
  • How Would You Feel(Paean): um this is getting repetitive but Why am I single? part 3. "How would you feel?" Dead, I feel dead inside.
  • Supermarket Flowers: *whispers softly* pls don't.
  • Barcelona: aye papi, mucho caliente daddy.
  • Bibia Be Ye Ye: *loses shoes* *loses keys* *throws up in cab* is this song about me?
  • Nancy Mulligan: Irish people doing Irish things and falling in Irish love.
  • Save Myself: save my soul from this pain.

Sometimes I think about how in the span of like 5 years the word “daddy” as an inherently sexual term to refer to your male romantic/sexual partner became completely and totally normalized and how that’s left an entire generation of young people a little bit pre-trained to be targeted by really gross pedophiles within the ddlg kink scene and I just get…. really sad y’all 

I saw a like, 9 year old girl get side-eyed by her similarly-aged friends for calling her actual literal father “daddy,” you know, because that is a word used nearly exclusively by real actual little girls on their real actual fathers which is the point of the fetish, and told by them that it was gross and she couldn’t call her dad that. Her actual dad

And I hear from people who think the ddlg fetish is gross and disgusting but have this disconnect when it comes to calling their own bfs “daddy” because that’s been so pervasively normalized over the course of a few years and I could write an entire essay on how it happened and why. 

ok so i really wanna play older fcs so gimme the newly divorced couple who still run w the same ~crowd~ so they have to see each other a lot? and they deal with new bfs/gfs, thinking they might still love each other, trying to Fake it Til they Make It, drunken texts @ 2am, maybe they have kids together and have 2 deal with that, maybe they?? kiss again im just Shook someone please

I got my period but I’m still worried that I’m pregnant. Help!

Someone asked us:

Hey, about 4 months ago I was messing around with my BF and I touched his penis and I am 100% sure I didn’t have any load of liquid or semen on my hands but my hand was a little damp, after this I touched my vagjnas lips over the underwear I had on. Since then I have had 4 periods that seemed to be very normal but I cannot stop thinking that I am pregnant and it’s making me crazy

It sounds like you’ve been worrying about being pregnant for a long time. I’m glad you wrote to us. It may reassure you to hear that based on what you’ve written here about getting your period and not having had sex, it’s highly unlikely that you’re pregnant. If you want to be certain, you can always pick up a pregnancy test (at the drugstore or at your local Planned Parenthood health center).

But the fact that you’re still concerned, despite your very low risk, is worth thinking through. You might feel better if you ask yourself things like:

  • How ready (or not ready) am I to have sex at this point in my life?
  • How will I get birth control and condoms to protect myself if and when I do have sex?
  • What would I do if I ever had an unintended pregnancy?
  • What would make me feel less anxious about having an unintended pregnancy?

You can always talk to your nurse or doctor or the staff at your local Planned Parenthood health center about your concerns. They can talk with you about birth control, safer sex, and other ways you can take control of your sexual and reproductive health.

-Mylanie at Planned Parenthood

that moment was so intense when Marion turns on the shower and you’re like NNNOOO DON’T DO IT and then she gets in the shower and there’s creepy ominous music and it’s storming outside and you keep thinking the door just opened and Norman will come in as Mother and stab reyrey to death and then she’s just –



EB: here’s to hoping 2017 won’t be nearly as bad as 2016 was!

TG: god i hope so