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@chewbaccafarms asked for pidge in e3 and lance in a2 from this post !!!

i’m currently choreographing a number to glass eyes by radiohead which i originally chose because it reminds me a lot of 2009 dan, and i’m having a bit of trouble? pls send me what ur favorite 2009 phan moments are i need inspiration

the signs as names for phils nips
  • aries: just phils nipples
  • taurus: double trouble
  • gemini: Unnamed
  • cancer: absolute carnage
  • leo: milkies
  • virgo: glittery titties
  • libra: meaty boys
  • scorpio: hairy totties
  • sagittarius: kinda... hot
  • capricorn: uh james
  • aquarius: nopples
  • pisces: Hard Men

“Just ten days after her daughter disappeared.. Inside the garbage bag that she threw out were a pair of knit mittens.”

why black paladin keith is bad writing (in which i criticise a lot of writing choices)

So if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know how much I hate the unfortunate possibility that Keith will become Black Paladin and leader of Voltron in Shiro’s absence. And I have good reason, it’s multiple levels of bad writing. it shows really blatant writer favouritism and actually does a disservice to his character as well as those of the other main characters. I’m putting this under a readmore because its long but here we go

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do u even realize how petty Nathaniel, Mr Student Body President, is like :

  • “how about u make peace with Castiel now that the whole Deborah thing is cleared up” asks Candy. “lol nope” answers Nathaniel.
  • “it’s nice to have someone to hate ! it helps you appreciate everyone else more !”
  • Armin makes an ~innocent~ comment about Candy’s chest. Nathaniel proceeds to break his leg with a chair.
  • “sorry I didn’t do it on purpose !”
  • in the same vein : “one of my drumsticks just slipped out of my hand ! and I don’t know how, but it landed on Castiel !”
  • called Deborah a “garce” but I saw google translation translate the word to “bitch” and tbh same (official ts : “awful girl”)
  • jusrt ffuckinj slamed a door on his rival’s face. u talkin about my gf ? how about u say Hello to Mrs Locker Door right there here I’ll help u

the boy who stole sweaters

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blunt as hell