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I always felt Ed would be a really cool person to be around even with his slight temper. He always seemed to me like the type of person who would end up like family. No matter who you were? Like the person you could always count on. Maybe it’s because I had an older brother who was nothing like him. And I just wanted to fill in for what I didn’t have. But I always thought ed would be really nice if you were real chill with him to.

100000% agree!!!! I think Ed is one of those people who’s like a flavor-enhancer of life, you know???? Like one of those people who you always have fond feelings of, like anyone who knows him (and is on his good side lmao) is like oh heck yeah ed elric, good kid, wish he was here right now, what a wild son of a gun. But yeah! I think this doesn’t happen very often because people are put off by his loud and obnoxious exterior, and otherwise he’s kind of an introvert, but those people who are able to find their way into his life definitely seem to stick and grow strong bonds with him. He’s kind of awkward about affections, but he seems to always know what to do and say when it counts, and he tries to do his best by everyone he meets. I mean, just look at all the people who were rooting him on during his fight with Father!!! He made so many friends who wanted him to succeed!!! What a good boy. 


So….harry potter au???

Ok first of all I KNOW. The Smiths dont live in…europe. They are from usa and in a au where they are wizards theres not way they could ever get near hogwarts. Theres the american school for wizards called ilvermorny. BUT GUESS WHAT- i dont care.

In ilvermorny things are super different and i made this au thinking HOW FUNNY it could be to see the Smiths goin to Ollivanders for a new wand for Morty (Cuz…the last one got lost or broke idk) and Rick only goes with them just to make fun of how weak and shitty those wands are. Btw imagine Rick becoming Mortys teacher against the dark arts lmao. You know Rick hates Hogwarts with all his heart but he just wants to be with Morty and make his life miserable so yeah. I have so many ideas with this shitty au.  And yeah in my version of this… Jerry is a muggle, Rick a Slytherin, Morty Hufflepuff, Beth Revenclaw and Summer is Gryffindor (Btw Rick probably doesnt believe in all that bs and hates being labeled as a Slytherin but deep down he knows….)

random bios➳

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  1. talents: sleeping 

  2. i didn’t choose the boob life, the boob life chose me.

  3. this semester isn’t done but i sure am 

  4. never tell a fangirl to calm down. it won’t work 

  5. i dont know whats emptier, my bank account or my love life 

  6. if you eat enough pizza it tastes like love 

  7. im 900% ready for summer vacation 

  8. please don’t waste good pizza on bad people 

  9. i just want to sleep forever because dealing with people is annoying as hell 

  10. 2010 me would literally be terrified of 2015 me and I love it 

  11. why be moody when u can shake dat booty am i right ladies 

  12. quick tip: fuck off 

  13. i wish i had dora’s parents they let that bitch go everywhere 

  14. never trust anyone who can bite an ice cream without flinching that shit’s not natural 

  15. i wish I had a pair of skinny genes 

  16. still not exactly sure what studying is 

  17. when I die, I want my grave to have free wifi so people will come visit more often 

  18. “don’t be sad” ok im better now thank u 

  19. my parents don’t realize that i am perfectly happy avoiding humanity 

  20. why are u such a little bitch 

  21. why is every girl my age 1000% prettier than me 

  22. love me back 

  23. everyone is stupid except me

  24. stu(dying) 

  25. if im weird around u that means im comfortable around u 

  26. ur a lil bitch 

  27. im always hungry 

  28. dont be a dick 

  29. i want to sleep for like 30 hours 

  30. i have too many shows to watch maybe i should drop out of school 

  31. i got 99 problems but I’m gonna take a nap and ignore them all 

  32. I’m so cute why am I not dating anyone 

  33. baby girl please don’t trust these fuckboys 

  34. wear black and be gold.

  35. you can tell a lot by listening to a girl’s favorite song 

  36. who needs april’s fools when ur life is a joke 

  37. sorry mom, i only have a virtual life

  38. sarcasm is my only defense 

  39. I think I might actually be dead

  40. i dont argue, i explain why im right 

  41. 50 shades of tired 

  42. just imagine how great life would be if pizza made u skinny 

  43. i say idk a lot but trust me i be knowing

  44. can u lose weight by running away from ur feelings 

  45. dropping out of school to become a princess

  46. apparently, when you treat people the same way they treat you they get offended 

  47. me and my mom gossip about u 

  48. 420% good vibes
  1. miga não força

  2. sou meio vagabunda mas sou uma boa pessoa 

  3. prefiro morrer do que perder a vida

  4. meça suas intimidades parça

  5. sua mãe pode até te amar mas eu não

  6. miga deixa jesus fazer a obra na tua vida

  7. o twitter pergunta o que ta acontecendo eu começo chora 

  8. isso fofa come mais chocolate continua comendo vai explode logo

  9. seu cu agr é meu

  10. quero voltar pro útero da minha mãe

  11. (✿◠‿◠) minha cara de quem se importa

  12. olha só onde estou parece q o jogo mudou n é msm

  13. vc está louca querida 

  14. vai com calma viado a senhora tem um cu só

  15. olhando pro nada pensando deus me mata 

  16. toma aqui as vírgulas que eu não faço questão de usar ,,,,,,,, 

  17. vc já caga pelo cu não precisa cagar pela boca

  18. miga seje menas otaria 

  19. vc que me seguiu fofa agr aguenta

  20. meu sonho eh ser uma diva pop 

  21. vc atingiu 100% do seu limite diário de ser otaria

  22. sєjє мєησs ρυтα 

  23. a solidão me fez fã de series 

  24. 420% paz e amor

  25. lembre-se que: não sou obrigada a te seguir de volta

  26. bebendo as lagrimas das inimigas 

(◕‿◕✿) (✿◠‿◠)  *∘✧* ღ ♥ ♡ ❤ ❥ △ ∞ ☆ ★ ✖ 。®™✤ ❝❞✥ ✦ ✧ ✩ ✫ ✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰ ✱ ✲ ✳ ❃ ❂ ❁ ❀ ✿ ✾ ✽ ✼ ✻ ✺ ✹ ✸ ✷ ₪ ❃ ❂ ❁ ❀ ✿ ✾ ✽ ✼ ✻ ✺ ✹ ✸ ✷ ☢ ✌ ♔ ∆ ∇ ☾ ☽ ♡  ☼  ☁ ▲ ▼ (◡‿◡✿)  ☩ ☨ ☦ ✞ ✛ ✜ ✝  ✄ † ✞ ✝ ⇦ ⇧ ⇨ ⇩ ← ↑ → ↓ ➳  ➴ ➵ ➶ ➷ ➸ ➹ ☯ ♠ Ω ♤ ♣ ♧ ♥ ♡ ♦ ♢ ➀ ➁ ➂ ➃ ➄ ➅ ➆ ➇ ➈ ➉ ➊ ➋ ➌ ➍ ➎ ➏ ➐ ➑ ➒ ➓ ⊱✿◕‿◕✿⊰ ◑△◐ ◑▽◐ ☂ 《》 ▶◀ ℃ ℉


Day 3 of SasuSaku Month: Chemistry I think? (I just wanted smol sasu)

Sakura was worried when Sasuke was late from a really brief mission run so close to their anniversary dinner (or date idk) and she’s so relieved when he got back (and so overwhelmed by cuteness but hey lol)

I unfortunately don’t have time to draw for each day so I gave my all for this one OTL. I’m so proud of both you dorks! (Kishimoto-san owns them- thank you for telling us their story sensei).


OKAY UHM FIRST OF ALL I BIT OFF MORE THAN I COULD CHEW, I WAS GONNA DRAW ALL OF THEM. LIKE ALL OF EVERYONES CHARACTERS, AND THEN HALF WAY THROUGH DRAWING THIS I THOUGHT TO MYSELF, HOW IN THE HELL WOULD I BE ABLE TO DO THAT? SO U  H NAH. sorry ;; these are the only characters i got done. 25 people. idk i feel kinda bad but i just dont think id be able to do such a task- so uhm ye here you go. im sorry its shit xD like its all messy,,,

vg stuff belongs to @blogthegreatrouge  also if u ever see my submission, his name is actually bob. bob is his name, not max. its bob. AND NOW THE TAGGING WILL COMMENCE

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AHHH don E

yknow what’s super depressing? the fact that frida kahlo was an extremely vocal supporter of communism and now her artwork is used on useless, overpriced tchotchkes that serve no purpose other than to further capitalism


I’m combining multiple stories that may be up already idk.

So this is all based off Kahoot.

One game of Kahoot for Biology, I was A. Ham, no one got it for a while and would ask: Who a ham? A hamilton? Alexander hamilton? Now being in theatre i have an ok poker face. The only two people who knew it was me was my best friend and another friend (know i consider everyone at my school a friend if I'e talked to them at least twice). However our biology teacher kept looking at me so I think he knew too.

Now to another Kahoot. Said friend who knew I was A. Ham, I was A. Burr today, was A. Ham and each time someone new joined the game, no matter what, A. Ham and A. Burr were always together.

New Kahoot, I was Maria Reynolds and my friend, who had been Rekt the past two Kahoots, became King Rekt III. Only theatre kids and those who knew Hamilton ever knew who it was.

Still convinced my Bio teacher knew it was us while the rest of the class was confused.

SAT testing day, my 3rd period was playing Kahoot and I went as A. Ham. I was winning as top three until we did the Canada one. I live in Texas. One student who wasn’t even playing said he was A. Ham. Only my friends I was close to knew. I told the teachers after class tho.

The A. Burr vs A. Ham kahoot was that day to.

One of my other friends came up to me in the middle of the kahoot just to tell me he knew from 3rd period that I was either A. Ham or A. Burr. (He still doesnt know)

Ok, so all this talk about the concept mercy guy, has got me thinking. Like of course I’d love to have him in game, but I think this is a great opportunity for Blizz to expand their lore. 

WHAT IF Angelo (fan name for male mercy) was actually another member of a group of battle healers, that would basically fly around and keep soldiers going during the omnic crisis? Like imagine each strike team having their own angel watching over them! That’d be so cool! 

Like idk what they’d be called, but I’d really love to see him because a character. If not in the game, at least in the lore.

If JJ really is serious about leaving, then I support him 100%. People are forgetting that the sidemen aren’t just a YouTube group, but they’re a friendship group. They will all remain friends with each other, but JJ just won’t be filming with them, he’s doing his own thing. Obviously I’m extremely upset about the whole thing because the sidemen were the only people that really helped me when I was going through a really dark time. I’m obviously always going to support them all and whatever they choose to do. This isn’t the end of the sidemen, I think they’re all just kind of figuring out they’re own thing, like for example, on GTA, they’ve all got they’re own “clan” name now, Simons is MM7G, Joshs is ZRKR and Idk what Ethan’s was but he’s changed his. They’re still all friends and will always be, but we all have to support JJ (if he’s serious that is lmao).


cs winter hiatus memeCaptain Swan in Season 3A

& just who are you, Swan?
Wouldn’t you like to know?
Perhaps I would.

Hold him.

As promised! a fluffy fic for @starlight-sanders <3 I hope you like it? although @mylasagnaisraw beat me to it xD   

And seeing as its a nice fluffy poly fic.. i figured I’d make up for angst and tag a few more:

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I’m not meant for fluff swear XP  but I Tried!

He was humming in the kitchen. Wonderful smells of various foods wafting down the hallway and into the rooms of his three sleeping companions as he moved in the kitchen, eyes dancing over all the various items, calculating and precise. He wanted this to be good. To be perfect. Just for them.

As he guessed, Morality was first to stir. Soft slippers padding in on the floor with a sleepy yawn, he was too focused on the eggs and bacon in the pan to hear him very well as strong arms warped round his waist. A light head on his shoulder.  “M’orning lo.”   His voice was deep with sleep as he kissed his neck.  Swaying with him as he cooked. “Good morning Morality. Did you sleep well?”  Morality hummed in response, kissing him on the cheek.  “I did, but them my bed got cold…” He pouts, but is smiling again not a second later. “You made up for it for these wonderful smells. When will food be ready?” Logan looks at the eggs and the pancake batter and yet to be cooked porridge, mind whirring. “Hm. About another 10 minutes?” Patton chuckled “Egg-cellent” as he slid to the bench beside the teacher, moving to grab some coffee and then leaning on it as he watched Logan intently. Eyes shining with affection and kindness as they peered over the mug.   Logan shook his head with a small amused smile.

Only an hour later did Prince eventually stir.  “Beauty sleep” as he remembered him coining it. Fully dressed and looking well-groomed as always. Patton beamed at him as he dramatically greeted the pair in song. Then he kissed them both on the check. Whispering in the teacher’s ear. “Thank-you Logan, this looks delightful!” Before sitting himself at the table to serve himself. As they ate the three engaged in tales of last night’s dreams and thoughts for the day. Planning for videos and the like. Until that Prince and Patton both decided to start playfully chucking out cute little compliments and comments, mostly towards Logic. Leaving the logical trait blushing as he cleaned up the plates.

Stomachs full and chatter dispersed, Prince stood up, waiting at the archway to the hall “So, shall we go?” the royal asked, a small hint of his usually well-covered nerves.  Patton clapped his hands excitedly.  “He’s going to love it I’m sure!”   Logic nodded in agreement and the three snuck down the hall way. Sharing worried glances as they finally reached the ajar door, sharing a breath as they warily stepped over the boundary.

The sun was blocked out by a large grey blanket, and there laying curled up in the bed, fast asleep was Anxiety. His hair a ruffled mess as he laid snuggled deep in the black quilt. The three shared collected thoughts as they gazed at him, inching closer. They looked at one another, and Patton moved first.  Ever so carefully getting on the other side of the bed and crouching next to the sleeping trait. Prince was next, taking the other side. Logan hesitantly joining them at the foot of the bed.  

They all took another moment to enjoy his sleeping form, wistful smiles on each of their faces. Patton couldn’t help but giggle silently taking that as cue, they all wrapped around him.  A somehow orderly mess of tangled limbs as they all hugged him. Prince peppering his face with kisses and both Logics and Patton’s as well.  Anxiety squirmed at little at the sudden recognition of weight, letting out a quiet huff as his face was bombarded. His eyes darted about and he couldn’t hide the smirk for long, trapped under the weight of those he had come to love. His stomach back-flipped and his heart was suddenly picking up pace.  His arms carefully wiggled out and he held the two on his sides closer, stretching his right arm to drag Logan to his chest.   He didn’t speak, none of them did.  He hadn’t been one to initiate such contact before. Worried to break whatever bliss had just overcome them. They just laid there in each other’s presence. Surrounded by an aura of warmth and love.

Anxiety hadn’t ever woken up so happy. Though his nerves were all over the place the only thought that stood out was that they really did feel something for him. To wake him up with a simple gesture of care. His chest bloomed at the thought and hid In Patton’s neck, his face uncharacteristically red due to the lack of foundation.  

By the time they got up Anxiety’s food was cold. The coffee Morality had prepared for him was also now undrinkable…The napkin that Prince had written a lovely message on sat beside them. Tears formed in his eyes.

They cared.

They all did.

And now he knew that.

He had ignored it for so long.

Blocked by other negative thoughts.

But today he understood.

They wanted to be with him.

They wanted to look after him.

They wanted to hold him.

And for once… he whole heartily believed it.

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I just read your fic of Keith and Lance in like a freezing ocean approximately 5 times in a row because i loved it so much and it gave me so many feels. Idk if you're taking ideas but i am a sucker for hurt/comfort + fluff (especially when it's relatively canon-compliant) and i would love to read more fluffy stuff

Yoooooo, really???? 

Well…..uuuuh, I got a few few??? In my Ao3 account that I can think of them right this moment: 

Throught Out My Fault 

An Everglow Feeling

When You Fail To Be

Truth May Vary

It Might Be Nice

Steady Beat Goes

Aiming For The Sky

Hope you find something there???? They are all mine, bc I can’t really think of any recs at the moment D: (it’s 12 am, im tired) 


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as i watched this season (particularly episode 1) i thought of you and interstice and oh mygodhdddd

oh my god!! haha. but eSPECIALLY THIS BIT 

that was kinda an image i just thought OH MAN THIS IS LIKE THAT SCENE i couldn’t help but think of the Truce Test and the backlash + consequences of Keith choosing to go in after Lotor 👀

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I'm newer to the fandom so maybe I just haven't seen it yet, but I haven't really thought of Harry as a big drinker? I thought that was mostly Louis and his friends.

LISTEN you are missing out, my friend. harry is the sloppiest drunk and it’s beautiful but it’s been suppressed lately because they’ve been pushing the louis! lads! clubbing! stuff for a couple months. but harry! gets! so! sloppy!!

(it’s my head canon that he’s an incredible lightweight but what do i know maybe he drinks like a fish)

here’s a roughly chronological (based on hairstyle) post of the sloppiest pop star of all time THIS IS SO LONG BYE

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just found out that daniel has thigh tattoos. im shook and in need of more detailed photos sooo i need your help 💕

Kxhxjanjd what you think I have some kind of back catalogue of daniel ricciardo’s thigh tattoos????

ok so first you got the big whopper ‘no regrets only memories’

then obv also visible here is the lady racer

then there’s one on the back of a snake and an eagle (s/o will buxton for giving me the inside scoop on that one bcos I don’t think there’s a good picture showing the full piece?? Idk)

and now he got the flower too

is that all of them??? who knows

he also got like a compass one on his ankle

oh and  my name on his ass (probably)

A-Z NSFW: Taemin

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A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)
Taemin is a whole lot softer than I think people give him credit for. He has his moments, but he’s a big teddy bear, let’s be real. Taemin’s kind of wild in bed, not so much that it’s kinky and painful, he’s just a speed demon ,so aftercare isn’t so much for pain, but more so for a ‘hey, i tied you up and fucked you in to next week, but i still love and respect you lots ok’ kind of thing. Aftercare with Taemin is relatively minimal, it’s not a huge process. Generally just a shower if necessary, and a check over to make sure you’re okay, before returning to the bed where soft Tae emerges again, and cuddles follow.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
Your lips are a pretty big kink of Taemin’s, if he’s being honest. He’s not the most gentle partner, but it’s insanely intimate. He’s big on kissing during sex, and your moans are the main turn on for him, so kissing your pretty lips and seeing you a groaning mess for him, then the same lovely lips wrapped around his cock, really fucks him up. His favorite is his eyes; mostly because of how you had told him how regardless of how in to it he gets, how fast and lost in your sex, his eyes always remain as loving and tender as can be. No matter what, he can’t mask the love in his eyes, and even though he can’t see it himself, he loves that he can still make you feel loved during some kinky ass sex no matter what. 

C = Cum 
The whole time during sex, Taemin is loud as hell and doesn’t hold back his moans, until he cums. He’s always tucked his face against your neck, and when he cums he kind of locks up. Mouth just hangs open and heavy pants as his face skews up as he cums. The only time he’s quite during sex, is when he cums, just because he’s so overwhelmed he literally can’t think to even make a sound.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs)
Okay my ass just wrote this whole thing on how Taemin is pretty damn dominant and now I’m going to just fuck that in the ass. Regardless on how he actually acts during sex, I really think he’s more submissive than people think? He’s not a full blown dominant guy, and maybe he’ll hide that he does like to switch because people think that? Idk, anyways. Not a huge, dramatic, secret. But Taemin’s a lil switch. 

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Don’t bite me, but I’m sure Taemin has fooled around, I don’t think he’s got to go all the way but he’s not inexperienced. At the very least, Taemin’s got a good grasp on things, plus his hips are just…a weapon already, all he needs is someone to put them to good use to.

F = Favorite Position
Putting aside how Taemin acts all together during sex, position wise, Taemin’s a pretty classic guy. Missionary and doggy and basic, and who doesn’t love handing the reigns over and letting you ride them? But a particular favorite is from behind, while you’re spooning. You’re completely in his hold, got that good ol’ full body contact, and you all but have to just lay there and accept all that Taemin will give you. 

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
It really depends on the day, Taemin’s more of a half/half kind of guy. One minute the room is so heavy with his serious look and the authority aura he brings, and the next minute he’s giggling because he can’t get your stupid pants off lmao. It just really depends. He flops on how he acts a lot, flip a coin and see what Taemin you get today.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
Taemin’s such a smooth guy, I love it. He’s got very little body hair in general, so by nature or his own hand, I don’t think he’s very wild down under either. If anything, I think he trims really well, he’s a very clean, well kept guy, so he definitely cleans up downstairs too. 

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…) 
Like I said, he’s not the most lovey dovey during the sex, but you can still easily read and feel his emotions that this isn’t just a fuck, that he does love you. His intimacy is felt, rather than shown in the moment, he’s not dressing up the room or anything, but the loving kisses and the look in his eyes, you can definitely feel his intentions. 

J = Jack Off (Masturbating)
Honestly I think Taemin jerks off a lot. Like all the damn time. But he’s super lazy with it? I feel like he’s never just jerking off real quick because he’s got an issue downstairs, he’s one that’s like ‘hey, i got half an hour till i got to be on stage? cool. i’ll be in te bathroom jerkin it, bye’. He’s a slow build, slow and lazy pumps, takes forever to finish kind of masturbater. 

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
See Taemin dresses well but then he wears some…weird shit. His nipples are always out. Taemin is an advocate for #freethenipple cuz the nip nops are out. I can so see him being in to dress up role playing. So much leather is in your future. He’s insanely in to marking, boy always got his head back and that pretty throat exposed…just begging for you to bite him wow. 

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
Remember when Key and Jonghyun visited Taemin and Naeun on WGM and where they left, they climbed back in the window and scared the shit out of TaEun? Yeah. I can’t imagine you guys being safe around the SHINee members. No where is safe. So places that Taemin is sure you aren’t going to be jump scared are very limited, basically you’re only options are the bedroom with a very secure lock, or the shower. Buuut the off chance you guys are absolutely alone and Taemin’s positive no one is coming back at all, he’s so in to fucking in the kitchen. I can imagine him being one of the guys that likes playing with ice.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Being a performer, I think Taemin really gets hyped so much from the adrenaline of performing, or dancing at all. Gets turned on by being hyped up basically, so I can imagine sex happens a lot right after he’s finished practice or wrapping up a concert. The excitement is still high, he’s so happy, and the first thing he does is come find his love, so boom. Dicks are out. 

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Legit pain kinks are no where near the bedroom with Taemin. A spank here, a tug of hair there, fine and dandy. No whips and chains are in the room, that’s for sure. Beyond that, he’s not one for titles. Although Taemin does like dressing up, role playing and such in the bedroom, sir, master, etc, aren’t something that really turns him on. He’s definitely not in to sharing, there’s no way Taemin will ever be down with adding another person in to the equation, it’s just you and him.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
I really think Taemin has a sinful tongue, you can quote me on that if you want idc. He’s really a lover in bed, eager as can be to please, so going down on you isn’t something he objects to. Being quite a tease, his tongue is one of his favorite tools to do so. 69 is more what he likes, please on both parts, and Taemin can feel you twitching above him, able to rock your hips against his face, all while moaning around his cock at the same time. Best of both worlds to him.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Literally a jackrabbit. If anyone can fuck you in to next week, Taemin is your guy. He really does alternate though, from slow and loving, to a blur of hips and hard thrusts. But the majority of the time, he’s fucking you hard and fast, his only goal is to bring you both to the height of pleasure, and he’s going to. 

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
Honestly, he kind of hates them. Taemin isn’t really a fast cummer, so quickies really don’t work on his end anyways. Quickies probably only happen if he’s trying to get you off quick, like you have to leave soon, and he just ends up jerking it after you cum. They don’t happen very often, extremely rare. 

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
Taemin’s down to experiment, if he’s positive he’s not going to get caught. Like yeah, fucking in a shared kitchen is thrilling, but he knows the members aren’t coming back for a while, so it’s fine. As for anything else, unless he has a completely firm stance on the idea, Taemin’s really down to try almost anything, at least once. 

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
After performing, Taemin does look pretty dead, and I imagine Taemin in bed has the same amount of energy exerted as his dances. So he’s really fucked out after one round, but thanks to being his level of a teaser, he’s able to draw it out longer. He doesn’t finish fast, he lasts anywhere from fifteen minutes and up if he’s played his cards right. 

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Ngl, half the things Taemin wears on stage could be classified as a sex toy. Moving on. Taemin’s not so much in to the big, like legit sex toys, and by that, when I think sex toy I immediately think dildo and that’s just not flying with Taemin. He leans more towards restricting things, like handcuffs and silk scarves, plus small vibrators and literally anything leather he can find in a shop. His only qualifications for if a toy is good is 1.) can he tie you up and 2.) can he tease you with it. 

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Taemin is definitely one of the members that teases the most. He’s the baby of the group, and honestly he’s besties with Kai, so that makes him a dorky little shit by default. So chalk it up to being young, or he’s a little shit, either way, Taemin shows no mercy in the bedroom. It’s going to take some pretty good begging to please Taemin’s teasing side enough for him to be merciful. You’re in for a wild ride lmao.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Taemin’s a bomb vocalist, There’s no way he is quiet in bed, that’s for sure. He let’s it all out, Taemin’s got a song of his own when he’s doing it. He’s a mess of moans and groans and heavy panting and he doesn’t try and restrict his volume at all. He will be heard, and everyone will know Taemin’s giving you the dick. There’s absolutely no hiding it. 

W = Wild Card (random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Listen guys, Taemin on stage…You know that little fucker is a jackrabbit in bed. No one told the boy otherwise, and he’s so used to using his hips like that, that by the end of the first time you slept together, there’s going to be some nice bruises on your thighs that he’ll definitely feel awful about. He’s a wild man. Beware.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Anyone else remember that one time Tae had morning wood. Cuz I do. Anyways Taemin annoys me a bit in this sense, since he’s one of those guys that really knows how to hide it….his crotch is completely flat. I like it. But it makes this part so much harder for me. Taemin’s a pretty small and more lean/slender guy, so I can’t see him packing some insane dong in those tight ass leather pants let’s be real now. He’s more along the lines of 5″, maybe a little smaller in length and like him, mini Tae is thinner too. 

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
Okay for real, I think Taemin is one of the most dirty minded idols, he just hides behind this fake ass, gentleman, innocent maknae bs. No man that pops a dick like he does is a good boy. Nope. Taemin’s a bad one, trust me. I swear if he’s got a boo, he’s on your ass 24/7. Like one of those little dogs, all they do is hump your shoe. That’s Taemin. Smh. 

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Taemin isn’t the harshest lover, but sex is very emotionally draining with him. He really opens up and let’s all his feelings out, and that takes a huge toll on him. So typically, Taemin’s ready for bed as soon as he’s finished, he’s more fucked out than you if we’re being honest. He crashes rather quick after he’s finished, a good ten minutes is all he can last before he’s out for the night. 

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Random but if the Batboys had a Greek god parent which one would you think it would be for them

Sorry, it took a while!!!! idk much abt Greek gods and goddesses. I only did some 5 minute research so please don’t yell at me if I got any of these wrong, thanks.


son of Aphrodite Goddess of Love, Beauty & Eternal Youth

Okay, so we all know how Dick can be a bitch ass sexy motherfucking fuck boi right? Guess who he got that from?? 🙄 Aphrodite had so many lovers so like, Dick can relate. His beauty turns the heads of both men and women. The amount of love this man has in his heart is astonishing and I can’t believe I’m saying but I didn’t know Aphrodite can fight. I always thought she was all looks, love, and sex. So when I read something that says she can also fight I was shocked so basically, I can’t think of any other god or goddess that would have Dick as a son.


son of Ares God of War

Ares is like the black sheep out of the Gods so that’s one of the reasons why I chose him because Jason can relate, like father like son. You know how Jason takes care of crime differently and disobeys most of Bruce’s orders? That’s almost exactly like Ares because the Gods didn’t agree with his unpleasant aspects of battle.


son of Athena Goddes of Wisdom and War

Tim is so fucking smart, just like Athena. And when it comes to battle he has a lot of wisdom and rational thought. They both are great at strategic warfare and pack a lot of strength. A lot of people are writing Tim as the weakest in the Batfam so I’m just like ??? Why??? This is fucking Tim Drake we’re talking about and he’s amazing at pretty much anything???? He has a lot of courage and is fierce and ruthless just like his mother. Also, Athena was Zeus’s favorite and he hated her male counterpart, Ares. So this can also be related to Jason because he thought Tim was his “replacement” and Bruce’s favorite.


son of Artemis Goddess of Hunting and Wilderness

I didn’t know Artemis was also the goddess of animals so when I was doing my research, I had to make her Damian’s mother. Apparently, she’s a virgin tho??? So idk if I should really make him her son??? She hates guys but if she somehow did have a son I really think it would be Damian because we all know how much he loves his animals and how much he would take care of them. And I didn’t only pick Artemis because of the animals, I also picked her because she acts out in anger whenever her wishes were disobeyed and also because of her skills in combat. 


If you know a lot about Duke Thomas you should totally add him to this post btw.


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