i think i got their hair perfect tho

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  • What’s your name? I jus go by Mon or Ellis lol
  • What do you look like?(Or what do you want people to think you look like?)Got tan skin&a dusty rose hair color; two piercings on both ears
  • Eye color, what your hair looks like, etc. boring ass dark brown eyes(jk I love em)kinda
  • Favorite color? dandelion yellow, or a maroon red 
  • What does your perfect mug look like? it’s my own shit made pottery mug I made in middle school lol; it’s ugly and I love it
  • Favorite Drink? coffee? Monster Energy
  • Favorite Dessert? omg itsitsits thos uh tres leche cakes? fuck I love that shit; u bring me a whole piece&I cherish you 4ever
  • Any current obsessions? the whole BBS squad, ytubers in general 
  • Favorite Animal? dogs. always. frm the wildlife I’d say polar bears
  • Ideal place to chill? @ a cafe or sum
  • Hobbies: drawing, video games w/ multiplayer on em; uhh 
  • Favorite Season? spring time baby, love the breeze fuck the winter do u have any idea how crazy chitown’s weather is 
  • Lil’ random facts! I do paintings; wanna learn how to play guitar; mm can’t sing 4 shit even tho I want to; literally a dumb fuck can’t do math; I’m a Hispanic trying to learn how to Spanish; I can’t cook I’m learning tho

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(any other bbs artist idk plz don’t hurt me omg)